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A crisp and cool 99 degrees in the IRON PARADISE this weekend.
Welcome to hell my friends.
Where I say — Devil just come on back if you ever wanna try again...I done told you once you son of a bitch, I’m the best that’s ever been.
#IronParadise #DevilWentDownToGeorgia #AndGetsHisAssKicked 💪🏾🔥😈
Great to recharge the batteries this weekend, back home with all my girls and teaching this lil’ tornado how to swim.
Took my shirt off and she said, Daddy I like it your brown boobies.. 😂🤔 Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies.
#KickThoseLegs #UseThoseArms #MrBrownBoobs

Аксель Фарихович Гросс

2 hours ago

I live in Oklahoma. Very hot right now. Staying about 100. I work out in my garage also with no air circulation i imagine its a little hotter, more like 110. Not trying to outdo you, i just feel you.

Jessica Hernández Serrano

2 hours ago

If y’all never lived in Arizona, shut it! It was 116 last week so 🤫🤫🤫

Taryn Zeigler

2 hours ago

I sang the last part, with a fake twang and all. 😂

Hair Spinning like a Cyclone 🌪 #curlyhair #4life

Pat Dunbar

3 hours ago

Oh da m baby can I joint you in table

Kerry Mozingo

3 hours ago

Christina. Milian you are so beautiful. Beautiful. Picture

Princess Sarmiento

3 hours ago

Looking good girl

Focused.@ Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Essence Fess 2018 @ Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Ramona Robbins

3 hours ago

Baby Girl you looking beautiful

Gerardo Rodriguez Rojas

3 hours ago

Oh my god

Alison Wenn Rodriguez

3 hours ago

Forever my lady ...

I had the incredible opportunity to make music with the most lovely people ever Annie Moses Band I didn’t get a picture with them sadly, I also got to meet and work alongside the great John Rhys-Davies. Wow what an event check out the happenings of

Leonardo Salinas

4 hours ago

He sure looks different without the beard. Jaci always looks agelessly the same.

Carby Karena

4 hours ago

Te amamos Jaci.

Christian Jijon

4 hours ago

jaci eres una super cantante, amo todos tus discos pero la verdad este último el de confío es el que mas amo me encanta que siempre motiva a seguir adelante y confiar en el señor Dios todo poderoso

NIGHT ONE - 7.16.18


Michelle Miller Williams

2 hours ago

I’ve been going to concerts for 30+ years. This was a top 5 for me. Truly awesome.

Robert Dellacroce

2 hours ago

Had the time of my life!! Thank you so much, what an incredible show!! <3

Joel Sandoval F

2 hours ago

Amazing show! My ears are ringing like a mofo, but it was worth it. Love Luke and The Struts, too. Great job, Violet!

I rock both flags cuz I rep both sides 🇺🇸🇲🇽👊🏽 #MCMagic

Richard Wolfendon

3 hours ago

Adorable always 100%

Jorge Mendoza

3 hours ago

all love, no hate

Don't care for this person.

Claudia Gutierrez

3 hours ago

I love it

Andrea Barry

3 hours ago

The original one is better , but if you were gonna redo it you should've used Sofia❤️❤️❤️ I love it when she sings with you at the shows. 🎤😘😍😍😍

Candace Briley

3 hours ago

You should invite Trish to be your special guest the Art Laboe concert in San Bernardino.

WHOAH. thank you so much MTV for my 5 VMA nominations 😚😦😚

Alex Hernandez

5 hours ago

Camila que arias si ganas un mtv yo diria que le des like a cada una de nosotros ojala ganes a votarrrrr

Chrystal Docker

5 hours ago

I hope you win all 5 awards,you deserve them.

Mark Baclawski

5 hours ago

Congratuleichons mi chiquita preciosa, sabes que te amo, soy tu sumisa en todo lo que quieras💕

Rafa Merino

an hour ago

I Love you Kenny Rogers!

Amjad Amjad

an hour ago

God did promise we will never be alone and when we can't take that step he'll carry us. I believe that Kenny. I , like so many others, have the Hep c which gave me cirrohsis. I'm so blessed with the time and life has granted me. Look at you, yourself are an amazing person who has brought so much joy to others. You've brought comfort to people and happiness. Thank you and remember your never really alone.

Nicole Lynn

an hour ago

So true, I know the Lord is here but not in the flesh.

I'm ready now,
I'm not waiting for the afterlife.
#Afterlife #Switchfoot
Photo by: Erick Frost

Orlen Smith

2 hours ago

says, "I love this song and the lyrics. However, I also enjoy the music video because it reminds me of the time I had to shatter a window to rescue Ashley from someone that was being a DICK."

Adrian Burnichon

3 hours ago

Counting down the days until the Alive festival...❤️💕❤️

Maria Lominchar

3 hours ago

one of my favorites! (y)


Hayley Broomfield

an hour ago

Best two days of my life thank you Marshall 😎

Manaila Mariea

an hour ago

Alex Barlow see u there in the front row pal,

Bertrand Briguet

an hour ago

Best night of my life so worth the tracking and the standing around from 1 :) your amazing and no how to put on a show x

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New song “Everything” out THIS WEDNESDAY 7/18!!
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Dawn Carrington

4 hours ago

Niki Roberts Kilburn I think I will have to order!

Pamela Chavez

4 hours ago

can't with to hear it

Jazzy Jeff Williams

4 hours ago

I love ❤️ your #Speaklife TobyMac! They make my day, I look forward to reading them!

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Marcos Terra

an hour ago

Can i get a chain thats not 500-1000?? That would be great

Septina Willis

3 hours ago

Wondering how long this sale going on for need some gear!!


Shannon Waska

an hour ago

I love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Mumay B. Dama-Ulangkaya

an hour ago

I need you back, guys!!!

Nick Manning

an hour ago

I saw you last night in Atlantic City NJ

This is the most accurate shit ever lmao

Laura Miles

6 hours ago

Lexi Marie😂😂 you

Andria Warfel

6 hours ago

Jason Cutler you!!!

Stephanie Chapman

6 hours ago

Will be doing this again in a year 😑😂

I can’t wait for you guys to see what Me and @tommyjohnwear have been working on. Our next Tommy John X Kevin Hart release is going to be huge!!!!! #TommyJohn #QualityAndComfortAtItsBest
Doing promo for our new movie "Night School" which will be hitting theaters everywhere September 28th. Mark your calendars people!!!! #NightSchool #HittingTheatersSept28th #ComedyAtItsBest

Aaron Smith

2 hours ago

I can't wait for you to put a shirt on your acting like the rock

Sam Dennington

2 hours ago

Nice underwear papasito!!!

Joshua Starbuck

2 hours ago

From PA , Hi Kevin just wanna say it was so nice bring one of ur security guards last night at ur show and yes we did our thing even tho u made fun of us walking down the aisles lol love u man

So looking forward to performing in my hometown of #Chicago this coming Sunday evening, July 22 at 7:25pm as part of a wonderful & talented set of artist at the @PitchforkMusicFestival
Don't forget to get your VIP Meet & Greet Passes
#P4Kfest #ChakaKhan 💜🎤
What a great & loving atmosphere yesterday at NN North Sea Jazz Festival 💜🎙️

Daniela Silva

4 hours ago

Most of us just grow old and wither away, while you, like fine wine, get better with age. What is your secret, because, pardon my French, D-damn?!!!!!!!

Gani Rasid

4 hours ago

Try not to break both of your beautiful legs, but go ahead and break them off a little something. Like Sugar. So sweet!

Deepika Sethuraman

4 hours ago

Work it on out cousin Chaka Have fun and Enjoy urself ❤️❤️😘😘

Looks like I'm here to stay, another bloody mess who's ready to be saved.

Ryan Metzger

4 hours ago

Man can not wait to see this in september yoy guys are fucking nailing it

Matteo Maran

4 hours ago

Come to Brazil 💚💛💙

Carlos Poletti

4 hours ago

Concert sold out at the PPL CENTER in Allentown, Pa. !!!!!! Please hide a ticket around the area the day of the concert!! I want to see you guys again!!!

‪Of Mice & Men | Defy (HD 60FPS) | The Defy Tour 2018 | Live In Chicago

#LosAngeles 💙 thanks for the amazing love this past Saturday at the #GreekTheatre #MCMagic 🙏🏽 @bobbydeepresents 📷 photo by @2fresh777

Leola Clark

3 hours ago

I was invited last minute to the concert but I am so glad I went.... not only did I hear music I grew up on but I also fell in love with yours!!!! Definitely going to take my kids to see you, that way in the future, and when I’m gone they will hear your music and think of all the good times we had together.... muchas gracias in advance 🙏🏼♥️✨

Ant Bird

3 hours ago

I love ur music n we had great time.. Thanks for the picture with u

Jonathan D. Miller

7 hours ago

Sorry, I don't care for his music.

Your favorite artists perform covers backstage in the Tonight Show music room!

Abel Mubarack

4 hours ago

If Billy Corgan is going by William now, I’m out. He was Billy then, he’ll always be Billy to me.

Great line up!

Anferson Wilson Fred

4 hours ago

Clarice Falcão a direita superior. haha

Tonight is the night! Watch American chopper on the discovery channel at 10p ET! Featuring me!! I cant wait for you guys to see this bad boy!!!

L Verona Kary D Cervantes

2 hours ago

Let me guess your not gay but 20$ is 20$

Waqar Ali

2 hours ago

That bike was one of the best I've ever seen great job guys.


2 hours ago

I saw it. It is beautiful.

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Verona! Jamming with Gary Clark Jr #LetLoveRule #RaiseVibrationTour2018

Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Mitchell Money

3 hours ago

No words, you are the King!!! Everytime is sooo special!!
Thank you! ❤️

Lina Triyana

3 hours ago

Enjoyed seeing him great addition

Stephania Garcia

3 hours ago

So love the memory moment you are having ❤️

Thursday, July 19th at The Garden with Jenny Lewis coming up soon!


Sonya Craig

2 hours ago

I fully support the acting career of Jenny Lewis.

Sambatra Ratsimba

6 hours ago

Playing outdoors @ art gallery tonight!!!

Génesis Renau

6 hours ago

See you from my section 110! Give Joni and Bill a shout out. We are your oldest fans. Can’t wait until Thursday!

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Brian experienced panic and anxiety in his early life―panic he’d thought he’d beaten. But it came back to haunt him and pulled him into a downward spiral of chaos and darkness.

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James Bruce William Keegan

2 hours ago

Larry Horton Jon and I were looking at this today and thought of you too!

André Kreusch

2 hours ago

Can’t wait to read it😊😊

Veronica Cowling

2 hours ago

Psalm 23:4

Andrew Murch from NW Gospel touched on this in a big way.

I leave the snake handling to the boys these days... I was ready to run 😂

Larry Goodlander

3 hours ago

LOL! Britney is just funny and amazing... Looking back at all those years at the VMA's slave for you and now this... LOL

Praveen M V

3 hours ago

Says the woman who handled a Boa in more than one performance...

Marissa Jones

3 hours ago

Helpful hint.... poisonous snakes don’t have round pupils. There elongated.Also poisonous snakes “do”have an “arrow head”shaped head. There are exceptions of course like everything in nature, but for the most part thats a good way to determine how dangerous a snake is.

Chuy Castillo

an hour ago

Never say anything always keep it to yourself. Cause it will come and get you. So you will never ever know.

David Cesar Zacata Solorzano

an hour ago

Yes, everything is correct <3

Arual Laura

an hour ago

The Statement says it all ! make one feel,and be a better person...KARMA !!!....xx..❤️🙂

‪If you google the perfect beach party dress, I’m pretty sure this will be the first thing you see... 😍#REVOLVEsummer ‬
‪Wearing #itsnbd, REVOLVE

Jackie Alviar

8 hours ago

Beautiful and Good evening .
Happy every day .

Wilson Avila

8 hours ago

Gorgeous young lady

Hugo da Ktb

8 hours ago

I like it

The Endless Summer Tour kicks off this Friday and I just put together an official pre-game playlist on Spotify. Any tracks I missed? What's your pre-game anthem?


Maria Ramos

6 hours ago

It's a lot just like you G

Marcela Callejas

7 hours ago

Lyle J. Torgerson

Илья Кассильгов

7 hours ago

Liz Zavala Alexus Martin

After a little time off for babies and vacation, we’re ready to get back at it this weekend!

Galioushka Kimiko

7 hours ago

See you Friday outside Seattle! #TXgirlinWA
Please sing Guinevere!!🖤

Man life can be hard. Sometimes it seems like the storms just won’t stop coming. It takes bravery to let yourself feel all the deep emotions. It takes strength to say I need help and it takes courage to allow yourself to be sad. But we don’t have to stay there. Cry, snuggle with your dog, eat some ice cream mixed with brownies and then move forward. Who knows, maybe the storms will last forever but that doesn’t mean I can’t be learn to be happy under the clouds. Now excuse me while I go call my therapist and dance in some damn rain.
NBD. Just rocking out with my idol Amy Lee on stage. “Expecto patronum!”

Samuel Bantea

44 minutes ago

Thank you for posting this Lindsey. You have no idea what this means to me. My family and I are facing the biggest storm we’ve ever had to face. Less than two weeks ago I lost my Dad suddenly. I can’t tell you the grief that’s taken a hold of myself and other members of my family. The mix of emotions from numbness, to despair, and even anger. I know you lost your Dad as well. I never imagined I would experience this kind of pain. I see no end in sight for this storm, but your words here gave me comfort at the time I need it most. Thank you for that. It also inspired me to get my emotions down on paper. I’ve always been a huge fan of yours, thank you again for sharing these thoughts with us all.

Libby Godwin Tubekis

3 hours ago

Las. you go girl. :)
The great experience in these matters is to accept the storm never goes away for real. But to know that just because it is there, you have learned to live with it, so instead of a storm it has become a mild breeze.
And you sound like you have a perfect plan. Hug a dog eat some ice cream. or just move your body in the drn rain. :)
So go forth. and treat ya self like a human beeing.

Linda Hinson

3 hours ago

Kris you should show Bella this! She'll love the reference.

You are the perfect you. I need you to walk in your individuality. The things that make you different are the things that make you powerful. #goodmanseason

Mat Ecstatic

3 hours ago

I'll remember this the next time I'm judged or bullyed because of my being blind and for being different Thank you. felt like you were talking to me directly. love you.

Cansu Cobanoglu

3 hours ago

Akun anda di hack? Atau ingin belajar hack? Mau sadap WA pacar/gebetan/mantan atau yg lain? Jangan tanyakan ke saya saya ga bisa

-Bot By: www. botjijim .com

Cristina Almario

3 hours ago

NE-YO, Good Man: Bring It On, The Haves and the Have Nots/ If Loving You is Wrong/Good Man Lushion/ The Good Man Cop. NE-YO, Good Man Lyrics!

She tells me every day.

Gabriel Oliveira

3 hours ago

Who else sang this in their head while reading?

ฟลุ๊ค ร้อยสิบ

3 hours ago

Nahhhwww ...... my friends got a girlfriend and he hates that BEAST

Frederic Faure

3 hours ago

He wants more denero just to stay at home?

Sahaj said I can post this photo, but "only if you name my extra chin Javier and say - this is the creature that ate Sahaj" so there you have it 💁🏻

Danna Maria Arias Duran

6 hours ago

A little crazy and taking out some comic book but it makes sense that good sense of humor 😂😂😂

Akello Audrey

6 hours ago

Works for me. The double chin that ate Sahaj!

Eileen Eva Isaiah

6 hours ago

Your eyes can’t see the obvious....

#OneMoreLight has been nominated for the Best Rock Video award at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards #VMAs

You can vote now at

Elvira Duana

4 hours ago

I Voted..!!! ☺️☺️ Here’s lots of love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰...!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I hope and pray that you guys win... #LP Chester we miss you..!! 🖤 Suneth Vote!!

Kendrick Nortez

4 hours ago

Linkin Park is there when you sad
Linkin Park is there when you afraid
Linkin Park is there when you happy
Linkin Park is there when you miss everyone
Linkin Park is everytime there... nobody can do this.. but LP make this

Linkin Park you are my hero, my familie, and my friend
Thank you so much 😍

Soham Rane

4 hours ago

Hi everybody. If you live out USA you need to download VPN Master. Then choose as location USA in the free side. After you can vote as I just did it. I live in Mexico

Ellas son paloma...

Odie Achmad

6 hours ago

Todas somos paloma..

Liz Hirst Downing

6 hours ago

Falto mis Tacos de canasta

Sandra Meier

6 hours ago

¿Qué pasó Lila Faltaron nombres ?

🎉🎉🎉new song #treatmyself available this Friday with your album pre-order 💕🎶

Lie Gaye

3 hours ago

Sexy woman meghan trainor

Cecilia Acosta

7 hours ago


Kim Jackson

7 hours ago

Want this for my birthday!!!


Logan Jarrett

9 hours ago

Would you be welling to help out with a funeral fund? Just wondering. Cause my older brother passed this week and I'm reaching out to everyone family and friend. And now you. It's worth a shot cause he is worth it.

Rafael Ruiz de Velasco

9 hours ago

Where does she take these pictures? What background is that?

Sebástian Granados BL

9 hours ago

When you coming to Dallas Tx.!!`

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📷 Paris Visone Photography

Clarisse Ann

33 minutes ago

I am looking forward to Red Sun Rising opening up in Syracuse!

Becky Freed Gold

33 minutes ago

July 24th cant get here fast enough

Nniefry Fay

33 minutes ago

I am.... but you're not coming anywhere even remotely close to Victoria, B.C., Canada.... sadness....of the deepest kind...

Production day for the #Rev3 tour with Bush and The Cult is in full swing! The tour kicks off in Nashville, TN at the Municipal Auditorium this Wednesday.

Damon Ardizzi

8 hours ago

Great line up

Marco Antonio Gasca Rodriguez

8 hours ago

See you on the 25th!

Denise Christy Reich

8 hours ago

Come back again to Bogotá - Colombia...🤘👍

It’s going down @ucla Pauley Pavilion! @monsterenergy @outbreakpresents the first annual @50kcharitychallenge celeb b-ball game with coaches @kuz & @andredrummondd 🎶 performance by @kinggoldchains & many more special guests!

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Sofia Lainez

5 hours ago

Am yo big fun Omarion

Mary Vargas

5 hours ago

Very Nice Omarion Gotta Hear You Sibg & Dance More

Can't wait for our upcoming show in Vegas this Friday!! Hope to see you there! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Djsans Titre

3 hours ago

I’ll be there! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see you guys again. 😍😘

Steven Arviso

3 hours ago

Come to Salt Lake City

Dav Lil-kiss Mukabe

3 hours ago

Come to Colombia!

You don't want to miss Part 2 of Dwight Yoakam's interview with singer-songwriter icon, Jackie DeShannon. Catch it tonight on Dwight Yoakam & The Bakersfield Beat (ch. 349) on SiriusXM Radio at 6pm PT / 9pm ET.

- D Team

#dwightyoakam #jackiedeshannon #greaterbakersfield #dwightyoakamandthebakersfieldbeat #LSDTour

📸: Emily Joyce Photography

Chris Hughes

3 hours ago

Dwight you have to put these get togethers in a way where all can have access to them..tonight was exceptional!! So long ago but there was once a Wall-leaner in Austin ..

Jason Febrer

3 hours ago

Aaaaw man way out up north wish I had satellite radio! Would love to hear it! Waaaa!

Tunyina Joy

3 hours ago

Hey Raul you need to cover Merle's Why am I still drinking.

Caught in our element at Rock USA by David E Jackson
Look!We're on Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer Fest LA!


Jacob Padilla

3 hours ago

Oshkosh is such a trash city

John Wrightson

3 hours ago

Buncha sick handsome cunts

Rebecca Stucki

3 hours ago

needs more sandals and socks!!!!

Man in the Mirror... Ready for the World 🙏🏾😎✌🏾💖
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THE PRINCESS and THE GENTLE GIANT 🧖🏾‍♀️🕴🏾.... Tyranny and Amani 💖💖 are officially HUSBAND n WIFE! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Tyranny you DID THE DAM THANG.... with grace and dignity and pure Love... and as ghetto and silly as you know how to be 😳😜😅🤣 I’m soooooooo HAPPY for you and Amani... soooo PROUD of you!! We’ve come a long fu*cking way TOGETHER... and you found and set up Life with and claimed YOUR QUEEN.. I won’t tell her about all the Pimpin years... I PROMISE 🤫🤫🤫😁 You two are BEAUTIFUL and REAL together!!! I wish you BOTH nothing but JOY, Laughter, lot’s of sex, and HAPPINESS!! I Love You Cuzzo ✌🏾👊🏾 ... My Phat Head Cousin Jumped over the dam broom... barely cleared it tho 🙈 WOW!!😅 @marketing_kings
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Vince Karlskin

5 hours ago

Amy Oliver, I bet Shemar smells better than he looks.
I wished they had a slurp emoji for this man!! 😲😍😎

Traci Loiler

5 hours ago

That dreamer is looking back at you in the mirror.He says yes. Shemar you have made it and I am proud of you. Keep on following your dream.

Ralph Grant III

7 hours ago

Bought gear. Need to post pics. Will be purchasing more. 💜💜😚 #MSsucks A cure is near. I am claiming it. #Live #Love #Laugh

#Repost El Gordo y La Flaca
Bello #Santiel con su papi #gerardoortiz enseñándolo a nadar 🙌 #Gracias por la #Exclusiva
#Repost El Gordo y La Flaca
Muchas gracias #GerardoOrtiz por la visita siempre es un placer tenerte con nosotros que sigan los éxitos!!! 👏
Nos vemos hoy por El Gordo y La Flaca 4pm/3c por Univision #ElGordoYlaFlaca #ComereCallado #GerardoOrtiz #Egoista ⚫️🔴🔝

Shane Simpson

4 hours ago

Tanto que te pelie con mi Amiga Marilu Medina Flores y no fuiste para mi 😓

Catie Casciari

4 hours ago

Emmanuel Loredo Mira asi dice santy que se llama 🤣🤣

Jp Stone Rakotoson

4 hours ago

Awww.. Hermoso Bebe... #GerardoOrtiz Donde me aputo para que yo pueda tener un bebe tuyo tambien... para que tu hijo tenga un hermanoito o hermanita y no este solo 😘👶❤😘... y si quieres tambien nos casamos 💍❤ 😍😄 Mira Angelica De Los Santos Ana-Sergio Rojas Nancy Red Andres Leon

Trying to find that work life balance

Aaron Westmacott

2 hours ago

Sure u will your life balance work but it's too difficult to find yourself.

Roberta Lopez

2 hours ago

cute sexy more DVD..please.

Kaique Silva

2 hours ago

😂😂😂 that kid in the background just dragging behind her

We are singing a bunch of songs from #PTXTopPopV1 on the #PTXSummerTour2018 ! If you don’t have it yet, you can download #PTXTopPopV1 here: . #MusicMonday
We're having so much fun meeting all of you on this tour! Get your VIP upgrades at #PTXSummerTour2018

Rhodora Weesner

44 minutes ago

Thank you Pentatonix for making my second concert in life enjoyable and unforgettable! I loved the each and every song that the group sang it was amazing! I was so glad to finally see PTX in concert! From the start to end it was perfection. I really enjoy listening to your music as well! Have fun with the rest of your summer tour!

J Fdo Garcia

44 minutes ago

What I want to know is why you aren’t singing all of Top Pop Vol 1 on tour?! Don’t get me wrong, Loved your set, loved all the songs sung, cause y’all are amazing —I wish you could have your whole repertoire as your concert set (I know that isn’t possible nor rational) But really missed Praying, Feel It Still, & Issues when I went to your concert 😞! Regardless, you guys always put on an amazing show! Never cease to blow me away! 😍

Timo Sicher

44 minutes ago

Huuyy Barbey Gaño Dalde

Kickin maximum ass every damn night like a thundering herd of very happy beasts in heat! Thank you America for the greatest tour of my life 2018! The music made me do it not a damn thing I can do! Greg Jason my entire crew and I thank you for the most fun big dirty funky groove noise outrage of our lives! Real shitkicker music lovers everywhere! Hope to see you for the final 18 Firestorm rockouts!

Cynthia Sims

9 hours ago

Actually caught a show (pure luck) at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake last year, and hands down one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced !

Ashley Broomfield

9 hours ago

By the way- do you still have the white buffalo hide quiver my brother Andy and Bill Ventura made you back in the early eighties? They still have your thank you letter something they are very proud of!

Cora Henry

9 hours ago

what number you at now? c u in st lou soon