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Christine van Dalen

8 hours ago

Karen Szwedowski Emma McGregor 😂😂x

Angela Wang

8 hours ago

Taylor Paige haha x

Aneta Furtak

8 hours ago

U ain’t never lie 😂 I need my weed

Happy 15th Anniversary #AmericanLife!! Which song from the album is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Aryan Dadhich

an hour ago

Easy Ride - it is such an emotionally moving end of a great album. It brings the philosophy of life: I go round and round just like a circle
I can see a clearer picture
When I touch the ground I come full circle
To my place and I am home
I am home <3

Bart Hao

5 hours ago

Totally underrated album! This is still ‘my’ Madonna album. The one I listened too as I finally took my place in the world as an adult and really began to ‘get’ Madonna! I’ve always been a fan but this is still the go to Madonna period for me! Nothing Fails, Love Profusion and Nobody knows me are true masterpieces! Please perform all 3 on your next tour! Also please can we have the Re-invention tour on DVD/BLU-RAY. I know there is a rights issue involving I’m going to tell you a secret and also it’s rumoured a full show doesn’t exist anymore,but I’m sure you could patch something together 😝. This tour was epic and deserves to be loved and rewatched as much as all of your tours!!!

Nick DeFrees

5 hours ago

Hugely underrated album! One of M’s best!!
My absolute fave track is Nothing Fails. It was played on the day I married my amazing super hero hubby, Graham! 💖 This song sums up exactly how I feel about him.

Police just swooped in and took Nikol Pashinyan from the crowd and are now taking all other leaders of the movement and protestors. Amot!! Shame on you!!
Watching it live here

Phenson Junior Cayes

7 hours ago

Serj you have a huge audience in Armenia. People need you right now, please leave everything on your agenda and fly to Armenia. Everyone will understand your choice cuz there is nothing more important right now than standing for your country!!

Sabrina Hill Baldwin

7 hours ago

Tankyan jan du arden yugh es varum. You know what it means?? It means don't say some bullshit. If you wanna come and support your nation just do it..Millions of Armenins scream out loud "Tankian come here". What you do is just posting some BULLSHIT. So don't pretend to be a cool guy ok. Just be here if you really care

Cosmin Iulian Stancu

7 hours ago

Dear Serj Tankian

I just wanted to tell you that Armenia is in a huge danger.
And we need you here ASAP! Because people are scared, youth is scared! You say that Armenian people should not leave their county. But how can they live like slaves all their lives? Even you can’t imagine your life here. And now we’re fighting for better Armenia but as you see we’re losing.
Our “prime minister” threatened whole nation in front of cameras and journalists with 1st of March 2008.
And now police is doing everything to hurt people to scare them to make them hide and shut up for another 10 years! Some people get scared, some are not! But with your REAL support! People will believe in themselves! We need you NOW!!! Not soon, not 1 week later... WE NEED YOU NOW!! Or as “prime minister” said... there’ll be irrevocable losses!!! The generation will vanish!!! WE NEED YOU! Come and help us!

Kind regards
Marina 17 y/o.

Today, we celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary...We listened to stories of how they met and their first years together...the good Lord sure did bless them...and us! ❤️❤️❤️ I think these crazy kids are gonna make it!

Elizabeth Beverly

17 hours ago

Happy anniversary! Hope u and Mike get to experience this wonderful event!

Amanda Quinlan Leger

17 hours ago

Happy anniversary and congratulations to your parents Carrie.

Shelley Harris

17 hours ago

Your parents are blessed in many ways. Congrats.

Celebrating Record Store Day with new, limited edition, vinyl in color for “Taylor Swift,” “Fearless,” and “1989” exclusively in record stores!

Bianca Diep

5 hours ago

I love you Taylor . I really am I big fan. but it sucks that nothing of you really cool exciting products are ever world wide. like these records. I collect everyone of yours and now I can't collect these ones.

Marcus Meyer

9 hours ago

Records are cool to look at but that’s it. I have my favorite albums on vinyl to look at cover art. Vinyl is so awkward to care for, bulky, costly and has zero to little portability. I want my music when and where ever I want it and not have to spent more to have multiple copies. Why are we stuck in the past with vinyl. If sound quality or flavor is the reason then Blu-ray audio / High Fidelity Pure Audio makes so much more since. Now if music labels would sell Vinyl and HFPA data files and or blu-ray audio together as a package deal I would look at new overpriced vinyl differently.

Lara Rupprecht

13 hours ago

RSD was a BIG day for me. Luckily, I collected all of these limited colored vinyls by visiting three record stores back and forth just to find the ones that are in mint condition and with numbers I like. Look how precious they are! They are the first four vinyls I got in my life. The biggest collection I’ve ever had. Taylor I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see you on Rep Stadium Tour in May 19th!! Only 28 days left!

I wonder what's for lunch today...

Jayesh Choure

9 hours ago

I think when he did that bat it was the one and only dracula !, and ozzy got dracula's powers than he become the Prince of darkness !, like we know ozzy to day, but he choose rock n roll !, that's he's real power !, he's only weakness is to lose all the fans, yeah right !, doomsday is before this day will be !, and it's a lacy ass day !, haha,

Ricardo Mendes

13 hours ago

Love the photo... But dear Ozzy Osbourne i would wait until the dove is at least medium rare :D Love Nima from Denmark.

Jonathan Petit

13 hours ago

It's sloppy joes, Ozzy, calm tf down

Incredible. Serge Sarkissian literally threatens the citizens of Armenia with violence with his "March 1 2008" explicit threat if they don't stop their peaceful protest and resistance. He really does seem totally out of touch. I implore the Parliament of Armenia to do the right thing and immediately take away his powers to avoid bloodshed so the people won't have to do it themselves. I think this video shows exactly how little he cares for his people.
He is done..toast.

Roger Aguirre

7 hours ago

Serj Tankian
Please make everyone's attention on the current situation in Yerevan, Armenia.
Use your resourses to help us out.

Roslyn Pleasants

7 hours ago

This is one of those critical moments in the Armenian history Serj, collect celebrities, write open letters, finally, drop everything and come here. your posts are good, but not sufficient. this is about Armenia's future for many years. As true Armenian, stand up with us, collect others and bring them over here. you know what's happening.

Malinda Wesley

7 hours ago

It is coming April 24 it’s not a day of genocide it’s a day of struggle and I think that our armenian governments do the best in order to prevent people from protesting. You should come immediately to Armenia 🇦🇲

April 21st, 2017 was the greatest day of my life, and today marks the greatest year of my life. When I randomly grabbed these boxing gloves before I entered the reception, I thought it was a joke, but looking back on it now I think it’s much more symbolic then I realized... cause in order to even be at a place where we could marry, we had to earn it. When we met, Maria and I both knew that the goal of getting to know one another was to see if we were meant to marry... the goal was not to hook up or chill... and that meant we had to do things different then then “swipe right” culture we live in... and that took work, self-restraint and a genuine love which always puts the other person first... the result of this process: I found my best friend first... and that’s the women I am honored to journey through life with until death do we part... here’s to many more, and it’s my prayer that we can all find our best friends to journey through life with!

Mateusz Bednarczyk

16 minutes ago

It’s the way my husband and I did it and that is the way we taught our children. 🙂

Fernanda Ribeiro

16 minutes ago

Happy anniversary to both made for each other

Shemar Moore

16 minutes ago

April 21st is our wedding date also. 28 years!

Blower is excited to play a #soldoutshow tonight in Harrah, OK! #hinder #hindermusic #grateful

Dimitri Oyo

6 hours ago

Hinder ROCKS still love playin their tracks ☺☺☺

Kunihiko Ogawa

15 hours ago

Look at that beard!! Lol

James Nelson

15 hours ago

Can't wait! I'll be there!

Today is the day! Happy Birthday, Iggy!

Danish Ansari

16 hours ago

Saw you many times over the years thanks for the memories happy birthday you're the man

Erin Gardner

16 hours ago

Iggy IS Rock’n’Roll. I would like to say thanks, Iggy, for being you. Your music has meant so fucking much to me. Cheers, man, you’re one of a kind!

Kirk Carrera

16 hours ago

Happy birthday Iggy ,from stratford upon avon ,there was a famous playwright from here but your lyrics always seem better to me ,saw you in Winnipeg 1982 , you dident last long as there was a commotion in the crowd ,love you man x

“Chris Cornell was a unique and extraordinary crafter of could literally throw anything at him, whether it was one chord or a riff...and he would some craft some beautiful, Cornell-ian melody out of it.” - Tom Morello

Debra Speer

7 hours ago

... and with his extraordinary amazing voice. Gone too soon. 😔

Dinis Paiva

15 hours ago

one of the most unique voices ever nobody ever had a voice that had more emotion and at the same time moved you and I grew up loving geoff tate and now Brent Smith nothing compares

Marion Prinz

15 hours ago

Music is life, through which, Chris gave us his all. Truly. Outstandingly, exquisitely beautiful and profound. Cornelian and true, forever. Thank you, Chris, thank you.

This time last week I was with my girls... ☺️ Have a great show tonight B! #Beychella

George Moreira

an hour ago

I know y'all is Looking Gorgeously Beautiful Enjoy .....

Izamar Garcia

5 hours ago

Please don't come for me... but there's no need to stream last night performance. When it was the same from the first one.

Joyce Smith

5 hours ago

Kelly has always been my favorite and she always show out. She killed her performance. I ❤️ Kelly. Yup I'ma Rowland stone.

On my way to the airport I realized my dog Luna smelled terrible- she must have rolled in something right before we left. This called for an emergency bath in the airport bathroom sink. Classy or trashy?

Abubakar Ismaeel

6 hours ago

If this was someone who wasn't famous you guys would have drug them through the mud. Smh. I still say, you shouldn't do that. It's not classy nor trashy, it's unsanitary.

Kyle Bridget

6 hours ago

Classy. Better to bathe her than people to pester you about the smell. My Chihuahua always rolls in mystery stuff and runs in reeking. Not sure why they do it. Lol

Joanne Grady

6 hours ago

Sounds really classy. Really awesome job for giving Luna an emergency bath. Hope the water wasn't dirty and it won't affect Luna's skin.

Today is Record Store Day."“Juicy,” the first single from the legendary debut album, READY TO DIE, is back on vinyl for the first time since its 1994 release. Find your nearest independent record store here:

Rahul Mc

6 hours ago

Thus cool big papa

Subho Jalui

6 hours ago

James Andy bit of a “must have” for any collection 👌🏼

Aslan Septian

15 hours ago

Notorious will be ALWAYS #TheKingOfNY
#Juicy #ReadyToDie

For Record Store Day Soundgarden has released 'A-Sides' on vinyl for the first time ever. More details at #RSD18

Endika Juliawan

16 hours ago

I accidentally lifted the CD when it first came out (sorry)

There used to be these listening stations in the music store.

"A-sides" was on the display.

I was listening to it with the disc in hand reading the tracks.

I was so enthralled. A friend had tapped me on the shoulder that arrived at the mall.

We got to talking & walking. I was on the other side of the mall by the time I realized it was still in my hand.

Thought about returning it, but figured I would get in trouble.

Came back the next day and bought it.

No harm , no foul.

Rocio Servin

16 hours ago

I want this😩. No chance to get it in Frankfurt😢

Camille Ferré

16 hours ago

Yay we bought it today in Germany! Very international!

B’ Mornin 🌞

Lidia Ula Danyluk

an hour ago

No offense, but at first I thought it was a cosplay for Samara Morgan 😂😂

Faith Swart

13 hours ago


Michael Tramel

17 hours ago

I want to meet you Kelly

game night

Victorien Kenke

5 hours ago

u guys really think Matt loves Gracie or Kate just because they took photos together or something like that???????

HD&BTR Italy

9 hours ago

I thought you'd be with me Matt😭

Jerry McCloud

13 hours ago

MattyB the picture is very nice with the girl !!! Have a good game with the girl... ☺☺

I'm a rainbow 💕✨🌈✨💕‬
📸Vittorio Masecchia

Lee Chelle Duncan

an hour ago

Wish my hair looked like that atm Louise

Marisa Pebley

9 hours ago

Never mind the haters and bashers, just keep spreading your inspiring songs and we will always here to listen. Your a beautiful angel for me, your songs inspired me a lot. I'ved been looking forward that maybe one day I could see you personally. I'm from the Philippines. I love you. Stay healthy and nice as always.😘

John M. Albano

13 hours ago

Wow! Kesha !!! Your my favorite color!!!!
My husband Euing Euing D. Clark is a bass player and I’d love to hear him play for you!!!!!

I first heard Prince from my next door neighbor De De, she was the biggest Prince fan. I used to like that he would say some sexual stuff in his songs haha. But the more I listened, the more I discovered how special and incredible and layered his music really was. And then there was the movie and Album Purple Rain which will forever be a classic. Sign of the Times was the Album that defined the summer my cousin Ajile and I went to visit my father. I say all this to say Prince’s Music has marked my life. I got to meet him and performed at his Birthday party at Paisley Park.I got to see the Doves (when doves cry) and have a conversation with him, Erykah and Larry Graham.After his B Day, Prince gave me the opportunity to record at Paisley Park. So theSoulquarians took a trip to Paisley (Amazing). Prince was a good human being and one of the Greatest Talents this planet has ever seen. He was truly a genius and though his physical may be Resting in Power, his Spirit Liveson and His Music has helped Change the Planet. I honor you and love all that you brought to us Great One.

Diyan Amrun

6 hours ago

I was so fortunate to see his last official concert in ATL with my childhood best friend who we use to listen to him on the floor of her room. Never will we forget our Raspberry beret!

Juan Evangelista

15 hours ago

Lol. I remember. My mom wouldn't let me watch Purple Rain. I had to go to my friends house to watch it. Lol. But I watched in fascination. He was.
A wonder. I didn't know.
I was in a complete daze.
I was addicted.
To him.
His magic.
What he could do.
He had me under a spell.
Even now. When his music comes one.
My eyes close.
I just want to be in the moment. He was magic to me.

Yes. He was sexual. Lol. Part of the magic. Had a LOT of emotions running thru me. Damn him. Lol.
I never got to meet him. Never got to go to a concert. And hate that. Prince changed my life. And an artist like that? Deserves to be treasured. He was gone WAY too soon. I felt like he had more to give. Was so MAD when I heard he passed. I was at work. I had to sit down. Like "noooooo". Not him. He was so influential. A teacher. He was a gift. He touched us. Every one. (Sigh).
(Looking at drink ). Don't get me talking about him when I'm drinking. Dammit. (Holding glass up. )
And you. Yes you all u do. For the community Common. For the people. For the music. For us. U inspire. Thank. U. ❤️

Jacqueline Mancinas

15 hours ago

Just knowing his physical presence is not with us throws the earth's axis off..... I still can't wrap my head around the fact that there will not be any more music created by him. Thank God his music legacy will live forever.

#NoTearsLeftToCry sweatshirt bundle available now ♡ 💧 ‪‬

Kim Fryar

5 hours ago

Ariana Grande Store accepts Paypal? I need to buy No Tears Left To Cry with Paypal, I'm Venezuelan, it's my only payment method :(

Roziel Torres

13 hours ago

Mana, yo te amo un chingo y obvio ame NTLTC ❤️ todo lo qué haces es hermoso, pero no mames todo nos quieres vender, cuídate mucho, un beso 😘 piensa, recapacita, cuídate y procúrate. Xo. Lo voy a comprar de todas formas 🙄 adiós y bye. 🔥✨

Hennie Ritsema

13 hours ago

Ariana i love you so much i want to have a meet and greet hug with but that would be super out of my wallet

« 2 Years Ago Today..........,,💜PRINCE 👑 #RIP #legend » -Madonna

Angela Carmona

an hour ago

So did prince and he wrote the song. Madonna did great to . She just wanted to show her love to prince in her way. That’s all . He was a rebel heart ❤️ to.

Stephen Ryan

an hour ago

Love you Madonna. You are absolutely fantastic. There is no one like you. You are ingrained so deep into my heart and mind. You have become a part of my soul. And I love you so much for that. And a million more things. I love you so much babydoll. Peace sweetheart, and don't ever stop rocking. 😜😜😁🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💝💝🎸🎸🎸🎤🍻🍦🍦

Milliscent Mogale

an hour ago

Too bad that tribute was horrible. And thank God he gave it to Sinead O'Connor. He did it just because you has everything and got your way with everything. Let the girl have her one hit wonder moment. But to make it worse , how did they chose the Video over Vogue?! Anyone who covers it, it just doesn't work. Madonna, Prince, Chris Cornell, Adam Levine. Chris did the best cover.

working on new music this week.hope u guys have a great Sunday.

Kathryn Mionske

an hour ago

You too Matt.I just hope you a great life

Ma Rhoda Carbonell

an hour ago

Congrats matty I love you and
When concert in the Philippine plss I love you very much

Ashley Apple

an hour ago

#MattyBRAP Hey MattyB It's Chris I am Very Delighted and also Happy that you are Working on New Music and That is Great News and Actually i Enjoy Your Music The Most and it is Extremely The Best and You are The Best Coolest Excellent Extraordinary RAPPER in Music Because i Like Your RAP In Your Music Because it is Entertaining and also It Dose Have a Great Outstanding Meaning to it and it Makes it Sound Incredible and Powerful and It also Makes Your Music and Your Songs Very Successful I Can't Wait To Hear Your Next New Fresh Song Coming Soon I Will Be Looking out for It Very Soon Christopher Pavia It's The Best Exciting News that you are Recording More New Music and i am Over The Moon

James Chidley

8 hours ago


Penny Doublin

8 hours ago

What's up gals halla at yr boy!

Sriram Sachin

8 hours ago

Good morning to you Ms Michelle Williams that is a beautiful picture of all of you

Happy Birthday Iggy Pop

Tomás Espina

15 hours ago

Happy Birthday Iggy!!! Thanks for the awesome show in Dallas Blondie!!! It was awesome!

Alina Kleemann

15 hours ago

I recall leaving CBGBs after a mind blowing John Cale show when I ran into Iggy and his bodyguard on the way out. I drunkenly said “ Hey Iggy can’t I get an autograph?” He was cracking up and took a pen from his bodyguard and lifted up my t-shirt and signed his name on my chest. He drew blood lol.

Donna Rocha

15 hours ago

And he's fully clothed! lol What a great pic!

Happy birthday Glen Hansard!

Catherine Munkonge Kamfwa

14 hours ago

Happy Birthday Glen!
Thx for “Once”... such an amazing movie and soundtrack!!

Christopher Pierre

14 hours ago

I met him for that beautiful movie Eleven and his subjects are beautiful, happy birthday Glen Hansard

Tyo Bimantyo Tyo

14 hours ago

Hapy Birthday @Glen Hansard! Make it A Great Fun Memory with Many More To Look Forward To! 🎉🤘✌️🎈😘

What's your favorite song on #RearviewTown?

Shawn Neilsen

an hour ago

Loving the entire album!! But I’m stuck on Review Town. I’m so excited to see you in July in Bethel Woods and Madison Square Garden!! 🎤🎼🖤🎶

Michelle Mosley

an hour ago

Like you were mine, Rearview Town are my top 2 but there isn’t one song on the album I don’t like. Hands down best album yet❤️

Gavin Estevan Ray

5 hours ago

You Make It Easy!!❤️💙💜
😍Makes my heart melt, I get chills every time I hear this song!! LOVE your voice!! Can’t wait to see you in ATL July 21st!! Row 4!!

Just updated the Spotify #SartorianTop25 playlist!! Who’s bumping the new songs I added? Go follow it with the link below!

Jatin Gurjar

6 hours ago

Alysia Nicole we're even on his spotify now😂

Aaron Bowling

6 hours ago

Jacob Neary the fact this pleb is still relevant really gets on my nerves. Nothing that mummy and daddy’s bank account won’t get him 🙄

Maria Catarino

14 hours ago

love and miss yaa!! come back to praguee❤️🔥

Beychella pop-up shop available for a limited time only:

Eric Byers

an hour ago

Come on. Why charge these prices. Can't you do a hand me down 1.3 million dollar binky for your second kid.

Ukum Abdul

an hour ago

As long as this society keeps making her something she is not,she will keep bending you over and raping you all with her LAME music and fat booty dance.SHEEP is what you are

Jessica Marie Harris

an hour ago

Is your cell phone service FREE? If not, join Tempo Wireless as a customer and earn FREE service by referring 3 customers who pay the same or more than you pay each month! It's called You + 3 = FREE!

Miss you guys... 🖤

Tom Nedimyer

an hour ago

Demi,why are you doing pictures like that??? You have so much talent,people love you for your voice and your talent!!! I prefer you before!!! It' s your singing skills that we love.........Laetitia.

Barbara Tompa

5 hours ago

Demi Lovato You are one of the best singers out right now! Your vocal range is truly impressive and the emotion you put into the song really makes me feel everything you sing. I love singing along with your songs even though I sound pretty terrible trying to keep pace with you. Keep making awesome music!

Քրիստինե Բոյաջյան

9 hours ago

Demi you are beautiful in and out just the way you allready are. You are an inspiration and your body its perfect the way it is! See you for the first time in my life, live in Bologne this June the 27! Can't wait! I know you will not let me down! Love you baby girl!

Thanks again Richmond. ✌️

Fulgencio Morales Ventura

an hour ago

you are absolutely incredible, it is too much talent that runs through your veins, my admiration and respect always ... do not forget that I love your smile

Fernando Silvestre

an hour ago

I bet this was amazing and would have been a definite check on the bucket list. Please come back again!

Mickey Hsu

an hour ago

I'm looking forward to seeing your stand up tonight in Charlotte!!

It’s not what u do but how u do it ! And @Beyonce you have out done yourself ! Only u know how to top this ! I wouldn’t have missed this for the world ! #beychella
These woman blow me away! Not only for the performers they r but for the truly beautiful people , I know them to be ! I love yal ! @beyonce @michellewilliams @kellyrowland #beychella
It don’t get no better than this ! My idea of fun! #beychella
So let’s talk about last night @katyperry @iamcardib ..... that A list goes on and on #beychella

Bruce Jones

an hour ago

Ms B has the SAME look over and over in different colors. Same ole' body leotard look. BORING!!

Juliet Nakku

an hour ago

Two of my favourite women.

Daniel Puzo

an hour ago

It's Good seeing this my Daughter Jennifer & Beyonce. Jennifer when I met Beyonce and her parents was when she was a little girl with my Brother Steve Harvey and the other girls of the Group during that time Beyonce said to me in that sweet little girls voice I really love Michael Jackson it made me chuckle and smile hearing her say such a thing knowing that He is our brother. You both have come along way I'm proud of you both and Kelly Roland and Michelle Williams I recall once the other 2 girls decided to move on going Solo Mr. Knowles could not wait to see if those girls were going to remain or go so I knowing Michelle Williams at that time being Family had her interview for the singing position and she was a Natural learning each and every part also the chorography everything was perfect and the rest is History! If my memory serves me right one of the girls wanted to come back possibly and Michelle said to Beyonce and Kelly we can split that money up 3 ways we can do just fine with just us 3 in the Group enough said. And whenever you talk Jennifer to Michelle get to know her sister. From a Jackson once removed...I Love You All

Mary Grace Ching

8 minutes ago

تتجوزيني يا بت

June Brier

8 minutes ago

Very nice pic

Brandy Rey

8 hours ago

That's what my Gramcat always ssid

Michael Wolfe

8 hours ago

Except my ex, he’s an inconsiderate prick 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Gosia Domagała

8 hours ago

It is always the right time to be kind..Dalai Lama.

I Ain’t Been Posting , But I’m Posted ... 📍#HoustonTx

TJ Jones Jr.

14 hours ago

Yo do we know if you are looking at post answering your fans back. Idk if I'm a fan. And please don't be mean if you reply to my post. #whereinH-town

Tevin Peters

21 hours ago

Still love the January 10th, track 6

Wanda Roberts

21 hours ago

“Bet , I ont move til my homie holla one time”

Hi guys! Just wanted to share with y’all that I’ll be stopping by Good Morning America on Monday, April 23rd. Make sure to tune-in at 7AM! 😃

Miller Maman

7 hours ago

Can't wait, David :) GMA is my morning ritual and you popping by for a visit will make it all the better :)

Helton Marcial

14 hours ago

Congratulations David, my favorite entertainer!

Rajj Dos

14 hours ago

Hey guys...thought David didn't wanna be in the spotlight....whatever happened to Spotlight Down....LOL....Miss Vicki Fowler

Amanda Textor

14 hours ago

A sad day, Verne was great.

Suki Minhas

14 hours ago

Rest Up buddy!! You brought joy to our hearts, you will be remembered well!!

Lilo Gel'daire

14 hours ago

Know what I mean, Verne?

TONIGHT AT Starplex Pavilion

5:00pmDoors Open
7:00pm The Struts

🖌️ Morning Breath

Dilcia Guaraqui

7 hours ago

THANK YOU FOO FOR THE BEST NIGHT EVER! It was worth every rain drop on the lawn! PLEASE COME BACK SOON! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Fleurs Tahitienne

7 hours ago

Loved you for years! Your music helped me two years ago as I was battling breast cancer. My husband bought me tickets to the show and I got to share the experience with my oldest daughter. She became a fan because she knew how much your music helped me through my the recovery process. I've been disease free for nearly two years. Last night dancing and singing with her was a full-circle moment for the both of us. Thank you!

Shawn Curry

7 hours ago

Excellent Show. Been to many rock concerts, arenas to clubs and you guys really brought it to Dallas tonight.
Thanks and come back soon.

Time goes on as night steals the day... celebrating 27 years of "Life Goes On" today! Watch:

Denize Monteiro Monteiro

14 hours ago

I got my st pete tickets. Canon not wait to see poison cheap trick and pop evil.

Dora Quiroz

14 hours ago

Life goes on while you’re Miles away and I need you... if you only knew how much I miss you 🎶💕

Harry Arnhols

14 hours ago

Poison is my favorite band and this is my favorite Poison song! I have never heard it live and would love it if it was added to the set list for this years tour! Can't wait for the Darien Lake concert!

Fun times ! @rockdbyholly #Coachella2018
I’m on my way butfirst thank u @iamwill for my shades and @adamburrell for my makeup and @tiffdoeshair for my hair and @rockdbyholly for my nails and @rockdbyholly @sashkajewelry for my square rings #Coachella2018

Courtney Owen

an hour ago

You looked beautiful, Jennifer! May God bless & keep you in prayers! ❤️🙏🏾

Curtis Bolinger

an hour ago

What a stunning lady

Andy Lewis

9 hours ago

Enjoy your performance you look beautiful


Adriana Cano

9 hours ago

AMAZING as always!! What a great start to summer!!💚☀️🌴☠️🤟🏼

Melanie Spofford-Uihlein

15 hours ago

The concert was awesome thank you Kenny 🎵🎸😎 #GoBucs

Bricis Wever

15 hours ago

Thanks for playing Old Blue Chair tonight and giving every ounce you had to us. It was an amazing show

Sending love to all our fans... getting that right image can take forever... it’s like taking a selfie, you just want to get it right... we love looking back on outtakes! We forgot about these shots! Mike was always dancing, you just couldn’t stop him! God bless.

Lixou Pac

7 hours ago

I Love It! Thank you so much for sharing.❤❤❤❤❤

Jenny Ecker

7 hours ago

They will always be the Jackson 5 and I will always love them no matter what people say about them individually.

Sayaka Okazaki

7 hours ago

Omg love this pic. So handsome. I miss mj so much.

Happy birthday CC!

Photo by Jeremy Saffer

Esther Miozzottys Moreno Zarate

16 hours ago

Happy birthday baby!!! 🎂🎊 Happy birthday to us!! 🙌🙋 I'm so thankful to celebrate my day with someone amazing and special like you! 😊😚 I hope we can meet us on tour (when you come to Colombia) to celebrate! 😄🎂🍻🎊 Happy day my crazy one! 🙌💖

Teavo Drayne

16 hours ago

Hannah Kruse you share a birthday w cc from bvb I wonder if he ate at Texas Roadhouse for his birthday today

Xavier Lester

16 hours ago

Happy birthday for the best drummer Christian Coma

Zimbabwe on FIA tonight!!! #30BillionAfricaTour🇿🇼

Jessica Huang

7 hours ago

How many of u can go to church night vigil like this

EverGreen Ushers have upcoming events this week and interested ushers can register to join us
for more info add us up on whatsapp 08051712253.

Mawero Rabat

7 hours ago

O B O de baddest king_kong shutdown zimbabwe.

Flying High Again

Shigit Jr.

an hour ago

hahahaha I didn't see where this came from at first and first glance thought it was Jim Dandy or David Lee can kill me now

Brad BigSib Sibley

an hour ago

that pic is 45 out of 10. my god!! its all there!! no artificial flavorings!! colors or preservatives. OZZ get on Microhydrin Plus look at Milla Jovovich, its not surgury like she says its Microhydrin Plus!!! flying highg again!! daaa da da da dadaaaaaa!! flying highg again!!!!

Hen D. Rikschütte

an hour ago

Doing the headless chicken...xxxx

Who’s grabbing their copy today?! #RSD18 #disturbed

For participating Record Store Day locations:

Roselia Miguel

21 minutes ago

Hell yes, I got my copy... I was about to give up looking for it, but walked around the shop one last time and just happened to look down in a bin, and it was right in front.. :D Score!!

Masato Ino

7 hours ago

At almost 40 bucks a record..pass. I'll stick with cd /digital.

Jeremia Zalamea

7 hours ago

Nice collectors item.. But, would sound like crap compared to digital (mp3).. The only music that should be vinyl is the artists from that era..

I know y’all love Red Marlow as much as I do … so go buy up all the tickets to see him at Ole Red Tishomingo on May 18 & 19! - Team BS

Spencer Lovell

an hour ago

I wish I could he was my favorite

Gergely Szabo

5 hours ago

And this is why contestants on the Voice should always pick Blake.

Jamie Fox

13 hours ago

Shelba they ant free u either pay it or not

Vienna we had a blast! TAG YOURSELVES 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

Conny Lilbat

15 hours ago

Karin Pusch Steffi Stips Ulrike Überreiter 😎

Christina Russo

15 hours ago

I was there, somewhere😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jacky Palencia

15 hours ago

Valérie Bee, Jasmin Ketschler, Kathleen Wegener & me 😉
amazing show! 🤟😎✌️

I really needed this birthday weekend getaway #coachella

Tiara Darden

8 hours ago

Ravishingly beautiful woman, glad you are having a super weekend, you deserve it dear, continue to enjoy it. Love you, be safe.

ÁDil Èl

8 hours ago

Happy birthday, live it up and report back!

Ricardo Espada

8 hours ago

Well I knew it was your birthday I would have asked to celebrate it with you

My new friend wanted to say hello. 🐍 Had a nice day off in Austin, TX and spent some of it at the Austin Aquarium!Thanks Carrie for the invite to our crew to come and talk to the animals!

Tierra Finney

7 hours ago

I gotta say David, you have a lot of guts to hold onto that snake! 😳 Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Carrie Huskey

7 hours ago

That’s Gross 😂😂😂

Bryan Bellamy

7 hours ago

No snakes for me thank you-but that’s so awesome for you

I truly believe that GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!
Send this to someone who needs some encouragement today.

Fátima Lima

6 hours ago

Yes Lord. I know you are a way maker. I believe in you, I trust you , and I know healing in coming on my brother know. Yes Lord you can do it. Do it ABBA Father for your glory amen

Francesco Rossi

6 hours ago

I know God is definitely going to make a way for this month. I know that any obstacle standing between my success and i shall be removed in the Mighty name of Jesus. God i ask that you give my family, friends and I long life, mercy, good health, Prosperity, wisdom, knowledge, devine favor and success in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

Christele Guiton

6 hours ago

Amen.God will always make a way for me,family ,enemies and love ones.i strongly believe in him.Thanks sir Don Moen for all ur songs for they are inspiring.God bless u sir