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Happy birthday to my beautiful mom! The first woman to ever love me. She’s an incredible woman who has taught me how to show love and to have fun.

Veronica Ann Royal

6 hours ago

Happy bday to your Mom...u are both lucky to have each other

Rolando Garcia

6 hours ago

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom. Hope she has many, many more happy birthdays and a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Chrisp Rolls

6 hours ago

You have to be kidding me! The 16th is my Mom's birthday too! Your Mom has raised very awesome and talented Christian children! Happy Birthday Mrs. Phillips!

I’m sayin’....#GoodManSeason
All smiles at @nbcworldofdance! #WorldOfDance #GoodManSeason

Let's party at the @pendletonwhiskyfest this summer in Pendleton, Oregon. Tickets on sale Friday, March 23rd at 10am PST! #PartyinPendleton

Get ready to dance.

Carlos Miguel Narvaez L

4 hours ago

Good afternoon sir, I love it ,yes , dancing ,What follow the party, hugs ,señor.

Beto Lyle Moreno

4 hours ago

Oh infected from the virus of dance....let's dance

Cruz Ramirez

10 hours ago

Someday soon when I get my knees replaced then I can!

Start the fun!

Simply incredible! 🙌🏾 Would you climb this mountain with Ricky Bell?

James Gonzalez

4 hours ago

They are really in the studio look at the background they have things to make it look like you on the mountain 😁😁

Imelda Mariano Pascua

4 hours ago

I love you Slick Rick but... the way that my life is setup... I'm trying to live it to the fullest...not end it in a heartbeat!😘

Kim Whyde Chambers

4 hours ago

I already climbed that mountain. That’s Monserrat in Barcelona, Spain. The problem is not climbing the mountain but getting to the blocks which are now surrounded by a fence since some tourist climbed up there for a selfie and died. Getting arrested in a foreign country is not my jam even if one of us is famous. Sorry to be to mom of the group but I know a bigger mountain we can climb without getting arrested 🤣

The wait is over. JOYRIDE 4•13

Jessica Weber

6 hours ago

Finally😥,What took so long? but anyways I'm so excited for its release,I may even buy two albums😯🤔😍💃

Jeff Schriver

6 hours ago

there are stars and side stars , like you ,k.michelle, tamar braxton , keke palmer . definitely can sing but not really a whole act by itself

Arpit Tiwari

6 hours ago

I like Tinashe, but why does her new album cover look like the baphomet picture?😔 I hope she didn't sign her life away for a new deal.

A very limited number of KSE #Legacy enamel pin sets are now available in our official online store. One pin for each album. Designed by our own Mike D. Get yours while you can - these won't last long.

The days when all bands sold was hats and shirts. Now they will think up anything for a dollar.

Lelo Prince Lamola

15 hours ago

I just wanted the massachusetts band to sell their beer in massachusetts

Chris Kelly

6 hours ago

That’s sick

So excited for my friends MercyMe Music! This movie comes out today in theaters nationwide! All I can say is go see it!!

Caleb Vazquez

an hour ago

Just saw it!! Amazing!!

How many more amazing movies could come from Christian songs??

People are hungry for good flicks.

Light ‘em up Jeremy and others!!

Linas Nerasta

5 hours ago

Saw it Thursday, what a story! God is awesome. I’m glad to see shows selling out completely! Dennis Quaid had best performance of his career, too!

Deadmaus Monde

5 hours ago

Saw it last night here in MD. It was wonderful!!

I think I’m ready now but this time I’m taking EVERYTHING THAT BELONGS TO ME!!!

Santana Jessica

2 hours ago

I no that’s right Boo I am ya number 1 fan

Darja Cirovic

2 hours ago

Fantasia you always looking good just so proud of you love you God Bless youb

Trishalini Naidu

2 hours ago

Beautiful as always you desire it , I wear size 8 when you tired of your clothes lol you are a gifted person on inside and out love you like a real sister

Welcome home Porter!

Tanisha Hines

6 hours ago

Aww!! I pray he will settle into his new environment well. My 🎸Man,be patient with him it's all new. There's tricks you can do to help him transition to his new home. He's so handsome Chris he makes me want another one. I love German Shepherds they are smart and Really easy to train.🐾💖🐶 Happy St. Patrick's day🍀

Richy Daniels

an hour ago

Omg omg I'm in love 😍😍😍
I have 3 shepherds You will soon learn they are the biggest bears. Btw as your dog gets older it will always think it's that same size 😂🤣🤣 this one is our youngest he's my sons dog! Haha if your planning on starting him in bitework start while they are young. There's a few shows through the year for ipo but you will have plenty of time 😍😍😍

Karol Kłos

6 hours ago

Awww!! I’m in love!!!! The ears are the cutest thing ever. Those are some big paws Porter. He’s going to be a big boy. You look so happy. Love to see that smile!

Should I keep them❤️🐶 #puppy #love

Lorry Garcia

17 hours ago

I’m sure the airlines will be paying them a good chunk. They should be the one’s obligated to get them another puppy. Yes you should keep them both together since they have always been together.

Ludmila Nemoto

17 hours ago

Ah, very beautiful, like kids, 2 is very good, . Enjoy, the more to love and care, and have lots of love back, peace, Pamela.

Carolyn Hall

17 hours ago

Keep them if you can give them the love and attention they will need. If they have been together since birth I would not split them up. They are adorable. As an animal lover and one who has had dogs my entire life, I am now 61, a reminder-they are family members and lifetime commitments. So think hard. 🙂

Been eating too many damn cookies 🍪 🍪

Aminatou Diallo

5 hours ago

Well them cookies must got a side of "Got Dammmmmmnnnnit" in them

Kelsey Smith

15 hours ago

Work them things off girl u look to good to let them cookies keep u down hahaha

Tanya Sharp

15 hours ago

U good,G. But, man people should have a dictionary handy when it comes to posting a comment. Mf's should of went to school spelling test Friday's. Lmmfao

What a Beautiful day! Thank God🙏🏾💜

Marianne S. Gutiérrez

an hour ago

Missy Elliott You are gorgeous inspiration!I would just love to meet you! Anyone that know me know how big of a fan I am! If you ever have 30 mins free to hang out let me know!!! #AsIGrabMyPadandPenAndBeginTotalkFromWithin

Marianne Therrien Caron

an hour ago

Those eyebrows tho! Beautiful without much makeup. Love me so messy.

David Davis

7 hours ago

What a beautiful you ,you've changed so much over the years,sometimes i don't recognise you,you've always been gorgeous but i guess the weight loss changed a few things:)

"Remember the Time" was certified gold on March 16, 1992. What memory do you most associate with this song?

Jooter Cano

10 hours ago

He rehearse this song during the dangerous tour but never performed it. I always wanted him to do the breakdown dance live. Fatima really did her thing with the choreography. This is off my favorite album. Gosh I miss this man.

Stacy Hosea

19 hours ago

Every film clip he did was so extraordinary, but I always enjoy watching the behind the scenes, and this one was particularly funny with Eddie being his usual comical self! And it was always a joy to see Michael laugh, he had the most wonderfully cute laugh!!

Mizuki Ashiya

19 hours ago

I'm not old enough, but there is a dance crew called quest crew. And when they toured with LMFAO, they did a small segment*** 😂 to this song. That's when I really began to appreciate it, lol. The video with the segment in it is called "quest: the shop" or something like that.

Brady Pendergraph

6 hours ago

Allegedly, It was Marilyn Manson that posed as Joan Jett.

Jason Perry

6 hours ago

I got one from this account once. It was cool. Not sure why, but it made that years top thing to happen.

Marc Shull

6 hours ago

Man that was crazy! People were like maybe it’s her I was thinking.... ummm hell no it’s not!

Just a little country boy and girl in love with who we are and all we have which is GOD.

Leslie Wyatt

2 hours ago

This is real ultimate life success family acceptance love this will keep us humble grounded and bonded for life doesn't mean we don't have struggles and roadblocks but as long as we stay connected to what is real and true we can peacefully and freely live our truth and enjoy our lives unapologetically

Khủng Long

6 hours ago

Love you Fantasia, hope you really be happy this time and I pray that this love last forever because you deserve it! Love you, grandma Jeanie

Sauli Vepsä

6 hours ago

I'm just glad God connected you to each other, you have everything at your fingertips, be happy you're blessed. God continue to bless u in the things of God.😇🙏❤

DAMNNNN!!! been missing our Krew too much! gonna be DJing in a bunch of cities in North America & Canada this Spring!

pre-sale tickets available now at:

Allensido Lai

5 hours ago

Please come to Pakistan also... Waiting for you guys ❣❣😭😍

Faith Rosario

5 hours ago

I'll see you girls again in FL. Can't fuckin wait

Chris Leserab

5 hours ago

Uuggghhh why are you coming to Saint Louis the same weekend that I will be at electric forest :( which also is my Bday weekend

The event of the season is finally upon us. Get your wedding looks ready & your revenge plots sorted. It all goes down tonight. #Dynasty. All new. 8 PM. The CW. 🥂

Erica Leos

5 hours ago

In LOVE with DINASTY, in LOVE with you, awesome job Liz, ty for include Venezuela ^^...

Karlie Tamura

5 hours ago

Elizabeth aka Fallon.... girl, you did that to Jeff! I love u girl. You’re my kinda petty!!!

Kenji Sakahara

5 hours ago

some are already preparing for a wedding, the mysterious way to happiness is really ignored where it is.

Cyril Pospos

7 hours ago

Damn i love this gul

Arnold Fritz Valido

7 hours ago

The beauty and the best

Keydra Davis

7 hours ago

Ivy R. Butler a free show!!

I cut my hair! 😁

David Tapley Sr.

14 minutes ago

One of my best ...Kari ..your songs are such fresh anointing on my life ...may God bless n keep you you loads.

Javier Maya Torcelly

14 minutes ago

Me too...last night! Yours looks awesome!

Fabián Molina Quinzacara

14 minutes ago

Me too!! Great minds🤗👍🏽👍🏽

Don't pull up at 6am to cuddle with me. Pull up at 4 and bring tacos

Josie Dela Pena

6 hours ago

Oh I will... My treat

Henry Ryland

6 hours ago

Only if you've got the sauce 😉

Rita Mendola

6 hours ago

Don't forget the beer!

Have fun celebrating St. PITrick's Day!

Danielle Esp

33 minutes ago

Love it DALE 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀❤️❤️❤️❤️

George Cross

33 minutes ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!! Stay blessed! From Puerto Rico🇮🇹💚🍀💚🍀🙌💯

Josue Mendez

33 minutes ago

Rian read the caption

So proud of this woman. She’s the strongest person I know and determined. Congrats on getting into graduate school! Take a read into her newest blog..

Vale Echeverria

6 hours ago

Congratulations!! We need more strong and determined women like you in this world ❤️💙💚

Krystofer-kent Durocher

6 hours ago

I’m thankful that you are better. Sharing your story can help so many people. Perceptions about depression and anxiety need to change and you are helping that change happen. Congratulations!

Hope Nelson

6 hours ago

Congrats Hanna! I seen your hubby on your here in Athens, Ga. I got a 74th. Birthday wish Tickets for his Concert. 5 of us me, my 2 Daughter's and 2 Sister's live in Athens, and we live in Winder. What a Blessing to see You! Phillip you were my Favorite American Idol Male Singer and Winner. We all Girls seen you in Atl on the A. I. TOUR after you won. I voted for you over 200 times every time I lost count. May God Bless You both. Love you. Sue Leger

Catch yours truly at the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest this summer in Pendleton, Oregon. Tickets on sale Friday, March 23rd at 10am PST! #PartyinPendleton

Achikz Slayern Aier

4 hours ago

We cannot wait!

Karen A. DeSocio

4 hours ago

Good afternoon ,sir, lucky great in the show,hugs ,señor.

Massango Flag

10 hours ago

2 of my favorite singers together, omg what more could I ask for. Maybe that they bring that concert to Arizona

Me and Nona hendryx last night at #LoveRocksNYC!! What a fun night!! Pic by Eli Davis.

Iris Jimenez

an hour ago

Alright My Sister Ms.Nona hendryx

Beatrice Maignan

6 hours ago

When you coming back to Charlotte??

Daisy Solis

6 hours ago

Right place,Right time two legends!!!Love it!!!

Island life.

Willy Rafáel

an hour ago

Seattle is having some pretty nice days recently ^_^ Looks like you've got better sun than I do in the UDistrict though xD

Rodney Soares

7 hours ago

Oh boy. Here it comes.... "It is so offensive that you would exclude Mainland Life!" 😒😔😞😵 I can hear it now.....skip all that. Enjoy yourself, Brother! Looks beautiful!

Francisco Benedetti

14 hours ago

Awesome!! Looking at Fidalgo or possibly Whidbey myself. Which one are you on? Busy summer with your movies so enjoy the quiet time!

One of Whitney’s all-time personal favorites, the single “Greatest Love of All,” was released on March 18, 1986! The song was recorded for her debut album, 'Whitney Houston,' which came out in February 1985 on Arista Records. It became a major hit, topping the charts in the U.S., Canada and Australia and reaching the Top 20 in most countries. It remains her third biggest U.S. hit after “I Will Always Love You” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).” All three songs re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart after her passing. The video for the song was filmed at the famed Apollo Theater in New York.

Jissel Estrada

4 hours ago

The very first song I heard from Whitney Houston as a kid was " Greatest Love Of All ". Both " Greatest Love Of All " & " I Will Always Love You " are definitely two of Whitney's signature songs in my opinion. R.I.P. Whitney Houston

LaBrittany Rice

7 hours ago

'The Greatest love of all" is my ring tune. When i first heard the song, i felt as if i stepped in an electric cable.

Daniela Ivanova

7 hours ago

I suppose this is the 1st song i sang. I remember singing this song as a child and i was just four back then. U will always be in our hearts, Miss Whitney Houston. ♥️

Este 23 de marzo a las 10:00P.M. no se pierdan la transmisión de nuestro concierto #SalónLágrimasyDeseo desde el Auditorio Nacional a través de la señal de Canal 22 México, mi gente!

Aizia Talbert

5 hours ago

Iván al final si estará en tv, no estuvo de inventada

Cheryl Antonio-Elferis

5 hours ago

Mira al concierto q fuimos volver a disfrutarlo q padre

Arleth Ortega

5 hours ago

Mire tía Andrea, del concierto que fuimos

I Can Only Imagine is in theaters now!

Melitos Vizuete

12 minutes ago

What an amazing story! Not many dry eyes in the theatre... very powerful, inspiring and moving... well written and played!

Sebastien Bifot

6 hours ago

An absolutely amazing movie. I had no Idea what to expect, I wanted to see it because Trace was in it. I laughed and cried though it. Gives a whole new insight on the song.

Mohannad MD Mohammed

6 hours ago

We seen the movie last night. It was an awesome movie and inspirational and I would recommend anyone to see it. The theater we were at had 2 rooms showing the movie and it was packed.

Available May 4, pre-order your copy of 'Standing Room Only' today:

Photo credit: Frank Sinatra Enterprises

Rey Nieves

8 hours ago

Dos extraños son los que se miran......dos extraños son los que suspiran.....somos tu y yo en esta noche azuuul! J'aime et quand j'ai la pression je la chante et je décompresse!

Adela Tabaku

8 hours ago

I shook hands with Frank....i was the only one he shook hands with in the early 90s at the end of a concert in dayton

Claudia Cecilia Hernandez Chavarria

8 hours ago

I agree with most of the people who commented on Sinatra.
For my money he was not just a great singer and the greatest that ever lived, the man was a hypnotist, when he sang He put you in a magical spell. His middle name should have been Cupid not Albert... i’d like a dollar for every baby he’s responsible for.... R.I.P. FRANK
You earned it.

Let it be summer already so we can all jam.
VIP Ticket Packages—

Marie Tourba

7 hours ago

Um @jakeowen is Delaware again to small to be on your map 🤔☹️


7 hours ago

You just might change your mind when you come to Sacramento, CA in September when it could still be 100+degrees but I will still be here to jam with you! 😁

Yuko Karube

7 hours ago

Bestie and I need to get our jake fix this year. Come on dayton ohio Columbus Ohio or Cincinnati ohio. Which ever

All smiles at @nbcworldofdance! #WorldOfDance #GoodManSeason

Coming up on 25 years of laughin’ at each other 😂 Can you believe it?

Offor C. Peter

6 hours ago

And I am 24, still listening to your music since i'm born!
BSB all the way to go skiing when I was 4. If my parents where changing music, I was so frustrated that they didn't have the choice to put it back 😈❤️

Wilma Joy Romero

6 hours ago

I love you all so much!
Each day I'm more proud of everything you do and for making me feel so loved!!!!
Come to Brazil again ❤️

Kazunoshin Suzuki

6 hours ago

I’m so happy you guys have been a group for 25 years! I am autistic and your music has been a good way of escaping to a better place. I do hope you guys release new music and come back to Charlotte, North Carolina soon! In the meantime I’ll see you guys on the cruise in May!

It’s not #StPatricksDay until you’ve had a pint of Guinness.Celebrating on the road this year.#GuinnessPartner

Fernando Siymões

4 hours ago

BP can have a Business at Rodeo Houston tonight as has all different beers! Happy St. Patrick's Day.❣️🤗🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Daniel Alejandro Orellana Avila

4 hours ago

Looking forward to the show this afternoon at NRG stadium! This will be my daughter’s (Riley) first concert. I know it’s a long shot, but she is 5 and is hoping you’ll play Gold All Over the Ground.

Kobus Koos Havenga

7 hours ago

I do love your music I have some of your music on my phone have a good day

One last flight! Home to our families for a few days then back out on the road!! What songs should we play??

Adriana Di Benedetto

6 hours ago

any song's 🎤 just brandon boyd sings will do... luv u Brandon always😍😚💕
Idiot box, pantomime,rouges,in the company of wolves, haha too many to mention 😁 .. Tnx for coming hir in manila..hope to see u again guys..very memorable date 02-17-2018..😚

Shawn Walton

6 hours ago

Have you ever ask? Why the hell we love as we love these guys? Answer: dig? It's just a Guess... An hypothesis ... The answer could be any other incubus' song...

Whitney Young

6 hours ago

Pantomime, southern girl, i miss you, fu***ing quicksand... Now I see... Incubus has no b sides... Even the most unknown song has touched our Hearts... That's Incubus :)

Saw #ICanOnlyImagineMovie today with some of my peeps in Baton Rouge. It was just as great the third time! Have you seen it yet? If not, you’re going this weekend, right? #ICanOnlyImagine #ImagineInvitationChallenge

Kim Graham

an hour ago

Yes Mandisa. I am going with a friend from church who is bringing her friends which means more friends for me to meet. We are seeing it at 1:10 today. Last night I went to The Burn 247 launched in High Point NC for the first time. They go around to different places getting all people and all churches to come together and praise and worship and pray to God for the city and individuals. Awesome weekend.

Jose Mora

an hour ago

Do not miss this movie! Will be going to see it again, as I was crying too much! Saw it last night with a group from our church. The Hurt and the Healer is my favorite Mercyme song.

Yuki Fujiwara

7 hours ago

Went with two girlfriends one who is an agnostic...we cried and laughed and felt good to watch with an active audience of believers

So proud of my kids! Opening night for Wizard of Oz was awesome!!! @otstheatre

Jooma T Gomes

5 hours ago

Nice,I like the witch.The villian is so misunderstood.

Sheila Gormley

5 hours ago

🎭🎶🎬Wait until high school! :D My three, especially the oldest participated in their high school's musicals ~ such great fun to help out with stage design and costumes .. so sad :-( when it was all done at the conclusion of the after parties each year..always looking forward to the next memories!

Bwembya Barbara Chikonde

5 hours ago

The wizard of oz is not cool. Run no such thing as a good witch...

Post any black & white photos you've taken here:

Marlène Gagnon

an hour ago

My autistic uncle 1 day after Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. My family was looking for him through the night and we found him at a local shelter. He wouldn't come home, because they had better snacks. Lol

Joseph Menguele

7 hours ago

This was accidentally taken over Spring Break because I couldn’t see the settings on my phone. It turned out better in black and white.

Elisabete Souza

7 hours ago

No longer taking pictures. When you are dead and gone; they get put in a box and forgotten or thrown out or fade over time. Today, all are digital on some memory that can get lost or erased.

‪Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a one day sale! The Green Snake Ring is available now until 11:59p EST today (while supplies last). ‬

Shop here:‬

Janice Hite

39 minutes ago

It causes me real pain, that I see something like this, but I can't buy, because I don't have any money for buying awesome ring like this!
I hope, that you Taylor can understand me!
Anyway, prepare well for tour of the decade!

Brenda West

39 minutes ago

Oi Taylor,I love the Delicate music video!Happy St Patrick's Day.:*

Kelly McCarthy

4 hours ago

Happy St. Pattie's Day Taylor !!! YOU ROCK !!!!!! PEACE LOVE AND HARMONY !!!!!!!!!!! I love the way you move and the pretty way you sing !!!! Love is real not fade away !!!!

Frank Sinatra returns with the new live collection 'Standing Room Only.' For those not fortunate enough to see Sinatra in performance, this is the closest fans can get to the most legendary entertainer the world has ever seen.
The 3CD package includes Sinatra's rare and previously unreleased performances at The Sands, Las Vegas (Jan. 28, 1966), where Frank had a 14-year residency, as well as his show at The Spectrum, Philadelphia (1974), where Frank performed in front of a crowd 17,000-strong, and his show over a decade later at Reunion Arena, Dallas (1987).
Available May 4, pre-order your copy of 'Standing Room Only' today:

Lindsey Martin

8 hours ago

Saw him live it was everything they said it would be!

Favour Bankz

8 hours ago

May 4 is my birthday. This would be an awesome gift!

Bilal Jemli

8 hours ago

Sinatra on Netflix. Brilliant. Greatest performer and vocalist ever. Magnetism.

LOLLA 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

This wasn’t supposed to be announced yet (and this poster has me listed as a member of DT which I’m normally not allowed to do), but being the promoter has gone ahead and posted this, I guess I will as well to at least share the good news: SONS OF APOLLO coming to PUERTO RICO on May 26th!! 🇵🇷
This will be very special for Jeff, so I look forward to sharing this homecoming for him with you all!

Jj Lisa Lustre Reid

an hour ago

Huge thumbs up from Iran and congratulations for finally forming a band which are so hight pontential and talented.

Jimmy Wilson

6 hours ago

Looking forward to your fantastic performance in our island.

Angus Bennett

6 hours ago

I love what Mangini has done but.....there is literally no comparison when it comes to the emotion DT used to have. I love all of those guys though. Been the soundtrack to my life for 20 years

Stefania Barcellona

5 hours ago

You are amazing Toby. I was at your concert in Baton Rouge last night and your show has made me think about my life and I’m about to make a change in my life for the better. Gonna start that new chapter in my life.Please come back to Louisiana, we ❤️ you and your crew!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Bill Bamonto

5 hours ago

Reading never can stop playing keep going stop this unstoppable my sport light
If I die son of so tight just sing it until I flashtion hole world

Roy Alexander

5 hours ago

Your story is never over. We all have a few bad chapters...sometimes those bad chapters become the ones that shape us (for good) in the later chapters.

Aggie Witek

6 hours ago

There's No Way This Should Fail, The Ambassador And The Hempologist....
Straight Mob Music For The Bay To The A!!!!!!

Lucy Cea See

6 hours ago

I like the album cover from old skool

André Lauer

6 hours ago

Im a listen b legit right now thanks.

See you tonight Kauai! 💓🌈☀️ @zontaclubofkauai @justinkawikayoung @kauaimindy

Edward Kuhne

5 hours ago

If I still lived there I would go :( after 26 years of living there I moved to NY with my boyfriend, wanted to meet you somehow on Kauai but I missed my chance.

Arky Loyola Paralejas

5 hours ago

Você é a porta voz da bela canção.
Tenha uma Ótima Apresentação!!!
Fã do Brazil!

Sue Szeliga Lindstrom

5 hours ago

Oh my. If I would have known, I would have flown over from Maui.

When Larry Gatlin wants to write a song as soon as you come off the Grand Ole Opry stage, you write the darn song!
Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers

Bridget Wellman

6 hours ago

Love you and love Larry too!

Livi Redfern

6 hours ago

You go my Tracy Lawrence!!!!!! Been listening 2 u for a long long time!!!!!!!

Kevin Czarnecki

6 hours ago

Wow! I mean it'll honestly probably suck though right? I like a lot of Tracy Lawrence stuff though even though I'm a turd in this sandbox

The calm before the storm🌀☄
#weekendplans #weekend #weekends #ootd #calvinklein #blackandwhite #bw

Lexi Christian

5 hours ago

Me kate, lady, haps sweater's.......

Hernan Gustavo Gonzalez Moya

5 hours ago

Reminds me of the song! Ode to your beauty Nikki! God bless!

Marites Alampayan

5 hours ago

Honey I am impressed your personality. Will you like friendship with you.

Here goes, first show on La Brea. Great job dusting off this fossil Bill Crook. @crook_custom_guitar @fender

Silver lining of having a boo boo on my knee is getting to spend more time in the studio making new music for all my ANIMALS stay tuned!! 💖💜🎶🎶💜💖