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Taking care of business before hitting the road....

Debbie Cadogan

2 days ago

looks like my old midnite buisness to atlanta ...

Suki Minhas

3 days ago

CEO of the Brantley Gilbert Nation.

Stuart Downing

3 days ago

Love the poster 🤘🏻🎶 Safe travels!

It’s all smiles and laughs for one hell of a touring season....

Mruganshi Pathak

5 days ago

Congratulations to you BG and your sweeping up fans and your always a winner wherever you are and do.

Alesia Hundley

5 days ago

Lol.....the censored part of this pic has me rolling with laughter. Have a great time.

Julia Neumann

5 days ago

Your awesome and the band is to. Ready for your new album and ready to see BG live agian quick ❤

BG Nation, come kick it in the ship with me.... Enter for your chance to win a cabin for 2 on board Brantley Gilbert's Kick It In The Ship Cruise and get ready to set sail with me, Luke Combs, Michael Ray and more of my favorite country artists.... #BGCruise

James Schreck

12 days ago

Going to see him soon at Darien Lake can't wait ❤️.
Never been on a cruise but was told you need to once In your life , one can only wish ....

Gary Clowdus

12 days ago

Omg I live a mile from the woodstown nj rodeo. Not much but mudding rodeo and country music happens around here. I’d love to go 😍😍😍😘🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Hershtia DAwn JoHnson

12 days ago

I don't have a reason...just wanna have fun old..wanna live life!!!!!💙 your music and the great person you are

My best body of work is in the works for y’all.... I know y’all have been waiting for new music and we are in the studio making something special for ya.... great things to come.... be patient....

Yvette Cardiel-Sauer

a month ago

Brantley Gilbert I could listen to your music all day. New, old, it doesn’t matter.. your words speak to me! My husband is jealous! Lol!! Kidding, but he knows you as “my boo”! There’s a Brantley song for everything in life! Can’t wait to hear what you have coming out!

Debora Correa

a month ago

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday in Kearney, Nebraska! My husband and I are huge fans! We even named our son Brantley!

Morena Flaherty

a month ago

Love everything you have always done. Past, present and future. That’s what fans do they stand behind you always!! Just keep on being you Brantley.

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Ken Sherrod

a month ago

Would love to see them come to lincoln or omaha hell yeah !!!

Shana Leigh

a month ago

Love Brantley Gilbert and all his music

Jennifer Son

a month ago

Yeah for reals, make an appearance in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN or at least Fargo, ND. We northerners love country rock too!!

Gettin’ the farm ready for the season.... gettin’ the feeva!!!!

Melissa Schwenn

a month ago

Feed those deer before you leave for the cruise :)

Kenna Gilbert

a month ago

Hey BG just wanted to thank you for the great music. I am Sober and your songs mean so much! I'll be at your show Aug 10th at the musicfest can't wait

Jonathan Cook

a month ago

Can’t wait to see you on concert in a couple weeks at Dam Fest

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Marianne Bier

2 months ago

So I know a cruise worries some of y'all, so would it make you feel better if Brantley Gilbert was on it? LoL
Laiken Price Megan Johnson Megan Roberts

Rogerd Austin

2 months ago

Your last minute advertising worked! See ya there!

Pamala Smith Kagarise

2 months ago

if anyone is interested, our cabin has one bed open... it's $1150 each plus the alcohol package.

The Real Deal Neal....

Alexa Edmo

2 months ago

Neal McCoy is still my favorite concert that I've seen at our local fair he is FUN!! I had a blast all those years ago and go to the fair every year

Reinaldo Cesar

2 months ago

If you ever come to Manchester, UK I’m definitely coming to see you. Would be amazing to have a picture taken with you too. Your song Savin Amy is a little close to home as when my wife was born she almost died and has since been left with Cerebral Palsy. I thank god every day for saving her. Her name is Amy

William Singleton

2 months ago

Ain't heard him in forever , i'm been busy , trying to hide from world as we speak can't do much of nothing , never know what you gonna see on fb ...

#CMTawards with my one and only....

Javia Blake

2 months ago

Nobody recognizes good artists anymore. You deserve more awards & more nominations, & definitely a performance!

Valerie Anne

2 months ago

Just reading all the love & devotion they all feel.for you. Yes, you get totally robbed at the award shows, but enough of us know true country music, and you're devotion to the military is so beautiful and caring. Take care of yourself & you're beautiful family & keep getting those FANTASTIC songs coming out. Awards can be given in so many forms - and you received the #1 award in all categories!

Kiran Gawas

2 months ago

I have ALL the respect in the world for you! Me and my BF got to meet you in Arkansas and at pic time your arm never touched our back. TOTAL RESPECT for you! AND we got to take a pic with your beautiful wife! You two make a gorgeous couple!!

Nashville.... see y’all on Saturday with Big Machine Label Group....

Rosario Spera

2 months ago

I know the likely hood of this being seen is probably low but it is worth a try. Me and my partner are currently in nashville for cma fest. We bought tickets 9months in advance (as the option we had with an angent requied so), we bought with the hope to see colt ford and brantley gilbert as they are not often in Austrlia which it is from. Now we got to see colt ford today which was amazing and we found out you are doing meet and greets here on Saturday. We tried to get a wrist band but we were to late. If we could get passes to this it would top our trip and our year.

Justina Lesa Mofu

2 months ago

Sure wish I was going to that I love Brantley Gilbert so much

Meengma Golay

2 months ago

Wish you'd come see us in North Jackson , Ohio

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Lisa McGee Whitus

3 months ago

I just found out it's a voting contest. I entered, and if im one of the 10 chosen , people that are booked on the cruise already will vote for me and others. Top 3 win

Ceron Henriquez

3 months ago

Judy Kathryn a cruise with Brantley Gilbert and Michael ray!!

Inez Bradley

3 months ago

Jason Rogers 🤔 something to look into🤷🏼‍♀️

Our partnership with Ford Motor Company & Music Audience Exchange - MAX has been nothing but incredible…. Can’t thank y’all enough for such an awesome gift to top off our night in Nashville….

محسن خليل

3 months ago

I was supposed to be there with you on that night and you introduce me to your fans.

Giovanni Callea

3 months ago

Sweet guitar your awesome BG

Ivo Prucker

3 months ago

Wish I woulda won that f-150

This is how the big dogs run, boy you're ridin’ shotgun. Buckle up and let's have some fun….

Lucas Santos

4 months ago

It’s awesome you take the time to play and talk to us fans before and after the show. My favorite part was “Them Boys” acoustic. You really should think about releasing that one on the end of an album or something. I got slightly misty eyed, thinking about my 2 sons growing up while you were playing and singing that one.

Mili Angles

4 months ago

That's right to have fun in life..

Monica Ortiz Rocha

4 months ago

Amazing show!!! I can see the back of my head!!

Startin ‘em young in the #bgnation....

Juliet Akpobome

4 months ago

Yes, start them a good influence Brantley Gilbert. From Maysville

Ursula Williams

4 months ago

THATS MY BABYGIRL🖤 oh man my heart. Her little pink bow she held a heros hand that's for sure.

Carolina Garcia Harel

4 months ago

My fifth BG show was in August and I took my daughter. Her first concert. Neither of us will ever forget it!

We're out on the road comin for ya.... see all the dates and be sure to get your tickets at!
4/19/18 Lexington, KY
4/20/18 Salem, VA
4/21/18 Pikeville, KY
4/26/18 Dayton, OH
4/27/18 Terre Haute, IN
4/28/18 Rodgers, AR
5/3/18 Brandon, MS
5/4/18 Nashville TN

Luthuli Dlamini

4 months ago

See you tomorrow!!! #salemva #salemciviccenter

Thomas Vang

4 months ago

Hoping he announces a last minute pittsburgh show like he did last year!!!!!! He puts on a fantastic concert!

Pat Hafner

4 months ago

See ya tomorrow night! Lexington ky! Can’t wait!

Y'all know I like all kinds of music.... this right here from the songwriting to the video is top notch.... y'all go show some love.... Dashboard Confessional

Jennifer Mcneil

4 months ago

Love Dashboard one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing!💗

Jacob De La Cruz

4 months ago

The fact that you’re sharing this! 🖤 Love! You’re amazing and so is Chris!

Tina Vaughn

4 months ago

Love love love

Excited to be joining Kid Rock and Wheeler Walker, Jr. on The Red Blooded Rock N Roll Redneck Extravaganza! Presales start 4/10 at 10am local time.
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Moses Brano

4 months ago

Is there a Minnesota show. I can not get link to work. I know kid Rock is on Aug 11 at a casino but is it with Brently and wheeler?

Stu Englefield

4 months ago

People can say what they want about kid rock everyone has there own opinions but I love his music been to multiple concerts of his and Brantley Gilbert also think they are both great!!! Not only that wheeler walker jr is so funny love his stuff also I think this will be a outstanding concert and blend of music

Yamashita Ken-ichi

4 months ago

I saw it. His ass isn’t coming anywhere near Texas. 😭 How can you have a Redneck tour and not come to Texas or Oklahoma?

Excited to be joining @kidrock and @wheelerwalkerjr on The Red Blooded Rock N Roll Redneck Extravaganza! Presales start 4/10 at 10am local time. Get more info at

Since "The Weekend" is a certified platinum record.... thought I'd share a little behind the scenes of the video for y'all.... #tbt

Y'all won't wanna miss this one on May 4th.... the band and I.... in Nashville.... with an orchestra.... I'm telling ya this is gonna be a once in a lifetime show for me, for y'all.... @ascend_amphitheater

Florida y'all showed up last night.... ready to throw down with some more red dirt folks tonight in Alabama.... who's comin'? photo by @trevorforbess

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Got to meet some of the toughest kids in town today.... thanks to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Ryan Seacrest Foundation.#seacreststudios #vumcchildren

Susan Williams

5 months ago

Hey sweetie ( sorry brantley, not u, the little man u are with , u are my inspiration to be a stronger and braver person ! You are the real hero little man !

Dan Kallenbach

5 months ago

And this is why BG has so many fans/adopted family member/kin. BG and his family are real, humble and kind and have the purest of hearts. God blessed us with them in our lives. Keep inspiring all of us. We love you.

Cole Becker

5 months ago

Awsome thank you for sharing your talent with the young kids that are sick or unable due to medical reasons to make it to a show this means the world to them to know they matter you are so real and so true keep doing you ! Can’t wait to see what is in store next you are a blessing can’t wait to see you in NC again.

Got to meet some of the toughest kids in town today.... thanks to @vumcchildren and @ryanfoundation #seacreststudios #vumcchildren

Goin live with our friends at Ford Motor Company today at 4PM EST....

Bonnie Sagurton

5 months ago

Very disappointed B, u will b taking that pos ford to the shop every other month. Go jeep or ram.

Emilio Fernando Cabrejos Garcia

5 months ago

That’s a cool garage and truck.

Maria Medley

5 months ago

Come all the way 2 Sverige why dont you😘💋

Hey y'all.... adding pyro back into the set.... working out details now... In all seriousness.... thankful no one was injured.... bus drivers are safe.... I'm safe.... see y'all back on the road soon....

My beautiful wife @ambercochrangilbert lettin little man FaceTime dad in Canada!!!

Y’all did it.... Join the wait list at #bgcruise #kickitintheship

Getting to share my work with my love @ambercochrangilbert and my boy.... #blessed

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Christopher Forbes

6 months ago

My husband and I were just married and he is THE BIGGEST fan ever! Since we've been together tho he has not been able to see a concert like before. I love this man more than anything but between our three kidos and other struggles I feel awful for "taking that away" from him. He is so busy keeping us all on track and staying on top of so much that I pray like crazy that something comes along and we get to still go on the cruise in October...if not plz know that we love being a fan. Thank you so much for your music.

Jean Wheeler

6 months ago

If someone plans on booking soon they have a referral program. $100 on board credit for both party’s. Use my sixthman user name Thrasher907

Kayla Mckay

6 months ago

See you in Grand rapids Michigan soon!!!!!!

It’s only been a few days and I’m itching to get back on the road and give y’all another weekend of a good time....

Mark Abney Jr.

6 months ago

Some years back I was invited back stage during a Brantley Gilbert show. After the show I was invited to hang out with the band on their tour bus. What a bunch of fine, young men. We laughed, picked guitars, and had a large time until the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for the great time I had with you guy's over at Ruston, Louisiana. Your band has really taken off since then, and congratulations on your success.

April Kennedy

6 months ago

Last night in Va was the best night of my life. You are amazing!

Colleen Schumaker

6 months ago

Jannis....I...can't...even....82 days!

It’s only been a few days and I’m itching to get back on the road and give y’all another weekend of a good time....

#BGNation.... y’all are STRONG.... the first two weekends out have been unreal.... thank y’all for such support....

Chris Jensen

6 months ago

Saw you in Knoxville on Friday. My boys got me the tickets for my birthday in November. It was my first time seeing you in concert. It was a great show. Love your music❤

Carrissa Nichols-Allen

6 months ago

Can't wait to see you Friday night in Augusta GA

Charlie Bear

6 months ago

I wish I could see you in Fairfax! But unfortunately I just took a new job and our grand opening is the same day and I’ll be working till 9 that night! I went to your show about 2 years ago and it’s still one of the best shows I have ever been too!

#BGNation.... y’all are STRONG.... the first two weekends out have been unreal.... thank y’all for such support....

Dogs and Veterans are some soft spots for me.... with y’alls help and the help from amazing partners throughout the tour we are pairing the two together.... check it out.... Huge thank you to @ASPCA, @Pedigreefoundation, @Delta, @Atlantahumane, @CustomCanineUnlimited, & @DAVhq

The Ones That Like Me Tour kickoff weekend…. Full hearts and full houses…. Thank y’all….

Cheyenne Campbell

6 months ago

So upset that we're gonna have to miss the show tonight in Tupelo now all thinks to some idiot driver not paying attention and wrecking our car last night. My wife's Valentine's present is now ruined.

Marcus Hazen

6 months ago

The show in Hershey was so great. We had a blast. Love, love the new set list... So awesome that you’re helping the vets with canine companions. You have such a big heart 💕🇺🇸 #bgnation #veteransdaughter

Leah Ness

6 months ago

Here's another one from Albany NY. What an awesome night. Your support for veterans is amazing. Super down to earth guy.

Nashville.... Y’all aren’t gonna wanna miss this.... ONE NIGHT ONLY with full band and full orchestra.... this is going to be a night none of us will forget....


Tickets are on sale this Friday at 10AM at

Ashley StLaurent

7 months ago

Omg please do this show in New Hampshire!!!

Amy Morgan

7 months ago

ORCHESTRA!!! This needs to be a dvd thing! seriously excited, it's gonna be amazing i'm sure :D allow camera's so those of us that can't go can watch on fan shares on youtube lol! <3 so proud of yall! Good Luck! and God Bless!

Kirk Dawson

7 months ago

Are you coming to central Florida?

Your Song.... Your Tour.... Your Flag.... Available only on The Ones That Like Me Tour 2018....

Your Song.... Your Tour.... Your Flag.... Available only on The Ones That Like Me Tour 2018....

Helen Brown Andrulonis

7 months ago

Brently Gilbert rocks love your music

Robert West

7 months ago

Makes me wish I wasn't going overseas

Carla Koleszar

7 months ago

Wish he was comin to pittsburgh this year. Seen him 4 years in a row. 1 year twice and doesnt seem to be this year again

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Travis William Long

7 months ago

Sorry to hear hope you find some work soon

Michael N Blair Evans

7 months ago

Brittany Crane I might consider going on this cruise😂😂😂

Krista Connors

7 months ago

Yeah it's not cheap but I'm one determined girl

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Nichole Dean McCabe

7 months ago

Kristen Stout you wanna join Sara Dean and me for this?? I already registered so we can do the cheaper price!!

Tammy S Isaacson

7 months ago

Anyone wanna pay my way as my birthday gift...I will let bday is in Nov so this would be awesome for a disabled lady but i need to bring my bestie!!!

Nick Sheely

7 months ago

😂😂😂 never been on one so...I'm sure it's outrageous hah

I’ve got some news coming on one party y'all won’t want to miss…. Details coming soon so sign up for the mailing list and be the first to know….

Crystal Boucher

7 months ago

If i ever had time outside the house youd be the first to go see ... Love your music so much

Sam Glasson

7 months ago

Does it include the UK? Probably not....please come back xxx

Jessica Wiliker

7 months ago

I bet it's the cruise he was talking about !

Late Christmas gift from myself for someone else.... y’all do some good in the world and start 2018 off right.... go get ya one of these shirtsand save a life.... St. Jude Children's Research Hospital #ThisShirtSavesLives

Tracie D Bellanger

8 months ago

That’s cool of you to support a great cause. I also support a great cause for children of the Minneapolis children’s hospital. For children in the NICU. My son was born with a congenital heart defect. The doctors and nurses there were the greatest people ever. They saved my sons life. My son went from a newborn with an over 50% chance of dying to a happy healthy larger then life 12 year boy.

Karen Abrahamian

8 months ago

Thank you from my whole family. My great niese has brain cancer and she is treated at st. Judes in Tennessee

Crystal Simmons

8 months ago

Thank you Brantley Gilbert for supporting St. Jude Children's Hospital. They are doing amazing work for families everywhere. I was just reading an article on the research they are doing on Lupus. My baby girl sends hugs and thanks for the support for St. Jude. We are stoked for 4/20/18. We'll be in the pit! Love on your sweet family, and safe travels till then my brother!

Happy Holidays to the BG Nation.... y’all mean the world to me....

Alta Pence

8 months ago

Merry Christmas!! Brantley, Amber and baby Barrett!! Seen you this past August absolutely loved the concert, you are great! Hope to see you again!

John Kuykendall

8 months ago

Merry Christmas Brantley Gilbert and happy new year hope you have happy holidays and keep up the awesome music

Tammy Nicole Stookey

8 months ago

Merry Christmas to you Brantley and your family! Hope your new little guy has a wonderful first Christmas!

R.I.P. Carey.... We miss you, and we love you, and we’re gonna ride again my brother.

Pamela Davis

8 months ago

Blessings to you and yours.. I lost my 21 year old daughter July 30th in a car wreck and she loved your music

Andrew Jenkins

8 months ago

Carey was amazing!!! Miss him hanging out at the compound in Athens!!

Amy Mazz

8 months ago

Brantley I ne her knew but we both had a brother that we lost mine passed of SID's 35 years ago, my father passed Dec 7th 4 years ago n and I almost lost my life in a horrible car crash Dec 21st 2013 same year my dad passed so that would have been very difficult time for my mom had than happen

Head over to Apple Music to see the new video for #TheOnesThatLikeMe....

Hettie Hughes Weldon

9 months ago

Saw it dis mornin on CMT love it ! Toched on friends family n those extended families

Natasha Racey

9 months ago

Love it Brantley Gilbert like always love your music can’t wait for the tour !!! Hope the new baby is doing well enjoy love 😘😘😘😘

Rachel East Jouppi

9 months ago

My veteran hubby loves your song the weekend as he has a cougar that he's been trying to finish for years

My down to ride ‘til the day I die friends....

Jolene Miller

9 months ago

Can't wait til June 2018 to see this concert again!!!!##

Linda Marie

9 months ago

Love this song! I have a lot of those kind of friends!

Sarah Saucedo

9 months ago

I love this picture I took of you!

I told y’all I wanted your help with the new tour.... here’s where I need y’all.... comment below....

Jessica Earley Price

9 months ago

Whenever We're Alone is the song that made my hubby and I fall in love with BG several years ago!

Heather Burfield Herston

9 months ago

Ryan Idnc King where did you find music? Or is someone playing for you? My daughter is wanting to sing this in church

Anthony Baillie

9 months ago

That one of biggest fav that and saving amy

From my family to yours.... Happy Thanksgiving....

Eric Rooney

9 months ago

Happy thanksgiving Brantley, Amber, and little Barrett! God bless you all and may he keep you and let his light shine upon you always.

Cathy Geercken

9 months ago

Congratulations, Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings to you and yours.And for the many years of blessings to come.

Judy Imel

9 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving to Brantley and Amber n your new baby boy Barrett !!!!

The Ones That Like Me Tour 2018....
Tickets & more info at

2/1/18 Worcester, MA
2/2/18 Hershey, PA
2/3/18 Albany, NY
2/8/18 Greenville, SC
2/9/18 Knoxville, TN
2/10/18 Tupelo, MS
2/15/18 Fairfax, VA
2/16/18 Augusta, GA
2/17/18 Charleston, SC
3/5/18 Winniped, MB
3/7/18 Edmonton, AB
3/8/18 Tsuu T'ina, AB
3/9/18 Kelowna, BC
3/10/18 Abbotsford, BC
3/23/18 Kissimmee, FL
3/24/18 Tuscaloosa, AL
4/19/18 Lexington, KY
4/20/18 Salem, VA
4/21/18 Pikeville, KY
4/26/18 Dayton, OH
4/27/18 Terre Haute, IN
4/28/18 Rodgers, AR
5/10/18 Cedar Rapids, IA
5/11/18 Grand Rapids, MI
5/12/18 Erie, PA
6/2/18 Virginia Beach, VA
6/17/18 Grand Junction, CO
6/21/18 Cadott, WI
6/22/18 Brainerd, MN
6/23/18 Oshkosh, WI
7/21/18 St. Clairsville, OH
7/28/18 Kearney, NE

Tricia Grawet

9 months ago

He’s a headliner at Country Jam!!

Jennifer Schmelzle

9 months ago

It’s I️ may, it’s a maybe for us that’s around the time we go to punta Cana

Amie Coombs

9 months ago

Can't wait for June 17th. My oldest daughter is looking forward to seeing this concert.