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Ya i like the way i look from behind & i love my hair. who cares. ain’t nothin wrong with a lil self love 💗 p.s. new video this weekend!!!! #happyhumpday

Stefanie Kubi

2 days ago

I think every man like the way you look

Cïtâlân Yâquï

2 days ago

bring dat sexy back!!

Dennis Ome D Bosman

2 days ago

If only you zoomed out and panned down just a bit.. Would have been picture perfect.. Lol

Rockin our home made #tb Taylor #YouBelongWithMe tees that we totally stayed up until 2am making!! Idk if you can tell but we’re pretty excited for tonight!☺️♥️🔥 #reputationstadiumtour@ CenturyLink Field

Chase Robertson

2 days ago

I miss the old taylor swift!

Sonia Armijo Zambrana

3 days ago

Love your Hair!!

Ara V. Arzumanyan

3 days ago

Taylor is opening up for your show? 😁

i tried today 💕 @ Seattle, Washington

Adivhaho Mudau

6 days ago

OMG wow :-) x

Hugo Barbosa

6 days ago

Goede morgen Charlene fijne zondag

Rosemary Tabaha

6 days ago

You are on fire babe, love your spirit and personality, do what you want and feel good. Greetings from Denmark. ❤️

Call me Princess Bubblegum👸💕
@ Seattle, Washington

Aidil Azfar

7 days ago

You're just being silly today have a great night

Sandy Salinas Lopez

7 days ago

I’ll call you what ever you want princess bubblegum lol

Fede Iezzi

7 days ago

You should do the rainbow look

shout out to over the top snap chat filters that aren’t realistic at all💕🌷... i don’t look like this

Rebecca Coxon

9 days ago

Yeah, you look so much better than that....truly breathtaking.

Daniel Matip

9 days ago

Wow just stunning.

Nicholas Popp

9 days ago

Hi Andie case you look so gorgeous 😘💋

Have you seen my latest video???💘 click here

Donya Jafi

9 days ago

Have a great night and that when you write music it impacts the people inside their heart

Babycake Howard

9 days ago

Have you seen mine 😏

Cristine Cambe Callanta

9 days ago

Andie Case I love your music so much! Keep doing your thing. One day... one day I will meet you

Have you seen my new video yet???😍💕 #NoTearsLeftToCry by Ariana Grande

Dezmond Rangel

9 days ago

Naiomh Clare Mc Laughlin

Freya Bridgeman

9 days ago

Hi Andie, my darling. Since this song was written by Arianna in response to the Manchester bombing at her concert, she said it was extremely emotional and personal to write and perform. I'm curious if you went through any of those feelings as well when you were practising and subsequently recording this song. Did the song meaning have painful emotion for you as well. I have been thinking about similar situations and artists doing covers of songs that have heavy emotional ties to the original artist. And if the cover artist feels some of that too, or if it's just another song to sing.

Ivanersto Pavici

9 days ago

So Gorgeous, amazing voice.

NEW VIDEO!!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️ Click here to watch my cover of #NoTearsLeftToCry by the beautiful Ariana Grande 💕

Blake Clark

12 days ago

Your voice is sooo beautiful 😍😍 Andie Case

Ahmed Yousif Altaiyb

12 days ago

And have a great Mother's Day and just enjoy it

Claudia Rodriguez

12 days ago

Kayla-jade Moss she absolutely crushes this ahhh so good 😍😍👌👌💜💜

chill ass Saturday night🖤🍺

Bella V Hørberg

13 days ago

Show me ur hatchet wound

Matthew D Ireland

13 days ago

Belgium beer, about the only thing we do right around here 😂

RJay Dudz Calimlim

13 days ago

Going away party in nc tonight?

How’s everyone’s weekend going so far?!💕

Akshy Akshy

13 days ago

Good here in Scotland xxx

JessGecko Full

13 days ago

Watching Britain's got talent.👍👍👍👍👍👍

Albert Varela-Rios

13 days ago

Super😉party v Česku. LITOMĚŘICE GOLDEN 2.Bar- restaurace 🤔😁

feelin’ mah self in some overalls ⚡️#happyhumpday

Mariana Piña

16 days ago

So damn beautiful

Gloria Santana

16 days ago

Oh my, now that is damn sexy!

Daniel Willis

16 days ago

Tyler LeFebvre can you just date her already lol

Y’all need to go follow Nothing More like now🖤 Their music is amazing, their live show blows my fucking mind AND they’re just all around great humans. Check em out peeps, you won’t be disappointed.

Madkamoy Mitchell

20 days ago

Uh. Yeah. Listen to "do you really want it?"

"Everybody wants to change the world, no one ever wants to change themselves"

Costel Mijan

20 days ago

Great guys met them a few years back very humble

Sukhwinder Kumar

21 days ago

You look really metal there, I think I'm in love🤘💀

currently painting & moving, haven’t washed my hair in days & I’ve also run out of clean clothes... but hey life is great. How’s your week going?!🖤 P.S. y’all ready for my #ThirstyThursday live stream tonight on @YouNow ?? 10pm PST. It’s gonna be lit or fun or whatever but ya come hang. 🌈💋

Dacel Muyco

22 days ago

cute looking to me

Pauline Colomo

22 days ago

youre very attractive and have beautiful soul for your music.. any chance you rock out with some vocals and band? i think youd pull it off

Geshwin Moshidi

22 days ago

Life is good, thank you... got to Nashville Wednesday night and saw Jack Johnson in concert... clean clothes still going good

Orlando that was dope!💋 Had so much fun at my first year of @playlistlive !! Being able to meet/hang with y’all & perform my new single was unreal! I’m sad to leave & cant wait for next year! Xoxo p.s. if I did an acoustic version of #BeMyself would you guys listen?!?? 🖤

Timo Timothy Shucheng

24 days ago

I'll listen to any sound you make lol

Emanuel Miranda

24 days ago

Love your acoustic sets 🙂

Daouda Mö Mounathiame Diallo

24 days ago

Of course but prefer something new

Just a couple of bad bitches by the pool👅💦

Debbie M. Perry

a month ago

You've got the bad part right. Bad at most things

Monique Tuany

a month ago

isnt that the universal sign for i like to suck dick on the left

István Bohács

a month ago

Bad bitches? 😮😮No
But 2 gorgeous young women rebel Yes😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍

Here we go! ♥️😘 #playlistlive Playlist Live

Martha Enriquez Lopez

a month ago

Very beautiful and hot and cute

Carsten Klotsche

a month ago

Markus Kettl de is so schoaf 😅🤣🤷‍♂️

David Briggs

a month ago

you so fuckin fine <3

Here’s that clean version of my new single #BeMyself so all my lil nieces & nephews can finally listen😂♥️

Liza Garza

a month ago

Who wants the Clean Version :D

Calvin Abramowitz

a month ago

Crazy how you have grown in your music! I sit on the back side and watch all kinds of music, and you play it from life! From day 1 you have grown to so much more! Keep rolling chick, its all about who you are!

Who’s coming?! 💖 I’ll be there all day Saturday & Sunday!! Click here for more info #playlistlive

Erick G Paulino

a month ago

Awesome meeting you in Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios today! You are so beautiful!

Keith Massey II

a month ago

Shit I’m in Orlando now

Paul Kennedy

a month ago

Pleeeease come to Australia!

I forgot my mouse ears... but hello Orlando!☺️ Going to Disney World for the first time!! I might pass out from excitement😅✨ Shits about to get magical!!!@ Disney World, Orlando

Heidi Brandi Calvillo

a month ago

Goofy has a boner now!

Amanda Moore

a month ago

You should cover a Disney song to celebrate.

Ivan Carballo Muñoz

a month ago

Wish i was therewith you beautiful xx

💛 #HappyHumpday !! Who’s coming to see me at @playlistlive this weekend?! @ Orlando, Florida

Barbara Byrd

a month ago

drop dead gorgeous

Carey Smith

a month ago

When will you be playing in Seattle again? I've got a big group from Boeing waiting to see you guys.

Rory Knight

a month ago

Anbie. Ur soo dam beautiful. Wish u the best in all u do doll.

i had to stand on my tippy toes 🙃

Anja Sorge

a month ago

If you didn't stand on your tippy toes, would your face not make it to the mirror? 🤔

Best Samuel N'guessan

a month ago

Great impression of a t-rex

Paula Riera

a month ago

That has to be a great balancing act,considering your massive bangers and gravity 😉 you got skills Andie.

NEW VIDEO!!!💜 Check out Boyce Avenue & I’s cover or #LoveLies by Khalid & Normani Kordei CLICK HERE - In love with the vibe of this one! These guys kill it!!

Celeste Abarca

a month ago

I love that you are ripping with Boyce!! I started listening to them a while back and always loved them. I found you right from the beginning Too! Love it, keep ripping!!!

Dani Rodrix

a month ago

see my post on Aug 15, 16

Mhd Ali Klay

a month ago

Amazing talent Andie

New video with @boyceavenue tomorrow💜😈

Karen Johnson Hill

a month ago

Louise Baynham again?

Larissa Hoeller

a month ago

Can't wait!!!!!

Nicholas Vezirgiannis

a month ago

Tribute for avicii?

Y’all give me a reason to smile! ♥️ Happy #FandieFriday !! What’s everyone doing this weekend?!
P.S. Have you heard #BeMyself yet? @ Seattle, Washington
It breaks my heart to see someone who brought so much color & happiness to the world, have to leave it. My thoughts & prayers are with your loved ones. Rip @avicii 💔

Emma Radwanski

a month ago

Yes good song and video. Well done.

Christian Agnelli

a month ago

Love the song! Probably going to catch a movie today

Shabana Khan

a month ago

Going to work fun shit

Aye #tbt to a super dope shoot with @mike_tompkins & @mtv 💘🎬 Ya’ll ready to see it this Monday?!?

Y’all need a weekend song?!?♥️ Click here #BeMyself

Rina Harring

a month ago

Cute seflie of a lady

Linda O'Shields

a month ago

I would army crawl a mile naked threw broken glass just to smell a fart out of your ass hahahaha

Wellaxs Ombk Banky

a month ago

Stone sour.
Song three 🤘🤙

Have you seen my new music video yet?!?? #BeMyself ♥️ Like & share

Cledilma Correia

a month ago

donde descargo Ser Tu Mismo?

Little Wild One♥️ @ Las Vegas Strip

Fabiana Sodré

a month ago

Skirt too high. On waist.

Edgar Estevez

a month ago

God girl come to my door not only fucking beautiful but the way u sing to omg my kind of lady right there

Rita Chauhan

a month ago

Wow you look very gorgeous sweetie

MY NEW SINGLE #BeMyself is out!!! ♥️ Click here to add it to your playlists

Gemma Williams

a month ago

What are u smoking there? Lol

Surisa Mitchell DeVaughn

a month ago

Smoking is so 1983... Just saying!

Asif Qamar

a month ago

Brendan Mainey puff city ❤❤

1 MORE DAY ♥️🎉 #BeMyself 4/13

Mohannad MD Mohammed

a month ago

Love from denmark :)

Tom LaVoie

a month ago

Can't wait!! 🤩🤩🤩

Mialy Rmhrt

a month ago

Love to see her in a porn

2 days!!! ♥️ #BeMyself 4/13

Mikala Woods

a month ago

Can we be friends and hi my name is Hannah Flores and I'm songwriter

Surprise ♥️ #BeMyself 4/13

Miriam Kuhn

a month ago

Can not wait!

Iván Gilberto Rodz

a month ago

Love your music!

Kathleen Mikos Bickert

a month ago

So excited to see it!!

3 days 🖤 #BeMyself 4/13

Brandon Peske

2 months ago

Can NOT wait!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

♥️ #BeMyself 4/13

Roch Bechler

2 months ago

You're perfect the way you are :D

♥️ #BeMyself 4/13

Amit Singh

2 months ago

Can't wait!!! ❤❤❤

NEW VIDEO!! This was seriously one of the funnest collabs! These guys are so talented! Check out Boyce Avenue & I’s cover of #TheMiddle by Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey 💘

Ramya Ammulu

2 months ago

This is what it’d sound like if Maren Morris and Luke Bryant collaborated.

Jen Louise

2 months ago

Amazeballs!! Love love love!

Viku Joshi

2 months ago

Luke Sasquwatch Hall this is amazing 😍😍😍

a little grain for your feed.

JB Knights

2 months ago

Your so beautiful and cute and sexy

Makarand Patil

2 months ago

Beautiful picture Andie

Waylon Cloud

2 months ago

Omg way too hot

Last night with these gorgeous ladies! 🖤🎉👯‍♀️Hope you had a great b-day Jill!! Thanks for always being down to get into trouble with me!! Here’s to another year of makin crazy memories!!

Jeffrey Lee

2 months ago

Are u done doing music? Been awhile since you posted any music

Glenda Lore

2 months ago

You look faaaaab. 😜 greeetings from Denmark.

Rahul Negi

2 months ago

I wonder, who's easier 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hi Friday ♥️ CLICK HERE
*insert Rihanna lyrics*💃🏻

Mauricio Cruz Ramirez

2 months ago

Jessica Davis lmao

Umar Fareed

2 months ago

Elana Doris Carr I feel like you'd appreciate this🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

Roberto Nieto Barambio

2 months ago

Leona Cameron Emma Louise Cameron 😂😂😂😂😂😂xx

I wanna #BeMyself ♥️ 4.13.18

Sergio Ochoa

2 months ago

Gerard McCarthy Don't know about u but i love the angle of this shot

Sisipho Zizile Lolo Sibaca

2 months ago

Go girl go

Mubin Sehka

2 months ago

I don't think it's possible for you to take a bad picture. Absolutely beautiful


2 months ago

Burak Bynmz bin dann man weg

Maximilian Kraus

2 months ago

Love this cover! Soooo much better than the original.
Will you be writing some new stuff?

Faizool Rahim

2 months ago

Absolutely amazing! Wow!

Haven't I made it obvious?
Haven't I made it clear?
Want me to spell it out for you? #FinishTheLyrics

Nan Wilcox

2 months ago

I like to take it in the rear?

I’m just not the one for you

Jade Droz

2 months ago

Btw LOVE the no make up shots!!😎

Here’s a couple day old selfie since I’m spending most of the day traveling!😅💕 I love you all & hope you’re enjoying your Easter Sunday!!

Juanito Lopez

2 months ago

Happy easter have a great time

Carishma Freeman

2 months ago


JayDee Teschi

2 months ago

Happy Easter Andie and the band. Loyal Fan

🦋think of me what you will
I got a little space to fill

Javier Sanchez

2 months ago

Awe !! U want a baby !! Lol !! 😊😊😍😍

Wayne Ng

2 months ago

You are an amazing artist and a beautiful person.

Hiroya Katsuda

2 months ago

Your beauty is more breathtaking then the stars ⭐️

bare. @ Seattle, Washington

Ezequiel Azcurra

2 months ago

Still have that big ass nose

Fyfty Le Combattant

2 months ago

Still phenomenally pretty ♡

Gaby Tamayo

2 months ago

I think I'm in love

~sorry if it’s hard to catch my vibe*🧡

Okchez Klaas Lehutso

2 months ago

Magnifique voix et sourire

Matthew Walker

2 months ago

Hiroshima mon amour

Haenam Kim

2 months ago

Love your vibe😁

Y’all ready for this new music tho?

Indigo Feitico

2 months ago

I have been waiting. Love your music.

Minah Ralengau

2 months ago

No ready for the real music record

Megan Taylor

2 months ago

Yes I am. When are you doing another carpool mashup!

Have you guys seen my latest video? 🖤
Click here -
New vid coming soon....

Emre Kirac

2 months ago

I love you! ❤️💋

Bhushan Kokate

2 months ago

Looks like the whole music thing lost steam hope ya got a BK up plan. Wait of course you do😂😂😂🤘

Medina Sherifi

2 months ago

We call those handlebars

“We turn up, mobbin' 'til the end of time
Only one who gets me, I'm a crazy fuckin' Gemini”🖤♊️👅 #FandieFam WHATS YOUR SIGN?!???

Beth Simpson

2 months ago

Aries, and his birthday on April 2nd * - *

B2L Architectes

2 months ago

I'm a Pisces ❤

Cinthiia Colque

2 months ago

Yup, I'm an Aries

#tbt cuz i miss tf out of this woman🖤👯‍♀️ TAG SOMEONE YOU MISS RN!!! Don’t be shy, spread some love!!!!

Alyssa Bernier

2 months ago

It would have to be the person who introduced me to your music! My Beautiful Best Friend, my Dearest & Truest Friend, & definitely my most Trusted friend Melodie, Melodie Pressnell! <3 ;)

Miguel Rondón

2 months ago

Always with the touge

Betty Leasure

2 months ago

Your so beautiful and cute