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Kashwin Win

8 hours ago

Cristiano C. O. Fritzen o the killers ta compartilhando meme q as pessoas fazem, estamos perdendo tempo

Md Shr Ahmz

8 hours ago

See you boys in 2 weeks...

Agata Warchol-Stawicka

8 hours ago

Chloe Blanchard is this real or just a dream?

Elioenai Lopez Angeles

2 hours ago

Cooly Dre bro i deadass thought this was you for a second

Marina Karla

2 hours ago

Tyga You and breezy should work on another song.

Panagiotis Makridis

2 hours ago

All people think about is money but they taken nothing to the graveyard #learntoshare

What kind of album would you like DT14 to be?

Daniel Hnatishin

7 hours ago

Just go back to your roots, where all started. Train of Thought should be end of heavyness. Last album was disaster. When listening, I always anticipated that somewhere will start some movie. That isn't a way to make good music for listening. Anyway, my two cents...

Nancy Walasky

7 hours ago

A mix of prog and heavy, but the fact you're asking this question worries me. Sit down together and write whatever comes out naturally, don't go in trying to nail what the "fans want"

Masaru Kulawer

7 hours ago

What’s all this? Don’t let us decide for you. The Astonishing wasn’t as well received as you’d hoped it would be, but that doesn’t mean we want to be in charge of what you make. Write from your hearts and make something genuine 🙂

Or put it on hold and let JP finish his %#?!ing second solo album 😊

MaoRay Kaps

10 hours ago

You should never use the n word in your music again so everyone is allowed to enjoy it.

Jonele Maffucci

14 hours ago

How are you gonna call a fan up on stage and then shame her for knowing and repeating your lyrics? What a set up. You’re pathetic. I’ve lost all respect. This crap doesn’t help in this man made, media/celebrity fueled race war.

Rita Stokes

14 hours ago

Can't wait for the pr constructed stunt

call me the purple teletubby ok 💜

AF Tesoro Cosinas

6 hours ago

I just finished watching the American Idol Finale and thought you rocked that purple dress. Purple is your color Katy!

Anne-Marie Deshaye

10 hours ago

You had a the nerve to make fun of Meghan Markles wedding dress and then you wear this?! You ok hun?

Messa Calvin

10 hours ago

My daughter is huge fan of you. She's has asked me to write to you.She 💜💜💜 's the hair, she wishes you could come and stay in Manchester.

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour presented by Bayer is back! Tickets go on sale soon. #FarmTour2018 #HeresToTheFarmer

جوبرت ميغيل فيليجاس

2 hours ago

Geeezzz Luke, I didn't know you were touring back to Iowa! Hope to see you there! If not, I will see you at the reunion! ;) Talk soon!

Hasina Stecy

2 hours ago

How do we get involved with the farm tour? Indiana Hoosier here and family farmer 4th generation . Grain elevator and 50 years of family farm. How do we propose Luke stopping by!!!!!???????

Kysha Sazhin

6 hours ago

Luke Bryan and the bands/ crews...
Ya’ll need to come back on the farms in McCalla, Alabama, again!! The fans missed y’all!!

New Eagles tour merch is now available in the Eagles official online store, including T-shirts, hats, accessories and more.
This Memorial Day weekend orders over $75 will receive free standard domestic shipping. The first 100 orders placed will receive a free Eagles patch set starting now!

Michael Anthony Reyes

an hour ago

Great idea! Tried to buy merch. In Orlando. No inventory....
A show of ALL shows!!!!

Tahjim Ahmed

an hour ago

So looking forward to seeing you guys in July in Toronto, Canada!!!♥♥

Ah Neeka

an hour ago

A dvd of the Birmingham show would be awesome

Type "AMEN" in the comments if you agree

Danna Bowman

6 hours ago

do not let them stain your Tyrese image please are asking your fans for money I know you will not

Katyayani Rajawat

6 hours ago

Hello, you are one of my famous favorites: I do not know who you are answering your messages try to steal the people that we admire you: I mean you do not trust the people around you are leaving your image on the floor

Dunk Paparocket

6 hours ago

2 Corinthians 12:9

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

¡El fin de semana es la razón por la que trabajamos duro toda la semana! ¡Dale!

Santos Fresquez

2 hours ago

Too bad your concert was postponed in Windsor tonight. Hopefully you will be back soon!

Octavia Nimley Gates

6 hours ago

I work hard all week but on Saturday and Sunday I relax-
I forgot ... I love you..Dale!

Lee Rogers

6 hours ago

Cuz everyday we party like it’s CINCO DE MAYO!! 🇲🇽 loved ur concert on cinco de mayo #DALE

Europe, see you this fall. Tickets on sale Friday 1st June @ 9am BST 10am CEST.

Christopher Lee

7 hours ago

I love you guys but the show in LA was kinda weak sauce dudes, and the tix were not cheap....

Julia Dez

7 hours ago

Caught you at austin city limits. Loved. Great image too btw 👍👍👍👍 #andrew #ben #bromance

Loosel Hivatalos

7 hours ago

I saw them in San Francisco at the Warfield. Phenomenal show. I wish bands would put out their song set list for fans after concerts.

Facil de prender pero difícil de apagar, llamen los bomberos 🚒 💦 😂

Ken Towery

6 hours ago

Esque esa cara y ese cuerpo tiene algo que me enamora su voz ni se diga

Jocelyne Taylor

6 hours ago

Aí meu coração não aguenta
Meu Deus , e muita sensualidade pra um homem só ♡♡
Que hermoso quiles ♡ ♡

Iva Wolff

15 hours ago

María Molina llamen alos bombero dice el escalichao


Robert Kammerer

6 hours ago

Gabriel Sosa regalo del día de la madre amor ♡ y ya que estas te quedas con el bebito 😂

Steff Vacio

10 hours ago

que es esta mierda mal parido hijue puta como no voi a decir nada si yo le doi lo que tu no le pudista dar verga mamaverga hijueputa malparido aventura de mierda te puedo llenar la cara de semen Romeo Santos.

Lisetth Moraless

14 hours ago

No lo puedo creer!!!!! Mi amor venís a nuestro país argentina que alegría me das sis un Rey 👑 te amo 😍!!!!!!

European Tour 2019
GC FAM Exclusive pre-sale 5/29
(members will receive an instant download link to ‘Actual Pain’ with paid memberships)
General on-sale 6/1

Jeevika Agnihotri

7 hours ago

Holly Erin Nigel tour and new album!! Shall we see them in a different country this time instead?... :P

VyeRonica VanWallegham

7 hours ago

No, why did it have to be alexandra palace?! Literally anywhere else (like Brixton for example...) and I'd have been there in a heartbeat! 😭

Clarrisa Macabutas Nayad

7 hours ago

Wish there was at least a date in Spain... I guess I'd have to travel to see you. This time for sure. I can't miss you one more time, nope nope.


Justin Settipani

2 hours ago

Kinda made a "thing" been werking on for 3 years..

Dardo Sosa

2 hours ago

Lol I've driven 1yr.. held a job in Cleveland.. it was fun. Call Katherine Dilley

Ezzy Glow

2 hours ago

Hey Miley ilove you so much can't wait for your coming album finally and i save my money to buy a converse shoes because ilove you so much my Smiley Miley😍😘😘

Planning on seeing “Solo: A Star Wars Story” this Memorial Day weekend? Which of you would go see this too!?

Daniela Ramos

8 hours ago

Am at a sci-fi fantasy con today, and someone was cosplaying as Achmed! They even said “Silence I kill you!”

Maria Rufina Mex Chan

8 hours ago

Is Sweet Daddy Dee and Melvin being brought back from the dead? I seem to recall these two being officially retired in the opening credits sequence of Minding the Monsters where their gravestones were shown.

Romi Romita

14 hours ago

thank you for telling me that you were doing show at casino at naigara falls ontario canada. you are sold out . next time you are coming to ontarioncanada i will look up on your wedsite . and again thank you for leting me know take care for yourself and your family

Chantel Finley

37 minutes ago

I think it’s dope! He go hard af on a few tracks and chilled out on others over trippy beats. There are a few sleeper joints but a good vibe thru out the whole thing especially with the beats/flows. That’s what I always loved about flako anyway. Liked it even more after the 2nd time thru. I’m like 8.7/10 and 🔥 overall💸 👽🥦💨

Brian Welch

37 minutes ago

I like it but definitely not my favorite Rocky vibes tho

Matheus Rocha

5 hours ago

Looks like the cover for Dah Shinnin

I just wanna say to you @princesslove I LOVE YOU! im so Proud. This has been life Changing for me. To watch you go thru all of this for us to have this beautiful Ángel! I have so much more respect for u in so Many new ways- you have humbled me to the highest level- if I ever doubted you or didnt show it I am so so sorry! You are my heart and soul! I will always be there for you 4LIFE! and even in heaven!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU- and to all the women who have been down this journey I love and respect you- and I promise to show that! and to my beautiful wife this is just the beggining of the best time in our life!!! you are my true soulmate and I love you soooooo much!! #NewParents #BabyLove @rayjnprincess

Helen Hernandez

7 hours ago

Congrats Guy's Welcome to #Parenthood

Simon Harwood

7 hours ago

Congratulations Ray J and princess love on your new bundle of joy

Mariam Ochoa

14 hours ago

Congratulations cousin, this is beautiful


Heavenly Cleaves

8 hours ago

Fukk Sleep and Praise The Lord 💣

Ismail Chegdani

14 hours ago

I haven't got passed Tony Tone...shit is flames

Kevin Kraschewski

14 hours ago

i love it when A$AP comes back ,watch for 'TONY TONE"

Sandra Bullock, you’re even more delicious than the cream puffs you sent over. Ocean's 8

Lynn Johnson

14 hours ago

Cream puffs and Anne Hathaway. Doesn't get much better than that :)

Manda Wong

14 hours ago

This should be a fun movie.

Milena Krämer

14 hours ago

For a second i thought the're cream puffs on your dress as well 😉😉

Maybe if I practice in camo my cello won't know I'm Haydn? 😏😆😂😬 #punny #dadjokes #classicool

Phumlani Zii

14 minutes ago

I love that you name your cellos! Mar-cello. Bruce Lee. Good stuff!

Sabrina Coleman

7 hours ago

If it's the cello concerto, I'd be Haydn too...

Dakota Buenneke

7 hours ago

You're enjoying being off tour, aren't you?!

Sara Womble

5 hours ago

Carmen yours is a timeless beauty that only the recently departed could miss. Would love to see you back on the big screen, but in a role that pushes your acting chops a bit more, maybe a historical piece, love and respect from another fan. Kris King

Dorothea Krancevic Chitur

5 hours ago

Wow how cab any one be so incredible beautiful they broke the mold and cane out with perfection which is Carmen ELECTRA

Fiore Nikté Mendoza

a day ago

Oh yes sugar I love this photo this is the one I will sketch of you Carmen !

Check please 🏁

Jackie Cohen

2 hours ago

"You look classically beautiful from .." ok Vic🌹😉🌹

Courtney Smith

2 hours ago

Victoria you look very beauty, nice shirt, I love you photo.❤🏁

Maximilian Léon

2 hours ago

You look terrific, Victoria! "V"

Love wearing activewear as regular clothes. Lazy yet fierce. Featuring Fabletics Stretto II #Demi4Fabletics

Tabie Stewart

2 hours ago

Obviamente te veo siempre...sos una grosa...haces estremeser cuando cantas...y no sabes lo feliz me harias con 16,000 dolares para cumplir mi sueño...te mando esto xke estoy seguro de ke ni lo leerias ja ja..

Shashank Shashank

6 hours ago

Everything she wears looks like they made it specifically for her.

Tracy Fox

6 hours ago

You are so pretty Demi❤️ You look amazing in Fabletics!

Piece Of Your Heart or Never Sure? Drop your favorite in the comments below.

Leigh Ann Glass

6 hours ago

Never sure! Takes me back to classic Mayday, although they are both wonderful songs

Felipe Renan

6 hours ago

I love both songs, but I’d say Piece of Your Heart if I had to choose.

Clam Clam

6 hours ago

Piece of Your Heart❤️

FREE TRIP TO AMSTERDAM! This Saturday at 4:20pm pst I’m picking one of my biggest fans to go to Amsterdam with me. All you have to do is post a video on your page and tell me how I’ve inspired you and hashtag #DTMICBD & #DizzyFlyAwayContest If you don’t want to post a video leave them comments, I’m sure you’ll find a way to stand out. (I’ll be taking care of Travel, hotels, food and all that other good shit) 🙌🏾 let’s see who got some love for the boy.

6/4 Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱

Walter Aguilar

15 hours ago


Yame'ka Washington Brumskin

a day ago

Manifest it all... Haha

Bikram Bhullar

a day ago

In the dream, I see you at a US State school, homies there, and we top floor , you pull me in, and we having a sesh...

Happy birthday to the incomparable Miss Patti LaBelle! Honored to call you my friend and fairy Godmother 💖💖💖

Jim N Cindy Ross

2 hours ago

This was the moment when she defeated Shania, Celine, Whitney and even Madonna for being Artist Of The Millenium! Madonna was shocked then 😉

Anni Berthelsen

6 hours ago

Love both of you! Happy birthday Patti LaBelle

Ruben Hay

a day ago

Patti Labelle 's song : " My love , sweet love " written by BabyFace available of original soundtrack album from the movie " Waiting to Exhale " ( 1995 ) with Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett .

Today is my birthday, l was in the hospital shot up today 12:30pm may 24, 2000I’m different ,I’m stronger than ever🤨get the strap
Ok there she is right there in the Red, she wrote the line 🤨get the Strap. For KANAN and lt stuck in my head. Like (what ever they said he did, he did that shit).#power season 5 on the way @courtneyakemp ladies and gents
🤨so here’s the trademark,investigation over🤷🏽‍♂️ back to fight crime alright guys. 😆get the strap.
🤨oh shit, 😡get the strap. LOL. 🧐they investigating my drip, l got too much sauce. #HipHop

Rosa Berry

6 hours ago

Happy birthday to u 50 cent. U r special to God and he loves u. No weppon form against you shall prosper. God is with u and he is ur guide. Big up urself and get well soon

Pat Bridges

14 hours ago

Happy birthday bro glad u made and the work u doing bro love it you is the man . Big ups to your up and coming work can't wait till power come back out I'm waiting

Gabrielle Bricker

14 hours ago

Happy birthday handsome! You still one of the best to ever grab the mic seeing the struggles you've conquered and where you came from. Nothing but love 50! 💯💯🎂🎁🎉🎈

So excited to share that I’ll be making my Suits debut in the season premiere on Wednesday, July 18th at 9/8c. Can’t wait for y'all to meet Samantha Wheeler! To read more about what to expect this season, head over to Entertainment Weekly! #suits

Michael Harrison

6 hours ago

Great addition to one of my favorite shows.

Zina Zena

6 hours ago

Looking forward to viewing your work!

Peter Malaschitz

6 hours ago

Woohoo! One day short of my wedding anniversary!

Check out Madison's reaction when I copied the Haschak Sisters Instagram photos! 😂

Bin Huwel

2 hours ago

mattyb sexy picture of the girl why? you are boy not a girl ha ha ha

Terri Laffey

10 hours ago

Mattybraps hamdsome my idol

Jan Persson

10 hours ago

Lol u are still cute 😍

Dreaming of fortnite victories.

Veston Harderson

a day ago

I had never seen anything so perfect😍

Jodi Eleatta Montagna

a day ago

Good morning hi super

Shinlat Tistet Tabitha

a day ago

Hi honey, I was interested in you, can we get acquainted a little? I am looking for friendships and maybe a dating. are you married? dating?

There's a lot to celebrate today... including National Wine Day! Turn up Call Me Sir & treat yourself to a bottle (or two 😉) of Drops of Jupiter Winery 🍷

Shawanna Webster

9 hours ago

Drops of Jupiter love !!

Melissa Martinez

9 hours ago

Are they available in stores? I can't seem to make the store locator work.....

Alejandro Crz

9 hours ago

Cool Pat Monahan Love Your Music your biggest fan Julie Valdez

Bringing a piece of the 305 to Biloxi, Mississippi with the debut of ILov305 Restaurant and Nightlife at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Biloxi! The party starts soon! 🍾

Eimear Harkin

6 hours ago

Wow can't believe you go far South as Mississippi Pitbull...come to Sulouth Florida

Shih-Kuo Yen

9 hours ago

Emerald Litke ummm might need to go

Brendon Dukes Ndlovu

14 hours ago

Clare Dyckhoff Jack Ewins the first stage of his theme park I hope

Happy Birthday @lexypanterra 🎉🎊 The new single is 🔥

Johan Sepulveda Aviles

6 hours ago

See I think it was 5 but DAMN I have had so many and still nee another one less than a year. I need my old army radio it never broke or cracked just had to replace a tube or transistor

#9, that Nokia was the best starter phone. Interchangeable faceplates. I’ll never forget finding a Ralph (The Simpsons) faceplate. No one had a cooler phone than me.

Darlene VanDyke

6 hours ago

*Blooo bloooo* Where you at? Don't remember my first one but I remember I used to have the i425 that was the phone everybody wanted back then 😂

My new single “Low” is out tomorrow. This song was the first inspiration that began my new musical journey #RaiseVibration

Lourdes Santos Mella

24 minutes ago

I remember when u posted going in to the studio with that inspiration
It's a great track Lenny
and your singing voice is 'on song'
Mucho Gracias Senor

Rachel Gifford Tejeda

7 hours ago

The King Jackson
Long live for the King
Michael Jackson ❤

Joan 'Korol' Davidson

7 hours ago

Happy birthday love not only you must gain age, but also wisdom that you triumph much more than what you have done my king I congratulate you in advance since tomorrow I will not be my love Lenny.

Well that was fun! Watch me drive the new Porsche Cayenne on The Late Late Show with James Corden #PorschePartner #TheLateLateShow

Kelly Case

2 hours ago

Truly amazing you are the best in the world!

Karen Stephens

2 hours ago

This was so funny watching you both. Love the blonde color on you looks good. Looking forward seeing you in concert in Boston soon.

Sue A. Hinshaw

6 hours ago

Can't wait to take my 12 yr old son ( his first concert) to see you on 6/1 in Oakland. It will be a blast! Thanks Adam and M5!!

Our brand new single "Love Ain't" is available NOW! Let us know what y'all think! #LoveAint

So excited and appreciative of the support we’ll have from Kasey Khane and the Leavine Family Racing team on Sunday for “Love Ain’t!” Keep your eye on the #95!

Khushu Sain

6 hours ago

Daddy loves it too, awesome job

Theresa Frierson

16 hours ago

Thank you for the music🤩

Chulce J Cush

16 hours ago

Obsessed!!! I looooooove it!

Happy #tbt 😏

Daveian Usher

10 hours ago

Mélanie Jouve même tête que nos snaps

Lee Carpenter

10 hours ago

Yesterday I checked than she is very simple and friendly. I think whoever wins his heart will be a very lucky man

Ty Smith

a day ago

little чебурашка, find you in oranges)))))

Let The Trap Say Amen. 6/22

Stephen Cocostarc

6 hours ago

Instead of Judging Pray for him its Gods will not ours let it be with your faith a covering over our brother who goes to do battle in a place that is full of the enemies influence do you walk also in that wholeheartedly where you work and seek the lost ??? Again i say pray for the lost and pray for our brother for it by his might or power but by the the spirit of God all shall be brought to the light and every knee show bow every voice shall confess he is God and Jesus is King so deal wholeheartedly in the matters of your own life in the Lord that you shall also become a blessing of God unto those that hear you and know you Gods speed Brother bring light to to darkness may our enemy flee before your coming in Jesus name Amen

Mari Martinez

6 hours ago

I support crae 10*100

Shawn Gall

6 hours ago

Lost all respect for reach after Andy Mineo Family photo.

BTS from my shoot with CORE. 💦More coming soon!

Zebastian Lindqvist

2 hours ago

Maybe I need CORE lol I drink lots of iced caps are the pH levels or the flavored waters natural and don't contain any added Sugars because 99% of flavored foods including flavored water contains Sugar do they Steven Magana?

Izumi Kandatsu

2 hours ago

Behind the Scence ဖန္ေတ လာပီး
ေဟာင္တာခံေနရမယ္ေနာ္ မတ္မတ္ 😒

Nancy Senneville

2 hours ago

Gonna give you a big hug to my good friend 😊

Tour ready. @deadandcompany

Oganes Demirchian

2 hours ago

John, I don’t care what your excuse was for wearing those rags. Whoever put you into them was laughing out of the side of their smile. Gave you the jelly roll blues, they did. Now I ain’t no fashion plate, and that’s what’s appealing to heads. We can be who we want to be, and we all accept each other for that. If that’s what you feel comfy in, then wear it. Don’t look good to me but if it brings that “I’m in the ZONE” feeling, then wear whatever gets you there.

It’s apparent to anyone who’s seen the shiteatin grin on your face while your playing that you are actually having fun up there. So, if you want to go out there in a jock strap it’s up to you. Would make a lot of girls happy... don’t recommend it tho

Still Priñçe

2 hours ago

What will you be wearing for Lockn'? And I'm sorry, yes you are Dead material. We have listened to the Dead since my husband's days at Vandy in the 70s. You do them proud sir!

Marilú Mendieta

2 hours ago

Fine form John! But if you really want to dive into “the culture” you’re going to have to make those colors run into each other. Kinda like tie dye 😉 you’ve been doing pretty good so far, that shiteatin grin on your face was a Grate start... now you have to pick out an acceptable wardrobe. That will work, but don’t expect us nonconformists to run out and buy Nike stuff. Find your balance. Something simple to understated. Maybe neon orange shirt and green shorts 🤯

finishing this ep and feeling emotional as fuck in the studio. clinging on to my stuffed service sheep for support. can’t wait for you all to hear this body of work, xx

Пламен Лазаров

8 hours ago

Greyson can't wait to hear this body of work, I know it will be truley awesome as all of your song's are, never give up, I along with my family luv you very much just be yourself for you are a loveable young man, take care chow.

Kristina Lewko

17 hours ago

shall we elope or do you want a big wedding? xx <3

Javier Gimenez

17 hours ago

Spare us the details about the sheep!!!
😂 😂 😂
But excited af to hear your new music!!!

It's Fleet Week in New York City and tonight our audience is made up entirely of servicemen and women from the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, United States Air Force, and U.S. Coast Guard!! Thank you for serving and protecting our country!

Sakthi Vel

15 hours ago

John Henry Hailey Kieltyka all of the questions have been answered

חיים הרשקוביץ

15 hours ago

Proud to be a coastie wife!!!

Steve Penrose

15 hours ago

I’m surprised in this day and age they were allowed to segregate them. What if one of the soldiers felt like a Marine today? (Before the attacks, that was said with sarcasm)

Hanging out with our buddy Paul Rodgers Official before we hit the stage tonight! Got a great line up for y’all!
Blackberry Smoke
Bad Company

Hell yeah boys! Rock thehouse down my brothers! America strong! Free bird forever!! Play it pretty for everybody! My fav alltime band you guys make the rockin world go round!!!!

Jeremy Harshman

7 hours ago

Bring BAD COMPANY with you to Jersey!!! And 38 SPECIAL 😘

Vitoria Galiano

7 hours ago

Oh my God awesome concert sounds like it's going to be a blast rock it out man rock it out happy Memorial day be safe

Cinthia Lopez

6 hours ago

You look so nice with a little makeup to accentuate your appearence. So good to see you not sporting that "I just got out of bed" look.

Debbie Frame Schoner

9 hours ago

What happened to the old Christina . I loved. So different having issues in your life you don't know how to handle. ? Love you stay focused.

Gina Trainor

14 hours ago

your looks has changed you've matured but you're still a very beautiful woman and one of the most natural singing voices I've ever heard. I wish you would date a fat boy here and there

who is ready to just absoluutely rock it out tonight? Boston Calling Music Festival

Troy Fernandez

an hour ago


Elif İlker Kırılmaz

an hour ago

Para cuándo Argentina?

Marcel Kallikat

6 hours ago

sorry have to borrow dat singer can i nab ur hat bro'v

Thapa Ca Nam

2 hours ago

Sure want an autograph & photo from you Fergie.

Robert Gerszewski

6 hours ago

Hugs an Cuddles,......
Hope You,for all the Hard work you an Friends have put into keeping others safe and entertained have yourself a safe,an Entertaining Weekend

Kathy Wigan

6 hours ago

Linda fergie love you rock

Can’t wait for y’all to hear my joint with Romeo Santos… 😏

John Wambua

2 hours ago

Feat usher,mario,trey songz?

Kazi Nazmus Salehin

2 hours ago

What??? ay noo

Thomas Ramirez

2 hours ago

Anna Sims this is the article I was talking about!!

The orange popsicle with the cream... 😋 @ Long Island, NY
It may take me a minute to make up my mind.... 🤔 @ NBC - Access Hollywood Live
The next chapter will be interesting...🎱 @ NBC - Access Hollywood Live

Tali Alfasi

8 hours ago

wow wow princeess ashanti u are a superstar and beautiful singer and being a lovely young lady u are

Lance Tyson

8 hours ago

Long Island Represent

Cathy Parolini

8 hours ago

Ashanti you are so Beautiful 💕

Which one are you!? 😂🍷🍷(National Wine Day by Hello Sunshine)

Janie Clark

6 hours ago

So full I got to slurp some before I move it

I worked at a sushi bar in highschool. I didn't realize about the "fancy pour" for wine so I would give people wine filled to the brim. Now I understand why they looked at me so oddly.

Eli Jaramillo

6 hours ago

* grabs the bottle * Yeah... pour, sure ;)

Jose Manuel Alcaraz Lopez

7 hours ago

Dj Khaled is chilling in the back ground waiting for the chick to reply

Jacque Habermel

7 hours ago

How do you spell faithful

Judy Madlaing

14 hours ago

Jessieri beyy tag moko 😂😂