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BIG NEWS! 311 CARIBBEAN CRUISE 2019 set to sail March 1- 6. More info coming in May. Pre-Sale in June. Ship leaves out of Tampa. Visit 311 Cruise website to Join the Pre-Sale! Who's ready?!...

Justin Steinke

12 hours ago

Zachary Pratt Donna Michaud Greenlaw Dana Greenlaw

Marcos Sena

12 hours ago

Nick Place lol. one last one would be epic.

Gail Brassfield Harris

12 hours ago

Celina Ludlow....This is the cruise I was talking about.

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to announce the show tonight at Madison Square Garden has been POSTPONED due to the snow. BUT we’re still on for tomorrow, Thursday 3/22. Don’t worry: we are working to find a new date for tonight’s show. So hang on to your tickets...and stay tuned! And be safe!

Happy 30th Birthday, Surfer Rosa...

Ishaa Mikii Layours

11 hours ago

My word! The collective experience of this album from all the comments is so varied - yet somehow feels VERY familiar.


I believe I went backwards to this from Doolittle and crowned it my favourite album of all time.

Death to The Pixies.
Long live The Pixies.

Rock Wolf Zamora

11 hours ago

I was driving my '69 Bus on 101 near Petaluma when the engine caught fire. Towed it to my friend Dave's and repaired it over the next few weeks. He had this tape so I listened on the Walkman as I worked. A magical time. Magical.

Marguerite As Ladypaassion

11 hours ago

I was given this on tape from a friend of my father when I was about 12. It opened up me up to an entirely different form of music to what I had been exposed to, remains my favorite album.

My little sister Sarahgraceclub just got home from her swim class!#worlddownsyndromeday

Chad Murphy

3 hours ago

Wow you're sister are so beutiful and cute

Kenny Johnson

8 hours ago

Mattyb you are amazing and your sister is adorable

Amandinha Almeida

8 hours ago

Ooo both are looking so cute😊😊

Thank you @rollingstone ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Be sure to tune into #BFV tomorrow night! My new video for Long As I Live Premieres immediately after! ♥️

Happy Anniversary baby.. 3 years in and we are stronger than ever. I love u to pieces!! #3yearanniversary #bestfriend

Dorcas Ruzibuka

3 hours ago

Happy Anniversary you two.. Have a wonderful time and don't listen to the haters!! You have a beautiful family, enjoy it

Jessa Magdaraog

3 hours ago

Happy Anniversary !! It's over now , but hope it was a great one for the both of you with many more to come. Really like your music Jason. Burning In Down is 1 of my top 10 songs these last couple years. 😀😍😎💙💚💛

Markus Ladig

9 hours ago

Congratulations. Happy Anniversary to you both Jason. Love your music. Your my favorite singer. Hope to see you in concert again. Your amazing!! Your wife is a very lucky woman😊 Have a great Anniversary.

My little girl and her first makeup tutorial 😹👩🏼‍🎤💕🤪#backstage #rockstarintraining #likemamalikedaughter

‪So so heartbreaking! We need to protect our endangered species. We need to do more than what we are doing. So heartbroken 🦏 ‬

Nom nom nom 🎂🎂🎂🎂#flourshop

I CAME. I SAW. I WITNESSED BRASIL 👁🇧🇷 I love you so very much KC’s💘

Luis Mitogo

6 hours ago

That's his style. He loves that. And if you don't like it, just shut up and stop looking at his pictures! Hypocrites.

Claudia Postlewait

6 hours ago

Allah ıs one ☝ jaden Smith Islam very nice Qoran book good

Jakub Kubo Rojíček

6 hours ago

We love you anyhow you look one love bra

TONIGHT: Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro with @RoyalBloodUK. Official Artwork: @RaviAmarZupa #PJLIVE2018 #PearlJam

vision of the invisible 4 sure.

Alexis De Classic

6 hours ago

put a hundred thousand dollars in the bible

Rich Boss

6 hours ago

Hi Jayden

I'm watching the film with you and your dad

'The pursuit of happyness

Happy Anniversary baby.. 3 years in and we are stronger than ever. I love u to pieces!!#3yearanniversary #bestfriend

Knot in a million years 🤣🤣🤣. Keep it going

I don’t know who you are........but I like you. -Brad

Barbara Farney

12 hours ago

Evan, this is what we need for the ceremony... lol

Tony Rodriguez

12 hours ago

Now thats a limo

Esther Vega Castro

12 hours ago

It's Boss Hog!

LOL man I’m snowed in, I’m bored🤕#power #TheOath

Our new Scott Living Home Luxury Resort Fabric Collection has arrived! Which of these four fabrics is your favorite?? #scottliving

Noely Tejada

10 hours ago

The coral is my favorite.

Jamie Freeman

10 hours ago

3 In 1970 I might have liked number 4 and if I were around in 1950 or before 1960 then number One Then again if number 9ne came in the colors of the 60's then that is whole other thing.....number 2 is to ocean side. not an ocean girl...

1 or 4, mostly 4 thanks to more boldness... I love beach theme patterns to, specially the starfish, but only if its a beach theme room

#ComereCallado Vol.1 “En Vivo” Proximamente Suscribete a mi canal de @YouTube //GerardoOrtiz89 #GerardoOrtiz

‪We’re suckers for a good love song!‬ (Full video link in bio) #lovesong

Karen Hernandez

9 hours ago

Tryin' to get a beat studio, ya'll send me some money @ my Paypal (, lol, love ya'll!

Dilarang Melarang Dilarang

9 hours ago

Cute swim wear & robe

Diane Mercier

9 hours ago

Yeah , i see you baby ? 😍😘

Mxrco TMz

6 hours ago

Smart man with lovely face and sweet smile 😘 I 💜 U AM 😘

Sergio Medina Santos

6 hours ago

Mi Austin Esposo Te Amo Inmensamente Muaa👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨❤️!!Amorsote Lindo sexi porte me encantas muaa👩‍❤️‍👨😘 !!

Manuel Wilches

13 hours ago

That your phone number this it my cell phone number. 4013662737 to send in. Message. On my phone I'm just a friend

What’s your motovation??? 🤔🤔 #gang #fitness #saopaulo

Someone say spring???🌹💐🌷🌸🌼🌻🌺

#sayless 📸 @nikkolamere

Will Giezekamp

4 hours ago

Have u concluded admiring youeslf?

Angelina Nguyen

9 hours ago

I need this body tonight its cold in DC

Tane Edwards

9 hours ago

Miss Universe 2019!

Walk into the club like... 😝 @roypurdy

Practice sketch on Wonder Woman @gal_gadot Not perfect but work makes you better... SWIPE RIGHT FOR THE PROGRESS...

#MarvinsMotivationalMoment #MirrorTalk #ReadRememberRecieve #IHave #CommandYourDay #BeAmazing

Matt Nelson

11 hours ago

Yes everything I'm going through is preparing me for something great I believe it and I receive it in Jesus name Amen

Lauren Stewart

11 hours ago

Amen I received that in Jesus Christ name

Carlos Balan

11 hours ago

Yess I declare in the name of the lord.

Argentina ❤️ pic @alivecoverage

Always love hanging out at Kate Spade! This floral dress was perfect for the first day of spring. 🌸 @katespadeny #bloombloom #katespadejoy

‪what we experienced was only ours. a night we’ll never forget. thank you for the blood sweat and tears Paraguay ‬ ‪pic: Cristóbal Núñez‬

Reinventing the Steel was released on this day, 18 years ago! What’s your favorite track from this record? #pantera #reinventingthesteel #dimebagdarrell #rexbrown #philanselmo #vinniepaul

#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ Are you rolling around in the mud with a baby elephant happy? (elephant preserve Thailand) Via:@wildlifeistravelers #animalonearth

Obrigado Rio! 🙌🏽🇧🇷
Celebrate #PearlJam Night at @FenwayPark on 6/22 during @RedSox vs @Mariners & @SafecoField on 7/20 for @Mariners vs @WhiteSox. Both games will feature limited edition items and plenty of #PearlJam. Links in bio.

"Wrap myself around you, never let you go, there's nothin' in the world that feels like..." 🎶

Watch the official lyric video for #ComingHome!

SirHam M OxyMo

an hour ago

My son’s coming home on Leave from the Navy 4/2/18. I’m going to be Blasting this song as he walks in the door. I’ve loved Keith’s music since the late 90’s & it’s getting better & better. I’d do anything to see him in concert. Thanks for all the music and memories Keith,and of course the band❣️❣️❌⭕️♥️✝️

Larry Thompson

an hour ago

Yet another great song from this wonderfully talented & giving guy. Can’t wait for this one to get in my car CD player so I can blast it non stop. Thanks Keith😘😘😘

Sage Sherfick

an hour ago

Love button .. a thousand times .. that me and my husband .. 44 years of marriage .. 74 years old tomorrow .. still sweet lovers .. imagine that . Thanks KU 💜

Gracias y más gracias! Desde dónde escuchas #ElClavo? Comenta con tu bandera 👇👇👇

Lip injections or no?! 📸 @alimahdaviparis 💉👄🚫

🤕look I️ know l need help LOL😆. I’m a go see somebody in the morning ok. #Power 🤭

BTS selfies from the Instyle shoot

Scott Dixon

12 hours ago

Flawless skin and beautiful body no matter what ppl say. Love her so much. Wish I could meet her and talk to her.

Riley Van Andel

12 hours ago

My God I just did not believe, Katy Perry is in Brazil and she has already done her show, And in April next month you Demi will be in Brazil doing 4 shows And I still do not believe !!! I love you demi !! Brazil loves you !! Come April !!! My only Diva !!! My perfect inspiration !!!
Eu Te Amo Demi !!! Brasil!!

Gia Angeles

12 hours ago

Sometimes I wonder how I can love you so much and I don't even know you in person. I really like you, I'm in love with you 🌷😍

Been holding on to this one for a long time. Excited to finally announce #TheEndlessSummerTour with @LilUziVert, @TyDollaSign, @YBNNahmir, @MurdaBeatz_ and @p_lo 😈🔥😈 Pre sale now (code: ENDLESS), and tix available everywhere this Friday. Which city is going to be the craziest?

Dummy of the week

Takin it back to Scary Movie for a little laugh #lol 🤣

Dress of my dreams 👗 @wmag

Johannes Pönisch

14 hours ago

You gotta start showing your tv show on all could see including me.


14 hours ago

Beautiful pic 😊, have a wonderful day

Xenia Oxana

14 hours ago

Lucy Hale super best rules all magic of light and darkness in the mist of all darkness of not knowing she is all knowing

Can’t wait to play #Lolla this year! See the full lineup and get your tickets here:
Can’t wait to play #Lolla this year! See the full lineup and get your tickets here:

Leon Shakur

17 hours ago

Jenny Choi .... UHM HELP

Juan Josue

17 hours ago

Lauren Goddard let’s go

Carol Parker

17 hours ago

Richard Carl Poulson omg this is better than osheaga and probably cheaper to get to Chicago lolol

Do you know Bobby Digital?

Shantaia Myles

16 hours ago

Respect! Great work. Digi Bullet too. But your best work you did on Gravediggaz and beginning of Sunz of man mythology.

Prashant Thakur

16 hours ago

Bobby? ??? Oh Lord He.. "Walks Strange and Talks Strange" ...He don't Sleep He Don't Eat Meat... He Speaks without Moving His Lips! "

Terry Yuki

16 hours ago

Bobby , bobby, bobby, digi,digi,digi, seeping through your ass like a Victoria secret wedgey !

❄️.. Where’s that snow storm?? I’m ready!

Proud to support the incredible students behind March for our Lives. On March 24, they march on Washington, DC to demand an end gun violence in our schools and communities. Please join them: #MarchForOurLives
All TIDAL members now have access to pre-sale tickets for new shows as well as 2nd shows in select markets for the #OTR2 Tour with Beyoncé. Order now on #TIDALxOTR2

Pelope NU

3 hours ago

Maryland shooting was stopped by a gun

Janice Powell

12 hours ago

Let's begin with stop singing about that retaliation on one another and stop just thinking about our own.

Nancy Hovey

12 hours ago

Fight like a soldier. Mosque #8 in San Diego, California. Asalamalacum, Jayz to you and your family. More power to you. 5:35 pm 3/21/2018