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My heartfelt condolences to Avicii and his family. You were an amazing musician, producer and DJ whose legacy will Live on. #GoodFeeling will never be the same again. I will always think of you when performing “Our Song.” Rest in Paradise🙏🏿

Leonardo de Oliveira

an hour ago

It's really a tragic moment for music world ☹️☹️☹️ find peace brother 😔😔😔

Maalik Fields

5 hours ago

Rest in peace Avicii :(

Paula Riera

5 hours ago

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news! A youngster with so much life by the front. We're lucky for having known his talent. I'm sure he'll never be forgotten. 💙 #RIP

It’s getting close! May 1 in Sacramento to start this awesome tour. Look how happy we are! See you soon Hall & Oates

Jo Stockman

3 hours ago

Looking forward to the show!!!!

Brannon Sikes

3 hours ago

Have to say, great combo! Pat Monahan has one of the best voices of this generation! Now that Freddie Mercury is gone! The man can sing! Every time they to Cleveland, always make a point to see them! They never disappoint! Put Train with Hall and Oats! Great idea!👍👏👌🤘🤓!!!!!

Mario Melchor

3 hours ago

Counting down the days until we will see you in Minneapolis MN to celebrate an early birthday for me. I’m getting exactly what I asked for!!! Can’t wait for both groups!

« So Sad....... So Tragic. Good Bye Dear Sweet Tim. 💙 Gone too Soon. » -Madonna

Харвей Номвер

an hour ago

Avicii’s original productions had mega hit written all over them. She should find out what he died from and release an EP of them with the proceeds going to a charity relevant to his cause of death.

Michelle Parsi

5 hours ago

So so very sad and shocking news. At least he enjoyed what he loved made many many people happy and dancing. So young and a young talent for sure. He made Madonna happy and still boogie woogie.😣😭🙏💖💖

Basti Blaimer

5 hours ago

<3 <3 <3 We need more PLUR and less hate in this world. #MDNA Please release more of the unreleased Avicii songs as singles!!

Lordy! The detail in this portrait of Janis by Andrea Brusadin is INSANE, honey!

Do you have a tattoo that you would like to share with fans? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #JanisJoplinTattoo. We love seeing your designs!

Suzette Braun Caffey

5 hours ago

This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! I so want a variation of this! Jenni, David!! Just WOW!

Helen McKinzie Berg

5 hours ago

Brilliant, stunning, amazing ink work, bravo x10000000000000!

Alana Efg

5 hours ago

Now that's a Great Tattoo

I’m at a loss for words, you brought so much shine into our industry. rest easy brother 😪 @avicii

Ankit Rao

12 hours ago

I can't believe this 😭😭
Avicii please wake up 😭😭😭
You are fucking kidding with me 😭😭
My childhood crush please don't go
EDM industry incomplete without you #Myavicii◀▶
u are such a great And talented it dj
◀Avicii ▶

Cesar Alejandro Cabrera Acrota

2 hours ago

If I ever teared for a celebrity , it's now !😭 Damn Tim Berg / Avicii is dead ! 💔

Wake me up from this horrible news 💔

Without you EDM isn't the same ! He set the Levels with amazing melody and lyrics !😭😭

This guy played a big role in my life , turning me into a EDM lover and a raver ❤😭

Cesar Alejandro Cabrera Acrota

2 hours ago

I can't say anything, and I can't tell you how I feel right now, I'm just so devastated, so sad and so frustrated, I can't believe it. The world music producer Avicci died hours ago, I can't really believe, this is the biggest shock for me this year, I'm not going to see Avicci on the Stage again, and we're not going to listen to new music anymore. This is really a big loss for us and all the producers, especially his family.
You'll always be in our memories, Avicci. Goodbye 😢😢

For my fANDROIDS, friends, & fam who have supported from day 1, the broadcast premiere of #DIRTYCOMPUTER (the emotion picture) starring the brilliant Tessa Mae Thompson will air Thurs 4.26 on @MTV & @BET! Check your local listings for times. #DirtyComputer (album) out Fri 4.27 !

Don Fame

3 hours ago

Soooo are you gals dating, or...? 👀 We all wanna know 😭😩

Víctor Lima

3 hours ago

is it the end of cindi’s journey?

Nelson Leon Mitchell Jr.

10 hours ago

Victoria remote viewing party???

On April 20th, 1993 we became the Backstreet Boys. If you would have told us that 25 years later we would still be making music together, we would have never believed you. Thank you #BSBArmy ❤️ Who’s ready for another 25 years? #KTBSPA #BSB25

Kajikho Kajina

10 hours ago

Happy birthday the most beautiful music .back street boys you are the best . The band is 2 months older than me . When I started listening to English songs it was Back street boys and until now they still the best

Freda McCoy

10 hours ago

Happy birthday, Backstreet Boys! You guys became my favorite band when I was six and you continue to be the best band ever! I'm so happy you are still thriving and you all have families now! Also, I hope to one day save up enough money and see you in concert! Here's to 25 more years, lol!

Charlotte Jones

10 hours ago

This day is bitter sweet for me been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since the beginning but also on this day 9 years ago i was four months pregnant and lost my mom to brain cancer. The only music that I wanted to hear for next week was the Backstreet Boys. Much love and keep doing what you do.xoxo

Laura Kenney

4 hours ago

I listen too what SLAYER says religiously BUT if tou aren't smoking with RAW PAPERS then you are smoking with bleached and that is not cool. RAW4LIFE. Love you SLAYER

Stephanie Renee

4 hours ago

minimum cost of $15 to get free papers, a sticker being the cheapest item. :/

László Erki

12 hours ago

What if I just buy the paper?

SR3MM coming soon…

Jerry Smillie

2 hours ago

Nomas dicen "coming soon" y pura verga

Mazariegos Vivi

2 hours ago

Jxmmy I hope u will ROCK like u always do #uncleJxm

Дмитрий Истомин

2 hours ago

Wee are ready but we wanna know When

“Next time I promise we’ll be perfect.”

Claudia M. Graef

2 hours ago

Favorite. Album. Of. All. Time.

Someday please do this album live from start to finish. I don’t care where in the world you’ll do it, I’ll get tickets and show up. That would be the show of a lifetime.

Suzanne Tee Oh

10 hours ago

I’ve never cried sorrowfully when listening to any music until I heard the song about your mom. It still resonates that somber feeling when I hear it now. This album was indeed a very beautiful and emotional body of songs from such an influential band!

Alex Partida

10 hours ago

Are they ever going to rerelease Machina 2 in better quality? I love that album but some of it is hard to listen to just because of the (lack of)production. Billy said years ago they were going to release it in a Deluxe that still happening?

JUST ANNOUNCED : San Antonio on 5/24 at Alamo City Music Hall • Tickets on sale this Saturday at 10 AM! hit the link below. LIMITED AMOUNT AVAILABLE! this show will sell out fast. 👇🏼🔥

Herbert Alcantara

3 hours ago

Greg Garza
David Castro

300 glory boys

Khin Zar Aye

3 hours ago

Anthony Leija Angel Becerra Luis Lozano Chris Gonzalez
Y’all tryna go?👀👀👀👀

Leo Tramontini

3 hours ago

Where is the "I DONT like" button. get it? huh huh get it?

Ready to hear another track from our upcoming album And Justice For None? Listen below. Pre-order the record and get “Sham Pain” instantly! 👉

More info:

Tiara Johnson

11 hours ago

I'm just so fucking happy Ivan doesn't give up! I just want him to stay... And to all them haters, if you don't like the new album nothing is keeping you from stickin' to the old ones. The lyrics are "happier" which is out of the ordinary for them always singing angry. And let's face it singing angry lyrics all the time or more downful lyrics affects the bands chemistry!

Cristina Martinez

11 hours ago

I don't get how you wouldn't like this song or say they are fading? He cuses, the instruments are loud as always and they are simply talking about basically their emotions on tour. Good song in my opinion. Today's gym jam

Peregrino Urbano

20 hours ago

Ivan, ya gotta change up at least a tad there dude. We get that u think everyone's against ya bro. Shit, I liked yall alot better in the early days, when we could actually hear your anger in the songs. Not now when you just talk about being angry, then sing a little in the chorus, then back to talking. Love all of yall to death and have from the start, but damn it's been the same sound for a while now, and it ain't tha greatest


Bill Cowhick

2 hours ago

Bethanie Jones...If you can make it to this..please go. Do it for our 13 year old, Nsync doll having selves!! (Did you know JT is still riding around in my trunk awaiting the next trip to Goodwill?)

Steven Sinatra Mcmahon

2 hours ago

omg Kayla let's goooo! its gonna be maaaaay!
(i wonder if this is around the time they'll get a star on the walk of fame?)

Liz Mendez

11 hours ago

That was my group in hs...2 concerts...the memories in hs!!!! I have orginal posters from teen magazines i had over the years #nsyncteenyears


János Dancsok

10 hours ago

Never quit.....keep moving forward...these are my mottos..
Wanted to share them with you.

Malati Haqq

10 hours ago

Hey, Randy! North Texas loves you. Come visit Pilot Point. (Production at the Opera House this and next weekend)

Anastasia Baetica

10 hours ago

I remember he wore that jacket in a vidio he filmed in new Mexico 1992 or 1993. Won a trip to spend the weekend, camping shooting flint rifles, singing around the camp fire and meeting" Uncle Jesse " from the Dukes of Hazzard

‪Photoshoot Fresh 📸 #TBT‬

Valerie J Smith

12 hours ago

I absolutely love everything in this picture: the bored faces (Jon even looks angry!), the hair, Jordan’s jacket and MOST OF ALL Jon’s white socks 😄 this brings back lots of sweet memories...good times

Jennifer Pilot

3 hours ago

They don't look to Happy... looks like their mom made them dress up, and forced you to get this picture done. Lol

Maria Bermudez

18 hours ago

Yeah, all the other guys look pretty good. He looks like he got out of bed and forgot to do his hair😂

NYC & LA! @Wondaland is partnering with @YouTube to give you an advance screening of my emotion picture #DirtyComputer! RSVP now:

Eden Bushnell

10 hours ago

Please consider an Atlanta viewing

Artisha Abbott

10 hours ago

Cal Lyle impromptu US trip?

Sébastien Gariépy

18 hours ago

Dang I wish we got a screening here in KC.

Fue un honor recibir este premio en los Premios Arpa en la Ciudad de México. ¡Muchísimas gracias a todos por su apoyo! Mi oración es que muchos más conozcan el amor de Jesús a través de mi música. ❤️

It was an honor to receive this award at the Arpa Awards in Mexico City. Thank you very much to all of you for your support! My prayer is that many more will know the love of Jesus through my music. ❤️

Alex Martinez

3 hours ago

Té felicito Jaci y sigue escribiendo canciones para llegar a muchas vidas que necesitan de Cristo

Brandika Korei

3 hours ago

Congrast... 🤩... Your music is so real and touch each heart....

Khalg Brania

3 hours ago

CONGRATULATIONS! You are such an anointed singer!🎶🎶🎶

We're Jimmy Kimmel's guests on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Tune in to ABC at 1135/1035 pm central.

Isla Becker

2 hours ago

Absolutely love the new album!! So great that this band does not put themselves on repeat for every album!!! Love the "new" sound and still feels very A Perfect Circle!!!
"So Long and Thanks for the Fish" is already my favorite and I can play that song all day!!!

Eduardo Carlos Ramirez Chiqui

2 hours ago

I feel like a lot of the people complaining only knew songs like judith. They didn't know APC for the thought out slower and more emotive songs. With this release they were hoping for that gritty, "manly" pissed off rock.

David Perez Tolentino

2 hours ago

Wouldn't tune in to Jimmy Kimmel if you paid me. Have fun.

Happy 420!

Alina Miller

5 hours ago

I love you sweet leaf,oh my goodness 😚

Shaira Dorisse Lapus

5 hours ago

That's not the worst thing he's eaten.

Elke Gray

5 hours ago

I still have that issue, I love the peice on Ozzy.

THE OVER AND UNDERNEATH TOUR STARTS 1 WEEK FROM TOMORROW. What song are you most stoked to hear from the album!? 📸:@shotbyrobbie

Andrea Mooney

3 hours ago

Hold My Heart, You Are, Beloved.......

Mustafa Öncü

19 hours ago

If I were seeing you guys, definitely Beloved. That song allowed me to feel a greater closeness with the Lord. I just imagined myself dancing with Jesus. :'(

Luke Cooke

19 hours ago

Was hoping to hear "Times" at Purdue but it was a great concert.

New music:
New video:

Yassine IrouMen

3 hours ago

Looking forward to having you in Chattanooga! Whoop Whoop

Elena Georgara

11 hours ago

Beaulful pic jake love hair keeping long xxoxo

Dc Cheatham

11 hours ago

I see your growing the hair out! I'm bringing a friend to meet you in fort Wayne Indiana, she has never seen you in concert!😉

What an amazing honor. When I started writing and making music when I was a kid, even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined this could happen. Thank you to TIME Magazine for including me among so many incredible people, and thank you to Cyndi Lauper for the kind and thoughtful words!!!!! Love u Cyndiiiii💜🌈‬

Roberto Cabello Rojo

9 hours ago

Those freckles and eyes <3

Mahaleah Hapi

9 hours ago

So beautiful and talented. Love you and you inspire so many.

Carmen Egger

13 hours ago

Kaitlin M Trudelle she reminds me of u when u were pregnant

Thank you Milwaukee. Unforgettable.

Vic Pxndx Fuentes

an hour ago

That one time I forgot who I was. Still get those flashbacks. Actually it's kind of fun to forget.

Samer Zeed

an hour ago

Bryce aguilar presents: I'm a dick on Facebook.

I bet adam's sells better.

Jessiah Love

an hour ago

I was not going to let that crappy snow conditions stop me from seeing you. You were beyond amazing and that tribute to your friend meant the world to all of us brother. Hoping that we get to see you back in the near future. Continue success and best wishes!!!!!

wwaaaaaaaaaaaoohhhh yeah!... We've got a couple of reprints up for 4/20. Post a screenshot of your order confirmation for a chance to win a free Nightbringers pipe (don't forget to block out your order number and address).

Ko Jo Goweyu

10 hours ago

Happy 420 TBDM and fellow Blast Fiends!!!

Carmen Parada

10 hours ago

One of the few shirts I was still actively seeking. 🤘🔥

Charlie Loyal

10 hours ago

Love you dudes, keep killing it!

‪One More Light Live on gold/black vinyl available this Saturday on Record Store Day.#recordstoreday #onemorelight‬

Mat Tomachesky

an hour ago

Yo..after lord chaz come memory..not linkin park too..not until i about kiiara..shes cutee.. ^~v

Kelsey French

9 hours ago

Hey Linkin Park, are you planning on finding a new lead singer to replace Chester Bennington? It would be awesome if you did so you're band could continue to make more albums. Will you PLEASE 😳look for a new lead singer? as a fan I'd like to hear more new Linkin Park. When ACDC lost they're original Lead Singer Bon Scott they eventually got Brian Johnson and continued, and when Metallica lost Cliff Burton, then Jason Newstead left the band, they got Robert Trujillo.

RaXivë Gürüng

9 hours ago

So selfish...Its tragedy,Chester is gone away....wasted money,suck money.. Its the end..Rather pray for Chester!!!!!!!

Sending GREAT ENERGY out there to anybody who may been going through itor just had a rough week hey we all have had to deal with crazy💩at some point🤷🏾‍♀️ but here is some LOVE & LIGHT/ PEACE & HUGS to ALL OF YOU🤗& I don’t have to know you personally to share that with you because we all are human & need some ENCOURAGEMENT!🙌🏾One Love❤️ Enjoy da Freakin Weekend #nostresszone🚫

Nicole Alexander

3 hours ago

How is it you get more prettier by the minute

Bérénice Huvet

3 hours ago

Thankful🙏🙏 i needed to hear that! Blessings😇

Justin Michael Siden

3 hours ago

Much love out to you Missy (always)😘
Thank You" its always a good reminder. Peace, ✌Love,💞 Joy😀 to you too an yours💞 Stay Blessd🙏👆✨💫

No Shoes Nation... we’re shooting the music video for #GetAlong tomorrow at the tailgate in the parking lots in Tampa. Look for the #loveforlovecity paint wall by the Blue Chair Bay Rum bus and find the pontoon boat. Track these guys down and be ready to paint. Gonna be a fun kick off to #triparoundthesun. Love ya.

James Daniel Dodson

3 hours ago

Wish I was still in Florida, just went north on Tuesday!

Wish I was able to be at EVERY SHOW!! See you in Seattle 7/7
✌🏻❤️Kenny & Crew

Kinga Janas

3 hours ago

We have a whole No Shoes Nation crew at 3316 W Ohio ave. Directly behind 1 BUC Place. We will be rocking the Kenny and Blue Chair Bay Rum.

Classic car, classic cool. #ElvisPresley

Caleigh Moore

3 hours ago

Io sono italiano in America e in tutto il mondo prima di Elvis non c'era niente, e stato il più amato non solo in America ma in tutto mondo e attualmente noi Italiani lo ricordiamo come un simbolo il Re! Questo personaggio sarà eterno ed indimenticabile. Grazie di quello che ch'hai dato e che ci hai lasciato.

Ann Holloway

3 hours ago

Dear person reading this,I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside and out and you are important! Just trying to be nice on the internet, sometimes we just need such a message! I hope this comment helped you a bit and if not, I‘m sorry Sincerely, Me

Donna Marie

3 hours ago

I have recently listened to every track ( for the thousandth time!) Elvis recorded before he joined the Army and every one is brilliant! And one of the last songs he recorded, a cover of Pledging My Love showed he was as great as ever. Yeah , Elvis is cool...but he was much more than an idolized celebrity. A true musical giant...and I am glad the HBO documentary The Searcher mainly focused on his timeless music.

Boogie Man is Here! x_O 👹😈

Sara Rodriguez

3 hours ago

I love you !!

Gabriel Zelaya

3 hours ago

No one is like you man

Mickey Martinez Ramos

3 hours ago

You are always my favorite DJ player !!!
Love you Buddy

☀️ Spontaneous short stop through Waco TX 🌾. Finally got to see The Silos! 💛 W/ @annaliese_canady 🤸🏼‍♀️ 🤸🏼‍♀️ @magnolia @joannagaines @hgtv @johnnyswim

Addy N Cornejo

3 hours ago

wow, did you meet Johanna Gaines?

Anna Thallauer

3 hours ago


Andy Chervenak

11 hours ago

You and Johnnyswim would be a dream concert!!

Ready to cheer on the boys tonight! Especially that #12! I hear he’s alright!😘 Mike Fisher Nashville Predators #LetsGoPreds

Katie Waters Cover

5 hours ago

Let's go Preds!!!

Mafi Wafa

5 hours ago

love you carrie, but I will have to agree to disagree with you on that comment, GO AV's

Allisson Morales Corpus

5 hours ago

I feel like there was a huge ordeal over her face... I see nothing. Just as beautiful as before

Jean-Michel Halard

10 hours ago

Hug from Norway🎶

Sebastian Cepeda Romero

10 hours ago

Just love this one of Barry......oh my goodness.....💘

Intan Zulaikha

10 hours ago

💙💙 Well hello Mr. Manilow! 💙💙

It seems like the issue of my presence in Armenia is causing quite a stir. I apologize for that although I truly had nothing to do with it. The youth on the street are the only ones I trust with Armenia's future and my sites should be the only place you trust regarding my moves. I recorded this video last night.It’s dedicated to you, Armenia's peaceful resistance. #armeniaprotest #yerevanprotest

Maria Catarino

4 hours ago

Dear Serj Tankian, we are proud of you and hope you'll take part in our protests against the brutal president and government. So join us we really need your supporting...

Jarred Sykes

4 hours ago

Serj Tankian, you cannot imagine how much you mean to our country. We love you with all of our heart. Dear Serj Tankian, please just do it!
People literally beg you to join them in Armenia. We need you! Serj, join us, please! Your presence is so important for Armenia now!!!🇦🇲️🇦🇲️🇦🇲️

Serj you could really play the role of the DOVE OF PEACE here in Yerevan. So do not deny thousands requests of the youth and be in Armenia. We need your presence and support.

Inspire to aspire before we expire.

Emme Gilbert

3 hours ago

its not a watch.
its not a watch.
watches dont have sim cards.
*dies of cringe*

Francesco Drowned

12 hours ago

You lovely man

Avery Piperato

19 hours ago

When are the bands getting back together? Miss BEP

✨Trying out new CALIA by Carrie #StayThePath ✨
Looking forward to #CMAFest this year! #itstartswithME #musiceducation #CMAFoundation

Jibrail Malik

9 hours ago

I have the same pop-socket 🙂

Mauro Escudero

9 hours ago

How cute are you 😁

Jonathan Neal Brimhall

9 hours ago

So beautiful Carrie

Aguascalientes nos vemos esta noche!!! #intocable

Camila Mora Jara

2 hours ago

Hace dos semanas q los vi en Cd Valles SLP y muero por volver a verlos LOS AMO

Twyla Horne

2 hours ago

Qué bueno que regresaron !!! Siempre venimos a sus conciertos, ¡¡¡Viva Aguascalientes'n !!!

Jake Loomis

2 hours ago

Ase dos meses y medio estuvieron en cintalapa Chiapas y fue una de mis mejores noche de mi vida escucharlos interpretar esas canciones tan bonita me erizaron la piel de tanta emoción los mega amo INTOCABLE con el ❤️😘😘😘😘

Visiting At the Pentagon 911 Memorial prior to heading overseas for USO The Joint Staff

Diego Gillet

3 hours ago

thank you for still keeping it going... met you and Mrs Morgan in 2006 in Hawai'i.... show everyone the pics when the come in the house

Myo Tint

3 hours ago

PLEASE be careful, praying for your safety

Avia Chilli Mumma

3 hours ago

I was excited to learn that you are headed to where my son is currently deployed. We saw you last month in Medina, OH - Sage Travels! God Bless you and the USO

Had the best time making this record with Natti Natasha. We’re so excited to share this with the world! #SinPijama is available everywhere 💋 Video coming TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT PST / 3AM EST!!!
So #SinPijama drops tonight...
Ya casi!! Tonight 9PM PST / MIDNIGHT EST 💋 #SinPijama #HoyNoVamosADormir

Scott Gunderson

11 hours ago

Me encantas Becky G. Pero no me gusta que mensiones drogas en tus videos no es nesesario lo hagas . Tienes mucho talento no nesecitas mensiinar tanta basura para ser grande .te siguen muchos menores de edad y desde mi punto de vista no esta bien lo hagas. Eres hermosa y talentosa sea como sea. 😚

Brenda Diaz

11 hours ago

Super babes and Becky is the new music Queen!

Valentin Stetco

4 hours ago

You looked very beautiful, Becky! #ninjastormrangerform

Festival season is upon us

Raman Kumar

2 hours ago

Gracias por presumirme cuando yo no pude ir :)

Saifies Anderson

2 hours ago

I cant wait to go! Like especially to Coachella

Brady Fancher

2 hours ago

Homão da porra <3

What is Dimitri thinking?🤔

Adrian Edsitty

4 hours ago

What is he getting me for my birthday....which Is now yesterday.....a good new set would be grand 😊

LiPe Fonseca

4 hours ago

Lauren-I know what he’s thinking 😞

Blanca Koller

4 hours ago

Thinking about Avicii , so sad brother

Birthday Homies today on set of @swatcbs #SWAT.... everyone go show this Beautiful Lady some birthday LOVE @ms.anastasia11 😘

Esther Fong Lu Yi

4 hours ago

I so tripped out today to find out that I share my Birthday with this most wonderful gorgeous man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEMAR !! 🍺🍻🍾HERE'S TO MANY MORE BLESSED TO COME.

Jamie Couch

4 hours ago

While you're up there, 🤔Shine🌟 that dome💎 and make him call you #Daddy on his birthday.😍😂 😉Happy Birthday Shemar Moore😘😘

Ollie Ramirez

4 hours ago

All my Best Wishes to you Shemar for a Happy Birthday. Hope you have fun & celebrate all weekend. Think I'll toast you with Yukon Jack or maybe American Honey. <3


Patrick Livingston

3 hours ago

Dios los bendiga amigos de Nicaragua desde costa rica el los sacará adelante muchas fuerzas

Thim Chris

3 hours ago

AMÉN. Q así sea es lo q mas espero es DIOS.PAZ..para mi país y el mundo entero

Dabney Mueller

3 hours ago

Desde Argentina trafiero Libertad y Paz sobre la Nacion Nicaragua soltamos lo Profetico para esa Nacion la Bendecimos... Cuanto estan unidos en un solo Espiritu... Profeta Raul A Cabral ......

ok but what I WANNA KNOW is why i’m doing that with my arms NOTD

Hanley Dreavyne

3 hours ago

I love u one of my fav songs from u is burning bridge

Mohsin Javaid

11 hours ago

lol makes your rms look smaller??

Travia Gibson

11 hours ago

ILY BBG <3 Gorgeous Queen <3

#EatTheElephant arrives tomorrow. Maynard spoke with Lars Ulrich about the album on Beats 1. Watch it on their YouTube channel or listen Sunday at 3 pm Pacific/ 6 pm Eastern / 11 pm GMT.

Raquel Harris

2 hours ago

My god i hope the new tool dosent suck as bad as this. I gave it the once over last night and in my opinion it sucked bad

Diane Haney

11 hours ago

Ya learn something new everyday.. i didn't know MJK actually LIKED black sabbath. Seen APC on mays birthday in Santa Barbara good stuff. As a 20+ fan I'd still love to hear MJK fight with that guy "he doesnt like" sometimes anger can be the energy needed for a real party. And I can't wait for another puscifer album <3 Not bad for a grumpy granpa .

Kenny Mumma

11 hours ago

Great guy. Resembling Uncle June as he gets older.

#elAtraco #junio

Vino Tyler-Antonio Van Vuuren

3 hours ago

Pinches pelones cabeza de clavo, esperamos q valga la pena la espera

Jim Cooney

3 hours ago

Ya no mame por estas mamadas el regeton sigue reinando 💔 Ya lleguen con música decente AKWID

Jennifer Sterne

3 hours ago

Creo el atraco ya se convirtió en un atraco.🤣🤣

First time we actually enjoyed traffik in LA.

Terry Labarre

4 hours ago

Keep it coming big homie. Ready for caught up 2

Lisa Brewer

4 hours ago

Hello world you the man destorm

Eric Quintero

4 hours ago

When caught two coming out

I can’t believe the news. So hard to write this out. Such a heavy loss heavy heavy loss. I miss you dear friend.

Jody LaRock Burt

11 hours ago

He said, one day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember
My father told me when I was just a child
These are the nights that never die
My father told me
When thunder clouds start pouring down
Light a fire they can't put out
Carve your name into those shinning stars
He said, go venture far beyond these shores
Don't forsake this life of yours
I'll guide you home no matter where you are
One day my father he told me
Son, don't let it slip away
When I was just a kid, I heard him say
When you get older
Your wild heart will live for younger days
Think of me if ever you're afraid
He said one day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember
My father told me when I was just a child
These are the nights that never die
My father told me

Ljuba Kocic

11 hours ago

“One day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember." “Carve your name into those shinning stars” "Go venture far beyond the shores. Don't forsake this life of yours” Lyrics to live by. (The Nights - Avicii).🙏🌷

Christopher Abney

11 hours ago

Hard to believe. One of the best EDM live show was Avicci here in Rio de Janeiro in was so awesome...I cant describe. R.I.P brother. You are certainly in a better place entertaining people just as you did here on Earth

New 💥💥💥 “CLOSE” feat. Travis Scott

Stacey Johnson Locey

2 hours ago

Tebogo Uptownkid Sithole

Nick Phillips

19 hours ago

Its a very boring song doesn’t compare to the songs from previous album

Tina Miranda

a day ago

Feipe Camate Pofavo 🔥🔥🔥

‪never in a million years did i think this would happen right now 😭 and I’m not just saying that..... I never ever expected this- making this album changed my life and it means so much to me that you guys love it.. JESUS I AM OVER. WHELMED. WOW WOW— frank dukes my executive producer/ big brother I LOVE YOU WE DID IT!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

Jenny Andersen

2 hours ago

Camilita deja de subir fotos de los angelitos de la gurda, dulce compañia, no me desampares ni de noche ni de día y ya saca fechas para México:)

John Breen

2 hours ago

This image makes me think about a Shakespeare play :”Midsummer night’s Dream” . Tatania , she was the queen of the fairies 🧚‍♂️.

Phillip Kevin Dean

2 hours ago

You're my little angel, u are my salvation, u are my everything.... thank you for exist my cuban princess
Te amo mi niña, un saludo desde Colombia


Remzi Tezgel

9 hours ago

You are the Ultimate woman,love everything about you

Stephanie Lübke

9 hours ago

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Aleja Cardona

9 hours ago

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