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We're really enjoying seeing all your 'Heart of Glass' photos.
Get your copy here:
Photo by @roxysmusic51

Angela-Luana Muto

a day ago

Order my album Monday. And a blondie a nice stockingcap

Fatih Güclü

2 days ago

DO WHAT'S DONE TO jim bellamy

do what's done to u; do what's done to man. the world inside its widow mind
is proof of heaven's sham. as much as love is endless, this earth
must strike the Sun. do what's done to u; do what's bound to come. do
what's done to u; do what's done to man. shend
the chains of living, send away
the scam. chimeras up in windows are worth far less than love. do
what's done to u; do what's bound above.
do what's done to u; do what's
done to man. truth is death is trendless, truth is, death's the strand. the
sloane-boys under water are wrought in summer vice. do what's done to u;
do what's done to christ.
do what's done to u; do what's done to man.
underwave, overwave; doesn't matter, all is damned. chimeras up in windows
are worth far less than proof. do what's done to u; do what's done to
do what's done to u; do what's done to man. greet the void, reap
the shameless - never try to understand. chimeras up in windows hold
to god's throat. do what's done to u; do what sinks the soap. do what's
done to u; do what's done to man. do what's done to u - never try to

i'm standing outside your front-door - i've seen that front-door once
before, when i was five or maybe ten; when i was looking for a friend.
please don't burn me with your flame;
this old front-door is old as pain &
invites me to give again, to meet my mother in the rain.

front-door carry me, carry me where i should be, carry me to time's
concourse, to times when love was sure as sauce.
standing madly in the
lane, i see such children in my brain; i see them dance & fade away; i see
such kingdoms in delay.
please don't burn me with your flame; this old
front-door is warm as pain, & invites me to give again; to find new
shelter in death's vein.
winding front-door, carry me, carry me where i
should be, carry me to time's concourse, to times when love was sane as
i'm standing outside your front-door; the cold comes thru me
like before, & i am waiting for your love, for those who live in domes
above. please don't burn me with your flame; this old front-door is warm
as pain, & invites me to give again, to find dead brothers in light's
winding front-door, carry me, carry me where i should be, carry me
to time's concourse, to times when love met hearseward force.

standing on a hill with his head in a cloud, the man in the shroud moves
outside the crowd, and nobody asks him if he's modest or proud. the man in
the shroud, the man in the shroud.

roundabout the world, this turin child
makes sound, and he makes sounds on empty and he makes sound resound, and
nobody cares to question as his vocal blood sings loud. the man in the
shroud, the man in the shroud -
and he never cares to question as his
shrouded ways descry, and he doesn't care to question how his soul lives in
the sky, and nobody thinks to wonder why his metalled mortal wrath lies
riven in the centre of a mettled turin cloth.
the man in the shroud. the
man in the shroud, the man in the shroud. laved God in a cloud?

leoni, leoni; i've just met a girl full of macaroni. leoni, leoni; i've
just met a girl full of macaroni.
on pasta heels, leoni's world regales
the trees in search for pearls; regales the sun in search for ships;
regales the cum in search for crypts. leoni, leoni; i've just met a girl
full of macaroni.
leoni, leoni; i've just met a girl full of pasta pony
leoni baby, leoni blue, roman empires fellow you. leoni baby, leoni child,
roman empires seal your smile, & where the papist thrones refrain into
roman, caesared veins, down comes time and down goes you, ms. leoni
macaroni blue

leoni, leoni, i've just met a girl full of macaroni
leoni, leoni. i've just met a girl full of pasta pony. leoni, leoni, leoni
macaroni. goog-goog-a-choo. leoni, full of pony
are we lonely?

if i could stop the time, then there would be a way to join the faceless
child in fields of yesterday, and there would be such dreams for children
to unfold; dreams of endless burning in meadows manifold.
if i could stop
time, then trendless youth i'd see, and every trendless season would be a
gallow tree, and every gallow tree would be a place for breath; a place
where endless burning would marry my behest.
if i could stop time, if only
time were mine to cease, then everywhere i'd find an eastern lake of
peace, and peace would drown me kindly and peace would drown me well. if i
could only stop the time, then youth should thrill and swell.
time, i've
seen u murder the best of mine and me - now is the time to marry to the
times that cannot see - & i shall see time cease, for time is seldom mine,
and in that time must cease, my mind shall tow the line, and in that time
must cease, all love shall cease to shine.
if i could stop the time, if i
could only live, then desecrated madrigals should celebrate to give, and
time should cease forever, and time should learn to blow a kiss, and time
should earn its pleasure, and know how much a child is missed.


Gail Owens

2 days ago

CAN'T SEE YOUR CHILD (Response to Jim Morrison's I Can't See
Your Face) by jim bellamy

I can't see your child in my mind; sundressed, my eyes are so blind, that I
can't seize the child in my gaze - all children depose as they rave.
I can't see your child in my mind; gunpressed, my eyes are cosines; I can't
seize the child in my soul - all children depose as they fold?

metis hearts, come sing the lines - I can't see your child in my mind -
set fire on water, let petrol tears define;- I can't see your child in my
From out dark arts, the ark of God departs; from out serried
tombs, the ark of god's rheum, under sigma sickness, buries as it booms
I can't see your child, can't seize the infant wild; I can't see your
child in my mind.

Don't, don't you die, please, babe, please don't die, &
don't look at me with your lies; I can't see your child in my mind, I
can't see your child in my mind - & I shall meet you here when blue love has
disappeared; I can't see your child in my mind, I can't seize god's mean smile?

i can't seem to find the right life
i can't seem to find the right life:
instant moany junkeys cum sink the syringed knife
i can't seem to find the right life

and i'll still be here when slipped skyships fill my tears,
and i won't need your pictures
god's painted lover dies.

we're in the mercury museum, we're in the mercury museum; there are
shelves of boiling blood, ritual rotors, severed love
the eyes look down
and we are lost, lost in mercury pentecost. we're in the mercury museum,
in the endless space museum.
in the mercury museum, one millions minds are
faded now, in the mercury museum, the other side is sacred cloud, in the
mercury museum, the muse that writes is dylan christ. we're in the mercury
musuem, we're in the museum of mercurial life.
we're in the mercury museum, in
the endless space museum, we're in the mercury museum, living fast inside
dead neon. shelves of blood, ritual gloves, severed dreams, broken spleens,
trendless living, endless theft - death, death, death, death!
we're in the
mercury museum, the endless nercury museum. we're in the mercury museum,
we're in the mercury museum.
we are gaoled inside god's baby?

Debbie and Chris attending the Whitney Museum of American Art's 'Andy Warhol From A to B and Back Again' exhibit last week
Photo by Sean Zanni

Vanessa SG

2 days ago

Chris Stein with beard is really good looking! Debbie Harry is magic as always.

Kyle Wintersteen

3 days ago

They're the best.Amazing duo.

Susanna Riccio

2 days ago

Wish I was there. Received an announcement about the opening.

Great artwork of Debbie by modclair!

Noelia Fuster

3 days ago

Ahead of time, debbie
I love you blondie

Manpreet Singh

4 days ago

the face of the time

Lucas Aguirre

4 days ago

Love Debbie Harry.

Debbie and Chris spoke to GQ recently about how Punk treated women, amongst other things. Listen on the Mad Influence podcast

Anna Șelaru

10 days ago

Why woman when they get old ..they are fat?? Blonde was lovely...but now she is fat!!! And not lovely🎃🎃

Vernadean Green

10 days ago

Chris is looking old here, but guess we all are. Love Blondie .

Andreas Hoepfler

10 days ago

What a great interview! Thank you both!

Wash you up in red, rinse you up in blue
Come on over to my house
Put some color on you
Photo by Mick Rock

Jessica Jammes

10 days ago

love this would be great to put it on a t- shirt...I d like to make a t- shirt with Blondie on...I know a typography where they make it

Tony Reeves

10 days ago

missed them this tour. we were moveing when they were, in town. catch them next time

Jennifer Sabin Woodmansee

10 days ago

Great song and even better band! Thanks! Blondie

Who's enjoying the Heart of Glass 12" EP?
Heart of Glass took three incarnations of the song and five years to become the version we released in 1978. Listen to it's sonic journey on the EP here:

Photo by @krdiow

Tim Marquez

13 days ago

Doom or destiny is great

Thalita Magueta

13 days ago

Instant classic, beauty 12’ picture disc🎸🎸🎶

Fredricka Ebony Harrisson

13 days ago

Waiting for my copy to land in Athens....

Tommy, Debbie and Chris backstage at PBS Soundstage, Chicago, in December 2015.
Photo by Miss Guy

Thisis Mikel

13 days ago

I am always touched by your presence, dears

Fenrir Asgard

13 days ago

Beautiful as always. Even in a snapshot

Rizky Marudani

14 days ago

How old is Debbie and I still want her.

Debbie and Matt attending Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project's Halloween party this week. Happy Halloween everyone!

Jurnee Scott

15 days ago

See Tom Wallace what she now has to resort to!!!😬🤣😜

Sawah Bombet

15 days ago

Debbie, I’m in awe of your stamina!

Ivan Holguin

16 days ago

The costumes are way too cool!!!🎃

The Heart of Glass EP,featuring six distinct versions of the track, is out now on 12" vinyl and all digital formats. Enjoy!
UK Store -
US Store -

Patti Kirk

20 days ago

My copy came today. Absolutely love it. Thank you. Xxx

Bruno Das Neves

20 days ago

I purchased the tracks from the U.S. iTunes Store.

Randall M

20 days ago

Why no CD?

We had a great Summer performing at festivals all over the U.S. and Canada this year. Thank you all for coming to see us.
Photo by Riot_Fest

Dalia Haro

25 days ago

Please play Columbus next summer. Not Dayton.

Gillian Orsetti

25 days ago

Will you be coming back to Ireland?

Terri Castles

25 days ago

It was amazing seeing you in Los Angeles in July. Thank you for an amazing show! I hope to see you guys again next year! 😊

Debbie for Creem around '77-78 Creem was a super helpful early supporter - Chris Stein

BigJeremy Johnson

a month ago

amazing torn t shirt with brooches at the shoulders..i 'd put coloured condoms and pins at the bottom edge to make lots of frangettes ( mmmh where is Chrissie Hynde? and her pretty earrings

Juanita Ramsey

a month ago

I had totally forgotten that magazine. I did read it sometimes though.

Гала Лаврентьева

a month ago

Why couldn't I have been born sooner?

First copy of the new book! Great intro by Jon Ronson Rizzoli New York. Chris

Ellen Vuillier

a month ago

Chris has the best muse ever

Pablo Cons Vazquez

a month ago

I like the cover.

Patti Collins

a month ago

Jessica Lynn...Christmas is soon!

Debbie at Sea Hear Now Festival a couple of weeks back
Photo by Stitched Sound

Alex Nylesh

a month ago

You can't see the 73 years. Great.

Maureen Deconinck

a month ago

La mejor cantante y bella más

Morgan Simons

a month ago

Me quedo con los buenos Recuerdos.....

Debbie Gary and Clem, first trip to Manchester UK c '77
Photo by Chris Stein

Sarah Metz

a month ago

Near the Free Trade Hall where you returned in December 79 👌

Patrick Kinney

a month ago


Michael McBee

a month ago

what's up with the crazy hands? zapping the brain?

Second night of the Sea Hear Now festival in AsburyPark, NJ… Clem backstage with his friends Bruce & Mike.

He looks like Bobby Ewing!

Tori Brumer

a month ago

Jasjasjas que guena manueljasjadjas

David Tuten

a month ago

Porque xuxa todos los comentarios son en ingles ?

Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

BLONDIE Apoyando la Dictadura de los Castro?
Visiten La Cabaña donde el régimen torturaba y fusilaba a los homosexuales.

Jadyn Yoon

2 months ago

Jane Naughton I'm going xx

Tony Scott

2 months ago

Oh Carrie Wylie I wish we could!

We’re very excited to announce ‘Blondie in Havana’, an event for music lovers and adventure seekers of all ages, interests and tastes! As part of the event, we'll be playing two concerts at Havana’s famous Teatro Mella. Blondie has always been an international band. Over the past four decades we’ve played everywhere – but we’ve never made it to Cuba…until now! Join us in March 2019

Vagelis Katsouras

2 months ago

The only thing better would be Blondie in Pittsburgh!!!!

Andrew Norris

2 months ago

Scott Self !!!
Let’s go!
Blondie, beaches and cigars!

Dominique Cote

2 months ago

Deni Deni, Frenchi frenchi words, Yes I love Blonde (Debbie Harry).

"We've always admitted to being inspired by our peers and what’s happening. We're very urban and open-minded listeners. I think it’s not that you're copying somebody, but the stuff just seeps in." Debbie Harry
Photo by Armando Gallo

Lenzy Sarucam Sab

2 months ago

So much more to Blondie than pop music.

Geronimo Gonzalez Carrasco

2 months ago

Debbie = Girl without brain

Chris Harter

2 months ago

that's just tooo cool!

Make sure you're tuning into Sky Arts tonight at 9pm to watch 'My View: Clem Burke', and support our very own Doctor of Rock.

Alejandro Quintana

2 months ago

If only I had sky arts :(

Mitch Burger

2 months ago

great programme...thanks.

Chloe Cara Cecile Robitaille

2 months ago

My inspiration since I first listened to Plastic Letters on cassette - I have been captured ever since!

We are taking the stage shortly at KAABOO Del Mar!

Watch our performance on Stingray Qello!

Sandy Sypnicki

2 months ago

Terrific group Blondie all the best to you all and keep up that good music love it

Laura Pühringer

2 months ago

There is what is called a Luxxury Edit version of Rapture on Youtube. I listen to it many times and love it.Check it out and see how you like it.


2 months ago

l love Blondie

Check it out... we will be on stage this evening at 7:15PM PDT at KAABOO Del Mar. Watch our performance on Stingray Qello - #livestreaming #stingrayqello


2 months ago

Great show! You look & sound marvelous Debbie. 💕💋

Maria Isabel Jimenez

2 months ago

Great show! You had the crowd in the palm of your hand 💋

Lou Ann Gregory

2 months ago

Fabulous 🐝 🎶 managed to catch a part of it- much appreciated 🎵

Congratulations to Emily! You've won our National Honey Bee Day competition with this bee friendly garden. Thank you all for sharing your photos and helping pollinators.

Julie Bergado

2 months ago

Great job Emily!

Brandon Ray

2 months ago

I wish I'd known

Anas Nasereddin

2 months ago

Congrats! what a bee-utiful Garden 🐝🐝🐝

For those thinking, 'How does Clem do it?'
"Fitness, Veggie Diet, Meditation, The Right People, Airline upgrades, SLEEP, Peace & Love, Think Positively!" CB

Watch 'My View: Clem Burke' on September 15th on Sky Arts

Glenna Roberts

2 months ago

He is the absolutely the best drummer!

Jacob Miracle Seppala

2 months ago

He is amazing on drums!

Carlos Osorio Alvear

2 months ago

I’ve always loved Clem’s playing. He’s an inspiration!

Coming soon… the song that burst Blondie out of the streets of the Bowery to #1 on the charts, “Heart of Glass” was the pivotal moment in punk’s choreographed slamdance with the mainstream. Inspired by Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, Blondie transformed their campy “Once I Had A Love” into a Roland-driven juggernaut and never looked back. Explored and exploded via six distinct versions remastered from the original analog tapes, the history of “Heart of Glass” is documented with copious liner notes and reimagined artwork by noted American illustrator Shepard Fairey. The deluxe 12” EP (pre-order now) will be available on all digital formats October 26, 2018.

UK store -
US store -

Wanda Collins

2 months ago

First 7" vinyl I bought.

Omar A. Castaños

2 months ago

Apparently first recorded in 1978. 40 years later, I'm still listening to it in the car but driving a whole lot better :) ( Still driving to work :( , still loving that voice even with a hearing aid :)) C'est la vie :)

Andréa Lima

2 months ago

I bought this when it came out at first and it was red vinyl , wish I’d kept it 🤦‍♀️

Clem and Sable Starr LA c '75-76
Photo by Chris Stein

Miguel Candanedo

2 months ago

A true rock legend.

Natalia Alfaro Varela

2 months ago

Just a baby 😲

Joel Wayni Mendez

2 months ago

Sabel Hay Shields?

Rain Phoenix, Debbie, Moon Unit Zappa in LA
Photo by Chris Stein

Jessica Galaviz Santos

3 months ago

The Rain, the Sun, and the Moon...

The Falls show 😍

Josemiro Hizy

3 months ago

God how time goes by so fast, only yesterday I was 14 buying Blondie records.

On the set of the Rapture video c '80 NYC
Photo by Chris Stein

Sabrina Ponce-Lopez

3 months ago

A bit before my time, but still cool to see!

Chad Grove

3 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱

Irina Stefan

3 months ago

Another photo you wont get $$$$ for only Chris glad you enjoy being his door matt By the way stop living in the past because NO ONE CARES

She moves like she don't care
Smooth as silk, cool as air

George Emery

3 months ago makes you wanna cry
She doesn't know your name
And your heart beats like a Subway train makes you wanna die


Miguel de la Cruz

3 months ago

I love that song. I saw Blondie when they reunited for a comeback tour in Dallas,TX at the Bronco Bowl on August 27,1999. It was my first time ever to see the band back together. I had such a great time. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I got the Blondie tour program. I still have it.

Mari Hernandez

3 months ago

of all the 'Maria' songs.. this has always been my most favorite

Today is National Honey Bee Day! We want to spend the day celebrating our pollinator friends, so send us pictures of your bee friendly gardens and you could win a Pollinator prize package
Photo by Chris Stein

Elena De la Vega

3 months ago

Unable to get our entire shaded garden in one shot, we cater to the pollinators and are putting bees on the nest this fall! So excited about having our own honey! Can’t wait to see you this week in Niagara Falls!

Hansi Hinrichsen

3 months ago

without our pollinators, would not have such fruits, here,at home

Alana Breaux-Robey

3 months ago

My bee balm its taller than I am! I also have an entire hive living in the rock of my house. I get about 4 hummingbirds a summer as well & keep a feeder next to the window.

"Sustainability is the future, the only future - whether it’s turning waste into fabrics or buying responsibly. We've been blessed with a wonderful planet. Let's make saving it part of our lifestyles"
Debbie is ELLE's September Mood in their sustainability in fashion themed issue.

Soni Ghlan

3 months ago

Fashion is consumerism which makes any attempt at conservation a contradiction in terms.

Tania Pineda

3 months ago

A punk into fashion

Hilary Delasalas

3 months ago

Still head girl Debs far and above! 👍❤️✅

A week today we'll be performing at the 2018 New York State Fair! Who'll be joining us?
Photo by Jennifer Reid

Juliet Jhuvy

3 months ago

Costa Rica please !!! 🇨🇷🐒🐯🌋🦎☮

Hauke Hameister

3 months ago

I wish I could! Wish I had tickets! 😥❤️

Booker Garcia Rojas

3 months ago

I'll be there. I'm so excited. I have never had the pleasure of seeing the band.

Check it out... this unscrupulous promoter is falsely advertising that Blondie is on the bill for W Festival. This is 100% untrue. We will not be at this festival.

Kate Lynn

3 months ago

I wonder who else is not really playing!

Lois Desiena

3 months ago

well isn't called "wankfest" for nothing 😂

Charles Fulai

3 months ago

We wanna hear it.
But we can't
For another whole yeeeeear...

"Part of my dedication in doing 'Pollinator' was in doing an environmental thing to try and save the pollinators, the bees and hummingbirds. It’s also about our musical heritage and pollinating the younger artists as well as ourselves." - Debbie

Shaun McGraw

3 months ago

I first saw you guys in mid 70’s in Palo Alto California, nobody really didn’t know much about you. Saw you last at Snoqualmie Casino. You still sound and look as good as you did some 40 years ago. Enjoy your next visit to Seattle in 3 weeks. Keep on sharing your gift and talent, retirement is way overrated.

Juan Mitchell Dilbert

3 months ago

Love it, Blondie forever❤️

Zachary Alspaugh

3 months ago

When Blondie got back together in ‘99 for No Exit, I never imagined you’d still be going strong in 2018. Good job, much respect!

Debbie and Terri Nunn of Berlin in LA.
Photo by Chris Stein

Nancy Sharp

3 months ago

The music from “No More Words” borrowed heavily from Debbie solo single “Rush Rush”

Jodi Levingston-Dillworth

3 months ago

Berlin are super have the maxi single of "Like Flames" here and much more as a record! Above all, the music on the time probably has no influence, because you can still hear them today and the same is also true for Blondie and very special Clement Burke is very cool! with him that's just fun to see how he plays. I have rarely seen anyone who is so deep in the drumming in the music is just great!

Inese Širina

3 months ago

Can't wait to see Debbie and Blondie this Saturday in Northern CO

Massachusetts, we're performing at the MASS MoCa tonight! We'll see you there

Dewi Sudarman Dawud

3 months ago

1979 I was 13 and Debbie was my first crush that was a woman and not a girl. She is still Hot!!

Ans Kunu

3 months ago

You guys were amazing! Debbie Harry, I have loved you since I was 5 years old. what a dream to see you guys perform, and I brought my 12 year old daughter—a new generation of Blondie fans!

Timos Stoubos

3 months ago

Really really want Blondie to come back to the UK...I had no Idea that they even came till I was browsing this website a couple of months after....

Check it out! Enter for a chance to win a Blondie merchandise bundle by clicking here ->

Bryan West

3 months ago

Heart of Glass on the juke box at the root beer stand at 29 Palms helped me get over a girl back home when I was in the Corps. She still gets turned up when she comes on my radio

Roshni Patil

3 months ago

id love to enter. don't have Spotify. dont want to sign up for it.

Bethany Lewis

3 months ago

Blondie is definetely a very , if not the most,important ingredient in my life’s soundtrack. 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤

We had the best time performing at House of Vans. You can read an interview with Rob Roth, who collaborated with Chris on the visual experiences at the gig, here:
Photo by Laura June Kirsch

Chloe Legrand

3 months ago

So thrilled to see you tonight at MASS MoCA!!! It's gonna be a wildly fun time! :D <3

Ryoji Watanabe

3 months ago


TERRI NUNN OF BERLIN SIGNED MY ARM AND I TATTOED IT ON. The B FREAKING 52s signed my arm, and I had it tattooed on. I'll be in Tulsa for the Blondie show Aug 9th at the Hard Rock casino row 6. Please ask Debbie to let me honor her with her autograph tattooed to my arm. Debbie, please, I'll do anything!

Jake Tommy

3 months ago

hey where is a song from that show???????

Debbie attending The Academy's Hairspray 30th Anniversary event in Hollywood last week, with director John Waters and her cast mates from the original film.
📷 Alberto E. Rodriguez

Violeta Montiel

3 months ago

Stunning Debbie and what a great film, loved Divine to x

Jay Hernandez

3 months ago

Loved the movie, of course not just because Debbie was in it but also DIVINE 💋

Sam Luckel

3 months ago

How unfortunate that Sonny Bono could not be part of the reunion.

This guy stopped by our show in LA, Debbie and Morrissey last night
Photo by Chris Stein

Alice Machado

4 months ago

Recent real life convo of me describing the appeal of Debbie Harry to a millennial:
“Imagine post war glamour, Warhol weirdness, 70s punk, 80s Cronenberg fetishism all wrapped into one gorgeous firecracker of a woman that can sing and she’s still going strong.”
Millennial guy: “I’ve no idea what any of that means.”

Brenda Bolaños

4 months ago

Blondie, was just at a Erasure concert in DC and Andy Bell gave a great tribute to you...very touching....saw you at the true colors tour in Baltimore....simply Amazing....You Rock!

Steve Suttles

4 months ago

Funny I was thinking of Ms Harry the other day when riding the subway in NYC. I swear I saw her about 12yrs back sitting opposite me - was going to ask but thought I’d leave her alone. Anyway Stephen and Debbie are icons that will be remembered for a 1000 years from now. They are God’s in their own right and I love em both.

"I hope the new book will create a sense of what New York felt like in the early days of the downtown music scene."
Point of View: Me, New York City, and the Punk Scene. The new photography book by Chris Stein, released October 30th.

Eduardo Ibarra

4 months ago

Thank you, Chris...
I need THIS...
I hate NYC now.
Its so different.

Beatriz Constantino

4 months ago

Such a hottie.

Gina M. Lena

4 months ago

When grit was good.

Michael Greeno

4 months ago

Please sign My arm like Terri Nunn of Berlin and the B52s did so I can tattoo it on.
Aug 9th in Tulsa
Kevin row 5

Tiffany Wally

4 months ago


Wenonah Glenn

4 months ago

Lovely photo of Debs eh Richard Barnes and Tom Wallace.....😍

Is it doom or destiny?
Video by Rob Roth

Richard Lostcause Dudley

4 months ago

If Janis Joplin was the queen of rock and roll Deborah Harry is the goddess Aphrodite

Anna Maria Czyż

4 months ago

Blondie, I think it's both.

José Fernandes

4 months ago

good question.. let's all flash our tits!

Found the rest of the squad, have grunge will travel
Photo by Chris Stein

Randy Griffin

5 months ago

Great show at interlochen!!! Dream come true 🤗

Moustafas Hamdouna

5 months ago

you can drive from grand rapids to interlochen in less than 3 hours.

Jehovah El Shadai

5 months ago

Happy Birthday Debbie!
Hope you have a fabulous day!
From Australia xx ❤️

"Rock and Roll is for all generations" - Clem Burke
Photo by Danielle St. Laurent

Phistotee Lessy PhiLee Hudson

5 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱

Debra Clack

5 months ago

You inspired me to grow a sunflower garden in our old ally..and clean it up..and the bees came...🌻🙂

Deckster Birckholz

5 months ago

Ageless..and classic...and now activists. Good job.

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"I just like photography. I don’t know if I consciously thought about documenting what was going on. I just liked capturing the images and the time travel involved in photography" - Chris Stein

Camdon Juby

5 months ago

Where is Dagwood ?

Emma McCann

5 months ago

Code DIDN'T work!!! 😠😤

Mary Rogers

5 months ago

Code don’t work

One way or another, I'm gonna get ya...
Photo: Ebet Roberts, 1978

Leana Williams

5 months ago

Never tired of seeing hier!😘 Each picture of her is a complete story. Still real nowadays...😍

Roxana Vera Arana

5 months ago

When I saw her she came out in fairly conservative dress. But her presence and performance was fabulous.

Kojo Siaw

5 months ago

This song proved what a phenomenal voice she had.

Debbie in NYC, April 2018
Photo by Lexie Moreland

Carla Marie Mills

5 months ago

The effects of too much gin & blow

Cristian Diarte

5 months ago

She dances like a granma at a barmitzva

Lisa Caro

5 months ago

Debbie rocking out on stage looks like a grandma dancing at a barmitzva

Tragic loss of two talents who made so many many people happy…

Martha Arellano

5 months ago

They were murdered

Alexa Catalan

5 months ago

Life is what you are,so say no the things that go bad...

Zenzele Adande Stewart

5 months ago

Say no depression

You can call me any day or night
Photo: Chris Stein, 1977

Jen Luchetta

5 months ago

I love everything about you

Ewelina Nadrowska

5 months ago

I love blondie te queremos en nuestro Chile 🇨🇱 porque hay gente que sigue escuchando tus temas ♥♥

Idaliz Lolly Sanchez Figueroa

5 months ago

You’ll probably keep me hanging on the telephone 🤪

"Music does take me to another place, I believe. It lifts me up. It is a wonderful experience that we all share" - Debbie
Photo by Chris Stein, 2017

Gazi Aydoğan

5 months ago

You & your music lift us up!!

Adam Batti

5 months ago

Go Debbie, go!!

TJ Robbi

5 months ago

For sure, Debbie! Thanks for yours👍🏼❤️