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Congratulations to The Dean Collection 20 winners!!! 🎉 Last month, my love @therealswizz and I asked all the creatives (worldwide!) to send in their creative work and business plan to see how they would use $5K to further their career. The response was amazing which made it extremely difficult to pick the first #TDC20 winners... out of more than 5,000 entries!! The world is ready for more and we will be bringing more opportunities like this. This is just the beginning!!! @thedeancollection
🎊🎉 Congratulations to (all handles are on IG)
@tongonewild @fadi.alhamwi @warrenart @artbyrada @ekenemaduka @daniellle_roberts_ @pierre.christophe.gam @sara_rahbar_ @shaninadionna @fletcherwilliamsiii @rimonguimaraes @tandafrancis @hanasagini @zackie_tlk @ayobola.k @starmanfunk #PendaDiakite #EmmaLindsay #KimaniBeckford #ErwinSkipBrea

Carmen Ventura Turcios

4 days ago

You two would make the coolest movie ever, if ya'll wanted too..

Massimiliano Andriollo

4 days ago

No Natives? That's exactly why I didn't post my plans to HELP THE UP AND COMING TEENAGER ON THE RESERVATION.

Dante Yuu

4 days ago

what I wouldn't give for your hair :)

Congratulations to The Dean Collection 20 winners!!! 🎉 Last month, my love @therealswizz and I asked all the creatives (worldwide!) to send in their creative work and business plan to see how they would use $5K to further their career. The response was amazing which made it extremely difficult to pick the first #TDC20 winners... out of more than 5,000 entries!! The world is ready for more and we will be bringing more opportunities like this. This is just the beginning!!! @thedeancollection
🎊🎉 Congratulations to (all handles are on IG)
@tongonewild @fadi.alhamwi @warrenart @artbyrada @ekenemaduka @daniellle_roberts_ @pierre.christophe.gam @sara_rahbar_ @shaninadionna @fletcherwilliamsiii @rimonguimaraes @tandafrancis @hanasagini @zackie_tlk @ayobola.k @starmanfunk #PendaDiakite #EmmaLindsay #KimaniBeckford #ErwinSkipBrea

Rob Fusillo

4 days ago

Thanks for the update.

Andreita Aguirre

4 days ago

God's Blessings Alicia Keys

Carine Lopes

4 days ago

I entered. Congrats to all of the winners! Much love!

Before I do anything
important to me,
I imagine my self a tree... rooted in the ground
With branches stretched up to the sky
As deep as I am high
As small as I am wide
Be expansive today
#inspiration #visualization #youareeverythingyouneed

Άγγελος Ράζα

4 days ago

Have to say it's great, humor gold even. Haven’t chuckled this hard in forever. Is this really serious? 😖

Roy Burchard

4 days ago

Really weird. Today I again looked at a NYC shirt and the same Fallin song came on the radio, just like yesterday but in a different spot.

Kaylie Jones

4 days ago

How beautiful. The older the tree the more magnificent it becomes. And roots grow wider and deeper. It’s branches spread and reach to the sky. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be more like trees, put down deep roots in our communities. Stretch out our arms wide with love and tolerance, kindness and goodwill to our fellow man. And reach high in the sky to touch God’s hand as he reaches down to ours.

Just finished this sick women’s writing camp!! I love supporting these amazing female writers, producers, engineers and creative minds! And there are so many more incredible ones!! Can you believe of almost three thousand pop songwriters credited last year, only 12% were female. Only 3% of engineers are female. One of them is Ann Mincieli. Only 2% of producers are female. One of them is me. Crazy! Our world is 50/50. Isn’t it time for our industry to reflect that? #sheisthemusic

Tag the incredible women you know!!! 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

luvs what you love, nosso strange because LoVe Is LoVe

Linda Hernández

4 days ago

Ricky beyers beckwith 0pra Ellen Degeneres, and of course you Alicia keys.

Jansen Allen

5 days ago

You, good lady, and my daughter will help to change that. Great work. Creativity, intellect, and drive are not gender specific. Sounds trite doesn't it. But many don't get it.

Ohhh this is deep! What do u think about this? I always love hearing your mind. Hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday! 💜🌟💜

Ermiyas Lozano Barrero

9 days ago

Jeff Caro in Pgh, Pa...For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures for ever, and his faithfulness to all generations. Psalms 100:5

Michael Bence

9 days ago

Today a friend committed suicide. I pray we send the message of mental illness is just that! An illness. Help us Alicia, you have the power to make us heard. Love....jb

Francisco Carlos

9 days ago

I’m having a tough time dealing with a couple of cold hearted and wicked people. They have done the ultimate to destroy me. This could not have come at a better time. Although what they did to me will take time for me to get over. I’m hoping that I can forgive them so that I can move on. Love is everything and without it we have nothing. I need to get back to me. ❤️

My wish for us all is to love and adore ourselves just as much as we do everyone else!

Sending you 🌟🌟🌟 on this beautiful Saturday!!

Nancy Coenen

9 days ago

the only healing would be taking devotion and that`s not right to get back the own same skincolor....beautiful you are...sorry have to say this like michael jackson

Irine Sevilleta

9 days ago

Everyone man or women should love and accept themselves and not change their physical features to make them selves look like something they are not.
And every one should be kind to each other and love each other as god says and love their animals.

Blanca Edith Orjuela Cortes

9 days ago

This beautiful world since empty,all the people in the world u can steel feel lonely,what the point to having it all,sometimes u just need started again and order to fly🎶🎶🎹🎹

I just love her 😍

Jose Luis ValdeNava

10 days ago

Dhey do not sowh what a big huyuge as show got🤣🤣😂

Aloysius Obrien

10 days ago

Ageless beauty and talent!!always love me Janet Jackson, the one and only!!

Yoshii Sohei

10 days ago


Ohhhh I love this so much! 🔥🔥🔥
Inspired by the amazing photographer and renaissance man #GordonParks’ iconic image of Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver and Kathleen Neal Cleaver, my love Swizz Beatz and I are so honored to be photographed by the one and only Jamel Shabazz to pay homage to the Park’s legacy!

This photo for me depicts strength, power and love with the fierce energy of the times.

We’re also excited to celebrate The Dean Collection for owning the largest private holding of Gordan Parks’ work in the world!!!!! AND it’s our first cover together !! 😍😍😍
It is even more meaningful to be able to do this with you my love. There are some rare and special moments in life and this will forever be one of mine!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
BIG love and respect to The Gordon Parks Foundation Jamel Shabazz Cultured Magazine Sarah Harrelson Peter Kunhardt

Amy McMeekan Gregorcyk

12 days ago

Barukh atah Adonai elohinu malek ha-olam shehakol bara likhvodo

Blessed thou lord our God, king of the universe Who created all things for his glory

May the Lord who created alicia keys an famly grant her this blessing before the shabot starts this evening

In the name of yod heh vav hey
Barukh atah Adonai

Tammie Pierce

12 days ago

Alicia I'm from South Africa a woman of colour I am so intune with my African heritage I am your biggest fan in Africa I have saved like crazy to visit nyc I will be in nyc 16 to 25 sept 2018 I told all my friends and family I know that God will work a miracle that I will meet u during my time maybe knock into u at a coffee shop who knows I believe it will happen I love everything about you my entire family adore u see u in nyc hugs delia zeederberd cape town South Africa I have an African gift for u I'm bringing it along to nyc luv and peace

Ronto Newton

12 days ago

Alicia and Swizz u guys get so much respect from me for this one

Crystal Rosas

16 days ago

Your character and personality make you contagious. You see things in people and u can bring out the good of them just by your care and good spirits!

Linda Ringo LeValley

17 days ago

wow so much beautifull and sweet voice, my sister i think GOD is in full good mood when his creating you, so keep it up you too much. i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Björn Ekholm

17 days ago

This is melchisedec a collector of beautiful things like a farmer I am I cultivate I water in a plant's positive seeds always seeking to please my father which is your father I am almost complete within that I am what do you seek did you find the answer to the riddle did you take the blue pill or the red pill the Remember The Matrix and think of me as the one

I saw this repost on AFROPUNK and I ❤️❤️❤️ it!!! This is so powerful!!! Big love to Jessi Jumanji for this gorgeous photo series of our distant relatives. Siiiickkkkk!!! Michelle ObamaDanielle Brooks

“My studies in African history began to overlap with my interest in pop culture when I noticed that some of the photographs I’ve collected over the years resembled many of the black superstars we are fans of. We should be fans of our ancestors. I decided to create matchups of celebrities with their native African counterparts to show just how closely we are connected to our African roots, whether we realize it or not. || Afro-Brazilian woman of Bahia and Alicia Keys” - Jessi Jumanji

Michelle Ramirez Watrous

17 days ago

And yes, Africa is a source of wealth, beauty and lots of things that the new African generation has not yet grasped

Nodira Kabulova

17 days ago

Todo lo que comparte Alicia Keys es espectacular gracias Ak 😘 siempre orgullosa de mis raíces.

Gary Morton

17 days ago

Wow , that's what it's all about , having an awareness.. A mind that's is not only connected physically but mentally also...peace to you Queen...

I saw this quote atThe Underground Museum and it touched me sooooooooo deeply!! Look at us!! 🌟🌟🌟and imagine how much further we will go!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Dharmendra Prajapati

20 days ago

Yes we are. i often think this!!!! I love this too. I am going to share it :):):)

Magda Marysiuk

20 days ago

#Amen Lady ! i'm my Traditions and my Ancestors Heritage

Алена Позднякова

20 days ago

God bless you, Alicia! Congratulations on your book!

Thank you Aruba for all the sunshine you brought to my life and all the love you brought to the show💥💥 U left a smile on my face and sunflowers all over me 🤣🤣🌻🌻
Till next time 😘😘

Janine Curran

21 days ago

I say thanks to you. Love your songs . And hope to see you soon back on our island. You have a beautiful family may God bless you and your whole family. I have seen your show twice in soulbeach😍❤️🌹👍🏼

Rea Marilou Martin

21 days ago

We went home without voice but super happy to have seen you and enjoyed the music♥️ Alicia Thank you, You are always welcome♥️

Victor Webber

21 days ago

So sorry I had to miss this opportunity! Next time for sure! And we will shower you with sunflower, suntan, sunrise and our famous sunset!!!🤗👏🏻👍🏻🌹🌹🌹🌹

Beautiful skies
Rainbows in my eye
Where am I?? 🌈 🌈
Aruba.... ❤️❤️

Watsü Lazÿ

24 days ago

When you land, throw up your hands and breathe in peace and calm. Then write a song to help the world get along. I love you Sis and wish you bliss.

Dominika Łaniecka

25 days ago

WHAT time does Alecia start singing tonight. Please. X

Brayan David

25 days ago

Alicia, you are a star of heaven
a symbol of beauty
you are incomparable
You are everything a man can want
I always have you in my thoughts
and in my heart.
I love you
I love you

Mood!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌈🌈🌈💥💥💥

Jovanny Valladares Almazán

a month ago

Talented, intelligent and gorgeous.....wish you were my neighbor

Laurence Bry

a month ago

I listen to you're music all the time, your music is so healing & soothing & romantic, you have such a unique, different & rare voice in history, & I absolutely love your voice it's one of the greatest & on top of that your humble about it, God Bless you even more Alicia!

Lezlie McLaughlan

a month ago

Alicia keys is a very important figure in my life and continues to be my dream goal is to meet her one day! I'll probably scream amd then faint hahah. Much love ak family.


Marte Cuales

a month ago

The one thing I've learned from my voice coach and Alicia Keys on The Voice he said she always sing from your heart that's where the true Talent comes from thank you for being such an awesome coach Alicia

Nimo Kizombero

a month ago

Alicia thank you for always having grace dignity and such a classy lady. You are an amazing woman and role model giving TO the youth of this country! May God bless you and your family!

Dylan Joinking

a month ago

A masterpiece in progress...
One day w'ill get there!
We just have to keep going and stand up! Never give up and face life.
Learning everyday... Everything!

I’m proud of us, I’m proud of you Mashonda, I’m proud of this book, I’m proud of our family ❤️❤️ 🌈🌈
🔥 Preorder on amazon 🔥 #family #love #blessings #theblendfamilybook

Audrey Aguilera

a month ago

I'm proud of you!!! I am the step mom and my step son loves me dearly... I love him dearly and treat him like I gave birth to him. I cherish all of my kids... Blended Family!!!

Luke L Johnson

a month ago

We are still jaming to that song you did with Black Coffee!!

Michelle Evans

a month ago

OMG Mashonda I love her so much from that song She did with CASSIDY She must come to South Africa for a Tour!!

when the world throws you the unexpected just swag on em and smile!!🌈🌈🌈
Congratulations Britton Buchanan you’re fresh!🔥🔥

Sony Hinojosa

a month ago

Britton Buchanan ,you are the reason why I’m watching this season your voice and as Alicia says your swag omg so nice

Annalaura Zuccarini

a month ago

Alicia I Love Thee I'll Get Over The hump You See.

Yogendra Sharma

a month ago

Hi there Beautiful, you truly are one of A kind, love you with all my soul, Smile for me Beautiful. Trilpe O/G Big Rick.

SO PROUD of my girls Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith 😍!!! Powerful women💪🏽with a meaningful message✨on their MUST SEE show Red Table Talk❤️!! I love their RAW take on topics we all face in our daily life!! Have you seen it?? 🔥🔥 #RedTableTalk

Bebi Birhanu

a month ago

Beautiful ladies,awesome show
Its gud for women to show and state how they feel about things around them

Mariam Mossadek

a month ago

It is great, funny stuff gold perhaps. Haven’t jeered this hard for centuries. Is this severe brain damage? 🕶

Mamaril Raymund

a month ago

Please continue this segment because a lot of people need people like this to be truthful in today society too much fake and scripts of other people perception that life has become so confusing, but this is real and raw and very emotional, that you'll allow us to see the inner you and help other people along their own journey. Hope it will bring our culture back to family with the message and not look at the situation it come from, as said eat the chicken and throw away the bones

I never thought love could be so deep, so wide, so open, so full, so elevating! Such a teacher! Thank you for teaching me, growing me, deepening me!! I’m Forever yours egypt, genesis, kasseem, nas and nicole❤️🌈🙏🏽❤️

Rachid Boureima Anafi

a month ago

I have to say you are such a beautiful human being. I just love listening to you speak on the voice. You are so sincere and such a caring person.

Emily McAllister

a month ago

Love a critical element to a peaceful existence and its eminent it exudes from this photo and through you. You have remained humble . You are blessed. Happy Mothers Day wishing you blessings ❤️

Kathy Haner

a month ago

Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed. Great will be the peace of her children. Happy Mother's Day!🌿🌹

We are a gorgeous, infinite circle of women all shades, all styles, in all the ways we were made. Inside of us everything blooms. Tag someone from your circle that you want to remind just how infinite we are!❤️❤️🌈🌈
(soulpick on IG) Roseography

Swas Jitvut

a month ago

THIS CIRCLE OF WOMEN definitely shows that we are so different our mind's, bodies and souls, but WE ALL just wanna be respected and LOVED!

Bill Chambers

a month ago

Lots do do about a circle of women... Here we go...
1. Naked bodies are not a sin.
1A. What you do to them can be. Along with what you think about them.
2. All power comes from the creator, the father.
2A. You don't "conjure" anything without his knowledge. And all power travels in a circuit...all goes back to him for disposition. Good or bad.
3. Her thought seemed pure to me.
3A. So I looked for good, looked for beauty. I found both.... I'll let the creator deall with the rest.

Brenda Segaar

a month ago

Can those of us who are not black women realise that not everything is "for us"..

Step back and see the beauty of a group of women, who have been so historically put upon, communicate a love of themselves and one another within their community.....

And just let it be

Been practicing this lately... #sundayvibes 🌟🌟

Allison Cromartie

a month ago

in Mexico we have a book that calls the four agreements and is based on the way of thinking of an indigenous group that lives here in Mexico, these are: do not take anything personally, do your best, do not make assumptions and be impeccable with our words.....

Martina Nasini

a month ago

Everything is personal but it's if you react to it or respond to it that makes a difference in your life.

Ronaldo Monsores

a month ago

If some guy was pointing a gun at my head saying lay down and let me do what I want to do or else I will kill you - I would find it kinda difficult not to take that personally. 😬 I love your music but not all your quotes. 😂

Me and my sisss Janelle Monáe 🔥🔥🔥
Forever #Mood 💥 especially with what I have planned for tonight 🤫

Susan Toms

2 months ago

Love that shirt Alicia!!!!!

Ralph Nash

2 months ago

Metropolis ,,, hmmmm so you must be a Superwoman ,,😉😁

Теодор Божилов

2 months ago

My two favorite sisters

Feelin’ bright & ready for tonight! ✨✨✨✨ #thevoice

Wes Atkinson

2 months ago

Alicia, I hope you didn't see my granddaddy on tv the other day playing a guitar looking like a slightly older Snoop Dogg nodding I don't want nothing to do with it. he is so funny.

Bäsílio Whindersoon Cipriänö

2 months ago

Alicia, I got a grandmother that reminds me of you. She declares that she can make a cheese burger better than the McDonalds down the street from where we stayed: me and my granddaddy have yet to experience it.

Sanaya Sharma

2 months ago

Alicia, hi. Girrrrrrl I think about you often. I was listenening to you speak on your show earlier and didn't know it was you(because of the tonal change in your voice); and I started feeling like I was at one of your board meetings: turned and glanced, there you were! You are so consistant.

Tag a friend that helps you remember yourself! Good vibess🌟🌟🌟

Boris Haz

2 months ago

Alicia Keys. I'm so agree with you. It's the meaning of real friendship. Thanks you for sharing this with us 👍👍👍👍 (Sorry for my english but I'm french).

I love it when you go LIVE on Facebook and sing to us! Please do this more often!

Trem Donaitri

2 months ago

Faith Mabunu don’t sing Feyi. I love you quiet😂 Your voice done freaked a chinese dude out & that was it for me! 😂

Ma Homie is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rocking out hard to this!! 🎶 🎶 🎶 Janelle Monáe
1 of 1 !!!

Moses Ntilema

2 months ago

Alicia, do not hide such a beautiful face
she is more beautiful than these diamonds.

David Bickers

2 months ago

How can anyone resist wanting to worship such a Beautiful Pansexual Goddess like Janelle😍😍😍😙🙃😛😋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Austin Calhoun

2 months ago

what is the meaning of the image?

when nobody can’t tell you nothin

Audrey Yoconda Temple McCarthy

2 months ago

just get your alone time girl we all need that.

Gretchen Ritter Vasquez

2 months ago

You guys talking about a double negative which im sure Alicia is perfectly aware of. Not the point of the post. By her saying it that way, makes it sound more gangster. Kinda like that Kanye song cant tell me nothing.

Nini TapOut Caldwell

2 months ago

And this is your beautiful heart that shall shine with great Love the poor and needy shall Love it they that weep and mourn shall leap with joy to see you

Monday m👀d ✨ embrace your greatness, your uniqueness, your individuality!!! 💥💥💥 it's so attractive 🌟🌟🌟

László Barzsó

2 months ago

the star of africa cleaved cut and polished pray to god someday all forms of slavery will be abolished

Ivar Johansen

2 months ago

I love how the color "POPS" against her skin

Akhil As

2 months ago

alicia you are so beautiful , and i would do anything to marry you. im in love with your voice .. there said it , PHEWW!! lol what a load off haha i love you...i hope my girlfriend doesnt see this lol,but im sure shell understand , also beautiful picture btw :-D

Never stop 🌏 blessed Sunday ✨

Aafke Versantvoort

2 months ago

I love your talent and I need to make my dreams come true

Dalton Almeida

2 months ago

i have dreams like we all do but i need a helping hand to realize some of them ,, would you like to help ????

David Thered

2 months ago

I've got the sweetest one...

Saturday 🌈

Leny Mangi

2 months ago

Love that you live live so fears.
A human that sets her own trends, and not follow up with what man thinks.# A woman that holds influential under feet.# A woman that's so down earth, along with attractive looks. # Finally Alicia keys your stretches far as the RainBow.

Melvin Morrow

2 months ago

Why people feel that a person who others bestowed such name as celebrity of a personal n because of their fame is any better than themselves...
Money may makes the World goes around but A humble soul is far better Than riches

Emma Van Damme

2 months ago

Your so beautiful, and have such a beautiful spirit about you! I love that you know how to lift people up, make them feel good about themselves. I'm old enough to be your Mom. I followed you on FB and on TV. I have for years. I love so much to hear you sing! Your the smartest, talented, and beautiful young lady I have seen in long time. You are the young lady I would love for my Grandaughters to be like. Also, just keep on keeping Blake Sheldon in line. He and I are both from Oklahoma. Where we came from is only about one hr. Away from each other. Say hello to him for me. I'm from Stringtown, Ok. Where Reba M. Is from.

Just in case you needed a reason to smile and remember all the goodness in the world 😍😍😍

Teresa Marticorena A

2 months ago

i must say see is adorable.. pure innocents.. unfortunately see will have to deal with the ameriikka racism...Thank you for sharing this beautiful nubian princess

Kathy Lu

2 months ago

That face! Those eyes! How can you not smile seeing something so happy & pure. She melt my heart. I don’t have kids. I wish she was mine. She is such innocent beautiful angel. May god bless her. 👼❤️🙏🏾

Eddie Torres

2 months ago

Beautiful.... thank you Alicia for the smile that pic just created & I feel sad for people who can't just simply enjoy something seen as there is so much pain & heartache in the world....Alicia sharing this doesn't mean she is ignorant to the world's less fortunate.... just sad others are not as positive & only see negativity in everything they see.

“Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Reeds driftin' on by
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good” -Nina Simone

Sami Pellinen

2 months ago

Alicia, I do not know if you are aware how pretty and distinguish you are. It’s a pleasure for me to see you acting as a judge at The Voice show

Maria Abe

2 months ago

STUNNING! Love the pics, the song and the timeless voice of Nina Simone!

Andrew Ortiz

2 months ago

Newley and Bricusse. Nina Simone was a much finer singer.

So moved to welcome to The Dean Collection the magnificent Artist, Omar Victor Diop!! — what a mind! I love how you provoke our thoughts with the incredible meaning of your art! The "LIBERTY" series is so SICK!! 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you for sharing pieces of important history in your work! It makes me want to continue to search deeper and learn more!! Keep shining!!!!✨✨✨

LIBERTY is a Universal Chronology of Black Protest for freedom, putting together these powerful moments of black protest across time, geography and size.


Mark Ryan

2 months ago

Beautiful ArtWork Awesome💍🌻

Youichi Kurita

2 months ago

Je suis vrement honte de ca .je ne suis pas avec le diable, ni le pouvoir ni l'argent,chaque jour present avec dieu de la peaix et l'amour pur.

Emily Taylor

2 months ago

The dudes look like the crackhead dave chapelle

Siddik Bin Araf

2 months ago


Teresita Tejeda

2 months ago

you are just stunning words can’t explain how beautiful you are! 💜💜❤️❤️

Carlos Caballero

2 months ago

the willy monster is right!

Sunday wisdom ✨✨
Tell me how these make u feel...
Sending ❤️❤️🌈🌈

Tony Lei

2 months ago

if u think it was a dream I am going to have to say LIVE IT! spookiest morning ever! grandma sure new how to make you happy

Jenyce Baca

2 months ago

Alicia Keys Is the AK Fam Group, a legit group by you? Or is it created by a fan? Thanks. Just checking.

Janet Mattos Gomez

2 months ago

I agree, absolutely. Life is there for your enjoyment. In some proffesions however there are periods of the year where you have to remind yourself! 😁

Saturday chill, #vibes ✨

Garry Moss

2 months ago

When you coming to London or specifically Alexandra Palace, 😊

Andrea Moreno

2 months ago

Mrs Keys is chilling there is nothing wrong with that...

D'Velz Soulfood

2 months ago


I’m so honored to be among all the POWERFUL women in the room today at the Variety #PowerofWomen Luncheon. The energy was warm and electric ⚡️⚡️⚡️ you could feel the camaraderie & support for each and every person!! I’m soooo inspired by our sisterhood!! ❤️💪🏽 ! Padma Lakshmi Viola Davis Margaret Atwood Tamron Hall #TaranaBurke #EmilyBlunt #TinaFey
We are more on fire than everrrrr!! 🔥🔥🔥

Reshaun Sun-Shaun Smith

2 months ago

Fabulous as always in everything u do. I admire u because whatever comes from your heart 💜💜

Maude Piquette

2 months ago

Why is the male lion wearing a dress? And Why recently have you been using the hashtag #She is a King? I think your message for empowering a women is to just be a man

Jaqueline Soto

2 months ago

In the room? No. You are one of the most outstanding women in the world. I love your voice, both physically and the message you have for the world. Stay strong. The world needs more people like you.

Dewayne McClain

2 months ago

I have always wanted to say this to you Alicia Keyes,
Congratulations on your great great success in the Music Industry. You are totally amazing and adorable too.

Stanley Uche

2 months ago

I hope you purya blanket over the rainbow 🌈 I hope you never met me at the staple center I hope I could never stop loving you and I hope you over blankets the rainbow 🌈

Willy Febryan

2 months ago

I’m a just finish it here, cause they didn’t let me finish what I was writing when I was sending the request for your new page.. You’re one of the few artist that are never seen and or heard of on any kind of gossip shows.. TMZ ain’t got nothing on you and I admire that! Keep doing what you’re doing girl.. ✊🏽

Alan Reinach

2 months ago

U look jus as ur heavenly voice sounds!!! God glaz n stunning😍😍😍. Um listen to one of ur songs from back in days before go to bed

Erienne Swift

2 months ago

I love you. And although my pockets aren't large my heart is and I am a go getter. And would love to go get it with and for you

I absolutely love Alicia she's a foot print on my heart and soul

💜🙏🏽🙌🏽The POWER 🙌🏽of these KINGS is undeniable!!! I know you're gonna vibe with this @Spotify playlist of women who inspire me!! What would you put on YOUR #ShesAKing playlist?💜

Rouileen Sey

2 months ago

Etta James
Alicia keys
Whitney Houston
Mariah Carey
Christina Aguilera
Aretha Franklin
Celia Cruz
Gloria Estefan
Diana Ross
All the Back Up singers who should be more famous
Joe Cockers' back up singers
Toni Braxton

Allison Lathan

2 months ago

You, Whitney, Monica, Mariah, Toni, Demi, tlc, Mary, Aretha, Donna, Chaka, Sade, Anita, Cher, Kelly, Tina, Pat, Ann and Nancy. And many more!

Valentina Yañez Diiaz

2 months ago

You are the greatest.lyn leon i on your mind lustral.heart this moment big bad wolf.otep ghost flowers.peace and love

Truth !!🙌🏽🙌🏽 The #PowerofWomen is so undeniable!! Big up Variety for illuminating us!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🌟🌟
But most importantly this dedicated to every woman that never got an award or the proper recognition for all you do!! You are incredible and 👁 see YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sandra Victoria

2 months ago

Johnna - Idk if it was your prayers, but I felt God heard me. Thinking of you & thankful for you. Love you. 😘🙏🏼💕

At fist I was like tf... But then I seem it's about just women so I agree😀

Bethany Comstock

2 months ago

I am retired now, but used to be a singer songwriter and producer, in the past when I lived in Europe. Can I make a suggestion for one of your great American African singers in the finals of the 2018 'The Voice' shows ? One would definitely be suited to sing this extraordinary earlier James Bond Theme song by 'Gladys Knight', from which I've forgotten the title. It would suit Kelsey probably the best and it would be a guaranteed winner, believe me ! Good luck in all your endeavors and may you win the Voice again ! Take care dear...

Jaňule Dramenka

2 months ago

Oh so true....if only we would all apply ourselves.

Elisabetta Muto

2 months ago

You need to research the word magic before reposting someone else view like that, the universe run off magic or light and it's everywhere on earth we need to overstand it and its application for a more enlighten world. Magic is the study of lights power beings

Fan Tze Lok

2 months ago

If you can imagine better then you can do better! ✨🙏🏾💫

just sayin’...and so are you 💥💥💥

Sandra Watts

2 months ago

Alicia, my wife and I love watching the voice and the way you all get along so well. Just want to let you know our favorite this year is is Terrance and we would love to hear him sing Maxwells Whenever, Whereever, Whatever . Thanks Jeff and Joy Hofstad, Bismarck, ND

It'z Oluwagbenga Oluwapelumi

2 months ago

Miya Costa Alicia keys is wearing your shirt!

Erasmia Papaioannou

2 months ago

Omg, you are one amazing woman!! Saw you here in Vegas with Missy Elliot and Beyonce years ago, and YOU, MY dear lady were the BEST, that night!! Wow you blew me away!!

#Mood ✨ #LisaBonet ❤️

Kate Pulariani

2 months ago

I loved her. We are the same age so seeing her on the Cosby show and Different World I would pick up on her fashion.

James Kyle

2 months ago

Jaylin Leveston remember when I asked you Lisa Bonet or Zoe Kravitz? 😂

Pavlos Balatsoukas

2 months ago

Just saw her in a Cosby ep, forgot about dat beauty...

#Mood ✨ #LisaBonet @zoeisabellakravitz ❤️

Sunday 💕 to you...

Andrea Capacci

3 months ago

That is a wonderful message to share, especially when someone sends you an abhorrent picture saying it’s you, you feel worthless and ugly

Jerimy Pollard

3 months ago

Love it!

Jesus, shall continue to bless you so you may keep blessing others with your beautiful voice and piano playing!

One, of your most loyal fans!

Lillian Rivera

Community, Disability,
& T.B.I. Activist

Pattie Warden

3 months ago

And allow others to be the same...

Sunday 💕 to you...

In light of the #FinalFour #MarchMadness. 🏀 ✨ Hits Vs Cuts. ✨ Pick your winner 🏆

Ann Broccko

3 months ago

Alicia, this is too hard! Diary, Fallin, If I ain’t got you, never mind too hard!!

Sean Ayres

3 months ago me thru my Bid believing in Love still✊💜

Leigh Lowes

3 months ago

Too difficult; too many make me feel: Diary/Karma, A Women's Worth/Like You'll Never See Me Again, Unbreakable/ In Common, No One/Fire We Make, Try Sleeping../ You Don't Know..., Holy War/Heartburn...etc One <3

Hank Willis Thomas art feeds me! Powerful!!! 🔥🔥🔥 If in NY see it at the Jack Shainman Gallery and get into your feelings 👌🏽👌🏽 #art #life #inspiration

ShirleyLove Shirley

3 months ago

My wedding song is If I Ain’t Got You . I picked it because it’s heart felt and we realized we are lucky So thank you. Happy Easter beautiful lady

Susan Kay Baker

3 months ago

Mrs Keyes your Fire Permit has Expired! Penalties are adding up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👑

Linda Tranquist

3 months ago

Happy Easter 🐰 With Happiness And Love ❤️ Beautiful Alicia

@hankwillisthomas art feeds me! Powerful!!! 🔥🔥🔥 If in NY see it at the @jackshainman gallery and get into your feelings 👌🏽👌🏽 #art #life #inspiration

Who doesn’t love @atcq!!!! The video for #TheSpaceProgram is 🔥🔥🔥 I couldn't pass up the chance to work with these 🙌🏽 legends 🙌🏽 @applemusic. #ATribeCalledQuest #linkinbio