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Happy birthday to my sis Jada Pinkett Smith ! Your light is magnificent. I love your raw honesty and truth... AND the way you share it with us! Here’s to many more years of growth and power!
Love always your sis, Alicia

Lucas Stein Mariano

4 hours ago

Happy Belated Birthday to an of course Beautiful Sister Jada Pinkett Smith.

Markus Fjørtoft

4 hours ago

Happy birthday to the beautiful sister and many happy returns of the occasion.

Becca Wade

4 hours ago

Happy birthday to her and all the time forever in all her stage life!💕🙏💁🏽

Always in bloom 🌸🌺

Aglaia Pirani

4 hours ago

Yyyya she look like the planet beautiful.only one.unique.magic.

Alexis Lopez

8 hours ago

Lovely headpiece that’s all

Anthony Pugh

15 hours ago

I'm sorry but her lips r NOT natural. Lovely otherwise

I love this soooooooooo much!!! Blessed Sunday!! Keep believing in your dreams and keep dreaming them awake no matter what!! ✨✨✨

Kelvin Dan

2 days ago

Okay gorgeous and you do the same also have a blessed Sunday too ❤️💯👍😘

Vanessa Slaughter

3 days ago

If that future gets a lot better than today with low on no polluting & global warming will stop i wanna dream with you Alicia

Angy Llamas Zaragoza

3 days ago

Will do! I'll dream awake till I make them all come true! Truly BLESSED SUNDAY! 💜👼

Me & my 🎹 Swizz Beatz #poison (check my Instagram story)

Anne Marie Dajon

2 days ago

I love Alicia Keys as a person as well as an artist !!

John Strain

3 days ago

I love those shoes and I love her music her voice is beautiful

Lynne Porter

3 days ago

the woman who is music with all her body and soul

Who said less is more... #poison Swizz Beatz (check my Instagram story)

Rosa Loureiro

4 days ago

I love it that you're getting to materialize that what you visualize. The Queen herself Sheba probably was decked out like that. Rock it.

Olga Lawrence

4 days ago

the earrings are way to over the top the rest is nice

Kylie Wareham

4 days ago

Say nooo to the grill...

Today is your birthday! And not just any birthday by the way.... A day that represents evolution and levels you continue to grow to. It represents elegance and power, strength and creativity — ENDLESSNESS!! I could go on and on about you...I feel you that deeply! Let me just say, I’m so glad you were born my love. Thank you to your beautiful mama and papa and the most high cause they made a masterpiece!! Happy born day, LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!
The rain can’t stop the vibes that are going to be created TODAY!!! 💥💥💥#SWAG!!!

Dominique Paza

4 days ago

Alicia are such a good wife darling.....praising you husband and wishing him the soo sweet and kind of you.

Aguilera Giberth

4 days ago

Alicia keys you're number for me and every piece of you it just perfectly and I wish best life for you .

Adrian Felt

5 days ago

Happy birthday to the love of your life. May he live long and happy by your side. Please share your love and happiness and ignore haters. I'm proud of you always...

The memory of a day like today reminds me to hold the ones I love that much tighter, that much longer...
take that much more time to be present and to feel the blessing of another day...

Nhess Ocampo

6 days ago

Yes hold them tight n tell them u love them so much n alot of kisses

Pauline Chu

6 days ago

U make me love u '.u make me love u babe hello how are u fill beautiful angel love for ever

HelmsKaduce BonnieJoel

6 days ago

Thought the same that moment...

Yes queen!! Proud of your journey Winnie Harlow #fashionweek 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

Emma Rosa Padilla

7 days ago

i love that so beautifull

Erik Johnson

8 days ago

She has the beauty of the brazilian woman. I love you

Manuel Marrujo

8 days ago

She’s one of my fave ANTM contestants of all time ❤️

Serena Williams You are THE epitome of grace and prowess!!! You are an inspiration to all of us. Your purpose to be a leader and a light is a gift to the world!! We love you and thank you for sharing your greatness and spirit ! Congratulations Queen!!! 🔥🔥🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽✨✨✨

Jamie Couch

8 days ago

Thank you for your music...🙏

Poem... From the recently released book,...
...Dancing With the Divine...

Echo of Light

I only know one way to shine So I shine ever so bright
I am the vibration of sound

Yes, I am the echo of light

I am borne in the breath of beginning
And I bathe in stillness that's spinning

I can be nowhere else
And nowhere else can be me

I am image and reflection
I am death and resurrection

I am the age that I am
Because of the age of the plan

I am not a moment too soon I am the Earth, the Sun and the Moon

I am less a constellation
And more its creation

I am the moment that's expressed
I am the bless in all that's blessed

I am the touch of God's finger
I am the moment of linger

I am neither yet or before
Neither water, nor shore

For in the Almighty's eye
I, am not even I

I am the truth of a miracle
I am fluid and lyrical

I am the song I am to be Through the art of harmony

Know that Grace
Is the sound
And Christ consciousness The key

I lock into worship
And worship frees me to see

That I am the moment
Before the moment is me

And I shine

Yes, I shine
Ever so bright

I am the sound of sight

Yes, I
Am the Echo of Light.

David Orum

9 days ago

your amazing vocals make me smile. even more so when your songs hit the chords for women everywhere to stay strong and and show their fire.

Anathi Mbambalala

9 days ago

Sweet alicia keys, may lord gives you more days to live. Luv you

Here’s to the goddess within all of us.
I’ve grown so much during this trip to #ancient #Kemet
And it’s been a blessing to share pieces of it with you. Thank you as always for you beautiful energy.
👁❤️ U

Snatas Nocab

9 days ago

I hope one day I can go
abroad with my success.
EGYPT is our stardom of history. Going to their museums is mind blowing.
you"all se ancient mombs,
PHARRO the King,their jewels,head peace.And much more. As our Black generations grow. Braiding hair is the core of our roots.
# Egypt land of gold
# Land of wealth.
# Land of History
So, thanks for educating me
more about Egypt.
# A true honor.

Ochoa Slim

9 days ago

I appreciate you doing this Alicia Keys, I'll probably never get to Egypt in this lifetime. Thank you :)

Detlef Wehrhane

10 days ago

Good choice and a new from start Ask a mood to you’re blesses times and you’re heart to all sow enjoy full you and true story to all cause you’re hight love is a bless Voice from true love!💕🙏💁🏽

#Vibes 🌺🌸☀️

Maria Tadic

12 days ago

I love that outfit! When u r ready to part it, i am not terribly far, just down the road in Winston-Salem. It would be great gear when I RUN from my classroom on a Fri evening from inspiring youth all week and FALL out on my couch!!! Just let me know when...😂🤣😃 Love it!!

Scotward Thibodeau

12 days ago

Alisia- I am far from Famous- Just a lowly- Retired 43 yr Cancer RN- But you are following the tour I just took- By My Self - Did you Ride the Camels by the Prymids and climb up the inside of the Great pyrimid?? Lol- I did! lol- And I am hep C- a post liver transplant ,2 comas- not expected to live , colostomy and reverse-all from 2013- 16- Before that lost my 55 yr old husband to CA and my job leading to ending my career. Job- Bible had nothing on me! I think you are on my cruise- Lol- Make sure you do Abu Simel- etc- andxswim in nile- My tour co was great- Intrepid tours- Recomend- Go to SO Africa and Victoria Falls- Next year- Did in 2017- Love you on Voice!!

Bere Quiñones

12 days ago

That's a Beautiful picture of you.... your Awesome

Here’s to finding what makes you glow ✨✨✨
Sending you much ❤️ today

Erin Boest

12 days ago

Alicia,i have already received the love.....keep glowing and keep spreading the love...You are one in a million

Toni Ital Swaby

11 days ago

inviting u to Zimbabwe together with Keri Hillson &Tamia

Patricia Pantera

12 days ago

yes pray is it to me because i want go lookfour visa u.s in embassy praia in cabo verde to god bless your pray about me , now i´m felling happy because i have pure love queen of my life precious keys honey

Jennifer Evans

12 days ago

My prayers to Danielle and her Family don't give up on hope God will Heal her for if we beleive we shall be Heal The devil is a liar with every stripe Jesus took was to Heal us all just keep the good fight of Faith🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇

Rene Mills

13 days ago

Alicia--It would be wonderful if you would just keep your politics to yourself. Remember, you have fans on BOTH political sides. PLEASE. We love you so and your voice and your talents are so extreme and so special and so incredible. But, your politics certainly doesn't agree with everyone.

Yvonne Miles Capehart

13 days ago

She will, yes ... mercy on those who have lost themselves and will never see the light again. They were condemned by the heavenly servant of life ... they did not enter heaven in life.

Feels like home...
Deep spiritual connection #uncovering #ancient #kemet #learning #growing
Taking it in at the Temple of Aset the original name of Isis 💜 💜

To all my goddesses in the world spreading love and light, power and radiance. Never stop being brilliant!! Tag another goddess you know 😘😘😘🌈🌈🌈👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
The Queen that ruled as a King! Hatshepsut!! I feel sooo connected to her. She was a powerhouse. NO ONE attacked while she reigned!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #power #valleyofthequeens #blackgirlmagic #valleyofthekings

Laura Ramirez

13 days ago

That's a beautiful place and but I have to ask you how is the food?

Ashley Carlson

13 days ago

How did i end up with celebrities on my page most off them i don't never heard nothing about...smh

Ann Huang

13 days ago

You're Egyptian? Or do you just feel Connected to them lol. I know I do 😁

Zamadlamane Nomusa

13 days ago

I believe in my children, even if it means sacrificing my all for it.

Carolyne Allison

14 days ago

Sooo true believe and keep it moving.

Filip Janevski

14 days ago

You know your protest is worth something when your world comes crashing around you. #staystrongkap

I love this woman!! She is my best friend AND my mama and has always taught me to be silly AND crazy AND powerful AND smart all at the same time! I can be every side of my self because she didn’t repress herself! What a blessing to share this experience with HER! She is my original example of a queen and goddess! 🌟🌟🌟💕💕💕

Cecilia Steen

15 days ago

She has done a phenomenal job. Awesome picture too my Queens. Sincerely, The legendary double edge sword of Gods mouth Michael Gene Rilling

Chayito Miranda

15 days ago

The most important things about womanhood is; to know who you are and the ability to represent WELL!!!
IT has a POSITIVE affect on the NEXT GENERATIONS💜💜

Edson Morais

15 days ago

It is a complex system, writing figurative, symbolic, and phonetic all at once, in the same text, the same phrase, I would almost say in the same word. #LettreàMDacier

How the Devine Husband treats the Devine Wife!!!! Swizz Beatz 💕 💕 ☂ ☂ 🌞 🌞 👑 👑 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽💥💥💥🌟🌟🌟🌈🌈🌈
Shout to all the amazing men in the world who revere, adore and honor their Queens!! #Shine #love #Men #Powerful #Devinelove

Vale Ioana

15 days ago

This so called "Devine Husband" is literally shading himself alone while leaving his "Devine Wife" to roast under the sun ☀️😜😂🤣

Maria Rossana Guillen Cortez

15 days ago

People are missing the point of what she was trying to portray. The pic may not be accurate but she is praising a man she shares true love with. Some women should learn to value their partners this way...before it is too late to do so. Men too need to know they are appreciated. Spread love people, stop being so hateful.

Kimberly Bridges Veal

15 days ago

That's right Swizz, you show us and keep showing us what you say is what you that you care so much for your woman! Great example for all. May you be blessed, always. Love you too Alicia!

Doesn’t my face say it all?? This is Ipet Isut now called Karnak. One of the grandest Neter Het’s (Devine houses) in all the world!!!! It is said the concept of the golden ratio or PI is represented here and as you can see I’m Literally STUNNED at the massiveness of everything 💥💥💥
It took 17 of us with outstretched hands joined together to complete the circumference of ONE of these pillars!!! And there are a garden of them. Hundreds and hundreds!! Can you imagine?? ❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟
#powerful #unimaginable #mindblowing #greatness #uncovering #ancient #kemet

Anikó Horváth

15 days ago

Golden ratio is represented by Phi not pi. Thanks.

Vanessa Battista

15 days ago

Absolutely beautiful and to think our future grandchildren won't even learn how to write in cursive.

Lynn Meier

15 days ago

Thank You Alicia just beautiful picture on the rocks before Kodak films ancestors are so great full to live this for us now for remembering we Was there before great memories

Caption this...

Barion Emerson

15 days ago

Oh, that’s Alicia Keys 🎹 writing music in Egypt. I’m glad somebody is positively representing the US in the Middle East!💖💕🌟

Pietro Barudoni

15 days ago

Stare into the life of things that make you smile. No matter what make you feel like there's nothing else matters!! Live life as you was supposed to live it! Don't look back look forward!😊😉

Princess Prince

15 days ago

Natural Beauty Rules! I was shamed by two ladies at my church for not wearing makeup. Thank you for taking a stand for natural beauty!

Some call it the sphinx
but we learned the original name is Heruemahket.
One majestic, magnificent piece of art just like our love, my love! #art #majesty #mindblowing #exploring #kemet

Khang Hoàng

16 days ago

Love it AK! 💜 I had a dream vision before naming my company and designing this logo Shock RA Entertainment w angel wings but maybe it was the phoenix I saw! Thank God for my 4th grade public school teacher that taught me about her trips to Egypt! 😉

Jana Svobodova

16 days ago

Loving beautiful woman is so easy like driving sport car at over 120 mph. Everyone can do this, but try to love only for the soul.

Braa Qhawku

16 days ago

God Bless you both and our brothers and sisters in 🇪🇬.

Sands of time.....⏳⏳⏳ I just want them to know how powerful they are…
How incredible our ancestors were…

The first astrophysicists, scientists, physicians, mathematicians, architects, creators of so much of the world as we know it.
It’s such a blessing to know what cloth you’re cut from!

#uncovering #ancient #kemet #imhotep

Zola Somahash

16 days ago

Understandably, wished you give me more for mine! Why does she not notice what she does.🌹A Saluté

Moneth Cake

18 days ago

I don't think so Alecia I'am just off on my bike to Birkenhead.

Daina Laroque

18 days ago

The end of the journey tells the tale.

No caption capable of capturing the vibe 😋😋😍😍 Swizz Beatz

Mark Polley

17 days ago

wonders of the world...

ooOoh yes i love,you are so nices

Fátima Ortega Sánchez

17 days ago

Très belle photo de vs deux ainsi qu'aux pyramide d'Égypte tt mes souhaits pr vtr ambiance de couple salut

We have been Nesu and Nesa (Kings and Queens) for thousands of years! Greatness is in our DNA! Genius runs through our veins! This pic is exactly how I feel! Keep Shinin’ powerful YOU!! 😘😘👑 👑🌟🌟

Manuela Alexandra Silva Domingues

18 days ago

I orther standy ur world madam no probulem on hit de shinin mores be dare for u mama we are kip on de way so we are goin to truw de jouney

Davide Marson

18 days ago

Yes indeed we have been...and you are so right about Greatness, amoung other qualities being in our DNA!

Nunes Jace

18 days ago

I am feeling the power here... I’ve always been fascinated with Egypt & Ethiopia. The lands of the beginning... the 6th dimension madddnessss!!!!! Wow!!!! Love it

There’s so much to see
There’s so much to know
So much to uncover
So many ways to grow

I’ve been waiting for this moment forever..... #exploring #ancient #kemet

Merian Van Leeuwen

20 days ago

Alicia Keys would you like to attend our 1st annual Gala. Oct27th. DAYTONA Beach as guest... My friends and family told me I was CRAZY, but I told them I'm a fan and I have faith. If we don't ask, how could we expect you to say yes! Me and my wife got to see you in were seeing you on the voice! We love everything about you. The most important thing we love about you is your humilty and humanity! God bless you and your beautiful family! Payit4ward Corporation 501c3 Nonprofit Organization would be honored.

Fiso Filisi

21 days ago

Such a beautiful soul . I love your songs, your spirit and i admire your personality . Sorry for m'y english. A french fan

Aarón Castañón

21 days ago


Do you believe this? ✍🏽✨

Алла Устинова

21 days ago

Unless acted upon others including our sisters brothers Mothers... windows of opportunity or incestuous immunity ?

Tina Ngata

22 days ago

I think we are free in a certain frame. There are outer influences we can´t control.Can I decide what I want? When I prefer dark haired women before blondes, did I decide it?

Ingrid Escobedo

22 days ago

I believe we are the ones who write our own destinies and as such create a path for ourselves. I believe it’s that path that leads us wherever our destiny lies. Hopefully we choose the positive path and not the negative. Free?? We have the freedom to choose those paths in life, “Yes”, and with that I guess with that we are essentially FREE.

The heart of a woman is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find .....(Fill in the blank)

Anita Canada

a month ago

Passion, which can be found among the multitude of roses that populate her garden. All of this lies behind a golden gate, always guarded by cherubs, awaiting someone special to bring about the harvest and collect the fine fruits. The one violates her garden may never know peace within it again.

Elianna Apotheosis

a month ago

I don't know. I haven't met one that made it feel special.
Men and women are all the same.
I don't know what special thing to find in there 🤔

Connie Walker Weller

a month ago

Take it from someone who knows Alicia Keys intimately....this person has what is called Multiple Personality Disorder.

She’s a wild rose
Blooming as she pleases
Free just like the wind
Blowing through the breezes

Abel Naranjo

a month ago

You missed it you didn't see it I thought it was meant to be the story everything even the ending but you know what I would have turned around and picked you up then kissed you bam

Caitlin Ann

a month ago

Alright, Shawn L Dunscombe and I just came up with the most awesome concert of all time. Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys. Who's making this happen? #Aliciakeys #erykahbadu #maryjblige

Fisu Dias

a month ago

I am a 67yr young man! Definitely a fan. I have watched you on Voice! If only more folks were like you: Stand & be heard when necessary, and always generous and kind to the young(well mostly young)talent that are seeking a dream💕

MESSAGE 💥💥💥!!!

Yolanda Ricks

a month ago

You inspire me to keep reaching for my dreams :) X

Lanngmba Moirngthm

a month ago

Sometimes the love of God is not really about feelings and emotions its about doing what's right no matter how much it may hurt.

Alexis Vasilopoulos

a month ago

You are so incredible Alicia. I've saved this, and I am practicing it, by cutting all toxic people out of my life. Thank you, with my love and gratitude ❤🙏

Summer don’t go...


a month ago

Yes. Because my AIDS bones cant take the cold. I need to be under the desert sun. Just speaking for me. I wake up coffin stiff.

Razz Grimmreaper

a month ago

Alisa when you sing I feel like your singing from my heart your words are always right on time Thank you may God Bless you

Anil Kapali

a month ago

Hi Alicia keep up the good work i am enjoying all of it and let me say you look like sixteen years old

Sacred Geometry 💜💜💜

Garn Atchasai

a month ago


Mirle Rodriguez

a month ago

This is great to see. All people can do this to there hair. This person has great hair treatments. It shows self expression, in the art of brades and thoughts. I like it.

Nobuyuki Kuribara

a month ago

That is a crazy good head Masterpiece!

I’m feelin’ these rich colorful vibes!!
Let’s Shine outrageously on ‘em today !!!! 💥💥💥

Angele Mboughe

a month ago

Every single colour in this photo is stunning and perfect.

Maria Stoian

a month ago

So pretty and nice she is a perfect 10 your style

Karen T Burns

a month ago

Guys check out our work 😍😍 Jo BanksbJuvelle Behrendorff Aaron McPolin ❤️ Thanks Inspiring woman Alicia Keys xo

Look at my little guy learning how to ride his bike!!!!! He’s a Capricorn so he gets MAD when something doesn’t go his way🤣🤣 but by the end of the day he had this!!! Check my IG story #proudmommymoment

Adriana Italia Felicia Conti

a month ago

Trying to send you Natalie Merchant, "These are the days" 2005 live video. Your post brought it to mind. Luv you. Proud of you. Amazing journey you have had-so far.

Azulino Mateo Huamam Cisneros

a month ago

This is beautiful. I am laughing at the Capricorn mention because I totally relate to it 😂 This is very special moment. I love it 💜😃

Guilleno Edwina

a month ago

My son is a Capricorn too! So self driven there's not much i could do for him, he s determined to figure it all out, and he does! He's now going for his major in accounting, minors in business and psych! 💜👼

Mary Whitsitt

a month ago

Pretty baby ,i pity your mother who expose your dignity for every one to see i love you there you mum is a grazing woman

Tim Collins

a month ago

Wat kind of pic is that? How can som1 post a baby pic that shows wat every1 here suspects? Is this world sinking that much into stupidity and lack of common sense?

Abdul Hadi Khan

a month ago

Before some of you jump all over the ppl that thought the baby was naked. Keep in mind some folks have little az phones, making it difficult for them to see that the baby had on a brown diaper. So yes, that will be the reason their first glance look that way to them. Charge it to their mind not their hearts🤔

Your heart knows the way, run in that direction.
#rumi #sundayvibes #listentoyourheart

Brenda Harris

a month ago

Yeah. It's a blessing if one knows how to follow his or her heart. If you want to be truly happy in life, then learn to listen to your heart and follow what it is telling you. It works for me like magic. Be true to your self.

Rayna Cooper

a month ago

Thanks for the share very beautiful and attractive talented young lady. I love your hair very best lady and gorgeous car. From a fan who love to keep up. 😘😘

Bill Crouse

a month ago

True there is time u need to focus on reality

One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m a driver... I love driving.. I’m driven.

I’m open and ready to go to the next place, the next level, the next height.

I love seeing women on their sh*t!! Shine on ladies!! 😘😘

Zoe Caro

a month ago

And an unknown celebrity of note tries and fails to steal her beautiful spirit... who's fooling who babe pls let her be or create your own page and go brag about your struggles there... thank you Ms Keys!

David Fredrick Osagede

a month ago

While the Car looks nice it is your Great attitude towards life, knowing what you want, thinking outside the box and taking risks that is inspiring about you to me. 🙏 Continue on the Positive journey of Life.

Tommy McLaren

a month ago

I feel I should say I have met Miss Keys several times in person at a restaurant I used to work at in Scottsdale Arizona, not only was she always gracious and a real person but was just a nice customer also, In fact not being a music fan I had waited on her several times before I knew who she was and it was a fellow employee that told me.

The great 8! ❤️❤️❤️
Shoe game: disruptive kind
#lovevibes #mood #currentview

Celio González

2 months ago

You and that car look great!

Bj Johns

2 months ago

As the NFL’s 1st African American Female Coach in History, I love seeing ur posts Alicia Keys!!

Emmy Postma

2 months ago

It's a date don't be late

Swizz Beatz Cheers to 8 year my love!!!! WOW! US! This LOVE!!! So amazing!! So infinite! So powerful! So electric!! It’s been the best 8 years of my LIFE!! I can only imagine the greatness the future holds!!
Thank you for showing me what life is, what love is, what dreams are 🌟 🌟 🌟 in infinite and endless awe and love!!!

Enocleto Filho da Maria

2 months ago

Alex G-Ray on est passé proche d’avoir la même date que Alicia et son boy 🙀😂

Marita Ravidlas

2 months ago

A very happy anniversary to you both you're amazing beautiful people who are pure God bless and enjoy your day

Anna Shchyrba

2 months ago

Happy Anniversary to you Alicia Keys And Swizz and may god continue to Bless you with much more happiest and Joy and love and many more Blessings and God Bless you And your family

what if... everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for?

Marlize Bester

2 months ago

Dark times will pass. Life is full of beautiful things. All we become clear to you despite the uncertainties. Learn to live each day at a time.

Louis Wright

2 months ago

Then I'm in for an even longer period of wondering why I asked to take on everyone's pain and become a strong and successful person

Ginger Senecal

2 months ago

Think of it this way, lets say you ask for a sword. You go into battle and get impaled by a sword. It's funny you never said you wanted a sword to fight with, so you got a sword.

Moral of the story be careful and detailed what you ask for, you will receive in a way not intented.

Sending big love to all the colorful, blooming, unique and one of a kind women in the world!!! (guess what? that’s all of us!!) by way of this #sade reminder
Tag someone special you want to remind 🌼🌸🌺

Tapiwa Magama

2 months ago

its a new think pad with my memory chip from the new mine is what it is!

Bea Maes

2 months ago

top of the list just want to let you no what i have been up too!

Laura Ancos

2 months ago

Good morning Alicia blessings my sister.

What are u creating right now...??

Rana Iftikhar

2 months ago

The best creation Alicia keys ever made to me was "no one" in "as I am" that came out in 2007. Made me cry was Leah and me song. Extremely powerful love song it's sacred now.

Dani Maya

2 months ago

I am living and creating my series of books called "Spirituality The Astrological Origin" inbox me should you be interested in acquiring the fascinating best read introductory AG.

Trisha Kuhnell Cordes

2 months ago

creating my own sidewalk-learning how to follow my breaths-down the road of love housed in this unapologetic chest...cementing a truth that only the strong survive💪💚

Erin Michelle

2 months ago

I would like to knw about the prchase

Bülent Yıldırım

2 months ago

Good color leather Jacket your rings, very beautiful and special.

Francisco Guzman

2 months ago

Love it and love you god bless you always QUEEN 👸

summer nights, city lights.

I miss the Big City,been gone too long. I started doing what's on my list.
I've been home from Florida where I got to finally see the Ocean & get in it's waves , that was a trip worth waiting for
(38 years too long) & seeing NYC again will be worth the trip too.

Keliptar Pat

2 months ago

Have you ever had a kiss, in a dream, that was such a good kiss, so realistic and magical and real...that it beats out all the other kisses you had in real life? Powerful dream...wonder if same thing happened to her. That's meant to be then. And we started humming along as we were kissing, the perfect pitch, getting ready to sing together. That was the best dream I have ever had in my life.\

Lattina Pencheva

2 months ago

I love thinking about your duet with Frank Sinatra. That was so beautiful. Two musical giants in the same scene. You were perfect! Really really really really good actress. You should win an Oscar in a movie, we'll rig the whole thing, have it your way. They absolutely rigged it for Frank Sinatra. That's so beautiful, I can't think of anything better than that. <3

Péter Kovács

2 months ago

Love to here Alicia sing Chaka Kahn songs on the Voice, I miss old school music, Soul and R&B 80's was a great time! Hearing you play piano makes me wish I would have kept practicing at 14 years old. good luck in your future endeavors :)

Samanta C Miler

2 months ago

She is a talented singer...... Meanwhile I am single and searching interested lady or woman should inbox me.

Oh my God....I love this woman so much. Class, elegance, brains, beauty and booty,,,she has it all.

kindness, love, strength and determination personified!! Madiba reminds me that everything is possible!! 🎂 👑 🇿🇦 💪🏽✊🏽🙏🏽 #nelsonmandela #happybornday

Ronaldo Cesar Mota Mota

2 months ago

Love...If you have it, you don't need anything else...and if you don't
have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have.

Jan Lever

2 months ago

He was a father of the nation, our icon, he live legacy his spirit remain with us still... Always love you #TATA Madiba


2 months ago

they burned industry in the back of my head long time ago! NOW I AM THINKING NOTHING BUT THAT LADY IN RED!

I never thought I was a pink girl but THIS!!!!🔥🔥 What song does this piano scream to you?

Zach DeLauter

2 months ago

Prince - how come you don't call me; funny enough you already covered this song many years ago, Alicia Keys :)

Gabriel Victor

2 months ago

'Kiss' from Tom Jones! But replace 'body' by 'hands' and 'kiss' by 'touch', ...! And let it sing a carlin in an associated video (alternately, duet)! ;-)

John Mayes

2 months ago

🔥🔥 What song does this piano scream to me immediately....
put it in a love song - Alicia Keys feat. beyoncé 🔥🔥 Even though there's not much of a piano sound in it. I would love to see a music video with this piano in it😬 for this song.

#Mondaymotivation in case you’ve been feeling any doubt!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #elizabethelliot

Tammy Combs

2 months ago

When you maintain faith, doubt don't come to your mind because you realize God is everywhere and in you too....Peace from him keep your mind in present moment....the only reality who is true for life each of us ;)

Nina Aurora Hedges

2 months ago

Farhan Akhtar That's why I write JUST to you. :) I don't even TALK that much at HOME. Nobody has time for me. They're busy watching TV serials all day!! And no one TALKS here in G.E.Links, they don't even say a "hello" sometimes, don't even "smile" sometimes. WEIRD people!!

Dori Thornberry

2 months ago

Thank you for this beautiful reminder. <3

today got me feeling like....
How are u feeling right now?

Kristopher Hassett

2 months ago

bright enough to cover the sun
wet enough to touch the rain
full of hope
I'm crazy enough to feel......güneşi saracak kadar aydınlık
yağmura dokunacak kadar ıslak
sevecek kadar umut dolu
hissedecek kadar da deliyim :D

Mike Farley

2 months ago

Looking slim there, Missy!!!

Margarita Capa

2 months ago

I WISH I felt like you look! Can you send some a dat over here?? ❌⭕️😘

I see you lil King 👑 !!! (afroboy_riley on IG)

Dawnisha Williams

2 months ago

Definitely got Mom and Dad's jeans! Keep growing that hair long

Kimberly Lesser

2 months ago

Now that’s hair to be proud of x

Emily Parry

2 months ago

Salaire McAlpine i swear you and Keaton Smith woke up like this every morning when you both were little 😂😂😂😂

Sisterhood! The beautiful ties that keep us connected.
Big love to Chloe and Halle Bailey for being incredible young women, writers, artist, producers and over all powerful women!!!
We see you shining!!!🌟🌟🌟
Tag your sisters (in blood and in spirit) Tell them how much you love your connection! Spread that 💕 💕 😘😘 #sheisthemusic #sisterhood #powerful #connection

Cameron Sarabia

2 months ago

Right on sister lol Love Ak💙😉🤣🤣😃

Tommy Turner

2 months ago

#PrincessDeemua I love you tons.😍

Stacey Prokopic Solomon

2 months ago

God's Blessings Alicia Keys

How I’m feelin’ .... exploring the mysteries of myself and the world. Sensual, powerful, wise... on my path...
what are u discovering today? (darenbader on IG) #currentmood #goddess #discovery #powerfulenergy #ancientwisdom

Junior Prado

2 months ago

I love that, it’s nice, and beautiful cool 👍you have 😊any trouble I can help exploring that beautiful mystery too gorgeous 💯😍and everything is looking good ! Yes beautiful, 😊👌I’m cool that’s a plus ! beautiful ! Yes that’s for sure 😊...🎹😘😍❤️💯

Matheus Fernando

2 months ago


Ashlee Hester

2 months ago

I am discovering how to be a better person. How to fly like an Eagle, set goals and finish what l started.
Most importantly trust in Jesus because his ending to my story is better than the one l could ever imagine in life.