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Me and my trappin ass cuz

Kunico Mizushima

4 days ago

Hey big man,u ar de best i ever know your songs ar good,Even when am not in a good mood once i listen to your songs i smille.#

Dimas Obaya Alvarez

3 days ago

Dats wut up

Dusti Jeffries

4 days ago

My Cuz and me!!!! 😤😜

Zachary Anderson

8 days ago

Call me if you need some Reiki energy healing....I got you

Yaser Kalochs Klch

8 days ago

Aarti Patil 100mil streams was me and brithday song

Lulama Mazola Rikhotso

9 days ago

Streamed by str8 white teens an that's #BigFactz

What would our group name be

Mike Hill

12 days ago

the father, the son and the holy spirit

Singrid Kopp

12 days ago

You just asking to get roasted with this one. Smh. 😂

Debbie Doolittle

12 days ago

Two and a half men 😂😂

Gosia Elwertowska

a month ago

The names of your albums, eps, mixtapes etc. 😹🔥🔥

Rock Wolf Zamora

a month ago

Yes I need some right now work in the yard today God kee U

Zeke Trevino

a month ago

Yes and pickles! Don’t forget the PICKLES!!!!

Gayle Beers

a month ago

Make sure that ain't no man sitting there don't want no more young buck situations

Carolyn Singh

a month ago

As long as cardi not on it

Rosalie Evans

a month ago

I'm still yo biggest fan 2 chainz!!

Boooooood up with Ella Mai last night in NC

Gloria Cummings

a month ago

Funny mike girl jayleah look like her they both baddies though

Amine Bashdn

a month ago

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Virginia McDonald

a month ago

king of trap

Atlanta Falcons

Sie Mich

2 months ago

love u daddy go hard 2Chainz

Thayse Magalhães

2 months ago

Sue Bond Warner your favorite while cheering on my falcons

Enisa Babacic

2 months ago

Blessings for you my 2 Chainz!

Any Given Sunday

Melvin Orozco Lozada

2 months ago

Phuck jerry rice!

Keorapetse Mhapha

2 months ago

Somebodies 3 years old today!

Noni Daven Hogue

2 months ago

The best of the best!

Brooke Smoes

2 months ago

But what if what they have on their plate is perceived by me to be better than what i have, and all I can do is throw a tantrum about their perceived privilege until my food gets cold and I have nothing?!? Then I’ll have to blame my cold food on their perceived privilege as well!!!

Alicia Junk

2 months ago

My chain hang to my dingalang! MY CHAIN HANG TO MY DINGALANG!!


Jacquelyn Roberts

2 months ago

remember the past

My buddy Trappy

Zach N Lexi Beck

2 months ago

i love u shine blast u give me daddy world can see

Lisa Batgirl Daniels

2 months ago

Yu ain't go wrong my man keep the trap trapping #BIG BANK

Agnieszka Stephen Wawrzyniak

2 months ago

At the Studio 🙄 there's a no-pet policy so I have to improvise 🤔this who I roll with 🤘 flame Up 😎 I can hear them Calling 🤔 DGC BBQ Boy'z***

Irma Batres

2 months ago

Kodak Bette learn sth from titty boi

Cary Rosson

2 months ago

daddy best rapper in whold wide world mean nothing in dis world can stop me from loving u

Damon Smythe

2 months ago

Kodak's shirt is on life support

El Chepo

3 months ago

What you call your ex vagina?

Samantha Walters

3 months ago

!⛅🗽I just wanna see the sun shine tomorrow diamond label vision of before life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases Washington D.C. United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God #Baphomet Shemhamforash! 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Deli Dell

3 months ago

love u u trap house love trap u made come tru

Bigger Than You video tomorrow 10am

Natalie Sandoval

3 months ago

Looking forward to it

Ssonko John

3 months ago

Where is video is 12:pm

Rita Theresa Peterson

3 months ago

top ever🤘🏻🔥ddy

Aditya Taufik Nur Ilham

3 months ago

Genesis 36:5-9..

Roberta Brito

3 months ago

Ashley Kohn we going to this after that concert

Sujith Pamujula

3 months ago

Brianna Hutchins Derrick Clark Devon Sills

Fashion Week

Nahid Shaikh

3 months ago

Lvu u boo

Curtis Horton

3 months ago

I woke up on the block

Marc Windisch

3 months ago

So this y Arizona Tea jacked up some of their cans prices

Nebu Kiniza

4 months ago

Congrats to you and your Queen you have a beautiful family.

Lilya Rahimzyanova

4 months ago

I like your song your song is the best song ever and the the whole world

Lisa Lee

4 months ago

So mad we did not make it to the DR this week to check out the show!!!

Que pasa Punta Cana!!!

Bakoutoubou Doukoure

4 months ago

baby grind u love get up on dat stage play that funky misic to u die

Laura Portillo

4 months ago

love me daddy ice cold be gettin

Wiesław Sobański

4 months ago

Wen you came to mexico

Zack Cleaver

4 months ago

There's about a foot difference in height..

Isabella Domogalla

4 months ago

Hahaha nigga gotta stand on the couch hahaha

Maggie Forbes

4 months ago

lil wayne look dope, but hair mess little

Who else could get Lil Wayne in a suit 🤷🏽‍♂️

Sushma Roberts

4 months ago

Never thought I'd see the day


4 months ago

Weezy dreads looking like peanut butter jerky

IrAkli Marsagishvili

4 months ago

damn just cut it....them shits are the worst...he used to look normal bout 10 years ago smh

ฟลุ๊ค ร้อยสิบ

4 months ago

Good to share my wedding day with ya my Medusa brother

Treh Billings

4 months ago


Julio Requena Rodriguez

4 months ago

Sam Foti Keith Chabuka nothin but respect for my royal family

Wilson Dias

4 months ago

⛅🗽I just wanna see the sun shine tomorrow diamond label vision of before life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases DC United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God #Baphomet Shemhamforash! 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

Cecy Martinez

4 months ago

Bigger less than you

Vanessa Love

4 months ago

was just listening to this song, love it!!

Vegas vibes

Hilda Consuelo Garcia

4 months ago

#evilmovement #evilpreacher #evilmoney #evilpussy

Filipe Alves Vieira

4 months ago

Your in the most expensiveness place 😜

Nuni Reyes

4 months ago

U stay in VEGAS!!!✅

Rhonda McManama Young

5 months ago

Waiting on a part 2 what's up deuce ik u an tune got some shit up yall sleeve

Virginia Maggio

5 months ago

We need the Collegrove 2

Линор Линза

5 months ago

told that bih you mfr..

Caption this

Aleksey Sobolevsky

5 months ago

You gotta hear dis 6ix9ine peed his pants and went all no please don't take my chains!


5 months ago

How much do you want to join the falcons bruh

Aurélie Sanchez

5 months ago

When i say Dabs i mean dabs.... Like right meow!

Thank you Issa Rae HBO #insecurefest

DanandLiz Crews

5 months ago

Antoine Dorante

5 months ago

THIS is how u take a pic with Issa

Oceandeep Rawbeats

5 months ago

where is the smile this is to much serious

Rick Abina

5 months ago

tity boy whtzgood

Mc-du RJ NG

5 months ago

Be a member of the Illuminati today and be rich forever. Benefits are given to all new members, Cash rewards of $10,356,000.00, You will be given a brand new car of your choices. Inbox me

Elizabeth Rodriguez

5 months ago

Diploe what a douche Hunter Neuens 😂

Sharon King

5 months ago

How the hell does 2 Chainz make this photo pose not look dumb

Joseph Pleschourt

5 months ago

baby cant nobody baby do thangs u do baby realest baby on dis earth rap baby stay in me mind all time

Bertrand Briguet

5 months ago

whole world me love baby chill love baby real grind baby from bottom to top give me u everythang u make sure love is strong baby u got what me need u got what me want

Dapper Dan down

Ruby Cox

6 months ago

MarcelloWat 30 june af

Ariana Sanchez Ramirez

6 months ago

💚 you are the better

Ulpia Danubia Vasilescu Micle

6 months ago

#FreshOttaHarlem hers a cool bro named 2Chaiz😎

Bunny Skky-Snodderley

6 months ago

aby u better u go get u ball go hard daddy

Chanelle Hudson

6 months ago

عيد مبارك سعيد 2 شينز ⁦❤️⁩

Nare Styles Reichelt

6 months ago

why do u collab with Good music enemy @ Drake

Rap or Go To The League

Devonte Harris

6 months ago

Or own ya on bizness that out the box been a owner is only way to be free

Katie Wilkins Peat

6 months ago

Yu can do both if that ya talent

Ashley Bowes

6 months ago

Just dont do like Percy Miller did aka 'master p' and suck ass. 😂😂 good luck💯

Roots Picnic

Marshall Board

6 months ago

Looks like Dave going through mid life crisis

Josh Freeman

6 months ago

Down by the beach boyeeeee

Tom Towers

6 months ago

Dave Chappelle been drinkin Hella Protein Drinks

Ayy listen to #PROUD right NOW on Spotify for a chance to win a limited edition PROUD hat:

Dan Power

8 months ago

wat u didnt even know

Yvonne Ramos

8 months ago

I want a hat :)

Dimosthenis Kokoras

8 months ago

Cheapest looking hat ever

Soju with 박재범 Jay Park (AOM)

Sierra Alana

8 months ago

1day i will be like you 😍😍

Deb Tannerf

8 months ago

Not classy tho.....twerk don't work. Outdated/overrated

Peterfi Florin

8 months ago

Any nigga here want to talk wid mee

Brendan Kucharski

8 months ago

I tranna let my MAMA down....dope t-shirts man👌👌👌

Glendra Collins

8 months ago

The track is lit

Bud Westcott

8 months ago

Super dope. I slick want to do family pictures in these shirts.

Rap Or Go To The League

Dora Keiko Kitazato

8 months ago

Очень красиво и стильно одевается! Может быть примером в этом для всех!

Bruno Stephan Baillache

8 months ago

Why not both you still have your youth !!!😊

Maria Dolores Altamirano

8 months ago

u done so much damage to ur lungs chainz. dey gon knock u off the court.

Eat it up records

Me and @suddsuddsudd been around the world twice together and we ain’t gone stop !. Go follow my boy he a globetrotter and a real one 💪🏿 !! Ps ! We just caught a Lil Uber jet cap mudafuca to Nashville and we just picked up that bykeend and now we heading byke #raporgototheleague

My heart beat right here man 💙👼🏿

H,H and H 🙏🏿

Happy Easter ! Y’all have a blessed day today from me and Momma Chainz!!!
Happy Easter from me and mines 😍😍😍😍😍 ..818
Aww Mann good to be home @v103atlanta 👍🏾

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@escobaratlanta pull up it’s a Boss Gday @whoissnoop
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this the most inviting I ever let a camera crew into my Life, RAPTURE premiers tonite on @netflix

Video of the Year ...🙅🏾‍♂️Rap🧢 #LinkInBio

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