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You did it! Thanks for getting "Torn in Two" to the top of the Billboard rock charts and giving us our 9th number 1 single. We couldn't be anywhere near where you guys have gotten us without the never-ending support. Much love to you all - bb 🤘🤘💚💚


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Thea de Sales

2 days ago

<3 Well deserved <3

Ken Gee

2 days ago

Kick ass song gang! Definitely my top 5 from you guys!

Moy Duarte

2 days ago

At number 1 where it surely deserves to be!!!

We're pleased to announce our upcoming performances with special guests Skillet Music + All Hail The Yeti (please note festival and special guest performance dates!)

*PRE-SALE* kicks off TOMORROW at 10 AM local time - use code EMBER18

*TICKETS ON SALE* this Friday at 10 AM local time!

Ticket + VIP links and all tour dates available at

We look forward to seeing you guys out there! 🤘🔥👁️🔥

Natalie Solovier

a month ago

Come to Vancouver, BC. Or even Seattle...

Shintaro Sato

a month ago

James Moye Griffin Ellis Joseph Bradley Michael Cogdell

Columbia! Let’s do this

Rahmat Armstrong

a month ago

My two favorite bands.... I am sure it will be an awesome tour!!

Happy Birthday to our very own Shaun Foist! Watch him **shine**! 🎂 🎂 🤘✨✨

Kimberly Miller

a month ago

Happy birthday 😀😎
Keep on rockin 😉

Somila Meelar Zondani IV

a month ago

Happy birthday Shaun!!

Marcus MI Innocent

a month ago

It was an excellent show!

It was an honor and a privilege to visit our St. Jude Children's Research Hospital family again here in Memphis. We can't wait to share the rest of our time here with you guys. Support Music Gives to St. Jude Kids - ❤️❤️

Alexander Austin Adams

a month ago

Class all the way! Music heals the heart & soul! ❤️🤘🏻

Dimitri Marick

a month ago

Guys, it’s wonderful! Brighten up their hard daily life is an amazing job! I love what music can achieve! Thank you!

Martínez Alejjo

a month ago

Great concert Houston !!! Thank you for giving back

We are proud to say that our very own guitarist Keith Wallen released his brand new single 'Summer Sunday' today! Stream it on Spotify and Apple Music now! Share it with your friends if you dig it! Thanks guys!🙏🙏🤘🤘💚
#summersunday #keithwallen


Listen to “Summer Sunday” here!:

@Spotify -

@AppleMusic -

Barbara Gethers

2 months ago

I was totally expecting something with guitars and drum's but all I got was some electronic POP BULLSHIT!! Like WTF? I guess this is why the last 2 BB album's have been generic A F. BB will never be the same. When Aaron Fink and Chad Szeliga left the band that was it

Leelee Staes

2 months ago

Is he the one singing???

Shane Rook

2 months ago

Allies in my download list soon now

...and the show rolls on! *JUST ANNOUNCED* - our fall leg with our summer tour mates Five Finger Death Punch + special guests Bad Wolves, From Ashes to New, + In Flames (support acts on select dates).

Are we coming to you? Tour dates at !

Pre-Sale + On Sale Info:

VIP Packages / Fan Club - Wednesday, August 1 @ 10am est – Thurs, August 2 at 10pm est

Use Code = BB2018

General On-Sale - Friday Aug 3 at 10 AM local!

See you guys out there! 🤘🤘🔥👁️🔥

Hajime Takahashi

2 months ago

Breaking Benjamin does this mean this is also the lineup for August 4th? Or afterwards

Conchi Guzman

2 months ago

Michigan here. Cant waittttttt 😊

Giulianna Santos

2 months ago

Marissa Schmura Gumble

Auburn what an *INCREDIBLE* kick off to our summer tour with Five Finger Death Punch! We can’t wait to see everyone out there! 💚😊🤘🔥👁🔥

Pauline White

2 months ago

See you guys Saturday

Jacob Russell

2 months ago

Was a great show! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

Larissa Cardoso Magalhães

2 months ago

Billy Donne Auguat 14th!!

We're pleased to announce our performance at this year's Louder Than Life festival.

More info:

We look forward to seeing you guys out there.... 🔥👁️🔥

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Chris Newhall

3 months ago

Assaad Issa Next America trip we're doing a festival. 🤘

James Roy

3 months ago

An Pham we could be seeing Breaking Benjamin 😢

Jacob Farida

3 months ago

Thiago Santos Esses shows vão ser épicos <3

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Ηρακλης Μαμπε

4 months ago

Quando venite in Italia ?

Adriane Reyes

4 months ago

Kaian S. Antunes Ooooo em HD

Marco Van Da Alpe

4 months ago

You guys going to do a Blu-ray release of ember?

Carolina Rebellion you guys *NEVER* disappoint! 🔥👁️🔥🤘🤘🤘

— Products shown: EMBER - iTunes - Breaking Benjamin.

Laronda Renee Choice

4 months ago

This is one band that keeps the same style and never gets stale but better

Nikki Nichols

4 months ago

Saw you guys last weekend at Rockville and will be seeing you again in August! I can't wait!

Alexis Renteria Figueroa

4 months ago

Bro, we all are just trying to return the favor.
You truly blew us away

Haha get it.

Welcome To Rockville you welcomed us back like we couldn't have imagined! 🙌💚🤘🔥👁️🔥

— Products shown: EMBER - iTunes - Breaking Benjamin.

Emily Nal Aldana

5 months ago

And tonight! FORT ROCK!!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Ray Raynald

5 months ago

Great show as always. Third time I've seen y'all and it keeps getting better!

Staa Muthwa

5 months ago

Amazing, as always ❤️

Richmond thx for the warm welcome back last night! Much 💚💚💚 🔥👁🔥

Jose Rangel Ruiz

5 months ago

See you in September!!

Steven Gervais

5 months ago

yeah you the short one lol

Mâshà Vybz

5 months ago

Jesus. Another show on the east coast. Surprise surprise

EMBER IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM THESE FINE FOLKS- "Torn in Two" video available to watch RIGHT HERE!

**WATCH, SHARE, LISTEN** Let's make this HUGE guys... ROCK IS *NOT* DEAD! 🤘🤘🤘🤘


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Ferick Ong

5 months ago

Fuck YES!!! Glad to see ya'll are back with new material!

Salomon Nongba

5 months ago

I’m all the way up to “Torn in Two” on the album right now...this might be y’all best work since We Are Not Alone. Love it

Jackie Brum

5 months ago


We’re close.... ⏰⏰⏰⏰🔥👁🔥

Sac Francis

5 months ago

For those people who bought a ticket and got the album, when will we receive it?

Monique Lopez

5 months ago

Kyle Jose Aguirre Bottger

Maria Fernanda Barraza Melendez

5 months ago

Got my signed copy coming from Newbury Comics

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Thank you *SO MUCH* for all of the love & support to drive #redcoldriver to #1 on the rock charts! 🎸🎼📈 We’re humbled to have the best fans on earth who continue to help us remind the world that ROCKS NOT DEAD! We 💚💚you!! Our new album ‘EMBER’ is out April 13 - preorder now & get ‘#redcoldriver, #blood, #feedthewolf & #psycho instantly! 👆 link to order in bio 👆 🔥👁🔥 #rocksnotdead #breakingbenjamin

Yago Werneck

6 months ago

The Mountain by TDG is horrible. You guys are the best man!

Jomar Ricalde Lazo

6 months ago

Well deserved. Thank you for all the great music

Christo Andreev

6 months ago

I will do anything to get this close again!! Love you guys! 🤘

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**TODAY** - Get "Psycho", "Blood", “Feed the Wolf” and "Red Cold River" instantly when you pre-order our new album ‘EMBER’ out April 13! 🔥👁🔥Get it now:

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Cheryl Mun

6 months ago

Easily the best song released so far from the new album!

Fedias Leymart

6 months ago

Badasss!! Loving it so far. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Esperanza Salcedo Ramirez

6 months ago

It's Fucking Awesome Guys!!
Can't Stop Myself From Listening It..🎶🎶
Eagerly waiting for EMBER..
🔥👁🔥 🔥👁🔥 🔥👁🔥
💚 #BreakingBenjamin..

Hey guys! We're proud to announce a new edition to our Spring Tour VIP Packages - the Tour Bus Coffee Break powered by our awesome friends at Death Wish Coffee Company! Check out all our packages and more at

Tuds Canción

6 months ago

Ian Hurst... I love Death Wish Coffee AND Breaking Ben!!

Cedric Pillet

6 months ago

Duuuuuuuuude.......why no Colorado love? I'd shit a brick to have coffee with BB....hell, I already got the tattoo lol

Tyler Bloom

6 months ago

Kevin Samuel Hollis


We're excited to officially announce our summer headlining tour with Five Finger Death Punch + special guests Nothing More and Bad Wolves!

Tour dates, tickets, VIP and more at !


VIP presale begins at 12:00pm EST TODAY at !

Citi Card and Fan Club members presale starts tomorrow, March 14 at 10:00 AM EST. (Official),Live Nation Concerts, Ticketmaster and local presales begin at 10:00 AM local time on Thursday March 15.

General on-sale will be available at 10:00 AM local time on Friday March 16.


See you guys out there! 🤘🤘

Jumiko Denisse Lizano Juarez

6 months ago

Krystal Ackley looks like only Tampa at the Amphitheatre

Benele Mthalane

6 months ago

Emily Marie Colin Michael Kerri Jorgenson?

Andrew Wilson

6 months ago

Norman Norox Febeleka epic

We're pleased to announce our April & May performances with our friends @10yearsmusic on select dates. Tickets and VIP Upgrade information available at - See you guys out there! #ember #breakingbenjamin #tour

We're pleased to announce our April & May performances with our friends 10 Years on select dates. Tickets and VIP Upgrade information available at - See you guys out there!

Nicole Köpcke

6 months ago

Lauren Moenning - I'm kidnapping you. Your pick. May 9th or May 15th.

El Pea Soprano

6 months ago

Dustin I think I may go!!!!

Irene Heegaard Larsen

6 months ago

Ugh wish you guys would play California

Saskatoon we loved every minute with you guys tonight! 💚💚🤘🤘🇨🇦

Andrew Whited

7 months ago

U guys rocked it that you for the amazing performance even thou you were sick

Nancy Bruch

7 months ago

Miss you in Quebec 😉 Lucky Saskatoon!!!!

Omar Cortez Trejo

7 months ago

Could tell that fly was killing you, but you guys still rocked from start to finish.

Winnipeg you guys rocked out with us and we won’t forget it! 💚 to you all! 🇨🇦🤘🤘

Tony Pimental

7 months ago

Awesome show, guys! Thanks for powering the flu

Iris Molina

7 months ago

Come back to the Woodlands in Houston pleaseee!

Karen Crawford Austria

7 months ago

Get well soon. you should post some footage from the show

Winnipeg you guys rocked out with us and we won’t forget it! 💚 to you all! 🇨🇦🤘🤘 #avengedsevenfold #breakingbenjamin #bfmv

It was amazing to see you again Fargo! Always a pleasure & rock on xo 🤘🤘🤘 #avengedsevenfold #breakingbenjamin #bfmv

You guys were absolutely amazing!!!

Carulli Tina

7 months ago

Is my buddy Ben all good for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada tonight?

Celeste Connor

7 months ago

Show was awesome! Come back to promote your cd next year!

It was amazing to see you again Fargo! Always a pleasure & rock on xo 🤘🤘🤘 #avengedsevenfold #breakingbenjamin #bfmv

Cedar Rapids you guys rocked the f**kin house tonight! We 💚💚💚💚💚 YOU! 🤘🤘

Awesome show guys!!! We could tell you were struggling... But damn, still killed it!! Thank you

Ryousuke Kominato Eliu Hernández

7 months ago

Get better Ben!!!! And come back soon! WE LOVE YOU!!! 🤘🤘🤘

Mine Caglayan

7 months ago

wish i coulda made it :(

Cedar Rapids you guys rocked the f**kin house tonight! We 💚💚💚💚💚 YOU! 🤘🤘#breakingbenjamin #avengedsevenfold #bfmv

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Misty Green

7 months ago

Gonna be ordering the guitar from musicians friend

Sarah Kamal

7 months ago

Eye of Sauron

Chris Grucza

7 months ago

Looks like you missed out in this one, Alex Edwards 😂😂

Lincoln you guys rocked & we love you! Thanks for such an awesome night & we’ll see you all soon!! 😊🤘🤘

Dustin Ladd

7 months ago

What an awesome show you guys put on. Some day I’ll get to meet and greet you guys!! Stole the show in my opinion.

Anthony Michael Perez

7 months ago

You guys kicked ass!

Bsi Chhangte

7 months ago

Phenomenal show as always🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

Looking forward to our Northern Invasion performance with our friends Avenged Sevenfold on Saturday May 12! Tix at 🤘

Tiffany Todd

7 months ago

BB, you're spoiling me! It will be my 3rd time seeing you in 7 months! ❤️❤️

Kevin Pineda

7 months ago

Dc I first read Somerset and thought 😱

Euardo CB

7 months ago

Connor, can we gooooo

Wichita that was a rock show! You guys were incredible & we’ll see you all soon!! 🤘🤘 #avengedsevenfold #breakingbenjamin #bfmv

Our new album 'Ember' is available for pre-order now. Get “Feed the Wolf” and "Red Cold River" instantly when you pre-order 'Ember' on iTunes now:🤘🤘

Apple Music: 🎶🤘🕚🕝🕣🕦
Little Rock thank you all! And a happy birthday to our Aaron Bruch!

Sammy Giddens

8 months ago

Damnit! The suspense is killing me.. Can't wait to here the rest of the songs already.

T.J. Breezuss

8 months ago

Can you guys make the link available for Australian ITunes please and thanks

T.J. Breezuss

8 months ago

Tenny Jamie Josh Kingston

Biloxi we had a blast! See you all soon! 🤟💚

Chris Powers

8 months ago

You guys were amazing

Jennica Smrekar

8 months ago

Saw them 10 years ago there with 3DG, Seether and Red. It was awesome.

Bridget Jones Gibson

8 months ago

Y'all fucking rocked last night !!!!!

Tulsa you guys are the reason we're out here doing our thing - we love you all 🙌😊💚🤘🤘 #avengedsevenfold #breakingbenjamin #bfmv #tour

Sandra Starker

8 months ago

Come to Germany!!!!!😇😇😇🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Wendy Solorio

8 months ago

You guys were incredible! We drove almost a total of 6 hours (there and back) just to see yall! I was super excited to hear Blow Me Away live. I love that you guys brought the kids up on stage to rock out, they were awesome! Thanks for the amazing show, my husband and I had a blast!

Buddy Hayes

8 months ago

So ready to see you guys in Evansville this weekend!!!

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Pre-order your physical copies of 'Ember' on CD or vinyl from Amazon Music now:

Daren Strange

8 months ago

Those bundles you offer are insane but pretty cool. Looking forward to this album very much.

Jim Miller

8 months ago

Genny Crabtree....this might also be a cool birthday present....

Ashley Danielle Blankenship

8 months ago

Ashton Rivers vinyl 😍😍😍

🔥 The Mother of all Limited ‘Ember’ Pre-Order Bundles 🔥 - featuring Ben’s custom ESP Guitars BB-600 baritone personalized just for *you* ☺️ ::

Check out all of the bundles *ON SALE NOW*! 👉🎸🎸🤘

Sharlock Raymond

8 months ago


Chris Minor

8 months ago

Already own the guitar and love it!!

Hayden James Deverick

8 months ago

Breaking Benjamin brought to you by the Eye of Sauron.

We love you Sioux Falls! Thanks for helping us put on a rock show for you tonight!! 🎶🤘🤘💚💚


🔥don’t forget: you can pre-order our new album ‘Ember’ now at - - lots to love there 🔥👕🎸🎼🥁💿😳😳

Brittany Sappington

8 months ago

So glad got see you guys

Júnior Omega

8 months ago

Kd o Jason Rauch ?

Sam Howard

8 months ago

Could've skipped BFMV and doubled your set 😁. Was amazing!!!!!

SUPER-LIMITED 'Ember' pre-order bundles on sale now:: ⬆️ Link to SHOP NOW in bio ⬆️ Super cool stuff, but just not a lot of it ... 😊 #ember #vr #breakingbenjamin #preorder #espguitars 🔊👕💿🥁🎸💚💚🤟

Today @ 7pm ET: Tune into to chat and game with Ben Burnley to celebrate the pre-order of “Ember” and raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

Elizabeth Bell Acevedo

8 months ago

Marissa this is the same game I’m playing at home 😂

CJ Binder

8 months ago

Already preordered. Both singles are fucking killer! You guys don’t miss a fucking beat album to album. Keep rocking!

Joe Cammisa

8 months ago

Somebody gotta jump in there with Ben and read questions to him while he plays. He's so overwhelmed trying to play and deal with 1800 people asking him shit.

Peoria thank you all for the killer night we got to share with you all! See you soon! 🤟🤟

Corey Janis

8 months ago

See you guys Saturday night, third time seeing y’all and I can’t freaking wait! 🤟🏽

Ryan Hovan

8 months ago


Our new album 'Ember' is available for pre-order now. Get “Feed the Wolf” and "Red Cold River" instantly when you pre-order 'Ember' on iTunes now:🤘🤘

Arturo Morehead

8 months ago

Just downloaded the song

James Henry

8 months ago

Jeremy Fowler hell yea!

César Leal

8 months ago

Carlos Suriel Reyes Teco

Green Bay what a pleasure to put on a rock show for you! And welcome back Mr. Jasen Rauch !!🤘🤘🤘💚💚😘

Alvarado Rashane

8 months ago

Please come back to Albuquerque 😢

Ricky Carraman

8 months ago

Come back to Laredo Tx please

Isaiah Smith

8 months ago

Freaking great show. Come back soon

You guys did it! 500,000 views for "Red Cold River"! As promised, here is the cover art for our upcoming album 'Ember'.

Album Pre-sale starts this Friday, January 26.
Hamilton thanks for the rock n roll welcome last night! Can't wait to see you guys again 🤗🤘🤘

Martha Moran

8 months ago

Bow Young!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG

Skizzik Arm

8 months ago

Newkoi H. Suwarat

Michael Teadan

8 months ago

you are amazing thank you for existing

Ottawa helped save rock n' roll last night - you guys are the best 🤘🤘 #breakingbenjamin #avengedsevenfold #bfmv 🇨🇦

Mike Arnold

8 months ago

What the hell is up with the $250 ticket price. Would love to go to the Evansville show in 2 weeks but damn!

Jade Musique Martin

8 months ago

THANK YOU for getting me up on stage with you guys last night :D

Jon Head

8 months ago

Awesome show guys!!
Venue was meh, but you guys rocked.

⚡⚡You can still snag a limited edition Red Cold River tee for $20 - they are going quick and then that's that!

Check out our new video while you are shopping- we'll unveil the 'Ember' album artwork at 500K views & we're getting *close*! 🤘🤘🖤⚡

Jim Krofchok

8 months ago

Brandy Krofchok give meee

Anthony Martin

8 months ago

I'm so fucking hype for this new album !


Hayden Hicks Redden

8 months ago

Not free shipping to Canada 😞, the cheapest shipping option is 34$.