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Thanks TV Guide! Much Love.

Ruby Jones

7 hours ago

Enjoy watching "good" afternoon television!

Non Phixion

7 hours ago

the show is a hoot love the show

Jere Russo Gonzalez

7 hours ago

Congratulations!! Love your show!

I live for moments like this on tour. Comment below to let me know which show you’re comin’ to!

Ynohtna Ohcnalos

6 hours ago

Noblesville,Indiana 😁 I'm so excited, seen one of your shows a couple years ago for my birthday. It was so much fun a lot of awesome memories. Can't wait to see you in August 😀💖

Tiffany Remigio

a day ago

First time we saw you was at Inglewood forum Los Angeles a few years ago. Fantastic entertainer, brilliant show. Next was at Glen Helen amphitheater last summer, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Paso Robles at the state fair this July .

Simone Sica

a day ago

Toronto Ontario me and my brother were going to but he passed away 2 mounth ago sundely in his sleep and I don’t think would be able to go he took to my first concert 2 years ago he was the one I would go to them with so have great show gunna try to come and watch the best country artist do his thing

13 days til Reputation Stadium Tour 💋

Warren Nichols

14 hours ago

Hi Taylor rummy here. Love your songs love you as a person. I'm a Megastar. Think of me the next time you drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette. Selena Gomez calls me gin and juice , evanescence there immortal, Cindy Perry loved me for a thousand years. Rummy loves u taylor. I'll be where I always am with nice beaches and palm trees of Charleston if u need me. Gin and juice out

Nicole Harmon

18 hours ago

Hey I tried to buy a ticket 4 times for section A2 and someone kept stopping it Taylor....!!!!! So have fun... I just wanted to jam!! And the nose bleeds wouldnt cut it...

Ravi Varma

a day ago

I wish I could see you in concert... you sent me things about 2 years ago when I was struggling with mental health.. you sent me shirts and bags and a bunch of other goodies. Thank you so much for everything you’ve sent me. Thank you for the inspiring notes you sent me. I have looked up to you my whole life and it would mean everything to me to meet you. I would love to thank you in person.

That look I give you when you say lunch should be here any minute. #Gaiam #BTS

David Othen

7 hours ago

You're the most beautiful woman in the world!😉

Мики Митковски

7 hours ago

U definitely are fit😀

Noah Hamilton

7 hours ago

Hey Good times , cool to see your post . Huge fan . Best to and God bless .

Hubert Diaz

2 hours ago

Y'all play too much give us new music already

Leandro Marchan Sudario

2 hours ago

Jordyn Smith why're they doing this to me 😩😍😍 if they drop a new album I'm gonna know every song before it plays

Sarah Jane

2 hours ago

insert comments comparing the girls, who's prettier, who's better, who shouldn't be there or should. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK!

Hanging with the real Ellen DeGeneres this afternoon 😂- Team KC
This is your last chance to enter to win a trip to LA for a private performance with Kelly live from The Voice stage! Complete the digital scavenger hunt to enter!

Get started by finding the first clue here:

- Team KC
Thank you Big Sugar Bakeshop for creating such amazing cakes for #TeamKC The Voice and my birthday. They were beautiful and delicious!

Benjamin Roger

an hour ago

Kelly, you are the best and you didn't hide out in your house for months when you had just had your second child. A lot of people were body shaming you and you took yourself right out there with dignity and now as nature takes over you are beautiful inside and out! We live you!!!

Sue Marchant

an hour ago

Love this picture. You look sexy in pink. You look sexy in anything. Thank you sweetheart. Love you Kelly. Peace babydoll. 🌹🌹💝

Mark Lendman

5 hours ago

Wow , does she ever look great. Really don't know how come people body shamed her for. I don't see nothing wrong with her. Wish I could follow suit. Any tips out there that might be helpful.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about you... your brothers.

Tania Estrada

6 hours ago

Gone but not forgotten especially if you're like me wearing a scarf as a reminder from trying to listen to The Jackson 5 ABC album when I was about six

Junior Miezah

6 hours ago

I lost a brother, too. I also love and miss yours in this world. <3

Célia Da Silva Greco

6 hours ago

What can keep you joyful now there gone is the special moments shared when you've been around a brother or sister throughout your lives and when you understand True purpose of the things Spiritually that we do not recognize or seek at times but when it shows up we remain humble an appreciative of the Gifts which GOD gives us and the lives of others that GOD creates for his children each and everyday we live. Especially those whom are walking in accordance to the Righteousness in his Perfect Will. Michael Joseph Jackson was Pure at Heart. From Walter Jackson once removed... Take it Eazy!

AND THE WINNER OF THE "I DON'T THINK ABOUT YOU" COVER COMPETITION IS...Benji Padgett!! Congrats!! Thank you to everyone who entered!


Mette Fredsted Gram

an hour ago

Way to goo Benji!! That was soo amazing and awesome you won!! Good job!!! Talented! Good job!

Ethel Hines

5 hours ago

Very cool Benji and excellent rendition! Your voice is so killer!

Alexandra Gonzaga

5 hours ago

Way to go Benji!!! Benji is a wonderful and extremely talented young man. Sooo happy for him. Well deserved 😊

“So how does it feel Willow to be the most beautiful person in the world? “… “UMM, does it mean I get an extra dessert this week? “– Willow

Julia Richarme

6 hours ago

She's precious. Your children are so blessed to have you for their mom.💕 My daughter and I had the time of our lives last night at your concert. You are a remarkable young woman! Your talent is just amazing!! ❤

Gitta Czekalla

2 hours ago

Well done Willow, well i guess all credit should be given to the good looking parents of course for her looks but the charisma she holds on her face is all her. You go girl.

Sean Adkins

a day ago

Pink, I just finished reading my People magazine and it’s a wonderful article. My husband and I just returned from your concert in Atlanta. We were thrilled to attend. So many words come to mind after that amazing experience to describe you: strong, beautiful, beast, ballerina, trapeze artist, warrior, crusader, teacher, leader. Thank you for attempting to change the world

"I love Jordana. She's just such a good girl." - #PaulWalker

Join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Jordana Brewster! - #TeamPW

Sara Thielk

an hour ago

Happy Birthday Jordana. Too bad these two did not "fall in love" off screen, got married and had some beautiful babies. They had such undeniable chemistry. Even in this photo.

Andrew Williams

an hour ago

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jordana Best wishes on ur Birthday one of our Fast Furious Family 🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍨🍨🍨 all love always

Theefany Ramirez

an hour ago

It's a shame she didn't have a better part in the last few f&f movies, they could have made her more of a badass like Michelle Rodriguez. I've been watching her in lethal weapon.

Rock You Khaokham

7 hours ago

God dammit merle! Still twisting the strings over here. They just need to put you on fear.. So we can see you again!

Jonjie Pico

7 hours ago

Can we please get one with Yondu that says "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!"? My Christmas tree needs that. 😂

Gina Johnson-Stein

16 hours ago

What do we have to do to get Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer ornaments? ;P

Steven Arviso

7 hours ago

Camila Bae! nakita kita sa Makati kanina eh. Papapicture sana ko kaso maraming tao. =D Asa underpass ka lang pala sa Paseo, haha..

Joyce Fernanda

15 hours ago

I still remember the day we first met and talked for hours There was nothing like the love between us back then but as we kept meeting on and off, our feelings for each other started to take shape. As time went by we kept falling more in love with each other and every time we met there seemed to be something different about you that mesmerized me and made me think about you for hours afterward I feel proud to see how strong our bond has become and just how much we belong to each other. You have made my life so amazingly beautiful with your perpetual and persistent love. I want nothing more than to sleep and wake up next to you for the rest of my life. I don’t ever want to give up on the feelings I have for you. I want to share my love with you forever because I know in my heart that my feelings for you will never change my love for you will never die. I want to live every moment of my life holding your hand walking with you. I want to keep hugging you so that I can hear your heartbeats next to mine. I want our love story to be the most passionate, most memorable and most beautiful love story ever written or heard of just like we made this album out of our relationship already Camila We will write our love story together over the years with our love, passion, dedication, trust and honesty and most importantly our amazing understanding of each other’s minds, our out of the world chemistry and our magical compatibility Together we can and we will make our love story unique Nothing compares to the kind of love and passion love we have for each other. Love like ours happens once in a blue moon 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

July Vargas

15 hours ago

Princess!! #cammy_love_forever! #Havana_doll #life_line #forever_mine #my_queen!! #cabby_love #my_live_cammy #wtf_when_is_this_gonna_happen?!!! The biggest fan ever!! No doubt, get celeb sick on you!! When I listen to lots of your music 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘 Forever will stay by you♥♥

Dream girl @emmaportner

June Todd Simmons

7 hours ago

Love you Ellen!!

Jörg Spielmann

15 hours ago


Kabelo Handsamdope Lichaba

15 hours ago

What an absolutely adorable couple you two are!

Anduve súper enfermo de una infección en el estómago y ya voy saliendo gracias a DIOS es muy raro que yo llegue a caer en cama por algúna enfermedad pero con esto si que no pude . Cuiden su salud mi gente. Gracias a DIOS que llegando a mi casa fue que me pasó esto ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Hoy ganamos 👌🏻👌🏻⚽️⚽️⚽️seguro que si. Se aceptan apuestas jalense ⚽️😌😌real madrid vs bayer Múnich

Davd Chloé Remilia Max

16 hours ago

Que la luz de Papa dios lo ilumine y le de pronta recuperación y q pronto nos siga deleitando con su talento Roberto mis oraciones están con usted y su familia! Bendiciones

MD Ridoy Khan

a day ago

Que tw eecuperes pronto y si puedes compartir que fue mo que te causo eso para que alguien mas no lo aga

Sarnie Ball

a day ago

Ese virus esta acabando en todos lugares, lo principal q ya tienes tratamiento e instrucciones medicas, cuidate, alimentate sano y veras tu pronta recuperacion. Un abrazote como si fuese tu mama.

One week from today on May 2nd “Fantasy”, our six show run at The Venetian comes to life in Las Vegas. This photo book - our first in decades - will be available in limited numbers at the shows and online. This is a must have for any true EWF fan. Stay tuned for details


8 hours ago

Only got 1 programe in 7 concerts rare as hens teeth

Damo Evanson

15 hours ago

Wish we would be there. We have to wait until 8/4 in STL.

Thierry Zapparrata

15 hours ago

I’ll be there 2nd row center on 5/5..

Celebrating my mom’s birthday back home. 82 years young!

Vale Andrea

7 hours ago

Happy birthday. I took my wife to your concert at the casinos in Indiana. That was the first time she heard most of your songs. She loved them. We both had a great time. We were in the section that kept standing up. Great show

Jen Goodman

16 hours ago

Hey Clint, Such a Beautiful Mom and you are so Blessed to have her all your adult life...Looking back you will recall this moment and time...I too was Blessed...Mom stayed with me until she was a 103...God Bless You..Every day

Hangyeol César Kim

16 hours ago

...WHAT? (oh, sorry for yelling)...She Looks GREAT! (tell her that you are the voice of country...she'll agree!) l My mother & I saw you in concert...she said you were class!

"I woke the same as any other day..."
'The Day I Tried To Live' was released as a single 24 years ago today.

Jessica Seute

16 hours ago

a Classic from the 90´s, But Damm you Guys, what crazy guitar Tunning. The day I tried to learn this song... I quit.... lol, better play in standart tunning or Drop D.

Vanina Paz

16 hours ago

About a month after Chris passed, I tried singing this song on Rock Band. I held it together up until the reprise after the solo break.
"I woke the same as any other day
You know I should have stayed in bed"
I broke down in tears.

Delia Nedelcu

a day ago

I remember the first time I realized what Chris was saying when I heard the lyric “Shoulda stayed in bed.” I was thinking how brilliant that lyric alone is because it’s like having a simple conversation, yet the emotion tied to that single sentence is something everyone on the planet has felt. I don’t know, I can’t even articulate all the different ways that one line brilliant. And wow....24 years? Really? It holds up still as current, relevant, and timeless.

‪#SinPijama video shoot 😊 What’s your favorite part of the video?!‬‬

Beril Karahan

16 hours ago

When you say boom boom and zoom zoom on the carousel. So sexy!

Ivan Rapisarda

a day ago

Please where can I get the lingerie in this video...?

Ivana Ševerdija

16 hours ago

Mmmm yummy yummy so hot and sexy girl, wow!!!😱😱😱💝💝💝😍😍😍😘😘😘😋😋😋

We made a Runts family photo album! We will update as we go along on this new musical journey, adding more new moments and Runts as we go.... Here Come The Runts!

Sophie Kruize

15 hours ago

Louisville, Kentucky can't wait 🌵💗

Mandy Winbun

a day ago

Wonderful photos, @awolnation, I look forward to seeing more photos of you musical journey. See you in Cincinnati this summer :)

Martha Diaz

a day ago

Thank you for the show at Paris it was amazing.. 😉 😉 🎉🎶😘

I have been wrecking my brain on what to sing for u all ! so,I said how bout I ask u guys what would u like to hear me sing ? Also you can Use the code HB2018 and you can get tickets Right Now for my performance @hollywoodbowl on July 6th and 7th ...

Bubba Heah

5 hours ago

You are a beautiful GODDESS!!!!

Nestor Bello Bantillo

5 hours ago

Sing something soft and smooth,!!

Christine Evangelista Moreira

10 hours ago

OK Chitown homey, here goes: Sing Freddie Jackson’s “You are my Lady”; your song “Honey I Do from Dreamgirls; your song “Where you at” (my ringtone); and finish with full choreography BBD “Poison”. Awesome

The day is finally here, friends. The Over and Underneath tour starts on Friday. Are we gonna see you?! #OUTour

Arnold Dobó

15 hours ago

That's not really a question you have to ask me.. you already know the answer :).. and yes I realize that when I see you on Friday it will only be 13 days since I saw you prior lol 💜💜🖤🖤

Gladis Roundy

15 hours ago

See you in Macomb! Can't wait!!

Edima Tombere

15 hours ago

Coming to Marriotsville!!

David is excited to announce EXPLOSIVE Live! in México in November 2018.
He will be back with his band and perform on
02 November - México City Auditorio Nacional
04 November - Guadalajara Auditorio TELMEX
07 November - Monterrey Arena Monterrey
Pre-sale for these concerts starts exclusive via Santander MX on 3rd & 4th May 2018.

Monica Martin

14 hours ago

Omg. Wellcome back. I can't wait to see you in Monterrey my dear 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️☘️

Sulee Veere

14 hours ago

Feliz com a sua volta

Carla Graciela Palma Ascencio

14 hours ago

I wish I could be there!💙

12 days til Reputation Stadium Tour!!!

Anthony NoQuestions Gilbert

an hour ago

. if u have a tour here in Philippines , I hope you would guest in Umagang kay Ganda , 😂😘 TV patrol , Twba , etc 😂😂😘. Loveyouu Taylor 😘

Aaron Lacey

an hour ago

I am so sad the only place in Canada you are going to is Toronto. I have taken my daughter to your last 2 tours and will not be able to go to this one :( you should give Alberta some more love! We sell out all your shows in minutes! <3 <3 <3

Rengifo Meli

an hour ago

I have 6 tickets in section 107 row 11 in Denver! I am leaving out of town and cAnt use them! Let me know if you would like them. Must be sold in pairs

📷: Chad Ward

Chris Combs

7 hours ago

I saw them so long ago with Weezer, went to the Tampa show last night and it was probably the best concert I've been to. The only thing that would've made it better would've been pit tickets (Admittedly the lawn is a bit far, but still a great show). I almost bought tickets to the South Florida show today and drove down just to see them again, it was that good, but tickets were too pricey. Ty guys for finally coming back to FL and rocking it.

Chris Combs

7 hours ago

Such an amazing show last night!! I still can’t believe I finally got to see you in concert!!! Please come back sooner than 10 years 😉

Ludovica Magrì

7 hours ago

What an amazing show last night, Thank You! You don’t have to wait another 10 years to come back to Florida, you could sell out every year!!

Which one was your favorite
#Whistle or #Wildones? #tbt 🤔

Julie Allwood

2 hours ago

Hard to pick love them all

Clay Neal

2 hours ago

Whistle, Club Can't Handle Us, Right Round, I Cry & Where Them Girls At!

Jacqueline Smith

2 hours ago

Both of them

This is awesome!!!

Philippe Ribès

7 hours ago

I mentioned the last name of Rucker to a coworker the other day and he immediately asked "Darius?". Since then Rucker has come up a couple more times 😁

Jakob Kristoferitsch

15 hours ago

Sign me up and let me know when your daycare opens. 🤣

Kendo Kenchules

a day ago

From the mouths of babes.

Gary Jeffrey

14 hours ago

don't you dare start rocking a man bun now, Riley!! DON'T!! I MIGHT DIE 😭💕

Akhil Chaudhary

14 hours ago

Notice me idol😍😍😍😍

Gentiana R. Ymeri

14 hours ago

i love you McDonough brothers so much. always and forever

"He stopped loving her today" but we'll never stop loving him.#GeorgeJones #ThePossum #RIP #KeepinItCountry

Josphat Bett

35 minutes ago

Thank you Alan,George Jones was great man ,no we want ever stop loving him ,love you too ,All of you are the best

Maria Peek

35 minutes ago

I'm so grateful to have seen George Jones twice. First, around 1993, he apologize that he had bronchitis, but I think he sounded better than ever.

Justinn Instanc

35 minutes ago

I saw George on three different occasions when he came to Calgary,Alberta,Canada. I also saw Alan once when he came. I remember watching the CMA awards when Alan started singing his song, then changed to one of George's. Still prefer the classic songs over most of the new stuff!!

It was an honor to be recognized at CinemaCon last night with the Pioneer of the Year award by the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation - an organization that does so much for so many.

Andrew Graba

7 hours ago

The most paid actor,,, a blockbuster hit movies of any kind,,,,, but yet not recognize by OSCAR because it was said politics,,,,, by now you own it,,,,, they recognize your hard work,,, death defying stunt,,,,, congratulations!!!!! Keep it up. :-) :-) :-) Tom en Jerry I am the mouse you are the cat,,,,, vampire. :-):-) :-)

Elaine Oblenis

7 hours ago

tom cruise has forgotten so many things on be actor mimi rogers and nicole kidman cheated on both them then PDA with pene cruz there holidays back in 2000s then couch jumping on oraphy in 2005 the contract marriage nutcase fan katie holmes and mystery child arguing with tv interviewers and other actors insulting peter overton .scour face in photos and PDA with katie holmes was gross - is me or has he forgotten all this - all i wanted to be actor stuff it seem contrived

Juanjo Valladares

7 hours ago

Congratulations Tom you so deserve your award. Your an awesome actor who has made numerous brilliant films. I hope your next award will be an Oscar as you should have had one by now. Well done again. Your wonderful. Love your number 1 fan. Theresa xx

🎥 coming friday 🤣

Linh Chi

6 hours ago

MattyBRaps is always so cute, pretty, beautiful, handsome, sexy, , funny as hell, has a beautiful soul, is a top-notch singer, is a top notch dancer and a ton notch actor

Vinod Jaiswal

6 hours ago

MattyBRaps is always so cute, pretty, beautiful, handsome, sexy, , funny as hell, has a beautiful soul, is a top-notch singer, is a top notch dancer and a ton notch actor

Yatin Garg Fca

6 hours ago

MattyBRaps is always so cute, pretty, beautiful, handsome, sexy, , funny as hell, has a beautiful soul, is a top-notch singer, is a top notch dancer and a ton notch actor

What cities will we be seeing you in this year? Monster Energy

Tour dates, tickets + VIP packages 👉

(Photo: Harry Reese)

Paola Deloya

7 hours ago

Five Finger Death Punch thank you guys for being the awesome band you are!

your music has helped me through some rough times on several occasions
especially songs like: I apologize and gone away have been my guiding music in hardships and loss.

thank you very much for making such awesome music!
hope to see you guys soon in the netherlands!


Julie Cotterill

15 hours ago

Jacksonville Florida @ Rockville Festival ! currently under full operation of putting these peachy Georgia miles behind us . It's time to Rock out with your 🐓 out ! 🤘😬🤘 5 day vacation 3 day concert a bag of weed and nothing but the open road ahead ... Oh wait still in Atlanta .... 🖕😒🖕 GOOOO!!! ALREADY THE LIGHTS GREEN !!!

Yolanda Fuentes

a day ago

Red rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on May 29!! Happy 15th wedding Anniversary to me!! Can't wait!

💋 #JLOxInglot

Hans Joachim Blome

6 hours ago

Very nice cover JLo your always on point amazing dancer and sings like no other. Sexy ❤️ her music all have a reminder that she's blessed to make melodies and lyrics conquer to all lo Very much more than one personality's. Thanks again for your sharing this with me and others. Have a wonderful day ahead every one #Cherylmmrlrabebelovingit. Thanks.

Karol Stanley

an hour ago

Love you jlo..but that cover is ugly

Shandy Kinzer

13 hours ago


Pantera in Moscow 1991 photo credit @joegironphoto #monstersofrock1991 #pantera #moscow #vulgardisplayofpower

Andrea Lopez

15 hours ago

Was literally just listening to Domination on my way to work and couldn't help remember this amazing show. Still gives me chills when I watch!

Samila Valliamah

a day ago

" Cowboy from Hell " in Moscow 1991. " Vulgar display of power " released 25/2/1992 . Do you know ?

Ahura Mazda

a day ago

This was the first and only free Western rock concert in Soviet history and took place just a month after an attempted coup d'etat. The USSR disbanded in December of 1991. The concert was a way of welcoming in Western art and culture into Russia and the Soviet Union after over half a century of censorship and villification. Attendance has been estimated between 500,000 and 1,500,000. AC/DC, Metallica, and the Black Crowes also took stage. Film footage is available on the DVD "For Those About to Rock: Monsters in Moscow" and possibly elsewhere. Pantera's set was fucking epic and there is no doubt the environment was too.

Brandon Stevens

7 hours ago

Yeaaaah lml...lml

Elton Gruber

7 hours ago

Well.. that’s not Cincinnati Ohio

Veronika Tavadyan

7 hours ago

Can't wait to see you guys in São Paulo!

'Let Love In' was released on this day in 2006! What's your favorite song from the album?

Nayari Paredes

16 hours ago

Stay with you, best opening song at any concert I've seen. Takes straight up to 10 and sets the standard for the show. Ace

Erin Smith-Kreps

16 hours ago

That's a really tough question because I love multiple songs so much on that album. "Listen" is one of my favorites, as are "Can't Let It Go," "Stay With You," "Become," "Without You Here" & "Feel The Silence." Not to mention the title track. You're killing me, guys! Don't ask me to choose 😅💖

Magdalena Uzarowska

16 hours ago

The first 5 songs are the best: Stay w/You, Let Love In, Feel the Silence, Better Days, Without you here... Too good of an album to name one best!

At last night’s show in Nashville with James Shaw the Waffle House Hero

Cristy Drury

7 hours ago

Wonderful show on Wednesday... Enjoyed seeing you.. Guess I will have to get that shirt another time.. Thanks for showing respect to James Shaw Jr. Truely a hero...

Mokrani Dalida

7 hours ago

Mannnn, how you meet somebody that quick??? #inmyChrisTuckervoice. :) :)

Basil Moskva

7 hours ago

I think he a Marine, Semper fi, or just a home town hero, just saying

Want a chance to be featured on our socials and win M&G's to one of our upcoming shows? Post your best live shots from our set and #EYBLive on any social platform and you'll be entered to win! Good luck!

📷 Photography By Adam Kliebenstein
Who else is happily celebrating #NationalGolfDay like us and our buds Jordan Spieth and Russell Henley?!

Barbra Hilliard

16 hours ago

#EYBLive. Please pick me for the Stamford Connecticut show

Jessica Ebel

16 hours ago

Love you guys 😀

Heading into the Colors Tour starting tomorrow night at The Anthem. Tickets:

Hollywood Bowl pre-sale going on now.
Code: HB2018

MD Masum

7 hours ago

Looks like the cover photo of What's The Story (Morning Glory?)

Rachel Maniarasan

7 hours ago

Long journey from Prague though but worth to see you tonight!

Spencer Tibbs

7 hours ago

Please come back to Canada (Edmonton)

Back on the road this fall. Presale tickets are on sale now at! Use the code CLOUDNINE.

Karen Graham

9 hours ago

Bought my ticket for the Portland, OR concert on October 5th! 😍

Hardweyy Weyy

9 hours ago

Oh please come to Europe. Good luck with the tour! I'm so curious to see the set list!

Darius Spears

16 hours ago

Hannah Leigh Whyte - House of Blues in Chicago. 😉

We're excited to be nominated for Best International Band at the Heavy Music Awards! Vote for us, now through June 27th at: 🤘

Andrea Carmona

16 hours ago

Voted!! You guys are truly the best! Hey, Marluce, I count on you to vote as well \m/(-_-)\m/

Flacko Joyde

16 hours ago

Voted! Always Trivium!!

Alessandro Divarci

16 hours ago

You got my vote 😎

Only Way You Get Respect Is Earn It .. #CMG

Katie Heiston

14 hours ago

TI that print though in them pants

Alexandra Kioussi

14 hours ago

T.I. Thinks he’s so slick wearing jogging pants all the time lol

Luke Delaney

14 hours ago

Ive been reaching for a long time halfull and make it count.the bottom line love the four of hearts.

🎩 #tbt
📷: Ellen Von Unwerth

Tsuyoshi Kumamoto

an hour ago

Are you ever gonna make more music? I love hearing ur music u r my inspiration ever since I was a little girl. Growing up I loved ur music so much and I honestly just miss it so much hope u make music soon ❤️❤️❤️

Ewa Kruk

an hour ago

My Queen I don't understand What makes you beautiful? 😍😍😍 You're as Beautiful as always 😘

Jessica Cruz Occhipinti

an hour ago

Ι remember seeing this in a Greek magazine and realized my girl made onto one of the homeland's magazine. #ProudMoment

#TBT: Michael on stage during sound check for the Bad World Tour.

Johan Suur

2 hours ago

Seen him live in Singapore - Dangerous tour. It was absolutely phenomenal... Must have been 1993 or around that time. What a show he put on. THE best performer EVER!

Arlynshuga Sweets

2 hours ago

The one and only greatest entertainer that make the audience inspires and happy all the time,this man on stage,the only one#kingofpop around the world, you'll never never forget ,Your Memories will remain forever.

Srgo Wraith

2 hours ago

Michelle Rink I love my husband xD He looks so powerful on the stage ;D I wonder in what other departments he was powerful Im asking for science (cough) LOLOL xxx

never let anyone tell you what you cannot do! #dreambig

Agit Sevik

an hour ago

Absolutely correct you are Matt ...
And just say them that I can do it !

Rikelmi Nunes Mv

an hour ago

It looks as your are pumping Iron. looks great.

Nabeel Ghuman

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Thank u!! That is soo true!! You are the best!! Have a great week/weekend!!

We are doing some dates this summer with @johnnyorlando and @kenzieziegler and we cant wait!

Czech republic

Tickets go on sale on Friday

Karen Carrafa

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Can't wait for Brno! Love you so much 😭🇨🇿❤❤

Will Johns

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I love youu so much Bars and Melody 🤤😍😍😍😍❤️❤️🇨🇿️🇨🇿️🇨🇿️🇨🇿️🇨🇿️🇨🇿️🎶🎶😍❤️❤️❤️😭

Stunning shot by Hasaan Fazal!
The Forum 1986.
Photo by Marsha Traeger.

Severita Trujillo

7 hours ago

Being good to people is the reason.......................we're alive, it makes them happy and it makes God happy. What better reason is there.

Chloe Williams

7 hours ago

I saw a lady in the mall who had the most gorgious hair cut; she caught me looking at her head. I apologized for starring & told her how gorgious her hair was & the texture was to die for. She teared up instantly and said she's never had short hair or wavy hair and she didn't know if she looked ok. She paused, thanked me, and whispered "It's my fist day without wearing a wig, my hair is just now starting to grow after having chemo treatments". I told her I never would have known because she looked "great" & her hair was simply gorgious. She was so appreciative, hugged me & went on her way. She made me cry!

Brittany Harris

7 hours ago

Word from the godfather of inspirational love song's!himself!

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #5: Mount Tamalpais, Marin County CA

43 years ago, April 25 1975, the Doobies' classic album “Stampede” was released. To get the inside story on how that cool cowboy cover came to be, and where it was shot, I tracked down Michael Maggid, the talented photographer who crafted the images for the album (among other legendary Doobie covers).

He told me, “The concept for the album title and cover sort of evolved from collective discussions with the band while they were recording. We set up to shoot the principal photos in Marin County, since I think most of the band lived up here. (I later photographed Skunk Baxter in a park in San Francisco, as he had not yet joined the band at the time of the cover shoot.) So on the day of the album shoot, we had arranged for an early morning meet-up at the bus station in downtown Mill Valley, CA. There were the band members, various wives and girlfriends, several Warner Record production and art folks, myself and my wife Jill, horse wranglers, a substantial group.

We all caravanned up to Mount Tamalpais, where we had arranged to have permission to shoot on a little dirt road. We had costumes and six-guns, etc. from the Warner prop department. So, all set up, the band goes back up the dirt road and charges, as best they can, toward the camera. Looks OK. Let's do that a couple more times. But... Pat Simmons has vanished. Gone. He turned up two miles away several hours later, and missed the entire rest of the shoot. He said he got lost.” (Note: Pat confirmed for me that the horse “had a mind of its own” and indeed took him on an unplanned side trip through the mountains.)

By the way, Michael also shared that the cover art was shot in black and white, and hand tinted in the antique style by Jill andhe to try to get a 19th century feel to the images.

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Evelina Muric

15 hours ago

Such a great classic! Not a day goes by without the Doobie's playing in my studio. Stampede is tops on the list!

John Moore

15 hours ago

Neal’s Fandango is the best song and rarely played on the radio. People don’t know what they are missing.

Érdna Fast

15 hours ago

To this day, I still love listening to Rainy Day Crossroad Blues. I was living in LA (lower Alabama) when this album was released. Hoping to hear it live one day (Mitch)

Make sure to Shazam the performance of "I Don't Think About You" on Ellen DeGeneres for a chance to win a signed gold vinyl of Meaning of Life! ✨✨

Watch the performance here:

- Team KC

Joseph Franks

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Kelly you are always awesome and look amazing !

Phonecia Turner

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Saw you on tv today and want to compliment you on great you look.

Shaundy Pou

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When you sing with that kind of emotion and that kind of passion and you put your heart and soul into it Not only can you hear the message but you can feel it !

Médallion De Saint Christophe x Medallion & Pendant Collection. 🔥#ChristinaMilian x #houseoffinegold

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Woow,100% accept that you are more fun,sexy,beautiful,best in soul, me too I still support and in my corner agree for are everything to me and to the world ,pass my best greetings to your lovely kid ...

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Good mourning on my way to make some music

Geovan Vazquez

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Oooooooh Christina Milan you look so hot an sexy love you

Raise your hand if you're ready to see Hootie and the Blowfish join Jason Aldean this summer on July 21st in Atlanta! Here is a #TBT to get you prepped!

Kumar Dheeraj

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Great song Radius saw in myrtle in 95 you were just getting started. So happy the way your career has turned out even met you at bread and company in Nashville in 2000. Your a classic example of what music artist should be. Thanks wagon wheel

Guillermo Gonzalez

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It feels like we are getting closer to a tour. I hope so

Zsófi Rozsnyai

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When you coming to northern mi. Is sure is pretty up here