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General on-sale tickets are available at 10am local time for the #OTR2 Tour with Beyoncé. Order now on TIDAL: #TIDALxOTR2

Lisa Haggy

3 hours ago

I can't wait to see them on stage.

Samuele Lillo

7 hours ago

Please sign me do you hear Mr rakeem on YouTube need a record deal aka Ferris Greer Facebook page will

Ana Aguilar

10 hours ago

Please bring to South Africa, it’s not a world tour if doesn’t come to Africa.

Luego de 20 años este “Contra la Corriente” sigue llegando a los corazones de tanta gente bella. ¿Cual es tu canción favorita de este álbum? ... After 20 years “Contra la Corriente” continues to reach the hearts of so many beautiful people. What’s your favorite song from this album?

Wish Adam a very happy birthday!!

Eva Sharon Gil-Magnaye

14 hours ago

Happy Birthday Love hahaha. Been a fan since Harder to Breathe. Waiting for ur australian tour soon .... bless u more and more on ur bday. Xoxo

Mahboulat Douzi

a day ago

Happy birthday Adam I hope you have a awesome day! We share the same Birthday which I think is totally cool. I'm also hoping that you win the voice you are my favorite coach!!!!!

Shawn Gemmell

a day ago

Happy Birthday, Adam! Love all you do to entertain the world! You share a birthday with one of the most wonderful people who once walked is earth and was one of the most important people in my

You know why I Love Australia? Everywhere I go they serve guava juice. What 👆this picture has to do with that I don’t know. I just really felt the need to tell you I connect with guava juice on a spiritual level. That’s it. Thank you Sydney! See you tomorrow. 🇦🇺 #24kmagicworldtour

Kai Neuenschwander

20 hours ago

I grew up in Guadeloupe (French West Indies) where I used to see a guava tree through my window every morning and my mom used to make the juice from fresh guava. You are welcomed whenever you want

I'd just like to say I was at your show last night it was freaking awesome, best night out I've had in ages

Leslie Morris Alberts

20 hours ago

Last night’s concert was amazing, you had us laughing, dancing and singing the whole night. It was my 10 year old daughter’s first concert. She couldn’t stop smiling, and that is simply priceless 😊

Church & lacrosse today. What are you doing?

Richelle Smith

2 hours ago

Matty glad you visit & pray in the house of God, wish you have a great season of Lacrosse, take care follow your dreams, be humble and thankful for what you have in life, Chow.

Esther Moore

2 hours ago

whats the name of music and also tell me the name of your blog ,

Jamison Carter

2 hours ago

I love you mattyb. Wedding tayo dalawa 💍💍👨‍👩‍👧❤️

Make the most of today!

Keliptar Pat

7 hours ago

Tom Harbrow from our inspiration #dale #mrworldwide

Alma Garcia Rivera

10 hours ago

Response to Pitbull addressing UN: 528 Hz repairs water in DNA by cymatically structuring it to its natural 6 sided form. Confirmed by biochemist Steve Chemiski.

Waldipoz Waldipoz

14 hours ago

Cute wonder beautiful I Love genuine charming

If we made a song, what would it be about??? 🎶🎶 #wizandlanadelrey
U guys down to wake and bake 🍞🍞 or is smoking in the am crazy 🙅🏾‍♂️??? #gang #earlymorninsmoker

Sonja Vojinov

11 hours ago

Wiz my guy can we get another currency big Sean and wiz mixtape you guys together are like the blues brother of rap Wiz Khalifa

Daveanna Albrecht

11 hours ago

About the chaos that's been happening in your country for the last months

David Power

11 hours ago

The Challenges our Generation compared to the Challenges the Generation before had. And the impact of drugs on the daily life.

Jeanette Kraemer

14 hours ago

Denisa cum ar fi daca am da de ei random pe o straduta din zalau?:)))))) cred ca as lesina

Thomas Victorio

18 hours ago

Ashlee Edwins COME TO BRAZIL they said AND THEY DID

Connie Jalette Kirby

18 hours ago

Aí vc mora quase do lado do evento e não vai poder ver esses caras pq não tem grana... Eu qero morre AA

Argentinian fans are Wild🇦🇷!!!! Chilean fans are Crazy🇨🇱!!!! We are wondering how Brazil will be??? Any Brazilian fans out there??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 ( #fandemonium )

What's your favorite Matchbox Twenty song to hear live?

JJ Ramirez

10 hours ago

Anything!! Always sings with such conviction!! My favorite artist..seen many times, I always leave your performances with full contentment...your music has reflected many moments in my life!! True artistry! Love you MB20!!!!!❤

Kevin Andres

10 hours ago

I love all the songs, but the one I want to hear live, one more time is Now Comes the Night. I saw them in Murphy's CA and some drunk idiot a few rows up started fighting while Rob was singing. Rob got angry (for good reason!!) and stopped singing it. I just want to hear it once live, completely.

Loïc Mazué

17 hours ago

Every live MB20 song I've ever heard has been via a video since I'm too poor to buy concert tickets so, I'm going with all of them because I'd bend over backwards if it meant I could see you guys live just once in my life.

Cory Beverick

8 hours ago

I would vote for Michael Rooker in a heartbeat!!! I LOVE both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but Vol. 2 is honestly my favorite! I still tear up when Yondu dies and Quill gives his speech about how Yondu is similar to David Hasselhoff. 😀😊❤️🤓😏🤗

Jane Bovee

12 hours ago

You should win all kinds of awards for your character, Yondu. Seriously brought tears to my eyes. It was awesome.

First roll I ever really noticed you in was “The Sixth Day” and I’ve loved your work ever since.
You make movies great, and Yondu was a masterpiece that only you could paint. Bravo

Wesley De los Santos

12 hours ago

I’ve seen all these movies, I’ve got to go with either Michael Rooker or Patrick Stewart, really close, the 2 best performances of this group.

Hey friends, happy to announce NSN will be releasing new music this FRIDAY.Mark your calendars.We will be uploading a new song from our album ALL FOR LOVE on YouTube.ALL FOR LOVE is an acoustic album of covers.We are doing all love songs and some of my all time favs.Peace be with you...peace on earth and love for all!
#nevershoutnever #allforlove

Rick Nelson

8 hours ago

Always been a fan since the MySpace days and now! Keep doing you Mann I can't wait to hear it! 👍

Thomasenia Cauthen

8 hours ago

Kayleigh Smalley I have a reason to be happy when Friday hits. I'm so ready to lose my phone's last memory pieces

Marcelo Orellana

21 hours ago

Cover album will be interesting and beautiful I think. Also waiting to the second album. Peace and Love ☮️💜

Taylor Swift - Delicate (Cover by Alexander Stewart)




Kim Bayne

14 hours ago

Oh I’ve been waiting for this to happen, just saw Dropkick Murphys at Mohegan Sun Uncasville Ct and a few years back Flogging Molly was Oakdale Theater in Wallingford these band and super excited they’re touring together

Stunna Man

17 hours ago

Mountain park again in Holyoke Mass with special guests big bad bollocks?
Just saying this should be a thing.

James Lakes

17 hours ago

I do not know if I can even fathom as whether or not I will even be able to possess the outrage that will be within me if this doesn't come to St. Louis.

👀I’m waking up to this shit, that was14 years ago. 🤦‍♂️smh who does this? What the fuck!🤨

Anna Małolepsza

10 hours ago

That's when you know the dick was good😂🤣

Kichaa Saravana

10 hours ago

I never imagined she would be shouting about him I just knew he would be chasing her😂😂😂 man o man 😂😂😂

Κατερίνα Κα.

10 hours ago

Damn it was that good!!! 14 years later and she still reminiscing 😂😂😂

Luego de 20 años este “Contra la Corriente” sigue llegando a los corazones de tanta gente bella. ¿Cual es tu canción favorita de este álbum?
After 20 years “Contra la Corriente” continues to reach the hearts of so many beautiful people. What’s your favorite song from this album?

Ann Britt Stöbe

7 hours ago

Ay que preguntas nos hace mi amado Marc este tercer álbum como todos son tan fabulosos que ganaste premio Grammy al mejor latino tropical. La verdad todas me encanta y es la hora q siempre las escucho. 1. Hubo alguien.2.No me conoces.3.No sabes como dueles. 4. Contra la corriente. 5. Si te vas.. mis favoritas de este album. Mi amado flaco. Tu fnas la llanerita de los Llanos orientales. Colombia.

Lakeysha Seymour

7 hours ago

Todas, ninguna tiene desperdicio. Tu 1er cd en español lo atesoro porque empecé a escucharte cuando prácticamente eras desconocido en este país y poco sonabas en la radio pero yo sabía que una voz como la tuya no pasa desapercibida en ningún lado. Todos los que te seguimos desde hace tantos años queremos música como esa otra vez y menos duetos de reggaeton porque el "café con pan" ya cansa.

Liz Matjeka

20 hours ago

La Luna Sobre Nuestro Amor... 💕 Tuuuuuu y yooooo la luna de por medio, amantes sin remedio... tú y yo el deseo, como siempre, traicionando la razón, y tus ojos suuuuuplicando, por favoooooooor hazme el amor.... ///tú y yo en un mundo para dos///
Contra La Corriente
Yo trato trato y trato pero no te olvidoooo ooooh yo lucho lucho lucho y no lo consigooo... yo pongo todo de mi parte pero no es suficiente, es como seguir nadando contra la corriente..

Marc I’m getting married on August 4th in Houston.. come back and sing for my wedding ok?? Lol!! Just saying... if you’re into making a dear old fan’s dreams come true hahaha! This last HTown concert was insane!! Thank you for your talent❤️

W A L K  I T  T A L K I T V I D E O O U T N O W  @VEVO @champagnepapi L I N K I N B I O

I’ve been watching you Dad. Ain’t that cool? I’m your buckaroo. I wanna be like you and eat all my food and grow up tall as you are.

Tyler Worsham

7 hours ago

That is so adorable! Somehow Kids just make anything and everything so much more fun! Remember these days...they'll make getting older so much more bearable ... :D

Herb McChrystal

7 hours ago

I have 3 boys, Cherish this, they literally grow like weeds before your eyes, next thing you know he is 19 and taking your damn car everywhere and then telling you the pot smell isnt pot (cause you know moms aren't smart) or 16 and it isn't cool to hug or like dance battle in front of people with your mom, or 13 and basically has found every god damn way to make each single strand of hair on your head turn grey. And damn do I fing love them and miss the little years.

Jelena Kovacevic

7 hours ago

Those are some pretty big boots to fill, I have faith you will get him there! Keep the pictures coming, they are always amazing.

“No, No, No, I Don’t Think About You”

Nancy Golec

11 hours ago

That is a awesome pic of kelly

Katherine Rose Gerntholz

11 hours ago

Absolutely gorgeous photo! Thank you kelly for always inspiring me and you girls around the world. No matter what your always yourself. Love ya kelly clarkson

A-Mon Buathong

11 hours ago

קלי יקרה ..
אלבומך האחרון לא המריא (to say the
least) האם באמת
היית צריכה להמתין חצי שנה עד לצילום קליפ לסינגל חדש ??
Shai Zilberzwige Tal

Yesterday you turned 16 💎 Toie Roberts #mine I couldn’t be more proud!! Times we share are priceless. Daddy’s lil girl

Naomi Maas

2 hours ago

What's good Rick Ross I am glad you home with the family

Michelle Meshell

2 hours ago

Hey bro you need to get straight boss or not if you don’t live healthy everything is nothing if your dead get healthy man wish you the best love your music 🎶

Karen Kerr

2 hours ago

I would like for you , to hear me one day , you might like my style original

I’m on the cover the May issue of TWXTCH, a magazine I just made up right now. All things considered, it’s still an honor.

Rest In Peace My Friend

Delphine Wable

3 hours ago

Amazingly talented ~ gone to soon....
I am currently recording in The Red Room Sound Studio in Litchfield CT with his very talented nephews “The Rhoads Boys” the legacy lives on 🎶♥️🎶

Carol Chien

3 hours ago

When are we the fans , going to get some live concert video of you and randy ??? We know there is some ...Release the tapes ...RIP RR ....Got to see the diary show in st.louis .I need more 🎸🎸🎸🎸

Sammie Jayden

3 hours ago

Saw the Blizzard of Ozz tour at Pine Knob, Clarkston, MI, August 31, 1981, had 5 front row, center seats. One of the most amazing shows of my life...even after 100 plus concerts.

I've Always Had The Vision

Amanda Gamboa

4 hours ago

You have nothing without your go way and play by your toys kid

André Pragerski

4 hours ago

Oh no don't you dare tattoo yourself to death like the rest of these wanna be coll reppers,you better than that jay!!your dad never needed to tattoo himeself at all , and he was the BEST!

Josh Potts

4 hours ago

When you want to have all lil Wayne tattoos but your exhausted and need more pens!

‪Couldn’t think of a better way to end tonight’s American Idol. #MaddieZahm you’re going to Hollywood.

Bethany Linares

5 hours ago

As a mother of a son with Down Syndrome I just want to say Thank You!! To Maddie and American Idol!!

You brought a smile to my face and tears in my eyes!!


Marsha Neal

10 hours ago

Thank u judges yall brought tears to my eyes due to the compassion yall show im defiantly a fan of the new American Idol

Silvia Alejandra Ramirez A

17 hours ago

I've always watched American Idol look forward to every new season most judges I've liked a few not so much but I know this will be my favorite year I love the 3 judges what a great combination of knowledge and hearts ... great choice

Let's mix it up!

‪Couldn’t think of a better way to end the night. @maddiezahm you’re going to Hollywood. #AmericanIdol‬

"Reach for the stars, and if you don't grab them at least you'll fall on top of the world'

Las Vegas ✅ Mexico ✅ Europe... You're next! Dates + Tickets at

Basically. 😂😂😂 (via @junglevt)

Last weekend was a blast! Thanks to Eau Claire, WI for a sold-out show. Hinckley and Springfield, you're next! What shows are y'all coming to?

Andres Ferreira

4 hours ago

Saw you at Joe's Friday night. Was amazing!!!!! Thanks for the towel

Tonya Laurent

4 hours ago

Where are Rosemont meet and greet??

Marcos Vinicius Alves

4 hours ago

Where in Daytona?

Good morning Warsaw...
#coffee #beards #g3tour

Grazyna Krukowska

7 hours ago

Αφεντικο νομιζω οτι το μουσι θελει λιγο τριμαρισμα γυρω απο τα χειλια και στην μυτη.με ολο το θαρρος αν επιτρεπεις

Anež Dvořáková

7 hours ago

That's a manly beard dude 👍
Do you keep snacks or leftovers in it for when you get the munchies while playing? 😉

Rahul Raj Vfc

7 hours ago

Awesome beard John :D

Watch Frank perform “Fly Me To The Moon” live with Count Basie _ Verve Records​ & ​​Quincy Jones​ at the ​Kiel Opera House in St. Louis—
Pre-order 'Standing Room Only,' out May 4:

AL Dàlûšöńg

9 hours ago

Just genius, the most amazing timing.

Terri Bottiglio

9 hours ago

The best ages ever. Nice cars, nice music, nice lifestyle. Although I do not believe in soul-transfer somehow I belive I was living there in those ages 😉

Juan Gonzalez Allen

9 hours ago

Take a minute. then ck out the side panel for more great stuff!

I know guys... it’s all about Porter right now... But can you blame me?

Nancy Louise Pearson

8 hours ago

No blame here Chris. Who can resist your new furbaby when he's so adorable like you darlin'?? Porter🐶 needs all the attention now as a puppy and spoiling him is alright.
A big THANK YOU to your sister DOT for giving you such a special gift a best buddy and protector for life. Teach him well Chris and enjoy all these precious moments. Porter🐶 you are one lucky dog to have Daddy Chris, his family, friends, and fans to love you ❤and watch you grow over the years. Be good and have lots of fun.🐶🐾😊

Karen Mary Ostler

14 hours ago

Chris this is smoking or Mr. arrogant we can’t have a big dog anymore because we travel in an RV he’s only like 57 pounds but he’s a Whoodle And he is the boss of the house the sea animal is so damn spoiled and smart. We have to spell certain words. Love to video chat on the computer. The point is that’s what you get when you have them with you all the time they become like your children and that’s the only way to raise a decent animal as far as I’m concerned if it’s not part of the family you don’t need it. So it’s being all about Porter is great

William A. Guilford Sr.

14 hours ago

Hey porter you cute little puppy thing I just want to suck his little face always so sweet. Oh my goodness look at the size of those paws He is going to be a big boy

Un clavo saca a otro clavo. -Atentamente, Tu Principe #ElClavo

Due to severe overnight weather containing heavy storms, lightning and winds that are expected to continue, it has been decided in compliance with governmental authorities instructions to cancel the third day of Lollapalooza Argentina. Fans can visit and Lollapalooza Argentina’s social media to obtain information about refunds for Sunday.

Lazy Sunday.

Europe!! We are STOKED to be coming back to rage with you again this summer. Tickets will be available for all shows Friday, March 23, at 10:00am local time 😈 • June 1 - Nürburgring, DE * June 2 - Nuremberg, DE * June 4 - Kraków, PL ** June 6 - Tallinn, EE June 7 - Riga, LV June 10 - Gdańsk, PL ** June 14 - Nickelsdorf, AT * June 16 - Paris, FR * June 19 - Hannover, DE June 22 - Dessel, BE * June 23 - Solothurn, CH June 25 - Belgrade, RS June 26 - Sofia, BG June 27 - Bucharest, RO June 29 - Sopron, HU * June 30 - Prague, CZ * Aug 24 - Leeds, UK * Aug 26 -Reading, UK * *Festival/tickets already available • **Tickets available Wednesday, March 21, at 10am local •

Liz Fiddler

15 hours ago

Finally Bucharest. Too bad it’s in the middle of the fucking exams... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Adriana Jazmin Huarquila Henriquez

15 hours ago

Gita as if they’re doing leeds fest 😭

Vladimir Ligum

15 hours ago

Jacek Zielinski ja nie odpuszczę, nie wiem jak Ty. Szczególnie że do Krakowa rzut beretem. ❤

‪Happy Birthday to my fav bass player Billy Sheehan! Proud to be the Rhythm section with you in 4 different bands (Sons Of Apollo, The Winery Dogs, PSMS & Amazing Journey) as well as so many other jams/projects thru the years...and above all, happy to be your friend! Luv ya brother 😎‬

Lucas Guerrero Dias

5 hours ago

Feliz Cumpleaños Gran Maestro Bendiciones.. Rock On Ever

Villiard-Roy William

5 hours ago

Happy birthday Billy...hope you had an amazing day!!

David Stoc

5 hours ago

My fave drummer and bassist.

Happy St Patrick's Day. I’m not 100% Irish but I’m closer than most. ☘️ ☘️

Joseph V. Carrier

20 hours ago

You're Irish...look at them eyes..:)

João Victor Rossales

20 hours ago

Is that Irish and Ireland problem solved?? With England???

Melissa Sørvik

20 hours ago

You look fantastic! Me? According to my DNA analysis, I am just a little shy of being 33% Irish.

Jp Love Yachting

9 hours ago

My brothers name was Billy McDonough he died in 94 of a overdose after being sober 12 years. He was a huge fan of yours cause of your sobriety.

Beautiful that's what you are I will always love you !!!😍😍😍 always have since I was in my mum's belly she said i always kicked n moved to your voice you rock my world I love everything you do 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😍😍😍😍

Ryan E. Moreno

9 hours ago

Steven Tyler you're like the best of wine, the more time passes, It gets better (what you drink? Is It formol? I know that you're not gonna reveal the secret, but i just want to ask)🇧🇷❤ Salutations from Brazil

Sunset in Savannah.It’s official y’all - Rapper, Actor, Producer... PHOTOGRAPHER!!

Patsy Vaughn Amaro

6 hours ago

Un genio Will Smith desde Argentina un saludo de corazón... A pesar del idioma y distancia desde acá América del Sur presente... Argentina .... Delviso.... Pilar... Estas en nuestras vidas y vemos que sos úmilde y alegre... Todo un ídolo.. Espero poder verte en persona .... Un sueñoo...

Sheena Ecclesia Garnepudi

6 hours ago

You are multi-faceted, we already know it but the most important thing is that you share it with the people that we admire you and inspire us to be better. Greetings, Mr. Smith!!!

Eric Martinez Turner

6 hours ago

Will Smith would love for my kids to meet and get a pic with you while you’re filming in the small town of Pembroke! Please let us know if you’ll do meet and greets anywhere while you’re here! Thanks.

#AeroHistory: 'Nine Lives'
On this day back in 1997, #Aerosmith releases their 12th studio album.

Songs in this album include:
1. "Nine Lives"
2. "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)"
3. "Hole in My Soul"
4. "Taste of India"
5. "Full Circle"
6. "Something's Gotta Give"
7. "Ain't That a Bitch"
8. "The Farm"
9. "Crash"
10. "Kiss Your Past Good-Bye"
11. "Pink"
12. "Attitude Adjustment"
13. "Fallen Angels"

The booklet for Nine Lives contains 12 pieces of album art (including the cover). Each picture contains a smaller version of the previous picture within itself. The final picture is included in the first, creating an infinite loop. It was designed by Stefan Sagmeister.

Bill Turner

a day ago

My Father Gave to me This Album... And then my GrandMa died and Fallen Angels Song become my favourite one!

Jessica Ranes

a day ago

.. "The Farm" is one of the best and most insane psychedelic rock songs ever written..
Can't believe when people write about "Pink" and "Fallin in love"..

Muthuk Joy

a day ago

Love love nine lives!!!

NEW VIDEO! We enjoyed covering The Righteous Brothers’ classic song ‘Unchained Melody’. (Link in bio) #oldies #classic #oldschool

Starting from scratch 🎻

Angie Bezek

37 minutes ago

I love you austin mahone don't worried. You and me just. Friend

Gera Eleni

37 minutes ago

I like. To be comments with you on line. Com if you don't mind are you. Don't tell your girlfriend Katya. Keep the secret thank you

Jim N Cindy Ross

37 minutes ago

Saved this photos for me please thank you

Joua Cindy Moua

13 hours ago

The more miles, and the more scars heal, the more that I see the truth in this.
Thanks TobyMac for the reminder and encouragement!

Yadira Alejandra Pacheco Sonda

13 hours ago

Some times it is hard to trust, but if we do and hold fast to God's promises then we will understand when we go home to live with Him.

Shannon Hyde

13 hours ago

The best thing we should do always trust ,GOD, ourselves and have faith in everything good...make
Sure we are doing the right thing.

That’s a wrap! I’ll miss you my London fam. Love you all ❤️ #cuckoo

When in Austin. JUST DO IT! 🐯🤠 Now off to watch some #ncaa #marchmadness #basketballgame 🏀

Fabbio Blaster

11 hours ago

Green is my new favorite color. Beautiful as ever.

Christa Bell Layman

11 hours ago

Very nice pic my dear friend I like u my watsap call no. 03002954165

Presley Hern

11 hours ago

There were, many upsets this weekend, in the NCAA.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So we're staying in Vegas for 16 nights of shows at the Palms. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10AMPT

Heading home with my #headright Thank you everyone who participated in the #forestoffaithtour