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Fans shared about Lionel Richie

Ewdokya Anna Pycroft

an hour ago

Don't look much like you

Vanessa Jerger

also shared about Lionel Richie

Hugo Hercules sur scène je meurs

Lucienne Toubac

also shared about Lionel Richie

Przepiękne super retro!!!

TBT to one of our favorite shows at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

San Antonio! What an AMAZING crowd you were last night! 19,000 great folks for my show at the AT&T Center, making it one of our largest crowds ever, and in my home state to boot! I’d love to see your pictures from the show (no video, please) like this great one taken by Jason Dennis! Post and comment below and let us know you were in the middle of it all too! #sanantoniorodeo #jeffdunham

@kamaihouston told me to tell yall her daddy is super motivated like he was back in 98’ so beware!! @_mofaces

Fans shared about Kenny Rogers

Doreen Horsfall

28 minutes ago

Acceptance too....may we find contentment in just being with a person.

Linda Zettlemoyer

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Yes, it makes a relationship interesting.

Marlene Duhaime

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Very tolerant but for abuses.😉

Fans shared about Korn

Roland Hinz

an hour ago

With only one uk date. Please come to Cardiff. X

Debbie Cupicciotti Crowley

also shared about Korn

Been having my ticket, VIP ❤ See you May 6th 🤘

Krisztián Szűcs

also shared about Korn

Forget the solo project and work on a new Korn album.

HUGE shoutout to all the fans that have been coming out to the #DefyTour Old or new you guys keep our music alive! Florida is up next 🔥🤘🏻📷: Michael Iwamato

Fans shared about Soundgarden

Cristina Solis Palencia

an hour ago

Screaming Life era...a very young Chris!

Rich Smith

also shared about Soundgarden

Best rock voice ever, glad I got to see him at Download.

Tomáš Dolinsky

also shared about Soundgarden

I was just in the shower trying sing "All Night Thing" like CC. Futile.

Fans shared about Marvin Sapp

Ebiere Braah

2 hours ago

I would love to be there to hear you.

Gail Hobson

also shared about Marvin Sapp

I'm moving in the direction God has me in. My crown is fixed upon my head like royalty. I am a confident black woman walking in authority for the glory of God. I command my day and I stay Amazing. God bless

Anita Johnson

also shared about Marvin Sapp


Happy birthday, @DrewBarrymore! You know I love Drew.
@Oprah and her best friend. Oh, and @ReeseWitherspoon.

Kickin 👑💩#TBT

Sound Checking in Corpus. Can’t wait. SOLD OUT! #MercyMeTexas #MMLive18

Self Help Fest is just around the corner and Jake will be taking over their Twitter account at 4PM CST!

Keep an eye out on their Twitter to see all the updates.

THROWBACK ~ baby me walking for @muglerofficial in ‘91 #tbt

#TBT. “Crazy Girl” Released March 7th,2011. #crazygirl

Mucha #SalsaCriolla aka Nicolas Cage 😂

Mood: ☺️😍😃😎 #ThankYou

So excited to share this new piano version of "Montana!" Watch the video below and check out the studio version at

Fans shared about Sublime

Jessica Talbert

an hour ago

"Lying here in my plastic bed thinking how things seem so cool to me", I wonder " what happened?"
We will always miss you bradley. Happy Birthday.

Brittany Aldrich

also shared about Sublime

Your music has been with me through the best of times an the worst of times.thank you for putting it there. 🐟

Nina Baltimore

also shared about Sublime

Happy Birthday!!!!! I listen to you everyday! Even if you can't be here, your music will always be part of my life

Our video for #WhenWeWereUS drops tomorrow and we’re premiering it on @TIDAL! Make sure you’re able to watch by securing your free 60-day trial on

Fans shared about Dizzy Wright

Donevan Hadley

an hour ago

keep it up brotatochip...ure good!!!

Tim Tam

also shared about Dizzy Wright

dizzy you got to come to canada bro

Dakota White

also shared about Dizzy Wright

Dizzy man,I'm happy that you're getting yours but you make such beautiful music you deserve more.

Fans shared about Janelle Monáe

Beth Hume

an hour ago

I don’t see any suite numbers...

...Say it ain’t so...

Dez Morgan

also shared about Janelle Monáe

Luciana corre ouvir que tá sensa 💖

Ashley Johnson

also shared about Janelle Monáe

You are the ish!!! #thatisall!!!

The new CNN Original Series, "American Dynasties: The Kennedys," premieres Sunday, March 11.

Fans shared about Trace Adkins

Justin Viele

an hour ago

I'm going to see Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins tonight at the Van Andel arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Can't wait!

Janice Hushmire Johnson

also shared about Trace Adkins

Blake that is not nice of to fo that to Trace that was just mean.

Kara Stout

also shared about Trace Adkins

I Can See U Rascals Ain't in Texas !!! Have Fun !!!!

Fans shared about Jay Mewes

Isela Garcia

2 hours ago

That cutout of Kevin almost looks real (almost)

Amir Gal Philos

also shared about Jay Mewes

I didn't realize y'all were in this til 2 weeks ago when my girls watched it for about the 50th time 😁

James Kidd

also shared about Jay Mewes

Hey Jay Mewes "Fatman" ain't so Fat anymore lol looks like that name needs to change. Kevin Smith you need a new nickname kid

Billy Joel introduced percussionist Crystal Taliefero (@cookiesangria) and praised her for her versatile instrumental talent. #BillyJoelMSG 📷: @myrnasuarezphoto

TONIGHT | @jointherepublik | #Honolulu, HI | 📷: @mattbartolophotography

Fans shared about Phillip Phillips

Lynne Narkiewicz

33 minutes ago

Connor O'Daniels I love him! Why did it have to be tonight?!

Mollie N Hartley

also shared about Phillip Phillips

Philip philips Would sure love me some free tickets to come see one of your concerts .

Debra Clack

also shared about Phillip Phillips

would LOVE to. little to far from MONTANA!!!

Fans shared about Coheed and Cambria

Hillary Baker

2 hours ago

Come to Peru!!!!

Hillary Baker

also shared about Coheed and Cambria

I don't understand why you are touring with this band...

Tobias Roberts

also shared about Coheed and Cambria

Who needs a music streaming service when I already own all of the Coheed albums and just play them on repeat every day?

Fans shared about Foster The People

Sarun Thongprom

2 hours ago

Shawn Hawke that's when you know it's about to be lit

Y'all ready? Start streaming "Brick Road" TOMORROW 🎧

Fans shared about Megadeth

Les Fitzsimmons

2 hours ago

He is a music very good!

Donna Anderson

also shared about Megadeth

Logged in, counting down....

Sebastian Lacassa

also shared about Megadeth

I am tuning in,Dave!!

Fans shared about Billy Joel

Celia Lara

2 hours ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The most unappreciated musician of our time. No one will ever match what he is doing. NO ONE. You can love him or hate him, but simply one of the best.

Tony Sacchetta

also shared about Billy Joel

I saw Billy at Lambeau Field in GB
He opened with Movin Out
He played a few unexpected hits that came across great
songs like The Longest Time and Zanzibar
Great show in a great setting

Brenda Kemph

also shared about Billy Joel

Vienna should be a permanent song on the set list. My all time favorite. My daughter and I have matching "Vienna waits for you " tattoos on our arms. I always hope the audience will be smart enough to choose Vienna!

♡🇯🇵 c u soon japan

Billy Joel accompanied Mike DelGuidice (@billyjoelbandmembermikedel) on piano as he belted out "Nessun Dorma," showcasing his wide vocal range, and his ability to hit three octaves on key. #BillyJoelMSG 📷: @myrnasuarezphoto

Fans shared about Paramore

Elena Cormack

2 hours ago

ALLLLLLLL Righty Then! Shoot, wrong movie...

Jansi Kamasi Ramantha Romersono

also shared about Paramore

60% of the time it works every time.

Milena Korolczuk

also shared about Paramore

Stay Classy Roseville!

It's such an honor to get to introduce you to Mrs. WhatsIt ! 💫 I can’t wait for you all to meet her up close and in theaters March 9th. (Pssst @wrinkleintime tix go on sale today..)

That moment when you can't decide which #Demi4Fabletics piece to wear 🙃 @fabletics

Golfwang x Dickies x Gucci: 🔥

Way way way back. Who has been down since then?

Fans shared about Halestorm

Eliana Cargnelutti

2 hours ago

Happy Rocking Bday Joe 🤘🏼💜🤘🏼

Aloysius Obrien

also shared about Halestorm

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Joshua Smith

also shared about Halestorm

Happy Birthday! 🎂Thank you for all of your hard work and I have no words on how much I enjoy your music. God bless and be safe.

Fans shared about T.I.

Lisa Jacobs

2 hours ago

You are a man of your word Clifford Harris and you prove it everyday and thats why God bless you the way he do. Happy Birthday Ms. Harris and many more to come and if its Mrs. Harris please excuse me.💕

Dionne Porter

also shared about T.I.

Happy Birthday! Lovely picture. Enjoy your special day. May God continue blessing you and keep you in good sprit health always darling.

Làura Ardel

also shared about T.I.

Now that a real birthday shout out and along way of coming up with a funny 😂🤣🤣🤣but true story way of life now on top God bless

Fans shared about Grupo Intocable

Pera Alatorre

an hour ago

PAty Barron SanchEz

Alfredo Azocar

also shared about Grupo Intocable

Raquel Castro Jordan

Ninfa Martinez

also shared about Grupo Intocable

Ya lo vi me gusto a las 1 de la manana no pudia dormi

Fans shared about Krewella

Steve Malick

2 hours ago

Made it to park city! And it’s freezing 😱❄️⛄️

Arithung Ezung

also shared about Krewella

How many times have you heard "how's your Aspen"?

Cristian Rodrigo

also shared about Krewella

Erenalp Aslan Jahan heeft wel een knappe stijl

Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter (really my youngest Mama)Violeta!!!! We been in the trenches eating beans,hot dogs,&noodles together,busting down welfare checks,food stamps & heating up wash up water in the microwave dreaming of a better life. I remember after that shootout🤷🏾‍♂️ me & Dro had in Wrens Crossing when they was gon put us out & snatch your section 8 voucher from you, You was 😤🤯😡🤬HOT wit me‼️‼️ I told you then....🖕🏽them folks & dey voucher,I was gon make sure we was straight (not having a clue how at the time)... But I meant that!!!! Thanx for always believing in me even when all the evidence showed otherwise 😉... enjoy your day. The best is yet to come. I Love You Mama. Happy Birthday 🎈🎁🎉🎊🎂

"I wanna wake up where you are." #tbt

Fans shared about OneRepublic

Sook En Lim

2 hours ago

Ryan you are the best singer!

Jiancheng Xu

also shared about OneRepublic

As an older fan, try to stay up to date, but what is "Myspace"? Sorry

Geraldine Pérez

also shared about OneRepublic

Yet Ryan’s produced some if the greatest songs of all time and One Republic have an overwhelming fan base all over he world hmmm🤷🏻‍♀️

Un #Tbt de hace 15 años atrás, cuando cante y toque guitarra..junto al Mayimbe en un club de Brooklyn. La gente pensaron que yo era buen guitarrista, hasta que Anthony me la quito y mostró como es que se toca esa vaina 😂💪 la bendición papa 🤣

Fans shared about 311

Xavier Saldivar

2 hours ago

I love 311 but 70 bucks to watch both shows? WOW how overpriced, sorry guys not worth it.

Rahman Yulius

also shared about 311

You guys need to release a Blu-ray/ DVD or even digital download.