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13 days til Reputation Stadium Tour 💋

Nicole Harmon

an hour ago

Hey I tried to buy a ticket 4 times for section A2 and someone kept stopping it Taylor....!!!!! So have fun... I just wanted to jam!! And the nose bleeds wouldnt cut it...

Ravi Varma

5 hours ago

I wish I could see you in concert... you sent me things about 2 years ago when I was struggling with mental health.. you sent me shirts and bags and a bunch of other goodies. Thank you so much for everything you’ve sent me. Thank you for the inspiring notes you sent me. I have looked up to you my whole life and it would mean everything to me to meet you. I would love to thank you in person.

Vic Radulich

5 hours ago

Can’t wait for the Brisbane show. Thank you for giving your fans the chance to get the best tickets First. Got the tickets for my daughters christmas present. This will be our third Taylor Swift concert!

I live for moments like this on tour. Comment below to let me know which show you’re comin’ to!

Tiffany Remigio

5 hours ago

First time we saw you was at Inglewood forum Los Angeles a few years ago. Fantastic entertainer, brilliant show. Next was at Glen Helen amphitheater last summer, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Paso Robles at the state fair this July .

Simone Sica

5 hours ago

Toronto Ontario me and my brother were going to but he passed away 2 mounth ago sundely in his sleep and I don’t think would be able to go he took to my first concert 2 years ago he was the one I would go to them with so have great show gunna try to come and watch the best country artist do his thing

Matias Marcos Luis Avaca

5 hours ago

I really wanted to come see you at either Hershey, PA or Camden, NJ but I don’t have the money for a ticket, I’m waiting to see if I will be approved for disability payments as we are having trouble living with just my husbands paychecks and I have to go in for a disability interview next week as I am unable to work but would love to come sit and watch you live in concert for the first time ever!

Enjoy your favorite George Strait songs on vinyl! Available now!

Sebástian Granados BL

5 hours ago

I can't believe how true country music has changed--listen to our local country station & at times it sounds more like rock--miss my George Strait, Tracy Byrd, Alan Jackson. I play my CD's way more than listen to radio☹️♥️

Tina Lumpkin Hathaway Rollins

5 hours ago

The Best of the Best George Strait

Weltee Wolo

9 hours ago

Love you in my mind
Forever in my heart

Renee Hoenicke

6 hours ago

Our lovely girl and star Camila Cabello
My friend Akram Alosta is deeply in love with you, He is fond of you.

Mildred M Thomas

6 hours ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa hallelujah you are smoking hot miss Cabello nonstop ❤❤❤😎😎😎

January Narciso Calan

6 hours ago

i love u since a long time!

Frontier Touring Members Pre-sale — Tue 1 May


Lou Ann Gregory

6 hours ago

Winner Melissa - as if the GSK capture wasn’t exciting enough!

Rosiee Hearnn

6 hours ago

Dempsey - I’m sure this news makes you tingle in your special place 😆

Botond Koppendorfer

6 hours ago

Oh look, Rhian.
My chance to finally be a good friend! 😂

Anduve súper enfermo de una infección en el estómago y ya voy saliendo gracias a DIOS es muy raro que yo llegue a caer en cama por algúna enfermedad pero con esto si que no pude . Cuiden su salud mi gente. Gracias a DIOS que llegando a mi casa fue que me pasó esto ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Hoy ganamos 👌🏻👌🏻⚽️⚽️⚽️seguro que si. Se aceptan apuestas jalense ⚽️😌😌real madrid vs bayer Múnich

MD Ridoy Khan

7 hours ago

Que tw eecuperes pronto y si puedes compartir que fue mo que te causo eso para que alguien mas no lo aga

Sarnie Ball

7 hours ago

Ese virus esta acabando en todos lugares, lo principal q ya tienes tratamiento e instrucciones medicas, cuidate, alimentate sano y veras tu pronta recuperacion. Un abrazote como si fuese tu mama.

Frederik Coornaert

7 hours ago

Recupera pronto Roberto dios te bendiga y cuídate mucho cuidado con todo lo que comes para que no bueltas a recaer saludos y un fuerte abrazo

"I woke the same as any other day..."
'The Day I Tried To Live' was released as a single 24 years ago today.

Delia Nedelcu

6 hours ago

I remember the first time I realized what Chris was saying when I heard the lyric “Shoulda stayed in bed.” I was thinking how brilliant that lyric alone is because it’s like having a simple conversation, yet the emotion tied to that single sentence is something everyone on the planet has felt. I don’t know, I can’t even articulate all the different ways that one line brilliant. And wow....24 years? Really? It holds up still as current, relevant, and timeless.

Eduarda Pereira

6 hours ago

So haunting to hear some of these songs without Chris here anymore. The music shows the truth of the soul.

Belle Constantineth

6 hours ago

I remember I was 15 years old, when this single was released. Kids in my neighborhood, we would play street hockey and we had a radio playing off to the side. This was when I craved regular radio stations. This song comes on, and instantly I was captivated! The song spoke to me within a capacity I can still not describe! I love this band!!! Mr. Cornell, you gave my teenage years something to cling to musically and you are so, so massively missed.... Love ya' brother!!! 😔💖💖💖🎹🎧

Celebrating my mom’s birthday back home. 82 years young!

Caitlyn Santaniello

6 hours ago

She sure does look good!! Happy birthday and thanks for sharing your son with all of us.. Many more good and healthy ones.

Serch Dmntch

6 hours ago

Happy birthday to your mom hope she's having a wonderful day I love the picture of you and your mum you look like your mom xxx

Frank Alberts

6 hours ago

Happy birthday to you beautiful mom.Wishing you a day full of blessings.Have amazing fantastic fabulous birthday.Hope all your birthday wishes come true.God bless you and your family.

Happy birthday to the man who started it all, Brian Tatler of Diamond Head, influencing Megadeth and my first band Metallica. #Thrashville

ReJeana Leeth

14 hours ago

What befalls us in the heat of the night!
Happy Birthday Brian!

Daveian Usher

14 hours ago

Happy Birthday thanks for being real and acknowledging the band's that influenced your work Dave. YOU ROCK!!!

Nicholas Newman

14 hours ago

Dave mustaine rocks

Peťan Janata

7 hours ago

Sabe uma idéia perfeita ? Seria você ser reintegrado no Fear ! Kara isso seria o nome do futuro para a série ! Já que infelizmente li tiraram do Walking, poxa volta Kara #voltaMerle alguém apóia ?

Jorge Martin Escobar Perez

7 hours ago

Yay! I was hoping for Carl this year, but this is definitely ay-okay! Yes! I'm so excited!! 😍

Katie Brown

14 hours ago

Not funny! I'm still suffering for his death! :'(

Today's April 25th — the perfect date.

Joan Edwards

8 hours ago

Aamna Khalid 25 april cool weather In which u can wear anything 😂😂 not too cold or no too hot... In which u can even drink soup 😂 just like a perfect date 😂😂😂😂😂 Hira Asif Amina Bashir

Ели Димова

16 hours ago

Danny Danz Garlick Unless you were in England when it couldn't decide if the sky was black and you needed waterproofs and wellies or shorts and a T-shirt when the cloud disappeared and the sun burned us all. And changed every 5 minutes 🤔

Edgardo Kleiman

16 hours ago

Ya, and it's the 44th aniversary of the most romantic and beautiful revolution: the portuguese One!!! Freedom, always, for all!

‪#SinPijama video shoot 😊 What’s your favorite part of the video?!‬‬

Ivan Rapisarda

8 hours ago

Please where can I get the lingerie in this video...?

Debbie Barraza

8 hours ago

When u went to rap and u went don don don

Yvonne Hearn

8 hours ago

Pretty much every part that you made an appearance

One week from today on May 2nd “Fantasy”, our six show run at The Venetian comes to life in Las Vegas. This photo book - our first in decades - will be available in limited numbers at the shows and online. This is a must have for any true EWF fan. Stay tuned for details

FebNo Echo

7 hours ago

I got to get one ! My favorite group of all time !!

Diana Jones

7 hours ago

Hi Milt I guess you forgot we haven’t lived in Vegas for 2 1/2 years. We moved to Caliente which is about 3 hours No of Vegas

Sándor Bácsi

7 hours ago

Hey Dave Foster , Juanita Foster - can one of you pick this up for me, and let me know how much? Really would love to be there but as you know, my health issues have prevented me coming.. 😢

We made a Runts family photo album! We will update as we go along on this new musical journey, adding more new moments and Runts as we go.... Here Come The Runts!

Mandy Winbun

6 hours ago

Wonderful photos, @awolnation, I look forward to seeing more photos of you musical journey. See you in Cincinnati this summer :)

Martha Diaz

6 hours ago

Thank you for the show at Paris it was amazing.. 😉 😉 🎉🎶😘

“So how does it feel Willow to be the most beautiful person in the world? “… “UMM, does it mean I get an extra dessert this week? “– Willow

Sean Adkins

9 hours ago

Pink, I just finished reading my People magazine and it’s a wonderful article. My husband and I just returned from your concert in Atlanta. We were thrilled to attend. So many words come to mind after that amazing experience to describe you: strong, beautiful, beast, ballerina, trapeze artist, warrior, crusader, teacher, leader. Thank you for attempting to change the world

Josh Hester

9 hours ago

That's what I love about pink she is bringing her kids up strong with a mindful effort to do the best they can in life. Be kind be thoughtful towards other but be strong and be your own self that's what I love about pink

Ismaël Kinda

9 hours ago

She is beautiful, just like you! And you baby boy is adorable! Congrats to your and your family
P!nk! Your so loved, and my #1 favorite artist, and have been since I was 17, I'm now 35! So thank for being a huge part making me who I am today. Cant wait to find out what day you'll be back in Detroit for your concert xoxo.

Dream girl @emmaportner

Andrei Hapca

7 hours ago

hi ellen love you babe


7 hours ago

Quit flaunting your obvious superiority over me 😭

Princess Consuela

7 hours ago

You two are adorable.

Sometimes I really miss my red hair
Shout out to my pops! He always wore a scarf and a hat even in the Arizona summer. #fashinostatement

Barbara Marcato

6 hours ago

So do I!!! Just matched your sassy.quirky personality so well. You are you no matter what color your hair is. Just always keep on being you...cause you are great. Your gifts to us are true Blessings!

Marilyn Ochoa

6 hours ago

I love your fans. The majority of these are all so positive! And I agree - you are you, no matter what color hair you have, and we love you no matter what! ❤ Keep rocking it! I can't wait to see what comes next for you.

Makayla Young

15 hours ago

I love my red henna hair! All natural, no chemicals. Shinier, healthier hair. You are always beautiful Lindsey Stirling! 💜💕 but you should try henna reds!!

‪Bringing #TheGravityTour to Europe with Bullet for My Valentine! 🤘‬

‪Get your tickets Friday, 5.4 @ 10am BST! 🇪🇺‬
‪Catch us this fall on #TheGravityTour with Bullet for My Valentine!

Tickets go on sale Friday, 5.4 @ 10am BST! 🇬🇧‬

Tina Candelairo Fleming

6 hours ago

What kind of concert is it ? I mean, will you play common songs together or in a classic way, in two parts ?

Eva Aguilar

6 hours ago

Shouldn't that be the other way around?!

Antonio Jovanovic

15 hours ago

.....see you in Leipzig 🤘

Why do woman have to cover their nipples in photography but not men? Haven’t we progressed beyond this? Thoughts? @nikkisixxphotography #FreeTheNipple.

Jody Herd-Buburuz

a day ago

A body is just a body, tattoo lovers see it as a canvas, as do photographers and body pearcers. Nikki used these canvases...... Can't we just appreciate the work?

Omar Mendoza

15 hours ago

It’s not just covering a woman’s breast because there is something “wrong.” It’s the opposite. It’s protecting something delicate, vulnerable and beautiful. On another level, men are not as judgmental as women, I find, especially with body image. I think keeping a woman’s body more of a mystery helps reduce judgement and create more interest in both genders.

Patrick Olivetto

a day ago

It is interesting. I had to get a double masectomy and they took my nipples. I have implants now and now that my nipples are gone I am less modest or self conscious about people seeing my boobs. I am going to tattoo them with something Eastern. I wonder all the time if I can walk around topless since I no longer have nipples. LOL I guess I will find out soon enough!😆

The day is finally here, friends. The Over and Underneath tour starts on Friday. Are we gonna see you?! #OUTour

Miandri Lourens

6 hours ago

Green Bay, yes! I saw them 10 years ago when they opened for MercyMe in Appleton. I'm so excited to see this CD being played again!

Doreen Horsfall

6 hours ago

We would love too! They are all a little too far this time around. We were so happy to have seen you in Indiana back in February. We will keep watching for your future tour dates.

Ricardo Leree Guzmán

6 hours ago

Unfortunately no because there are no dates near Oklahoma City but hopefully I’ll see you guys soon! I’ve seen you all once and LOVED IT!!! Hope you guys have a great tour!!!!!😄😁🎊

I need your help.🤔 I know it's a little while away but where should I go for my Birthday?? I'm thinking international! Comment your suggestion below!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Sydney Throop

7 hours ago

As it seems you readily travel and probably traveled overseas when you were a more active playmate ... ... ... I would not know where to suggest.

Spin a globe; if the area is not a 'hostile' location / environment, and you have not been there before ... ... ... ... ...


Sarahi Bartolito Silva

7 hours ago

You should go to your family and friends place and enjoy your Birthday 🎂

Mariel Guzman Giordani

7 hours ago

Search your soul for a place you've always wanted to see, and go there. Our time on this planet is far too short to plan too far ahead; especially, in 2018...

Great night last night, loved sharing it with my love. Thank you TIME. #TIME100

Dress: Proenza Schouler

Dami Lare

7 hours ago

I have been on a mission to help the public with curring financial cancer that has been killing middle class and keeping them where they are at forever. and asking for help with the exposure. I have always respected you and was woukdering if you could help me if you see value in the mission. Whould you be open to that?

Claudio Porretto

7 hours ago

You two are so beautiful!! I am a super fan of you both and love you for your talents and openness with your fans. God bless you and your girls! 💖

Esteban Salvatore Samudio Lugo

7 hours ago

Yeah! They really look like they are breaking up. Check out the weekly magazines. Talk about a load of rot.

515 Alive Music Festival in August


Sumit Karari

7 hours ago

Dylana Alex!!!!! Lil Xan!! Trippie Redd!! Denzel Curry!! Des Moines!! My birthday!!!

André Barreto

7 hours ago

I had a dream only the stage was an all purple stage! Seen the beginning, I never forget anything!! 😉 I decipher music, made for me!! #GameFuture

Felipe Damazio

7 hours ago

Thanks for coming back to Des Moines so soon! Shit is gonna pop off. Turn up!! 🔥🔥

This is awesome!!!

Kendo Kenchules

6 hours ago

From the mouths of babes.

Joanna Leśniewska

6 hours ago

Ultimate compliment there. Most kids love their parents, but to LIKE them is extra special.

Martin H. Arvizu

6 hours ago

If she likes riding on the golf cart lol

18 years ago we released INFEST!
Go listen to it all day 👉

Sara Lackey

7 hours ago

Great amazing awesome . Still love this shit. We will infest , die like the rest . The best of Papa Roach album 🔥

Camii Melian

14 hours ago

It was an epic night in Louisville. Tall roasted Escape The Fate and Nothing More! I loved the whole show. Best one I've ever been to.

Montana John-Furnace

14 hours ago

Back when you guys made good music.

Katlego Bellie

8 hours ago

1998 called. They want their shirt back.

Dorothy Biggar

8 hours ago

Is that meatwad on her shirt?!

Sarah Redfield

8 hours ago

Abigail Storar Gift ideas. 👀 New Korn x Pleasures merch.

Talking about his love of Louis Armstrong's music, Van Morrison (Official) told the New York Times that his favourite period was not the Hot Fives or Hot Sevens. "I just go back to the All Stars, from the 1950s, with Jack Teagarden," said the Irish singer. We know he is a true Armstrong fan because he previously visited the wonderful Louis Armstrong House Museum and purchased a copy of the brilliant biography by Ricky Riccardi. Morrison also once recorded a version of 'Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out', a song Satchmo covered, on the outtakes for his 1970 'Moondance' album.

Terue Kimura

6 hours ago

Satchmo and Jack Teagarden were an awesome combination. I just love their version of "Old Rocking Chair".

Leo Jr LaMetterey

6 hours ago

Love Van Morrison, too! Into The Mystic is one of my faves.

Verdhi Uciha

a day ago

This is my favorite Axl Rose pic yet.

J.t. Hudson

7 hours ago

I see some fanfictions coming to life already 😂😂😂

Jhonatan Emmanuel Nolasco Alvarez

7 hours ago

Waiting for Ur new song

Kim Oberosler

7 hours ago

You guys changing during a year. Why?

What cities will we be seeing you in this year? Monster Energy

Tour dates, tickets + VIP packages 👉

(Photo: Harry Reese)

Yolanda Fuentes

8 hours ago

Red rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on May 29!! Happy 15th wedding Anniversary to me!! Can't wait!

Miguel Ángel LR

8 hours ago

Aready saw u guys at UFEST18 IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME GUYS NEVER METALED THAT HARD IN A LONG TIME, Ivan, ur daughter was the sweetest thing ever reminded me if my little girl. Thank you my fellow metal heads for the amazing mosh pit and common decency which is hard to come by.

Daniela Muner

8 hours ago

Mansfield, Ma and can't wait even with the Worcester show behind us we're still coming to see family we all been through a lot this past year now it's time for a good time and awesome music. Some day I'll pick your set list for a tour and it would be your best tour ever.

💋 #JLOxInglot

Christian Yosafat

an hour ago

Hello By names am Kizito Ali Wamala from Kampala Uganda. I really like your music and every thing you do. I have a business idea I have been thinking of for a long period of time but I need powerful people like you for it to be successful. I can't implement it on my own. I would love to share with you if possible

Dawn Biba

an hour ago

in case you are reading my comment sincerely I love everything about you Jenifer don't know if I can be your cook please

Anna Filková

an hour ago

I will always be here for you love, from the first time I met you, there's so many I like and love about you and still is.

Amazing night in Chicago with John Varvatos! Thank you for all the love Nordstrom 🙏🏻 Michigan Ave is looking pretty great right now. #JVxNJ

Christian Larsen

17 hours ago

Até o Nick tá usando esse app Julia

Carrie Springer

a day ago

In 2014, I was diagnosed of kidney failure for the second time. My case was terminal because it was almost impossible to get a matching kidney and my insurance couldn't cover the bills. I had almost given up when I thought to try spells. It took a few months though, but the result is undisputable. This is 2018 and I haven't had any need for a hospital machine. I want to thank DR. Budda the great prophet that delivered me. If you are passing through any issue at all try Dr BUDDA, He is a demigod. His email address is Buddarestorer@gmaildotcom

Bobby Jones

a day ago

Oh my God, what a men!..

Pantera in Moscow 1991 photo credit @joegironphoto #monstersofrock1991 #pantera #moscow #vulgardisplayofpower

Samila Valliamah

7 hours ago

" Cowboy from Hell " in Moscow 1991. " Vulgar display of power " released 25/2/1992 . Do you know ?

Ahura Mazda

7 hours ago

This was the first and only free Western rock concert in Soviet history and took place just a month after an attempted coup d'etat. The USSR disbanded in December of 1991. The concert was a way of welcoming in Western art and culture into Russia and the Soviet Union after over half a century of censorship and villification. Attendance has been estimated between 500,000 and 1,500,000. AC/DC, Metallica, and the Black Crowes also took stage. Film footage is available on the DVD "For Those About to Rock: Monsters in Moscow" and possibly elsewhere. Pantera's set was fucking epic and there is no doubt the environment was too.

Pete Smith

7 hours ago

And saw them in 1997 first time in Chile 🇨🇱
They all flew people minds and left no ass out feft behind ha aha ahajajahhaja

Thinking happy thoughts on the rooftop. 🤘🏾

Christian Myhre

14 hours ago

Beautiful just don't jump off and get hurt

Francis Esther Adames

14 hours ago

Never wanted to be a roof

Sean Melissa Grossetete

14 hours ago


🎥 coming friday 🤣

Elia Refael

an hour ago

Yess Can’t wait❤️❤️😍Love you so much😍😍❤️ #ForeverMattyBFan

Paola Islas

an hour ago

#MattyBRAPS Hey MattyB It's Chris Hope The Recording of Your Next New Song Going Well I hope The Recording of It is Going Very Well I Keep Trying to Guess who are You Collaborating With on The Next New Song Coming Soon Hope is all Going Well and I Hope To Hear it Anytime Soon all The Best Christopher Pavia PS You are Still The Best Coolest Brilliant Extraordinary RAPPER in Music and You are Extremely Good and also Super Talented I Would Like To Hear Your Next New Song and I Will Be Looking Forward To It

Kailee Mathison

5 hours ago

I can't Wait 😭😂😱😍😍😍
Omg! Mattcie Is back 😍😍😍

Back on the road this fall. Presale tickets are on sale now at! Use the code CLOUDNINE.

William Guarino

6 hours ago

Why don't you come to Mexico? 😞

Lexie Kelly

6 hours ago

Please come to Montana!

Nadia NA

6 hours ago

Please come to Manila.. 😢😢

Guess who popped into the studio yesterday! One of my favorites ❤️ Keb Mo

Heidi Reid

7 hours ago

These smiles are a bright spot in my day. Phone being used to cook hands but I wanted to thank you. Have a blessed weekend..

Ambar Mansilla

14 hours ago

Oh dear... -_- I first had read: "Guess who *pooped* into the studio yesterday".

Sudesh Kumar

14 hours ago

Great to hear you’re back in the studio, Colbie Caillat! 😎🎼

Here I am with Sean @thejudgegunn you may know him better as both Kraglin and Rocket Raccoon.
Hanging on the carpet with the god of mischief himself @twhiddleston helluuva nice guy and great actor.
Still reeling from the #avengers premiere last night. The movie is SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!! Loved it! Absolutely loved it. Couldn’t be more proud and honored to be part of this unprecedented cinematic event. I’m living the dream. Always love meeting all the cosplaying fans. Here’s a young Gamora. Awesome! What an amazing night.

Ahmed El Gohary

14 hours ago

I know him better as the guy from those old KGB commercials or whatever... That texting service before Smart Phones where you could ask any question and get an answer...

That, or Super.

Ashley Arnett

14 hours ago

I thought Bradley Cooper was rocket!?!?

Ray Mann

a day ago

For all of y'all talking about him being kirk.... that wasn't his name in the 1st 2 episodes!!!Actually his name was Mick in the 1st episode... then swan guy in episode 2.... then kirk!!! Boom!!!

Just wrapped up rehearsals with #teamblake.. You guys chose some great songs!!! Gonna be epic! The Voice

Anthony Baker

an hour ago

Come on people. None os us will really know or deserve to know what happened between them. It IS their business. Let's get on with our own business. I do like the Voice. What this post is eally about. It is better this year.

Alexandre Côté

an hour ago

Unless you experience the hurt, its hard to just let it go. Don't look back, in the rear mirror! Keep driving forward!

Abet Pema

an hour ago

Yo Blake, if you have to tweet about it does that mean you're still stuck on it? The woman in your life needs to think about that one. I sure would.

'Let Love In' was released on this day in 2006! What's your favorite song from the album?

Farah Toure

6 hours ago

Favourite album every song is stonking it's still a regular on my commute to work

Without you here for sure though was first song at our wedding

Patricio Taday

6 hours ago

This was an amazing album. I was going thru so much at the time and this album helped. Still does. Let love in is my favorite when I'm feeling hateful.

Klaudia Curto

6 hours ago

Ahhhhh!! This is the album that marked the downfall mainstream of you guys. Gutterflower was your last best album. On a positive note, excited to see you guys in November playing my favorite album in its entirety!

Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour – Stop #5: Mount Tamalpais, Marin County CA

43 years ago, April 25 1975, the Doobies' classic album “Stampede” was released. To get the inside story on how that cool cowboy cover came to be, and where it was shot, I tracked down Michael Maggid, the talented photographer who crafted the images for the album (among other legendary Doobie covers).

He told me, “The concept for the album title and cover sort of evolved from collective discussions with the band while they were recording. We set up to shoot the principal photos in Marin County, since I think most of the band lived up here. (I later photographed Skunk Baxter in a park in San Francisco, as he had not yet joined the band at the time of the cover shoot.) So on the day of the album shoot, we had arranged for an early morning meet-up at the bus station in downtown Mill Valley, CA. There were the band members, various wives and girlfriends, several Warner Record production and art folks, myself and my wife Jill, horse wranglers, a substantial group.

We all caravanned up to Mount Tamalpais, where we had arranged to have permission to shoot on a little dirt road. We had costumes and six-guns, etc. from the Warner prop department. So, all set up, the band goes back up the dirt road and charges, as best they can, toward the camera. Looks OK. Let's do that a couple more times. But... Pat Simmons has vanished. Gone. He turned up two miles away several hours later, and missed the entire rest of the shoot. He said he got lost.” (Note: Pat confirmed for me that the horse “had a mind of its own” and indeed took him on an unplanned side trip through the mountains.)

By the way, Michael also shared that the cover art was shot in black and white, and hand tinted in the antique style by Jill andhe to try to get a 19th century feel to the images.

(Throughout 2018, author/music journalist Chris Epting presents the “Doobie Brothers Rockin’ Down the Highway History Tour,” highlighting sites all over the country related to Doobies history.)

Ed Shernan

7 hours ago

Neal's fandango is one of my favor DB songs. Had to see them 5 times before they finally played it. Was GREAT, like the band themselves !

Illy Crouse

7 hours ago

My favorite album, too. Loved the western & rock style of the early albums. The logo on this album has always been my favorite. I wish there were T shirts for it now.

Sarah Mika

7 hours ago

Wonder why "Sweet Maxine" never has gotten a lot more air time I have never heard it on the radio or SiriusXM radio. To me it's one of the best 'get up and get going' songs I've ever heard in my 60 plus years of listening. All well at least I enjoy it and it is my favorite Doobies album.

We're excited to be nominated for Best International Band at the Heavy Music Awards! Vote for us, now through June 27th at: 🤘

Lynnsey Dionne

6 hours ago

voted but ... it's metallica too. Metallica has fans who vote for them even if they record an album in which a chicken sings.

Vera Georgyana

6 hours ago

Tobi Haa Jens He Marius McFly👌🏼🤘🏼

Sherry Reddick

6 hours ago

ChaRly NorRis Ramirez Huitron

Only Way You Get Respect Is Earn It .. #CMG

Brice Boland

6 hours ago

That mf has no kneck..t.i u my dude tho

Amllim San Henriquez Leiva

6 hours ago

Rae Rahman heyyy!!! Bilang T.I. takmo pakai sweatpants lagi lahhh....😣😄

Gspel Melodi

6 hours ago

Anastasia Funseth look at T.I. in the grey sweatpants . I see something extra.

The Unraveling | April 24, 2001

David Versace

7 hours ago

This album is interesting for a few reasons. For those who dont know it, the Sega Dreamcast had an unreleased flying game called Propellor Arena. Think Quake in the skies. Well this game had a few tracks from this album for music. The game was supposed to be released in late 2001. A few years later I obtained a copy of the unreleased game and it introduced me to the music, and via connection this album.

Misty C Johnson

16 hours ago

Liking all these nods to the older material, hope to hear a grip of it on that Mourning in Amerika tour!

Clara Pearson

16 hours ago

"When will you stop and realize,
The worth and value of your life?
As you suffocate yourself within this mindless,
Nine to five wake up! there's more!
And your life is nobody's but yours
And now its said and done and done and said,
And now what's another day?" .... i love this album! especially the songs 401-kill and the unraveling!

I want to wish happy birthday to one of my best friends and one of the Original Kings of Comedy Cedric The Entertainer.

Ruth Obinna Anozie

6 hours ago

I love how hard he's making you laugh Steve. Only another King of Comedy could achieve this with you. I hope Cedric enjoys his special day!

Jenny Rodriguez

14 hours ago

Happy Birthday to you Cedric Yhe Entertainer Sir🎉🎊🎈

Rizki Alex Pramana

14 hours ago

Happy birthday Cedric embrace your DAY#KINGS OF COMEDY FOREVER!

Stunning shot by Hasaan Fazal!
The Forum 1986.
Photo by Marsha Traeger.

Zakkman Osabora

7 hours ago

I love giving a smile to make people's day an love spending time with old people listen to there stories.

Yoshiko Kawashima

7 hours ago

I'm always nice to nice people, and I avoid the bad people.<3

Kaitlyn Niblack

7 hours ago

Nowadays you have to be careful and get to know the peopel in order to be good because which cheating lies sorry you can not believe everything

Does my butt look like a ride a horse cross country!? Talk about bad camera angles! #flat 🙄

Cast Clau

14 hours ago

Rode cross-country with who ? Cena Men Buns and Coffee

Edima Tombere

14 hours ago

It may be a bad camera angle but, you're rocking that leather jacket! Do you still have those jeans?

Justin Matthew Ferre

14 hours ago

Ahhhh, "where's the beef" , while most are jealous of your body and is very fine, I find myself drawn to your beautiful face......those hypnotic eyes.....

The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory

6:00Doors Open
7:30 Wolf Alice
8:45 QOTSA

🖌️ Dan Mumford

Wilgen Galvez

6 hours ago

Thank you for coming to Dallas Tx. That's the friendliest I've ever seen Josh be. Surly Josh is fun too.

Erica Robinson

6 hours ago

I think that's the coolest gig poster I've ever seen. Hands. Down.

Liv Sivebæk

6 hours ago

How can I get a hold of this poster??? Is it available for sale? Can’t make the gig....bit far from Australia!

20 spots were just added to Love Song Couples Getaway in Maui later this year! Join me & my wife Mary Beth, MercyMe, and more in Hawaii! Go to → Last Chance ENDS SOON! On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you in need of a vacation?

Robin Gallardo

7 hours ago

This looks amazing!

Edward G Humburg

7 hours ago

Just got back from there but would go back for this if we had the $$ 😎

Eric Bernardo

7 hours ago

I your music...

Médallion De Saint Christophe x Medallion & Pendant Collection. 🔥#ChristinaMilian x #houseoffinegold

Geovan Vazquez

7 hours ago

Oooooooh Christina Milan you look so hot an sexy love you

Rod Doyle

7 hours ago

Thats how you sell things..

Tamara Lazova

7 hours ago

Is interesting style of gold jewelry

Heading into the Colors Tour starting tomorrow night at The Anthem. Tickets:

Hollywood Bowl pre-sale going on now.
Code: HB2018

Karen Tribouillier

7 hours ago

Come to Cincinnati!!!

Makena MacNeil

7 hours ago

Looking forward to the new album Sir.

Jocelyn Buchheister

7 hours ago

Heading to DC for the Thursday show. So excited! 😍