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Rest in paradise my beautiful queen 👑

dont tax my gig so hard-core cruster.

David F Chavez

a day ago

Oh yeah Encino man

Kendall Salazar

a day ago

Cause if I had the whole Brady bunch thing happening at I my pad I go grind over there

Paige Reiter

a day ago

My tongue wants to make you scream

it’s Wednesday so...

Abriil Cervantes Gonzalez

3 days ago

I know the feeling

Cleonice Scotti

3 days ago

Let's see the backside of that!! Use your mirrors girl! Gorgeous woman you are!!

Kayla Otero

3 days ago

Unreal u are

I have the coolest, sweetest, most incredible & funniest Grandpa ever & I just had to let y’all know! 💕86 years old & he’s still so full of joy & positivity! Thanks for hanging out with us, sippin margaritas, walkin’ along the beach, talking about all of our favorite memories & taking a million pictures with us! You had me cracking up all day!! Now I know where I get my goofiness from!;) Miss you already♥️ p.s. swipe to the very end to see me teaching Grandpa how to look back at it😂 @ Shore Acres State Park

Antonio Aguirre

3 days ago

Family is the most important thing you have in your life. Cherish them, spend time with them and never pass an opportunity to tell them how much you love them and appreciate everything they've done for you.

One day you'll wake up and they won't be there anymore, then it will be too late and you'll be left regretting everything that you never took the time to tell them.

Maria Laura Acosta

3 days ago

You're lucky to still have him 😊
And he looks like he enjoys some fun, and playing around with you 😉
Wish you have him for many more years Andie ❤

Jc Mixtura

3 days ago

really great pictures - hope you´ll have many years with your grandpa. Kisses from Hamburg (Germany) <3

i forgot what we were laughing about✨ @ Capitol Hill

Alex Singletary

5 days ago

mmmmmm...........q´ hacen tener infinitas fantasias......

Sara Jane Roosa

5 days ago

Made me think of Prince' - Sexy MF

Maryann Russell

5 days ago

Looks like a good time 😜

♥️ #Seattle y’all ready to hang?? Come chill with us Friday August 24th Barboza !! Live music & drinks! What more could u ask for?😏 Hit that link for tickets!! See you there!!

Giuseppe Bianco

7 days ago

Stop dressing like a slut all of the time and sing your ass off. You have a great voice. :)

Sarina Indelicato Cofield

7 days ago

Please come to SC

Mike Stroud

7 days ago

James Mills I really want to go!!

the taste of ink is getting old.

Ingersoll Jacqueline

7 days ago

Wits End in Marysville!!!!

Jacqueline Morris

8 days ago

Only thing thats getting old is you

Gayner Hamilton

8 days ago

I would love to have a tattoo with you 🙂

♡ new videos on the way

Liliana Maria Hernandez

10 days ago

Step 1. Fly to Jordan
Step 2. Sing to us

Shivani Gawde

10 days ago

Yes! I'm waiting, little duck!😉

Jerryjohn Mensah

10 days ago

Goede morgen fijne dag

Washingtonian ♡

Derek Gaine

12 days ago

Love your backpack


12 days ago

Very beautiful! Any new car mashups planned?

Marta Kruszewska

12 days ago

Quando vieni a Thiene?

channeling my inner Ace Ventura

Lily Batchelor

12 days ago

Beautiful pic and love your music

Zac Abdi

13 days ago

I don't remember Jim Carey being the hot,,, 🤔🤔

Nancy Heath

13 days ago

Already i dont know what say, every time that i see her, amazing me!!

i still smell your cigarettes in all my favorite shirts

Serge Rogelet

15 days ago

Oh if only that were my reality!😂

Nick Ohanyan

15 days ago

Going to fuckin knock you up

Princess Kyle

15 days ago

Thats so nasty

Lewis Ross Clifford

17 days ago

angelical............y todo natural..........

Joaquin Lagunsad

18 days ago

You are soooo fucking good! I love hearing you sing!!!

Did some cool shiit this weekend with this super talented kid Bryce Vine 💙 Stoked for y’all to see!@ Los Angeles, California

Kayla Roberts

18 days ago

can u stop being so pretty pls? ur making me look ugly thx

Ilde Sangon

19 days ago

Tony Wurster big fan of him

Suvam Gotham Tiwari

19 days ago

Looking good! But you never answer 😅

PNW love 💉🖤🌲

Langston Petteway

20 days ago

Nice.. n nice butt

Raul Morales Mendoza

20 days ago

Damn. I'm converting into a tree tattoo huger. From the far right. LOL

Karen Marie Sanford Ingle

20 days ago

Almost some side boob

baby baby baby oh 💜👯‍♀️ @ West Hollywood, California

Bill Hall

21 days ago

You look beautiful, both of you. ❤️

Monica Cowen Bartlett

21 days ago

WeHo? Ohhh I knoes what flavor you goin at tonight 🤣

Mico Wayne Khalifa

21 days ago

Need more meat on them bones

new vid later today kids.

Pauline Scott

23 days ago

your look so distant kido, have a nice day!

Dragce Ducev

23 days ago

Yay, can not wait.

Michael Snyder

23 days ago

Yayyyy can't wait!!!

Last night🖤✨

Sue McMillen Pascucci

23 days ago

This is like a movie still

Cassy Covington Murphy

23 days ago

Stunning Andie Case

Christina Jordan

23 days ago

You looked amazing ass always 😍
When do you come to the Netherlands??

hi nyc✌🏼

Courtney Ormrod

24 days ago

I'm obsessed with you 🤣 in the most non kreepy way!! You're fucking amazing and so beautiful

Anyisa Yuliet Sullca Vasquez

24 days ago

Looking gorgeous tonight

John Russell

24 days ago

No way. Figures now that I moved from CT you're in NY. Please come to SC!!!!

Have you seen our latest cover yet?? #Fireflies 💛

Lucy Williams

23 days ago

Love Your Voice Andie Case! =D <3

7 years today🖤 we miss you

Venezza Shylla

25 days ago

Great Talent - but fuck drugs...R.I.P

Gerardo Gomez

25 days ago

Who is she? What's happened?

Oli Jung

25 days ago

She realy was a great singer, such a shame she passed away

PA that was rad! Thank you to everyone for coming out & vibing with me! I seriously could’ve sang all night long!🖤 #concertsunderthestars Upper Merion Township

Rob Thomas

25 days ago

I had never heard of you before Sunday, I was there to see Jeffrey Gaines, but my wife and I stayed for your set and...WOW!

Emily Barrios

a month ago

Damn would've gone had I known you were in the area

Carol Albuquerque

a month ago

Wish I Could Hear It Andie Case

Just a few moments from last night🖤more pics & vids coming.
Thanks for capturing these @jus10h@ The Hotel Cafe

Kaelo Shamu

a month ago

BRAVA! te si da sposare!

Tyler Hartman

a month ago

I seen your Insta story. Detroit airport. Show in Michigan? 😊

Linda K. Lindsey

a month ago

Your an amazing artist I’d love to see a live performance!!!

SEE YOU TONIGHT #LOSANGELES 💕 @thehotelcafe at 8pm. We’ve got a few special guests comin so don’t miss out!! You can still hit the link here for tix or buy at the door. See y’all soon💋

Blake Shelton

a month ago

you rock them Daisy Dukes!

Ana Malberti

a month ago

Did you forget to tan your one arm? Jk! I hate when this happens l!! Beautiful 😍

Yann Bury

a month ago

Come to Boston or somewhere in mass or Rhode island so I can buy tickets !!!

ride wit me💋

Mark Ramirez

a month ago

Shorty wanna ride

Ewa Pochec

a month ago

I'm in

Jennifer Twidle Lewis

a month ago

Ok let’s go

NEW VIDEO!!💛🌴🌊 Check out the boys & I’s #tb cover of #fireflies by Owl City CLICK HERE -

Steve Lyga

a month ago

That location seems so familiar

Blessington Naveen Peter

a month ago

I love your new music video

Chris Speiser

a month ago

Dakota Jean Knudtson this is so fucking good!!!

Got a lil somethin’ comin for you guys this weekend.💛

Devendra Singh

a month ago

An EP Announcement Andie Case?! =D <3

Martyna Janczak

a month ago

I can't wait

Joshua White

a month ago

going back to your roots

I don't wanna grow up
I'm still naive
Young, wild and free.

Lupita Lopez

a month ago

Just be you and never justify it.

Tuulia Anttonen

a month ago

and super gorgeous.

Natasha Rose Fioretti

a month ago

Hope you hit Indiana someday

Miriam Perez

a month ago

We need some more Washington shows!!

Joe Hayek

a month ago

I’ll be there!!

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.

Салтанат Мырзалиева

a month ago

u me n pov ;) dtf?

Claire Jones Goodman

a month ago

it what i need now is sex!! Fuck!

LeaAndrea Johnson

a month ago

Sometimes all we need is a kiss from you ❤🖤

put on your Sunday best kids

Adam Soucy

a month ago

Hug the twins for me

Gaurav Santwani

a month ago

when will i can have you?

Nicoleta Tudorache

a month ago

Okay, my baby

Check out Bradlee & I’s cover of #Youth originally by Shawn Mendes & Khalid

Karen Hall Lee

2 months ago

If looks could kill y’all should prolly start prayin

Richard Ault

2 months ago

I like this version great job andie

Mark Andrew

2 months ago

Perfect as always 💜

pssst new video tomorrow... can y’all guess who I’m collabing with??? 💕

Junior Gomez

2 months ago

Can't wait to see it

Peter J. Wagner

2 months ago

More plastic surgery?

Nett Mcintosh

2 months ago

Honestly, I don't care who you collab with, it's a new video from you.

Ashlyn Singh

2 months ago

Wild eyes, shoot look at those

Ann Marie Ellis

2 months ago

wild eyes and lovely thighs

Cindy Tams

2 months ago

the pink looks soooo good on you

Just blessing your timeline with a few of my favorite humans. Always such good vibes hangin with these fellas💕🙏🏼 Tag someone brings good vibes to your life!!!@ McFaddens Anaheim

Jordan Paveley

2 months ago

Hi Andie. Can you mayby do a rendition of Miley Cyrus- The Climb, i think you could nail this song like no other one.
Greetings from Denmark, love you and the guys. ❤️🇩🇰❤️🤟🏻

Stephen Stk Kany'mah

2 months ago

YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Hope you did another calab with them!!! <3

i don’t remember asking for your opinion.
It’s a beautiful day for a ball game🖤 #gomariners

Mark H. Campbell

2 months ago

That top is epic! 😂

Also, I never realized you have a tattoo near your inner elbow until now!

Kuba Wu-Tang Janoušek

2 months ago

Truls Vikan oi

Stephen R Marchese

2 months ago

If it's a dude,kick him in the nut sack 😁

Angie Mcmillan

2 months ago

Beautiful as always! Hope all is well boo!!! 😘💞🤗⚘

Juan J Franco

2 months ago

Wow sexy pic

Lizzy Martinez

2 months ago

What I wouldn't give to meet you!

💕some #FandieFriday vibes. Getting to spend all day chatting with you guys, live streaming & dm’ing y’all is what keeps me sane. Thank u for everything🙏🏼

Angie Wanyama

2 months ago

Wow! Who are the lucky ones who get to DM with Andie Case? Can you say jealous? 😱

Christian John Andersen

Danae Vivas

2 months ago

Find house music

i get a little obsessive, a little aggressive🔪

Laura Van Dusen

2 months ago

Truly Breathtaking Andie

Debbie Leung

2 months ago

What's wrong with that

Natalie Kocikova

2 months ago

...a little bit too invested 😉
Great job on the new video Andie, hope you have a fun day

NEW VIDEO KIDS!!!🔥🔥🔥 Hit this link & check out Macy Kate & I’s cover of #FallinLine by our freaking queens Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato !!! This was legit so much fun & Ajay Marshall slayed the video!! GO WATCH!!!!

Rainbow Iris

2 months ago

Freaking amazing. Wow!!!!!!

Scott Basham

2 months ago

Call it what it is, two hot slutty bitches doing covers . It’s just nice to look at but zero talent. Now show us the tits!!

Franco Dös

2 months ago

DOPE!!!!! Definitely one of my favorites! You guys should definitely do more duet covers together!🙌🏼🔥

We did a sing off!! Check out Macy Kate & I’s new video where we mashed up a bunch of our favorite songs to Drake’s #NiceForWhat ♥️🔥 Comment your favorite song in the mashup!!

Lara Lara

2 months ago

Jenna Guth omg I’m shook this is amazing!

About last night tho.💛🏀👏🏼Who watched #Game2 & who are y’all rooting for?? #NBAFinals2018

Homero Garcia

2 months ago

Fuck them both

Omar Treviño G

2 months ago

Watched the game Curry with the 3 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

Gergő Szánti

2 months ago

Honestly I wanted neither team in but I've got to go Golden State but I'm 🇦🇺 what would I know 😂

show some skin, make him want u...

Bill Stephens

3 months ago

you'd still be attractive in a parka

Loe Spurlock

3 months ago

You have a great one and your family as well and that great things happens to you

Colette McGuire

3 months ago

You don't have to show skin for me to want you. 😎

he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm,
says it was poison💉

Mohammad Yahya

3 months ago

Was he playing fortnite?

Diana Barker Aiello

3 months ago

First ...I thought is Barbie.

Merve Gözütok

3 months ago

Seems more like water

Hello!!! Have you heard the #acoustic version of my latest single #BeMyself yet?!?? ♥️ Click here

Anthony Corbin

3 months ago

whoa, look at those things. someone been hitting the gym

Julie Allan

3 months ago

That dreamy voice! #destroymyfibers!

Charlene Smith-Mcghee

3 months ago

Love it and you!

It’s 6:58pm on a Tuesday feat. my frizzy ass hair💕 What time is it where you are rn??
& have you seen my latest video yet? Los Angeles, California

Adilson Lopes

3 months ago

🐝 uuutiful it's 10:08 in Pittsburgh PA.

Michael Ball

3 months ago

Columbus Ohio 10:07pm

Alisia De Vincentiis

3 months ago

10 PM in Ontario

NEW VIDEO!!!!💖💖💖 Check out our #acoustic version of my latest single #BeMyself !! Click here to watch -

Yvonne Capuchin

3 months ago

Fuckin love it!

Madonna Enwe

3 months ago

So good!! When is your next tour?!?! We would love to see you in MA!

Bobby Pastrana

3 months ago

Love it ❤️ do you have the Guitar chords for us? Plz

Words will never express the gratitude we feel. Thank you for sacrificing so much for others.❤️ #memorialday

Deybid Romeo Vega Cruz

3 months ago

Sherry Hulse-Harkness

with them I feel like I'm wasting my time,
when you make me feel like I'm losing my mind..💓

Mlungisi Sithole

3 months ago

Great pic, love how girl next door you look here.

Burak Gören

3 months ago

I don’t even think you are real. Way too beautiful.

Martha Enriquez Lopez

3 months ago

Now this is a very nice pic love it

just droppin’ by to say hi💕

Daniel Swain

3 months ago

Gerard do u think its possible for her not to look hot? i think not. Wow

Donna Williams

3 months ago

You are Absolutely Breathtaking

Azz Basinc

3 months ago

When someones just dropping by to say hi. But, they look amazing!

Ya i like the way i look from behind & i love my hair. who cares. ain’t nothin wrong with a lil self love 💗 p.s. new video this weekend!!!! #happyhumpday

Stefanie Kubi

3 months ago

I think every man like the way you look

Cïtâlân Yâquï

3 months ago

bring dat sexy back!!

Dennis Ome D Bosman

3 months ago

If only you zoomed out and panned down just a bit.. Would have been picture perfect.. Lol