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Photos by Mike Wilson

Montreal!We’ll see you in Hell

Fans shared about Drew Scott

Linda Griffith

an hour ago

Just watched a really good dance, but as I've said I know little about what's good. Comments sounded good. Scores should have been higher. You and Emma are rocking this

Cathy Howard

also shared about Drew Scott

Thank you Drew & Emma for the beautiful dance. My Dad who passed away in 2004 loved rainbows so this was very emotional for me to watch.

Sharon Howell

also shared about Drew Scott

You got our vote! Amazing! Len, Bruno; we the "Property Brothers' " fans are totally mad at you two! Drew and Emma deserved atleast a 10! Thank you Cary Ann for the nine. Drew, you got 2 votes from me and my husband! 💖💖💖

Grabando PEPE'S OFFICE gracias a Pepe Garza por la oportunidad y espéralo muy pronto en Youtube#intocable #pepesoffice

’Meet King Leg’ Album Release Party Show! Come join us at The Hotel Cafe Wednesday, Oct. 18; King Keg plays at 10pm


Photo Emily Joyce

Be mindful of the ego.

📷 David McClister


Fans shared about Cypress Hill

John Clouser

an hour ago

You prolly can't overdose if you are a chronic smoker but people have went to hospital who smoked or ate to much that never do it. I know that the long term effects kill brain cells and can lead to being bi polar. The weed back in the day was safer anyway. I don't trust any of this shit they have nowadays.

Dan Empire

also shared about Cypress Hill

If the normal cigarettes are destroing your health are you telling me that smoking marijuana is not harmful for your body.Well I guess that this planet is full of idiots.

Fans shared about The Doobie Brothers

Brian Dore

32 minutes ago

Safe travels, you guys ~ anytime you're tempted to re-visit the casinos of southern Indiana/northern Kentucky, you know I'll do my best to be there !! B|

Larry Goble

also shared about The Doobie Brothers

The UK is great and everything but isn't your favorite venue RED ROCKS, COLORADO? Please be safe and look up Paul Carrack he's been on tour all over the UK. You guys should bring him back from across the pond for your 2018 tour.

Gary Earhart

also shared about The Doobie Brothers

You guys are definitely the best of the best, just retired 40 years dentistry, on my bucket list to set in with you guys. Been playing for 42 years, contact me will be glad to make you sound better 😃

This wonderful picture of the Louis Armstrong All Stars appears on - a website by the son of the former trombonist in Satchmo's band. His father is at the top of the photograph and just below him are Earl Hines and (second row left) drummer Cozy Cole, who was born on 17 October 1909

We can't believe it's already been TWO AMAZING YEARS since we released our self-titled album! Love you guys 🖤💗💙💚💛

Another season done!

#SimplyComplicated premieres on @YouTube tomorrow at 10am PT!!! Can’t wait to share this with you guys ❤️


You have made Canada proud and won many awards your legacy lives on 😥

Fans shared about El Dasa

Patto Escajeda

an hour ago

Yo no diria loco,,,mejor el que no arriesga no gana y sabe aprovechar las oportunidades como tu mismo lo has dicho en otras ocasiones. Besos.😙

Brooklyn NY see you for Haunted Hill 🎃 2017 on Oct 30th

No kidding 😂

Fans shared about Jake Owen

Deb SteeleWillow

an hour ago

Love you, Jake, and love the love you and your daughter have for each other!!! Always be there for her, encourage her and let her be the best she can be as obviously your mom and dad did for you because you seem like a wonderful man, dad and the best damn country singer!!

Missy Nelson

also shared about Jake Owen

I did that with my little one who turns 16 in January and is determined to get herself a truck so she can tow her horse!
It all started with a truck, mud and chickens!🤔😊

Debbie Hanner Gebauer

also shared about Jake Owen

I want to say first I am so glad you were ok the Vegas shooting was a tragedy I can't imagine what was going through your mind at the time. This picture is adorable in the trees are absolutely beautiful you're the best daddy!!!

Fans shared about Slightly Stoopid

Luis Montano Jr.

an hour ago

out of stock? post just appeared plus I am a member of PLPCC being one of the first to download their app and got no notice, nothing. NICE !!!

Eric Camden

also shared about Slightly Stoopid

I’ll be in SD in a couple weeks and if I can find someone that can’t make it I’ll see you all at Closer to the Sun!

ICYMI ... #LightofChristmas ... releasing Nov. 3 at all digital outlets. Includes the new song "Can’t Wait for Christmas" featuring Relient K!!

Fans shared about New Kids On The Block

Tammy Drayton

an hour ago

I am Jealous ha ha! ! But Kids, School stuff and Sports have to come first oh and I guess bills as well... LOL! Have Fun to everyone who is going on the Cruise.

Cecelia Martinez

also shared about New Kids On The Block

Tiffani I sooooo wish you were coming with me!!! Be ready with the cruise deposit in February next year, can't wait!!!!! Michelle Elvie I'M NOT READY!!!!

Jennifer Fatzinger

also shared about New Kids On The Block

I’m jealous of all the people who can afford to go on these cruises. Wish I was that lucky. People must be borrowing money or earning a lot. Saving money is a bunch of crap to me since I never have enough money to save anyways because I am on disability. I don’t even have a job right now but I am looking. I can only get a part time job.

Fans shared about Godsmack

I pray to the God & Goddess they make my year next year a lot happier and better than this year. This year has been the pits.

Fans shared about Marcela Gandara

The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become.

2 hours ago

Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that's the law of attraction. You become what you think about most but you also attract what you think about most.

Fans shared about Common

Esharn Sen

an hour ago

Do not forget people like Peter Norman who have contributed and stood along with us. People who stepped forward when it would be easier to remain silent.

Samuel James Lawrence Wilson

also shared about Common

Peter Norman suggested they both wear one glove each as they only had one pair. He was never again selected for The Australian olympic team, even though he qualified numerous times. Tommie Smith and John Carlos carried Peter’s coffin at his funeral a few years back. One of the most powerful moments in history!

Dan Lambert

also shared about Common

Nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in. Especially inherent racism. Its 2017.. If youre still hanging on to that old, outdated view of the world, youre the problem, not those standing against it.

Vegas just got a little bit brighter! We are now distributing LED bracelets that will light up at special moments during the show... And come with exclusive offers!

mr. steal yo girl

Fans shared about Snow Tha Product

Good luck with the show in lincoln nebraska the burbon has always been fun..... maybe you could do a show in grand island nebraska some time

Cody Jenkins

also shared about Snow Tha Product

Come hit the stage with Bubba Sparxx, Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings, Snake Saline and JonnyC Nov 25th Marshall Mo!!!! We have a spot for ya

Calvin Iverson

also shared about Snow Tha Product

Coming to see you snow on the 20th with my homegirl she’s hella in love with you knows all your songs word for word and everything about you .. sadly we couldn’t get a meet and greet with you and she’s really upset about it if you could make her wish come true it would mean a lot to her she listens to your music 24/7 you inspire her it would be really awesome if you could give her the opportunity to meet you.. anyways your the only female rapper I listen to honestly and I can’t wait to see you Friday !

Personally I liked it better when we all looked like a bunch of rugrats at the gym. #allapologies #sunburnwithfreezerburn

Nice one @minidynz 👍!


Fans shared about Marshmello

Centro Psicoterapéutico Renacer

an hour ago

Probablemente nadie lea esto, pero voy a escribirlo de todas formas porque sé que al menos una persona lo hará. Hola tengo una página de equilibrio emocional, sé que hay muchas de ellas, pero la mía es algo diferente. Si tú pasas por mi página y no te gusta, está bien, pero si te gusta eso sería asombroso. Si lees esto ¿Podrías presionar el pulgar arriba?. Así otras personas podrían leerlo Gracias.

Fans shared about Chris Tomlin

Ante Kramer

an hour ago

can't wait to worship woth you in Baltimore....we are ready for you and ezcited to see what god has in store...praise the lord

Renee Adams Taylor

also shared about Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin~
You deserve it!!! I absolutely love your most amazing worship songs all for the Glory of Almighty God!!! I wish for you all of the very best, always.

Elodia Gallegos

also shared about Chris Tomlin

Chris tom Lin very happy for you favor your music worship concert goals good singer PrAis e god bless you always elodia Gallegos San antonio

When she go through your phone but your

Fans shared about Romeo Santos

Yamaica Rivera

3 hours ago

Hola romeo fenal mente una que piensa con la cabeza de todo es el mejor mereces una oportunidad pero yo se que tu me quieres ami beuna noche tengo sueño aqui es muy tarde

Fans shared about Kenny Rogers

Liza Mackie

36 minutes ago

The hill looks so high, must be a awesome view, must be peacdful if anyone is living down there listening to the waves, and looking out to sea in the mornings and at night time, it will be beautiful