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Art Borunda

17 hours ago ❤

Cheryl Cannon

a day ago

Amen! Слава Иисусу Христу!

Marianne Colvard

a day ago

I love your songs

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Oveida Stump

3 days ago

You should add a Cardiff date. I ain’t travelling to another city for this, especially when it ain’t the full lineup 😂

Aieysha Currin

3 days ago

Where is the love about Italy

Allan Abartiguin

3 days ago

Carp Dark Milton Keynes ones 😍

Angie Acevedo

4 days ago

Mitchell Adam new song

Christophe Tiby

5 days ago

banger as always

Nishant Kashyap Pradhan

5 days ago

The weakest song so far. 😒

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William McDougald

5 days ago

Just mentioned this tour to my mum Matthew Bates because I love them and apparently you love them too! X

Roy Birdtail

5 days ago

How can you join the pre-sale?

Alexis Baltzar

5 days ago


Agnès Lautone

7 days ago

Where's Fergie??

Bobby Hall

7 days ago

Amen! Слава Иисусу Христу!

Gabriel Trintin Gomes

7 days ago

No przystojni kawalerzy Iga Sudoł

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Chris Powell

18 days ago

Love bep. from Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭💗💗💗💖💖😘😘😘

Charlice Florence

18 days ago

Woohoo are we gonna win x

Oscar Contreras

18 days ago

Fergie is definitely missing...

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Sophie Good

18 days ago

Debería de regresar fergie
Yo sé que ellos están desde antes de que fergie se acoplara a la agrupación,pero cuando eso pasó se hicieron súper famosos y me traen buenos recuerdos 😞😭

Monique Maes

19 days ago

Soley Gaskarth Dayana QuiSol no mamennn no mamennn jajajajaja ya hay que ir hay que ver que pedo 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Beyond Tz

19 days ago

Kiany Paolo vamos para que Kamyl se duerma!

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Jessica Buchanan

20 days ago

I hope you willen Come to the netherlands. That will be soooo nice

Ulices Cruz

20 days ago

Pour tout ceux qui posent la question à propos de Fergie
Elle n'a jamais été la chanteuse officielle du groupe.
D'ailleurs le groupe en n'a jamais eu une vraiment
Il change régulièrement au grès des albums tout comme le style de leur musique
Juste pour info
Les BEP étaient un groupe de rap à l'origine

Jonathon Fox

20 days ago

Is Fergie with them or not?

We got that good vibrations on vibrate.

Cheikh Diop

21 days ago

You got the look

Noliqhwa Nolly Ncitha

21 days ago

wish I had teeth like that lobl

Wouter Proesmans good vibratos

Build a life you love.

Troy Stone

a month ago

yeah!! buena vibra por siempre

Yolanda Dias Hendricks

a month ago

Hichem Sidi Aissa atbelli fiha asahbi

Stephania Mónika

a month ago is ❤.

Excited to screen our music video for RING THE ALARM pt.1, pt.2, pt.3 today at the Werise_la Rally in Downtown LA. Come rise with us ✊#WERISELA

Hyuc Kwon

2 months ago

Antoine Becker faut y aller la

Florencia Correa

2 months ago

Glad to hear about events like this

Oscar Granda Manosalvas

2 months ago

wish i could go.

Follow your intuition.

Lindsay Tink Bullock

2 months ago

An Apl. a day keeps haters away

Amanda Hiedeman

2 months ago

Still love the peas on rice

Shottgan Dolla

2 months ago

Je t'aime Fergie xx

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there 🖤

Samuel Raffel

2 months ago


Juha-Pekka Koivisto

2 months ago

Mothers day was on 21-mars dude.

Carolin Lutter

2 months ago

TrUlY, to yOu ALSO

Dope thread art by @ymc073 🔥

Eugenio Afonso Canganjo

2 months ago

Where's Stacey?

Soniya SH

2 months ago

It's like paint
You look good in it
I love you

Clyne Cunningh

2 months ago

Ah ma c è anche il cinese inutile!!!

Catch these upcoming Festival de Cannes screenings of Black Eyed Peas presents Masters Of The Sun VR powered by Oculus featuring the voices of Stan Lee, Queen Latifah,Slick Rick,KRS-One, Rakim and Jason Isaacs. Also, meet some of the developers behind the experience during the "Producing Stories In Virtual Reality" panel.

Where is the Love?

Fadhili Haji

2 months ago

"Why is the love?" -Draxx

Rollande Jean

2 months ago

That guy on the lefts got a nice hat!

Sakina Davis

2 months ago

Certainly isn’t in the Democrat party the last year or two! It is, however, deep in my soul...

Festival de Cannes ‏attendees, be sure to catch Black Eyed Peas presents Masters Of The Sun VR powered by Oculus featuring the voices of Stan Lee, Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, Slick Rick, KRS-One, Rakim and Jason Isaacs this week!

Christine Williams

2 months ago

Can’t wait, it’s going to be EPIC ❤️🇦🇺

See the vision, embrace the journey.
Masters Of The Sun

Zawzaw Lu

2 months ago

سور و آية من القرآن الكريم - A Surahs and an Ayah from the Holy Quran

Now is the time...

Jerry Miles

2 months ago

To seize the day.

Brittany Golanka

2 months ago

Time for wot

Cizmas Condan Cristian

2 months ago

Yep, Right now is the time

Black Eyed Peas Presents Masters Of The Sun VR will make an appearance at this year's Bentonville Film Festival. Be sure to catch the panel discussion on the experience featuring and Damion Scott Saturday, May 5th at 3PM CST at Record North (104 SW A St, Bentonville, AR 72712).

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Liviu Octavian Ilie

2 months ago

We need teasers! :D

Judith Prado

2 months ago

Missouri House of Representatives Passes Resolution Condemning China's Organ Harvesting Crimes
April 28, 2017 | By a Minghui correspondent in Missouri

() On April 25, 2017 the Missouri House of Representatives passed House Concurrent Resolution No. 7 condemning forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong and other prisoners of conscience and urging further action to stop the atrocities.

“The resolution is about trying to bring awareness to prevent a terrible injustice to humanity,” said State Representative Lynn Morris, R-Ozark, the sponsor of HCR 7, on the House floor.

State Representative Lynn Morris (3rd from the right) and State Senator Jill Schupp (3rd from the left) with Missouri Falun Gong practitioners.

Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia, spoke on the floor in support of HCR 7, “It's definitely a human rights violation that more people need to be made aware of. So I would encourage everyone to support HCR 7 and let's send a message to everyone.”

The resolution was met with overwhelming bipartisan support and a final vote of 149-1.

A strikingly poignant moment arose during the debate when Rep. Steve Cookson, R-Poplar Bluff, said to the sponsor, “I just want to say that as a person who needs an organ, that I am in full support of your resolution. It is the right thing to do, and thank you for bringing it forward. I support it wholeheartedly.”

Peaceful Group the Target of Forced Organ Harvesting
Rep. Dean Dorhman, R-La Monte, pointed out during the debate, “The resolution itself basically concerns Falun Gong, which is a traditional group, with a lot of Chinese tradition involved, some of it religious, and they're looked on as 'enemies of the state.' They're a 'political problem' for the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Only because the Communist Party makes it that way,” sponsor Rep. Morris further clarified. “Falun Gong is a group that is larger than the Communist Party itself. I think that's where the threatening part is. These people intend no harm to the Communist Party, and they are being persecuted.”

Rep. Randy Dunn, D-Kansas City, added, “This is an issue where many people who practice essentially an exercise are persecuted and find themselves having their organs ripped from their bodies because of their practice.”

In response to a question as to whether the organs are harvested after the execution of a prisoner, Rep. Morris explained, “In general, they remove the organs while the people are alive. They don't give them any kind of anesthetics because they want blood flow through all the organs at the time that they capture the organ.”

Rep. Morris said the resolution is to help warn Missouri citizens against organ tourism to China, saying, [if one goes there], “You're probably going to be an accomplice of murder. And the organ that you're getting may be from a murdered person, not someone who volunteered their organ.”

Torture Victims Testify at House Committee Hearing
Falun Gong supporters and victims of the persecution in China were invited to testify at the Homeland Security Committee hearing, the first of two committee hearings for HCR 7, on February 23. One of the witnesses, biology researcher Dr. Sa Geng, told the committee how he suffered unlawful arrest in China, torture, and the loss of his wife to the brutal persecution of Falun Gong, before escaping to the U.S.

Dr. Sa Geng (left) shares his witness testimony at the Homeland Security Committee for HCR 7 on February 23.

Documentary on Organ Harvesting Screened at State Capitol
A screening of the documentary “Human Harvest: China's Illegal Organ Trade” held at the Missouri State Capitol at the beginning of session in January helped build support and momentum for HCR 7. Rep. Morris attended along with a number of other representatives and staff members. Also in attendance was State Senator Jill Schupp, who sponsored Senate Resolution No. 8, a mirror of HCR 7.

Screening of Human Harvest: China's Illegal Organ Trade at the Missouri State Capitol for Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11, 2017.

“Every State Should Do Something”
Now that HCR 7 passed in the House, as a concurrent resolution, it must also pass through Senate committee and Senate floor vote before the resolution is finalized.

Rep. Morris said he hopes the resolution will inspire similar actions around the country and worldwide. “This is such an important worldwide issue, such tragedy of mankind that I think every state should be alerted and every state should be doing something about this.”

PDF of HCR 7

Text of HCR 7:

Franco Del Monaco

2 months ago

I do have my "Master of the Sun Comicbook", I just need it Autographed, that's on my Bucket List, may never happen, but that's ok, I will get VR Set "Oculus Go" and enjoy the Experience! Thanks

Rise above it. #Elevate

LeAnne Aya Kanis

2 months ago

Elevate, floatate - levitate never procrastinate

Nikos Pappas

3 months ago

I WILL NOT run from no Delusional lying telepromting deceiving fantasizing SISSY madman devil LIAR ABOMINATION or his crowd

Natalia Znajdowska

3 months ago

Este HP negro solo símbolos satánicos presenta en todos esta el satanismo el ojo iluminati la piramide

Spreading the power of LOVE.

Lutgarde Permentier

3 months ago

Where is the love ! Best song ❤

Sara Rodriguez

3 months ago

So where is the love?

Brian PM

3 months ago

Hervé Burtin Charlène Marguin Elise Prevel (TomTom Dubouchon) ❤️❤️

Reinvent. Evolve. Join the movement.
Masters Of The Sun

Caspar Sanderson

3 months ago

This is my saints row 3 and 4 character!

Adelia Ayu

3 months ago

1 <3! Will... I can feel it in my blood... she is evolving.. I'm on the verge... I can taste the future... I can feel the NOW! Masters of the Sun!

Amanda Pereira de Souza

3 months ago

Someone needs to make a cartoon of this pic... lol never mind it already looks like one

Design a better tomorrow.

Atir Abbas

3 months ago

Black Eyed Peas Yes we need to do that. Right now in the center of Europe little boy Alfie can die because of cruel law. Hospital want to kill him, they thought he cant breath but he breath by himself for more than 60 hours. Parents cant take him because they dont have rights. They dont have rights because they didnt agree for euthanasia. Amnesty international, queen and others dont want to help. Please help this little boy #SaveAlfieEvans #whereisthelove

Smeth Bitte Warthen

3 months ago

Lets start today ❤️

Carlos Claros

3 months ago

Where is Fergie ,Willi??

Music is a conversation, and there is so much to talk about.

Booker Garcia Rojas

3 months ago

William love you.

Shizuka Nagaoka

3 months ago

Kind of a process :)

AdjieSansdelucaz Sadega

3 months ago

Talk my friend.....I'm listening! ❤

Sarah Edwards

3 months ago

c grave la ressemblance avec le papa de lilian Isa Ocea Ewan Elphyloouna t'en pense quoi ?

AynaRay OstonPay

3 months ago

Ohhhh verry nice you2❤❤❤❤

Erin Draper

3 months ago

Blah blah blah....dum diddly diddly

‪TONIGHT 👊 Landmarks Live In Concert on PBS at 10PM. ‬

Andrez Salazar Cruz

3 months ago

where's fergie

Becky Garrison

3 months ago

"Lets get retarded" as they so eloquently put it in the original song

Kayla Downey

3 months ago

UK Falun Dafa Association and DAFOH Submit 11,000 Signatures to Prime Minister
August 31, 2016 | By Tang Xiuming, Minghui Correspondent in London

(g) Representatives of the UK Falun Dafa Association and Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) submitted more than 11,000 signatures on August 22, 2016, on a petition to the office of Prime Minster Theresa May, calling for the British government to help stop the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) large-scale forced organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) practitioners.

Dr. Alex Chen of DAFOH (left), and Dr. Liu and Helen, representatives of UK Falun Dafa Association, submit petition.

The signatures were gathered from London, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds, Scotland, and other places in the United Kingdom, calling for the government to help stop the forced organ harvesting of Falun Dafa practitioners in China. An employee of the Prime Minister's office accepted the petition and said that it would immediately be given to the Prime Minister.

British Falun Dafa practitioners exposed the CCP's persecution and genocide crime of organ harvesting in the petition, and called for the government to take action to help stop the atrocity and safeguard universal values.

Inspire to aspire before we expire.

Emme Gilbert

3 months ago

its not a watch.
its not a watch.
watches dont have sim cards.
*dies of cringe*

Francesco Drowned

3 months ago

You lovely man

Avery Piperato

3 months ago

When are the bands getting back together? Miss BEP

This is sick ✌🏽 E.R.A

Desiree Restaino

3 months ago

AyOub AF hafid 3azi kon kamal 9rayto 😂

Tony Washington

3 months ago

This guy is 1 of the most coolest guys ever

Gabry Huingo Romero

3 months ago

I love it

#stayWOKE and tag a friend for the chance to win two signed copies of Masters Of The Sun ✊🏽

Enrique Martinez

3 months ago

Will iam who is Zulu x any special abilities any arch nemesis what yr is it will produce more masters of the sun zombie chronicles?

González Maggy

3 months ago

سور و آية من القرآن الكريم - A Surahs and an Ayah from the Holy Quran

Scotty Cook

3 months ago

#stayWOKE Niffa Mü

LOVE should be our guiding force.

Emily Conceicao

3 months ago

Love you guys but where's fergie

Edward Zahniser

3 months ago

One on the right..looks like a nappy filled with sand

Daniela Buchenau

3 months ago

The look will gives when he as being out dress.

This was dope. Peep Landmarks Live In Concert on PBS April 20th at 10PM. Catch Where Is The Love on Billboard now:

Jennifer McMahon

3 months ago

Thanks for the update.

Hanča Zachová

3 months ago

We want more! 😮😃

Cheryl Hoogerhyde

3 months ago

I like them, but I miss Fergie.

Always striving to push the limits... Masters Of The Sun x WonderCon

Ryan Krawczyk

3 months ago

Thanks for the update.

Faysal Salaheddine

3 months ago

Please lend a helpng hand at and search for SAVEABUSINESS. 🌷🌷

Faustine Launay

3 months ago

ELEMENTO, Alto nivel.

The power of the people is more powerful than the people in power... #BEPStreetLivin

Virginie Tralongo

3 months ago

The people in power got their power from the people.

Kiera Gaines

3 months ago

Wilfried D Nimi

Taylor Graves

3 months ago

kiss my vagina negro

Try a little harder to love ✊🏽

Roshdy Abo Alroshd

3 months ago

I can try it, and I would do that!

Agus Tino Siburian

3 months ago

Florian Ba je te l'avais dit

Roshdy Abo Alroshd

3 months ago

I love this group, but without fergie is not the same :c

We should be beyond judgment, bigotry, greed, and hate.

Sara Parsons

3 months ago

What's with all the haters and realist in this post. If you don't believe it just ignore the post.

Liyana Roslan

3 months ago

If only it was that easy. But then, every step in the right direction must count for something, so let’s stand up and be counted.

Chandi Amatya

3 months ago

Action speaks louder than words . What can we see that you have done for the betterment of the world. I have not seen it yet . Action speaks louder than words. Tangible evidence that you are really about the world change

Diana Gonzales

3 months ago

50% a menos sem a Fergie

Diane Larkin McConville

3 months ago

Get some music done long time since any. Getting sick of waiting

Anand Bhusad

3 months ago

Where is fergie ?

Always impressed with @ymc073 (Instagram)

Fernando Krishnamurti Hernández Segundo

3 months ago

Doo got it Started in Here!

Bertha Lee Lee

3 months ago is ❤.

Tatiana Correia

3 months ago

It is great, humor gold even. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in a while. 🕶

Turn strangers into friends, and friends into family. #BEPStreetLivin

Hideki Obana

3 months ago

Son lo máximo

Valerie Brady

3 months ago

I guess this isn’t bad Want to see a lot more fresh content 😓

Wai Heng Cheong

3 months ago

A stranger is merely a friend you haven't yet met. :D

We must dive into the depths of freedom, equality, & love.

Gabrielle Ramirez

4 months ago

Show!! I love you

Judy Madlaing

4 months ago

Then give your life to the hope of Glory Jesus Christ, is the only Way

Carolyn Poteat

4 months ago

your music has evolved past an era I didn't like much, good to see you back on hip hop!

Don’t wait for the answer.

Ken E. Hamilton II

4 months ago

Why are these guys going idiot and becoming a militant group? Very sad and misdirected.

Katrin Messinger

4 months ago

Waiting for the album.

Sara Goodson

4 months ago

A Fergie que tirou a foto?

Get the full experience Masters Of The Sun #TheFutureOfStoryTelling

JeongYeon Lee

4 months ago

I guess this particular post isn’t totally terrible Want to see far more fresh text 😆

It's time to wake up, stand up, and rise up...

Drì Źźÿ

4 months ago

Scott Hertzog Completely agree with your post. !!!!

Ariel Mendoza

4 months ago

Sounds like a motto for the true Labour party

Flor Cris

4 months ago

Were they speaking to someone sleeping in bed? And who’s that lady? Fergalicious was the only female in the group, I thought.

Protect Kids, Not Guns! Use your voice, share this photo and march in your city tomorrow. #IWillMarch #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain

Gresham Trista

4 months ago

Instead of focusing on the scapegoats. Why do we not try and discuss actual solutions to these problems we currently have. A gun cannot do anything without a person pulling the trigger. If we focused on the people behind these attacks we might find some interesting statistics.

Patricia Holcomb

4 months ago

You know you've reached peak first world privilege when you march to have rights taken away from you.

Alejandra Saladén

4 months ago

Hahaha they are saying generation Z has arrived.. I am still trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED to generation w --x--& y.. They all arrived too and protested too.. All these generations got was more bandaids and laws stuck up their asses.. I guess bandaids do stick a long time 3 generations worth. Now a 4th one is protesting and claiming they will make the changes needed.. As no one else has tried..LOL!! Sorry not so optimistic these days for any real change...Just the same old ---same old..

Tell Congress to #DefundHate! Together we can change the system, rise with us, Hip Hop Caucus, United We Dream, and more. Listen to why we need to act:

Tomeka Chambers

4 months ago

The only way to defund hate, is to lock up Obama his SES & Killary, then eliminate the Liberal regime altogether - end of problem.

Reginaldo Aparecido Rocha

4 months ago

I support this. #DefundHate :)

Colburn Hee

4 months ago

Love you guys. Make sure Fergie comes back to the mix. I miss her.

Dope...check out featured on the cover of The Big Issue ✊🏽 Now available for purchase in the UK.
The revolution won't be a revolution, if the revolution is only tweeted and retweeted: activism is taking action.

Dee Glover

4 months ago

Boa noite, sou de um grupo de dança aqui do Ceará, grupo de dança Mais ritmos, nos fizemos uma performance do BEP, em uma apresentação. E vi essa página, gostaria de saber se vocês poderiam mostrar nosso vídeo, seria uma honra pra nos, até porque mostraria mais nosso trabalho, que é a Dança. Agradeceria muito, de coração 😍 qualquer coisa já temos a coreografia no canal.

Dan Kelty

4 months ago

can i hear you say hah yeah

Pete Brodton

4 months ago

Have pondered this exact topic relatively often, but failed to reach almost any meaningful results. 😍👏

Have you joined the Masters Of The Sun adventure? #TheFutureOfStoryTelling

Margarita Maldonado

4 months ago

Algien sabe como bailar en cosmo street no ay mucho que aser y en las blanktowers ya puse hot tube asta tengo cat

Tess Guerrero

4 months ago

Yes !Love Master Of The Sun 《♥》and BEP to!!!!!!

Luz Elena

4 months ago

B.E.P where is the <3 with ariana grande <3

‪2.2 million people are currently incarcerated in the United States, a 500% increase over the last 40 years. Hear from us about why we need to change the system #BEPStreetLivin #PrisonReformNow #CriminalJustice‬

Debra Silverman

4 months ago

I guess this isn’t bad Want to see considerably more fresh text 🐧

Amy Bjornsrud Tidwell

4 months ago is ❤.

Don’t hate, just create ✊🏽

Héctor Elizarraras

4 months ago


Rahul Kumar

4 months ago

Is Fergie going to come back to the Black Eyed Peas?

Jorge Ariel Sosa

4 months ago

Dillon Harris what the peas said. Gotta love them. (I hope you're confused) 😂