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Happy birthday, Randy! Photo by Matt Christine
War Machine Ghost | link in bio.

Can’t wait for Friday. Performing with @austinmahone and others to support the horrific tragedy that happened at Stoneman Douglas High School. Our hearts are heavy for those affected, and we hope to see you guys there ❤️

trying to figure out how to use a whiteboard 🙄

Tokyo ♡ Minna Saiko! みんなサイコー!

Tomorrow make sure you tune in to the @GlobalSpinAwards 9pm ET! #GlobalSpinAwards @revolttv

The Hustle stars this genius lady and me, but don’t let the smiles (or the new title) throw you—we’re still nasty to the core. @rebelwilson and I are coming for your money June 29th. #itsgoodtobebad #stillnasty #thehustle

Out now 🔥🔥🔥☝🏾link in bio

That’s me in. 15 years wit my grandkids ☝🏾🤣🤣

Fans shared about Steven Curtis Chapman

Matt O'Connor

3 hours ago

SCC, you’re a pretty good guy to.

Jullianny Reis

also shared about Steven Curtis Chapman

Lembro-me de sempre ouvir e ler sobre as grandes cruzadas evangelistas que ele promovia.... talvez o último a propagar desta forma o evangelho nos confins da terra...

Gustini Manurung

also shared about Steven Curtis Chapman

Oh the joyous reunions awaiting us in heaven. All because of what Jesus Christ accomplished, praise the Lord. I love the pic of your Grandpa Rudd. I’ve sang his name so much when singing The Walk, I feel like I know him!!

Have a 💺 seat. ☝🏾🤣🤣👊🏾💥🤷🏾‍♂️

Fans shared about Christine D'Clario

Stephanhy Reynoso

3 hours ago

Amén. Se graduo y está en la presencia del Padre.Consuelo y paz para su familia.

Ally S. Chang

also shared about Christine D'Clario

Gloria a DIOS, Esta sentado en lugares celestiales gozando de la gloria de DIOS! QEPD

Yesica Elisabeth Altamirano

also shared about Christine D'Clario

Amén bienaventurado todo aquel q muere en cristo porq su depósito esta seguro en la eternidad esa la promesa de cristo en Juan 11:25

RTB 📻 $XM four tres... you ready ?

All Sizes Now Available! Pre-Order Whiles Supplies Last!

Fans shared about Cannibal Corpse

Stewart Bateman

3 hours ago

I loved that entire album, so thrashy, so fucking bad ass! Saw them in Tempe, Wow! I love to see them live, Alex Webster is BADFUCKINGASS!!! ol Georges neck got bigger somehow! love these guys!

Tomek Sienkiewicz

also shared about Cannibal Corpse

Anne Niente and Saskia Ähm hope you got your tickets!


Fans shared about Jack White

Jill Kinney

4 hours ago

Is it just me or what the hell is Rage doing in this line up?! :D

Karin Kasnoff

also shared about Jack White

Enda en festival i parc forum. Øyvind

Rafael Fernandes

also shared about Jack White

If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.

Fans shared about Trivium

Germano Fazzone

3 hours ago

Eric Burnworth yes!!!

Aaron Edward Gillum

also shared about Trivium

Can't wait to check it out and shake my head

Angel Zoreque

also shared about Trivium

Creonte..shall be your name!!

We basically live in Vegas @wynnnightlife

Fans shared about Lila Downs

Claudita Meri

4 hours ago

¡Y acá en Boulder estamos contando los días para que vengas!

Liliana Torres

also shared about Lila Downs

Yeap, I can tell you're a happy person.

Julissa Guzman Garcia

also shared about Lila Downs

Te vez hermosa mi querida Lila!!
Me sorprendes....recibe mil saludos y besos de los LDFNS te queremos y admiramos.

Fans shared about Nikki Leigh

Yoelshito Ly

4 hours ago

Ok let the magic show begin nikki 😇😇😇

Christo Galey

also shared about Nikki Leigh


Saikham Mad

also shared about Nikki Leigh

Damn girl u are absolutely gorgeous

Fans shared about Yo Gotti

Positive John

3 hours ago


Bobby Smith

also shared about Yo Gotti

Welove yo gott

Thaig Emmanuel

also shared about Yo Gotti

Looking good baby love you 😍😘😩😩😩


Fans shared about Dream Theater

Shanu Muhammed

4 hours ago

Joao Gabriel Borghi Jacson Araujo Ivan Almeida

Patrick M Smolarek

also shared about Dream Theater

"Back to Rock" solo tour in Cuba🇨🇺??🤔🤔😀😀😂😂

Deniz Berfin Kul

also shared about Dream Theater

Eh, I'd skip Bach and go straight to Post-Beethoven. But that's just me. :)

Fans shared about Insane Clown Posse

Mikel Gentry

3 hours ago

I hope their tours continue to have Faygo. That's a lot of the fun of the show!

Cordell Willeto

also shared about Insane Clown Posse

i hate being poor man.

Daniel Magallanes

also shared about Insane Clown Posse

Go find my event lets dance in the faygo rain before ICP WHOOP WHOOP

Fans shared about Pharrell Williams

Guzel Nurgalieva

3 hours ago

Today was not a good day.

Fans shared about Shemar Moore

Georgette Gibson

5 hours ago

Congratulations Meghan 🤗🙂😎🎉 Enjoy Being BGOTD 🙂😎💯

Anahi Vazquez Pereyra

also shared about Shemar Moore

Jeremiah Chappelle this looks like ur old girlfriend....😮

Fans shared about Maroon 5

Mathieu Brb

5 hours ago

GREAT article: D Continue the good work and you might just have me having to pay attention in the long run as well. 😇

Silvia Fernandez Coll

also shared about Maroon 5

Haha very funny Adam! ❤️

Angelik Marttz

also shared about Maroon 5

I would like to See you at Work in Germany 🙏

Fans shared about Maddi Jane


4 hours ago

love u sweetheart 😍💘💜

Fans shared about Travis Barker

Chiara Garilli

4 hours ago

Jacqueline Abundiz Soto llevame

Win Kying

also shared about Travis Barker

Terry Forrest - we going to california? Might mighty bosstones!!

Justin Ashouri

also shared about Travis Barker

Bianca Ruiz I think I need to take a trip to Cali in April so we can go!!!!

Fans shared about Toby Keith

Felicity Q Amanda

4 hours ago

Love Pebble Beach and Carmel. One of our favorite places

Shawn Cooke Lynn

also shared about Toby Keith

Looking good Toby love u

Kathy Muraco Kotlar

also shared about Toby Keith

Nice place to hang out.

Happy 21st cuz @cbroadus 👊🏾👊🏾✔️

TWO DAYS AWAY @blacyoungsta DEBUT ALBUM #223 💨 #CMG #HeavyCamp 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Fans shared about Kenny Rogers

Edna Oreo

4 hours ago

Love the picture

Mery Duque

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Great photo, thank you for the wonderful music sweet music man. I miss you. Enjoy your retirement.

Jody Sheppard

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Great music man🎵🎵🎵

Fans shared about A Day To Remember

Oscar Juarez

3 hours ago

Catch me in the pit for ADTR, Papa Roach, Of Mice & Men, Volumes, and Cane Hill!

Aantoine Griezmann Fauzi

also shared about A Day To Remember

Come to saskatchewan saskatoon pretty please

Jana Cazacu

also shared about A Day To Remember

Tyler Walker 😍😮 I have to gooooo

#ATLANTA!! The #DefyTour is playing the #Masquerade tonight & it’s already #SOLDOUT!! Hope you got tickets, it’s gonna be epic!

3pm VIP #soundcheck party
6pm Doors Open
6:30 #Mscw
7:05 #CaneHill
7:50 #FireFromTheGods
8:35 #BlessTheFall
9:40 #OfMiceAndMen

Tickets & VIP for upcoming dates available at

Fans shared about Chris Tomlin

Frankie Abuan

4 hours ago

What a wonderful preacher and a wonderful christian

Pedro Guinapo

also shared about Chris Tomlin

I love and appreciate this God's general, a man of God who has run the race & fought a good fight of faith we have no doubt that he went to glory

Sofia Agravio

also shared about Chris Tomlin

I am going Home, Heaven where the streets are golden every chain is broken oh I want to go Home where every fear is gone I'm in Your open arms where I belong can not wait for this Day Jesus truly ✝

Fans shared about 311

Joseph Huson

4 hours ago

Josh Gries so tempting

Stephen Candelaria

also shared about 311

Pre sale code?????

Raylene Sanchez

also shared about 311

Vamonos Luis Andres Garza Garcia, Carlos Martinez Chapa

matt’s face 😂 PARIS! finally! thank you for having us in your beautiful city 🇫🇷 photos by @danilolewis

Fans shared about Reese Witherspoon

Grabriel C Ramos

3 hours ago

Lol Come here in Montreal to live the true experience of a real Winter and lets talk about it after haha

Jackson Rambo

also shared about Reese Witherspoon

hellom prety reese very beauty in this photo!!!! sinceres desires of sucess in your career as first dramatic actress with kisses of love from argentina.-thanks by share.-

Sandra Maneva

also shared about Reese Witherspoon

We got 6 inches of snow Saturday, then Sunday it was in the mid 40s so everything melted. Now it's 65* and we're supposed to get an inch or two tomorrow. Typical weather in New England lol Enjoy it while you can because the weather is very unpredictable here.

Bryan TX este sabado!!! Nos vemos en El Bajio #intocable #bryantx #elbajio

Fans shared about Earth, Wind & Fire

Dwayne Leal

4 hours ago

My favorite group then and now 😘

Timothy Cody

also shared about Earth, Wind & Fire

1970...scopro gli EARTH WIND AND FIRE continuo dopo 48 anni sono sempre nel mio cuore

Jose Vera

also shared about Earth, Wind & Fire

We will continue to THANK YOU ALL E.W.F , for all the pleasure you have given us all these wonderful years !

Edinburg TX..Nos vemos este viernes

Fans shared about Grupo Intocable

Lourdes Cardenas Flores

3 hours ago

X favor!!!
La feria de San Isidro en Metepec...

Juany Puente

also shared about Grupo Intocable

Cuando vienen a Hidalgo ❤🍃🍃🍃🍃


Fans shared about Megadeth

Feña Contreras

4 hours ago

In My Darkest Hour

Justine Sanguyo

also shared about Megadeth

Hook in Mouth!

Daniel Penha

also shared about Megadeth

Set the World Afire, nobody ever talks about how great that song is.

17 days ❤️ Life Sentence- March 7 @cw_lifesentence

Fans shared about Foo Fighters

Geoff Bartlett

5 hours ago

Finally I will be able to watch The Brits without saying "who?" every 5 minutes, will have to record it though so I can fast forward to Foo Fighters and cut out the dross

Dean Wheeler

also shared about Foo Fighters

Why watch the Brits tae see them. Just wait until later and watch their performance on Youtube. Cuts out the other shite.

Taylor Davidson

also shared about Foo Fighters

Come back to Australia. We miss you already 😍

Fans shared about Grateful Dead

Cameran Neumann

3 hours ago

Happy Birthday & R.I.P Vince

David Smith

also shared about Grateful Dead

Saw missing man formation at the electric factory in Philly in '99... and Vince at brownies 23 east in Philly in 2005... fun shows... rip Vince!

Salamino Mimmo

also shared about Grateful Dead

From what I have read, the way the Dead treated him after Jerry's passing was not one of their greatest moments, nothing for them to be proud of.

Fans shared about Logan Henderson

Gabriela Guevara

3 hours ago

Quiero ir!!!!! 💕
Daniela!!!! 💕😍😍😍

Karina Wąs

also shared about Logan Henderson

I'm going to miss it but hope you enjoy Logan! Any chance you of you coming to Connecticut any time soon?

Virginia Pigalarga

also shared about Logan Henderson

Vete a la verga, ahí ve 🙂 ahí las fans no son pobres como io :'v 💔 te amo hazme un hijo baby🌚❤️