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RIP Verne Troyer

Love of Rap

7 hours ago


Simon Peschel

7 hours ago

Another one bites the dust... #RESTEASY

Paul Scoggin

7 hours ago

Yo we need that crazy new album from yall. and one from 50

Christine van Dalen

15 hours ago

Karen Szwedowski Emma McGregor 😂😂x

Angela Wang

15 hours ago

Taylor Paige haha x

Aneta Furtak

15 hours ago

U ain’t never lie 😂 I need my weed

Happy 15th Anniversary #AmericanLife!! Which song from the album is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Danielle Downing

an hour ago

Bloody love this album

American Life and Hollywood are brilliant (you totes should have kept the original video for American Life. It’s very true and even more apt nowadays)

But I have to say I ADORE Nothing Fails and X-Static Process


Whitty Whitcombe

5 hours ago

Nothing Fails - I can totally relate to the story of meeting your soulmate. 💜 you always Patrick, just take it from me 😘

And next to that: Mother and Father, Hollywood and I’m So Stupid.

Aryan Dadhich

9 hours ago

Easy Ride - it is such an emotionally moving end of a great album. It brings the philosophy of life: I go round and round just like a circle
I can see a clearer picture
When I touch the ground I come full circle
To my place and I am home
I am home <3

Today, we celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary...We listened to stories of how they met and their first years together...the good Lord sure did bless them...and us! ❤️❤️❤️ I think these crazy kids are gonna make it!

Elizabeth Beverly

a day ago

Happy anniversary! Hope u and Mike get to experience this wonderful event!

Amanda Quinlan Leger

a day ago

Happy anniversary and congratulations to your parents Carrie.

Shelley Harris

a day ago

Your parents are blessed in many ways. Congrats.

Last night at Autism Speaks.

Agnes Dominique

7 hours ago

AUTISM SPEAKS DOES NOT ACTUALLY HELP AUTISTICS. Please support groups that are actually by autistics for autistics, instead of this group that wants to cure us and sympathizes with abusive parents who hurt kids like us.

Latricia Law

7 hours ago

Was it the best song in the woooooooorld???

Carla Wyatt

7 hours ago

There's two dudes I'd love to hang out with

Deceneu Dan

an hour ago

Como m gustaría conocerte en persona, aún que fuera un minuto, m encantan tus canciones!!!

Tiffanie Beasley

an hour ago

Tan lindo cómo siempre, como quisiera verte al menos unos minutos 😍💜

Erickahlo Wenzel

an hour ago

Eres mi artista fabirita ..portoda lavida gera. Cuando estoy triste alegre siempre meacon pañan tus canciônes .

Lil King somehow you always got caught up in the middle of things being the baby and all, but yet you still found a way to love on me. Your protection is unreal over your Big Sis and it’s crazy! I know sometimes you get a little down and you feel that you’re so far from all the things your beart truly desires, but you’re not! I can see it and I’ve dreamed it over and over that you will pick up and walk sooner than later. I look at you and I’m like Dang!! What’s different? I know. You’re standing taller now Lil Bro. God had to allow things to happen in order to bring forth your personal growth. Keep going man, keep fighting, keep crying because Grandma always told me that those are your liquid prayers. This time when our Father presses that Go Button (Be The Man You’ve Never Seen Before) Don’t look back, Don’t crave old habits but create NEW ONES, Champ. Make Tyquan proud of his Uncl💪🏾 P.S. Love your sister Tasia and I’ll make sure I scoop you up so you can roll the window down and let the wind blow through your hair 🤗 when I get back from LA. I’ve watched you fight and it’s pretty amazing. After being hit and thrown 100ft away from your bike, 30 something surgeries, not being able to talk, kidneys failing, liver failing, broken bones, pelvis shattered, stomach wide open, and having to be on a feeding tube for almost 6 months 😳 Look at you now! Thank you for being strong 👊🏾

Elizabeth Garcia

9 minutes ago

This is my testimony. When I was 21 I was in a bad car wreck my head and neck went thru the windshield and hit a telephone pole. I had a fx nose cheek bone partially severed trachea and larynx and torn mouth. The wire my mouth together and put stem in my larynx to keep me from speaking . I had a trachea tube inserted into my trachea so that I could breath.It took me many months to recover I did by the grace of God. So I tell you this young man to inspire to keep on fighting and praying and God will fully heal you
God Bless.

Aileen C. Lacdan

9 minutes ago

Yes God🙌keep your head up young man God is not through blessing you❣

Tears are for cleansing, stress and relief
Created by God just to give us release
They're not in vain, for soon will come peace
If you sow in tears you'll reap in joy

So don't be afraid to cry
He sees your tears, He hears your prayer
Your mourning, He'll turn to dancing,
This too will pass, your day is comin'
The tears may flow but don't let go
If you sow in tears you'll reap in joy🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Maribel Gonzales

9 minutes ago

Great story!! It just shows you what God can do when you have faith the size of a mustard seed!! I prayed for him and look at what God has done for this young man! So amazing!!🙏 works!!

On my way to the airport I realized my dog Luna smelled terrible- she must have rolled in something right before we left. This called for an emergency bath in the airport bathroom sink. Classy or trashy?

Utshab Karmakar

7 hours ago


I once got on an airplane after not sleeping for three days and not showering for two of them

I am annoyed by everyone in this society

So pardon me for inconveniencing one sensation you have in a shared space

Wow, I cried almost the whole way ... I do almost every time I travel

You care more about your dog than I do myself

Why do women talk to my dog and give him all their love and not me? Sad face

Chris Wojciechowski Sobczak

7 hours ago

A good 'Mommy' does whatever needs to be done, when it is needed... and sometimes "being classy" has to be put aside in favor of caring for the 'child'... :) <3

Katy Harmon Duggan

7 hours ago

Very classy. I would appreciate a pet owner who made sure their pet smelled nice before we all boarded a plane and sat in in a confined cabin for hours.

April 21st, 2017 was the greatest day of my life, and today marks the greatest year of my life. When I randomly grabbed these boxing gloves before I entered the reception, I thought it was a joke, but looking back on it now I think it’s much more symbolic then I realized... cause in order to even be at a place where we could marry, we had to earn it. When we met, Maria and I both knew that the goal of getting to know one another was to see if we were meant to marry... the goal was not to hook up or chill... and that meant we had to do things different then then “swipe right” culture we live in... and that took work, self-restraint and a genuine love which always puts the other person first... the result of this process: I found my best friend first... and that’s the women I am honored to journey through life with until death do we part... here’s to many more, and it’s my prayer that we can all find our best friends to journey through life with!

Mateusz Bednarczyk

8 hours ago

It’s the way my husband and I did it and that is the way we taught our children. 🙂

Fernanda Ribeiro

8 hours ago

Happy anniversary to both made for each other

Shemar Moore

8 hours ago

April 21st is our wedding date also. 28 years!

This time last week I was with my girls... ☺️ Have a great show tonight B! #Beychella

Cormac Kavanagh

an hour ago

Hello! Gilbertim da viola (Brazil) dreams in one day, you sing one of your COMPOSITIONS! Sign up for VIOLA's GILBERTIM channel on YouTube! Thank you

Ricardo Carreño

5 hours ago

You're so cute Kelly. You're my favorite one. Keep it up!😘😍

George Moreira

9 hours ago

I know y'all is Looking Gorgeously Beautiful Enjoy .....

Police just swooped in and took Nikol Pashinyan from the crowd and are now taking all other leaders of the movement and protestors. Amot!! Shame on you!!
Watching it live here

Phenson Junior Cayes

15 hours ago

Serj you have a huge audience in Armenia. People need you right now, please leave everything on your agenda and fly to Armenia. Everyone will understand your choice cuz there is nothing more important right now than standing for your country!!

Sabrina Hill Baldwin

15 hours ago

Tankyan jan du arden yugh es varum. You know what it means?? It means don't say some bullshit. If you wanna come and support your nation just do it..Millions of Armenins scream out loud "Tankian come here". What you do is just posting some BULLSHIT. So don't pretend to be a cool guy ok. Just be here if you really care

Cosmin Iulian Stancu

15 hours ago

Dear Serj Tankian

I just wanted to tell you that Armenia is in a huge danger.
And we need you here ASAP! Because people are scared, youth is scared! You say that Armenian people should not leave their county. But how can they live like slaves all their lives? Even you can’t imagine your life here. And now we’re fighting for better Armenia but as you see we’re losing.
Our “prime minister” threatened whole nation in front of cameras and journalists with 1st of March 2008.
And now police is doing everything to hurt people to scare them to make them hide and shut up for another 10 years! Some people get scared, some are not! But with your REAL support! People will believe in themselves! We need you NOW!!! Not soon, not 1 week later... WE NEED YOU NOW!! Or as “prime minister” said... there’ll be irrevocable losses!!! The generation will vanish!!! WE NEED YOU! Come and help us!

Kind regards
Marina 17 y/o.

Blower is excited to play a #soldoutshow tonight in Harrah, OK! #hinder #hindermusic #grateful

Dimitri Oyo

14 hours ago

Hinder ROCKS still love playin their tracks ☺☺☺

Kunihiko Ogawa

a day ago

Look at that beard!! Lol

James Nelson

a day ago

Can't wait! I'll be there!

working on new music this week.hope u guys have a great Sunday.

Jovane Ayo

5 hours ago

Hope you have a great Sunday too MattyB

Rainer Grabow

5 hours ago

I will wait, love u, have a great sunday

Jeleisa Alston

5 hours ago


Melissa Grimm

7 hours ago

They all look great!!

Nataliya Stoeva

7 hours ago

Que tiro foi essa

Fernanda Salas

7 hours ago

Yas! 3 beautiful black strong sistas👏🏿👍🏿✊🏿❤️

game night

Ammaar Ansari

5 hours ago

Want going out today see you today want come to my happy birthday on May 31 st

Victorien Kenke

13 hours ago

u guys really think Matt loves Gracie or Kate just because they took photos together or something like that???????

Joseph Ventura

5 hours ago

Coz ur post s bringng division in Matty family!.

Going through old photos... long haired me. Backstage. Circa 2012. 📷: Ando / Leica Camera

Ross Dick

6 hours ago

Your smile is the best and your personality but I the short hair and you

Paul Jen Epic

6 hours ago

Loved you with the long hair!!❤️❤️

Robyn Smith

6 hours ago

There is your Hair that you lost ...Take it back wow z wow wow .... 😀😀😀😀

B’ Mornin 🌞

Lidia Ula Danyluk

9 hours ago

No offense, but at first I thought it was a cosplay for Samara Morgan 😂😂

Faith Swart

21 hours ago


Michael Tramel

a day ago

I want to meet you Kelly

I first heard Prince from my next door neighbor De De, she was the biggest Prince fan. I used to like that he would say some sexual stuff in his songs haha. But the more I listened, the more I discovered how special and incredible and layered his music really was. And then there was the movie and Album Purple Rain which will forever be a classic. Sign of the Times was the Album that defined the summer my cousin Ajile and I went to visit my father. I say all this to say Prince’s Music has marked my life. I got to meet him and performed at his Birthday party at Paisley Park.I got to see the Doves (when doves cry) and have a conversation with him, Erykah and Larry Graham.After his B Day, Prince gave me the opportunity to record at Paisley Park. So theSoulquarians took a trip to Paisley (Amazing). Prince was a good human being and one of the Greatest Talents this planet has ever seen. He was truly a genius and though his physical may be Resting in Power, his Spirit Liveson and His Music has helped Change the Planet. I honor you and love all that you brought to us Great One.

Jennifer Walker

6 hours ago

Love Prince my mother and I went see him in Charlotte N.C..Wonderful performance with Anthony Hamilton.He made two encores. RIP

Michael Havens

6 hours ago

I am so sad he was left this way an overdose alone in an elevator. Drug addicts are not bums or losers they are sick. They have the cancer of the soul. Subconsciously, he couldn't bare living in his miserable mind prison.

Diyan Amrun

14 hours ago

I was so fortunate to see his last official concert in ATL with my childhood best friend who we use to listen to him on the floor of her room. Never will we forget our Raspberry beret!

I'm a rainbow 💕✨🌈✨💕‬
📸Vittorio Masecchia

Lee Chelle Duncan

9 hours ago

Wish my hair looked like that atm Louise

Marisa Pebley

17 hours ago

Never mind the haters and bashers, just keep spreading your inspiring songs and we will always here to listen. Your a beautiful angel for me, your songs inspired me a lot. I'ved been looking forward that maybe one day I could see you personally. I'm from the Philippines. I love you. Stay healthy and nice as always.😘

John M. Albano

21 hours ago

Wow! Kesha !!! Your my favorite color!!!!
My husband Euing Euing D. Clark is a bass player and I’d love to hear him play for you!!!!!

#HappyBirthday to the beautiful woman I met 8 years ago and knew instantly I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I love you more than words can describe❤️

Robert Otto

7 hours ago

Happy birthday, Linda! I hope it's a wonderful one. Have a lovely and blessed year ahead too.

Pam White

7 hours ago

Happy Birthday Linda I hope you enjoy the day and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I think you and Drew make an adorable couple and I wish you every happiness together.

Anna Raman

7 hours ago

Parabéns você está muito bonita parece garotinha de quinze anos amei.

This video shoot was incredible!!! What dreams are made of... #Slave4U

Surya Sebayang

9 hours ago

Hi Britney, honey! I also loved this video, you are very sexy, it is a fantastic video Slave4U. Have a great week, a big hug.

Isao Yamamoto

17 hours ago

Baby dont u wanna dance up on me to another time and place...get it get it 😄😄😄 somethin like that, where's the Phyton by the way🤣

Alice Taylor

17 hours ago

Love, love, love it. One of my favorite videos and songs. You look great now but I thought you looked amazing then especially in that video!

#NoTearsLeftToCry sweatshirt bundle available now ♡ 💧 ‪‬

Kim Fryar

13 hours ago

Ariana Grande Store accepts Paypal? I need to buy No Tears Left To Cry with Paypal, I'm Venezuelan, it's my only payment method :(

Roziel Torres

21 hours ago

Mana, yo te amo un chingo y obvio ame NTLTC ❤️ todo lo qué haces es hermoso, pero no mames todo nos quieres vender, cuídate mucho, un beso 😘 piensa, recapacita, cuídate y procúrate. Xo. Lo voy a comprar de todas formas 🙄 adiós y bye. 🔥✨

Hennie Ritsema

21 hours ago

Ariana i love you so much i want to have a meet and greet hug with but that would be super out of my wallet

It’s not what u do but how u do it ! And @Beyonce you have out done yourself ! Only u know how to top this ! I wouldn’t have missed this for the world ! #beychella
These woman blow me away! Not only for the performers they r but for the truly beautiful people , I know them to be ! I love yal ! @beyonce @michellewilliams @kellyrowland #beychella
It don’t get no better than this ! My idea of fun! #beychella
So let’s talk about last night @katyperry @iamcardib ..... that A list goes on and on #beychella

Jonathan Razalo

an hour ago

Hey cousin jennifer looking good

Raghda Oda

5 hours ago

Beautiful and talented ladies😘😘👑👑

Debra McFarland

5 hours ago

Two beauty face I always love too see

Incredible. Serge Sarkissian literally threatens the citizens of Armenia with violence with his "March 1 2008" explicit threat if they don't stop their peaceful protest and resistance. He really does seem totally out of touch. I implore the Parliament of Armenia to do the right thing and immediately take away his powers to avoid bloodshed so the people won't have to do it themselves. I think this video shows exactly how little he cares for his people.
He is done..toast.

Jeremy Antoine Hayes

7 hours ago

Serj Sargsyan has proved that he is not Armenian , cause he wants to completely destroy our country, say no to this government! Thanks for encouragement!

Roger Aguirre

15 hours ago

Serj Tankian
Please make everyone's attention on the current situation in Yerevan, Armenia.
Use your resourses to help us out.

Roslyn Pleasants

15 hours ago

This is one of those critical moments in the Armenian history Serj, collect celebrities, write open letters, finally, drop everything and come here. your posts are good, but not sufficient. this is about Armenia's future for many years. As true Armenian, stand up with us, collect others and bring them over here. you know what's happening.

What's your favorite song on #RearviewTown?

Richard Ayala

an hour ago

The entire album is awesome!! Rearview Town, Blacktop gone, High noon neon, I’ll wait for you are great tracks! Can’t wait to see him May 24 at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Erika Rein

an hour ago

It's been playing in the truck nonstop since last Saturday. Rearview Town, High Noon Neon, Ride all night. My son still has his hat you signed for him at the Galaxy Theater in Southern California in 05. Hicktown had just hit country radio. And you were like 7th or 8th to pay that night. He and I have our tickets for Bridgestone.

Daniele Gazzola

5 hours ago

Drowns the Whiskey! Featuring Miranda Lambert and she takes it to another level. We've got it on repeat and it's repeated at least 30 times. Best so t we've heard in a long time. ❤

Well yesterday was a day I will never forget. I guess it was a day to say goodbye to Mrs. Barbara Bush, who I love very much. But for me, it was like… I’ll see you later... on the other side. What an amazing woman… Blessed beyond measure to call her friend. Would appreciate your prayers for President Bush (#41). This will be a big adjustment… Praying that the King of comfort will overwhelm him today and in the days ahead. Grateful!

Jacoby Paje

6 hours ago

¿Ese hombre no es el promotor de "NOM"? el nuevo orden mundial cuando fue presidente en 1990 , y su hijo george bush promotor de la señal luciferina de "voor" 🤘 en todos sus eventos publicos ? Solo pregunto... si es el mismo

Bere Medrano

6 hours ago

Glad you were able to be there and we were glad to see it on TV! It was a beautiful service and loved the Holy City!

Bella Mazanov

6 hours ago

Prayers that the unhinged people posting that President Bush passed away, will stop the insanity.

Beychella pop-up shop available for a limited time only:

Ramon D. Ortiz

an hour ago

What mighty drug is sis on? Bih been trying to make us broke since tax season. I love you Bey, but you're already rich sis 🤷🏽

Dale Harris

5 hours ago

Mas o dólar no Brasil é muito alto tá minha querida, não dá pra pagar tão caro numa blusa assim não. Não sou rica que nem você não kkkk 💔
Mas libera uma musiquinha nova pra nois, que isso é de graça e já nos deixa feliz. 💙

Ruben Minasyan

5 hours ago

We want to buy the stuff you're wearing Beyoncé!!! The yellow and pink BAK shirts that you wore at Cochella!

Thanks again Richmond. ✌️

Michael Stampfer

5 hours ago

Soy mexicana pero me encanta cómo eres no en tiendo tu idioma pero no me importa yo busco como traducción y listo 😘😍

Fulgencio Morales Ventura

9 hours ago

you are absolutely incredible, it is too much talent that runs through your veins, my admiration and respect always ... do not forget that I love your smile

Fernando Silvestre

9 hours ago

I bet this was amazing and would have been a definite check on the bucket list. Please come back again!

Thank you, Tampa. #triparoundthesun #noshoesnation

Lilian M. Nogueira

6 hours ago

I am so jealous of all those who attended Kenny Chesney is the best of the best he puts on awesome shows...he is AMAZING!!!

Mark Patrick Dein

6 hours ago

Had so much fun thank you Kenny Chesney ! And all the other Band's and Grew!
Don't be gone for 5 year's again!

Clare Gehlich

6 hours ago

So AMAZING!!! Thank you for starting the tour off here in Tampa!!!! 🤩😍🤩😍🤩 #triparoundthesun #noshoesnation

Just updated the Spotify #SartorianTop25 playlist!! Who’s bumping the new songs I added? Go follow it with the link below!

Jatin Gurjar

14 hours ago

Alysia Nicole we're even on his spotify now😂

Aaron Bowling

14 hours ago

Jacob Neary the fact this pleb is still relevant really gets on my nerves. Nothing that mummy and daddy’s bank account won’t get him 🙄

Maria Catarino

a day ago

love and miss yaa!! come back to praguee❤️🔥

Sending love to all our fans... getting that right image can take forever... it’s like taking a selfie, you just want to get it right... we love looking back on outtakes! We forgot about these shots! Mike was always dancing, you just couldn’t stop him! God bless.

Barbara Richardson

6 hours ago

I love you all since the age of 6 year old I'm a fan till the end

Napaporn Saisaw

6 hours ago

Biggest mj fan in the whole world!!!!!

Paul Meschaninov

6 hours ago

Michael peters once said about Michael Jackson “he’s a dancer in his soul” and no truer words could have ever been spoken about him. ❤️

Miss you guys... 🖤

Linda Stroud Bittle

5 hours ago

Boohoo i was a drug addict waaaa feel sorry for me give me all the attention make a huge deal out of it feel sorry for me WAAAAAAA! That's all I hear out of Demi

Tom Nedimyer

9 hours ago

Demi,why are you doing pictures like that??? You have so much talent,people love you for your voice and your talent!!! I prefer you before!!! It' s your singing skills that we love.........Laetitia.

Barbara Tompa

13 hours ago

Demi Lovato You are one of the best singers out right now! Your vocal range is truly impressive and the emotion you put into the song really makes me feel everything you sing. I love singing along with your songs even though I sound pretty terrible trying to keep pace with you. Keep making awesome music!

I thank Him everyday for giving me that second chance 🙏🏾

Antonio Aranda

7 hours ago

Amennnnnnnn God of second chances and chance after that and after that and...................... Thank youuuuuuuuu Jesus!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Michael Williams

7 hours ago

Amen and God bless you Uncle Charlie

Naomi Wambui

7 hours ago

Bless you Uncle Charlie! Glad you overcame your obstacles. Nobody but God! 🙏

Hey Guys! Mark here and Casting Crowns is in studio preparing for a new Album. I’m so excited about the music and the message we’ve been given to sing to the Christ followers and to the world!

Michael Gutemberg

7 hours ago

That’s awesome news. I was just thinking of the group this morning wishing I New what church you minister at. Thinking it would be nice to visit.

Jessica Davis

7 hours ago

Your music has meant so much to me. Doesn't matter what I'm going thru, there's always a song that speaks to me.

Gabriela Sulzbacker

7 hours ago

I remember when I got saved back in 2007, it was a three day concert. I gave my life to Christ at a Jeremy Camp concert. The next day my friend and I were sitting in the back row to your show when a lady walked up to us and gave us her two front row seat tickets. It was amazing. God is so good!

What an incredible mural located in our hometown of Gary, Indiana that can be seen just off of 5th and Broadway. This piece was created by Felix Maldonado and Omar Marin.

Kerry Roberts

6 hours ago

Beautiful mural 4 the Jacksons love u all God bless Michael x

Fernanda Yamile Aguinaga Quintero

6 hours ago

Gary's own...MOUNT RUSHMORE. ICONIC !! 🤔😁😎

Iesha Payne

6 hours ago


Flying High Again

Akvilė Lan

an hour ago

How did he get those shoes off of the ground

Mouhamad Naby

an hour ago

this is hella cool. would be cool to put a huge version of this in a house with a big drop or something

Molly Collins

an hour ago

keeping the fort down here in White Sands, sending up a metal missile...Alamogordro


Marcel Daubner

6 hours ago

Conrad Steinmetz Joyal flew down from Massachusetts to go with his buddy Nick Fantasia! Jealous mom at home. But so happy for the boys. What an awesome 21st birthday week Conrad had...💙

Marcel Daubner

6 hours ago

This was nothing but a high energy show from start to finish! The band was great and Kenny was amazing. So glad we went.

Emery Ngoy

6 hours ago

Thank you for singing Old Blue Chair last nite! My 8th time and you still are the best and such love all day long! Have a great tour!

Francisco Guadarrama Garcia

7 hours ago

Why he trying to look like Keith Sweat

Matrell Nance

7 hours ago

You are SO hot - are you married?

Andjela Ramljak

7 hours ago

Chris you are one funny man....... keep up the good work....from UK Fan

Taking my time
To untangle the wires
And stare into my sanity

Jenna Mayer

7 hours ago

Today I bought two of his cds. And when I heard his acoustic Wide awake.... I was balling.... what a shame that such a talented soul is gone. God I miss him 😞

Tiffanie Morris Lugo

7 hours ago

Much better Earth when he was physically on it. But he is not gone, he is in my heart..part of me and you. How blessed we are to have been able to experience him, his love, his immeasurable talent. His passing shook me to the core and I'm dreading the anniversary of it. Yet, I believe w all my heart he is singing with that angelic voice in the presence of the Lord now. He is safe and Happy 💙✌️☮️🌏 Happy Earth day Chris!

Magnusen Minerva

7 hours ago

The guy didnt die, he just went home. Life on earth is nothing compared to eternity. Hes probably jamming out with Layne.

I really needed this birthday weekend getaway #coachella

Tiara Darden

15 hours ago

Ravishingly beautiful woman, glad you are having a super weekend, you deserve it dear, continue to enjoy it. Love you, be safe.

ÁDil Èl

15 hours ago

Happy birthday, live it up and report back!

Ricardo Espada

15 hours ago

Well I knew it was your birthday I would have asked to celebrate it with you

Yandira Medrano

6 hours ago

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..😜

Nancy Hovey

6 hours ago

My constant state of mind 🤣

Renato Luchino

6 hours ago

Another great song 👍🏼 LOVE MB20

Mary Grace Ching

8 hours ago

تتجوزيني يا بت

June Brier

8 hours ago

Very nice pic

Hi guys! Just wanted to share with y’all that I’ll be stopping by Good Morning America on Monday, April 23rd. Make sure to tune-in at 7AM! 😃

Dajana Leprich

7 hours ago

I can't wait got my dvr ready to record he is one of my favorites if American Idol he is so good love him he is such a great singer!

Miller Maman

14 hours ago

Can't wait, David :) GMA is my morning ritual and you popping by for a visit will make it all the better :)

Helton Marcial

a day ago

Congratulations David, my favorite entertainer!

My new friend wanted to say hello. 🐍 Had a nice day off in Austin, TX and spent some of it at the Austin Aquarium!Thanks Carrie for the invite to our crew to come and talk to the animals!

Caren Chumba

7 hours ago

Hey cousin you’re down in Austin and you didn’t tell me!?

Fabrizio Pællöttö

7 hours ago

Saved this post for me please thank you so much

Yazan Dyab

7 hours ago

Hi David archuleta

‪Get out there and enjoy our earth with the special earthlings in your life! #EarthDay ‬🌎

Emily Mayes

7 hours ago

I wish I could be there in that circle.

Shavonne Duncan

7 hours ago

4pastie white guys meet with chief buffttan to discuss poetry on the prairie

Sam Brooks

7 hours ago

The hills are alive with the sounds of studlies!!

Fun times ! @rockdbyholly #Coachella2018
I’m on my way butfirst thank u @iamwill for my shades and @adamburrell for my makeup and @tiffdoeshair for my hair and @rockdbyholly for my nails and @rockdbyholly @sashkajewelry for my square rings #Coachella2018

Ersula Johnson

an hour ago

Omg she’s beautiful!!

Nelzy Kerava

5 hours ago

I love all of your songs my favorite one Where you at and I'm changing.

Courtney Owen

9 hours ago

You looked beautiful, Jennifer! May God bless & keep you in prayers! ❤️🙏🏾

Saharat Lopit

an hour ago

WOW! I Ariana, I loved your new single! Great, I watched that video more than 30 times! 😊🎬

Your voice is as precious as ever and i know, You always give new things to your fans, Like "No Tears left to Cry". I can't believe that video is amazing! 🎬😊
You have a great creative ability. 💐🌷

Don't forget, You're the Angel of United States.👯 🌎💐
Your parents can so proud of you Ariana Angel! 👪

I love you so much and very proud of you Ariana, Always with you! 🙌🌷

All the best and Good bless you Ariana. 👯😇🎆🎇

Youko Satou

an hour ago

Congratulations for your song, maybe you do not see this but let me tell you that I loved it, it is a great material despite being very repetitive the song but you do not even feel it.
Believe me now I listen to her every time.
Truly, you have done a good job. You know how to make clear how big Ariana is. Enjoy your moment. Greetings from Mexico. 🇲🇽

Kieran Coleski

an hour ago

Great road to gaining your trust of the public; also keep track of yourself for safety of your future. Look forward to more of " Adriana".

Brenen Burnett

6 hours ago

So glad I met him a few years ago! RIP Verne!!

Amanda Textor

a day ago

A sad day, Verne was great.

Suki Minhas

a day ago

Rest Up buddy!! You brought joy to our hearts, you will be remembered well!!

Zimbabwe on FIA tonight!!! #30BillionAfricaTour🇿🇼

Erica Westerman

7 hours ago

Yesterday was epic with Davido at HICC Zimbabwe

MaryAnn Jones

7 hours ago

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Jessica Huang

15 hours ago

How many of u can go to church night vigil like this

Happy birthday CC!

Photo by Jeremy Saffer

András Hámorszky

7 hours ago

Happy Birthday CC !!! Sending love and light your way 😘❤️️😘❤️️

Esther Miozzottys Moreno Zarate

a day ago

Happy birthday baby!!! 🎂🎊 Happy birthday to us!! 🙌🙋 I'm so thankful to celebrate my day with someone amazing and special like you! 😊😚 I hope we can meet us on tour (when you come to Colombia) to celebrate! 😄🎂🍻🎊 Happy day my crazy one! 🙌💖

Teavo Drayne

a day ago

Hannah Kruse you share a birthday w cc from bvb I wonder if he ate at Texas Roadhouse for his birthday today