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In the zone 🎙

Where that summer is already his end promised song?at least We would hear 1-2 songs it from a disk!slowly 1 half year the previous melody album more than 5 of his years did not appear!No beautiful thing the fans like this to wait!

Валерий Веремеенко

6 hours ago

Yes! That's a great picture! Can't wait for the new album! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!

Todd Pulliam

28 minutes ago

Can't wait to hear the new Songs

In the spirit of Sunday this throwback felt appropriate 🏈 What games are you watching today?

Marlene Baigent

15 hours ago

watched Patriots Jaguars yesterday and it was awful......I am a Patriots fan and I will be watching my team beat the lions next Sunday night

Jerek Rinker

a day ago

I still have teen magazines with BSB in it. 😍😍

Bilal Ayad

2 days ago

How bout a throwback to that time you came to Oklahoma and didn’t preform. That was a fun game. 😒 Carlie Shepherd Paige Nicole

Behind the curtain 📸 Can’t wait to head back to #BSBVegas next month! Who’s coming out? Find your tickets here:

Photos: Justin Segura

Jade Joselin Flores

2 days ago

Backstreet Boy I Am A Fan Of The

Maria Jose Campos Lara

2 days ago

Hello boys! As your fan I notice that you have a lot of concerts around USA and Europe. I would like to know when do you come to Slovakia. We will be really happy if you come to Slovakia again. Thank you so much for reading and responding 😊😘 I love you. Your fan Lucia from Slovakia, Košice.

Ryan Ryan

2 days ago

I wish I could see u guys in person...but I'm in indiana and my w kids keep me busy maybe one of these days

Nothing but smiles and #BSBArmy love 💙
Photo: Justin Segura

Lemuel Morada

3 days ago

no wonder the waiter yesterday was telling me not to order the orange flavor drink I first wanted 😣

Rick Yves Ross Rasamoelison

3 days ago

Why can't that be me?!?!?! Love to meet them!!!

Emily Möller

3 days ago

OMG, my daughter, who is 45 and has Down Syndrome, has been following the BSB since they first started performing. We've tried and tried to get tickets for her to see them, but have not been able to do so. How we wish she could see her heroes just one time!

Bring on the week 🙌🏻 #MondayMotivation Photo: Zappos Theater Gaby Duong

ጥበቧ ዮሃንስ

6 days ago

I love you Nick 😍😚 I hope you can visit and come to central java , indonesia oneday . I wanna meet you in a person 😇 Stay healthy 😇 GOD bless u

Clint Muchineripi

7 days ago

I pray for Lauren and Nick! Hope the y could find peace. My condolences

Mamadou Oury Daillo

7 days ago

Thoughts & prayers are with you, Nick, during this difficult time.

Who do you think won? 🧐🤣

Alberto Faurillo Magomles

7 days ago

I am going to say Brian bc he had to Put Nick and Aj in there places. even though the fans won bc they are back in the stero bc Brian had to push them. lol

Tommaso de Cillis

7 days ago

You're all winners guys 'cause you still have fun together after all these years and you still give us the same emotions!!! Hope to see you soon in Italy ☺.....and maybe Nick won? 😉

Cristina Esparza

8 days ago

I loooooove this picture 😍😍❤️❤️ I think AJ won 🙈? Nick is probably a little tired after his solo tour.. 😍❤️ Do we get the answer ??? 🙏🏼 🤔

Twenty three years ago today we released our debut single! Crazy how time flies 🎂🎉 #ktbspa

Marvel Etaga

12 days ago

I was 6 when this came out! And I begged my mommy to buy this when we saw this in the shop 😂 I remember my mom giving me that “oh no...she’s into boys now” look 😂 the love only grew from there!

Nichelle Broussard Belue

12 days ago

I remember that day ... i was in break in school with only 7 years old and a friend said ..hey listen this is a new group band.... and from that moment i never end to listend at this amazing band... thank for allow us to grow and put energy and music at my life ;)

Jamie Nelson

13 days ago

I was 17 when I heard the song on the radio and I loved it...i remember having to save up money to buy mom gave me the first CD (i think she regreted that) but I still have it :-)
I will always be a fan and my husband knows I have to be buried with my BSB stuff...
Love from Guatemala!!!

We’ve got a Labor Day sale going down this weekend in BSB Store! Shop here:

Witse Hmans

17 days ago

Pfff la polera es fea. Los amoooo, pero cambien esa polera, my god! 😂

Anne Mie Verheyden

17 days ago

Brady Main I need the hat 😭

Rhonda Aldridge

17 days ago

Give me this.okey I buy how much guys ?

Cooking it up 🎹❤️

Aslıhan Öney

20 days ago

Kevin, I just love watching You play Piano! i just wish I could hear what you are playing right now:)

Morgane Chevalier

20 days ago

Yay! Can't wait to hear more music from #dontgobreakinmyheart !

Caleb Isiah Illes

20 days ago

Too many fake account until the real kevin texting me on FB and i didn't realize that is really him om his fanpage 😂😂😂
I'm sorry Kevin, i hope we could meet at Jakarta tour on backstage 😋😋

Sad to hear we lost a legend this morning. Here’s to endless champagne and caviar 🥂 Rest in peace Robin Leach.

Bavani Red

24 days ago

My condolences to his family...RIP... SORRY FOR UR LOSS BB

Gabriela Valentim

24 days ago

im so sorry for ur lost BACKSTREET BOYS RIP ROBIN LEACH

Barbara Rafaela

24 days ago

very sad news gyz.. but he will still alive in our heart...forever....Rip...Sir Robin Leach:(

oops!... this is Howie do it again, birthday boy! Howie D you are our brother and friend and you just get better with age. #HappyBirthdayHowieD

Topollo Mabaleka

a month ago

Happy Birthday Howie D you were the first BSB we saw pop up on the stage at our first BSB concert in 1998 in Philadelphia! We saw you all last summer in Vegas my now 2 adult daughters and I! Maybe you and the rest of the Boys can perform at my daughters wedding in Avalon NJ on May 3rd 2019 would be epic!

Marcio Rodrigues

a month ago

Happy Birthday Howie D!!!! Wishing you many birthday blessings!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Wishing you all the best, and thanks for letting me grow up with your music!!! I’ve been a lifetime fan!! Even since I was a wee little kiddo!!! 26 years with your music and going strong!!!

Samantha Jowett

a month ago

This is more Howie than we ever asked for - pretty inappropriate really (that it never happened before... ahem) Haley Nieman Stace Schroder

Still having the best times of our lives together! Thank you Video Music Awards, MTV, & always the #BackstreetArmy for all of your ❤️ - Howie, Nick, Kevin, AJ & Brian #vmas #bsbonvmas

Chris Fan

a month ago

Gonna always be bad vibes around, but let them see how many fans BSB still has and continues to get. We all <3 you guys and will continue to do so and support you any way we can <3

Rahsaan Simmons

a month ago

I hope you'll visit us here in the Philippines... 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Thank you for music....
Love you guys!!!! :)

Roxanna Henderson

a month ago

For your tour, you need to make a stop at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA! After all, it's where you shot part of the video for "The One" and you will always be number one in my heart!!!!!!

Backstreet! at the Disco at the Video Music Awards Great meeting you Brendon! Panic! At The Disco #vmas #bsbonvmas

Gilmar Virginiano

a month ago

I just love Kevin's hair!!!

Kate Randall

a month ago

I love Kevin's hair so much! He looks amazing!

Xcelli Baba

a month ago

Great moment beside the special people. So proud..... Love from Our fan club official #fcbsbdontstopdreaming 😍🇧🇷️🇧🇷

Via Kevin Richardson #moonmen #mtvvmas #vmas #bsbonvmas

Balraj Bains

a month ago

Our fan club official #fcbsbdontstopdreaming was excited , and lord Kevin Richardson this picture is wonderful😍🇧🇷️

Patricia Manfredi

a month ago

Kevin lindo, talentoso, gentil,super educado , Lord lindo amooo😍😍😍

Shirley Faulkner Hall

a month ago

Tell the VMAs that was not a reunion....ALOT of us have been following you for the full 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved every second!! Told my husband have to go back to the vegas show to see the new song!

It's just about that time! Who's partying with us and 98 Degreess tomorrow?! 📷: Justin Segura

Gwen Leto

a month ago

wow, the heck. my favorite two boy bands together in one show. I saw the backstreet boys 3x and going back in April for my 4th. I'm so mad I can't be there.

Mark Post

a month ago

Yeah if y'all stuck with us okies. @ least came out and saw us. What about all the people who took off work to come. It was hard enough to get off for today and tomorrow.

Bjorn Veisten

a month ago

I’m a dude bringing my son!! Not gonna care what anyone says!!! Father Son bonding 😊 and yes he’s 14 and so so excited !!!

Always appreciate the BSB accounts you guys make! We love looking at them more than you know 👀💙 #KTBSPA

Reggi P Blackmamba

a month ago

I am so glad about it ! I don’t have words to say how happy I am ! Aj you surprise me
Everydayyyy man .... love you so much and 1 week ago I was on the concert seeing you and singing with you !!!!! Love you boy so glad that you receive our flag

Nakia Ramlie Senin

a month ago

Muito legal o que eles escreveram,diz que apreciam os grupos que fazemos que eles olham mas do que a gente pode imaginar😍

Sarah Louise

a month ago

Feliz... Feliz... Feliz e muitoooo orgulhosa mais que um fã clube somos uma família!!! Parabéns para nos.. Parabéns adms... Parabéns Juliana Cheida!!! ❤❤❤ e ainda mais segurada pelo Alex❤❤❤ my love!!

See you at the Video Music Awards ✌🏻Catch our performance live August 20th at 8p on MTV! #VMAs

Symonetherebel Page

a month ago

I love you Backstreet Boys on Nick Carter and Howie you guys rock and congratulations AJ on your wife having another baby what I was watching cuz 2 with the new kids and London have you guys come back to Kentucky Greg's Rock I love your all's new songs I come down low and my tablet on Spotify I like Don't go breaking my heart I like that song too I'll be listening to it when I go to Virginia Beach next month of my friends love you guys so much kiss kiss from your fam karrie

Bless Fafa Adjorlolo

a month ago

Still better performers and more talented than 99.9% of new artists nowadays.

Don Jorge Flores

a month ago

Sarah Fraser it's just the pre show and they will be presenting an award but who cares. Hope you will be recording

Thank you for 50 amazing shows Vegas! It’s hard to believe that 200 thousand of you have come out to see the show. Forever thankful for your love! See you in October! 💙 #BSBVegas

📷: Justin Segura

Alycia Mc

a month ago

I wish I could have made a show, just to expensive for me to get there. Hoping for a worldly overdue world tour very soon.

Glen Nelson

a month ago

We were there on August 10th , It was 🔥. My sister flew from Seattle to just to see this concert. I was a six grader when I first fall in love with BSB now I’m 32 & I still loves to listen BSB than all these new songs . We gonna come next year April too . It was an amazing concert won’t forget ever .

Gïbüï Tröglödïïtäh Färäóh Skëëïnnïy

a month ago

Reading comments off the fans melts my heart. I been fan from day one. Seen u 3 times and what a concert. Can't wait next year. You are the best fans all over the world love ya loads and it's cos u are the best xxxxx

Another amazing #BSBVegas run is coming to close. Final show until October tonight! You guys ready?

📷: Justin Segura

Mattie Doerhoff

a month ago

I’m so ready for November to see them❤️

Tiffany Nichole

a month ago

Mary Stark let's buy those tickets rrrrright nowwww!!! 😍😍

Candice Fliedner-Cuellar

a month ago

I love these boys they may come to Belgium X

Last couple shows of this run and last day to vote for our residency in the Best of Las Vegas awards! Who got their final votes in today? #BOLV2018 #BSBVEGAS

📷: Zappos Theater Gaby Duong

Maria Del Carmen Turcios

a month ago

Good night, do not you think to come to Monterrey? I miss them a lot and here we love them so much, come back please!

My parents took me to my first concert when I was 15! Tonight I just took my mom to the BSB concert in Vegas for her 60th bday! We had the time of our lives! Thank you BSB! We love you so so much! ♥️♥️♥️

Liliana Patricia Avila Pajaro

a month ago

Voted everyday! They deserve this so much because they are always working so hard for everything to be perfect for us ! They've already won our hearts✌🎤😍

Ready for those bright lights 😎 Week two back at #BSBVegas is kickin’ off tonight! 📷: Zappos Theater/ Gaby Duong

Cédric Fabrègues

2 months ago

Hi @backstreet Boys And AJMclean!! #BSBVegas !! Yes Your Canadian 🍁 Fans Are 💯% percent Ready And Can't Wait for The Backstreet Boys World 🌎 Tour!!

Karim Lallouche

2 months ago

Zenox Shaperd Why can't you get a style like AJ? 😬

Nancy Rosas

2 months ago

Saw u guys last wednesday with my mom. She surprised me with tickets to see you guys out in Vegas! Loved every minute of it. We were at the show where Aj rought hia Aunt Marge up on stage! Been a big fan of you guys since 1994 and met yous at the Lehigh Valley Mall before anybody knew who yous were! I would love to thank yous for letting me be a part of your lives and still listen and watch your videos every day! KTBSPA! PLEASE COME TO ALLENTOWN,PENNSYLVANIA!

It’s been a blast being back in Vegas this week! Who’s ready for a #BSBVegas Saturday night? 📷: Angela Baker

Natasha Hunt

2 months ago

Saturday is my birthday. Wish I had the money to fly half way around the world to see you 😭

Kellynn Quijance

2 months ago

See you next week. Coming all the way from New Jersey.

Bello Sefiyat

2 months ago

Nice outfits Handsome 😈 devil's u your lady's are lucky!!! Guys!!!!

The calm before the storm! Getting ready for show ✌🏻 tonight. Who‘s coming out? #BSBVegas

あした の ふずすわ

2 months ago

My son just came back from LV and on the plane were 2 moms and daughters singing BSB songs since they flew to LV to see the guys. Wish the invited me!

Douglas Gainer

2 months ago

Still the man I loved for over 20 yrs and still going😘😘😘😘😘 wish I could be there to see you perform Kev hoping you guys will come back to J.A someday.

Monica Saldarriaga Rodriguez

2 months ago

Good news for SAP students I found a page that provides full.SAP exam based questions in cheap rate and unbelievably it works.....👍👍👍

Had so much fun last night! Thanks for the warm welcome back Vegas! #BSBVegas

📷: Zappos Theater / Gaby Duong

Gabi Mazzone

2 months ago

Amazing concert and still thrilled about meeting you all at the meet and greet. Exceeded all my expectations. Thanks BSB

Drick Oreto

2 months ago

Backstreet Boys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Nick ❤ Howie ❤ Aj ❤ Kevin ❤ Brian ❤ BSB ❤

Ap Staples

2 months ago

It was so much fun. We will definitely come back with the parents since they're also BSB's fan 😄 to Vegas before your residency ends.

Big thank you to everyone who has been voting daily for the Best of Las Vegas awards! We need the #BSBArmy in full force to take home Best Resident Headliner, Best Production Show, and Best Bachelorette Party before our residency ends! Let’s do this together guys! 🙌🏻


Here’s how to vote:
1. Go to
2. Select our category:
3. Select our sub-categories:
• Best Resident Performer/Headliner
• Best Production Show
• Best Bachelorette Party
4. Select Backstreet Boys for all sub-categories
5. Submit Ballot
#BOLV2018 #BSBVegas
Featuring James Corden and the hit single, “Late Late-r Than Life” 😂😂😂 Tune into the The Late Late Show with James Corden tonight 12:37/11:37c on CBS! #Jamesstreet #BSBVegas

Walt Taylor

2 months ago

Voted!! 😊 BSB fan for life, even transformed my little girls and my 4 year old little boy into life long fans. Thank you for still making music and performing, best of luck to you all!

Latoya Monique

2 months ago

Three times seeing you men live I think I'm ready for a fourth and I definitely voted Backstreet Boys

Geneva Talley

2 months ago

I’ll vote until my fingers are black and blue. Haha get it? See ya tomorrow at Planet Hollywood, Boys 💙💜

#Jamesstreet is back, alright!! You’re not going to want to miss The Late Late Show with James Corden tomorrow night 🙌🏻 Tune in 12:37/11:37c on CBS #BSBVegas

Manon Gomes

2 months ago

Eh. I’m just waiting for you guys to back on actual tour. Late night shows don’t excite me. But watching you in concert does. 😊

Shonta Mosley

2 months ago

My best wishes for da show...Back street boys....rock da party.....from S B Mukherjee...Bilaspur..Chattisgarh..India....I still often listen ur songs..of 2000---01...n feel young as college guy...thx a lot

Terry Prangley

2 months ago

When are you gonna have your own carpool karaoke? 😭

We’ve got a date with #BSBVegas next week! Who are we seeing there?

📷: Justin Segura
Less than a week until we’re back in Vegas!! 🎲🎤🎉 Official after parties for this run are on sale now! #BSBVegas

Cida Donizeti Oliveira

2 months ago

Love this after week been hell and sitting at a dealership and ur new song is on

Saif Hamdan

2 months ago

My daughter left today from cape breton island nova Scotia Canada just to see you're show in Vegas on the 25th lifelong fan .wish there was somehow she could get a pic with you guy's or an autograph. Her name is elena macinnis she's be the one crying like a baby in her seat. Aj. I sent you a personal message on instagram plz read. Thx

Carlos Valle

2 months ago

Sadly no but I did see the show June 28th last year and saving my money ready to get tickets for the world tour....It's my 40th January 8th 2019 and my god my birthday wish would be to see u guys and meet

This about sums it up! 😂 #BrotherlyLove

Tamara Suzanne Smith

2 months ago

You are my favorite boy band and I love you all my dreams to meet you mostly Nickel 💝💜💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Maya Rihana

2 months ago

I can't TELL YOU how excited I am to hear the Backstreet Boys on the radio again with a new song, AND a new hit!!!!!!!! Love you guys! You deserve and we love your super success again now! And loved last year's smash hit and your performance on the Country Music awards!!!! ❤❤❤

Dexter Melvin

2 months ago

I've noticed that Howie is more stand offish when it comes to the other guys and like touching/affection/playing around. Lol he will go and like kiss Brian or lick Nick and everything else but freaks out/ is stand offish and acts like he doesn't want it at all when Nick will go and like playfully lick him or Aj hugs him or something (lol) Just something Ai noticed. Lol

Who’s joining us after the show for the after party?! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 1pm PST. #BSBVegas

Tomekia TJones

2 months ago

One tip: To avoid lines go in a different day. For example, if you attend the concert on friday then go to the party on saturday. It worked for me on february and it was amazing.

Teodora Horja

2 months ago

You are my favorite boy band and I love you all my dreams to meet you mostly Nickel 💝💜💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cynthia Skidmore

2 months ago

You have to do something like that in Texas 😭

Hard at work in the studio this week 🙌🏻 So excited for you guys to hear what we’ve got coming.

Isse Praxediz

2 months ago

Always excited to see y'all still up and about making new musics. So great to see you all still singing together after all this time. I was around 12 yrs when I started to know you all. Now I'm 31 going on 32. You still haven't aged at all. Keep up the spirit. Best of luck.

Claudia Troncoso

2 months ago

So excited and can't to go back to vegas but hoping to get tour tickets for UK (london) as 2019 Jan 8th will be my 40th and there nothing better than celebrating my 40th with BSB involed after having 25 years of so many great memories with u guys Backstreet Boys....Meeting u guys would be my birthday wish Nick Carter AJ McLean Brian Littrell Kevin Richardson Howie D xxxxx

Kirby James

2 months ago

Hi guys! I know you get a lot of comments but I hope you see this one. I have a 12 year old alternative ish kid who likes all kind of music, nightcore, xxtenacoin, house music, cardi, linkin park, bts etc. but I was very surprised she ended up adding your songs “show me the meaning of being lonely, I want it that way, shape of my heart, larger than life” in the playlist... I hope the things you guys come up with are as relatable as they always have been, because I can’t wait for boy bands to take over again!!!!

‪Who’s been playing the #DontGoBreakingMyHeart remixes all weekend?! 🎶‬

Marco Traslaviña

2 months ago

I love the original version and i had it on replay since last week! ❤️🙌

Adela Alvarez

2 months ago

I have been hearing the song on multiple radio stations in Chicago AND I heard it at the mall today inside Express!! It's been so long since people played a new song of yours and I'm so happy about it!!

André Barreto

2 months ago

Not me. They sound like helium balloons in that song

You never forget days like this. All smiles yesterday on Good Morning America! #BACKSTREETBOYSonGMA

📸: Paula Lobo / ABC

Kevin Alexander Salcedo Jiménez

2 months ago

Loved it all! Stupid special report had to come on towards the end of I want it that way. Could have waited until after or at noon when the news comes on. It was the Friday the 13th so I guess bad luck had to happen. Who even cares about that special report, it was something bigger that would've been different. At least GMA posted the rest of the song on thier website. *Can't wait for more new music & new world tour <3

Shyleigh Davis

2 months ago

It was an amazing show. We broke night in the park. We made through sound check then I caught an anxiety attack from all the people. Can’t wait for the tour.

فارس علي

2 months ago

You are one of the best bands around. Im looking forward to seeing a few of your concerts in Vegas this year. Thank you for making me smile😊

Had such an amazing time with Good Morning America today 🙌🏻 Can’t thank you all enough for the love and support! Whether you came out to Central Park or watched from home, we appreciate you! #BACKSTREETBOYSonGMA

📸: Paula Lobo / ABC

Jeon Jiyoung

2 months ago

I'm not even going to lie and say that I am not going to be saving this to my computer. Kevin and A.J.'s jacket's are splendid!!! And the backdrop is awesome!!! Kevin's hair too! So luscious. He is most likely heard that before though. Guess I am just going to add to that then. I💓BSB!!!!! And Obviously Kevin. Going to add more hearts for him in this one. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Valerie Gail Martin

2 months ago

After a big break gap....m so happy 2 get news about Back Streets Where about......So Simpelly I request......EVERY BODDDDDY ROCK UR BODDDDDY...Back street back al right.....

Socrates Georgiadis

2 months ago

I absolutely couldn't believe it when I was going through YouTube and saw a post of the BSB. On for a few minutes but I scrolled down further and saw the time they were on GMA.... Earlier.... They still know how to. Rock the odience.........And you can enjoy this group at any age! Their song's come from their hearts.......

Meet you guys in Vegas! Presale tickets for our last #BSBVegas dates are available right now! Use password: EVERYBODY

Hanna Hobday

2 months ago

Omg, I wish!! I don’t have it in me to leave Valentina now that she is a little older!! Lol should we bring her? Lol

Yovie Pratama

2 months ago

it's sooo cool how you still rock the stages and i hope i could feel this atmosphere one day live in Austria or in the near in europe 💪

Jose Rivera

2 months ago

I wanna see them so bad!!!

In case you missed it the first time, our episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonis back on NBC tonight! Tune in 11:35/10:35c 🎶
📷: Andrew Lipovsky
Here we go! Fan club pre-sale for our final #BSBVegas dates is live now!

Gleyder Solano

2 months ago

Backstreet Boys I Am A Fan Of The

Beth Simpson

2 months ago

Come to Germany please hann 😁

Patrick Kelly

2 months ago

Backstreet Boys Am A Fan

Happy #FourthOfJuly everybody! 🇺🇸🤣

Phonecia Turner

2 months ago

Did you wish Nanci a Happy Birthday? Have a great 4th of July!

Adil Moujjane

2 months ago

Happy 4th of july guys! From a fan that is also an America addicted❤️

Lauren Sugden

2 months ago

Happy 4th of July Backstreet Boys!!

It’s going down on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! Tune in 11:35/10:35c on NBC! #FallonTonight

Kris Stephens

3 months ago

I Have the DVR Set to Record I promise

Ria Catua

3 months ago

Cool backstreet back alright😍

Abdul Shakoor

3 months ago

BSB If my eyes can stay open that late I’ll be watching but prob be watching on YouTube tomorrow 😂♥️

The kids from Ds Dance Club got moves! Big thanks to Detlef D! Soost for adding a few of our dance routines into school programs across Germany.

Kathy Collins

3 months ago

There's something you don't see every day. Awesome job kids

Audacious Mogoane

3 months ago

Mega - Mega😀 and hats off for the kids from the D! Dance Club and Detlef Soost Congratulations on this success, I'm happy for everyone. -Alex-

Gayle Rittgers

3 months ago

Those kids can dance just like BSB! Future BSB backup dancers!

Feels good to be back! Catch us on TRL this Friday, June 29th at 8am EST.

Javiera Figueroa Jara

3 months ago

Hello hello from Costa Rica greetings are the best

Cecilia Moreno

3 months ago

call me Dr. Maileen Bautista Castro i am curable with many sickness loving man i wanted to be Maya for fans

Jerri Resnick

3 months ago

Remember getting home from school and racing to the tv to make sure bsb was number one on TRL!!!! Ah the memories!

We’re up for a #TeenChoice award! #DontGoBreakingMyHeart is nominated for Best Pop Song at the 2018 FOX Teen Choice Awards. Vote here:

Tynisa Dorsey

3 months ago

I do 10 votes a day very

Carly Wagner

3 months ago

I have already voted a few. The guys did a great job and deserve our support. And now we have the opportunity to show that we stand behind them.😉

Monica Gonzalez

3 months ago

Yes! You can vote up to 10 times a day.... AND if you have more than one email you can cast in more votes like that 😉!!!

Amazing night!! Thank you 106.1 BLI #BLIsummerjam

Hicham Altyari

3 months ago

I love BSB I always have and always will, been a fan from the start & grew up enjoying. Mom & I will always be fans. Your documentary was good.

Robert Wadolowski

3 months ago

Warning there are scammers out there imitating BSB. They will end up asking for a donation. BSB won't contact you through social media. I had to block a Nick Carter one who was fake. Be aware.

Anthony Debonise

3 months ago

Look at the serious expression on Nick's Face

Wish we were aboard #BSBCruise2018 with all our friends right now. We can’t thank you all enough ❤️

James Ighodaro

3 months ago

Jennifer Sheehan when I win the lottery we’ll go on one of these trips!!

Geraldine Loughlin Damanti

3 months ago

Like this ; The best moment.
And your interest tour concert in Thailand??
Fanclub BSB Thailand :)

Elauria Ramon

3 months ago

Will we be able to have a chance to enjoy a live show with you guys😭😭
I'm from Sri Lanka

Always a blast performing alongside these guys 🙌🏻 Huge thanks to Tyler and Brian for inviting us on stage for a little God, Your Mama, and Me at #CMAFest last night.
📷: Andrew Wendowski Photography LLC

Taylor LeeAnne Buzzard

3 months ago

Huge Backstreet boy fan. Never had the opportunity to go to a concert to see them in person. But I had all the posters an all the music. I would do anything to see them in person. My favorite boy band.

TimVic Hegge

3 months ago

BSB + FGL=Legends ♥️

Anna Ska

3 months ago

i always loves you BSB so much.

So much hard work from so many incredibly talented people went into the making of God Your Mama and Me. A big thanks and congrats to our brothers of Florida Georgia Line, Big Loud, Hillary Lindsey, Josh Kear, and Gordie Sampson. Truly blessed to be a part of this 🙏

FebNo Echo

3 months ago

👏👏👏👏👏 Congratulations guys! We love you😍😍😍😍

Kathy Nixon

3 months ago

I am so super proud to be a super fan!!! #Bsb4life

Amit Chen

3 months ago

BSB ans FGL 😍 im in love!

Everyone in this picture knows exactly how incredible collaborating with Florida Georgia Line can be! Tyler and BK, thank you for introducing us to this community and literally opening your home to us. Bebe Rexha, you’re the sweetest! Here’s to many more memories!

Stacey Coleman

3 months ago

Hey. I'm 53 in August and love the BSB thanks to my teenager now adult daughter at the time introduced me to their music. Lol.

Deidre P Lewis

3 months ago

Sylvie La we’re goiiiiiing to FGL House 🤟🏼

Jorge Reyes

3 months ago

I Love you Nick. You are so cute And Beautiful

We are over the moon! Thank you to our boys Florida Georgia Line, to CMT and the whole country community for welcoming us with open arms!!

📸: Jason Myers

Manuel Gomes

3 months ago

congrats guys 🎉 loved your reactions when they called your name you could tell that you were genuinely surprised when you won I had a feeling you guys were going to win ♥️

Dina Tarek

3 months ago

congratulations Brian,Kevin,AJ, Howie and Nick for winning your award last night!!! and you guys were so amazing performing!!!

April Marie Langsford

3 months ago

My Gorgeous Backstreet Boys I Love You

TOMORROW. Tune into CMT tomorrow 8/7c to catch us live! And if you wanna get wild with us in the pit, enter to win a pair of free tickets from 1iota! #CMTAwards

Ana Cleia Batista

3 months ago

see you in the pit tomorrow boys with my sister Kacie Lang

James Williams

3 months ago

Love the way they assemble together...

Hlengiwe Selepe

3 months ago

Where on the page i can vote for you?? I dont find It @brianlittrell @backstreetboys I want to support you

Watch us get down at iHeartRadio's Wango Tango tonight (8pm ET/PT) on Freeform 🙌🏻#WangoTangoOnFreeform

Wayne Ivens

3 months ago

I absolutely hate the new Backstreet Boys remake of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart the worst ever!! Please no more remixes!! Just make new songs if you want to be with the “in crowd” very disappointing sorry but agree to disagree

Kaeko Kato

3 months ago

I’m so watching this now

Brenda Gilliland

3 months ago

Love you guys and hope you come to Germany again please

With the man Ryan Seacrest!! Almost go time #WangoTango!

Richie McCracken

3 months ago

I didn't get a lot of sleep Friday night into Saturday, but I still stayed up until 2am to see my boys perform, and it was totally worth it. I'm exhausted today, but I regret nothing. 💖💖

Michael Carl

3 months ago

we need a reality show about the Vegas residency 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣❤️❤️❤️

Casey Jones

3 months ago

jesteście Wszyscy Super chłopaki i lubię Backstreet Boys.

International press day for #DONTGOBREAKINGMYHEART! #BSBArmy roll call, where have you been listening from? 🙌🏻

Iris Martin

3 months ago

Sultan, WA my husband heard it on the radio turned it way up and called me yesterday. It was awesome. Then my 19 year old male coworker was telling me about how great it was and i turned 15 again and started naming all my favorite songs!!!

Sara Recalde

4 months ago

Irvine, Ky 💙... I've been one of your fans since I was little! Meeting Kevin in our hometown on our football field when i was in middle school (yrs ago lol) was one of my most awesome memories!

Arric Hudson Sr

4 months ago

Sylacauga, Alabama. I’ve seen you guys in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa. Love the new song. Continuing to pray for you guys and your families and your success! Best wishes from the Heart of Dixie!!!