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"I wasn't going to be told by my record company how to look" - Debbie
Richard Young (1978)

Cinthia Garcia Luna

5 months ago

thanx to Debbie harry a generation of guys call any girl with blonde hair blondie. Defo a punk icon tho <3

Emily McAllister

5 months ago

Hot child in the city, running wild and looking pretty

Blade Brown

5 months ago

Says the skinny blonde pop singer who rode the coattails of a movement...

Debbie wearing Steve Sprouse at the old Warhol factory on Union square (the third factory) that Steve took over after Andy moved on to the old Con Ed building, 231 E 47th
Photo: Chris Stein

Peter Lindley

5 months ago

Yup Chris did the pics for the Stephen Saban piece.

Newman Hilda Akusika

5 months ago

OK so I didn't catch that Chris took the photo so I'm not sure if it's for the Details shoot but I tried to find images from the magazine. After 2 hours I give up. I'll find my copy and use my phone. No scanner 😕

Jorge M Blue Cripz

5 months ago

Oh Deborah Harry! You’re the most beautiful rock chick that ever appeared in our lives.

Get in your car, and drive real far
📷 Bob Gruen, 1977

Michelle Ann Fivecoate

5 months ago

Saw her up close and she was one of the most beautiful women I have seen

Emily Ann Singer

5 months ago

Just the coolest and still is.

Daniel David Chiapas Hernández

5 months ago

Let’s get in the car - Brooklyn Queens Expressway!

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Casey G Lunini

5 months ago

Singapore hasn't seen your new guys yet ! Pls return !!

Steph Pioquinto

5 months ago

Deborah Harris say what?

The Hunter, released May 1982

Ray Rutledge

5 months ago

This album always sounded incomplete to me...almost like a bunch of demos, more than a fully conceptualized album. Coming after Autoamerican, it just seemed out of synch.

Rafael Muño

5 months ago

Takes me back....I had it on tape... and bort in in the famous BLacklers store (closed in 1988) in Liverpool ❤

Jesus Xavier Nunez

5 months ago

Love! Love! Love this album. From start to finish. It’s eclectic, it’s weird, it’s fantastic. An often overlooked gem in the Blondie catalogue.

Who's seen the Obey Giant mural on Bleecker Street?
Photo: Joe Russo Photography

Bean Dom

5 months ago

Was in the neighbouhood last week but didn’t know it was there!😡. Am back in The Netherlands now, so no change of getting back there any time soon!😓

Sukece Mores Jagger

5 months ago

I did a squeal when i found it after id been to the Joe Strummer 😍😍😍

Steven Miley

5 months ago

brilliant wish we could see more murals of B all over the world

Debbie surprising Marc Jacobs for his birthday
Pic by Hugo Scott

Fernando Martinez Arcos

5 months ago

Freaky deaky ageless.

Heather Stokes

5 months ago


Metehan Sabuncu

5 months ago

You have still got it Debbie🐩

Embrasser c'est Français, Embrasser c'est Français

Maurene Campbell

5 months ago

Bises de France Debbie et thank you for your music (comme le dit Abba )

Rochelle Chaffin

5 months ago

It was a sad irony that she was considered "Blondie " for so many and when solo had only limited success.
However at times I don't think that she really did not want to be commercially successful. Whereas at other times she did. I think that she wanted more freedom as an artist.
All of her solo albums had great tracks but were not consistent. I have them all and do like them.
I think after the success of Pollinator she may well release another solo album quietly and without much fanfare.
Either way she is a true star and an interesting and very talented woman.

Amanda Aragon

5 months ago

Maybe you should take your teeth out first?

Blondie, New York City, 1978.

Pic by Lynn Goldsmith

Gustavo Landa

6 months ago

If this photo was used for a Blondie t-shirt today, the three ex-members would be totally airbrushed out like quite a few other official Blondie t-shirts currently on the market. Sad.

Melissa Wagner Neppel

6 months ago

Clem Burke doesn't get enough credit his drumming absolutely drive those classic hits. Think of the likes of Dreaming and Union city blue

Cesar Miguel Ticeran Garay

6 months ago

It would be great to see the original line up once again. That's the Blondie I know

Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a...

Brenda Lawson

6 months ago

I was in grade school then and we always thrilled to anticipate if it was going to be the controversial "pain in the ass" version because she was actually saying a bad word on the air. My how times have changed.

Serghei Perjovschii

6 months ago

Nearly 40 years after its release, "Heart of Glass" is still absolutely timeless and flawless to me. Never ceases to amaze me how many genres are all mashed into one masterpiece. Remains one of the best songs ever IMO, and I never tire dancing to it.

Dennis Craft

6 months ago

I was working back stage at a concert for her in Singapore and she had performed brilliantly after a week of flu, so I took her arm to help he down the steps and she said " hope your not trying to get off with me" to my reply "Its OK your too young for me" and she smiled

Frankie Crocker, Liz Black, Debbie & Chris at WBLS in New York City promoting 'Rapture' during 1981.
“Frankie was almost single handedly responsible for ‘Rapture' breaking in the U.S." - Chris Stein
Pic by Gary Gershoff

LewMiguel Arididon

6 months ago

...Beautiful things called memories and moments... ... ... _____________________________________________________

Matt Silec

6 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱

Eso Ferreira

6 months ago

I still have the 45 I bought of Rapture when I was 7 yrs old.

Debbie singing Happy Birthday to Marc Jacobs at his surprise party at SubMercer in New York City on April 7.
Pic by Lexie Moreland

Andreea Pirvu

6 months ago

Ms Harry kicking up her heels

Silvia Maria Amati

6 months ago

Queen of Cool 😎

Bence Kövér

6 months ago

My First Love!

Happy Birthday Iggy Pop

Tomás Espina

6 months ago

Happy Birthday Iggy!!! Thanks for the awesome show in Dallas Blondie!!! It was awesome!

Alina Kleemann

6 months ago

I recall leaving CBGBs after a mind blowing John Cale show when I ran into Iggy and his bodyguard on the way out. I drunkenly said “ Hey Iggy can’t I get an autograph?” He was cracking up and took a pen from his bodyguard and lifted up my t-shirt and signed his name on my chest. He drew blood lol.

Donna Rocha

6 months ago

And he's fully clothed! lol What a great pic!

"Bands make it rock...Roadies make it roll."
From the set of 1980 film, Roadie.
Pic by Adrian Boot

Christine Nicole Vargas

6 months ago

Blonde are awesome fact xx

Stefan Hoffmann

6 months ago

Listening to blonde tonight on the road. Never will I put grow her!!!!

Pedro Damian Orozco

6 months ago

Wooooow!!! Awesome pic!!

Very happy to be joining the Atlanta Pride Committee Stonewall Celebrations this June.
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Eric Tower

6 months ago

Oh My God! There goes My Monster!

Maria Torres

6 months ago

Blondie con Joey

Kristin Smith Bright

6 months ago

I am thrilled!! See you at the show!!

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Bereket Mike

6 months ago

Do you have a boyfriend Debbie?

Candace Faye Pitts

6 months ago

No way!!!!! Jeannie Hanson

Rebeka Kiss

6 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱 porque hay gente que sigue escuchando tu música 🎹🎸🎤

Dinner with Anthony Bourdain

Pavandeep Chagger

6 months ago

What’s that? Two glasses of water and a lettuce leaf between three of them? Times must be hard....

Luis Elizalde

6 months ago

Dinner with Blondie ? Sure, will Anthony be there too ? If so Great, count me in.
Been Enjoying Both for years !

Maira Casillas Hdz

6 months ago

Andy Warhol in one of his last photos.

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Nishat Tasnim

6 months ago

Why does this post say in London?

Denys Yugla

6 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱 porque hay gente que sigue escuchando tu música 🎹🎸🎹🎸

Dongo Ezra Asaph

6 months ago

Hannah Louise Johnston

THE ARCHIES #6 out now at comic shops and digital platforms! ARCHIE COMICS

Kyawzin Oo

6 months ago

I luv it!

Christal Webb

6 months ago

I love Archies comic reading since 6

Chuck Bitner

6 months ago

This is cool, Rileigh Bennett

Extras on the set of the Rapture video '80-81 NYC
Pic by Chris Stein

Leo Jr Gutierrez

6 months ago

I love this video!!!

Gomy Valenzuela

6 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱 porque hay gente que sigue escuchando tus temas 🎹🎹🎸🎸🎸🎧

Sondra Frost

6 months ago

Who's the ballerina girl dancing around?

Anthony Bourdain and Debbie yesterday
Pic by Chris Stein

Becca Gardiner

6 months ago

NYC royalty. Too bad Joey Ramone is dead.

Siphesihle Riya Mnguni

6 months ago

Love ❤️ guys ❤️ Always Blondie the Best 👍

Manuela Castellanos

6 months ago

Debbie, you are the only thing that could look good on Anthony!

We play Grand Rapids in June. Who's in?
Pic by Linus Dessecker
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Mindy Petersheim

7 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱 porque hay gente que sigue escuchando música 😎😎

Grand Rapids ok fine but you really should be doing detroit first

Luca La Vecchia

7 months ago

Don't drown Deb's. I'll have to come and save you xxx

Blondie. Now & Then 🐝

Gi Maria Giacoia

7 months ago

Hope i look that good when I’m Debbie’s age!!

Bernard O'Reilly

7 months ago

Ive loved Blondie/Debbie Harry since 1977! I knew then what cool was ❤

Elisi Notlia

7 months ago

Rocking it all the way to 2020-and beyond- awesomeness x🎤🎼🥁🎸x

Last chance before Holidays to catch this sale!

Rikki Gray

7 months ago


Jessica Andriolo Gregory

7 months ago

I love blondie 👱🎙🎸

Yorinori Oike

7 months ago

hanging on the telephone

Oh El Diablo, why did you spend your life in California?
Pic by Chris Stein

Chris Campbell

7 months ago

Hia, Debbie! Its yer ol' pal from somewhere in the near future!😙😙😙🐪

Alef Lopes

7 months ago

“I should have warned yaaaa...”

I think i love you!

“ARCHIE COMICS have always been in the vanguard of pop culture, I bet in 1939 parents were worried about them being bad influences on misspent youth.” - Chris Stein.

Curtis Glenn

7 months ago

We can get these..where???😉💋

Ajila Oluwafemipuffy Daniel

7 months ago

Debbie as Betty😍

Bence Gulkai

7 months ago

one of the best Classic cartoons

"Debbie had her own style and it made men nervous. The same people cheering Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop could be very critical of Debbie's overt sexuality." - Chris Stein
Pic by Denis O'Regan

Éhán Émón

7 months ago

Déjà vu !!!!!!! I was thinking about Debbie a couple of hours ago, just came up on my mind how it could have been criticized in those days about her behaviour........She a Legend and nowadays on Tv you see much more that kids shouldn't see. Debbie Harry she rock indeed, my favourite female artist from those days !

Axelle Allard

7 months ago

Debbie and band are the best.

Zahid Khan

7 months ago

She was the one and only! Different from every female singer! Love her!

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Michael Etten

7 months ago

Oh so it's a new Archie story? Which siblings are sleeping together in this one? 🙄

Shareia Flagg-Harris

7 months ago

Fernanda Maia olha esse crossover

Benjamin N Khuyen Brashear

7 months ago

Archie comics have sure changed since I was a kid, not necessarily a bad thing but different. And then there's Riverdale, which I haven't watched but seems interesting at least.

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Minnie Adams

7 months ago

I'm never going to Kaboo again. But I would love to see this band again.

Rabiul Pradhan

7 months ago

Man i wanna go to this Del Mar show so bad every time i see a poster about it or an ad the lineup is just so incredible

Eimear Harkin

7 months ago

Please, please do additional shows in our home state of Jersey. I loved seeing you at Count Basie this past August. Call me!!

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Riley Phoenix Shultz

7 months ago

Love his playing! Best drummer ever!

Andrea Gutiérrez

7 months ago


Edaín Ramírez

7 months ago

Barry L. Kramer we need this!

Meatloaf and Debbie in a limo maybe '80
Pic by Chris Stein

Erika Barrios

7 months ago

If I was Debbie I would be like "Please Don't eat me." :P

Larry Mitchell

7 months ago

Don't mention the AFL grand final to Meatloaf ha

Christina Rios

7 months ago

Lol, at Meatpacking District.....

Check it out...

Clem Burke fan page

Jayme Harvey

7 months ago

Best drummer ever.

Tommy Waller

7 months ago

Ian Harrower. Maybe of interest?

Angelica Diaz Cordoba

7 months ago

Clem is the best, and always super nice to me.

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Nai Vakasiuola

7 months ago

My favorite radio station as a teen.

Robin Kraling

7 months ago

Kara Jones Trice :)

Marietta Takács

7 months ago

Where is Nicholas Jones

Montreal! We're excited to be a part of Osheaga Music & Arts Festival this August. More info here:

Inês Metelo Heron

7 months ago

Go to Europe :)

Hłã Ňåßßif

7 months ago

UK this year???

Sabine Gast

7 months ago

Montréal i m coming.!!is there a show somewhere in Europe this summer?

"How can one be a woman and not be a feminist?" - Debbie Harry
Pic by Chris Stein

Josue Fernandes

7 months ago

Yeah like how can one not think & be smart if they have a brain, isn't that all it takes *sarcasm* LOL

Alfredo García

7 months ago

if you want to be married you will have to solve the puzzle.

Sweta Maitra

7 months ago

Guess it all depends on your definition of feminist, it seems to have several definitions

"I am proud and happy to be celebrating International Women's Day 2018. The statements and strength of character recently shown by women renews our history of standing up for our rights as human beings. Let's continue this progression and make women's lives better and better." - Debbie Harry
Pic by Alexander Thompson

David Wlnc

7 months ago

You have it all woman. Your a great example of a person who made there way in a tough industry and still is thriving. Way to go!!!

Frances Kurtz

7 months ago

Yes Ms Harry mesmerised me at 13 I'm 54 now and I love Blondie more than I ever did you're one helluva woman definitely inspired me and still do still sporting the bleach love it no one holds a candle to our Deborah proud to be a fan and thanks for all the inspiration and thanks for not giving up love it that you're still going the world needs Blondie❤️😎🦀👄👠💀💘

Juanita Morales

7 months ago

💜💚💖Loved Debbie Harry since i was 10💖💚💜💙🎼🎙🎵🎶 and always have an always will your rocken that sassy outfit Deb

NME will no longer exist in the physical realm

Brigitte Hesse

7 months ago

Wore the grooves out of the vinyl!!!

Amanda Brandenburg

7 months ago

Dont think I have brought NME for at least 30 years.

Hazel Jane Goecke

7 months ago

No!!! Love NME. In Sydney and London. One of the three reasons I travelled to and lived in the UK.

"I am always asked if I thought I would still be doing this thirty or forty years later. And I answer that I was very much “in the moment” back then, and back then, I don’t think anyone else was giving much thought to the future either." - Chris Stein

Vince Varsalona

8 months ago

So glad you still are! 😎❤ Best band ever! 😘

Stephan Padilla

8 months ago

Lol Music Has Treated You Extra Special!

ทศพร ลมัยพันธุ์

8 months ago

I love blondie 👱💖

Debbie and David PT 2 1977 📸 Chris Stein

Nichelle Broussard Belue

8 months ago

Debbie turned my musical tastes on their head, Bowies equal.

Jacqueline Crawford

8 months ago

Chloe Lynch I think u look a bit like Blondie here :) xx

Omar Flores Mota

8 months ago

He got in a fight and punched in the eye I think

The Cavern Club Liverpool have made a photo display honoring Clem, who's seen it?

Robert Walter

8 months ago

Been there long time ago -WOW. Been to a concert of Yours a few years ago -WOOOW. Talked to a guy prior to the concert. He came a long way, especially to see/hear CB. After the concert, CB pointed at the guy and threw his stickers to him. I still haven’t figured out how the h... CB during the concert found out that this quiet guy was so totally CB fan. Awesome and deep respect.

Natalie Quinn

8 months ago

Clem is my favorite drummer of all time!

Martin Thomas

8 months ago

My vinyl album. :)

THE ARCHIES #6 coming soon.

KJ Griffin

8 months ago

Betty looks strangely similar to this shot of Sioux.

Sara Gerschenovich

8 months ago

I would hang these on my wall!!!!!

Chris Davis

8 months ago

This is the one I want - homage to the “Parallel Lines” album

Outtake from the Plastic Letters album photo shoot.
📷 Chuck Boyd

Travis Combs

8 months ago

"Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)" best song on this album. Man does it take me back.😎

Luiz Carlos Antonio

8 months ago

Nice shot and I always loved the pink dress <3

James G. Smith

8 months ago

Probably my favourite Blondie album cover.

Masato Ino

8 months ago

School boy crush in the 70s still got it 36 years later. X

Alireza Lotfi

8 months ago

Nice. Im still waiting for my sexy photo of you like this.

Quique Cappa Cantos

8 months ago

Saw this and thought of you Deborah Chantry

Just announced! We are excited to come to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids on June 29 for the first time. Tickets go on sale later this spring. More info here:

Graham Tyers

8 months ago

please come to tucson!!!!!!

Virginia Eva Tranchida

8 months ago

Great Group Photo :)

Boyd Anderson

8 months ago

I leave MI, and this happens! Damnit!

High-fives at BST Hyde Park last June.
Pic by Ariel Hong

Jailson Gitai

8 months ago

Buzz buzz <3

Jez Frost

8 months ago

Leonie Tony see? Mad about them she is 🐝

Ivo Fäãáùrô

8 months ago

That was such a great gig!🐝

There are no damn cabs,
Debbie downtown
📸 Chris Stein

John Kerry

8 months ago

Does anyone remember when Debbie Harry played Teneack Tanzi on Broadway , still have the play bill from it .

Heath Churchill

8 months ago

A quick poll: Who did *not* have a massive crush on Debbie Harry back in the day? Nobody? Just as I thought!

Curtis Sites

8 months ago

I'm the cabbie in Dayton ohio and she rode to the show in disguise and totally fooled me.took me a while to realize that after the guards told me Blondie and Melissa E were playing that night.Never know who gets in your cab

Adam Johnston wrote 'Fragments', the final track on Pollinator. Watching his film reviews on YouTube (Your Movie Sucks) is how Chris discovered the song. Listen to our Pollinator Pollination playlist on Spotify now: to learn more of Adam's music and other songs we've covered.

Last night at Woman's Day Magazine's 15th annual Red Dress Awards in NYC. Honored to support and celebrate the people and companies making important contributions toward the fight against heart disease (the #1 cause of death for women today). Photo by Barbara Sicuranza.

Woman's Day Magazine
Debbie w Il Porcellino, Florence Italy
Pic Chris Stein

Sara Gerschenovich

8 months ago

I love Blondie

Chandi Amatya

8 months ago

The drum box is a cool idea I just don’t like the way it looks.

Dan Downing

8 months ago

Congratulations, Debbie Harry!!!

Debbie behind the scenes on the 'Doom or Destiny' video shoot.
Pic by Veronica Ibarra

Carlos Adrián Delgado Fragoso

8 months ago

Those shoes look familiar! Parallel Lines album cover? 🙂

Joseph Reid

8 months ago

"Singing in the rain".. rapture all the eshtablishment into jail.. Blondie good luck.

Masayuki Ohnishi

8 months ago

I’m going to a party as Blondie tomorrow. Need good vibes sending x

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Paul Pillars

8 months ago

I like the cream one. And I like the black one.

Berislav Jandrić

8 months ago

I agree with all the positive posts on here; in this day & age of free downloads & streaming, supporting your favourite musicians boils down to concert tix & as much merch as possible.

Daniel Chetboun

8 months ago

And so, my "Pollinator" watch ensemble arrived this very afternoon from Vannen Watches. I lucked out and received an autographed box from Blondie! Thank you Blondie, Vannen and Shepard Fairey. You all rock! #VANNEN #Blondie #Shepardfairey