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Two nights in H-Town complete! Thank you for the love! See photos from the show on

Janis Drazdovskis

8 hours ago

She might be a black billgates in the making.escro B

Kiwamu Komatsubara

8 hours ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you're far too kind
Now can I get an encore, do you want more
Cooking raw with the Brooklyn boy
So for one last time I need y'all to roar!!!!!!

Idrissa Idi Kane

8 hours ago

Amazing show !!!! Loved every minute of it . This was my second time seeing you in concert and I was thoroughly impressed. Jay was amazing as well . Can’t wait for your new album and tour(hopefully soon 😉❤️❤️)🐝🐝🐝

Thank you, Houston! See you again tonight. See more on

Marc Friedlander

a day ago

Brazil needs your help stopping a fascist, homophobic, racist and misogynistic candidate who's running for the presidency and is currently ahead in the polls. Please support us by spreading the hashtag #Elenao #elenunca (not him)

Felipa Ade

2 days ago

Thanks for coming h town hope you j have a good marriage

Neil Navidad

2 days ago

You are a real Slay Queen Bey. I would do anything to see you perform live in December, here in South Africa.

New Orleans, thank you for always turning up with us! See photos from the show on
Thank you, Arlington! See more on

Donizeti Gonçolves

2 days ago

luv you such a nice famliy your voice is sweet i wanna be a advertiser and the names of your children is the best straight up. xxx

Antonio De Los Santos Limantour

2 days ago

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Hazel Bandola

2 days ago

Powerful woman she put on a good show to me.

Miami, thank you for the love! See photos from last night on

Hrithik Kane

17 days ago

Beyonce show always being the best. 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🌍

Leo DeLoa

17 days ago

Dam! They caught yah and baby!! Finally I you put my love on top. Oh! Baby , baby , baby its youuu! Oh . I mean me that's is Rich in your world. The people just haven't figured out the message yet.. !!!I mean the bottom or side to side. The transition from single to married is what I'm thinking of doing. Perhaps, have babies in this ahe so forgotten memory of him or me world

Debra Moyer

17 days ago

Beyoncé, you are the most incredible and the truest on earth! You are my inspiration to the point I have written the final paper for my studies about - among other two women - You. Is there any chance I can contact you and send you my work? I very much want to. I attended your concert in Warsaw and I loved it!! Poland is inspired by you as well! <3 <3 <3 <3!

Orlando, thank you! See photos on

Anež Dvořáková

19 days ago

I really wanna perform and sing like you but i have no clue where to start please help B

Real name - rebecca mathe

Eva Ventura Martinez

19 days ago

Thank You Bey and Jay-Z the show was everything.🐝🐝#beyhive4ever

Damiana Sanchez

19 days ago

South Africa CANNOT wait Kings, we will be backed to the brim. We are waiting with baited breath!!!!! December where is you?????

Koosje Kruizinga

20 days ago

that's a great picture of the late great MJ!

Marquita Rucker

20 days ago

Those who are special
never go away. They walk
beside us every day. Unseen,
unheard, still near, still
special, still missed and still
very dear. Happy birthday MICHAEL JACKSON.

Christina Rios

21 days ago

didnt michaela jackson and freedanya murphy sing in a duet, the song was called: COOL DOWN MY GLANCES or something like that ...


Nashville, thank you for a great show! See photos on

Kathy Martin

25 days ago

The only reason Beyonce is famous is because she looks like a white girl and she uses auto tune.

Alice Millns

25 days ago

your amazing Jayz and Beyonce your the most beautiful woman in the world. I would love to have you on my yaught one day. God bless you all.😎

Rob Harris

25 days ago


Thank you, Columbia! See more on

Edward Zahniser

a month ago

You're not a strong role model for woman about dignity because you accept jayz after what he did to you.

Yarico Moubarack

a month ago

You two are invincible would love to have you over for dinner
Home cooked Aussie meal roast chicken 😘😀

Cris Dy-Liacco

a month ago

Thank you for an amazing show in Columbia, SC. You and Jay Z were a much-needed breath of fresh air for our city/state. Peace and blessings to you and your family!! ❤🐝

Buffalo! Thank you! See more on

Antonia Watson

a month ago

Wanna marry an american like beyonce white or black, but some help me out can there be a white beyonce oh no! Heaven give me a wife

Angels Love

a month ago

Contact me immediately its a Carter Thang ask Shawn to check into me asap

Margaret Boncella Amestoy

a month ago

If I say Beyonce lead my flock of ladies if it's a woman I choosed that was older than her than I got a problem but I have listened to songs speeches of ladies and none talked about the Goddess but want to be a leader we're was leading then be mad at me the truth hurts don't it

Thank you, Columbus! Buffalo, you're next. See photos from last night on

Cynthia Treviño

a month ago

Majose 62M wamependa Beyonce widespreadly. Majose 16K wamependa Beyonce particularly. Inaonekana Majose wengi wanataka kamofie. Why to be that? Anaimba kuhusu kuosha wonderwear badala ya kuimba kuhusu dragon boss!

Sinead Jackson

a month ago

Got the new cd, LOVE it..

Liiz Mariel

a month ago

Greeting Global Citizen: What is more powerful than the term, I love you. Answer: You are easy to love.

Yoni Dominguez

a month ago


Mika McVery

a month ago

The queen of soul, mother of soul, voice of equal rights!
Rest in peace!
She will always be one of my favourites.
Listening to her music makes me strong, happy and relaxed.
So thanks to you, Aretha Franklin! ❤

Hà Mzà

a month ago

R.I.P Aretha Franklin...Queen of soul...

Thank you, Detroit! See more photos from last night on

Zoe Caro

a month ago

hello everyone, i have two tickets for jayz and beyonce show, 18th event. kindly inbox me, if you're interested.

Maysam Mirzakhalili

a month ago


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Yago Werneck

a month ago

I was there! Amazing show love you bey🙆🏻‍♂️❤️💙💜 from your superfan

2 incredible nights in Chicago complete! Thank you! See photos on

Tha Stimulus Kennkell

a month ago

Hi Beyonce, your pics look amazing. I've been a fan from when you were with Destinys child. My daughter was first introduced to your voice while she was still in my womb. My son was killed 2 months ago and though my daughter is still mouning her brothers death I thought attending your concert this weekend would lift her spirts a little. It was actually her birthday 2 weeks after he was killed. I wasn't sure how to reach you to deliver my request, I was hoping you could wish her Happy Bithday? Well good luck on your Sat show. #Beyonce #DaunteThompsonBruce

Sylvia Suk Lere

a month ago

Beyonce you're so sweet and lovly.. I don't know how and where to see you.... I need to see you in person.. #illumoney says so...

Tang Lai

a month ago

Hi po,Sana mapanood din po namin ng live ang concert mo po,sobrang idol ka po namin dito sa PHILLIPINES ,sana isama nyu po yung country namen sa world tour mo po,mahal kita

Chicago! Thank you! See more from the first show on

Marcy Adams

a month ago

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Faranak Joecar

a month ago

I love Beyonce and her old songs.... those with Jay Z not really.

Wanderlei B Varjao

a month ago

My wife was at the concert and she love it. We live in Orlando Florida, so she better had love it. Now I will hear Beyoncé for about 2 months Non stop. That’s ok INI like her too.

Minneapolis! Thank you! See more from the show on

Peter Partin

a month ago

Jay-Z & Queen B I love, respect & honor your going, love & grind.
Thank you both for being on my FB page. I'm honored & humbled.

Rus Martinez

a month ago

Beyoncé my two best friends and I enjoyed you in Minneapolis on Wednesday. We were in Floor Section F, Row 2. You and Jay put on such an amazing show. Sis, you inspire me so much. Thank You for being our light. I love you so much Beyoncé. ❤

Juliet Contreras

a month ago

You were a Christian before. Be careful. Go back to God.

Thank you, Boston for a great show! See more from last night on

Helen Epps

a month ago

In case you will be guided by some higher Force and read this comment... Dear Bey, I just watched your live performance from NY, many years ago... That very beautiful performance, full of emotion. And it hit me when I read the comment "Who took this angel from heaven?" I guess it's the industry, it's all the bad stuff from today and bad stuff from back then, but I wish that even you, Beyonce, will understand how loved and amazing you are, as a child of God. No matter what, listen to what your heart tells you, not what others tell you, no matter how strong the power around you/against the right feeling about how things should be would be in life, always be the one who protects the good and empowers the poor. And if God tells us to be so - we are the poor ones, we will endure, with Him, we will, no matter what. ;) :) 💪 God bless your soul, dear Bey!

Kemodisa Sipatela BW

a month ago

I love you ❤ ️ Thank you for an amazing night I'll never forget 🔥🔥🔥

Candi Marshall

a month ago

Beyonce, we look forward to your OTR Tour tomorrow in Minneapolis 🖤 Also, you and yours are invited to our private fundraiser @ Painting With A Twist. Creatively Relaxing...
Let me know, Ms. Sharon

Vogue September Issue 2018.

Donte Lawson

a month ago

So Beautiful inside and out, your parents did a Wonderful job with there children, so proud to witness your Beautiful Being

Apirak Santong

a month ago

Can't understand why you still normal I believe in way greater than this for us and I know my God and Goddess delivers

Sanzelene Mayas

a month ago

You know I love you Beyonce you suppose to have transformed by now to come get me what's the hold up I'm going to pray cause that's not a picture of my Beyonce

Thank you for going APESHIT 2 nights in a row, New York! See more photos on

Mârwâ Rizķį

a month ago

I feel like everyone is against my happiness,what did I do wrong Beyonce?

Anelisse Barrera

a month ago

Barack Obama Will Always Be The Best President This Country has Ever Had His Legacy Will Continue True American's Came Together For Once In America's History Happy Birthday My Persistent

Cleo Oliveira

a month ago

We love youBarack Obama & Beyoncé Check out the new #Turnt by Three6Mafia’s Mr Crunchy Black Darnell Black Shout out to all my Migas, black girls, white girls & Asian girls! # #GetItRight and #Turnt on all downloads sites.

Cool off this #NationalWatermelonDay with WTRMLN WTR.

Lola Medrano

a month ago

Tom Wieringa why did this make me laugh. Sponsorships are way too basic for beyoncé

JN Corrinne Willcox

2 months ago

Only Americans would be celebrating watermelon day. And then lemon day, salt day, bubblegum day, here kitty kitty day, knock on a door day, buy a beyonce album give her more money day, etc! For no reason ofc other than let's think something ludicrous and celebrate it to show people how much fun oh yeah wow yeah lovely we are

Melanie Stidham Blanton

2 months ago

Três filhos né querida.. até suco a mulher tá vendendo pra comprar leite 😂🐝 BRAZIL LOVES YOU QUEEN 👑❤

First night in NYC was epic! Round 2 tonight. You ready? See more photos on

Benito A. Rodríguez Medina

a month ago

Loved the show! Was willing to sit in rain to watch! 🐝🐝🐝🐝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🤣🤣

Krista Keith

a month ago

All these fools on here commenting like they know this couple personally lol King & Queens forever haters!!

Fisu Dias

2 months ago

Obviously, this is the concert of the year!! Wishing Beyonce continued success!!

The Carters are nominated for 8 MTV Video Music Awards! Vote now:

Amanda Keen

2 months ago

Beyoncé, the idol of bourgeois liberal feminists, pays 64 cents an hour to female workers who make clothes of her brand #IvyPark in sweatshops in Sri Lanka while preaching female empowerment.

Frances Marie

2 months ago

Ahh para fazer uma Performance decente de Apeshit ou do EIL todo vc não quer né mas na hora de pedir ajuda nossa vc vem né!! Toma vergonha dona Beyoncé só vou votar porque eu quero 😊😂😂😂

Christian Topete Car

2 months ago

Don't worry I'm voteing Every day for you beutiful Queen for the VMA wishes you the best of luck 🤗❤

Thank you, Philadelphia! See more from the show on

Ricky Trevino

2 months ago

I just saw u in philly the other night and If I had money and time I would travel to the met to see u tommorow! Enjoyed every second of the show and I can't wait to do it again! Pleas come back sooner then later please please please please please!

Anna Spodniakova

2 months ago

Thanks to my Philly friends and family who posted videos and pics throughout the show. I felt like I was there just way in the back in the nose bleed section.

Surrita Floyd

2 months ago

Beyoncé, the idol of bourgeois liberal feminists, pays 64 cents/hour to female workers who make clothes of her brand #IvyPark in sweatshops in Sri Lanka while preaching female empowerment.

DC, it's a wrap! We're off to Philly. See photos from last night on

Çağla Aktaş

2 months ago

Oh and, you have to be with Christ the lord to fix this because this is America and that's how we can be free. Again, Please help us !

Charlotte Pinkney

2 months ago

Terrance howard and foxy brown are the people you are suppose to mary, please! Fix this so we can fix the world. Please!

Kafini Elonga Nehemie

2 months ago

JAY-Z what it is yo? 😭 over fam #belosdat #noloveinausforsomestrangeroseningsonly #therewassomuchshittogetthrough #somuchshittogeththroughwithfam #damifeelbetter #confrontationonly #istheonlywaythingsgetresolved #lifelesson #shitwherehaveibeen Beyoncé?

DC, night one was amazing! Who's coming to the second show? See more photos on

Adrian Alvarado

2 months ago

A short note Giselle: last year -your appreciation of the world - duly noted and ditto. Hope to see you December 2018.

Robbins Veronica

2 months ago

Such a great show. Thanks bey and Jay! Love the chemistry between you two. Visuals are on point as always. 😍😍😍

Felipe Paterakis

2 months ago

Friday's concert was amazing! Thank you Beyonce and Jay Z! I can tell you put a lot if thought and hard work into giving the best show EVER!

Cleveland, what a great kickoff to the US leg of OTR II! See more on

Dania Davis

2 months ago

I love you Beyonce
I'm looking forward to your visit in South Africa 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Sebrenia Dixon

2 months ago

I myself don't believe that Beyonce the one and only Beyonce is coming to South Africa
that so cool because ,she's one of my favourite Hollywood star's

Ginger Faye

2 months ago

Love you beyonce keep up the good work

Yo Adrienne

2 months ago

Please Beyonce Go back To Old School R&B Mommy U are lot but we miss your Old Music

Sherri Green

2 months ago


Robert Griffin

2 months ago

Yaaassss OMG I love you so much you are my idol and inspiration so keep doing you and don’t listen to the haters

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Robin Herholz

2 months ago

I go out and buy CDs and download them also on iTunes... I don't like streaming services. plus... thanks. come traditional at me.

Jasmalyn Corley

2 months ago

Eu não aguento mais a Beyoncé querendo me empurrar esse Tidal guela abaixo Jairo Vieira.
Qual o próximo passo? Tirar todas as obras de tudo que é plataforma? 😪

Se pelo menos ela me lançasse o "dvd" das turnês no tidal, podia ficar com meu dinheiro, mas enquanto ela n der minhas turnês me recuso a engolir o tidal.

Desabafei kkkk

Tillie Chile Martinussen

2 months ago

Já estamos passados com a senhora...
Querida quero destruição, lacração no Brasil baby...
Não me inventa de vir em festival, quero tour completa.

Bjos nas crianças, em você não, não está merecendo ❤️

Nice, thank you for a great finale! We're off to the US for the second leg of OTR II!
See more from last night's show on

John Creed

2 months ago

Heading to Cleveland from Pittsburgh for your first show Stateside this Wednesday!! Hotel booked, I'm ready!! Seen Jay live before, but finally I get to see my girl!!

Olga Cabrera Oropeza

2 months ago

Thank you for an amazing show !!😍 Clôture sa tournée avec Coumbi elle est obligée de remercier Olivia Teixeira Dos Santos Eloise Magrini Mélanie Borgia

Valen Rodriguez

2 months ago

I saw the website! cool! The music video is also cool!
Do you like Jeanne d'Arc?
I have the charm of Jean of Arc. It is a different person from Maria.
BEYONCE and Jeanne d'Arc are also making time!
Thanks for your health and hope!
Make a music time with hope in the future!

Paris, thank you for two nights we won't forget!
See more photos on

Alberto Naben

2 months ago

....this kid's movie was created just for the tri-state area concerning the water let the kids enjoy it, please.....@youtube called.....SEAN AND ALEXA VEGGIETALES LORD OF THE BEAN⏰51:35...

Sase Gerasimovski

2 months ago

My husband and I are generally very private. After 30 + years we are still in love. We've traveled the World, but now as a cancer patient, surviving but still in the struggle, on my bucket list is going apeish at your concert in Landover, MD on July 28th. I had to settle for the back, standup only area, but we will see you there going apeish.

Barbara Marano

2 months ago

Purée yesssss Beyoncé avec le nouveau tee shirt de France avec les deux étoiles magnifique

Night one in Paris complete. Can't wait to see more of you tonight!
See photos from the first Paris show on

Martha Mayeye

2 months ago

Please Jay z you was better without hair dude

Olga Bolado

2 months ago

Que privilegio he tenido de vivir en cuba y de verle dos veces en Paris, el sábado fue una noche inolvidable,donde el Amor hizo posible ese sueño,Ashe

Piotr Rogowski

2 months ago

You guys look amazing !! Even though I can't be there in person, I appreciate you sharing pics of your fabulous show 🙂

The Balmain x Beyoncé collection is available now:
Proceeds will benefit the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).

Bharat Pawar

2 months ago

I love me some Beyoncé but this is one collection I'm not buying from. Can I get a case made for my Samsung Galaxy S8+, please!!! 🤣🤣🤣 But those hoodie are cute though!!!

Kvng Eli

2 months ago

I love so many of your looks but this one is one of my favorites! Thanks for letting us get in on the action. Can’t wait to see you in Columbia, SC

Albert Filibert

2 months ago

It’s a well known brand plus Beyoncé. What are y’all expecting? As far as I’m concerned it’s probably the cheapest thing Balmain has. 😂😂 oh and she already sold out the most expensive one! Only Beyoncé can do that.

Sunday, July 15th, the Stade de France doors open at 4PM for the 5PM broadcast of the 2018 FIFA World Cup on the giant OTR II screen!

Mary Gordon

2 months ago

I am a big fan of you Beyoncé but the sound quality at stade de France was terrible 🙏🙏🙏

Lazarus Lee

2 months ago

Beyonce is overrated
She doesn't do anything new, or even that different from what others were doing before her. Her media coverage is inflated and entirely manufactured. No one worth their salt in any music circle was talking about "Lemonade" when it came out, but it sure as hell made its way to TV. It was CNN, CBS, and took up whole episodes of The Daily Show and the other show that are "supposed" to be about political discourse. No one, and I mean NO ONE cared about the "rumors" and "drama" surrounding the lyrics, but the media made it look like people did. But once the dust settled, even fans of Beyonce would call Lemonade a really lackluster album.

In every movie or tv show I've seen her in, she's this perfect every-girl/Mary Sue with absolutely no flaws or anything that could subtract from her image. She not even a good actress, she has no range, but she won't hesitate to add it to her list of "acomplishments." "I'm a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model" etc. which is the most pedantic thing you can say. And this makes the hype so much worse. Anytime, in movies or in real life, when someone mentions beyonce, shrill cries can be heard from almost all across the room. She's not worth the flamboyant screams that curdle my blood.

She doesn't write her own songs, she has a choreographer, hell, she sings just as well on stage as any confident person in the shower. Her cadence is sloppy anyway. She forces words to rhyme. It's lyrical sewage. But no one cares, because it's all about the beats and the "feel" of the song.

Archit Goyal

2 months ago

Beyoncé, you are such an inspiration to so many people around the globe!! Keep doing what you do because it's working!! Much love!!

Barcelona! Thank you for an amazing night!
See photos on

Armstrong Fombi

2 months ago

Not impressed. Don’t care for either of them. Most of the time she sounds like she’s yelling instead of singing.

Armstrong Fombi

2 months ago

Thank you for coming to Barcelona guys!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all the GREATESTS ever!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sonny Jay

2 months ago

Beyonce you very nice very my beautiful

Paris! If you’re joining us July 15th for the second show, get to Stade de France early to watch the game! Doors open at 4PM and the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast starting at 5PM.

Michael Cross

2 months ago

Hi my freind well take care of you in paris
When you are at the zénith in paris these week-end have fun Big up princesse

William Ribeiro Silva Ribeiro

2 months ago

First concert the day of our National Holiday and the second during the Finale Word Cup when our team plays, double strike 😂

Egy Dwyns Hamdallah Damares

2 months ago

Loïc Arnoux le match est diffusé avant son concert au stade de france, elle ouvre les portes pour que les français voient le match à l'intérieur, juste avant son concert. C'est folie ! ils vont passer une trop belle journée à Paris ! Et si on est champion du monde je t'explique même pas

Rome, thank you for a great show!
See photos from last night's show on

Priscilla Adams DuMont

2 months ago

I want to be strong enough to endure my marriage just like you if not more. You really give me so much hope.

Vitor Hasse

2 months ago

I need to meet you Beyonce I can help you Small intestine

Alexandra Rochner

2 months ago

Cant believe he cheated on her... like with who? Who the hell is sexier than beyonce. Hes lucky shes even with him to begin with cause she could do wayyyyy better.

Milan, thank you!
See more from last night on

Katie Adams

2 months ago

OMG 😍🎉❤️😍 It was such a great night - so special!!!! best concert forever in my life!!!! So much energy and a great show and your voices 😍 wow!! I'm so paralyzed since friday - got so many feelings during the concert, can't believe that I saw the best couple on earth in real life! everything is love ❤️❤️❤️

Nirosh Panditha

2 months ago

hello, two tickets in lawn for sale for the concert of jayz and Beyoncé on July 17, 2018 a nice and for you are on I accompany you to the stadium and the tickets they will be your name and first name

Antoine Pse

2 months ago

Hi BeyHive to watch Beyonce and Jay-Z amazing performances in this OTR tour 2 watch at my You tube channel InsideSimzy News. Please subscribe to it. Peace and love

Warsaw, thank you!
See more photos from yesterday’s show on

Diego Armando Arroyo Aranibar

3 months ago

Beyonce, I love you 😘❤❤❤ I hope that You and Jay come back to Poland🇵🇱 again. Thank you so much 😘😘 I can't believe it. It was amazing and beautiful show❤💛🖤❤💛🖤❤💛🖤

Cibee Teret

3 months ago

I love you Beyonce!❤❤❤ I hope you come back my queen!!! 🇵🇱🐝😭

Letty Stoli

3 months ago

Beyonce is the greatest entertainer EVER

Thank you, Stockholm! We’re off to Berlin!
See photos from the show on

Kasel Alighieri

3 months ago

The ruler's of d world is going round d world lyk a running moon...from capital to capital "can't wait to see my mentor.

Katie Aldrich

3 months ago

Hi Caio, Davyy, Victor Gabriel, Abner Felipe, Juliana, Raissa Assef ... see the wonderful Beyoncé! Follow her page! Beyoncé ... I want to see you here in Dubai! 👑🇦🇪️

I wish you’d be off to Australia 🇦🇺!!

Copenhagen, thank you!
New photos on

Britley Jones

3 months ago

Rene 7 days left 'till we see them 😍I can not wait anymore 🙏🏼😍

Amézquita Alfred

3 months ago

Compare & CONtrast: Billie Jean b. Michael Jackson to Beyoncé's line about TI TI the kid NOt mine.

Alejandro Uribe

3 months ago

You power couple.. come to our small lodge in Tanga where no one will care,,,may be one of the few places in the world where 99% of the community never heard of you. You will have a cool time..small fishing village, nice beautiful, healthy people, serene environment..karibuni

Manchester, what an amazing night! London, we're coming for you!
See more from our show on

Emrock Villar

3 months ago

Is there any chance of getting a book online of the concert? I went last night & I could not see them anywhere 😔

Lou Râ Cypher

3 months ago

Please lend your voice, and the voices of your friends to loudly appose this policy of criminal child abuse at our southern border. Respectfully Yours

Pravin Dalvi

3 months ago

I turned 50 today. Need to get Beyonce to sing for me. she will also enjoy my Beyonce jokes that I told performing at the Funny Bone Easton, in Columbus, Ohio!!!

Glasgow, thank you for a great show! Manchester, you're up next!
See photos on

Enrique Lozano

3 months ago

URGENT: I am selling 6 tickets for this event on Friday 15th June at London Olympic Stadium!!!

Block: 247
Row: 66
Seats: 104 & 105

Block: 249
Row: 64
Seats: 19, 20, 21 & 22

£200 each but open to close offers

Timmy Matthew Underwood

3 months ago

Mom, sorry for being in that blazing sun the other day: I just wanted to go to the store. I love you. Mom, things just got a little easier - thank you.

Veselka Stefanova

3 months ago

Have a pair of standing Beyonce Jay Z tickets for this Friday 15th, London, West GA Pitch, 100 each. Message me if you would like them.

Cardiff! Thanks for helping us kick off OTR II!
See more from the first show on

Wilfredo Montoya

3 months ago

Você tá me deixando irritado, Beyoncé. Quero novo álbum, e você me vem com uma turnê com um marido, com músicas anteriores? E ainda obriga ele a deixar o cabelo crescer? (não que não possa, mas pela vontade dele, não sua). E kd álbum? Aí coloca um álbum com 3 música, por 800 reais? Tá muito gananciosa a srª. Quero álbum, quero dvd de turnê, quero a Beyoncé antiga (no sentido distribuição da sua arte) de voooooooolta. Cadê você? Volta a ser natural como era, vc tá parecendo uma máquina de produzir dinheiro turnerística, e nem ao Brasil vem! ¬¬ Vc me irrita!

Kristian Nyhus

3 months ago

Anybody know what time the show is starting? I will be in Manchester next week and wondering if I can make it to the last train from Manchester to London that leaves at 10:30 pm

Zidane Teodoro

3 months ago

Beyonce how can you renew your wedding vows with Jay-Z after he done cheated on you so many times how can you forgive Beyonce a man like Jay-Z after he cheated on you with other women's and you can raise your kids Beyonce Blue Ivy Rumi and Sir Carter all by yourself you don't have to be with your cheating husband Jay Z Beyonce

Latonya Marshall

4 months ago

Kandice Charles-David Darlene Beyoncé sent me a Birthday shout out....too bad she spelled my name wrong

Andre Koen

4 months ago

When Adele sees this she is going to loose control! I mean what is better than this? Your idol wishing you a happy birthday.

Eugénio Veloso

4 months ago

Calouro Burro Matheus Salles aí tua divah, parece até àquelas mensagens de cientistas e filósofos mortos. Nem uma carinha feliz...

Shawanna Caudle

5 months ago

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Maria Beltran

5 months ago

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Rayna Larrowe

5 months ago

This is a great thing she's doing to shine a light on HBCU'S. The performance was dynamic and glorious.

Eight Historically Black Colleges & Universities will receive the Homecoming Scholars Award:

Weltee Wolo

5 months ago

3000 years astrology knowledge/back to the future! Beyonce Profi-Horoscope/time observer 26.4.2018 1.Allgemein/Gülcan Kamps Water Dog like Gökhan = Vorwärts im Beruf: Gott sei dank, Sie starten schon morgens in der Früh sehr motiviert und geistig konzentriert in den Tag. Doch leider werden andere dabei nur neidisch und eifersüchtig. Sehr wichtige Gespräche oder auch schriftliche Erledigungen werden Ihnen übertragen, weil Sie einen klaren Verstand aufweisen und mit Ihren vielen Erfahrungen sehr viel Routine besitzen. Sehr schön, sie haben derzeit so viel Energie. Sie dürfen leicht noch zusätzlich Sprachkurse besuchen, z.B. wie ich, kann sehr gut Englisch, Deutsch und Türkisch oder sonstige Weiterbildungen. 2.Liebe: Wenn auch den ganzen Tag alles schief läuft und Sie außerdem noch Reibereien mit Ihren Liebsten sowie den Freunden haben, dürfen Sie nicht Ihren Mut verlieren. Morgen sieht alles wieder anders aus. Zuversicht und Vertrauen sind wichtige Bausteine in der Liebe und in der Freundschaft. 3.Karriere: Bitte halten Sie sich ran! Liegengebliebene Arbeiten, unwichtige Anrufe, Briefe oder Einkäufe sowie Erledigungen müssen endlich einmal aufgearbeitet werden. Verschiebe nicht auf morgen, was du heute kannst besorgen, heißt es so schön. 4.Gesundheit: Es sieht so aus, wenn Sie schlecht einschlafen können, dürfen Sie am Abend Ihren Magen nicht mit üppigen Speisen belasten. Dies führt nicht nur zu Einschlafschwierigkeiten, sondern auch zu Albträumen sowie unruhigem Erwachen. Ihrer Nachtruhe zuliebe sollen Sie zu leichter und gut verdaulicher Nahrung greifen.

Colin Farquhar

5 months ago

5 nights don't sleep & the moon is just on the half 😥

But i have to tell you good morning & have a nice day 😻

Karly González

5 months ago

Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for Every Roaming child on the street. HelpGiveThemfreeEducation. Please tap to donate-

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Hershtia DAwn JoHnson

5 months ago

Beyonce and her sister Solange fell on stage at Coachella why Beyonce why would you do a dance routine and you fall you and your sister Beyonce but Beyonce I like the outfit that you had on it Coachella but Beyonce it was funny when you and Solange fail

Maureen Moti

5 months ago

Let's Intel about Texas Instruments ... Can this voice, after over 9 years, went away from my brain ? I had problems sometimes and I was crying, later I had informations that some babies are not sleeping because of me, it is not only n ot help or bigger fun for me ...

Ramon D. Ortiz

5 months ago

What mighty drug is sis on? Bih been trying to make us broke since tax season. I love you Bey, but you're already rich sis 🤷🏽

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Bartosz Giza

5 months ago

A hoodie for $115 (94€)... I can't... With this money I could afford a ticket to OTRII in Portugal... Oh that's right, unfortunatly they don't come to Portugal. 😢

Leon Van Zyl

5 months ago

Kwali Liggons Robyn Meister Kanika Singh it’s like she knew I wouldn’t make it to Coachella but wanted to give me every opportunity to empty my bank account for her anyway. So kind.

Gadi Ybarken

5 months ago

Hey my Bey. I luv ya but not for a dollar store bandana that is marked up to $40.
We are your fans but we are not all rich.

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Futa Saito

6 months ago

3000 years astrology knowledge/back to the future! Beyonce Profi-Horoscope/time observer 31.3.2018 1.Allgemein = Energie für alle: Ihre positive Ausstrahlung fasziniert alle Menschen in Ihrer Umgebung. Basis dafür bilden ein gesunder Körper und ein klarer Geist. Sie haben in letzter Zeit viel Energie gesammelt und strotzen nur so vor Selbstvertrauen und Motivation. Ihnen gelingt es auch, ohne viel Bemühen, Ihre Mitmenschen anzustecken und Ihre Energie weiterzuleiten. 2.Liebe: In Ihrer Beziehung kommt es heute immer wieder zu Diskussionen um Kleinigkeiten und das geht Ihnen auf die Nerven. Bleiben Sie gelassen, denn Meinungsverschiedenheiten gehören eben auch zu einer Partnerschaft. Diskutieren Sie nicht so viel, sondern nehmen Sie Ihren Partner einfach in die Arme. 3.Karriere: Um Kritik an Ihrer Arbeitsweise zu vermeiden, sollten Sie dringliche Aufgaben sofort und sehr genau erledigen. Aber keine Sorge, denn die Sterne stehen gut und es gelingt Ihnen alles zur vollsten Zufriedenheit Ihrer Vorgesetzten. 4.Gesundheit: Obwohl Sie weder seelische noch körperliche Probleme haben, sind Sie derzeit oft unleidlich und reizbar. Erfahrungsgemäß hilft bei Stimmungsschwankungen viel frische Luft. Versorgen Sie also Ihren Organismus mit Sauerstoff, indem Sie so oft wie möglich hinaus in die freie Natur gehen.

Jennifer Oliveira

6 months ago

hey u guys that hate beyonce so mch! Why the f**ck do u hate sumthn tht u dnt even knw ,she dnt even knw u she dnt gve u wot u say r fl abt her ,,.she made her mom nd dad proud thats all wot counts ..she maddde it im proud to lve u grl

Paulo Casemiro

6 months ago

Your an sweet Angel and a great mom and wife keep up the good work and your faith im so proud of you my black queen