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Bellator200 me @prattprattpratt chilling fight night. 🤨😡get the strap #power
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Bob Scacchetti

3 hours ago

Cool seeing these to Legends meeting each other

Davirlyn Macely

3 hours ago

Yeah nice pics

Yasmina Yass Senoucci

3 hours ago

It would be cool to put Abigail ratchford in a clip of you!

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Brenda King

3 hours ago

Yes indeed baby. Can't wait to cop my Get The Strap gear

Elmayra Escandon

3 hours ago

Lol bruh. #lecheminduroi should have a clothing line. ♚

Felicia Acree

3 hours ago

why does it have the spreadshirt logo on the tag? 🤔

Today is my birthday, l was in the hospital shot up today 12:30pm may 24, 2000I’m different ,I’m stronger than ever🤨get the strap
Ok there she is right there in the Red, she wrote the line 🤨get the Strap. For KANAN and lt stuck in my head. Like (what ever they said he did, he did that shit).#power season 5 on the way @courtneyakemp ladies and gents
🤨so here’s the trademark,investigation over🤷🏽‍♂️ back to fight crime alright guys. 😆get the strap.
🤨oh shit, 😡get the strap. LOL. 🧐they investigating my drip, l got too much sauce. #HipHop

Rosa Berry

3 hours ago

Happy birthday to u 50 cent. U r special to God and he loves u. No weppon form against you shall prosper. God is with u and he is ur guide. Big up urself and get well soon

Pat Bridges

12 hours ago

Happy birthday bro glad u made and the work u doing bro love it you is the man . Big ups to your up and coming work can't wait till power come back out I'm waiting

Gabrielle Bricker

12 hours ago

Happy birthday handsome! You still one of the best to ever grab the mic seeing the struggles you've conquered and where you came from. Nothing but love 50! 💯💯🎂🎁🎉🎈

Here is a better version,This is gonna be lit🔥Miami. #Le Chemin du Roi (The Kings Path) 🤨😡get the strap

Kari Begay

16 hours ago

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Joey Martino

19 hours ago

happy birthday brother enjoy smiling sunchini smart MVP the king
My brother from another mother same face thx lord long live long life

Robert Roxas

19 hours ago

الدنيا لكم والآخره عليكم

This man was wrongfully convicted in 1991 was sentenced to life plus 72 years not only did he reverse his conviction but all the cops involved in the case were sent to prison,the judge was sent to prison the district attorney on the case went on the run in an attempt of his arrest he killed himself not to go to prison.This is a wet dream to most of us but this is this mans reality ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you ISAAC WRIGHT JR!! He’s an attorney after that nightmare and he now has an Instagram and an upcoming TV series (ConLaw)G-unit film and Television.🤨get the strap

Holger Prinz

16 hours ago

Get your money free mulut tupack step dad and free suge come people wake up 50 cent put your money were hour big mouth is all people whos not working in america get down to the prison free mulut and suge tupack just might come back put that into your film all the way from ireland multu is in prison for 65 years for help freeing tupack aunt xxxx power to all people xxx

Kathleen Cox

19 hours ago

I'mma roast you boii on some Kevin heart shit I'm Kevin Heart of rap

Jorge Aleman

19 hours ago

ugh.. wtf?! oh Man... You"re really good point of the view about 'las

MAN... Philly Freeway Had the BEST Verse!! Get the Strap!!

Ilse Robledo

2 days ago

Get the strap lol!

Lysha Noah

2 days ago

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Hector Belzu

2 days ago

Free way all day long!

You copied my style man Damn! 🤨Can I at least get a signed copy of the black privilege book, no I️ want the audio book so l listen on the plane. 🤷🏽‍♂️😡get the strap

Dangis Valaitis

2 days ago

Herpes can be treated and cured permanently but only few believe it,, but I was among those who never believed it until doctor Mohammed cured me of herpes, I had HIV and cancer for four years and it was eating me up one day I found a testimony of someone testifying to the great work of Dr Mohammed who cured him of HSV, I was thinking since this man can cure HSV then i contacted him and he replied me and to my greatest surprise he really cured me of Herpes, I only message him on whatsapp via +2348133069352

Adrian Valdez

2 days ago

thats actually 2pac's pose u copied curtis.

Juan Antonio Santoyo

2 days ago

This little nigga named ja think he live like me,talking about he left the hospital took 9 like me,your living fantasies nigga...

Le Chemin du Roi (The KINGS Path) is the new wave, we lit 🔥 distributed by southern wine and sprits. Aged 4 years product of France. #power

Jozay Reptilian Brando

3 days ago

This is certainly great, humor gold even. Haven’t jeered this hard in forever. Is this serious? 😓

Lina N-z

3 days ago

Hustle King My Nigga Highly Motivated

Mike Chang

3 days ago

I'm just saying if you could send 1 lucky person a bottle/cash LOL it should be ME:) KEEP ROCK'N WHAT YOU DO YOUNG MAN:) YOUR VERY BLESS

Edna Joseph

6 days ago

That's so loly popular and populogue "

Parveez Sahid

6 days ago

This is 50 cent.. Music with flavours... Can l kick... yes u can! big Up the street 👑 King of Hip-hop.. Stunt 101.make💰💰💰Big broo

Carmen Gaither

7 days ago

I guess this particular post isn’t bad Want to see considerably more fresh text 🐧

We had a ball out in France, good people good energy. #lecheminduroi

Thomas Ljungberg

8 days ago

John Travolta party 👁

what about the after party ? was it like Girls Colection night club from nigga Mayweather in VEGAS or just a lot of expensive girl showing of all they expensive jewlery & bags,dress & Cars ?

Nothing better than a ganster party .

West side make we ride

Aebi Mahlobo's Baebi

8 days ago

That's was so very loly popular and populogue "

Goma Bhandari

8 days ago

That's 50, GGG g unit, my hommie

You Gotta see John Travolta in this new Gotti movie, l saw it yesterday it’s powerful. 🤨get the strap

Venado Aridez

9 days ago

Trailer looked like absolute trash!

Reina Colque

9 days ago

Have seriously considered this exact topic to some degree. 🙄

Danette Littler

9 days ago

Is that great of a movie but it's not

Check out my guy Ari Melber on Thisis50

Gift Kefas

10 days ago

😂😂😂 I'm watching this shit now and got weak AF when they asked "what exactly does Rudy Giuliani and Trump do together"? LMFAO I guess they forgot these two are Las Vegas strip club buddies..

James Leatt

10 days ago

My boos I want to community with you but am from Nigeria

Donnisha Mini Peters

10 days ago

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Javier Silva

12 days ago

Leaves me on this mountain of hollow sensation, just can’t put a finger on it. 😍

Zaur Rasulov

13 days ago

This is great, funny stuff gold possibly. Haven’t LOL'd this hard for decade at least. 🌶

Emma Smith

13 days ago

50 are ok hh راك مليح

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Sean Livoti

13 days ago

You say get rich or die trying and I could only think of 21 question and Nate Dogg, I really miss his voice, like cube said it ain't a hit if Nate don't spit.

Janie Chalifoux

13 days ago

Never Rotterdam too bad, hope Amsterdam soon

Janie Chalifoux

13 days ago

Why did buy me becoues i give you at mom house he know orde wher is live mom usa

Desiigner Tells All...

Chrystal Gill

15 days ago

Have considered this exact topic to some degree. 🐧

Katerina Borisenko

15 days ago

Biggest G G G G Unit forever wit the big G Big rich town men.

Santosh Patole

15 days ago

In a remote location feeling a sensational sensation..on the couch I ain't playing laced what is them braud'$ saying sinking down in fiber comfortable just being humble sit down..have a ice cream that bling bling.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🎅

Got old jimmy the Rat paper work, fool told everything that happen since the 90’s (swipe left) follow me on Twitter

Janeth Martinez D'Velazquez

15 days ago

Also turn that into a part in this new investigative series or a new gangster movie

Melanie Davis

15 days ago

Is that a part on the up coming series of a new venture

Toni Moody

15 days ago

Man you need to stay away from blessed ask for God's favor.. keep going

I’m leaving IG, I’m going back to Twitter. They take shit down off my page with out notifying me. #censorthesenuts

Patti Starkey

15 days ago

When you make it and have more money than most people you have to be aware that jealousy is everywhere just take it in stride and keep making your money

Tom Fiske

15 days ago

Hey I'm your biggest fan I got everything your poster to your T-shirt when when you were with G-Unit I'm your biggest fan I would love to meet you in person or or get a autograph or a ticket to your concert I never been to a concert but I would love to come to your concert and meet you in person

Netshiozwi Mashudu

16 days ago

why? facebook is cool. I have a lot of leading articles about magic stuff. someone making trillions like that. u know the vision, different, perceptions, mind, rights, mk-ultra kind, microchips, nanotechnologies, fabrications, games, etc... I play with it a long time, much haters about around... I see how they lie for decades, dozens and dozens of years, .gov do nothing if they set. I think I will be in the record of genius about to say end word to .gov because of such. :(

Don’t get it fucked up im the baddest jackson around this motherfucker. Now if we can get the money right Rampage got a problem on his hands. #wherethebag💰at

BeLyoung Ph

16 days ago

Omfg...they got one thing in common colour...rampage would eat him alive yes fifty was hit by few bullets but rampage guns firing .50 bmg iam affraid 50 cent running low on cash and hoping for quick cash? Only problem you wont be laughing to the bank without teeth ...

Maria Yasinskaia

16 days ago

According to my calculations, the rapper named half dollar, doesnt add up to the experienced fist and knuckles of mr rampage jackson. Therefore my conclusion is that half dollar would be a failed experiment resulting in a loss.

Amber Quick - Wells

17 days ago

Rampage is not Gunplay you boxed over half your life ago. I no doubt believe 50 would crush the average street dude or rapper but a pro fighter? Lol ok man. You can't bring your gun to the Ring or Cage. 50 about to be the new sticky fingers.

At this point CM PUNK would probably fold you in a scrap.

This kid is talented...

Ximena Gallegos Valdivia

18 days ago

we up nigga

Sara Volterrani

18 days ago

Results in me having this hollow sensation, just cant grasp it totally. 🌶

Yves-marie L'hostis

18 days ago

🌻 NYXO POST 😃 50 Cent 🌻

l be like what bird,🤷🏽‍♂️ l didn’t see no bird.🤨get the fuck outta here.Y’all standing in a pack talking bout we gonna eat together one day. LOL😡get the strap

Maximiliano Varela Mendez

17 days ago

Eminem A Fine Day FT 50 CENT GGG-UUNIT'Z !!!!!

Alejandriya Mateus

18 days ago

hahaha fif, what bird you talking

Kriszta Jákói

18 days ago

To protect the sheep you have to catch the wolf

Power back on the map July1 the best show on Tv returns. #lecheminduroi

Yana Suryadi II

19 days ago

Damn they look so Good together as a Team😍👊🏽

Meghan Jones

19 days ago

Bring it on.. My favourite Series of all times...

Mark Splinter

19 days ago

Zoe King ! it'll start again . I won't see you for weeks so you can catch upon the episodes you miss 😂😂

Life is treating me good, I’m expressing my ideas and the major studios are embracing them. #lecheminduroi

Krystal Francisco

20 days ago

You deserve every good thing you get fifty, there was a time in my life times were very hard I put "Get Rich or Die Trying" and I ment it I came out on top I still play window shopper to remind me were I was to were I'm now. Thanks 50

Danielle Holmes

20 days ago

executive gangster style, presidential power and world fame. that's the guy mister 50cents. #50CENTSBRASIL

TD Isaacs Thabiso

20 days ago

Now you are Settle in life,there is one thing remain.Convert into Islam so that you can enjoy in the hereafter also.

A guy just told me money isn’t everything. l agree with him,but I️ didn’t say anything because he was looking hit. I’m getting to the bag💰you know the vibes. #lecheminduroi

Luke Ellis

20 days ago

Money is nothing BUT we all trapped in their cycle ... make sure you collect your gold and silver as that's what will save your ass once this "money" becomes worthless

Florin DjAngel

20 days ago

Correct boss

Don't disrespect the CATERPILLAR to praise the BUTTERFLY.

IROKO tree stands with ROOTS.

#Bijougisting and #Easternworldent
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Lsaac Mokoena

21 days ago

And the saying goes, "Make The Money, Don’t Let The Money Make You!!!” This is so true! There is nothing wrong with making money, or having money if you keep it in its rightful, perspective place. Money can be the root of all evil if you let it consume you. Money is endless to be made if you want to devote the time, so if you’re always chasing it to acquire more and more and don’t ever feel at some point secure and satisfied, it will become the death of you both figuratively and literally due to all the things you lose along the way, including your soul. This is greed. You can’t buy happiness with it, and it is very time consuming to make. Time is most precious! We must use it wisely. If at some point we don’t stop to realize the value and beauty of other things and family God provides for us within life and realize the quality time and memories to be made that are passing us by that we can’t ever get back, one day we'll wake up and realize how unhappy, unfulfilled and alone we are. Just an empty shell of a person once we realize TRUE purpose in life. King Solomon was the richest man and he had everything his heart's desire and everything his mind could imagine, but in the end he realized and said it was all vanity, and like chasing the wind. We must Be Wise! Balance and Humility is key. The whole book of Ecclesiastes explains everything, but all of Chapters 2-9 are a must read.

I’m busy working on something, that’s gonna blow your mind. #thebag💰
Slavery was a choice,🤦‍♂️😡get the strap.#power #theoath

Mahmoud Omar

21 days ago

I can’t wait 😊 I hope you get all you want and much much more

Holly K. Collins

21 days ago

Boss man we are there waiting for your support in my lovely Uganda your only best supporter do some thing for me to upgrade to some level.thankfully c,James

Vivian Urquizu

21 days ago

Keep up the good work..👊🏾💯💯

Sssshhh 🤫keep quiet,keep grinding. It will all come together. #power #theoath #lecheminduroi

Neal Cowdrey

22 days ago

50 don't beat down jim jones man ~ He's 41 looks way older .. U are 42 looks way younger, go figure *lol~ Don't beat 'em, like he stool something man ... U got more class ... Peace✌

Alberta Holland Jones

22 days ago

When you coming for me,lol. Got fake people in my inbox pretending to be you like I'm stupid🤔🤧😩😂😂😂you already know 🤓

Faiza Moussa

22 days ago

Quit captain savin,serenadin them hoes no juliette no romeo no dough she report to pimpim now back to trinking she report to pimpim negga back to trinking

Europe, Get Your Tickets NOW!! -

Marni Freeman

22 days ago

Hahaha weet je nog Remco toen in Ahoy zn voorprogramma duurde langer dan de hoofdact. Hahhaa 85euro kaartje toen en na half uur was hij er klaar mee 🤣🤣

Jada Hassan

22 days ago

Rico Rico Rishi Gajadhar jo niffo's wil daar heel graag met jullie naar toe lijkt me een hele leuke avond kon de tag niet meer vinden laat me maar weten!

Ελισσαβετ Αεροζη

22 days ago

François sors ta plus belle snapback, fais quelques pompes, le 13 septembre c’est pour nous! Dis à ton amis Alexander de venir, mais lui il doit pas faire des pompes!

Man who made this shit, 🤨😡get the strap. #power #theoath

Mostafa Mohammed

a month ago

I love that I come on here and see nothing but WokE Americans really proud because the way the media is right now you would think we really are separated on every topic .

Andrei Dmg

a month ago

That’s the best you got 50 cent?? As usual your site tries to insult women. 1st by putting trump in a dress and secondly making the assumed attraction to KW. Stay on your democrat wagon. Those worn out wooden wheels are starting to decay.

Hannah Sarraf

a month ago

Well Lookie here somebody dont like west or trump and you know what that person is scared of real deals and life !!! Get a grip who ever made this crap i am with fifty get me my Glock 23.

What you thought l was doing in France👀fool. l went to get the work,l got a crazy plug get wit me. BRANSON 🥃Brown the finest cognac around. 🤨😡#getthestrap

Peter A. Rabbeni

a month ago

Will try it for you Curtis I like brown

Deby Sue Thompson

a month ago

Bro hire me to help with your bookkeeping, would be the dream to manage an artist’s portfolio. Not just any artist, 50! B.B.A in accounting, minor in studio art. Writer, spoken wordist, and hip hop enthusiast! 🔥🤙

Michel Lupaka

a month ago

Leaves me sitting with this hollow feeling, just can’t grasp it totally. 🌶😆

KING KONG ain’t got shit on me !!!! Cognac any one,🥃 #getthebag💰

Madison Yandell

a month ago

I don’t drink, but I do work hard caring for Sr. Citizens and making them smile all day.. enjoy yourself today 50cent

Holley Burden

a month ago

You, sir, are king kong yourself. You can't be scared of nobody, but mother Russia and big bad wolf, and that's it

Maybellene Tse

a month ago

I had a drinking problem once. I'm sober, but I don't rain on parties. Have a ball if you must. Peace. Josh

Whats the big deal, 🤷🏽‍♂️ we been winning a long Time now. #lecheminduroi 🍾🥂

Andrea Personeni

a month ago

My favourite Buddies in my headphones during sport training! ;)

Douglas Barroso

a month ago

Cooooooooolll photo Black and White, wow Bling Bling CHAMP

Alexandru Ionescu

a month ago

The big deal is the loyalty you guys share for each other ... that’s so rare these days...

Em on his work out shit,l gotta turn it up. Here we go again. #GymFlow
All about that #TheOath Season 2! 🔥 Coming soon to @SonyCrackle

Mariela Barrientos

a month ago

This can be pretty dull next to the typical stuff.Actually leaves me with this strange hollow sensation, just cant put my finger on it. 😇

Thomas Laakkonen

a month ago

Ohhh my I think I need to marry Marshall Mathers🍅👀👑

Daniel Lian

a month ago

Hey when you're gonna join me for grill cheese samiches?

Lol 😆 ,EM is still my favorite white boy, l Love him till death. #power

Erin Salas

a month ago

It's always good to look back to where you came from... Do not let go the first branch till u get hold of another. #50_yol_beyond_words_can_say.

Acoii Bennington

a month ago

PLIZ Fif' do the Africa Tour with Em' and come to Zimbabwe and SA. I wouldn't mind organizing the venue coz its an easy to kill and obvious Our National Sports Stadium and Orlando Stadium in SA. Seriously Chief can you consider it for 2018-2019. My app number 00263714388519@#WINNER'S CIRCLES!!!

Victor Huerta Huerta

a month ago

Em' and Fif The El classico of the Hip Hop Rap. The Dream Team!!! Hip Hop Rap will never be better without these Two(2) LIVING LEGENDS!!!

Gold medal round my neck like l won the Olympics. 🤦‍♂️🤨😡get the strap.

Joe Capodanno

a month ago

One of these days that gonna be me

Jasmine Huang

a month ago

Them chains still linking tho ... your as solid as you are with or without it #RememberYourAKAname 🤝🏾
#iWannaKnowWhoYouAreBeforeFame 🔥

Viktorija Macdonald

a month ago

What a waste of money... That's a few $100,000 you could have invested in something that will actually gain a profit.

Winners only the taste of victory.Le Chemin du Roi (The Kings Path)Product of France #power
Tell GGG I️’m looking for him now, don’t start getting hard to find and shit. Bring the action to New York. 😡get the strap.

Charlie Nguyễn

a month ago

I would rather taste ya whisky 💋

Yareli Perez

a month ago

Continue the good work and you might actually have me paying attention in the long run as well. ✨

Adriane Paulo

a month ago

The Other Money That You Guide Me To With Another Vic Win And I'm The Victor Again To Have All The Criminal Women That Got Denied Marriages With Me To Be Sent To Do 968 And 998 Billion Years To Be Prisoners For Planning To Steal The Mansion You Own With Me And The Chinese Plans To Murder You With Gang Members Of The Islanders And The Phreezoids Criminals And Men And Women That Have They're Slavery Of Being Taken To Prison Technology Cause Derrick To Die And Sabrina And Angus T Jones And Bey And Roseanne And Alia Shawkat And Aubrey And Her Brother All Of Them Have Ties In The Chinese Criminal Gang That The Workers Of The United States US Marshal Departments Was Going To Know The Family's Of Suspects Hiding They're Camcorders

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Oh I’m on it today, what you doing 50? WORKING. #lecheminduroi 🍾🥂

Gelo Martinez

a month ago

Got my ticket for Manchester ❤️😍 are you doing a meet and greet ?? please 😊

Zen Rodarbal Almine

a month ago

When you coming to Glasgow 😊😊

Angela Spillman

a month ago

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Sandeep Sharma

a month ago

Fucking dying man dont get paid til 24th ffs 😕

Daniel Sanchez

a month ago

Shona Trawber Kirsty Jelley we could relive our teen days 😂😂😂 Adam Trawber I feel you are responsible for us listening to this! Hahaha

Latiffany Anglin

a month ago

Please pleaseeeeee in Canada. I never miss one of your show in Montréal, it was amazing. Please come back 💜 I was prégnant your last show from my amazing daughter so it been too long almost 12 years.

The taste of victory (Le Chemin du Roi) winners only. #power #theoath

Scott Knapp

a month ago

Where may I purchase Le Chemin du Roi? Thank You

Iris Gonzalez

a month ago

The New wave 👊👊💪💪cant wait to get one

Fuse Box

a month ago

Compatible compromisingly correct

LEGENDARY, 🍾🥂#lecheminduroi

Joe Lombardelli

a month ago

Great l know this Song will be #1

Maryanne Duron

a month ago

Eminem: July 7. Milano
Fifty: September 20. London
I'll be there!🔥🔥🤘🏻

Alicia Mcguigan

a month ago

Take a picture with banks that would be legendery

Coachella 2018 what a moment, good Times. #lecheminduroi 🍾🥂

Norris Oz Stephen

a month ago

You guys look good man, nice picture. Throwback to murder inc beef. I woulda been shook if i was Ja.

Jay Amber Chuppe

a month ago

You 2 legends , love u fif 👊👊💪💪 you guys shut it down at coachella

Barbara Winfield

a month ago

If i was there in would drink whit them and talk much shit as i can whit Em and Fifty 😂 no gonna happend i poor asf xD

Power season 5 is crazy, I’m gonna have you on edge, till you like 🤦‍♂️50 what is this shit you got me watching. #lecheminduroi
👀what the fuck is going on here Mark,😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi
See When l clean up, ya girl friend like me. Chill l still got 2 weeks before l shoot. 😡get the strap #lecheminduroi

Tobias Krakau

a month ago

Yall are some handsome, fine, and sexy ass men. I definitely can't wait for season 6 to come out, cause I will definitely be watchin.

Whitney Nash

a month ago

Tommy we need u to cut ur hair down even when ur not filming 👀

Ariel Dasrath

a month ago

cannot wait for Season 5! Having Major Power withdrawal symtoms lol

See When l clean up, ya girl friend like me. Chill l still got 2 weeks before l shoot. 😡get the strap #lecheminduroi

POWER #1 on the Starz network,THE OATH #1 on Sony Crackle network.I’m still #1 🤔l think but just in case😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi

Kristen C. Kosofsky

a month ago

Keep going hard Fifty. As you may already know most of those rappers, actors and executive producers aint on your level. Still waiting to see season 5 of #POWER here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jessie Martinez

a month ago

5o 5o-HEAT. If there's a beef dump it and drop it the drama really means nothing to me i ride by blow ya brains of

Mohamed Hashad

a month ago

50 cent said he’s going for the strap. Oh no his toy guns

I️ went to go see Eric B & Rakim tonight, the shit gave me goose bumps man. l didn’t have shit,I️ was putting toilet paper in side the little squares on the Cassette tape So l could re-record over the shit my grandmother taped at the church.

Calvin Oxendine

a month ago

Please do An album together all 3 + Em and Music And Beats Prdouced By Dr.Dre & Also Get Snoop , Kendrick & J Cole.!!! #LegendsAndIcons!! #King$. 🐐🐐🐅🐉

Sherrie Glover Brownsuga Blessdiva

a month ago

I USED, Tissue to Fill Little Squares. Lol!!! To Record Over Cassettes. DAMN!!

Abby Schaubel

a month ago

Right , recording off the raidio pausing the two tape player to sound like a djay. Mixing shit

Deepak chopra gave me my mantra, l have to meditate before l really go Crazy. You know l will fuck around and 😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi
What the fuck is going on here🤨man Damn. Smh 😡get the strappp NOW ! #lecheminduroi

Aubre Ferrell

a month ago

Let's fuck around then

Arturo Ines

a month ago


Oana Barbalata

a month ago

#le chemin du roi

Check out my new single, "CRAZY" featuring PnB Rock!
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Naing Lin Oo

a month ago

Still got it. Opening up is evolution. Although (art) for the composer, still speaks for folks really going through it. Pac had that good. Even through a song. Like this one. OFNG.💪

Gianna Nebbia

a month ago

Good to have you back fif..

Victor Alario Oltra

2 months ago

oh fifty prayed.. seen world boss yo wha go on.. hi I'm god..I want ..huh friter I saidaa I told him same shit stay off.. why..duh wh.pp.. exist now he lying there is satan and all this nonsense..

Swipe left: for more of the king SIRE, chilling #BornRich #lecheminduroi

Soufiane Fadil

2 months ago

“Born Rich” I’m sure your, to be one day adult son will commend and appreciate u for that comment.. parenting worth 50c. Disappointed fan ☹️

Tina Tang Pedersen

2 months ago

U push not matter car don't move, the put a hand in pocket went a foster.

Ryan Perez

2 months ago

Aww!,such a cuteiee just like his daddy handsome!!,

I'm bringing 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' back to one of my Favorite Places, the UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧 !!Sign up here for the pre-sale: | Thanks for 15 years of support #GUnit

Skyler Shontaye Shelly Smkies

2 months ago

I went to see him in Manchester a few years back, he does a gig rather than a show like eminem. Still if you like 50 centre defo go.

Ree Ree Branch

2 months ago

Me and my mates once barbequed this album......was the greatest moment I have ever had with your "music"

Jimenez Norma

2 months ago

'They dont get rich, but they do die trying!'. No doubt, A 50 cent ticket is outta my price range at the moment.
Id love to go see him though. I think his melody's and song are an inspiration to free-speech and equality. I reckon im harder than him though? I could prolly beat him in a bareknuckle. c'mon 50, ya junkies junkies ya!

I’m working no days off, let’s go! #FRIGO FIT #lecheminduroi
This is some fly shit, from the bottom to the top. (Only HipHop)congratulationsCardi B & Offset. #lecheminduroi

Jose Agron

2 months ago

Ppl talk shit lol. Lifting smaller weights 1000 times cut you up lifting 350 10 times blow you up. He on mad reps that's how you isolate and lock it up.

Barbara Todd Brown

2 months ago

Hahaha look like a mini 50 pimple that’s bout too pop 😂😂😂what’s that black line above your head to mark where you want be when that shit that weighing you down falls out ,am legit dying here 😭😭😭

Susan Smith

2 months ago

You look awesome, 50. You're a totally awesome rapper and you rock, man. I totally enjoyed listening to your music since 2010 and still do though. Rock on, fif. :)

Leisa Hall

2 months ago

But you are a shitty dad and washed up rapper. Why would anyone buy this shit ?

Jorge Isaac Isidoro

2 months ago

The price for that is 50cent I will take a load lol

Dinella Mason

2 months ago

Boss pls send some of this goodies for me

Good morning people,👀is that you Britney . LOL #Lecheminduroi 🍾🥂

Don Carty

2 months ago

Kayleigh Kinsella look what 50 cent put up 😂😂

Jerry Cobble

2 months ago

Lmao, should show a before and after picture of him mad and then leaving jail😂

Lindsay Fortier

2 months ago

Loss to Mayweather was too much for him lol