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So many flowers and I pick........You🌺

Hermawan Elnathan

20 hours ago

Your prettyer then a flower starting to bloom and you maxom of that

Sergej Timmermans

20 hours ago

Who ever has you , why should think in flowers , he has the best one ever .

Leticia Bentley

20 hours ago

Amanda you are the most beautiful flower. I always like your dressing and makeup. I have never seen smile like you keep smiling

Double tap When you find him 😂😭

Raghu Singh

20 hours ago

She is Amanda n she doesn't know much about tech etc. She is stupid but hot n thats y so many followers 🤣

Tod Benedict

20 hours ago

Babe, I wish I could double tap to tell that I found it but it does zoom the pic and I get lost haha 😂

Kiki Shady Jakimoska

20 hours ago

Sweet dreams miss cerny...when you going to sleep...

How many flowers do you see? 🌺

CSyndi Pittman

3 days ago

A whole load of flowers and the flower dress you wearing

Tha Yae Ma

3 days ago

The most beautiful flower in the entire world Amanda😘

Hasib Uddin Anu

3 days ago

The comment that says that"I see one flower and that's you Amanda" would be awarded the most clichéd comment of the year.

On vacation, leave a message

Jeanette E. Netzel

5 days ago

You haven't untied me from the bed in three days...I get it's your vacation but I need water ..

Gilbert Comtois

5 days ago

I'm assuming you're enjoying your vacation. Please take pictures of the nice view of stuff thank you and have a nice day.

Grisel Gasp

5 days ago

the body beauty of a women should be shown or shared only for the guy who is in relationship with her . not for all people . in this way there will be more respect for the women too 😊

Survival mode on the sandbar 💪

Tiffany Rose

12 days ago

I love you so much, you're my sweetheart <3 Amanda Cerny 😍😘😍😘😘

Mili Fernández

12 days ago

A sand bath? What do you think you are, a chinchilla?

Mattie Baker

12 days ago

Rushit Patel Mohit Jha now we know even models, cerny at that, use multani mitti

Eliška Ondřejovska

16 days ago

Kayla Jane you can redo with Kmart 😂

Kiara Vaughn

16 days ago

Reality running towards food store Imane

Saray Cano

16 days ago

Linda Mie
Hahahaaha sååå meget dig, hver gang du siger vi skal en tur i IKEA for at kigge. :-D <3

I belong by the ocean🌴where are you meant to be ? #AmandaCerny #GuessEyewear

Masao Imono

16 days ago

I belong by the mountains.

Rui Bronze

17 days ago

Amen and amen jcmem is One. Heth_lpt_MEM.exes to you all and health care. Amen.

Ben Quadt

17 days ago

I belong next to eye candy always ---- lol ;-)

caption with the most likes wins my attention 😎

Javier Martinez

17 days ago

The beauty of a woman Is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman Is reflected in her soul

Jake Asquith

17 days ago

‘The second rendez-vous’
Oil on canvas
Showing and Christie’s Manhattan.
(I was the guy the painter had her stare at 100yds away. Was the second time she saw me). Keep the attention hun, just great seeing you look good. Hit me up when you come to Miami with Bach again. Would love to have you over again. 😘😘

Kabandize Abel

17 days ago

Amanda Cerny, I'm crushing on you big time. I don't know if that's normal, but you are so stunningly gorgeous, it's amazing! To love a woman so beautiful and be able to tell them how you feel without being nervous because dudes are always saying how pretty you are.. I love you, Amanda. Not in a weird way but like a homie..

Troy Nelles

17 days ago

or when you sit on standing scissor/-

Real Nada

17 days ago

David Poh your face last night 😂😂 tonight again will happen

Jackson Jacob

17 days ago

Sheetal S Thapa I'm wondering if you do this every morning. Find it super cute

Veekaye Killsangel

19 days ago

No say progress, just say result Quốc Trường

Juliana Kelly

19 days ago

But actually it is...
Don't act, Just talk.
Don't show, Just say.
Don't prove, Just promise.

Alana Rubinsky

19 days ago

Tkt bébé avec Ghislain on est là pour toi. Frenchkiss et coeur sur toi avec les doigts.

All I need is me and my camera and the sea...❤️

👉Share a selfie with me in the comment below I want to see you my lovely followers 😘

Mark Pazdziorko

20 days ago

There’s no camera option in here.. can’t post our selfies amandatiii
Maybe there’s a setting that you can turn on in your page ♥️♥️😘😘😘😘

Victoria Pels

20 days ago

I'm in love with the shape of you 😘😍

Ernest Mcilwee

20 days ago

The sea?!?... looks like VERY low tide there. And no beach invite?

Nana Bengia

23 days ago

Yeah i wanna ride on you, oh sorry with you.

Skaar Skaar

23 days ago

You look sexy Amanda love your puppy he seams very happy getting a ride.👀👅😋😍😍😗😘😚😙🥀🌹🌷💐💓💓💓💓love you sexy.

Jaya Berry

23 days ago

I sure Do, Especially with a Beautiful Woman

The Bahamas👙🌞

Kristina Lewko

a month ago

Darrell Brown hope you see somebody like this abroad ha

Rider Rathod

a month ago

Is this how you mourn verne troyer? You just get 1 good skit from him and bam, bahamas?

Luis Fernando Gomes

a month ago

بلاه مشروع لمالديف بدي روح عهي لجزيرة لما بعرف اسمها اصلا هي اجمل
Hayan Eskandar

Friend zone level.....chair 😂👌🏽

Lance Knaak

a month ago

Raphael Nassan Teo un grand manque d'éducation

Nah Rempi

a month ago

When the lighting is good and you have a great pose but you need a chair so you use your friend😂😂😂

Farhan Badilla Syam

a month ago

Zack Jamel yalah wesslou l dik 3niba mn darajt kourssi Hahahahah

I wood 😂👌🏽

Titi Flogging

a month ago

Élizabeth Boulay tu l'as déjà vu mais c'est le genre de choses qui me font rire :))

Aaron Sixx Justice Day

a month ago

Olivia Herlev Andersen du synes sikkert at det her er sjovt haha

Jason Van

a month ago

Mathilde Inès Naïs ce jeu de mot magistral

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Like to see where the heart goes 😂😂😈💁🏻‍♀️👑❤️

He totally gets me ☺️😍! @johannesbartl @acerny2 @jan.verb

I’m on TWITCH !!!!!!! Follow me : QueenCerny 👑🌷This is gonna be fun 😈

🌈I like humor because it makes you happy and helps you cope with pain, stress and adversity.

Two hands👐🏼 Because spilling a beer is the adult equivalent to losing a balloon.

Break bread fam! Tag your squad 🌷👑

Josh Opiela

2 months ago

No boob no like,😒

Clarissa Hill

2 months ago

This is a beautiful picture. Everything is perfect. The colours, animals and most of all, the head cover, gloves and boots. Her sweater in a great choice of colour, specially for her skin completion. Her face is like unto those of the biblical days. Hell, you can tell, just by the animals. Her heart is greater than any in this lifetime.. Amanda Cerny, Jesus doesn't have to ask you to feed his sheep, you know the hearts of all by their eyes. Keep taking pictures. You are the face of Facebook pretty.

Jaime Klemas

2 months ago

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Break bread fam! Tag your squad 🌷👑

My Naschmarkt stance 🤨🤚🏼

Go shortie it’s your burthday 💁🏻‍♀️

Soy tu fan ❤️👑 @cernyfit

#internationalwomensday is every day. Treat yourself to salt baths, massages from your man or woman ;) and lots of self love!

Advertisers today 😳 w/ @brentrivera @mason_fulp #AmandaCerny

Look back at it 😏 #oscars2018 #eltonjohnaidsfoundation 👑 GLAM #TeamCerny 👑 - Dress: @suzieturner | Hair: @laurenbateshair | Makeup: @muavee | Diamonds: @joelthejeweler

Introducing my mom @grandmasteramyreed to @johannesbartl for the first time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Morning after.... ( #throwback @johannesbartl @acerny2 ) Making more skits for you guys again! Sorry I’ve been so busy making bigger projects for you all xo Comment What kind of sketches do you want?!?!

The most sun I’ve gotten so far in 2018 #sheltered

Bathe me in pearls Coco 👑✨

Yuri Lacerda

3 months ago

Wow!! Turning real materialistic and showing more and more skin 😳 Promoting stuff that men will say something pervy while most women are fighting it. You were more about entertainment, fun, this? I know it must be about some cream but.... Us men can only see one thing.

Sanket Shete

3 months ago

I will just bathe you Amanda.

Shyam Chandran

3 months ago

Why don't you take off that dress then the real fun will begin

Bathe me in pearls Coco 👑✨

Whelp.. I’ve given up on eating nicely. Even when i try my hardest, I always end up with spilt snacks or a morsel of food on my forehead and/or in my hair somehow... it’s simply just not meant to be. I’m a mofuhkin’ cave woman!!!!! 🍪👹👑 #nofilter #nofoodshame #oscars

Slut shaming 💁🏻‍♀️👑LINK IN BIO!!!!!!!! Click it , watch it , love it !