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A little length and some light ☀️ 💁🏼‍♀️: @anjabee 💇🏼‍♀️: @anhcotran and @livedinhairextensions @extensionology

Happy birthday Martin Luther King Jr! 🙌🏼 these words still ring true to this day.

If all else fails just....

What a great reunion we had 😂😂😂 (photoshop is getting too real)

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Chandler Sheldon

4 days ago

Hey Ashley. I work at a pizza joint that sells 28 inch pizza and pizza by the slice. I can give you pizza whenever you want if you hang out with me for a day

Jason Hsu

also shared about Ashley Tisdale

Thanks for providing cover, Ashley! When Sheriff Buford T. Diet catches me eating pizza, all I have to do is tell them that you eat it, which means that it cannot possibly be fattening. :)

Head over to my app to find out what happened!

Tonight!!! @justinhires is giving you a little sneak peak on what’s to come on @macgyvercbs at 8pm!

New year, same workout! My favorite WundaBar Pilates at home edition on an all new #tizzietuesday

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Marty Stoecker

8 days ago

ashley love you and very happy for you you are so hot i love your voive i just got through watching aliens in the attic you were hot then and you are always hot love ya again

Feelin’ sassy 💥

In solidarity with my fellow ladies! It’s time to stand up and demand gender equality! Link in bio to donate to the legal defense fund! #timesupnow

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Stephen Lefcort

10 days ago

Love you Ashely! I love High School Musical I love Sharpay Evans so much!, can you make a Sharpay Movie 2 And High School Musical 4

My world is pink 🌷

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Amy List

15 days ago

I love u Ashley tisdale❤
Beatiful name and luv the style🎀
So talented and so amazing in high school musical luv the film😘

I literally say this 20 Times a day......

Doing my duties as matron of honor -- just found this awesome website Zola that makes it SO much easier to create a wedding registry. Zola gives you a step by step guide and curates amazing gifts that I wish I could have registered for! Zola also saves time and hassle during the wedding process with an RSVP manager and customizable checklist! If you're a bride to be or planning a wedding, you should definitely check Zola out.

When @anjabee gets you ready for the new year with some fresh 🎨

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the older you get the more you look like the mother of our children 😍 just long as you're not in my basement

Best day in Malibu with my favorite people. 🎄 #newtradition

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Kenneth Smart

a month ago

I have a nirvana t Givin to me from a friend hostess for big money mill billionaire folks she got tipped 20000 one trip flying from new York City or some big riches state twenty thousand which isn't shot to the richest as she hosts for

Sunday’s 🖤

Time for the first Giveaway for my #Ashleys7daysofchristmas giveaways! For the first prize I decided I wanted to give the gift of amazing skin. I partnered with one of my faves @dimyoorskin to gift you some of their amazing caviar skin essentials including their Caviar Cream face moisturizer,  Neck and Decolleté Caviar Cream, and Instant Face Lift!! To enter: Follow me @AshleyTisdale and tag 2 friends in the comments below! Every friend tagged counts as an extra entry! Good luck!

Last night with you was magical✨

In desperate need of coffee. I’m fully addicted! What’s you’re favorite kind of coffee hot or cold?

Everything. #KateMoss

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Jess Tinsley

a month ago

Why are your fingers down the drain? And what hotel is this so i know not to go to? The tub looks old n gross.. loll

David Evans

also shared about Ashley Tisdale

Oh, my God! This reminds me. Yesterday I went-to-the-mattressed cleaning up the old apartment. The hardest part was scrubbing out the bathtub. I used Clorox cleanser and SoS pads and scrubbed the living daylights out of that tub. Talk about gunk. Yikes!

Kenneth Smart

also shared about Ashley Tisdale

Seeing your tub looks familiar house imin is 40 yrs old two owners only ,mine two tubs steel white and bigger than your pink one,,,

Christmas in LA 🖤 #chanel

Fans shared about Ashley Tisdale

Aji Saepul

a month ago

(ˆڡˆ) Robert Zwolinski (ˆڡˆ)


Cie cie malu nih udah hadir
langsung pergi ajh xixi
colek ah Robert Zwolinski haha

*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*

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I love me some clip ins💕
Pour some glitter on me ✨

Don’t take yourself too seriously! Learn to laugh 😂 tag someone who makes you laugh so hard you cry!

This week’s #TizzieTuesday I’m sharing one of my favorite secrets at @Denmeditation. I love to meditate every morning to help me feel centered, so I wanted to share with you how you can meditate at home with the help from my friend @JamieWozny. Link in my bio🙏🏼#FindYourDen
This week’s #TizzieTuesday I’m sharing one of my favorite secrets at The DEN Meditation. I love to meditate every morning to help me feel centered, so I wanted to share with you how you can meditate at home with the help from my friend Jamie Wozny. Click here>>🙏🏼#FindYourDen

Happy birthday to my dad!! He’s probably never gonna see this but thanks for always being there for me and supporting me through everything. I love you daddy and so does Maui 💕

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Johnny Charneca

a month ago

Girl, you look amazing in this. And you know what? I don't know if you're a fan of Sailor Moon or not, but that colour you're wearing, it reminds me so much of Sailor Mercury. Stay safe, Ashley. ;)

This Christmas...... #thoushaltspend 😝😂🤪🤩

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Ryan James Brengman

2 months ago

Ashley, come to Minnesota and we can get coffee...I'm really good at what I do and I can do tricks on my bike.

B O S S. 📷: @eliastahan

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Annie Hulsey

2 months ago

This photo is a weird one to post because ur sitting in ur bra I can see it be cool if u were in a crop top or even a sports bra but this seems a little bit much

🎄Bring on the holiday cheer🎄 I’ve teamed up with @stjude and @kmart to donate to the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by taking a selfie of my ridiculously awesome ugly sweater. Show me your sweater swag and Kmart will donate $1 to St.Jude for every selfie shared!! Here’s how: Step 1️⃣ Upload your photo Step 2️⃣ Tag @stjude and @kmart using #UglySweaterForBetter The more selfies shared, the more money raised! #SelfieShowdown

When dreams become reality ✨✨

The look I give @cmfrench when I ask him to do the dishes 😇

Happy #TizzieTuesday! New video is LIVE on my YouTube Channel and this week is a #GRWM! Big thank you to the beautiful Laura Lee for joining me, I had so much fun hanging out and trying each other's make-up palettes! Click here to join our girl talk and get ready with us >>

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Ronald Lee Lawrence

2 months ago

What if it's the only way to save a dieing planet? Daddy said no. Then it is no. If they gave refuge they've signed on as liable. Cutting chords

Ronald Lee Lawrence

also shared about Ashley Tisdale

Becky Farmer, a true tho distanced beaut. Fannie Farmer to funny Parker. And I can be visited. Somehow I just hazed and thought you were latter. Really could've used a concur on Lincolns. 84 Carter it shows again. I discovered a peanut. Am metal and stout fences. And that is why traitors are untrustworthy. Still hope, it couldn't random watching cause Twould drive insane. The medium will return to me. Thanks for your time.

‪Can’t wait to see this lil pup tomorrow💕💕 Miss my Maui‬

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Anthony Osborne

2 months ago

Ashley Tisdale starring in STARWARS:" BOBA FETT" ; STARWARS: "DARTH VADER" ; STARWARS: STORMTROOPERS --She's a big girl now she can handle Vader about as well as anyone.Or maybe she even has her very own jetpack and battles Boba FETT? Someone should make this happen.

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Centro Psicoterapéutico Renacer

2 months ago

Probablemente nadie lea esto, pero voy a escribirlo de todas formas porque sé que al menos una persona lo hará. Hola tengo una página de equilibrio emocional, sé que hay muchas de ellas, pero la mía es algo diferente. Si tú pasas por mi página y no te gusta, está bien, pero si te gusta eso sería asombroso. Si lees esto ¿Podrías presionar el pulgar arriba?. Así otras personas podrían leerlo Gracias.


‪Can we just stay in? ‬