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These youngsters were newly engaged on Christmas Eve 1978. Today we’re celebrating 39 years together.... stilllivinon love!

Jay Pfeiffer

2 days ago

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were engaged Christmas Eve 1958 and we're still "Livin' on Love".

Martyna Górniak

2 days ago

We were newly engaged Christmas Eve 1975. And we are still “Living on Love” ♥️🎄
Happy Anniversary ♥️🎄

Sara Martinez

2 days ago

..".without somebody nothing ain't worth a dime"

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Musa Maiga Malik

17 hours ago

Awesome T-shirt

Scott Roccer

2 days ago


Dulce Mota

2 days ago

Geez it just came up

New 2019 Tour Dates Announced.
Read more at Billboard:

Neto Modesto

3 days ago

Everyone on her complaining about where the tour will not be going and I’m just sitting here thinking.. there’s an arena called the KFC yum center?!?, while simultaneously looking for flights to said arena

Jordan Gottinger

Anita Aparicio

3 days ago

Sorry the Charlotte NC concert was rescheduled for August 24, 2019. That is a long wait.

Rushana Griffith

2 days ago

What is wrong with TEXAS?

Happy Holideals!
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Pame Salinas

3 days ago

Already ordered mine

Overseer Rosalind Young

3 days ago

Are you coming Penticton

Ariana Lencioni

3 days ago

I love the sound of you coming to Hershey, Pa.

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Angelo Tarantino

5 days ago

What in the world happened to people saying "Merry Christmas"? If they are offended well so are we and it was Merry Christmas first!!!

Cledia Sizemore

5 days ago

My husband had so hoped that the album "The Older I Get" would be released by Christmas 2018. He eagerly awaits to see what other great songs will join The Older I Get on the album. He has every album that has been released. There's no other like Alan Jackson, Period!

Kostadin Kanchev

6 days ago

like this all

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Ken Haysey

8 days ago

Blessings to you and your family this holiday season. You are true country, and one of a kind. Thanks for keeping it country .🌲💗

Vieri Thekhay

9 days ago

Thank you Allen Jackson for helping out those children,
God bless you and your family🙏🇺🇸❤️🍀🐶

Angie Odle

9 days ago

Thank you for donating to Operation Smile. Two of our babies (from China) were born with cleft lip and palate. Thanks for helping other kiddos!

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Andrea Tourn

8 days ago

Merry Christmas Alan Jackson and your family ❤

Katie Charles

9 days ago

Oh I want it

Devina Bhattachan

9 days ago

Awesome. I have both of them

Such an honor and privilege to meet our 41st President and First Lady at the White House during his presidency. Our condolences go out to the entire Bush family. @georgewbush

Tonio Ier Le Sacré

9 days ago

What a pleasure to see Alan and Denise with George and Barbara

Charlie Hill

9 days ago

GHWBush had a great love of country music and country music artists. 🎸🎻🥁🎹

Kiri Watanabe

10 days ago

And so were George and Barbra Bush.

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Roland Carrette

10 days ago

Allen is my favorite everything !!!

Amanda Tribuana Mentari P

10 days ago

Merry Christmas Alan Jackson

Eddie Wyllie

11 days ago

Alan, its a pretty sweater and I want one. Thank you for all the wonderful songs you sing. You're the best country music artist and George Strait is number 2 as my send favorite country music artist. Hope I can go to one of your concerts. I love you and your family.

Tanjina Afrin Lira

19 days ago

Does anyone know if I could get my hands on some dvds of alan jackon music videos,? preferably new in the package , was wanting for a Christmas present

Thomas Hummel

19 days ago

I love Alan Jackson , you're the best of all.

Antonio AG

19 days ago

could some please tell me how to get presale code for fan club,thanks

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Toya Bam

20 days ago

My favoriter country singer.🎶🎸💞

Amy Lang

20 days ago

Already ordered my Calendar and Ornament

Izabela Bednarska

20 days ago

*Alan Jackson* you are my favorite country singer of all time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Andy Hdp

23 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving Alan and family.

Terry Leister

23 days ago

Happy thanksgiving and Bless you all and thanks for the nice Picture

Josey Sullivan

24 days ago

Happy thanksgiving 🍁🦃 May God bless you

Today and everyday.

Donatello Clover Fiorotto

a month ago

Thank you Alan Jackson for making the Honoring of our
Veterans a public announcement... Bless You & them for giving us a public platform to
Cheer & Give credit to our outstanding Veterans wherever they reside in our
Beloved Country!! In God we
Trust to protect & defend our
Nation from destructive forces!! God see & hears everything!!!

Barbara Wain

a month ago

Thank you to all veterans, and all soldiers serving the country they are all hero's like my husband i am proud being with him.

Matthew Osorio

a month ago

I just love him and his Christian CD. He has out . Allen Rocks!

My daughter Mattie has a new mission and venture that gives back to women and orphans in need.Go check out Nasheville and support strong women like her, turning their great pain into a great


Godfrey Moses Kalambo

a month ago

Her strength is incredible for one so young. Gawd, I hurt for her as she is so young to have such a loss. But I know, for her to throw herself into helping others will negate the pain for now. But her loss will come 'a' haunting her at the very quiet times and moments of her life. Please Daddy, be there.

Mariana Rodríguez

a month ago

Great Dad Alan !! You have a beautiful family. So sorry about Mattie's loss I have just lost my partner suddenly a few weeks ago I know the pain. We both love your music at his service your songs " Here in the real world"& "Drive"were played.

Joey Michael

a month ago

What a beautiful thing Mattie has done with channeling her loss to help others in need. You and Denise have every right to be proud of her!! God Bless!!

Lots of great #AlanJackson costumes for Halloween! This #Little Bitty guy was the cutest!


Bethan Saunders

a month ago

Hello Alan Jackson

Jose Manuel Villeda

a month ago

Nice picture of you Alan Jackson

Nii Armah Attoh

a month ago

You are such a good man! Taking the time to post our little man's picture! I know you made his day! My favorite, too!

Join us in wishing Alan a Big Ole #HappyBirthday!! #AJ60

McKenzie Lloyd

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Alan. You're a real nice man. You always treat the people with a lots of respect and your songs always touch our heart. Wish you the best and many more years to come. XX ♥

Angela Hayenga

2 months ago

Happy birthday Alan Jackson I was lucky enough to see you in Connecticut, you were not only amazing and talented. You were kind and caring, a quality that means a lot to your admirers ❤

Maggie Diggy

2 months ago

Happy Birthday, Alan, have a great day with family 💜🧡💛❤💚💙 From the first time I heard you music I knew you where going to be around for a long time. Thank you, keep making more.

Tune in or set your DVRs for Alan Jackson: Small Town Southern Man documentary tomorrow night on AXS TV Concerts!

Tina Marie

2 months ago

I love this song ..three years ago yesterday we lost my Dad he was a very wonderful man ..we played "Small Town Southern Man " at his funeral it fit him to a T !! Thank you Alan for this amazing song and everything you have done in the music industry 💙

Ronald Arnott

2 months ago

No I live in England without cable or satellite 😥

Anissa Smith

2 months ago

Meu sonho é assistir um show de Alan Jackson é um sonho impossível mais quem sabe um dia Deus me concede essa benção de conhecer meu ídolo

White's Family Farm in Springfield, TN is #KeepinItCountry & celebrating Alan’s Big 6-Oh! with a corn maze. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by for an AJ-Mazing time!!!

Victor Sims

2 months ago

After trying to decide to purchase tickets to see Alan in concert in another state my son said to me "Mom, you have to go, he's old, and you might not get another chance"! So, yes, I did go, and had a fantastic time!! As for Alan, he just keeps getting better with age! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN, I hope Wednesday will bring you a very special day with your family and friends.

Christina Ollie Green

2 months ago

Alan Jackson please please come to the west coast in 2019 (oregon washington or northern California) we live in Oregon and would love to see you live willing to drive to washington state or north California even

Sigita Elza Lukstiņa

2 months ago

Happy Birthday ALAN! Hope you have an Awesome day! Love your music AJ! 🎉🎂🎉

THANK YOU NASHVILLE FOR AN AMAZING 2 years!!! Huge thank you to the staff and amazing bands that have helped us #keepitcountry for the last 2 years! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little Honky Tonk!!! Celebrate all weekend with drink specials & giveaways!!! #ajshonkytonk #2ndbirthday #honkytonk #celebration #partytime

Quentin Hbt

2 months ago

In our little home town, Warroad, Mn our Heritage Center/Library has a Alan Jackson memorabilia displayed for the month of October in honor of Alan Jackson's 60th birthday on the 17th. :)

Luis Martinez

2 months ago

The future looks very promising.

Mario Alberto Montelongo

2 months ago

When will the Charlotte, North Carolina be rescheduled?

Be the first to see Alan Jackson: Small Town Southern Man before it’s exclusive premiere on AXS TV on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

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Bahtiyar Talantbekov

2 months ago

I am Kenyan n Alan Jackson has been my all time favourite country music artist...he is soo talented..

Masaya Fujimaru

2 months ago

I love you so much ALAN Jackson, I can't wait to see you the 13th my dear precious man. God bless you, love Mary Miller mj❤❤

Asif Ali

2 months ago

love all of this always ALAN

How many AJ albums do you think made Taste of Country’s100 Best Country Albums of the 2000s? Hint: It’s more than one!


Rebekah Hart

2 months ago

Probably most of them Lol!!! Your really awesome and I have been a huge fan since I first saw you on (You can be a Star), I believe in early 80's, I remember the Brown Cowboy Hat and George Jones song you sung ( He stop Loving her Today) Lol. The good ol days in Country Music. Will always Love you and your style, Thanks for keeping it Country.💙😁

Morgan McEvoy

2 months ago

prayers for you Alan Mattie My hearts hurts for you and prayers will continue for all of you Bens family to. Thank you Alan for your gospel cd. I was listening to it this afternoon, my faith has been stronger in The Lord, I gave my life to him many years ago when I had no one, he has never left me. may God bless you and your family love your music, you will be back. I know in my heart. love you. May God always be with you. and heal your family and Bens.

Elis Eminova

2 months ago

Good morning Country King, hope all is well with you and your night was good, have a good day, prayers and vigils continue for you Alan, Mattie and family, Bens to. God is healing all of you and I know in my heart in time. you all will heal. love you God bless you.

Check out Alan’s take of The Rolling Stones classic Wild Horses available now on Muscle Shoals: Small Town, Big Sound -

Lori Neale Wesley

3 months ago

Has the Omaha NE and Rogers AR concerts been rescheduled? Really want to see Alan Jackson this year!!

Lucas McCain

3 months ago

This is the first time that I have heard this . I was wondering when he recorded it . His voice sounds older. My favorite of one of his , is Eric Clapton’s “You Look Wonderful Tonight.”

Ethel Jackson

3 months ago

Very beautiful song that is my favorite song by the Rolling Stones! Alan Jackson makes that song sound so special !

Patricia Esbrook

3 months ago

Alan you touched the heart of America with the beautiful words in your song......may God continue to use you and continue to bless you & the USA

Monica Walton

3 months ago

Your song comforted so many. I truly believe God guided your hand and heart when you wrote this song. Music is one way God proves he is real and with us. With amazing talented voices, hands that play a guitar and touch your soul, and words like the words of this song that help us through. Thank you

Guilherme Oliveira

3 months ago

I'm sure everyone thinks of you singing, "where were you, when the world stopped turning" luv Alan 💜💙❤️

Join ALAN and his former label mates Brooks & Dunn, Brad Paisley and many others for a Once in a Lifetime Event – Music for Mike! On September 25, they’ll be raising money for their friend Mike Owens. Mike helped them get their music careers started and they are showing their support for him and his family.Don’t miss this amazing evening! Purchase your ticket here:

Gregory Hanley

4 months ago

If I wln the lottery in time we can

Trice Jackson

4 months ago

Amber Judy Becca Larissa obviously we can't go to Nashville but look at this amazing line up!!

Râñ Zìí Tå Lämā

4 months ago

Get well soon. Prayers for you and all of your family.

Thanks to everybody at the ACM - Academy of Country Musicfor honoring me last night. Special thanks to my daughter Mattie, Chris Stapleton, Jon Pardi and Lauren Alainaand a very special thank you to all my fans!

Angel Aleman

4 months ago

Rest up, don't rush back to your fans, too soon. As one of your fans, I can say, we will wait untill you are 100% and well rested! Your body was telling you to slow down for awhile. Funny how that works!

Rubén Cárdenas López

4 months ago

So happy you are on the mend Alan wishing you a very speedy recovery. So blessed you did the Gospel CD for your MOM I have to say I am one of your biggest fan love all your music, but your Gospel has helped me through so tough times. I listen to that CD sometimes for 5 hours at a time, it certainly is a wonderful blessing that you done the CD.

Dawn Anderson Berndt

4 months ago

Congratulations Alan on this wonderful award but mostly than god you are on the mend. All of your fans are still keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Please take it slow and get lots of rest. WE LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️

Look at them Boots (and Hearts) - they’ve #GoneCountry!


Neivys Carolina Castillo Colmenarez

4 months ago

Alan I am so sorry to hear you were not feeling well in Canada, but you did an awesome job keeping it going and making the fans happy, I pray The Lord will lay his hands and you and heal you love you. God bless and take care of you. hope you will b feeling better soon. God bless.

Sarah Alejandres

4 months ago

I was very very front in vip section!!! Was worth it to see you up close and personal!!! And loved when you threw me a shirt ❤️❤️❤️ dream come true seeing you live. You were amazing.

Nicole Teves

4 months ago

glad you and all are home safe, may God travel with you this week keep you safe you will be great with your golden voive and all the singing you do makes fans happy, you are the greatest keeping it contry, thank you love you. take care. you will be awesome. no other can ever take you place, God go with you and family.

Thanks for #KeepinItCountry Canandaigua!


Jamie BD

4 months ago

Awesome concert, love how down to earth you (Alan Jackson) are. Just good old country music, makes a you want to sing along, tap your foot, dance in your seat...the way country music should be! Thank you for keeping it REAL COUNTRY MUSIC!!!

Saara Mazzoone

4 months ago

Just wanted to add we loved your concert, so sorry you were not feeling well, but I never would of guessed it you gave a great performance. We saw your years ago at the NY state fair with Joe Nicols, you have gotten even better if that is possible over the years. Also liked D White that was with you. God Bless you Alan and your family, what a true country gentleman and entertainer you are!

Cristina Suarez Macias

4 months ago

Fantastic show last night! You are always a class act and I hope you are feeling better today. Thank you for more awesome memories of your great shows.

Thanks for #KeepinItCountry in Oregon and Idaho this weekend!


Nicole Wollsocke

5 months ago

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Wen Withby

5 months ago

The photographer for Alan's crew also came around the campgrounds and made a video that he played during the show, hoping you guys can post that as our crew made it on that video 😁

Joseph Pianta

5 months ago

We did a meet and greet with Alan on July 27th in Central Point, Oregon at Country Crossings. Where would I be able to find the picture? I was told it was Alan’s photographer. Thank you!

Don’t get the “summertime blues,” Alan & the Strayhorns are hitting the road this week for a few more shows in 2018!Don’t miss out!

#KeepinItCountry #HonkyTonkHighway #TourTuesday

Charles Barradas

5 months ago

I know how great your concerts are and always will be none other will ever take your place. May God traveling with all of your today and your concerts be very successful God bless

Danny Alberto Barberena

5 months ago

Hey girls. Gotta brag one more time. Back in the 80s when VINCE and Alan were doing concerts together they were in savannah ga. I was at lunch near the bridge at Taylor's Restaraunt and in walks the best looking blonde u ever saw aka Alan haha eventually sat down in booth with him and his manager and visited a few mins. But my spin is I always tell everyone I rubbed butts with him lol he was nice and friendly

Dwight Garland Jr.

5 months ago

Will Alan be riding his Harley while in Idaho in July? Highway 21 and Stanley are gorgeous. Our Sawtooth Mountains are a view of heaven! Must see!

When your lunch break is gonna take all afternoon and half the night....🎶🎶. 🍹🍻


Terry McDaniel

5 months ago

he is so handsome and has a beautiful voice I love you very much and Denise and your daughters love you God bless all of you betty parish

Liza Dela Riva Bersales

5 months ago

🎶 Pour me something tall and strong
Make it a hurricane before I go insane
It's only half past twelve but I don't care
It's five o'clock somewhere… <3

Ayda Perez

5 months ago

Alan Jackson, I need your help with a PD Lip Sync battle using this song. It's for the PD right next to where you made this music video. Please message me for details.

In celebration of Chattahoochee going #1 25 years ago today. We're having a #FlashSale today only!$20 Chattahoochee Tshirt with FREE Chattahoochee Koozie!

Peggy Lou

5 months ago

Fantastic song,that was a contest in Sweden with famous singers, and one of them was singing Chattahoochee very good, he was one of the winner.

Rachel Alderfer

5 months ago

I am a fan of Allan here in the Philippines. Alan I want to have anything as a remembrance from you but I can't afford to buy one. Hope you can find time to read my message ang give me as a gift anything that I can treasure from you. Your avid fan from the philipines. Mommy Sony. I always listen to your songs everyday. In the morning, HOW GREAT THOU ART! and other songs while I am working.

Breesy Goon Mpunzi

5 months ago

Hello a l. An Jackson

#OTD in 1994, Alan’s multi-platinum album, Who I Am wasreleased.Add your favorite song from the album in the comments! #TBT

Amy'Rae Varelas

6 months ago

can't pick just one because i loved the whole album each and every song was awesome i still play it alot today along with all the other ones please Alan keep making this kind of music we need the real thing not today stuff

Brenda Lisethe De Lucas Onofre

6 months ago

I like the whole album, *Alan Jackson* you have always been and continue to be one of the best, love you *Alan*

Ñëlsøñ Ry Lêöñ

6 months ago

He is AWESOME love that c.d have ever CD he's ever came out with you Alan

#TBT to the day Alan cemented his place in Country Music history. Happy Grand Ole Opry Anniversary#KeepinItCountry #Opry

Naileth Femayor

6 months ago

Opry. But sadly our greatest story tellers have left us....But in their place we have been given Alan Jackson, George Strait, Don Williams was a gentle soul . So many to remenber, but I will continue to listen, and buy the sounds of country music....As for the new generation of country pop you will never understand what real country music is about.....🌟

Selenia Johnson

6 months ago

Thank You for all the pretty songs to many to name them all but I Love the song Remember When and for putting your heart into your music.

Andrea Girardi

6 months ago

I just joined your fan club, I first saw you were appearing in Live Oak, FL. but when I looked for it so I could get tickets, I couldn't find it. I just assume that you have already did that show and I missed it. Sad for me because I know that area and could have bought several tickets, my daughter lives in the area. I am widow, so no backup when I need to drive long ways for anything. You have grown into the man I knew you would.

#OTD in 2003, It’s Five O’clock Somewhere was released! Written by Jim "Moose" Brown and Don Rollins it was a first cut for both of them! WTG!

Kendall Felix

6 months ago

When I listen to my cd, I play 4 songs--where were you when the world stopped turning and drive and remember when and it's five o'clock somewhere loud and I sing along!!

Ethel Jessop

6 months ago

At about 6 o'clock in the evening, the somewhere is Michigan, is when the wedding reception will commence, August 25th. Would love to have Mr. Jackson bring his guitar and play for us. I checked his schedule, he is free...


6 months ago

A lovely song just like all the rest but I still love a house with no curtains and thank god for the radio which my husband and I sing at our country music clubs well done my friend



Felix Goedecke

7 months ago

*Alan Jackson* has always been my favorite country singer, and always will be, an awesome Man, love you *Alan*

Christina Hoffman

7 months ago

I just baked home made banana bread,while listening to your music ,very loud in my kitchen. Goodtimes!

Chris Newhall

7 months ago

Omg...just love love love my alan from day one... saw him on TV in a commercial andcalled my sister that lives in Knoxville and said who is this blonde hair guy I then went to Knoxville Tennessee to see a free concert at their Park in about 3 days later the first album here in the real world came out he has been my only and number one

Alan will receive the #ACMHonors 2018 Cliffie Stone Icon Award. This award is presented to a country music artist, duo/group or industry leader who throughout their career has advanced the popularity of the genre through their contributions in multiple facets of the industry such as songwriting, recording, production, touring, film, television, literary works, philanthropic contributions and other goodwill efforts. For more info -

Modipadi Emma Mathabatha

7 months ago

Congratulations Alan Jackson , your more than deserve this award. Your song writing and music is the greatest. You have done wonders for everyone. God Bless you and your family members always. Thanks for keeping it country.

Katja Kate

7 months ago

Congratulations Alan,. I have always appreciated your songs, you are a great country entertainer and a gentleman,. You definitely should be awarded for your talent and hard work that you have acheived . I truly admire your close relationship to your family. You are one of a kind. Thank you for sharing your wonderful songs and I love your Gospel music. You sing with such feeling.

Roosevelt Gonçalves de Castro

7 months ago

Congratulations Alan you are the Best Country music Singer, Thank you for keeping Country music Country. I will always be your Fan. Love you

VOTE NOW for Alan in The Boot's #GoldenMic Awards - LIVE LEGEND! SHARE will all your friends!

Rifshan Sameer

7 months ago

There is no better than alan jackson i have been a fan for over 20yrs and i will on2 my end of days he is the king🎸🎻🎼🎤🎹💿📀

Nanda Papa

7 months ago

My daughter & I saw you in St. Louis last fall and you were incredible! We listen to your CD on the boat when water skiing or flying down the lake! You are my all time favorite country music artist. I love your lyrics and the way you put your heart into your songs.

Michael Angel

7 months ago

Alan Jackson ,you are reald country ,singer and writter,so hope you winn to day . the best from Norway

"He stopped loving her today" but we'll never stop loving him.#GeorgeJones #ThePossum #RIP #KeepinItCountry

Mia Crimmings

8 months ago

Alan, you nailed that song. It was a beautiful tribute to George Jones. I’m a true fan from the beginning of your career and will be until my time on earth is done.

Kari Parker

8 months ago

An incredible photograph - George Jones was the greatest - had the chance to spend a few minutes with him before a show at Gilley’s - love the duets you recorded👌

Josphat Bett

8 months ago

Thank you Alan,George Jones was great man ,no we want ever stop loving him ,love you too ,All of you are the best

After a little “spring break,” Alan & the Strayhorns are hitting the road for the next few weeks in Maryland, New York, Alabama and Florida!Don’t miss the #HonkyTonkHighway Tour as it rolls through a city near you!
April 27 at Royal Farms Arena Baltimore, MD
April 28 at Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts Albany, NY
May 4 at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater Tuscaloosa, AL
May 5 at Suwannee River Jam Live Oak, FL
May 11 at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre in Tampa, FL
May 12 at Coral Sky Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL

Sheila Flaminiano

8 months ago

Would love to see you if you are in Louisville Ky at anytime.. Have been to at least 5 Concerts in Louisville and you signed a CD Cover for me. Love your music. It is how Country is.

Kamï Lirä Ãmoúr

8 months ago

Alan Jackson someday, the older I get , everything I love is killing me and Job description. This songs kills the soul anytime I play it

Buckson Loveable Pie

8 months ago

I live in North Dakota and live on low income
I Wich I could afford to go to Alan Jackson concert
And get a chance to meet Alan Jackson and his band
Alan Jackson you are so true in all your songs that you sing
Never will be another singer like you Alan Jackson
Owh can sing so beautiful wonderful fanititze and puts heart and soul into all your songs that you sing Alan Jackson
And all your songs that you sing Alan Jackson touches my heart and soul
God bless you Alan Jackson and your beautiful family
I will always love you Alan Jackson

JUST ANNOUNCED! The #HonkyTonkHighway Tour is coming to the CenturyLink Center Omaha on September 21.
Official Alan Jackson Fan Club pre-sale tickets are available Tuesday April 17 and tickets are available to the general public this Friday, April 20.

James J O'Grady Jr

8 months ago

Since I was born Allan Jackson it always sing a beautiful lovely song I can't stop listening to Allan Jackson son, Allan when are you coming to Kansas

Jenn Arthur-Tomor

8 months ago

I've been to three of his Concerts and bought three t-shirts with him on them still wearing them , Moved down to Arkansas hope to see him again!

Cantu Janettee

8 months ago

Ohhhw our Handsome and Precious singer-songwriter we Love you and pray for your Health. GOD BLESS YOUR TOUR CONCERT

WATCH Alan's acceptance speech for ACM - Academy of Country Music Top New Male Vocalist back in 1991.Always #KeepinItCountry

Jose Celestino Hernandez

8 months ago

U are one of a kind .Alan u are the best there is i even made me some T shirts whith your pictures printed on .u the onley man i listen to everyday even when i go to sleep .u are the best in the whole world and will for ever be.Thanks for every fantastic song u did it your way and we love it.keep it comming.

Anthony Pajuelo

8 months ago

One of my all time favorite award show moments! I love that he laughs at his jokes before he tell/says it! 😂😂😂😂

Armando Casas

8 months ago

I have ALWAYS LOVED Alan Jackson and will do so until my life's end! Any time I get a chance to see him in concert I jump on it!! He is an awesome & very talented musical artist! Keep em' coming Alan! You ARE THE BEST FOR SURE!!

51% of y'all were right yesterday - 1991 was the year Alan won his first major industry award - ACM - Academy of Country Music Top New Male Vocalist!

And this year you'll see Alan & Jon Pardi perform CHATTAHOOCHEE together with #ACMFlashbacks!

Tune in Sunday, April 15 on CBS

Danielle Thomas

8 months ago

Wow what a spunk, I have loved you for years I’m now 71 and only wish you would return to OZ missed tickets last time and times running out 😂🇦🇺

ToweringHouse Ann

8 months ago

Alan is the best! He is keeping country music country! Some others need to take note of how Alan gets it done!!

Aaron Lee Burden

8 months ago

seen him in Sudbury Ont was in front row WOW he was amazing looking and a great performer would like to see him back here .I have an autograph on my jeans jacket and a guitar pick thanks Alan

On this day in 2010, the video for "It's Just That Way" premiered!FUN FACT: Alan's daughter Mattie wrote the treatment for the video! #TBT #TalentRunsInTheFamily

Linda Hertter

10 months ago

ALAN I am playing this song every day now.
I really do like this.
Wishing you a safe trip to Flordia tomorrow, please be safe.
God bless you always.
Love Mary Miller M.J

Donna M Snyder

10 months ago

I'm from Angola but my favorite singer is Alan Jackson and my favorite music is "Where were you when the world stopped turning". Oh, this music is amazing!

Anne-lize Stebbing

10 months ago

Alan Jackson - The Older I Get,Congratulations, my friend, I have been short of his songs since 1990, and a big hug from his friend Damião Martins, I hope we can bring you to sing here in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, embrace you and the whole family, the world karate champion.(55-61-983244851- Email-

Here's Alan Jackson singing "What A Friend We Have In Jesus." Make sure to catch Alan on RFD-TV Monday night 1/29/18 at 8:00 PM EST and many more networks over the next few months. Here's a list of networks airing "Precious Memories: Live at the Ryman" and times to watch:

This is also one of many great songs that you can find on the "Precious Memories: Live at the Ryman" DVD here:

— Products shown: Alan Jackson: Precious Memories Live At The Ryman.

William Russell

10 months ago

I ordered this very CD for Bill and one for Chris for Christmas. I love all of these songs. He is a good, decent man.

Audra Magee

10 months ago

Alan Jackson - I really love your gospel music that I watched on RFD TV at Ryman recently - what a wonderful job you did - I now have your CD and love to watch your time with your family and the great music - thank you so very much!

Bonnie Goldie

10 months ago

Love your gospel music, How great you Art. Your country music you sing is wonderful. Love you and Denise and family. Love and prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Peggy Marian

10 months ago

Wish you were making your way back to Nebraska. My friend and I would definitely do a road trip to see you again. Why? Because my friend, you are just darn well worth it, that's why! Safe travels on your tour. God bless.

Ada S McPherson

10 months ago

YOU are my favorite, I have 6 Alan Jackson CD's in my car always. I am not young. But, I love watching and listening to you.

D Alan Cooksey

10 months ago

Don't miss the school bus
Get out of my home
Cause My nerves ain't steady
For the times alone
I will be relaxing
Now that summer's gone
So don't miss the school bus
I'll miss you when your gone (YEAH RIGHT)

Then in the next called summer
Kids home all the time
I had a headache killing me
Since the 4th of July
I'll calm down so finely
no patience left
untill it is next summer
I just have one request

Don't miss the school bus
Get out of my home
Cause My nerves ain't steady
For the times alone
I will be relaxing
Now that summer's gone
So don't miss the school bus
I'll miss you when your gone

So don't miss the school bus
I'll miss you when your gone

(don't hurry back
stay after school or something)

First weekend of the 2018 #HonkyTonkHighway Tour was a success!Thanks for #KeepinItCountry with us Lexington and Little Rock!Rupp Arena Verizon Arena

Isaias Dias

10 months ago

It was a great show in Little Rock Arkansas. I know Alan Jackson has his own style of play country music. But he still reminds me so Of Hank Williams Sr.

Jean Kyle

10 months ago

Thanks Alan for wonderful concert in Lexington I’m getting ready to turn 50and that was my Birthday present is to see you my number one country music singer you are the best

Karine Fillion Marc-André Quirion

10 months ago

Love hearing this song. Makes me think how anxious I was to have Friday come so I could relax doing the things I enjoyed.

#KeepinItCountry on the #HonkyTonkHighway Tour at Rupp Arena

Gaylord Titiwa

10 months ago

I saw Alan and Lee Ann in Lafayette La November 3rd and it was an amazing concert!! Keeping it country!! My all-time favorite country music singer and song writer!!

Bibi Kay Samad

10 months ago

I want to know if you are still a partner in Acme Feed and Seed where they are holding a huge fundraiser for planned parenthood after the "women's march" in Nashville?

Arvin Jay Martinez

10 months ago

My favorite, love Alan Jackson. What is he throwing? He usually throws guitar picks, but this is something white, are they tee shirts?

The #HonkTonkHighway 2018 Tour starts tonight! Let us know if you're going!

Loretta Ginn

10 months ago

My Mother-In-Law is one of your biggest fans, and is so excited to see you on March at the Nutter Center in Beavercreek, OH 😊 Have a very safe, and healthy Honkey Tonk Tour this year💕👍🎶🎤🎸🎻💿

Kenny McReynolds

10 months ago

My husband and I have been a fan for years. We already have our tickets for Charlotte, NC in September. I am so excited Randy Houser will be there as well. Looking forward to a fantastic show!!

Ronald Betty Tucek

10 months ago

got my ticket to your concert in Toledo, Ohio on March 23, 2018 ..Thank you for adding Randy Houser to your tour for this concert. Been a fan of yours for 20 years...travelling from Michigan to Ohio for your concert...can't wait :)

2018 #HonkyTonkHighway tour kicks off tonight at Rupp Arena, Alan’s been #KeepinItCountry “Here in the Real World” since 1990 #FBF

Tiffany King

10 months ago

Heather Sturgeonon & I are taking our 89 year old grandpa to Indianapolis - hope he can see since he can’t stand the whole time. 😉 Would Love for him to sit closer. ?

Loretta Ginn

10 months ago

I want to know if you are still a partner in Acme Feed and Seed where they are holding a huge fundraiser for planned parenthood after the "women's march" 1/20/18 in Nashville?

Tawana Braden

10 months ago

Saw him at State Fair in Ohio he is best ever. Great to see a star that has enough talent they don't need the glitter to perform.

ONE WEEK until the #HonkyTonkHighway Tour is back on the road with shows at Lexington's Rupp Arena and Little Rock'sVerizon Arena.

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Joyce Sanders

a year ago

OR Jan 20....ill be there!!! Can't wait

Samantha Pownall

a year ago

We will be seeing you in Albany ! Floor seats because my 19 month old.daughter is your biggest fan !!! You're the first thing she listens to when she wakes up and last thing she listens to before bed. She doesn't even so Good Morning to us. She says Alan Jackson. God help us if we don't put you on the tv. Her favourite song is Chattahoochee.

We are coming in from Canada!

Eric Spindler

a year ago

If you need a great opening act, check out the Will Jones Band out of Cana, VA/Mount Airy, NC area. They recently opened for Tracy Lawrence.
Highly professional, and outstanding song repertoire!