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Just in time for cold weather!Hit up to order this sick blanket that will keep you cozy alllll winter long.

Christy Eickhoff

a day ago

Sandi it's cotton!

Alexandr Davidenko

2 days ago

Caitlyn Kennedy Baby it's cold outside

Delena Grakist

2 days ago

Corey Chamberlain must have

Just 2 months away!Let's party!

Colleen Chandler

6 days ago

Kiran Anderson we need to go!

Dems Jd

6 days ago

See you in Birmingham! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙌🏻

Daphanie Rere Dye-Wright

6 days ago

Robert Hay fancy another london gig ?

On a vraiment hâte de venir jouer en France pour 3 concerts à l'occasion du Phantom Anthem Tour avec les groupes Wage War et Betraying the Martyrs ! Prenez votre place dès maintenant !

Jonathan Sigala

8 days ago

Vince Ody C?

Malgosia Olewnik

8 days ago

Baptiste Vigier toujours au top 👌💯

Khuzaimi Khasidin

9 days ago

C'est fait pour Lyon Florian Lorie

Munich!We are moving on up!Time to party. More tix are available at!

Aaron Rey

10 days ago

Both my FAVORITE metal bands!!!!!!!!!!!

Datu Joven

10 days ago

Please bring this tour to the States.

Michael DeWayne Smith

10 days ago

Random question: Will Winter Wilderness be released on CD?

Happy Birthday to Phantom Anthem! After having the album for a year, what are your three favorite songs?

Mateoy Veronica Fernandez Bombillar

14 days ago

So hard to choose just three, but I think Lifeline, King of Sorrow, and Dangerous are probably my favorites

Jean Carlo Pulido Araque

14 days ago

The Frost and Lifeline are two of my favorites. It's really tough to pick favorites on an album like this. It's an incredibly diverse and very mature album. Musically it's very close to a masterpiece.

Angelica Ross

15 days ago

The frost, Generations and invisible enemy in that order. It's an amazing album as a whole to be fair and one of me favourites.

Limited back patches available now on our @impericon webstore!

Vania Barros Silva

16 days ago

$20 shipping?! No thanks

Ana Suárez Fernández

17 days ago

Kayla Ö Jocelyn

Scott Beglinger

17 days ago

August Burns Red you guys should do a phanton anthem backpatch

Germany!Who's ready for the Phantom Anthem Tour?!

Pick up tickets at!

Jelle Borgman

18 days ago

I am so fucking ready for that last date boys, we will crush the Garage!

Anitra Johnson

18 days ago

Bad ass line up

Eric Fuzra

18 days ago

Why isnt Hamburg on the list?

The UK Phantom Anthem Tour might start in December but tickets are cruising NOW!

Get yours at!

Andrew Glass

19 days ago

Aaron Blackburn Dude, the dream... Apart from it being in the UK

Mat Mojica

19 days ago

Toby probably should get them now hahaha

Abby Barroso

19 days ago

Luke Smith gotta get on it mate

That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who came out to see the Reverence Tour. It was one of the best tours we’ve ever been a part of! Special thanks to @parkwaydriveofficial for having us and to our friends in @tdwpband and @polarisaus. We’ll see you all soon! 📷: @Rayduker #augustburnsred #metal

Best tour ever!

Dorota Dorothy Didi

a month ago

Need to comeback to Myrtle beach. Show was canceled because of the hurricane.

Viviean Koo

a month ago

See you guys next time in SLC! My first ABR experience will always be one to remember.

Tucson, we’re all sold out for tonight. Looking forward to playing for you! 📷: @Rayduker #augustburnsred #metal #tucson #soldout

Alissa Paredes

a month ago

Awesome show!!! You should play
at City Church tomorrow in El Mirage AZ!!!

Andy-Carol Kowalski

a month ago

Come back to Michigan!!

Erica Cruz

a month ago

That feel when I didnt know you were playing in Tuscon tonight...😭

Just got these new embroidered patches in. Snatch one at an upcoming show!

Federico Sosa

a month ago

Will be grabbing one tonight in New Mexico!

Becky Nadin

a month ago

Arden sed virens

Keniia Marthiinesz

a month ago

Ughhhhhh I buy so much at shows. How can I order one?

We out here. Five to go. Let’s smash together, shall we? 📷: @Rayduker #augustburnsred #metal #orlando #livemusic
Black and White.

Danielle Vanover

a month ago

I wish they would reschedule the myrtle beach date. Stupid hurricane screwed up seeing them the day of my birthday. I don’t want the money back! I want to see the show!

Clement Asante

a month ago

see you guys on sunday with parkway. Gonna be so epic. Cant wait.

David Parent

a month ago

Damn dudes. Great picture.

We wish we were gigging today, but instead we are sending our best wishes to the Carolinas. Take Care!

Shyam Panchal

a month ago

I was planning to make the drive from Charlotte to this show... sux to miss it! Definitely hope you’ll be back sometime soon!

Thomas Payne

a month ago

North Carolina says come play in Raleigh.

Cheerie Brooks

a month ago

Why not do both?

Germany!The Phantom Anthem Tour kicks off in just two months!What shows are YOU coming to?

Marilys Radi

a month ago

Jason Faur I have never sweat so much from just standing while we were waiting for the show to start/next band 😖

Bruce Egresics

a month ago

Yo August Burns Red, when are you guys coming back to Australia? I keep seeing all these shows you’re playing and I feel like I’m missing out...

Sandra Rocio Martìnez Romero

a month ago

Munich and Frankfurt!

@dustindavidsonabr has a new look. 📷: @Rayduker #afi

Cher Nuckels

a month ago

What about #babyfacejake? Now THAT was weird to see

Megan Dula

a month ago

Jared Dines is that you? 🤫Dustin pulls it off better.

Blue steel, latigra, Ferrari, they're all 1 look!!!!!! How are you not seeing this! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Last night we played the biggest Cleveland show of our career. Ready to play for a packed house tonight in Toronto. This tour rules🤘🏽 📷: @rayduker #augustburnsred #livemusic #metal #cleveland

Banesa Lara

a month ago

Amazing performance you guys played flawlessly. Jb just looks so relaxed while playing insane riffs its sickening lol thanks a lot ABR

Federica Corrado

a month ago

Where's the Chi-town pic?

Jenn Menjin

a month ago

Last night's show was top notch boys. Feeling it today

See you tonight Chicago!Love ya!

Brian Ringle

2 months ago

Great set! Had to leave early pregnant wife got too hot.

Marissa Bhojwani

2 months ago

Québec this saturday!!!!! :-)

Krs Dolmeth

2 months ago

Let’s fucking rock Chicago!!

Out to dinner with @seenmerch, the fine folks who print all of merchandise for tour. They’ve been supplying our merch for the past decade and they’re the best!

Lesly Riveros

2 months ago

I spot a Utes T-Shirt!!

Jasmine Monique Newburn

2 months ago

See you tomorrow night!!!!

Victoria Musenge

2 months ago

Jake skips leg day 😏

Las Vegas was so much fun. Can’t wait to play tonight in Salt Lake! This tour is...ahhhhh! 📷: Ray Duker #augustburnsred #metal #lasvegas #reverencetour

Heike Brandauer

2 months ago

Come to Guatemala .!! lml

Gunhild Dahlberg

2 months ago

It was an awesome show last night!!

Francesco De Gennaro

2 months ago

See you Friday!!

France!We are pumped to bring the Phantom Anthem Tour to your beautiful country!

Camila Maria

2 months ago

Guillaume Mireur? Alan Anderson? Boris Vichith?

Jocelyne Huguet

2 months ago

Chloé Pierre there we go

Yadira Cisneros

2 months ago

Jean-Daniel Bonnetotis Remy Rtntle 2 décembre au Ninkasi ?

Limited to just 100 and available NOW at!!Pick it up if you hate wind!

Romeo Román Anez

2 months ago

My half birthday was last week get it

Troy Baker

2 months ago

Brooke Louise WalterRidge Raddatz hey brooke, ridge and i’s birthday is coming up...

Katie Heidt

2 months ago

Antoine c’est pas ça mais penses y a l’occaz 😏

New hoodie available on the upcoming North American tour with Parkway Drive. Tour starts in one week!

Garañon José

2 months ago

Any chance to get this online for non US fans?

Raquel Johnson

2 months ago

Bryan Hayes I neeed itt!

Yvana Y Punto

2 months ago

Why don't you make a tshirt of august burning red?

Practice starts today for our tour with Parkway Drive!Matt Greiner = PUMPED!

Ronnie Bree Taylor

2 months ago

We all know what happens after this!!!! Studio.....

Paula Dobbertin

2 months ago

Judging by the angle of his sticks and the facial expression, I assume they are practicing Marathon to finally play on tour!!

Thuận Phạm

2 months ago


This monster starts in two weeks and shows are selling out!

Grab your tickets at!

Martin Junior

2 months ago

Why have you guys been avoiding the northwest?

Cris Cuesta

2 months ago

It’s disappointing to se tdwp as openers when they’re fucking legendary and more innovative than any of these other bands like what the fuck I’m heated

Christopher Guetig

2 months ago

The tour I've always (I shit you not) DREAMED for and it's not coming to heart is broken.

All our digital guitar and drum tab books are 25% off from now through August 20th. Check em out here:

Ida Watts-Zore

2 months ago

Don’t see drum tab books, and I sure would like to

Ama Mawusime

2 months ago

Come back to the champ before they close their doors permanently! Pleaseeeee

Mism Apr

2 months ago

Also..... instrumental Phantom Anthem plz?

@matthewgreiner and @dustindavidsonabr posing between songs at @imatterfestival last weekend. 📷: @ashley_kalinoski_photo #augustburnsred #imatter

Karla Coyoth

2 months ago

Ilove mens i love

Roberta Halecki

2 months ago

Joshua Feliciano Caleb Feliciano Jeremy Feliciano Alvin Pinchi is that caleb in the middle in the white???

Wilmar Gabriel Pérez-Mahecha

2 months ago

Come to Greece

We’ve got a nice spread of new guitar picks for the upcoming tour with Parkway Drive. Grab your tix and catch some picks.

Blanca Sanchez

2 months ago

Hope you're gonna bring some of those along to the UK! 😍

Alvin Gaines Jr.

2 months ago

Any of these picks be making their way to Australia any time soon? 😊🇦🇺

Jose Silva Correa

2 months ago

Yeah, put all of them in the merch store as a bundle. I can't just "pick" one!

We're having a summer sale on our European webstore. Check it out at!

We are driving to @imatterfestival in @dustindavidson’s car. We tour in a car now. (Brent’s in the trunk.)

Ariel Man

2 months ago

Come to Michigan!

Sow Niia

2 months ago

That was amazing! Thanks for playing an amazing set!

Kerrianna Mabrey

2 months ago

Poor Brent! Jammin’ in the trunk

Restocked and available in all sizes. Ships within 24 hours!

Sunny Singh

2 months ago

August Burns Red ARGENTINA!

Winda Luna Lifya

2 months ago

Jonno Wood need matching shirts of bottom right

Melissa Clark Taves

2 months ago

Sold out again.... 🙃

And I mean the shirt not the band...

The UK Phantom Anthem Tour is selling fast!Don’t miss out!

Dom Charlie

2 months ago

Harry Pethel rams Bristol?

Agyeman Randy

2 months ago

Anderson Souza ABR, seguido de STYG e counterparts e no terceiro dia pra fechar Bt. Partiu ou não?

Iris Gonzalez

2 months ago

Noah Edward year on....!

Moments after our final @vanswarpedtour performance. We played over 160 shows on the Warped Tour across five different summers. Grateful we could be a part of such a legendary festival. #foreverwarped 📷: @rayduker

Rosemary Daudelin

2 months ago


Päivi Romppanen

2 months ago

Dallas In September!
All aboard.

Jess Jordan Bòsnia

2 months ago

Son geniales sigan así com esas fuerza para cambiar corazones

Hasta la vista Warped Tour!

David Armand

2 months ago

Many good memories from warped. It's where I first saw you guys and a bunch of other bands live. Used to go every year. Can't believe it's gone.

Derrell Freeman

2 months ago

Mariana' s burn's

Takashi Murakami

3 months ago

Did you guys get to see Twizted?

Last Warped Tour EVER!We play at 4:30 and we sign at 2:30.

Jane Peterson Horne

3 months ago

Can we beat the shit out of nickelback fans for probaly having something to do with this

ตะวันโรยราญ อยู่ใต้แสงเงา

3 months ago

Ricky Micho cest fini

Banele Gamedze

3 months ago

I remember when you guys released your first album. Crazy to see how you’re one of the few metalcore bands that has reached world fame and worthy paychecks

Screw fireworks!We are dropping bombs here in Tampa!Such a sick pic.

Karina Laskowska

3 months ago

That breakdown is about to be sick

Ilka Stahl

3 months ago

Maggie. That's pretty neat.

Heliany López

3 months ago

Watch out, there's a spaceship waiting behind that cloud. They're always going for the landmarks. 😂

We will be rippin gigs and showin skin today at 8pm in Tampa!See you at Warped Tour!

Ilka Stahl

3 months ago

U guys killed it

Mahlatse Mokgope

3 months ago

always look forward to an ABR upskirt

Latasha Coleman

3 months ago

Gonzalo Higuain on bass

This sick mint tank is available NOW at!Grab one before they are gone!

Zehra Bingöl

3 months ago

Ethan Burns we should get matching ones

Diane MacMillan

3 months ago

Dallas Naish all you m8

Lanett Baer

3 months ago

Amanda Tingley it’s in your color!

Matt Greiner with today’s Warped Tour Schedule!

Christian Berger

3 months ago

If just Matt played for a half hour at warped I'd still be pretty fucking stoked.

Jenny Bowman

3 months ago

He looks so happy

Веселин Николов

3 months ago

Chris Keiser ahhh we just missed them

Geese migrating towards the sound of the White Washed intro.Beautiful. Liz Peterson Photography
Today’s Warped Tour Schedule!See you soon!

Jaime Santiago

3 months ago

Thats because they are Canadian and know awesome music when they hear it.

Sebastião Almeida

3 months ago

Gotta get those killer growls and hisses from the geese on the next album!

Chloe Bridle

3 months ago

Sarah Lustrea it got caught on camera!

Bigfoot and breakdowns today at Warped Tour Atlanta!See you at 4pm!

Deandra Kenzie

3 months ago

Wish i was there

Mahkato Wakan Tashunka

3 months ago

Can't go wrong

Mirel Sabo

3 months ago

Felix RT Bigfoot and breakdowns 😃

Today’s Warped Tour schedule!Come say hello at 3pm and then come rage at 6:50pm!

Chris McIlhagga

3 months ago

you guys fucking rocked 🤘🤘🤘🤘 i got to meet in i was so freakin excited ❤️❤️❤️ #bestguitaristever

Madona Allado

3 months ago

My ride mad us leave right before they went on. Hope it was a good show, pissed i couldnt see it 😠

Melodyia Coleman

3 months ago

You guys were AMAZING! Thanks for giving my dog, Kodah, some attention during your signing! He was the best dog today, worked all day in the heat to keep me safe. You're all amazing!

We meet up with the Warped Tour tomorrow and we can’t wait!!Who will we see this week??

Alisha Davis

3 months ago

See you guys in Atlanta!!

Meredith Lancaster

3 months ago

See you in Orlando!!

Jennifer Clark

3 months ago

Can't wait to see y'all in Tampa! ✌

What mountain are you facing that you can’t seem to conquer? In the lyrics of many of our songs, Jake writes about those same mountains he’s faced in his life.

Jake recently wrote a new book—Mountains—sharing his personal struggles so you can find the faith to overcome yours. Should you buy his book today, you’ll get a chance to be 1 of 10 people Jake will fly to Austin, TX for a weekend retreat with him into the mountains to talk life, faith, and struggles. Once you order your copy, send proof of purchase from Amazon to for your chance to win! Snag your copy here:
Preparing for Warped Tour!See you Sunday in Maryland!

Keith Callens

3 months ago

All you are is all we want it burns inside us all. These lyrics have been in my head consistently lately. Thanks ABR for giving me some help with the stress of life.

Johnathan Sullivan

3 months ago

"You've reached the summit now transcend the skies." Love it

Angeline Theresa Archie

3 months ago

thought that was kratos for a second

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Jo-Ann Fitzgerald

3 months ago

Lol holy shit though, so expensive

Abel Mubarack

3 months ago

This is FIREEE

Simo Eddawdi

3 months ago

Why is there a giant rose on it?? That ain’t metal!

Venue Upgrade!We can now shred with more people in Dresden!

Pick up tickets at!

Veronica Phillips

3 months ago

Never heard of betraying the martyrs are they good? Anyone heard then?

Liney Berrio Tapia

3 months ago

Wayne HutchinsBen Shepherd
Wish I was there!

Eric Walld

3 months ago

Cassie of only they had a show closer then NYC

Hey shredders! We are moving to a rack system so our two Kemper Amp heads are available now!!These heads feature tons of live and studio ABR tones!!Hit up this link to get in on the action!

Black Amp -

White Amp -

Lori Gustin

4 months ago

Chris Zell this would be crazy

Josie Bynum

4 months ago

Where's the "buy now" option? 🙁

Ajay Marar

4 months ago

Alexander you jumped the gun on your Kemper :P

We are playing a FREE show with Underoath and tons of other bands on August 12th!

Hit up for details!

Ruperto Diaz Peres

4 months ago

Jeremy Burgin look at this lineup... and it's a free event. 😑

Fabrizzio Santos

4 months ago

Insert 30 rock gif of I want to goto there

Katlego Tabex Mokgwetsi

4 months ago

Jacob Simmons this would be the best show

This is the mock up of Jake’s puppet for the “Invisible Enemy” video.We saw it and we said DO IT!!

Robert James Hollawell Sr.

4 months ago

Only ABR can convince me that an honest-to-God puppet is shredding.

Jean-Blaise Betrisey

4 months ago

Almost looks like Kratos from god of war.

Hossein Mohammadi

4 months ago

The irony, it seems to me, is that if any metalcore band is disingenuous enough to be portrayed as a group of puppets, they're definitely not August Burns Red. Otherwise we wouldn't still be seeing such beautiful lyrics written by the likes of Brent Rambler and Matt Greiner.

Please clap.

Good news guys, if you missed our “Crazy Cow Farmer Milking” shirt from 2009, Sears still has some. 😂 #Sears

Jordan Gruber

5 months ago

Jesus I still have this lmao

Ellen Servatius

5 months ago

I can’t find it 😞 anyone have a link?

Tsikelelo Balula

5 months ago

I had this shirt back in the day!