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Fans shared about Will Ferrell

Alesia Clevidence

an hour ago

Every night in my house or they don't eat. Not wasting my time cooking to sit and watch the tops of anybody's heads.

Fans shared about Major Lazer

Elias Peña

an hour ago

You guys are just amazing. You guys made to congregate 400k people, and it wasn't advertised, imagine all the fans you guys have there ❤❤❤

Fans shared about Soulja Boy

Living the Law of Attraction

an hour ago

Dear person reading this,I don't care who you are but I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work.

Fans shared about Waka Flocka Flame

Abong Nash

an hour ago

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Two years ago today, Chris brought his daughter Toni onstage to duet on Redemption Song at The Beacon Theatre in NYC. Were you there?

Fans shared about Luke Bryan

Amanda Johns

an hour ago

I am so excited for you and I can't wait! One of favorite things to watch, I wait for it every year! Love you!

Our 'Paranoia' music video just hit 10 million views on YouTube!

Watch the video that kicked off the Bad Vibrations cycle at

Know someone who needs the queen of rock and roll in their life? Tag ’em in the comments and tell them they need this record:

Room 112 where the playa dwell! Make ya feel good like Toni tony tone 😩❤️🤦🏻‍♀️#NYC #ALBUM OUT TONIGHT @ MIDNIGHT

Fans shared about Robert Downey Jr

Akash Bhardwaj

an hour ago

You are our real Ironman
No matter who will play your role in future
But Robert downy Jr. will be remembered as our first and best Ironman

Chris Draco

also shared about Robert Downey Jr

Geez, when are you going to change shirts? Haha. I mean if you can afford the most advanced armored tech on the planet...?
Then again if this is some sort of multi wear stays clean tech shirt...👍💰

Jeffrey Wyman

also shared about Robert Downey Jr

RAF also stands for Red Army Faction, which would explain the red star I keep seeing in movies, flags, ect... after all, they did say a long time ago..."we will get them through their children". Hmmm. The "Iron...Man".... where is the hammer and sickle? Thor has a hammer....

Fans shared about Madonna

Stefan Dull

an hour ago

Madonna did not come from Detroit, born in Bay City which is a good hour and a half away and grew up in Rochester, which is outside Detroit. Still, I have to give her credit for trying to promote Detroit as a viable option for Amazon. Thank you Madge.

Katrina Kinzler

also shared about Madonna

Who cares if she lived outside Detroit. Most people associate the bigger city when referring to where they came from when they live in another state, country etc. Everyone does this. It avoids this convo "where are you from?" "oh I'm from Rochester hills, Mi" "where's that?" "outside Detroit". At least she's doing something for the city!

Jodi Barnes

also shared about Madonna

Yes, born in Bay City, grew up in Rochester Hills, went to UofM, but refers to Detroit due to her love and support for it. I am from Michigan and I work in Bay City. Glad she is in support of it...♡

First time #paragliding and I did it in Evian, #France! If your going to #fly might as #well do it in a spot with a #good view😉Yes, I was a little #nervous but I had the man who invented paragliding (literally) fly with #me so I had way #less worries. I swear, I googled him and saw his #name also on Wikipedia! This #experience was so #tranquil and breathtaking. Once your in the air there is nothing like it! No-one can harm you up in the #sky ,your away from #evil , #technology , #gossip, life! I took this moment to help find a place of #meditation ! #travelphoto #travelvideo #explore #flying #travel #travelblogger #nothinglikeit

Fans shared about Lil Wayne

Andy Mileon

an hour ago

Why artists always have bad looking shoes on. I bet they cost alot of money to buy but damn it, them shit are be looking funny..

Geoffery Osano

also shared about Lil Wayne

Lil you made my nephew to change his names to yours despite him being your size and being a rapper like you,he has even gone further and gotten some tattoos on his hands and even dread locks.further more he talks like you and he is only 23.i pushed him to do economics in college but he left my fee there and started doing music to help my sister I have taken an initiative to take him back to school and do what he loves music production.

Would really like you to listed to his few music he has done bro .you have really motivated him a lot

Please inbox me your wats up no so that I can share some of music and advice .

Xolisa Mangqikane

also shared about Lil Wayne

Wayne can I please have your email address so that I can send you my music. I need a recording studio and my wish is to be part of YM. I'm a marketing tool I promise

Fans shared about Keith Urban

Annie Flores

an hour ago

This guy should be winning Entertainer of the year! He is definitely the hardest working country artist today! He doesn’t let his fans down !! Great performance!

Alana Girard

also shared about Keith Urban

Love this song, but I'm not digging the slowed down version. The original has more of a catchy, upbeat feeling to it. I still love KU though. 😉

Lise Bellaire-Morin

also shared about Keith Urban

No matter what he does and sings. It's always one with so much meaning and heart....everything he does is always done with perfection...🎸🎶🎼🎹🇨🇦💕❤️😍👏🏻🎤👌😘

Fans shared about Metallica

Russell Adams

an hour ago

Quite ironic that they use Metallica's one for this when MEGADETH (Dave Mustaine) wrote holy wars the punishment due.. which was partly about the punisher🤔

Jeremy Bates

also shared about Metallica

Both are great choices too, especially ...And Justice, but I think One resonates with the audience better. It's much more recognizeable and kinda builds and builds to a breaking point unlike those.

Kenneth Jiam

also shared about Metallica

They got the flag hanging the wrong way in the opening scene... The military would never do that. If you want to hang the flag vertically, it needs to be flipped because the blue part with the stars (The "Union) should always be on the top-left of the flag no matter which way you hang it...

Fans shared about Lady Gaga

Patricia Eddows

2 hours ago

I'm very happy you are better,but very sad that your schedule changes mean I've missed seeing you in Manchester 17th October. I'm in America in February, me and my daughter have seen you each time you've been in the UK... she's able to see you in February but we are sad not to be going together...

Theresa Luberto

also shared about Lady Gaga

Thank you Gaga, thank you for being YOU!!.. thank you for helping me get through each day even though I feel like complete shit with pain and self doubt. I'm a big fan but not just for your music, also for your pure kindness and beautiful soul.. 😘😘🙏

Affan Owais

also shared about Lady Gaga

I love you 💚Lady Gaga💚 , stay blessed #honeyqueen 💟💟💟, may your life gets more prosperous 💓💕💖💞💝💘💗💚💟💜❤💙💛and happier than ever 😘😘😘😘🌟😘😘😘😘, may all your worries and distress transform into happiness 💟💟💟💙💟💟💟❤💛💓💖💕💞and joy and success , I love
❤💙❤💙❤💙❤ you GAGA , I'm proud to be your little monster .

Fans shared about Toby Keith

Feelings of life

an hour ago

In life you will meet two kinds of people. Ones who build you up, and ones who tear you down. But in the end, you will thank them both. – Unknown .

You are exactly where you need to be right now.


Fans shared about Rick Ross

Deanna Black

2 hours ago

Yes she definitely does, and i'm doin the same thing wit my man/fiance too, and i definitely deserve that too, and i definitely kno I will get that too soon

Marcus Mthethwa

also shared about Rick Ross

It is enchanting to see a young Blackman able to turn on a new leaf and make an outstanding comeback. Gucci have withstand all the trails and tribulations. I hope a lot of young folks will emulate from him. I remember what J.Cole said about you in one of his songs. In the black community, a lot of folks respect you,Gucci.

Robin Law

also shared about Rick Ross


Fans shared about Chris Brown

Sbu Versace Einstein

an hour ago

I've been in an unseparated relationship with Chris Brown's music. Lot of artists day to day tracks, but they fail to seperate us. Now I'm thinking of marrying it. Proud to be team breezy.

Kvr Dainvest

also shared about Chris Brown

Chris Brown Man ❤❤ I bought 'Brown Chrystal sugar' just cause of you big bro😭 thought I could sing like you, but that sugar ain't no good bro😭 ,Please inspire the Manufacture 😞😢

Augustine Bayise

also shared about Chris Brown

Rockie of all seasons💪 team breezy, we are never dissappointed by you 'cause all u give to us interms of music,style and fashion is just 💯%

Fans shared about Fifth Harmony

Bryton-Jessie Lambert

an hour ago

Why would yall do that lol, of all people French Montana. This could’ve been a nicki feature or someone other than him he sounds like a dying goat.

Akinmoye Boluwatife Precious

also shared about Fifth Harmony

Me too when I read bad comment about them it like it about me it like some people are blind to see how talented this girls are beyond Camila they Re doing what one direction couldn't

Fans shared about Akon

Janet Battle

an hour ago

If Akon was a ordinary African with a 9 to 5 job. None of you guys wouldn't be typing I love you Akon. Trifflen and money hungry. Funny thing about it all is ur not his type. Lol

Erica Simpson

also shared about Akon

I have to give it to you you are a wonderful man for everything that you've done for the African communities you've done way more than any celebrity or any person with money in their pocket you need to get some kind of a Pulitzer Prize or Nobel Prize or something

Mohamed Moustapha Diallo

also shared about Akon

Great job brother all african people are proud of you you’re our light that’s why you give us the light in all village nenever forgot where you come from this is your strenght🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾from senegal 🇸🇳

Fans shared about OneRepublic

Maeve Scullion

2 hours ago

Visited Manhattan in July, the high light was seeing u guys at Jones Beach. U were amazing as always! What an experience!! U gotta come back to Ireland soon..

Fans shared about Red Hot Chili Peppers

Alicia Kat LeBlanc

2 hours ago

Saw y’all 4 times this tour: Memphis, LA, Little Rock and Cincinnati. Met Chad and Flea in Memphis, got a set list, caught a drumstick and made to on big screen 4 times in cinci. Got 3 RHCP tattoos this year too! Can’t wait until next time! 🤘🏼 Irs been a great 2017!

Katie Lily

also shared about Red Hot Chili Peppers

I got to see 3 shows! Philly show 2, Atlanta & Columbia! All 3 were amazing, thank you so much Red Hot Chili Peppers for the wonderful shows! Can’t wait 4 the next!! 🎵🎶🎵🎶 This was my fav pic I took at the Atl show when I won the photo pass ❤️

Sean Naterra

also shared about Red Hot Chili Peppers

The absolute most amazing lighting I have ever seen!!! Thanks for the amazing show in Glendale, I lost my mind when they played Dosed considering they NEVER played it live until this year (3 times live only)!!! Until next time!!! #LongLiveTheChillys

Listen to Stevie Wonder Essentials on Apple Music & This Is Stevie Wonder on Spotify:

Fans shared about Tim McGraw

Elizabeth Jay

2 hours ago

Please! Play My Best Friend at your Buffalo show next week! The tickets were my birthday present from my other half! It's our song! We live in Akron, NY outside of Buffalo with our lab mix, Dalmatian and cat! Here is a picture of our "children" we love so much!

Fans shared about Akon

Ramon Cfpr Ward Jr.

an hour ago

Bringing awareness to thecp light of others is a responsibility of all that at e able ... Great job . I see you are always making strides to help them .

Saurabh Bhattacharjee

also shared about Akon

Hey akon how are you mahn?... I just missing those days when I'm used to listen your are living legend... You have done so much good work which is unbelievable... Mahn it's good see you.... AKON KONVICT.. My idol 😎✌

Teresa Jurrens

also shared about Akon

please save the Nigerians who are in South Africa it's very dangerous for them there.. I have a loved one who was there right now I'm very scared for him

Fans shared about blink-182

Adam Taylor

an hour ago

Why don't you just listen to those songs? Lol why does it have to be a single? But you're right.. kings of the weekend is a way better song

Join my 7 day love challenge. Link in bio

Fans shared about Meytal Cohen

Tim Wells

2 hours ago

you're so tiny... but fitness is good... whatever motivates you... You work off more calories in one good song than most do in a week :)

Terry Miller

also shared about Meytal Cohen

Meytal, I know of millions of women who would kill to have your figure. Which is gorgeous like you are everywhere else by the way. Love you as a fellow Jewish drummer

Glenn Andrew Cabusora

also shared about Meytal Cohen

Drum to the beat of cardio. Smash to the vibes that the arms feel. May your calves feel the work of a kick pedal. May your back be strengthened from pain. Have a awesome work out. ✌🤘👏✊

Fans shared about Kari Jobe

Gary Cronkhite

3 hours ago

Nope, don't see Grand Rapids on the list. Or did I miss it? We saw you a few short years ago here at Sunshine church. It was great.

Joe Arispe

also shared about Kari Jobe

If you all would have another show in Austin, Tx. Even though I just seen you last weekend, I’D BE THERE AGAIN! #LoveYourMusic #TexasForever

Miguel Cotto Miguel Cotto Responds to Jermell Charlo “He’s Told What To Do..I Do What I Want...” 😳

Fans shared about Katy Perry

Euller Moreira

an hour ago

Omg, you're the luckiest KatyCat alive! Hope you had enjoyed that special day, I would give everything to be in your place. Congratulations, I barely know you, but I know you deserved this. ❤

Douglas Coil

also shared about Katy Perry

Your such an amazing person Katy Perry one day I pray I could meet you also. What a day that would be. God bless you

Lynda Chamblin

also shared about Katy Perry

Awwe so exciting! Love Nugget😻 What a great experience for those girls❣️ As a mom I was so excited when my daughter Kayleigh was picked for your Hot & Cold video from Facebook♥️Love ya & congrats on your Witness tour♥️😘😘

Fans shared about Ty Dolla Sign

Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B

an hour ago

Ty Dolla $ign just dropped a brand new single titled "Don't Judge Me" featuring Future and Swae Lee. Listen to the full song on our page!

#ropainterior Disponible yaaa en @applemusic The A-list #urbanolatino !! Gracias por el apoyo🙏🏻

Fans shared about Ozzy Osbourne

Tim Seifert

2 hours ago

Absolutely Amazing Album! Love ALL of Ozzy’s albums, but this one is probably my favorite! Can’t wait to see you again in 16 days at Ozzfest!

Amir Gholamy

also shared about Ozzy Osbourne

Hell Yeah #TBT By Prince Of Darkness To Make Every Old Schoolers Thrilled For Your Awesome Outtake To No One Can Counting Moments Till See What's Ozzy Osbourne Surprise Is For #Halloween

Couldn't leave Good Morning America this AM without checking out the NBA trophy! This thing is on point 👌🏾

To purchase our new album featured on the show today, click here

#UnderTheStreetlight #SonyMasterworks

Being a New York City band we've always had a lot of good influences. A lot of bad influences… nevertheless, a lot of influences!
Debbie outside CBGB pic by Chris Stein

ONE. MORE. DAY. #APentatonixChristmasDLX