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Fans shared about Five Finger Death Punch

Zakk Rowan

44 minutes ago

Wish my grandma could've met her, they probably could've put on a hell of a show together! Cheers and keep on rocking, to the original lady! RIP to my grandma. 🤘🖕🤣

Mike Anderson

also shared about Five Finger Death Punch

it was alright for the older man to do it when he sang drowning pool keep on being you grandma this is awesome im not sure why there is so much hate for this im seeing alot of positive and negative we will all age at some point do what you love to do no matter what it is there needs to be more of this with all the hate going on now days this was very cool to see

Renee Watson

also shared about Five Finger Death Punch

This is awesome! A lot of “ grandmas “ love you guys. I took my 69 yr old friend to see you guys in Tampa Florida, she loved you all , she was hoping y’all would come back and bring Ivan now y’all coming to Jacksonville.. We will be sitting in the crowd head banging! #gotyoursix

Fans shared about Queens of the Stone Age

Δημήτριος Πανοδήμος

2 hours ago

a whole lotta love to the guy or the team that makes your gig posters. everytime it's a psychedelic masterpiece. cant wait to hear you ll come to play in Thessaloniki Greece. #awesome_sound #awesome_posters

Mariana Santos

also shared about Queens of the Stone Age

Sophie Herszterg Só pq a Ana Bon Frauches reclamou agora tem mais uma oportunidade pra ela ir. Pelo tanto que ela reclamou, com certeza ela vai querer ir dessa vez hahahahaha

Andrew Crew

also shared about Queens of the Stone Age

The gas leaking out of the balloon's mouth and the hot rod towing them brings to mind Jack Nicholson bellowing, "HE STOLE MY BALLOONS!"

Fans shared about Christina Aguilera

Marco Menichini

4 hours ago

For as much as I love you, I’ve been a little bit disappointed by too many vocal and technical aspects 😕 Loved the spirit and the energy though... Your soul is just incredible! ✨

Boia Puruolte

also shared about Christina Aguilera

No more negative comments. Who can do 4 Whitney songs at one go? Only Christina. Whitney is Whitney, Christina is Christina. Period. All those who are complaining about her over-singing, please do your homework. That’s why she is called the voice of our generation, who we fall in love. Learn to appreciate talents before it’s too late. Fighting 💪💪

Mark Bird

also shared about Christina Aguilera

She clearly used up her voice during rehearsals. Chris has a bad habit of killing it during rehearsals and leaving people shook. But she overdoes it, only to loose her voice on the night of performance and sound bad. Someone was in the audience during her rehearsal and filmed it, it was on youtube for less than 20 minutes before it was removed. She was fucking amazing. I was so excited. Then the night came and her voice was less than it should have been. If all the haters saw the video of her during rehearsals they would love it. She sounded even better than her Whitey performance on the voice that never aired!

Ha! Got my hair, makeup and nails done and went no where. 😩 Say hello to Dej'a Lo! But hey, Have a awesome night on PURPOSE 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Fans shared about Barbra Streisand

Dwayne Raymond

4 hours ago

Your Boston performance was lovely. It had been my dream to see you live since I was four years old and my dad gave me The Third Album. You lent a certain elegance to a rather difficult adolescence for a boy from the mountains of Oregon. I am now a writer living on both Cape Cod and in Barcelona. Part of me believes none of that would have ever come to fruition had it not been for your friendship through song. There is not enough thanks from this end to you.

Kevin Lambert

also shared about Barbra Streisand

Holding out till this evening. Making it a special night with hubby and Barbra. I was very fortunate to attend the very last performance of this show in Brooklyn 6 months ago. She was magical and I'm really looking forward to seeing it again😁

Margaret Branford

also shared about Barbra Streisand

I went to her concert in Sydney, it was just wonderful to see & hear her. Enjoyed the show immensely, wish she would come again.

Stay ready you don't gotta get ready. (😂 mf said "the republic.") Sywalking on that master yoda #rp @genius #splish #warxleisure

RIP to the legend David Cassidy❤️So sad to hear the news😓 He was so nice on my show #DavidCassidy #davidcassidy #RIP #RIPDavidCassidy #DavidCassidyRIP #partridgefamily

Fans shared about Don Moen

Pst Charis

4 hours ago

I am moved by your passion Don, when are you coming back to Kenya? I can never have enough of you. Kindly do tutorials for "Lord You seem so far away..." That song brings me to Tears each time I listen to it. God bless you.

Sandra van der Merwe

also shared about Don Moen

Thank you Don I play choruses on my Yamaha Clavinova -play by chords only I cant read music notes and play by ear...this helps SO much.Thank you and bless you!I love your music and have all your CDs.

Edmonton - SOLD OUT!

Oklahoma City 💯#CMG #IStillAM

Fans shared about Steve Harvey

Patricia Rogers

3 hours ago

Say what you want about Steve Harvey, I love his humility. He never fails to give credit to those who helped him along his way and he helps more people than any of us know. God bless and keep you Steve, stay humble, God has a plan.

Sheila Jasmom Brown

also shared about Steve Harvey

Chip is an iconic actress and wonderful at raising her daughters to be successful actresses. I loved her on Good Times, well not her character (beating on Penny), but her skills as an actress. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Antonio Mcgee

also shared about Steve Harvey

Good morning Mr Harvey! I'm a trucker in ATL and I just want to Thank you for saving my life. What I mean is that as a 3rd shift driver it can be pretty grueling at night staying awake but I can always look forward to the morning Show and all the great laughs that keep me going and helps me complete my task. So again Thank you for what you do and keep us drivers motivated out on these roads. God Bless and Great Risings

Fans shared about Marshmello

Praveen Shastri

4 hours ago

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Fans shared about MC Magic

Alondra Galván Laguna

3 hours ago

Me encanta esta canción...aunque aquel chico que me la dedicó ya no esta más en mi vida me hizo sentir muy especial y tal vez cada que la escucha me recuerda como yo lo recuerdo a el😊☺

Fans shared about Becky G

Anthony Ramirez

4 hours ago

Becky g i love u every time i hear sola it makes me wanna cry because i want to meet u in person sometimes i do 😢 cry

Giving thanks in Vegas

Feeling blessed tonight...had a great day at work with the fam on Power. Thankful to the crew and cast for making set a happy and nurturing place. Everyday is a gift with you all.

Fans shared about Kesha

Lê Hiếu

7 hours ago

Hello kesha. I is fan Việt Nam. I love Kesha. I want her singrap because her voice rap very wơnderful. I not wirting English. I sorry Kesha 😘😘😘

💕💕💕💕💕 @nbcthevoice Thanks for a great 1st Live round! #TeamMiley

@asahdkhaled born wit swag BORN 👑
MIAMI come have breakfast lunch and dinner wit us ! @thelickingmiamigardens @wethebestmusic

happy birthday my love 🎂🎉 11.21.17

There’s no better feeling than seeing all the support from every single one of you so far. Thank you thank youuuu! 🙏❤️🙏 #AllNight

Thank you Pontiac for packing out @thecrofoot!Bringing A Decade of Defilement to Rochester tomorrow, who's coming out??
📷: @mezgarth

Fans shared about Hollywood Undead

Eric Bennett

7 hours ago

$6.99? 6.9? 69? Oh I see what you're doing. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You're giving us an amazing discount! What?...What did you think I meant?
Fucking pervets.( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

Fans shared about Ron Perlman

Brian House

3 hours ago

One of the many reasons I will vote for you if you do make good on that threat... er, promise to run for President, Mr. Perlman.

Emory L Harker

also shared about Ron Perlman

You talk the talk but do you walk the walk.......Trump Does.Obama tried to put this country in the tolet.For those that don't believe it look at all the money he gave to country's that wont Americans DEAD.

Iván Matias Alcibar

also shared about Ron Perlman

But not the world Wide Web, that was Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who actually created the first thing we now know as the world wide web, allowing us to fully communicate, unlike ARPA. Interesting bit of history. Drop mic

You guys are SO GOOD at making these sick edits! I️ love them so much! Keep em up😍👏🏻🙌🏻 #Megatronz #TheFour @thefouronfox

Putting finishing touches on my single “work sumn” w @torylanez n @jacquees Mayne..when this shit drop 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.. s/o @glassbluntstore #Glassbluntchallenge song produced by @ryu_soundmob @pyro_soundmob

Love working with Baume Et Mercier! They put together something amazing here! What do you think? Getting to do this with my bro in NYC was so fun. Lorenzo James Henrie Baume et Mercier

Fans shared about Jimmy Fallon

Sadia Imran

3 hours ago

And all these people missed out on an awesome live performance being too busy recording it in their phones and looking through it just so they can show it to others/look at it later (!!)....shame!!

Sai Akhil

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

Here's a question. The video looks professionally shot and edited. Doesn't seem like it was done with hidden/concealed/small/phone cameras. And it even sounds studio quality, like boom mikes were used. Was the huge ass professional equipment not a dead giveaway?

Shaun J Fisher

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

These are happy moments that we need to see more of! It’s refreshing to see people coming together and being happy instead of divisive and hurtful. Way to go, Jimmy and Adam!

They made my day more than I could ever make theirs. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #tistheseason
The President of My Foundation. My Momma! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 📸 @primephocus

Fans shared about Incubus

Curt Reis

7 hours ago

Excuse me. I am trying to paint my bedroom walls and I am looking at a certain shade of green. I don't want to stand around till 2012 A.D. looking for a certain shade of green. Any advice?

#TeamNoSleep #ProudDad #GodIsGood #Harts

The Sons Of Apollo summer festival announcements keep coming!
Just announced: the 1st few bands for the bill on the Ramblin Man Fair in England...many more still to come

Fans shared about Nikki Leigh

Walter Jeffery

3 hours ago

Beautiful girl my friend I wish you and your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving and it's been great getting to know you you're a great girl