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Guys if you haven’t seen me singin’ one of my originals in my kitchen while eating my favorite DiGiorno pizza... Y’all are missing out!! Yes this was a dream collab come true ❤ Click below to watch!! #ad

Jhon Bolaños

15 hours ago

Il y a reste pour moi miss hum hum

Miggi Valdez

15 hours ago

Bout time they commercialized your beautiful self! Hope you makin that $$$ work too hard not to get some come up

Mirla Segura

15 hours ago

An now, a word from our sponsor.
Glad to see you get the backing you need. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Only 7 DAYS LEFT to order my #saucehoe gear & enter in the signed t-shirt + sauce bottle giveaway 🖤 Go to or hit that link in my bio
Only 7 DAYS LEFT to order my #saucehoe gear & enter in the signed t-shirt + sauce bottle giveaway 🖤 Go to or hit that link in my bio
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Eugenia Te Rito

a day ago

+++HELLO+++, their see blow...BABYMOTHER. ..GOD+BLESS...$$$+CP+$$$

Roses Black

2 days ago

Love You Andie Case!

My payday isn't till after that... ☹️

‪💕 He tastes like #bubblegumandcigarettes‬
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Uelton Claudio

4 days ago

You are so cool Andie Case ;) 😁😜👏👏

Charles's Tëñbãll

4 days ago

Do You Do A More PG Version Of The Shirt?

Casual pic of me during the #BubblegumandCigarettes video shoot💕💕 click here to watch

Stelena Levanti

5 days ago

Anne Marie Haug Iversen 🙌🏻

What you know about a #SauceHoe ?😏


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Your sauce hoe

Gabriel Ribeiro

5 days ago

I'll have a Hoe sammich, hold the mayo

Elena Dragomir

6 days ago

ranch dressing, is NOT a childrens condiment. I dont care what my loser brother says

Ksenia Kuzmenko

6 days ago

So on it !

When it’s beanie season but still 60 degrees out🖤🍂 What’s your favorite season??@ Washington

Steve Lum

8 days ago

I loved winter for the reason that it's hockey season, as well as summer for baseball.

Jayme Sisk

8 days ago

All the seasons are great in their own way but Winter is my favourite. Love being out in the cold doing something then going inside and sitting in the warmth with my feet up

Nea Bunny

8 days ago

Good morning beauty kisess sexy Amazing ladies Andie Case

Have you heard my new single #BubblegumandCigarettes yet?? 💖

Jack Martin

8 days ago

I gotta get my shirt this week.

Danii Alejandra

8 days ago

Lovely set...of bubbles

Filippo Piranomonte

8 days ago

You should try to become famous by singing not by stripping. In the past you tryed it well but now its annoying to see such pics without to keep important Things like singing in mind!

Guys!!! I’m so stoked for this!! Tune into #BillboardLive tomorrow at 2:30pm PT 💖 I’ll be playing a few songs for y’all!! #bubblegumandcigarettes Billboard

Carol Clanton

12 days ago

A star is born..

Grace Gionta

12 days ago

Go get them girl!!!!

P Bat Erdene Erdene

12 days ago

Got get it beautiful

sweet as can be🍬

Tyler Tench

14 days ago

We get it. You have a great body.
Any chance you can put up a video of you singing ?

Frederick Tyree

14 days ago

Your nose gets pointier every picture

Louma Abhimanyou Sing

14 days ago

you look amazing

I’m on cloud 9💘 If you haven’t heard my new single #bubblegumandcigarettes It was just released YESTERDAY & you should absolutely CLICK HERE to download, watch the vid & stream!!💕💕DO IT!!

Dont like the Song.
Mainstream and nothing more.
Its sad that u sell and show ur Body like this just for the klicks.
U dont need to bcs u have such a beautiful Voice and thats something special out there.
Ive followed u for ur Carcovers and ur early Things ud do. Where u just singing.
But now u become one of the others that makes u even normal as they are.
Remind ur real Talent and go for it.
Forget the Boobs and get dressed again !

Perry Waweru

16 days ago

Imbarrasing popularity pop 😭

Bonnie Mc Cabe

16 days ago

Meh. Sounds like all the mass produce music out there.

Tomorrow!!!💕 #bubblegumandcigarettes
I also have a lil extra surprise I’ll be announcing tomorrow!! Get ready!!

Dave Wilson

18 days ago

You'r Eyes 😍😅 Great Pic i Really looking forward go Bubblegum 😏

Mary Castelo

18 days ago

Beauty pure beauty.

Isabella Paixão

18 days ago

Marc-Antoine Cyr 🤤🤤🤤

☀️sweet but psycho🔪 @ Venice Beach - Venice Boulevard

Fernanda Cuenca

18 days ago

Sex sells when boys will be boys.....but probably not when the future is female. LOL

Rolunda Joyner Johnson

18 days ago

Psycho looks great on you 🤤

Ruth Eads

18 days ago

One hot woman

they gorgeous💕

Max Blew

18 days ago

Love your smile

Valerie Lucas

18 days ago

😳Oh a star & 3 groupies 😘

Johnny Combs

19 days ago

We are gorgeous*

“I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else’s definition of beautiful & started being my own.”

Alexandru Dragomir

21 days ago

You are who you are.
No point in trying to fit someone else's mold, it leaves you misshapen and broken. ❤

Sefe Carrillo

21 days ago

Very beautiful and hot

Michel De Grissac

21 days ago

Whats them song lyrics, you are beautiful no matter what they say, word's can't bring me down 😀😘

5 days💘 #bubblegumandcigarettes 10/5

Sunny Uka

22 days ago

Very beautiful and sexy and hot

Aida Mounkes

22 days ago

Hammer geile Frau 👍

Bernadette McGee

23 days ago

Why does a woman make the so horny music, reduce you to features of a whore? 🤷🏼‍♂️🙈

Don Muschany

23 days ago

Looking great. God Bles.

Betty Jones

23 days ago

Wonder how much Id get at a recycling machine from all that

Jeremy Teed

23 days ago

10..... fucking 10!!!

oh hey it’s me again 🖤

Simone Schnalke

25 days ago

Wow "gentlemen" Your sleeziness and her sluttiness has finally pushed yet another female fan off this page. You are all welcome to slobber all over your phones and monitors on her slutty pictures. If that is how she wants to gain popularity, looking like a hooker instead of just singing, then you perverts are welcome to her.

Kerbie Allen Carolino

25 days ago

Hey you <3

Mie Yee Lee

25 days ago

Damnnn your so sexy!!!

It’s like he’s all my favorite flavors, ooh & i want it now & later 👄 #bubblegumandcigarettes 10/5

Tasha Lawrence

a month ago

Omgg, i lost myself in your eyes, there beautiful 😍😍

Rosa Nelly Martínez

a month ago

Another amazing picture of you Andie

Ezefunamba Euphemia

a month ago

Très jolie femme

🖤✨ what’s your favorite song?

Adriana Mabel Moreno

a month ago

Your so beautiful and cute

Zola Walker

a month ago

She sells sanctuary.

Eaze Stackz

a month ago

Comin around - Andie Case. 💜😫

i’m that mademoiselle💋 #bubblegumandcigarettes 10/5 CLICK HERE TO PRE-SAVE MY NEW SINGLE & ENTER TO WIN A VIDEO CALL WITH ME!!💕

Edgar Martinez

a month ago

Congrats. Very beautiful and hot

Evelyn Amor Medina

a month ago

Breandán Mac Donnchadha what u let her out in this time?

Martyna Żogała

a month ago

Can't get any HOTTER!!!

still finding my way🌷

Kerstin Koumpoulidis

a month ago

The way will fined you sweety. Just be yourself and enjoy the ride.

Toni Jaime

a month ago

Take my hand and I will show you the way !!

Adam Marchant

a month ago

Me to. Theres nothing wrong with that.

💕 I'm a mess, I'm a loser
I'm a hater, I'm a user.

Kristin Hellegers Kebis

a month ago

I can work with that!

Kishan Khemraj

a month ago

Ur absolutely gorgeous

Bongani Djkiillerbeat Shirinda

a month ago

Can't wait for the next song 😍😍

he taste like bubblegum and cigarettes & baby i just want another hit. 🚬 #bubblegumandcigarettes

Charles Marshall

a month ago

pretty in pink(hair) xx

Hanna-Greta Mihhailova

a month ago


Emmanuel Garcia

a month ago

hey ;-) i like this look without makeup :-D greetz from austria/europe

Have you seen my latest video yet? 💕


a month ago

waaaah Shania Loi

Bahar Shah

a month ago

Nope, but I will now 😉

nothin’s gonna change my world 💗

Mae Gertie Harvin

a month ago

Love the necklace

Yuichi Kitamura

a month ago

I'd love to be in your world!

Shawandolyn Cloman

a month ago

Very beautiful and sexy and hot

i like nature & the color pink💕 & taking pictures of myself apparently um ya... hi 😝

John Reh

a month ago

Adorable Andie Case

Michael Woolley

a month ago

So dam beautiful

Jordan Dickey

a month ago

Jean-Denis Côté

💔we’ll miss u mac. this is so heartbreaking

Tom Campagna

a month ago

Why Mac? Wreckreational drug use is no joke anymore. The rap game could stand to lose a l'il pump or fenty wap, but why Mac

Dopey Boy D Killy

a month ago

What a loser

Rachel Lucea

a month ago

So sad and so very young, didn't know who he was till his appearance with his then ex girlfriend Ariana Grande at her one love Manchester concert RIP MAC MILLER

no chill💖 11:43pm - what time is it where you’re at?

Brian Justin Gervasio

2 months ago

It’s 2:51 am

Crystal Samborski

2 months ago

1:48 in Texas girl......

Nathan Zolp

2 months ago

4.20pm g'day from Australia x

Have y’all seen MamaMiaMakeup & I’s videos yet?? Click here to watch our cover of #hecouldbetheone 💕💕 And don’t forget to check out our 2nd cover of #issues on Mia’s channel !! MORE VIDEOS COMING SOOOOOOOON!!! XOXO🤘🏼🙈💖

Renée Nikiema

a month ago

Abigail Rayner I know you'll enjoy this as much as I did

Eroll Lascuna

a month ago

Love Your Hair!

Alberto Ruiz

2 months ago

Andie you are Amazing !!!! Love you

Have you seen Mia & I’s 2nd video yet?? 💕 #issues

Christina Croak

2 months ago

No not yet

David Burgos Bello

2 months ago

Watched it loved it
And great harmonys and the cover gave me chills

Christy Teague

2 months ago

Great song and perfect vocals

thanks 4 the memories #bumbershoot ✌🏼💕 @ Bumbershoot

Regina Seltzer

2 months ago

Beautiful as always, and the hair is gorgeous!

Cheryl Smith Thompson

2 months ago

Stop being so gorgeous it kills me😚

Ruben Vangennep

2 months ago

What TV show do you watch ?


Aasha Shaw

2 months ago

Again a biiig Cover ,Andie Case I love it 👌😘💞

Lewis Kilby

2 months ago

Great video!!! I love the pink hair Andie 🙂

Tauno Syrjänen

2 months ago

I fucking love you for covering this 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

let’s waste time, chasing cars ♡

Ani Rekhviashvili

2 months ago

girl why chase a car when you can race a car. I'd be down for chasing you down listening to some boxcar racer tho.

Your voice is so incredible! And your face is the perfect match.

Glenn Calderon

2 months ago

One time, in the future, I'll marry you 😍😍😍


Grumpil Stiltskin

2 months ago

We love you, girl! Can't wait to hear your next masterpiece ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Bill Preston

2 months ago

Andie Case I am always waiting for your next piece of work to come out! <3 As I was a singer in my younger days, I understand that you can not always just "Pop it out". A lot of work goes into it, so I am always patient :D

Daniel Johnathen Howling

2 months ago

Can’t wait, Andie! 😘❤️

That’s a wrap😈💕 #bubblegumandcigarettes coming soon

Sladjana Dramicanin

2 months ago

Cool, you Finaly made a porno, lol

Abner Luiz De Oliveira Cardoso

2 months ago

Martin Rochner.. der Flamingo 😍

Jorge Ayala

2 months ago

U banged all of them?

what’s your favorite show?

Heather Lynn

2 months ago

All depends on what kind of mood I'm in :D

Clar E Misagal

2 months ago

Grey's Anatomy

Roy Edward Stewart

2 months ago

ashes to ashes

“This ain’t endin’ well, what the hell” 💕 #bubblegumandcigarettes@ Barboza

Diana Belk

2 months ago

Come to Minneap already :)

Pauline Scott

2 months ago

Love the hair color

Genevieve Odwar

2 months ago

I'm seriously in love with you

See you tonight #Seattle 🖤🤘🏼

Maddie Wrisley

2 months ago

Wishing I could be there

Minhle Diomo

2 months ago

I wish I will be at work

Sunhong Park

2 months ago

Tiffanni Earley Carpentier Buffie Earley-Carpentier lets go!!!

Who’s coming to see me this Friday in Seattle at Barboza ?? I’ll be hangin out & meeting everyone there! Show starts at 7! See u there!!🖤✨ CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Ruben Rios

2 months ago

If i had the chance, but i have to STAY to januar, love many vocals in the world and you are One of them😁😉

Melissa Mance-Every

2 months ago

mmmmmmmm..........te amoooooooo............😍😍

Hamid Benketira

2 months ago

What was that song you sang when that couple got married to your music ?

♥️ #Seattle lets fuckin hang!! SEE YOU THIS FRIDAY!! Get your tix here -

Boris Chemodanov

2 months ago

Iwish you would come to northern Ohio.

Cheryl Foy

2 months ago


Brayam Ramirez

2 months ago

Can't wait!

IT’S HERE!!! 🙌🏻 I worked with the super talented Bryce Vine on #TheSoundDrop by Pepsi to recreate his single #DrewBarrymore !
Can’t wait for you guys to check it out. So go to to see more! 💙


NEW VIDEO!!♥️♥️♥️

Asisipho Avethandwa Pantshwa

2 months ago

i like it

Lescaye Pomba Pomba

2 months ago

Hopefully your last too

Jesus Reigns

2 months ago

So what song you going to choose from the other days question.

jus a lil gemini tryna make her dreams come tru

Cornelia Moorer

2 months ago

Been a while sense your last post

Richard Wren

2 months ago

Wow so hot

Ralph Tones

2 months ago

Just be careful.

Rest in paradise my beautiful queen 👑

dont tax my gig so hard-core cruster.

David F Chavez

2 months ago

Oh yeah Encino man

Kendall Salazar

2 months ago

Cause if I had the whole Brady bunch thing happening at I my pad I go grind over there

Paige Reiter

2 months ago

My tongue wants to make you scream

it’s Wednesday so...

Abriil Cervantes Gonzalez

2 months ago

I know the feeling

Cleonice Scotti

2 months ago

Let's see the backside of that!! Use your mirrors girl! Gorgeous woman you are!!

Kayla Otero

2 months ago

Unreal u are

I have the coolest, sweetest, most incredible & funniest Grandpa ever & I just had to let y’all know! 💕86 years old & he’s still so full of joy & positivity! Thanks for hanging out with us, sippin margaritas, walkin’ along the beach, talking about all of our favorite memories & taking a million pictures with us! You had me cracking up all day!! Now I know where I get my goofiness from!;) Miss you already♥️ p.s. swipe to the very end to see me teaching Grandpa how to look back at it😂 @ Shore Acres State Park

Antonio Aguirre

2 months ago

Family is the most important thing you have in your life. Cherish them, spend time with them and never pass an opportunity to tell them how much you love them and appreciate everything they've done for you.

One day you'll wake up and they won't be there anymore, then it will be too late and you'll be left regretting everything that you never took the time to tell them.

Maria Laura Acosta

2 months ago

You're lucky to still have him 😊
And he looks like he enjoys some fun, and playing around with you 😉
Wish you have him for many more years Andie ❤

Jc Mixtura

2 months ago

really great pictures - hope you´ll have many years with your grandpa. Kisses from Hamburg (Germany) <3

i forgot what we were laughing about✨ @ Capitol Hill

Alex Singletary

2 months ago

mmmmmm...........q´ hacen tener infinitas fantasias......

Sara Jane Roosa

2 months ago

Made me think of Prince' - Sexy MF

Maryann Russell

2 months ago

Looks like a good time 😜

♥️ #Seattle y’all ready to hang?? Come chill with us Friday August 24th Barboza !! Live music & drinks! What more could u ask for?😏 Hit that link for tickets!! See you there!!

Giuseppe Bianco

2 months ago

Stop dressing like a slut all of the time and sing your ass off. You have a great voice. :)

Sarina Indelicato Cofield

2 months ago

Please come to SC

Mike Stroud

2 months ago

James Mills I really want to go!!

the taste of ink is getting old.

Ingersoll Jacqueline

2 months ago

Wits End in Marysville!!!!

Jacqueline Morris

2 months ago

Only thing thats getting old is you

Gayner Hamilton

2 months ago

I would love to have a tattoo with you 🙂