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“I’ll be your Handyman”

Today we celebrate the G.O.A.T. 🙏🏾 You inspired all of us both inside and outside the ring... Happy Birthday #MuhammadAli !!! Forever The G.O.A.T. 👊🏾

Fans shared about Keith Urban

Debbie Jacobson

4 hours ago

I love Keith and his family God Bless you all. Keith your the most authentic, down to earth wonderful soul. Thank you for your music and God Bless you and your family!

Margaret Mann

also shared about Keith Urban

Well enjoy your concert and Nashville but I won't be there it's too far from me and it's too cold too much snow to leave my house thanks have a wonderful evening Keith Urban

Chelsea Leigh Townsend

also shared about Keith Urban

Keith I wish you the best hope you have a wonderful evening tonight performing you are an awesome performer i love you for all the you do for all of your fans you are truly one of a kind nice sweet and generous man I didn't realize what a huge fan I was but truly Keith Urban you are my idol love you lots <3 <3 <3

Guess what day it is... 🐫

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Brittany Waller

4 hours ago

It's actually Kim, who plays Samantha. I've heard she's pretty rude and terrible about it. But those are just internet rumors, so who knows.

Elizabeth Cicchetti

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

You can’t do SATC without Samantha or for any of them for that matter. If just wouldn’t be the same if any of the girls weren’t in the movie.

Brandie Hardman-Wright

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

The woman who plays Miranda has gone on record as not wanting to come back. Can’t play the video right now but last I heard, because the Miranda thing, it’s a no.

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Dubai Drip Video today 💧💧👀 @worldstar

Fans shared about OneRepublic

Sara Stroh

5 hours ago

Hondas are worth the miles. I'll put my money on it. Clean as a whistle aside from basic maintenance. Hondas are all I've ever owned since 1998.

Fans shared about Dropkick Murphys

Becky Blackmore

4 hours ago

I got mine across the bottom of my back a week after seeing this amazing guys in Nottingham rock city years ago but ended up on stage with them was an amazing night

Jason Fischgrabe

also shared about Dropkick Murphys

Really REALLY love to see Dropkick Murphys make it back to Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK again this year!!
With Blood or Whiskey and The Interrupters, that was easily one of the single greatest shows I've ever caught!

Caridad Suarez❤️ ❤️ What a woman she was ❤️ We love you Abuelita ❤️ we will miss you so so much 💔 please come visit me in my dreams ❤️ Siempre en nuestros corazones ❤️

Tallahassee, the show last week at The Moon Nightclub was out of this world :) Y’all are the greatest! Watch the full video here:

Throwback to "Peanuts," our Riverdale parody with cameos from KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Cole Sprouse.


Fans shared about Future

Scott Jeffery Stodden

2 hours ago

Waz Up And How U Dooowin Future? Love The Hot New World Premiere Video "End Game" With Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran, Ya'll Are Amazing And On Fire, And Your The # 1 Rapper Alive!!!

Happy Birthday to the OG QUEEN of comedy, Betty White. I convey my admiration in this WhoHaha video -

We are the cover story in this month’s issue of @Outburn_mag! Grab a copy at or via subscription. 🤘🏽
In Calgary and ready to rumble.

Fans shared about Zac Efron

Mary Ann McCarthy

4 hours ago

you're evolving as an actor and this role will stretch you ...keep up the great work...The Greatest Showman was amazing !! did not know 'til recently we have something in common..meditation..may it bring you peace and balance 🙏

Aimee Garcia

also shared about Zac Efron

Im so excited for ted bundy hopefully for this role youll get a well deserved Oscar im so proud of you people are going to be shocked how amazing your talent is growing as you get older #tedbundy

Sage Rogers

also shared about Zac Efron

Interesting, this was the one where he was considered handsome and kind right? I cannot recall if it was Bundy, but in my Crim class he was described very kindly by his neighbors and they were so stuck on that...

Fans shared about Motley Crue

Erik-Mattsson Abrahamsson

5 hours ago

FUCK yes Mötley .... thank you for everything 1983 forward ..... (photo = Artist: Mötley Fucking Crüe
Venue: Meadows, hartford, CT.
Date: Sept.23, 2012
TOur: Monster (co-headline with KISS; last stop on 2012 tour).)
1st gig, Winter 1989, Hartford Civic Center (CT), with Warrant & Poison, on the Dr. Feelgood tour .... every gig since, has yet to measure up .
... RIP Mötley.

Danny Halford

also shared about Motley Crue

Please stop with the motley crue posts. You were a great band with timeless music, but like my son, you died too soon. It's time to let motley crue rest in peace..

David Clark

also shared about Motley Crue

I kinda feel ya. They hit a brick wall after Dr. but I believe they were starting to lose some of their factor before that.

#LongBeach this Saturday
#Alumni Presidential Hats

Fans shared about The Doors

Max Bäck

5 hours ago

So much bands are soundling like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath.
And so many guitarplayers soundling like Hendrix and Van Halen and many more.

But i cant think of anyone sounding like The Doors!
There style is so hard to take after!
Poetry, latino, jazz and rock n roll!

Chris Homsley

also shared about The Doors

I'm a fairly simple person. I enjoy reading most of all. I'll take a good book, fiction or nonfiction, over most things.

Love that quote by Morrison as well...

Karl Jackson

also shared about The Doors

Getting lost in their music and being transported somewhere else, it’s almost hypnotic when you’re really into it, trance like. All 4 together we’re more than the sum of their parts, proper powerful stuff

Fans shared about Kid Rock

Eric Fortner

5 hours ago

February 9th, 2018, Infinite Energy Center! We’re there! I bought tickets the minute they went on sale and booked the hotel room a week before that. Going to drink some Jim Beam and watch the greatest show on earth!!

Fran Hribar

also shared about Kid Rock

Happy Birthday Kid Rock. Always stand up and be voicetres and say what needs to be said to ALL of the haters that want to take over our country. Who is our people in the military really fighting for. Bring them home it's not worth dyeing for ANYMORE. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us who want our country back and the freedom we grew up with. Too many drugs killing our families and too much hate and killing of innocent children. We need peace...

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Brittanee Maree Kathryn

4 hours ago

Happy birthday to the most graceful, compassionate woman who is all about people's rights and has more dignity and respect than anyone I know, Michelle Obama. 💕

Lainie Guralnick Wolovitz

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

OK - that mixed video made me cry! Really! Both of the Obamas are so intelligent, compassionate, funny & way cool! Miss them both so much. 💕😥

Sheryl Vincent Bro

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Happy Birthday Michelle... we miss you. You were a First Lady to be looked up to.. unlike this Gold Digger, Token Wife situation we have going on now.

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Fans shared about Tech N9ne

Matt Ditchfield

5 hours ago

Hmm Tech , you were here in calgary months ago and it was about that cold. Try 40 below with the wind chill. I live in a place colder then Mars man !

Garrett Wiwcharuk

also shared about Tech N9ne

This should be awesome.
Even IF it doesn't have the long anticipated collabo with Weird Al Yankovic.

Sorry man I will never let it go until I finally hear it with me own two ears. Lol one day.....

Johnathan Gresham

also shared about Tech N9ne

hmmm idk if you found out your chick was getting fucked by 9 other dudes at once i think i'd be pretty pissed lol like why am i not there >:(

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Finishing the new single TODAY!!! Got so many secrets to share. Ps. Can’t wait to come see you at CAMP MARS 2018 and on tour 🙏🏼🕺🏻🎉👍🏼🌅🎆🎊🎈❤️

​👍. ¿Quien baila esta Bachata así de Sensual? 💃

Fans shared about Meytal Cohen

Brand Götze Valentin

5 hours ago

Good afternoon meytal how are you meytal less and less for your new album I trying to cover a cover apc you have some cover of apc meytal? <3

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Tanya Northrup

4 hours ago

I normally would never comment on a post like this, but the comments here make me really sad for humanity. Everyday thousands of people beg Ellen for help/money. Over the years she has helped countless everyday people. Now it's your time "fans" to show her love back!! Ellen has 29,209,431 followers here on fb, could you imagine the impact we could have if each and everyone of us just donated $1! If you're a true fan maybe you should take her advice and 'be kind to one another.'

Stephanie Hicks

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

To those posting negative comments or how Oprah and Ellen should just pay for it all... just stop.
Yes, Montecito is an affluent area. You can say Santa Barbara and Ventura are as well. There are thousands upon thousands of low income people.
Regardless of a persons bank account, humanity and love for others is far more important.
Among the dead, are hard working people that have no money. They need our help.

When the hurricanes hit, this area sent truckloads of items and a ton of money to help. Why? Because people matter.

Having just dealt with the Thomas Fire myself, I can't imagine dealing with the mudslides.

Lori Norton

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

They do, but Puerto Rico still needs help and they are not a wealthy society...I know that sounds awful, but my heart breaks for you both.

Fans shared about Tracy Lawrence

Tania Toner

4 hours ago

i have it on my YouTube& i love the video Tracy (aka) blue eyes can't wait to see & hear more video's from your new album good old days

Fans shared about Darius Rucker

Rick Rieman

6 hours ago

but did you notice they break at the end of the 1st week of august which leaves time for #Homegrown18 the 2nd week of August.

Curt Jones

also shared about Darius Rucker

I gotta catch that show! I'd give anything to be on that stage lol! Would love y'all to come to the frank irwin center in Austin tx!!

Valerie Toomey

also shared about Darius Rucker

Wish that road takes you guys here to alaska,but I doubt we would have great singers ,people like you,Lady A and Russell come to Alaska,I am your most farthest, northen fan of yours ,Wasilla Alaska

​👍. ¿Quien baila esta Bachata así de Sensual? 💃

​👍. ¿Quien baila esta Bachata así de Sensual? 💃

Have you guys seen my new video yet??? #realfriends ♥️

Can't. Wait. 🙌

Mad love to Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM for having us this morning.
Catch our interview where we talk #BEPStreetLivin, Masters Of The Sun + more here 👉

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Fans shared about Camila Cabello

Omar Mendez

5 hours ago

Siempre quiero ser la primera persona en comentar, pero no hay manera. ¿Quiénes son estas personas que comentan a la velocidad de la luz? ¿Qué Internet utilizan? ¿Para qué viven? ¿Donde viven? ¿Que comen? ¿Son humanos? ¿A que se dedican?¿Será este el fin del hombre araña?¿que le pasá a lupita? ¿Ella me ama?... Nadie lo sabe!

Daniela Ramirez Cervantes

also shared about Camila Cabello

Son las 11:16 PM y no puedo dormir, estoy en mi escritorio, pensando, en lo mucho que me a cambiado la vida desde que ella llego a mi vida. Recuerdo muy bien el día en que vi un video de ella en YouTube, no estaba ella sola pero la que mas me llamaba la atención por su carisma, y el amor que se veía que daba en el escenario era ella(Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao) desde ese día, TU, querida Camila Cabello te volviste mi mayor inspiración( después de mis queridos padres).
Se que no sabes quién soy, tal vez no sabes que existo, pero quiero contarte algo...
Quiero agradecerte por todas las veces que me has hecho sonreír, de igual manera me has hecho llorar, pero de felicidad. Para mi tu eres la persona más hermosa en esta tierra. He hecho amigos gracias a ti, ahora conozco personas de muchas partes del mundo, gracias a ti, ya que compartimos el mismo gusto, amamos a la misma persona y compartimos el mismo sueño “ Conocerte en persona y abrazarte”
Saber, tú has estado conmigo en los buenos y malos momentos, ya que siempre estás en mi corazón, cuando estoy mal, lo primero que hago es poner tu música, tú voz para mi es como estar en el cielo. Eres esa persona que me alienta a perseguir mis sueños, ya que tú eso es lo qué haces, me haces más fuerte, yo te presumo con todos y no me da pena decir que mi ídolo es CAMILA CABELLO, estoy súper orgullosa de ti, de todo lo que llegas a trasmitir, eres una artista completa, y lo mejor de todo es,que aceptas retos sean fáciles o difíciles, te falta mucho por aprender, pero la vida es de aprender, todos los días se aprenden cosas nuevas.
Aveces creo que nunca voy a conocerte en persona, y eso me pone triste, quiero un día que yo pueda abrazarte y decirte lo orgullosa que estoy de ti, lo importante que eres en mi vida, tal vez mi posición económica me impide ir a concierto o tener un M&G tuyo, pero se que nada es imposible si yo lo quiero y eh estado trabajando y juntando dinero para eso... estoy segura que pronto te conoceré, y si no lo es, solo espero que un día me sigas en Twitter 😞😂😂 creo que sería la persona más feliz del mundo.

Bueno esto es poco de lo que quería decirte, quisiera decirte más pero creo que nunca acabaría... CAMILA CABELLO ES UNA ESTRELLA Y NUNCA DEJES QUE EL BRILLO QUE TIENES SE APAGUE. TE AMO MI QUERIDA AMIGA ❤️

Sarah Lct

also shared about Camila Cabello

I can't be more proud of you. You slay. And it's probably your best performance on "Havana" , I wasn't ready for this. You blew my mind 😍💖💜 much love from France 🇫🇷

Fans shared about The Jacksons 5

David Thomas

5 hours ago

Thanks so much, Jacksons! It is such a blessing that you reach out to the fans via facebook. I'll never forget the neighborhood frenzy, when the song, "Big Boy" was played on radio stations in 1968. That was 50 years ago and I remember it like yesterday.

Jackie Johnson

also shared about The Jacksons 5


Tiffanie Beasley

also shared about The Jacksons 5

The Jacksons . Those boys from Gary, Indiana. Thank you so much for your beautiful imprint and positive influence you each have made on the music industry

Fans shared about Shemar Moore

Jaina Cox

6 hours ago

Congratulations lady!! #BEATMS #MSSUCKS I truly believe that a cure is on the way. I pray that it is soon. God is a miracle worker, I am a living witness.

Chera Cherubin

also shared about Shemar Moore

Shemar Franklin Moore, I am taking that to heart cause I am not annoying you but in love with you if you see this as annoyance you need to check yourself and not the other way round. You about to break my heart in pieces something I never thought would happen again. You have me nervous and tense cause 1996 is about to happen again.

Chera Cherubin

also shared about Shemar Moore

Yes my SHEMAR is all this prominent, high-favoured, elevated, eminent and much more not someone who thinks about annoyance. Sorry about that i got carried away.

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Melissa Moll

4 hours ago

My daughter's name is Savanna and she's on a High School dance team they always sing it to her when the song comes on she says they do it at school too kind of funny they sing Savannah ooh na na

Melissa Moll

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Wow Tevita Taufa Good luck with all the negativity I choose not to banter. Huda Turner thank you yours is very pretty as well. Yes I think it is pretty common.

Henry Nnanta

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Great performance, what an absolute beauty. So ecstatic to see. I love this. Ellen keeps give out everyday Christmas to her audience wish i can be there at least once. Kudos Ellen

Fans shared about Charlie Wilson

Irene Day

5 hours ago

Happy birthday Steve, I Love you , and the look you Give to you audience, is hilarious, keep up the good work my brother and keep moving forward, , and Hello my friend Mr Charlie Wilson. (Uncle Charlie)😊 you Guys Look Amazing..

Keisha Lakes

also shared about Charlie Wilson

Happy birthday Steve Harvey hope you enjoy today and may God continue to bless you so we can continue to have the most funniest person ever to host and to give back 2 the world enjoy

Fans shared about Jimmy Fallon

Joe Willis

4 hours ago

I’m just waiting for all the people going....”what a terrible parent. His child could fall and hurt himself and he’s filming it.”

Ashley Marie

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

Once found my 2 year old sitting on TOP of the refrigerator eating a 2 lb container of chocolate Buckeyes...he couldn’t stop giggling at his conquest.

Michelle Hedstrom

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

I'm waiting for someone to complain about his hair too, haven't seen either though yet, maybe I didn't scroll back far enough. I would've filmed it too!

"Turn around and just wait"

Fans shared about Keith Urban

Deloris Nathe

6 hours ago

Well, just amazing, you certainly caught my attention. Whatever you have planned for our enjoyment, I am thrilled to be part of your artistic success . You never ever disappoint!

Lise Bellaire-Morin

also shared about Keith Urban

OMG heres another hit im sure cant wait to hear it you’re on a roll ...keep it up Keith, number one hits on the way. Youre the best in entertaining, performing, singing, amazing how you can play the guitar, just mesmerizing just love ya like crazy. 🎤🎼👌👍🌟🎸🤩😍❤️😘👏🏻🎹🎉💃🎟😉😲

Amy Marie Vargas

also shared about Keith Urban

I can not wait!!!! I'm so happy right now!!! And can't wait to see you on live stream later Keith! You're the best 😊😊

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