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Karla Diaz

5 hours ago

The new song is dope More of that#taste

Josefin Schön

5 hours ago

I love tyga he is my favorite rapper

Brian Bowers

5 hours ago

you do realise that you are no longer famous right.?

Tanay Pande

7 hours ago

Cowboys! Really ?
I'm on the first people's side .

Arttu Lehtinen

7 hours ago

I love the cowboy aesthetic so fricking much

Joseph Williams

7 hours ago

That lowkey Money on Straight reference :’)

[TEAM] Please join us in wishing Mama Grimmie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 💚💚💚

To celebrate this special day #TeamGrimmie we’re giving away a second LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS VINYL SET with a Vintage Record Player! Enter Here:

Leonardo Serrano

6 hours ago

Happy Birthday Mama Grimmie!! <3
Thank you so much for being so supportive to Christina's music and being a Good Mother to her and to Marcus! Good Health and Have a Fabulous Day <3 <3

Cortez Mayberry

6 hours ago

Taking this opportunity to wish you a Truly Happy and Blessed Birthday Mamma Grimmie.
Knowing, as we do, that all our loved ones, who have passed into Glory before us, are not only with our Lord but will also be the chosen ones to return with HIM at the time appointed by God.

Ashley Bohlmeyer Pullen

6 hours ago

A most happy and blessed birthday, Mama Grimmie! You are truly an inspiration to us all and we love you so much! 💚💚💚

Լիլիթ Պողոսյան

13 minutes ago

omg that cute huge smile could bring a smile to anyoes face

Yolanda Vessel

13 minutes ago

You two both look so beautiful, love the smiles. 💕

Rey Nieves

13 minutes ago

What a beautiful angel, u too look good together.


Jose Garcia Balderas

2 hours ago

Miley Cyrus Las Was On Hannah Montana Forever Disney

Diane Mehl

2 hours ago

Thanks Shak i Remade Your Song My favourite and Did a spin on it It Is Totally Different and I Haven't Heared it Yet But We Will See One Day Hopefully Bro

Donna Stapleton

2 hours ago

Hi very beautiful dropped dead gorgeous Elegant lady Miley Cyrus. 😘

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour presented by Bayer is back! Tickets go on sale soon. #FarmTour2018 #HeresToTheFarmer

Timo Skiba

6 hours ago

Holocron is me I just wanted to tell you that I was still your biggest fan and I still love your music bring on the country

جوبرت ميغيل فيليجاس

10 hours ago

Geeezzz Luke, I didn't know you were touring back to Iowa! Hope to see you there! If not, I will see you at the reunion! ;) Talk soon!

Hasina Stecy

10 hours ago

How do we get involved with the farm tour? Indiana Hoosier here and family farmer 4th generation . Grain elevator and 50 years of family farm. How do we propose Luke stopping by!!!!!???????

New Eagles tour merch is now available in the Eagles official online store, including T-shirts, hats, accessories and more.
This Memorial Day weekend orders over $75 will receive free standard domestic shipping. The first 100 orders placed will receive a free Eagles patch set starting now!

Michael Anthony Reyes

9 hours ago

Great idea! Tried to buy merch. In Orlando. No inventory....
A show of ALL shows!!!!

Tahjim Ahmed

9 hours ago

So looking forward to seeing you guys in July in Toronto, Canada!!!♥♥

Ah Neeka

9 hours ago

A dvd of the Birmingham show would be awesome

Type "AMEN" in the comments if you agree

Alan Perez

6 hours ago

Yes and his timing is Perfect it's Our's that needs to Be. Amen.

Ruel Santiago

6 hours ago

In thee oh Lord i do put my trust...i don't worry about nothing.

Parnell Sparks

6 hours ago

lm waiting God's timing thats perfect for my dream lady Maryln Monroe like.

Check please 🏁

Cristina Torres

an hour ago

Lovely doll .Good weekend for you guys .

Mesin Tempur

5 hours ago

She'll go out for a steak and wine, she'll receive a premium Omaha with Hermitage La Chapelle and gold flakes 👌

Desiree Restaino

5 hours ago

I so much love you, come to me <3 <3

¡El fin de semana es la razón por la que trabajamos duro toda la semana! ¡Dale!

Santos Fresquez

9 hours ago

Too bad your concert was postponed in Windsor tonight. Hopefully you will be back soon!

Octavia Nimley Gates

14 hours ago

I work hard all week but on Saturday and Sunday I relax-
I forgot ... I love you..Dale!

Lee Rogers

14 hours ago

Cuz everyday we party like it’s CINCO DE MAYO!! 🇲🇽 loved ur concert on cinco de mayo #DALE

Piece Of Your Heart or Never Sure? Drop your favorite in the comments below.

Leigh Ann Glass

13 hours ago

Never sure! Takes me back to classic Mayday, although they are both wonderful songs

Felipe Renan

13 hours ago

I love both songs, but I’d say Piece of Your Heart if I had to choose.

Clam Clam

13 hours ago

Piece of Your Heart❤️

What kind of album would you like DT14 to be?

Daniel Hnatishin

15 hours ago

Just go back to your roots, where all started. Train of Thought should be end of heavyness. Last album was disaster. When listening, I always anticipated that somewhere will start some movie. That isn't a way to make good music for listening. Anyway, my two cents...

Nancy Walasky

15 hours ago

A mix of prog and heavy, but the fact you're asking this question worries me. Sit down together and write whatever comes out naturally, don't go in trying to nail what the "fans want"

Masaru Kulawer

15 hours ago

What’s all this? Don’t let us decide for you. The Astonishing wasn’t as well received as you’d hoped it would be, but that doesn’t mean we want to be in charge of what you make. Write from your hearts and make something genuine 🙂

Or put it on hold and let JP finish his %#?!ing second solo album 😊

Europe, see you this fall. Tickets on sale Friday 1st June @ 9am BST 10am CEST.

Christopher Lee

14 hours ago

I love you guys but the show in LA was kinda weak sauce dudes, and the tix were not cheap....

Julia Dez

14 hours ago

Caught you at austin city limits. Loved. Great image too btw 👍👍👍👍 #andrew #ben #bromance

Loosel Hivatalos

14 hours ago

I saw them in San Francisco at the Warfield. Phenomenal show. I wish bands would put out their song set list for fans after concerts.

Chantel Finley

8 hours ago

I think it’s dope! He go hard af on a few tracks and chilled out on others over trippy beats. There are a few sleeper joints but a good vibe thru out the whole thing especially with the beats/flows. That’s what I always loved about flako anyway. Liked it even more after the 2nd time thru. I’m like 8.7/10 and 🔥 overall💸 👽🥦💨

Brian Welch

8 hours ago

I like it but definitely not my favorite Rocky vibes tho

Matheus Rocha

13 hours ago

Looks like the cover for Dah Shinnin


Heavenly Cleaves

16 hours ago

Fukk Sleep and Praise The Lord 💣

Ismail Chegdani

a day ago

I haven't got passed Tony Tone...shit is flames

Kevin Kraschewski

a day ago

i love it when A$AP comes back ,watch for 'TONY TONE"

European Tour 2019
GC FAM Exclusive pre-sale 5/29
(members will receive an instant download link to ‘Actual Pain’ with paid memberships)
General on-sale 6/1

Jeevika Agnihotri

15 hours ago

Holly Erin Nigel tour and new album!! Shall we see them in a different country this time instead?... :P

VyeRonica VanWallegham

15 hours ago

No, why did it have to be alexandra palace?! Literally anywhere else (like Brixton for example...) and I'd have been there in a heartbeat! 😭

Clarrisa Macabutas Nayad

15 hours ago

Wish there was at least a date in Spain... I guess I'd have to travel to see you. This time for sure. I can't miss you one more time, nope nope.

Love wearing activewear as regular clothes. Lazy yet fierce. Featuring Fabletics Stretto II #Demi4Fabletics

Tabie Stewart

9 hours ago

Obviamente te veo siempre...sos una grosa...haces estremeser cuando cantas...y no sabes lo feliz me harias con 16,000 dolares para cumplir mi sueño...te mando esto xke estoy seguro de ke ni lo leerias ja ja..

Shashank Shashank

13 hours ago

Everything she wears looks like they made it specifically for her.

Tracy Fox

13 hours ago

You are so pretty Demi❤️ You look amazing in Fabletics!

Hanging out with our buddy Paul Rodgers Official before we hit the stage tonight! Got a great line up for y’all!
Blackberry Smoke
Bad Company

i have see bad co . 3 times with Skynyrd .loved it all.

David Seals

6 hours ago

Paul Rodgers still has one of the best voices EVER

Robin Yerian

6 hours ago

Did I see that right? The farewell tour is 16 songs total? WTF? I've looked at "" for the shows so far and it's an embarrassment to the bands legacy. Am i really driving 500 miles for this?

There's a lot to celebrate today... including National Wine Day! Turn up Call Me Sir & treat yourself to a bottle (or two 😉) of Drops of Jupiter Winery 🍷

Tra My Hoang Pham

6 hours ago

Fuck now I have to try it Gary Belsterli lol

Shawanna Webster

16 hours ago

Drops of Jupiter love !!

Melissa Martinez

16 hours ago

Are they available in stores? I can't seem to make the store locator work.....

So excited to share that I’ll be making my Suits debut in the season premiere on Wednesday, July 18th at 9/8c. Can’t wait for y'all to meet Samantha Wheeler! To read more about what to expect this season, head over to Entertainment Weekly! #suits

Ana Luisa Aires Coimbra

4 hours ago

So. Very. Excited!!!!!!! Love the show and you’re a phenomenal actress so it’s just going to get better!!!!

Michael Harrison

13 hours ago

Great addition to one of my favorite shows.

Zina Zena

13 hours ago

Looking forward to viewing your work!

Check out Madison's reaction when I copied the Haschak Sisters Instagram photos! 😂

Bin Huwel

9 hours ago

mattyb sexy picture of the girl why? you are boy not a girl ha ha ha

Terri Laffey

18 hours ago

Mattybraps hamdsome my idol

Jan Persson

18 hours ago

Lol u are still cute 😍

Tour ready. @deadandcompany

Renae Hubbard

an hour ago

John, you have a lot of attention on this fb thing and yet you are never in conversations. I starting to think you like the controversial conversation. Any pub. Eh

Mandy Swanson

5 hours ago

It really was the voice and the lyrics and his talent that got me but this pic is just wrong. Like , hello?? John!! Married women should not be able to see such things....THANK YOU. You rule.

Keri Crawford

5 hours ago

Wear whatever you want. Just don’t suck on stage. Bob wore a fanny pack and daisy dukes for crying out loud!!

Jus a Long Island girl from around the way... @ Nassau County, New York

Prabal Dhakal

4 hours ago

Don't you just love summer less to wear yeah baby

Maddi Jane

4 hours ago

It’z a beautiful Version&Abeautiful blessing ta C Ya”ll still Exist..Aaaa!😉

Petra Kulhavá

4 hours ago

Ashanti you don't have to show your body all the time to be noticed
We no you r one of God child be your self ☺

Well that was fun! Watch me drive the new Porsche Cayenne on The Late Late Show with James Corden #PorschePartner #TheLateLateShow

Nena Camino

an hour ago

Omg 😮 loved
it you guys are so awesome 😍

Kelly Case

10 hours ago

Truly amazing you are the best in the world!

Karen Stephens

10 hours ago

This was so funny watching you both. Love the blonde color on you looks good. Looking forward seeing you in concert in Boston soon.

My brand new song “Remember to Remember” is available now! I hope it will encourage and inspire you to look back on all of the ways God has shown His goodness, faithfulness, and kindness to you. Click here to listen and download:

Az Attiks

7 hours ago

Steven Curtis Chapman doesn’t have anything but good songs! Thank you for another one!

Bosco Xavier

7 hours ago

This has the SCC magic all over it. Great track that will get some serious plays on my devices. Thank you for your music. It has been a constant encouragement to me.

Patricia Palmerston

7 hours ago

Saw you recently in Montgomery NY and loved your stories and your music! Have followed you for years and have prayed for you, Marybeth and your family for a long time! Sometimes in the midst of grief and despair we forget to remember the faithfulness of God but it is always there. Thank you for yet another amazing song that you pour His truth out through your music. So appreciate your ministry Steven!

Which one are you!? 😂🍷🍷(National Wine Day by Hello Sunshine)

Daniela Cordova Ortiz

7 hours ago

Krystle Lee - see Kel! There are crazy people like me out there hahahaha!

Eduardo Júnio

7 hours ago

Neither. I don't drink. Not many people can say that they are 52 years old and have never had a beer. I have no regrets. Alcohol is of no interest to me.

Maria J Harvey

7 hours ago

Hello I have a disabled daughter and he has a caregiver tonight's oh hello I'm ready for a good one love you

BTS from my shoot with CORE. 💦More coming soon!

Linda Kotey

6 hours ago

Couldn't handle me I'm just saying Bosco from Detroit baby...

Änđý Jess Bvb

6 hours ago

Hola Demi, me gusta como te ves en ese atuendo, azul brillante como el Mar, como el Cielo, si que te ves sexy, atractiva, bella y hermosa, Dios como deseo conocerte en persona, ruego al Creador, al Destino, a la Providencia... que todas las fuerzas del Universo se conjugen en solo lugar, en un solo momento, para que ocurra nuestro encuentro, y poder verte a los ojos, poder escuchar tu voz de cerca, hace poco mas de un mes me respondiste un Chat, no podìa creerlo de la emociòn que senti, Gracias, de verdad, de corazon,Thank you, very very much !!! hasta pronto...mi Angel Celestial...😚😍😘😘😘

Karen Anderson

6 hours ago

Pero que hermosaaaaa ME ENCANTAS ME ENCANTAS ME ENCANTAS!! Demi Lovato De verdad espero poder algún día no importa si estamos viejitas tener el honor y el placer de conocerte :-* <3 I LOVE YOU LOVATO, GO TELL YOUR MOTHER 🍀🤩😍 D&L

When in Cleveland. #RockHall

Adekunle Tobee

7 hours ago

Easy to spend several days there...groovin' and remembering...

Adrian Arciniega

7 hours ago

U going Ted's funeral

Kruti Parimal

7 hours ago

Awesome matey!
I'm in Atlanta in a few weeks you around ?

Let The Trap Say Amen. 6/22

Jonah Morrow

7 hours ago

Crae all the way. I guess the critics have a lot of time on their hands to scrutinize Crae's every move. They are so committed to it like it is the great commission. Such commitment deserve an award.

Stephen Cocostarc

13 hours ago

Instead of Judging Pray for him its Gods will not ours let it be with your faith a covering over our brother who goes to do battle in a place that is full of the enemies influence do you walk also in that wholeheartedly where you work and seek the lost ??? Again i say pray for the lost and pray for our brother for it by his might or power but by the the spirit of God all shall be brought to the light and every knee show bow every voice shall confess he is God and Jesus is King so deal wholeheartedly in the matters of your own life in the Lord that you shall also become a blessing of God unto those that hear you and know you Gods speed Brother bring light to to darkness may our enemy flee before your coming in Jesus name Amen

Mari Martinez

13 hours ago

I support crae 10*100

The orange popsicle with the cream... 😋 @ Long Island, NY
It may take me a minute to make up my mind.... 🤔 @ NBC - Access Hollywood Live
The next chapter will be interesting...🎱 @ NBC - Access Hollywood Live

Soren Madsen

4 hours ago


Sharron Parker

4 hours ago

Beautiful, legs are gorgeous.

Tali Alfasi

16 hours ago

wow wow princeess ashanti u are a superstar and beautiful singer and being a lovely young lady u are

Unofficial start of summer! ☀️😎

July Herrah Fritz

4 hours ago

Would love to meet this handsome man

Naim Nasir

4 hours ago

Hope you get back home this summer to play us some music in Vero! I will be listening to your music on the boat cruising on the Indian River!

Tahmid Ahmad

4 hours ago


Our brand new single "Love Ain't" is available NOW! Let us know what y'all think! #LoveAint

So excited and appreciative of the support we’ll have from Kasey Khane and the Leavine Family Racing team on Sunday for “Love Ain’t!” Keep your eye on the #95!

Khushu Sain

14 hours ago

Daddy loves it too, awesome job

Theresa Frierson

a day ago

Thank you for the music🤩

Chulce J Cush

a day ago

Obsessed!!! I looooooove it!

who is ready to just absoluutely rock it out tonight? Boston Calling Music Festival

Noah Nimer

2 hours ago

You guys were fantastic! Thanks for a great time!

Cummings Courtney

6 hours ago

What a cutie

Troy Fernandez

9 hours ago


Hank's daughter Hilary Williams released her debut album "My Lucky Scars" today. Get it here:

Isaac Timm

4 hours ago

Debbie Lovelady love you Hank Williams Jr.

Leticia Gordillo Barrios

4 hours ago

I know he a proud papa son and daughter wow it a family tradition all RIGHT

Vince S. Peralta

4 hours ago

Awesome, Happy Birthday tomorrow Hank, John Wayne, Hank Jr. & Me!!! May 26th is a good day... 🇺🇸🍻

She so California with a 2mm white diamond

Mark Ray

13 hours ago

Hi Gary; you're awesome and thanks for sharing your Many many talents w/ us,. But I have a question for you,{does your brain ever rest} just curious, lol, I love you dude. Your truely awesome human being 👍❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Đỗ Hà Vy

13 hours ago

She really was younger and more beautiful when a picture was made exiting that Limousine. She was really "So California". is that a key chain? -e

Benjamin Durham

13 hours ago

Where do we get this. Thats me!! Missing Gary in So California. aka San Diego..

My daughter thought this was me at first glance. 😳 Wish it was! 🤣🤣

Agostinho Fernandes

7 hours ago

Wow! If some people have a problem with Floyd having money they shouldn't even be on his page. Because God has blessed Floyd with the gift of boxing and he did earn his money who are we to pass judgement? If he wants to post his money he's free to do just that. When it's all said and done everyone has to answer to God for themselves. Floyd doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about his money that's why he's posting it. People need to do there research Floyd helps a lot of people. I bet if Floyd offered any negative person one of his stacks on his page everyone will except it. When did God tell anyone that Kem was blessed more then Floyd? Kem has his own gift that God has blessed him with amazing he is. God chose to bless Kem in the music world. Outside looking in don't let Floyd's money fool you he's very smart and very giving he invest his money in a lot of smart ways. Unless you have been around him you will never know.

Betty Charles Charles

7 hours ago

Why? Money can’t buy everything. You said it yourself, “The best things in life are FREE!!

Jane Robinson

7 hours ago

If you don't know what to do with all that $$$, I'll take some.Otherwise, get it out of the public eyes...

Tracy Nosbisch Pagano

6 hours ago

The best dutchees i love you fergie 😍😍

Thapa Ca Nam

10 hours ago

Sure want an autograph & photo from you Fergie.

Robert Gerszewski

14 hours ago

Hugs an Cuddles,......
Hope You,for all the Hard work you an Friends have put into keeping others safe and entertained have yourself a safe,an Entertaining Weekend

Jimmy shares your funniest #WorstAdviceEver tweets!

Dianne Dunford

6 hours ago

And this is how WW3 could start.

Glennice Tong

6 hours ago

I'll say whatever I want even if I don't mean it my husband had better damn well know what I mean.

Juanito Bohol

6 hours ago

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it - Women complain that men don’t understand them - men complain women are complicated - this is a prime example - These statements are entrapment! She’ll inevitably be ticked because she asked him not to buy her anything and so he didn’t - it’s a setup -

#repost @williampcorgan via Instagram
Repost: Love this picture that @jamesihaofficial took today at rehearsal. We're working hard, but still having fun. @chamberdrums @jackbass89 @jjjschroeder @smashingpumpkins #smashingpumpkins

Amna Tariq

6 hours ago

I find it difficult to care - Another predictable tour of greatest hits but with James Iha. Really? Billy Corgan ruined his integrity forever by claiming to have spent 2 years repairing his relationship with D'arcy, but then admitting later he still hasn't seen her for 19 years. So he never took the time to actually go and see her once. What?!! He's completely blown it and he knows it. This was all about the relationships apparently. Then at the last minute he decided he wanted a 34/22/22/22 money split? His facial expressions in these photos always look like a pit of complete misery. It looks like a shitty reality show - One happy bassist and three miserable bastards thinking about next years tax codes. PS. The brutal truth is that the last time anyone cared about your "new music" was in 1998. Now please shut up and go away you insipid, silly man.

Andrea Perez

6 hours ago

OMG I couldn’t love this any more!! So excited for the tour and to see you guys in LOUISVILLE! Bring it!

Gabriela Carreon

6 hours ago

Love you guys, always did, always will. Your music is linked with the happiest and most unforgettable moments of my life. Can't wait to see you.

Michael Allen

an hour ago

That look in the top photo, she would get away with so much looking at me like that, lol!
So beautiful! <3

Cinthia Lopez

13 hours ago

You look so nice with a little makeup to accentuate your appearence. So good to see you not sporting that "I just got out of bed" look.

Debbie Frame Schoner

17 hours ago

What happened to the old Christina . I loved. So different having issues in your life you don't know how to handle. ? Love you stay focused.

Beautiful skies
Rainbows in my eye
Where am I?? 🌈 🌈
Aruba.... ❤️❤️

Karina Yamileth Ruiz

an hour ago

I am so sad I missed you at Lucy's last night. Will hopefully get tickets for today. If not I think I will cry. So wanted to meet you. Love Karen from UK. You have the most beautiful voice.

Jean Jacques Jacob

5 hours ago

If I had known in time you would be there, I would have rescheduled my trip to my second home, I just left last week back to Holland😢 Enjoy your time on Dushi Aruba, Alicia!!!❤

Ann Adamavage

5 hours ago

Have you been to Antigua yet? My dream vacation has always been to go there and stay at the Sandals all inclusive hotel in Antigua. They have an outdoor pool with bar stool in the water and you can sit there and have a cocktail. They also have a swim up bar in the center of the pool. Check it out it you ever have time, you wont regret it. When we were in our late 30's we stayed at the Sandals Royal in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We had a blast. We are retired now and can't afford to go but its always been a dream of mine.

Celebrate Memorial Day by getting 4 beach towels for only $35 in the "The Old Taylor" online store now through Monday! Discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Shop here:

Edmundo De Jesus Salvi

6 hours ago

I loved ya girl but I don't think your towels have anything to do with fallen soldiers in war and our still active ones... one of which is my son. My respect for you which has always been very high due to the way you presented yourself thru your music and videos. You were a good role model for my girls. But to sell out like this.... ugh. You just became another let down. GL

Lana Ivezič

10 hours ago

Ellen Lee -- these are cool. Maybe someone should get them as an early birthday present! could be cool bath towels ;)

Leticia Diaz

10 hours ago

How can you meet Taylor swift at the concerts. Please help me. I keep looking at meet and greet but see none name with taylor swift

Taking a step back to admire what we’ve created... It all begins again tonight! #StillTheSameTour

Lukas Micheli

5 hours ago

It is soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!

Nik Striplin

5 hours ago

Looking forward to seeing you guys tonight in Raleigh! 😊💚💙💛💜

Antonio Cruz Vargas

5 hours ago

Great show last night in Augusta! Thanks so much!

Sweet 16 🤩. #fbf #headshot

Mike Gabriel

5 hours ago

Can I take u out on a friend date? I'm serious but I'm just wondering will u respond? It's worth a try.... They say....If u don't ask you'll never know.....💯

Judy Knox McKee

5 hours ago

Even at 43yrs old you still fine. Amazing

Bryan Coronel

5 hours ago

Natural beauty is self explainatory!

Can’t wait for y’all to hear my joint with Romeo Santos… 😏

John Wambua

10 hours ago

Feat usher,mario,trey songz?

Kazi Nazmus Salehin

10 hours ago

What??? ay noo

Thomas Ramirez

10 hours ago

Anna Sims this is the article I was talking about!!

Oo Oo Oo

5 hours ago

So freaking excited to see you guys at the PNE in Vancouver BC in August dream come true yipee

Denise Buckley

5 hours ago

And to think the boys will be here in Edmonton in a few weeks !!
This is going to be a good day 🤗

Shannon Link Reid

5 hours ago

Excellent song, although I consider "Black Balloon" to be this album's best. "Angels fall without you there" is a lyric that has always touched me immensely deep down inside.

All of us here on E Street hope you get to spend this Memorial Day Weekend with friends and family! #SpringsteenBroadway

📸 Danny Clinch Photography

Mark Arana

6 hours ago

André Rieu the director of the famous Johan Strauss Orchestra wants you to join him for the famous Maastricht hometown concerts.

Bradley Joe Hicks

6 hours ago

Great pic! Hope to see u one day!
This is Pat "Soul Cat's" sister Maureen. Congrats on ur Broadway show. Happy Memorial Day!
Jersey Freeze? at the circle?

Bradley Joe Hicks

6 hours ago

Happy Memorial Day Bruce! I always listen to Born in the USA on Memorial Day. And The Wild the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle on 4th of July

So awesome to be back in London! Doing our best to fight off the jet lag and enjoy the city. Can’t wait to rock @slamdunkmusic tomorrow in Leeds. Also, keep an eye out for Tom and let us know if you find him. Xoxo. 🇬🇧🤘#slamdunkfestival @ London, United Kingdom

Ashley Waters

7 hours ago

Anjali! Are you going? Or are you still on holiday?

Andres Corpus

14 hours ago

Pleeeeeaase come to British Columbia!!!

Cristian Poma

14 hours ago

Saw you at the Academy here a few years back. Can't wait for tomorrow, I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve Slam Dunk line up is fabulous and ending the day with Jimmy Eat World is just epic

Hey guys!

It that time of the week again where we give you lovely people a cover.

This week its Zayn’s Let Me, enjoy!


Ãymäne Zïdân

13 hours ago

Amazing cover bars and melody I love it and I love u guys ❤❤❤😘💋

Jafar Cassim

13 hours ago

Wow amazing 💗 maybe next Back to you by Selena Gomez? 💕 Poland love you 🇵🇱💕

Mj Tinaya

13 hours ago

Really needed xx

It's #RedNoseDay in the US today!

Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty all around the world. To find out more, and how to help, visit Red Nose Day USA

Scott A Walters

4 hours ago

I love you!

Mega Puspita

15 hours ago

fuckin' love that Cramps shirt of Corey Taylor <3

Dan Patascher

15 hours ago

You just make my heart happy. Love to you all