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Fans shared about TobyMac

Misty Greene Barlowe

2 hours ago

Home with the Lord! Prayers for his family that will miss him.

Andrew Throop

also shared about TobyMac

I always hated it when the media would call him the "Protestant Pope", he always seemed to be an example of a humble servant minister who actually practiced what he preached. God bless his family.

Willie Fowler

also shared about TobyMac

Welcome home my faithful servant I’m sure he has already heard it❤️

Fans shared about Underoath

Maria Leah Criscione

2 hours ago

Igorrr is very Sick!

Sami Nikkola

also shared about Underoath

Tim Maxfield trip to Montreal?

David Gomes

also shared about Underoath

Steve Crow Montreal?

Hey y'all! Ill be doing a Twitter AMA TODAY from 11am-12pm PST! Hop on and ask me some questions using the hashtag #AskScotty. Looking forward to hearing from y'all.

Fans shared about Kenny Rogers

Russell Williams

2 hours ago

Your still looking GOOD MAN . I remember many years ago going to a show at CNE in Canada and you entertained us all evening couldn't get over your beautiful Blue Eyes Enjoy your retirement !

Kristin Cherry

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Sorry Kenny. I used to be a huge fan back in the 70’s. Saw you several times. You should have retired 4or 5 years ago instead of fans paying a ridiculous amount of $$ to see you walk on stage and act like you don’t want to be there and your voice was terrible!!
I choose to remember the other Kenny that could croon a tune like no other.
Hope you enjoy retirement.

Wayne Pat Shelow

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Such a handsome man

Fans shared about Destiny's Child

Robert Endtaler

an hour ago

opkankeren ik zei betalen = als blijk van waardering he yah zeker. en nou oprotten

Ony Malala

also shared about Destiny's Child

Thanks to LeToya and LaTavia too for wrote the song with them. <3

Yoshito Tanaka

also shared about Destiny's Child


Fans shared about Wiz Khalifa

Eze Francis Kelechi

a few seconds ago

Happy birthday son. i say when you're not a father u can't know how it pain to be far away from your child.always i miss you my son Prince Joshua II I will meet you very soon be happy my son :-) :-) :-) :-)

Brownboi Vish

also shared about Wiz Khalifa

👼 hope your little guy has the happiest of birthdays! May he be held in compassion, free of pain and suffering, may he find and know peace ✌️💗

Emmanuel Sank

also shared about Wiz Khalifa

Happy bday bash at Pablo Coño may kadungan ka bday pod nya.

Fans shared about Jacob Whitesides

Naniharis Che Leh

an hour ago

Andrea Roldao Santos Munhoz

Fans shared about Thomas Rhett

Alma Alosi Snodgrass

2 hours ago

Your Dad is still handsome. You are blessed to have such talent

Larry P. Bradshaw

also shared about Thomas Rhett

Some good looking men right there!!! Whew!

Abby Vaughn

also shared about Thomas Rhett

So DAM HANDSOME fellas....

Fans shared about 3 Doors Down

Peter Keat

2 hours ago

That's too funny Brad 😂🤣

Yoe Yar

also shared about 3 Doors Down

good point..horns look mean

Fans shared about Christine D'Clario

Marcela Sierra Rodriguez

2 hours ago

#ChristineDClario Grabaran #ÉlNosAma! en vivo.

Henyerbeth Márquez

also shared about Christine D'Clario

Falta tan poquiiiiiiitooo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Denisa Robles Moreta

also shared about Christine D'Clario

Amen Q maravilla será el encuentro alabado sea el unico Dios vivo en nombre de Jesús pido oración a mi favor cristine de clario se Q el señor abrirá las compuertas del cielo para Q caiga lluvia de bendiciones de Paraguay

Fans shared about All Time Low

John Paul del Rosario

2 hours ago

Please come back to Germany. I miss you Guys 😊😘❤

Kate Gonzales

also shared about All Time Low

Philip Hoelzeman Tyler Burgener I see at least 4 bands I want to see at this festival...Foo Fighters concert on the 3rd...I see a Memphis multi-day trip developing. :D

Observant Vibes. Always Searching

Fans shared about Ted Nugent

Dan Faber

2 hours ago

Pork chops tonight!😁yaya

James Barg

also shared about Ted Nugent

The world cannot survive without BACON!!!!

Robert Reed

also shared about Ted Nugent

Peta just crapped

Fans shared about Marvin Sapp

Juanda Deshauteurs

2 hours ago

Someone has hacked your page Marvin begging for money and folks personal information they are even calling. Foreign

April Daniel

also shared about Marvin Sapp

Good morning Bishop Marvin Sapp I have some battles that I had to go to everyday put my strength came from God my battle it's over now the storm is over but I'm thanking God every day of my life God bless you Bishop Marvin Sapp

Tonya Peterson

also shared about Marvin Sapp

Why is it always the strongest people has to fight to get to where God wants them to go?

Fans shared about Reba McEntire

Jeanie Booth

3 hours ago

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.” Billy Graham

Billy Harris

also shared about Reba McEntire

What an amazing man ! I am sure he is in heaven smiling down . RIP Billy Graham ❤️

Mark Christensen

also shared about Reba McEntire

What an amazing blessing God gave us in Rev. Graham!. The countless lives he touched. The countless lives that came to the Lord because of the message he carried. I thank his family for sharing this man of God so he was able to do the work God gave him to do. ❤️🙏❤️

Fans shared about Dizzy Wright

Reggie Crosby

2 hours ago

Does Dizzy Wright ever get tired of doing shows? Does it become overwhelming? Hmmm 🧐

Jerica McCormick

also shared about Dizzy Wright

Europe man Europe! Plz

Fans shared about Twisted Sister

Stéphanie Bélisle Nadon

2 hours ago

Always have my respect for that. Haha still don’t believe the kiss audition story . But you’re a cool guy!

Fans shared about The Black Dahlia Murder

Anita Bogatkiewicz

an hour ago

Shit man. I wish I could go.

Bastian Coby Shaddix

also shared about The Black Dahlia Murder

have a nice show boyz!

Fans shared about Queens of the Stone Age

Леонид Ку

2 hours ago

Venderán el póster allá? 🤔

Andre' Carter

also shared about Queens of the Stone Age

Ya en stgo Ctm!!

Armando Guerrero Salas

also shared about Queens of the Stone Age

Nos vemos ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! jejejeje

Fans shared about Willie Nelson

Lorraine Rebman

3 hours ago

Wish you could come to Massachusetts!❤️❤️

Judy Davis Proffitt

also shared about Willie Nelson

Donna Mccleary. He has dates in Laughlin. I would even come to Texas

Helen Stuart

also shared about Willie Nelson

Hey Willie .... I'm your look-a-like stunt double. If you don't believe me ...give me a shout. Thank you for the ya brother!!!

Fans shared about Blessthefall

Bayu Akbar

3 hours ago

Joshua Williams this is your optimal lineup

Anthony Stokes

also shared about Blessthefall

Ozali Where is montreal :(

Matheus Santana

also shared about Blessthefall

Paulina-Maria Saal

Fans shared about Jack White

Jason Molina

2 hours ago

Adam W Shelby

Jack Ohh

also shared about Jack White

Poss David Byrne & Jack White back to back 😀

João Henrique Andrade

also shared about Jack White

I love your music!!!. Have for decades. If fact, I visited third man in Nashville over the holidays and picked up some swag. But you completely disregarded the SE, except Shaky Knees? Really? I'll be at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta on the 5th to see another beloved, Joe Bonamassa. Please add more tour dates to the SE US. Please!? At least Nashville!

Fans shared about Don Moen

Joel Lionel Angeles

2 hours ago

Thank you Lord, for the cross where the greatest exchange that brought an abrupt end to an old, sinful and iniquitous me was made and the emergence of a new, stainless and righteous me in Christ Jesus. Yes, I am the righteousness of God.

Goldhn Ceucyt

also shared about Don Moen

Very nice. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

Kehinde Ogunyinka

also shared about Don Moen

Praise God! My sins have been washed away by the BLOOD OF JESUS!

Fans shared about Queens of the Stone Age

Scott Mower

2 hours ago

Anderson Kay Let's go. Here's our hang out opportunity.

Blanca Schmid

also shared about Queens of the Stone Age

Oh my God yes!!!!

Bexie Lannfelt

also shared about Queens of the Stone Age

All of you little kids still going on about the camera kicking are pathetic! :) Just sayin... Get a hobby...

Fans shared about Chevelle

Cullan Fardoux

3 hours ago

Damn Don’t tempt me lol

Nathan Witt

also shared about Chevelle

Jeremy Um hi, I wanna see all 4 of these that actually matter!

Janet Mulder

also shared about Chevelle

Damon Butcher, may 5 single day pass for my birthday?? Would be awesome to see my fav band again!

Fans shared about Pharrell Williams

Anaïs Aujour

4 hours ago

Josep Riera Mayke Leijendekkers

Oliwia Bednarek

also shared about Pharrell Williams

Aisling Doyle like they are playing so many places, where to see them? 🤔

OangwInun Kaewdaeng

also shared about Pharrell Williams

Has it always been Pharrell and n*e*r*d or just n*e*r*d

Fans shared about Incubus

Brian Moore

2 hours ago

Crystal Cantrell and Dana N Rich my birthday is the 4th. We should go!!

Peter Joy Regalado

also shared about Incubus

I always thought it was a shame incubus deviated from the heavier sound of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. their best album imo.

Xanuj A Calinawan

also shared about Incubus

Boyd lookin like Saul from Pineapple Express. “Pandora doesn't go back in the box. He only comes out”

Fans shared about Rusko

Σταύρος Κατσιμπράκης

2 hours ago

Nice to enjoy life every second..big ups

Shows in London and Leeds have now been added to our summer tour. Tickets on sale this Friday at 9AM GMT. Visit for a full list of our upcoming tour dates.

Fans shared about Alice In Chains

Joe McCune

4 hours ago

Where we going?
London or Berlin?

Vladimir Ligum

also shared about Alice In Chains

They should do the decent thing and support pearl jam at the O2 while they are over here around the same dates.

Tonia Jones-Saluga

also shared about Alice In Chains

Man i so gotta go to this been dying to see this band live, can't get link to work to see ticket price😞. Hope they play would, rooster, down in a hole, angry chair etc

Fans shared about Lecrae

Debra Sanders

2 hours ago

London is reaaady!!!!
It will be very hard to top your last concert (Anomlay tour), it was bomb! My expectations are high for this one :D

Phil Van Horn

also shared about Lecrae

All the way turnt

Dagi Feloda Berhanu

also shared about Lecrae

Desperate to see you for years, and you pick a date in London when I’m out the country 😫

Fans shared about Christina Milian

Chilufya Bweupe

3 hours ago

Me and you baby

Guillaume Amg

also shared about Christina Milian

I was in love with Letitia Wright

Gas Stew

also shared about Christina Milian

What,,,,is,,,,christina,,, Love,,,

Fans shared about Pixies

Randy Cherry

2 hours ago

Awful venue. A big lake separating the fans from the band's. Remember one crazy bastard jumped in the water and swam to the stage .

Jacek Klaus

also shared about Pixies

Paul Mitchell. We were there. I remember seeing Robert Smith hanging around back stage.

Let Martini

also shared about Pixies

Oh how I'd love to be the creamy filling in that sandwich!

Fans shared about Sabrina Carpenter

Jodie Collumbine

3 hours ago

The beautiful singer is Sabrina carpenter

Teresa Cuberli

also shared about Sabrina Carpenter

Nice pics Sabrina

Rubi Romero

also shared about Sabrina Carpenter

love you Sabrina!!!! I hope your Japan tour was the best days ever!!!! I can’t wait to meet you on the US tour. ❤️

Fans shared about G-Eazy

Caity his long as fucking twig legs, god bless geazy.

Meren Ïmśøńğ

also shared about G-Eazy

If I wasn't broke I'd come to you. I have to go to work though and it's cold. So if you really want to make this right between us then meet me today at 5pm at the smoke shop or behind the bar in the alley later tonight

Dalius Beleckas

also shared about G-Eazy

You want to make things right meet me today at the smoke shop smokin daze on 43rd medlock @5pm

never connected with a meme more than this one

Fans shared about Snoop Dogg

Emily Nelmes

6 hours ago

good to know !

Abdul Manaf

also shared about Snoop Dogg

My fave color love it!

Vlisel Elmazaj

also shared about Snoop Dogg

Lol not till 2020

Fans shared about Mandisa

Holly N Tianna

3 hours ago

Ashley Dawn Massey

Andre Grace

also shared about Mandisa

Just listened to this at the start of my quiet time. As my husband and I are in the waiting for our home to sell so we can make the move to Kenya, He speaks to my heart ❤️ about the waiting, to take courage because our victory is coming!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful song of praise!

Carol Kinney Hintz

also shared about Mandisa

Me too am in waiting for the LORD

Fans shared about Fronzilla

Justin Gunn

3 hours ago

too bad Japan fucking hates you

KC Bearson

also shared about Fronzilla

What is the word “Fuck” in Japanese?

Jamie Maginnis

also shared about Fronzilla

Hit up the pokemon center fronz 🤘🤘

Fans shared about Phillip Phillips

Claudia Pompeu

3 hours ago

Phillip Phillips I got Tickets 5 for my 74th. Birthday Present to see you in Athens, Ga. Tomorrow Night. I would love to meet you if possible. You are my Favorite Male American Idol.

Sabrina Helton

also shared about Phillip Phillips

You do good job all time

Sasha Adame

also shared about Phillip Phillips

You do good all the time

Fans shared about Brad Paisley

Guy J McKillip

6 hours ago

You still look amazing!! I know you will be in town next month, but as life goes on many deadlines to meet. Will see you in person soon enough....xoxo my love to the family, band, and staff!!

Nan Wilcox

also shared about Brad Paisley

Please come back to the UK....missed you last year at the C2C. Xx

Julie Morrison

also shared about Brad Paisley

Brad NEVER disappoints. I have seen him at least 12 times----the first time was in Springfield,MA at the Big E. He was just getting started----only had one album out. We didn't even have assigned seats. Just an outside pop up stage. He was so young, but had so much promise. Look at him now!!!! Love Brad. Love his music. Love the way he gives back---and the fact that he hasn't forgot how he was raised.

Fans shared about Boyce Avenue

Jessa Mae Adams

4 hours ago

Bhadz Untalan babe. Ang swerte naman ntn tlga at nakita ntn non ng malapitan tong si Alejandro sa resort world sentosa. Mura pa ticket nya jan. Magkano kaya dto sa Ph. Mahal cgro kc ksama si Moira.kc Kakanta yan ng titi titi bobobo. Hahaha cheret 😅

Fernanda Maria

also shared about Boyce Avenue

Gian Pamela Mendoza tpos na kasi concert ni moira at wala pa pera talaga. Pero gsto ko tlaga sya mapanood. Tapos eto boyce ave. Pa . Haha

An-gel Amigo Regatuna

also shared about Boyce Avenue

Kuyaaaaaaaa James, date kayo ni Lorraine dito. Sama nyo kooo. Pliiiiith. Genad lng, tanggap na tanggap ko na. 💕💕💕

Fans shared about KISS

Vladimir Slatin

3 hours ago

Carey have you taught your son? 😊

Reden Evanoso

also shared about KISS

A satin jacket is not a bomber. ????

Yerko Sanjines

also shared about KISS

Esto es tener clase!!!

Munch is getting so big, he’s a little man now. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #IssaRealLoveSituation❤️💕

Fans shared about Common

Tonia Schwichtenberg

2 hours ago

Why kind of flow love it ❤️

Sonya Ivory

also shared about Common

She's incredible.

Jocelyn Medel

also shared about Common

Just remember when you stand up you know the giants on whose shoulders you stand; great to see Bill Russell still standing

Wet hair, don’t care

Fans shared about Marvin Sapp

Vivian Vetebe Vitalis

2 hours ago

Lord knows! I know that's right, Bishop!
You're strong, you've endured alot. It's over! Look for the sunshine and rainbows in your life!😇

Raimundo Sive Sive

also shared about Marvin Sapp

So true! I just had a co-worker take his life.. I am blessed and thank God for a sound mind.

Natearia Thrower

also shared about Marvin Sapp


Fans shared about Wu-Tang Clan

MsJackson Marija

4 hours ago

Yo why does Phyllis in the comments below look like the only Wu fan in these photos. =P

Konstantin Balabanski

also shared about Wu-Tang Clan

I'm so Wu-Tang

Apostolis Gkalios

also shared about Wu-Tang Clan

No love for the sisters eh ?

Fans shared about 50 Cent

Jay Joaquin

3 hours ago

Can u Tell us what's inside ur brain,?

Matthew Ar

also shared about 50 Cent

Blessings best kept Secret i need a part

Luiz Garcia

also shared about 50 Cent

The people want to see how to make a sword out of aluminum 50, where the viral content at???

Fans shared about MC Magic

Midh Costa

3 hours ago

You never leave your child for any reason
You make sure from the moment you know of.their existence that they are taken care of

Juanita Garibaldi

also shared about MC Magic

On the money brotha✊✌🤘

Derek Alcala

also shared about MC Magic

Worst when a mom does,