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New 2018 Fall Guess Campaign is here!!!! SO excited ! #teamcerny is global!

I Love This Lady Amanda, Only If She Will Me Back. Plzz Inbox Me.

Ray Seaborough

22 days ago

Niko lele GQn kannes ja Amanda Guessin kamppiksen kasvo hulluu

Hannah Vallespin

22 days ago

Viral Success Story Like No Other, Could We Have a Series of Portrait Shots? 😹 More Than Those in The Campaign

Daliso Villa

a month ago

Eva Tenza en dirait toi quand tu t'endors le soir :p

Vanessa Zillich

a month ago

Kitni ghareeb larki hai 🤣🤣
Itne chote chote kapre pehne hai is bechari ny😜😂😂

Justin Ciecko

a month ago

Next time please remove the top also😁

Arin Wensley

a month ago

ضيعتي الورد ا لخراوات -_-

Peggy Schoonmaker

a month ago

a flower in the middle of the desert.

Bradley Kerr

a month ago

Beautiful as always 🌹😍

🧚🏼‍♀️Hopeless wanderer💫

Angela Walker

a month ago

That moment when the girl in the back looks hotter!!!

Lorenzo Tarr

a month ago

Hi amanda Cerna I'm new here to like your page were same name my name is amanda

C-Dric Dx

a month ago

Classy, funny and beautiful.

Give me an emoji 😳

Nat Frost

a month ago

Just checking to see how many eggplants are here...

Viktória Mihalik

a month ago

Im just come to read funny comments of classic people..😜😂😂

सुनिता थक्लेङ्ग लिम्बु

a month ago

That one emoji can't describe ur beauty, beauty...
But still 💞

Nobody owns a cat 😽

Helder Rodrigues

a month ago

We might not own them..But we are responsible for their care...never forget that.

Charlene Wilson

a month ago

I like that picture of wearing flowers on your head AMANDA CERNY

Jos Vergara

a month ago

I have enough cats just for you


Tammy Rembert

a month ago

When I do not see my friends Maher Adnan
seeing you enough
Amanda xoxox

Filip Wasserbauer

a month ago

Ww looking so lovely u so hottie bt I love him

Pedro Dutra

a month ago

Beautiful is just A Little Word You Define Better

Laughter is the best medicine ☺️

Faby Cisneros

a month ago

Laughter is the best exercise for Ear Nose & Tie your Advise is very good

Luka Škvorc

a month ago

Your personalities are the best medicine

Mpho Jmantics Nkomo

a month ago

The happy of heart is a medicine = hati yang gembira adalah obat.

Warren Sanchez

2 months ago

صورني وانا مش منتبه 😂
(الاجانب يسرقون عاداتنا) 😂😂 Ashraf Zaid

Julia Bär

2 months ago

God would have taken off all his allotted holidays to create u seperately😍😉💘

Estella Poole

2 months ago

I thought i got rid of those paints at d back. Anyway, miss u babe. See u tonight. Happy anniversary. Love u 😘

Girls just wanna have sun 😎#guesseyewear AND FUN. THEY WANT TO HAVE FUN TOO !

Alonso Sánchez

2 months ago

Hello amanda i me fan of your vidéo, i Fillon you since center of africa in RDC(DRC) and also i like very much what what you makes and i hape in a day intendet to make a vidéo with you

Venice Ratliff Moss

2 months ago

What kind of a top fan won't get to be right next to the person he admires n feel her by seeing her in real life.🤔🤔🤔

Vivien Bustenera Aquino

2 months ago

I mean seriously. When r u coming to Vancouver Amanda?

Alice Mullins Garcia

2 months ago

Have you been swimming through the fisherman's wharf?

Minu Chapagain

2 months ago

Dennis heavy breathing

Denise Mankowski

2 months ago

my body just started doing exceptional things oh yea!

Self love baby ❤️

Anna Marie

2 months ago

Ur boobies r not so tight as it was ,when U were virgin

Caitlyn Webster

2 months ago

Que fue ! Porque está en esa posición y tiene ese gesto de satisfacción. Díganme se cago !!!Quien esa ella ?

Rain Adams

2 months ago

Who wouldn't love him/herself with such a body

Emily Smith

2 months ago

The family alarm clock probably :D

Phil Griffin

2 months ago

Sinaí el Abdul 🙄

Kelli Furlong Kautzer

2 months ago

Karolina Ke Hül Ya. Junge richtige Karo hahahahaahhaahhaha sie hält uns immer wach 😂

The struggle of not being able to find your keys 😩😊
You are my sunshine ☀️Now all I need is that vitamin sea 🏝

Pankyes Bitrus

2 months ago

The medical profession is right for you Amanda😷

Alious Alibabab

2 months ago

Next time you'll have it all duplicated so that you will always have a spare keys around.

Lunia Lucina

2 months ago

Yes it's another key to open a life

Cuddles soothe the soul 😍

Rose Mccubbins

2 months ago

Making money in the markets sooth my soul living near Chicago. We have a lot of soul here Tip of Lake Michigan :) Music sooth my soul living in the city of The Jackson 5 😎

Alan Danganan

2 months ago

What's all the sad faces for does anyone really think they had a chance with her

Jessica Beck

2 months ago

Umm someone one cheating on me with a strange dude

Amanda Cerny ft. Cardi B - OFFICIAL DANCE VIDEO

Joshua Emeka Ugwu

2 months ago

Levine Sharley Ronnie smart tpi paling last juga la win 😂😂

Thatchai Moon

2 months ago

Yeah, certainly not too shabby. Have thought about this exact topic honestly, but didn’t reach just about any final thoughts. 😆

Bryan Danger Taylor

2 months ago

Not interested lol.

What's your fav team besides #teamcerny of course 😜🌟

Salman Malik Emo

2 months ago

My team would be like u and me so I could marry ya

Wilma Kaddissi

2 months ago

Penrith Panthers, Australian Rugby League👍

Diana Ayala Hernández

2 months ago

Totally Out of Context with Fav Team, But Why are you So Beautiful Amanda

Too glam to give a damn today ✨

Marie Gauci

2 months ago

It's this a dress or chainmail?

আব্বুর একমাএ ছেলে রিয়াদ

2 months ago

and then some 1's finger's in the way.

Yabancılar bizden daha abaza amk Amanda bacım kendi ne dikkat et

Have a beautiful weekend my lovelies #TeamCerny 💛

Lauren Nelson

2 months ago

Amanda you look good nice with Hijab....😉😉😉😉😉😉

Diego Gomez

2 months ago

Finally Amanda with rammadani style

Kacper Lamparski

2 months ago

Aman Mehta Ravi Chandora something to look at before you lie down. GN

Sending love to my Turkish fans 😘

Eddie Boy Hibionada

2 months ago

Amanda ...... what is wrong with you ??? Have a little respect for your self and for someone’s flag ...


2 months ago

Mudit Bajpai
Agr ye india ka hota toh
News channel vaale bolte
Dekhiye is ashlil naari ko
Kis tarah hamare desh ke jhande se apna tan dhakne ki koshish kar rahi hai

Paco Vega

2 months ago

Saying goodbye to your Armenian fans🙂🇦🇲

Duan Zhen

2 months ago

Very beautiful but typical blonde lol

Jeremiah Meriwether

2 months ago

It's better to use your brain, even you're beautiful

Alessio GiovaWert

2 months ago

Right now she is protecting her hair from ☀ sun 😂 😂 😂

When you see it 😂

Lashetta Tyler

2 months ago

Its an image on page

Wanza Mutua

2 months ago

hello, whats up chinese and blonde lady

Raymond Alejandro

2 months ago

Someone is looking at you for like hours

Ashley Bohlmeyer Pullen

2 months ago

Sagar Pokharnikar bhai please isko team mai le lo.🙏
Team attendance 110 % ho jayega.

Audrey D'halleine

2 months ago

Looking beautiful in this 🧢 like Always.

Ereka Atchison

2 months ago

Never be forget God give you beauty not to be proudly

Tourist Cerny 💃🏻 Where should I go next?!

Jen Morris

2 months ago

Go and watch football world cup 🤪🤪

James Judy

2 months ago

Come to the UK, weather is actually good for a change 😂 saying that itll probably be pissing it down next weekend

George Kennedy Phelan

2 months ago

Egypt you ‘ll never get such beautiful country 😎😎😎

It's the weekend - SMILE! 😘
I love when people ask me who my manager is. I get to reintroduce myself 💃🏻 Put your future into your own hands #TeamCerny. And allow trusted and talented individuals to join you along the way. Much love!
Summer body ready 💁

Lim Pui Ying

2 months ago

Yeah man that you have a lot of horn dogs after you they really can't see the inside of you though looks good on the outside but there is that big but

Aye Stevan

3 months ago

I feel like you were the lost member of saved by the bell loved that show and jus for the record id take u over kelly any day ❤❤❤

Ewerthon Legion

2 months ago

This is great, comedy gold possibly. Haven’t chuckled this hard in forever. 🙄

The greatest therapists have a snout, who is yours? ❤️🐖

Isabella Wolcott

3 months ago

So you saying that the great therapeutic is a snout? What are you trying to resemble? Were there something maybe I don't know in your life that you had trouble dealing with pain and maybe as my hypothesis alcohol was your escape to deal with it because of the smell that just take you away to forget of what were you dealing with! but it never work like that or even smoking Marijuana. Me honestly I drink like a drunk I drink heavy dark beer and chug too because that is the way I drink and smoke a lot of Marijuana heavy too but I always stand know my limited and still cooperate and being friendly talkative and having a good time. Many people never do that stuff responsible because when you drink and smoke and consume it you need to understand what it does to the body you know their so much to explain. My therapeutic snout will be smelling the good of many people to motivate them and encourage them because there is a outrage and out of control with many that always smell like alcohol and marijuana that they think everything makes everything okay when it doesn't and it breaks my heart to see people down being hurt, lost etc and I pray for them even cry privately when I'm alone. I just want this peopleto be sober and think that people do care and love them and they are never alone and can still have a good time and be happy like they were before they were hurt badly. By the way you look serious in this photo from all you have taken but you look amazing very stunning and beautiful as always. Take care of yourself and love yourself too and be happy. Muuuaaahhh. 😊

Dmitry Dolotov

3 months ago

Pumpking pie Lady ! I am doing something to eat boiled today with pumpking and contains pork guts too. You are amazing ! Soup is referent to your well . Sorry if I went too far .

Lorayne Fares

3 months ago

So this is the #team_amanda_cerny 😂😂

So many flowers and I pick........You🌺

Hermawan Elnathan

3 months ago

Your prettyer then a flower starting to bloom and you maxom of that

Sergej Timmermans

3 months ago

Who ever has you , why should think in flowers , he has the best one ever .

Leticia Bentley

3 months ago

Amanda you are the most beautiful flower. I always like your dressing and makeup. I have never seen smile like you keep smiling

Double tap When you find him 😂😭

Raghu Singh

3 months ago

She is Amanda n she doesn't know much about tech etc. She is stupid but hot n thats y so many followers 🤣

Tod Benedict

3 months ago

Babe, I wish I could double tap to tell that I found it but it does zoom the pic and I get lost haha 😂

Kiki Shady Jakimoska

3 months ago

Sweet dreams miss cerny...when you going to sleep...

How many flowers do you see? 🌺

CSyndi Pittman

3 months ago

A whole load of flowers and the flower dress you wearing

Tha Yae Ma

3 months ago

The most beautiful flower in the entire world Amanda😘

Hasib Uddin Anu

3 months ago

The comment that says that"I see one flower and that's you Amanda" would be awarded the most clichéd comment of the year.

On vacation, leave a message

Jeanette E. Netzel

3 months ago

You haven't untied me from the bed in three days...I get it's your vacation but I need water ..

Gilbert Comtois

3 months ago

I'm assuming you're enjoying your vacation. Please take pictures of the nice view of stuff thank you and have a nice day.

Grisel Gasp

3 months ago

the body beauty of a women should be shown or shared only for the guy who is in relationship with her . not for all people . in this way there will be more respect for the women too 😊

Survival mode on the sandbar 💪

Tiffany Rose

3 months ago

I love you so much, you're my sweetheart <3 Amanda Cerny 😍😘😍😘😘

Mili Fernández

3 months ago

A sand bath? What do you think you are, a chinchilla?

Mattie Baker

3 months ago

Rushit Patel Mohit Jha now we know even models, cerny at that, use multani mitti

Eliška Ondřejovska

3 months ago

Kayla Jane you can redo with Kmart 😂

Kiara Vaughn

3 months ago

Reality running towards food store Imane

Saray Cano

3 months ago

Linda Mie
Hahahaaha sååå meget dig, hver gang du siger vi skal en tur i IKEA for at kigge. :-D <3

I belong by the ocean🌴where are you meant to be ? #AmandaCerny #GuessEyewear

Masao Imono

3 months ago

I belong by the mountains.

Rui Bronze

3 months ago

Amen and amen jcmem is One. Heth_lpt_MEM.exes to you all and health care. Amen.

Ben Quadt

3 months ago

I belong next to eye candy always ---- lol ;-)

caption with the most likes wins my attention 😎

Javier Martinez

3 months ago

The beauty of a woman Is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman Is reflected in her soul

Jake Asquith

3 months ago

‘The second rendez-vous’
Oil on canvas
Showing and Christie’s Manhattan.
(I was the guy the painter had her stare at 100yds away. Was the second time she saw me). Keep the attention hun, just great seeing you look good. Hit me up when you come to Miami with Bach again. Would love to have you over again. 😘😘

Kabandize Abel

3 months ago

Amanda Cerny, I'm crushing on you big time. I don't know if that's normal, but you are so stunningly gorgeous, it's amazing! To love a woman so beautiful and be able to tell them how you feel without being nervous because dudes are always saying how pretty you are.. I love you, Amanda. Not in a weird way but like a homie..

Troy Nelles

3 months ago

or when you sit on standing scissor/-

Real Nada

3 months ago

David Poh your face last night 😂😂 tonight again will happen

Jackson Jacob

3 months ago

Sheetal S Thapa I'm wondering if you do this every morning. Find it super cute

Veekaye Killsangel

3 months ago

No say progress, just say result Quốc Trường

Juliana Kelly

3 months ago

But actually it is...
Don't act, Just talk.
Don't show, Just say.
Don't prove, Just promise.

Alana Rubinsky

3 months ago

Tkt bébé avec Ghislain on est là pour toi. Frenchkiss et coeur sur toi avec les doigts.

All I need is me and my camera and the sea...❤️

👉Share a selfie with me in the comment below I want to see you my lovely followers 😘

Mark Pazdziorko

3 months ago

There’s no camera option in here.. can’t post our selfies amandatiii
Maybe there’s a setting that you can turn on in your page ♥️♥️😘😘😘😘

Victoria Pels

3 months ago

I'm in love with the shape of you 😘😍

Ernest Mcilwee

3 months ago

The sea?!?... looks like VERY low tide there. And no beach invite?

Nana Bengia

4 months ago

Yeah i wanna ride on you, oh sorry with you.

Skaar Skaar

4 months ago

You look sexy Amanda love your puppy he seams very happy getting a ride.👀👅😋😍😍😗😘😚😙🥀🌹🌷💐💓💓💓💓love you sexy.

Jaya Berry

4 months ago

I sure Do, Especially with a Beautiful Woman

The Bahamas👙🌞

Kristina Lewko

4 months ago

Darrell Brown hope you see somebody like this abroad ha

Rider Rathod

4 months ago

Is this how you mourn verne troyer? You just get 1 good skit from him and bam, bahamas?

Luis Fernando Gomes

4 months ago

بلاه مشروع لمالديف بدي روح عهي لجزيرة لما بعرف اسمها اصلا هي اجمل
Hayan Eskandar

Friend zone level.....chair 😂👌🏽

Lance Knaak

4 months ago

Raphael Nassan Teo un grand manque d'éducation

Nah Rempi

4 months ago

When the lighting is good and you have a great pose but you need a chair so you use your friend😂😂😂

Farhan Badilla Syam

4 months ago

Zack Jamel yalah wesslou l dik 3niba mn darajt kourssi Hahahahah

I wood 😂👌🏽

Titi Flogging

4 months ago

Élizabeth Boulay tu l'as déjà vu mais c'est le genre de choses qui me font rire :))

Aaron Sixx Justice Day

4 months ago

Olivia Herlev Andersen du synes sikkert at det her er sjovt haha

Jason Van

4 months ago

Mathilde Inès Naïs ce jeu de mot magistral

Things I won’t do. ( w/ @germangarmendia #AmandaCerny @acerny2 )

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I’ve been Trying to think of what my 20 million #TeamCerny post should be! Even canceled my meetings so I can brainstorm for it ... You guys deserve so much ... There are so many of you and I want to do something amazing .. but maybe I should just keep it simple? And say How much I love you and thank you so so so much for believing in me .ehhh... but no. We are creative asf! Just saying it is not enough! I’m torn!!!!! Consider this a placeholder. I do love you though. Like... a lot! Hopefully the 20 milli Team Cerny post inspo comes to me in my dreams or in the comment section down below ;) because...TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK BABY ! Orrr i can stay focused and keep working hard creating content for you all on social media and in traditional film and tv. The two worlds are definitely colliding and I only want to deliver premium sh*t for my fans. Best way to celebrate is to keep growing together 😜☺️❤️ Thanks for being a big part of my life. Let’s keep surprising them ;) ✨ #TeamCerny #comingsoon

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Carpooling because my Uber’s keep canceling on me 🍃 How long until I get a ride?

I’m talkin’ to you. 🎬💃🏻

Meeting mama bartl !!! FULL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE!! Link in bio and subscribe #teamcerny xo

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