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Fans shared about Tiffany Alvord

Mattias Hellman

7 minutes ago

Babe, you look amazing ;-) Keep doing what you're best at, and that's to be the most beautiful girl in the world . I <3 you so f*****g much...xoxo

Fans shared about Britney Spears

Cristian Aarón

3 hours ago

If you really think I’m going to shell out even more of my money to see Britney Spears perform the same show she’s done for five years, which I’ve already flown out to see on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, just because she’s bringing it to my current city you are...absolutely correct.

Pedro Santos

also shared about Britney Spears

I can't believe this is really happening. I have always dreamed of seeing you again on tour and this will happen! Thanks for doing this, Queen! I love you!!!!!

Paul Smith

also shared about Britney Spears

Just seems odd to me pay to listen to a recording at a concert. Maybe calling it just a show is more correct then a concert.

Fans shared about Rick Ross

Sarah Meyers

3 hours ago

Im suprised, thought you would of watched the dock on him an smoking Jo Frasier. Slightly disappointed but if everyone shared the same views the world would be boring...

Late night jam sesh 🎹😂 🎼 (What song should I do next?)

Fans shared about Shemar Moore

Christina Elsinga

4 hours ago

The way a real man should treat his woman. You are a great example of that Mr. Moore. Please hug your mama for me. She is beautiful and a heck of a mom for teaching you how to treat women. God bless and fan for life baby boy!

L Danielle Williams

also shared about Shemar Moore

Your killing me... Now I'll be dreaming about THAT tonight. Probably end up waking up hot and sweaty and still not satisfied... Thanks for the tease...

DC Mart

also shared about Shemar Moore

Dear God yes please!!!!! Shemar you are by far so much more then just the physical. Someone who has the ability to have you in their life, is going to be blessed in so many ways. You have been raised to be such a kind hearted good man. Who tries to do nothing but spread positivity and love. Please know us babygirls would be blessed to just sit and have a cup of coffee with you discussing anything. Have a blessed day Shemar. Your babygirl Donnia

Running to the hills, running for their lives, just like Iron Maiden. Exactly like them. Perth, January 20, 2018 #karlscorner

Buckets with Quavo

Fans shared about Ted Nugent

Dennis Wilhoite

3 hours ago

Africa would be absolutely full of big game for hunters it the powers that be had a clue about wildlife management. Give hunters a chance and they can bring back any herd with their understanding money and love of the great outdoors

Kevin Nielson

also shared about Ted Nugent

Then after the meeting was over they mutilated the females genitailas and started chasing others around with a machette and started killing there own for blood diamonds and kidnapping

Johann Marx

also shared about Ted Nugent

We have extremely well run hunting farms here in South Africa and if it wasn't for the white farmers there would be no game left. But now the government wants to steal the land calling it "expropriation without compensation" same as what happened in Zimbabwe. And let's not forget the farm murders. We have even caught them with military grade signal jammers. So its definitely state ordered assassinations

Fans shared about Tyrese Gibson

The Law of Attraction - What we think we become

6 hours ago

A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating your belief system and ultimately your results. If you are defeated in your thoughts you will be defeated in your life. If you are a champion in your thoughts - your success is inevitable.

Aldina Hanna

also shared about Tyrese Gibson

#WillSmith and #JadaPSmith 🙏🏽
Words from: #MorganFreeman #MuhamedAli #BruceLee #Oprah #JimCarry and EVRY DAY MY DAUGHTER ❤️🙏🏽
Without these people’s WISDOM and Life of my daughter I guess I would be lost in this system. I am grateful for their stories that they had and some of them still sheer with us.

Kelly Chartland

also shared about Tyrese Gibson

I Need Love...You Need Love...We Need Love....So Let's End This Love Drought

Can you imagine that there's someone out there who loves you more then you can ever love them.....Are you out there waiting for me as I am for you? I guess I'll have to go to bed alone again tonight...wake up tomorrow & go to work with a smile on my face as if everything is ok Go home and repeat the same steps over & over again .....But my Co-workers will never see me fall apart from the words of a broken heart

Fans shared about Jimmy Fallon

Sandy Hardcastle

2 hours ago

I don't know where I've been but that is one fine specimen of a man. LOL I'm old but I know what's hot! I need to catch up!

Kevin Behe

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

Stone Cold just came in, flipped everyone off, stunned Vinny Mac, drank cold burr, and left. That's what we need to be focused on right now.

LeAnn Cordell

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

Those are his Carhartt pants their like ~17 years old. He ask to make his own Carhartt commercial because they have been through a life time with him. Great commercial !!!

thank you Billboard radio china ! 🙏🙏😬 appreciate the love on the Identity love

Fans shared about Nikki Sixx

Mandee Chartonavich

3 hours ago

I hope I can get this in the states Mr. Sixx! Going into “Hab “ one more time, I hope I will stick and stay this time. Much luck with your new adventure!!

Alan Rock

also shared about Nikki Sixx

You know I'm a dreamer
But my heart's of gold
I had to run away high
So I wouldn't come home low

Fans shared about Zendaya

Tom Sproson

2 hours ago

This program seems absolutely amazing. As someone with Aspergers and as someone who absolutely adored building and tinkering as a child, I think I definitely would've benefited from something like this, the engineering program I was put on at school was absolutely rubbish, all theory, no hands on. That being said, we definitely need to give more opportunities like this to ethnic minority students in America who simply wouldn't have normally been even considered for programs like this because of their background rather than their ability which is why I think programs like this are so important.

Fans shared about Meat Loaf

Irene Johnson Biando

3 hours ago

Although I would love to talk with you on the phone, I know that it's a fake because you wouldn't have my phone #. Hope you are feeling better Meatloaf. I know how painful back pain is. Stay strong and hopefully you will be touring here in New England ❤

Annette Buckley

also shared about Meat Loaf

Can everyone who has a cheap joke to make please realise that this is potentially really serious. It's not that meat or his fans don't have a sense of humour. But genuine people who may not be able to afford it are getting conned. Time and place for levity guys. Let's please support meat in trying to stop this thief.

Tina McLatchie

also shared about Meat Loaf

The real Meat has a huge heart. The fake obviously hasn't got one.
Meat, my lovely your fans are behind you 1000%
No matter where you are , what you do. At times when your down or riding up
Your fans are there for you
Hope this guy gets what he's due
Loads of love from the UK Meat xxxx

Fans shared about Steven Curtis Chapman

Lisa Hall

3 hours ago

My daughter had 80s day at school today and was asking tonight what a mullet is. I'll show her this picture tomorrow to explain 😂

Chris Hooten

also shared about Steven Curtis Chapman

Will there be mullets in the millennium? Appreciate your transparency in your book, SCC. “We’re all broken and we all need a Savior. We all need Jesus!”

Fans shared about Nick Jonas

Tania Zurita

7 hours ago

Si, muy guapo y Todo lo que tu quieras pero sigo esperando mi reencuentro Jonas Brothers al estilo Timbiriche hijo de la chingada
P.D Te amo la neta si sales bien bueno
P.D 2 pero aun no te perdono por separar la banda

Here comes the winter breeze that chills the air and drifts the snow 🎶

airport swag

Fans shared about Miley Cyrus

Mike Reese

7 hours ago

"If every HHFer was provided with a tub of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and went around wiping every public knob, handle, self-service hotdog tong, and graspable surface, it might be a step toward stemming the flu epidemic; and allow a glimpse of the objective of the organization." "Isn't dressing and acting anyway one pleases enough of a organizational mission."

A morsel of 2night @ 🤓The Ball 🤓 // Album: The 1st

Fans shared about Flogging Molly

Candy Jeffah

2 hours ago

This was supposed to be my year to go....but now it's in April instead of March & I'm going to John Waters birthday party. Maybe next year. Hopefully I won't be too old to enjoy it...

Candy Jeffah

also shared about Flogging Molly

Yeah, the director. No, not a camp out. He's having a meet-and-greet birthday party with Mink Stole April 21 & 22nd at El Club in Detroit

Virginia Lee Marion

also shared about Flogging Molly

Brad Bullard One day.... we will do this.
This is the third year they're doing it, and the third year I've wanted to go lol This may be the only cruise I can get behind lol

Sold out since Thursday every single night. #denofthieves in theaters


Sold out since Thursday every single night. #denofthieves in theaters

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Damian Ingham

6 hours ago

I’m still behind the wheel be there in 3 hours! Can’t wait for the shows. It’s gonna get wild as per usual 🤘🤘

Fans shared about Bethel Music

Rayandbelinda Morel

3 hours ago

You provide Kerosine? I trust electricity as well. Kero is toxic and not a bright idea safety wise for kids as a heating source. Great that you love, just get some wisdom from Elders before giving.

ROLL IN PEACE T-MIX out now.. What ya'll want me to T-Mix next?

Fans shared about Miranda Lambert

Crystal Murphy

8 hours ago

I love you and hope to win the meet and greet next time. My pregnancy hormones probaly wouldn’t have been able to do anything but cry anyways. Thank you for an amazing show. You are so amazingly talented. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

Joe Leon

also shared about Miranda Lambert

I'm so excited to see you for my first time to a country concert. I'm a huge fan of you and your music a lot, your voice sounds great in your songs. Can't wait for your Sacramento performance in February!!

Kim Price

also shared about Miranda Lambert

You never disappoint. Thank YOU for an evening where music was medicine. Much love from FL!! Can't wait to see you again in Tampa this summer #ranfanforlife

Fans shared about Carmen Electra

Frederick Ray Downey Jr.

3 hours ago

And when she's beautiful you look her in the eye's and tell her a rose is the touch of her beauty as she's the only heavens Angel your eye's will ever see as she's the wish upon a star of a dream come true!

Ignacio Sanchez

also shared about Carmen Electra

Thanks Carmen, that's really really sexy to get inspirational words from an already gorgeous woman like yoy. Very appealing. Bless your heart. Much Love n Peace! ♡

Cristian Fernandez

also shared about Carmen Electra

Esa Esperansa En El Arcoiris Sería Apacionada tu Sentir En el Más Como la Noche de Felicidad De Luz de Grandesa y Amor Cómo Nunca a Sido En Tu Belleza Preciosa Carmen Electra 😎😍😘

WOW IM ON THE COVER OF #HypeMagazine - promoting my new tech company @rayconglobal - Go get the mag and check out what we have in store for 2018! Thank you HYPE MAG for the love! #Humble #blessed #TeamRaycon

Fans shared about Usher

Tasi Mataira

8 minutes ago

Hi Usher, I would really appreciate it if you came and had a concert in Brisbane Australia! I have never been to a concert and would like your one to be my first. Thanks and think about it 😁

Alexander Velazquez

also shared about Usher

I pray that we meet and you hear a couple of my jams usher anyways my name is Alex v I've jams "hits" just as good as yours hit me up please 210-777-1355

The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you

also shared about Usher

"If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not able of developing compassion for others." - Dalai Lama


Fans shared about Victoria Justice

Julio Tonatiu Reyes Chavez

6 hours ago

For you victoria justice I will be able to cross the sea
to give you a flower
for you I will be able to become sun
to give you warmth for you I will be able to be dawn
for seeing you awaken a diamond smile

Julio Tonatiu Reyes Chavez

also shared about Victoria Justice

Por ti victoria justice sere capaz de atravesar el mar
para darte una flor
por ti sere capaz de convertirme en sol
para darte calor por ti sere capaz de ser amanecer
por verte despertar sonrisa de diamante

Alajos Torma

also shared about Victoria Justice

Victoria amazingly, stunningly and breathtakingly beautiful! None of it more beautiful and prettier women in the world! She is by far the most beautiful, the prettiest, cutest and sexiest woman in the world! She is the most beautiful model in the world! She is by far the best of the best singer / actress in the world! Victoria more than perfect!!!!

Fans shared about Alice Cooper

Dan Smith

2 hours ago

Alice Cooper, I’m going to be doing a Alice Cooper tattoo soon, with the dates my dad and I have seen you in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Would be awesome to get a blessing to use your likeness in a tattoo!

Termo Lopez

also shared about Alice Cooper

Vicent dejate de joder co los cuchillitos y veni a tocar en buenos aires. Desde el 2011 que venis vendiendo humo hermano. Aca metes 3000 personas seguro. No rompas mas los huevos y veniiiiii

Fans shared about Sean Combs

Crypto Banks

3 hours ago

First when Obama became president, there was the same hate showing, Now the same thing Goes for Trump. No matter if your black or white, your hated. Shows the joke in all of you.

John Marianne-Pierre

also shared about Sean Combs

Trump is the biggest joke happened to USA 🇺🇸 ! How people voted this guy ! The world worried about him ! He is like bomb waiting to make a huge boom 💥 !

Dean Vereen

also shared about Sean Combs


Fans shared about Switchfoot

Love Quotes and Sayings

8 hours ago

"You have to remember, fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Don't misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice."

Fans shared about Migos

Haja Rama

8 hours ago

This is like comparing Jimi Hendrix to Puddle of Mudd. Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber. Notorious BIG to Lil Wayne. Whitney Houston to Britney Spears. Sometimes you may be in the same vein of music - but there's a level that has NOT been even reached by Migos, let alone the entire hip-hop community in decades. If THIS is the best out there, the genre must be "pop mumble."

Hip-hop died in 2005. Most of you weren't even born yet. Listen to Nas, he made an entire album dedicated to it. Youngin's - you get zero, no say in what hip-hop is. These artists today do not live, breathe, and eat the essence. The artists and fans today live in the shadows of a genre that's lone gone. As Nas put it, politely, "If you don't believe hip-hop is dead, you're the reason it died. Corny ass, clown shit." It ended a long time ago. Let it die.

Haja Rama

also shared about Migos

Some of the youngin's in argue about "old heads" and old ways, but you want to know what the truth of the matter is? If you grew up in the golden era of hip-hop, your standards are too high to be listening to anything remotely close to this. For the younger adults that still want to embrace the real hip-hop sound, take a listen to Gangstarr (Guru & DJ Premier), Big L, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Method Man, GZA, RZA, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Big Punisher, Jadakiss, Public Enemy.. the list goes on, and on. 80's to 90's - you'll find it all there.

To all those asking why "haters" need to post up, it's about spreading knowledge. If one person hears the message and starts listening back to the real hip-hop, it's worth the posts weight in gold. It was a great day in New York when radio stations here started back to real hip-hop. Stay real.

Fans shared about Keith Sweat

Rhonda Morris

8 hours ago

Love and support always you're so welcome...Great Song How Many Ways!!Can't wait for the unveiling of the album I already know it's gonna be awesome...King of R&B👑💦🎶🎵🔥

Fans shared about Joe Bonamassa

J Sinclair Rose

9 hours ago

Joe, I am a native of kzoo. We are fighting to preserve the historic significance of our city and it's contributions to music. The area is rich with talent but moral is often low because of the lack of national attention. Thanks for the shout out.

ARE YA’LL READY?!!!!! #Chicago #May5th #CincoDeMayo #BabyBash #MCMagic #LilRob #LSOB

Fans shared about DJ Khaled

Angelique Cooper

4 hours ago

I just had my 1st grandson and the day after he was born I went to the hospital, picked him up and with DJ Khaled on my mind I was like... "Grandma loves you, you're my best friend, you can do anything, you're a Boss, I got you."

Tell them Gina Rodriguez 👏🏽 #Latinos stand up!! #SAGAwards

Fans shared about Incubus

The Law of Attraction - Happy mind happy life

9 hours ago

Close your eyes and visualize having what you already want and the feeling of having it already. Focus on being grateful for what you have already. Enjoy it! Then release in to the universe. The universe will manifest it.

Fans shared about LL Cool J

Justin Chua

3 hours ago

You look cool like this with your cool bald head revealed, a suitable expression to give people the impression of 'Mama Said Knock You Out'.

Barbara Jackson

also shared about LL Cool J

Go Todd LL Cool J I see you I just want to let you know you doing a great job keep up the good work and it was a pleasure going to HighSchool with you

Marcellus Allen

also shared about LL Cool J

What's up Cool J make one more Album with R.U.N D.M.C and all the old skool rapper's on it like SALT and Pepper and Whodini Etc!! We need to hear more of that kind of music if you know what I mean!!