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The wait is over. JOYRIDE 4•13

Stefania Iavarone Bonanni

4 hours ago

Just wanna say I’m happy as hell this is finally being released! I swear I caught the album when it was mistakenly released on Spotify for 24 hrs years ago. I immediately added it to a playlist and the playlist still remains. 22 songs. Though it’s the cover art for Reverie.

Usman Wadda

4 hours ago

Way awesome! It's about time! Now lets hope she goes on a world tour as well! And one that does not have the european part cancelleld like last time....

Imran Awan

4 hours ago

Stephanie Sean Tee Christian Finallyyyyy means she'll start planning the tour again

Should I keep them❤️🐶 #puppy #love

Lorry Garcia

2 hours ago

I’m sure the airlines will be paying them a good chunk. They should be the one’s obligated to get them another puppy. Yes you should keep them both together since they have always been together.

Ludmila Nemoto

2 hours ago

Ah, very beautiful, like kids, 2 is very good, . Enjoy, the more to love and care, and have lots of love back, peace, Pamela.

Carolyn Hall

2 hours ago

Keep them if you can give them the love and attention they will need. If they have been together since birth I would not split them up. They are adorable. As an animal lover and one who has had dogs my entire life, I am now 61, a reminder-they are family members and lifetime commitments. So think hard. 🙂

- Happy Birthday Joe Hahn -

Virginie Grand

11 hours ago

Happy birthday joe,wish you had a blast wishes for you.. keep a amazing working with all LP guys.. stay safe,keep rockin'and love you all bro..

Mariela Tognolo

14 hours ago

happy birthday super Hahn we wich you all the best. big love LP and keep doing what you always excelled in

Jeanne Damm Sanchez

14 hours ago

Made your own direction find your way but never stay away from music may you and your Soul be blessed Happy birthday sincerly

Mexico. You've asked maybe 100 times. Here you go. May 12th. Well be in Guadalajara.

Ladylauren Bulnes

9 hours ago

When are you coming to Europe ??? I’m a big fan from Belgium, I would even travel to US to see you, but please tell me if you’ve plans to come to Europe soon?

Bill Foster

11 hours ago

Why not Vancouver Canada. I've been going to them all the time. Even look forward to going. Super bummed you only have 1 Canadian date.

Christopher Ford

4 hours ago

I Hope this time you present a more decent show than Guatemalan's 1 hour and 20 minutes concert.

Can’t wait to pick up Porter!

Florian Garguilo

a day ago

OMG! Too cute! We are watching a GS for a deployed service member. Love the breed and will miss Denver when he goes home. Until then, having fun with all the flying hair around here!

Jan Thyen

a day ago

He's growing fast. Love his ears. He's super cute. I love you too babe!! You're the best!! He's going to be one spoiled rooten dog!! You're the next King of Country Music!!!

Liliana Rojas

a day ago

This is Buddy. He doesn't have much longer now. He has a large tumor. I opted not to have them put him down, because I was in disbelief that he was dying. He's looking pretty pitiful now, so I know I will have to take him pretty soon. Love your puppy well. <3

Let's party at the @pendletonwhiskyfest this summer in Pendleton, Oregon. Tickets on sale Friday, March 23rd at 10am PST! #PartyinPendleton

Been eating too many damn cookies 🍪 🍪

Kelsey Smith

17 minutes ago

Work them things off girl u look to good to let them cookies keep u down hahaha

Tanya Sharp

17 minutes ago

U good,G. But, man people should have a dictionary handy when it comes to posting a comment. Mf's should of went to school spelling test Friday's. Lmmfao

Darlene Jimmerson

17 minutes ago

You're beautiful cookies don't have any effect on your grace and beauty

Get ready to dance.

Karina Zięba

4 hours ago

Krithika Kumar this guy keeps me alive

Debbie Green

4 hours ago

Yooo kiero bailar contigo mi chulooo, my baby... tu mi amorshhhhh

Maria Luiza Droveto

12 hours ago

Esta muy delgado no está comiendo bien y trabaja mucho mi chiquito papá!

Start the fun!

Reunited with an old buddy. #notpunkd The Ranch

Kelsay Bennett

14 hours ago

Without Masterson, I dont think this show will be the same or be around a whole lot longer. To me, Dax isnt that funny nor is he the same type of funny. Sad to see since this was one of my favorite shows

Maeve Sielawa

14 hours ago

Ashton.....I love your page. Your support for kids today is just a little bit of what this world needs more of! #Thankyou #Canadalove💝

ILonka Votavová

14 hours ago

Huh I don’t think he will be replacing brother I hope they just have him doing another charter and his brother just Mia

Seven years ago today , Megalithic Symphony came out. I had zero expectations, zero dollars, and all the support in the world from my friends and family. “Run” was a terrifying record to make , and “ here come the Runts “ was a blast. Each record represents my deepest passion for music. Here we are , three records deep to celebrate 🎉 in LA at the Wiltern ... See y’all tonight , or tomorrow night 👋

Caio Henrique

16 hours ago

I loved your show in Texas at the ACL fest. The heat can be intense, but I am grateful that you muscled through. So fun, such a good time to be had by all. Thank you.

Asim Mansuri

a day ago

I can remember seeing you guys at the Marquee in Tempe in August and the venue was so pact the AC didn't seem to be working, was one of the best shows I had ever attended. You guys produced so much energy you could figuratively " Taste the Smoke" Can't wait to see you came through Az again. Thank you for the great music

Sarah Braverman

a day ago

All the journey! Anything great comes from struggles and tests of dedication. We’re lucky enough to listen to your journey. Thanks for having us!

I’m shocked and saddened to hear of Charlie’s passing. He was an incredibly talented musician who I enjoyed playing with very much. We had many great years together and shared a lot of laughs. Charlie and I shared a special connection and we were always on the same page when it came to having a good night onstage. We offer our sincere condolences to Charlie’s family as we’re so very sorry for their loss; we will all miss him. - Ness

Photo: Paul Parks

Ryan Moran

15 hours ago

Total bummer, I enjoyed seeing the shows in the 2004-2008 eras and his great drum skills what a great addition for you guys, truly will be missed!

Arian Cuni

15 hours ago

Very sad to hear he was a powerhouse of a drummer I will always have great memories of listening to Charlie and Social D, My Condolences to his Family, Band mates and Friends.

Dorcas Wokoma

15 hours ago

We are sad to read this news. We hung out on several occasions before and after shows at HOB Anaheim and Sunset.
He was a friendly, good guy who will be greatly missed.
Myrna Quibuyen Dave
Kim Quibuyen

Endgame | March 15, 2011

Becki Errington

3 hours ago

We'll sneak out while they sleep
And sail off in the night.
We'll come clean and start over the rest of our lives.
When we're gone we'll stay gone.
Out of sight, out of mind.
It's not too late,
We have the rest of our lives.

Mazsi Emira Emiko

15 hours ago

I remember listening to this for the first time. I was driving and the music hit me right in the feels. I pulled over in the middle of nowhere and listened to the entire album on the side of the road.

Michell Lynn Brooks

15 hours ago

Architects is an absolute banger straight out of the gates - up there with the best of their catalogue. Seriously good tune. 👌🏼

The rest of the album...not so much.

Look at these clowns! Any guesses which one’s @mrsilverscott and which one’s me?? #TBT 🤡

Màrthå Muru Umma

a day ago

I think I got this Drew, Jonathan is the one in blue and Drew, you're the one in red!! If I'm wrong please please please, tell me that!!! But, pretty sure I have this right

Islay Ashton

a day ago

Brotherly love! 💞 I adore twins, especially you two wonderful guys! As for who is who in the picture.....Drew has a longer, more slender face shape, and Jonathan's is a little wider! I say Jonathan in the blue shirt 👕 and Drew in the red 🧥 ! Precious #TBT picture! ♥️

Brandon Johnson

a day ago

Jonathan in blue, although if it's Drew in the red, you look more like Jonathan. Can you understand what I'm saying? Did you and Linda get to attend the Academy Awards? (Darlene)

Been a while since I uploaded a selfie, am I still doing this right? 😳

Jeffrey Conkling

3 hours ago

If there is another war in Lebanon against Hezbollah, will you return and fight with the IDF? If so, I wish you well.

Vanessa Brown

3 hours ago

Forgot the drumsticks haha

Robin Lemke French

a day ago

You couldn't take a bad selfie if you really tried. Still a cutie.

Fun fact: Nathan has never smiled in pics!!! 🤣 #tbt #throwback #meanmuggin

Iorga Ana

a day ago

That should be Shawn Stockman.

Shirley Black

a day ago

you guyz made my teenage hood so lyrical. ..

Elisabeth Jolivet

a day ago

Does too 😂😂😂😂😂#GotProof & there’s more where that came from 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Second London Show Added

24 June 2018
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK
With Black Moth Super Rainbow

Tickets on sale Friday, 16 March at 12pm GMT

Matej Mikula

15 hours ago

I've been patient, keep refreshing the available tickets page and more come back on sale when people release them from their basket. I just got 2 tickets priced £45 each.

Elya Arrasmith

15 hours ago

Trent Reznor I love you, but come on seriously! why does it have to be sooooooo stressful now. And to think I thought getting tickets for Brixton on the fragile tour was hard.....Little did I know!

Lek-Chutikan Kamnawet Lfa

15 hours ago

Started in the queue at 12PM today the earliest possible time at no 4856, tickets were already on sale at viaggio for 255 per ticket. How is this possible its a fucking rip off. capacity is only 5000 i've been in queue 17 minutes still at only number 3650. I've got no chance and I've been a fan since the very early 90's so fucking unfair. Who the fuck can afford that price, not real nin fans thats for sure. Come on Treznor sort it out!

‪Wishing a BIG happy birthday to the one and only Bret Michaels! Send him some love today 🤘‬
Photo by Tammy Vega

Rajjneesh Desai

10 hours ago

Super awesome band I always remember flesh and blood lp I bought back then in my teens early on a saterday morning with the cool winters wind blowing in through the window busy rewinding my cassette then the intro starting off like the city starting to wake up dam awesome memories love you guys and u must have a super awesome birthday Mr bret God bless and thank you for such awesome music POISON Forever

Rohit Gaur

10 hours ago

Happy Birthday, Bret!!! We must have a karaoke showdown...hahaha! How many "candlepower" are we this year?

Rachel Brewer

10 hours ago

Happy birthday to my life long obsession that is you Bret!!! Still so fu*#ing hot as hell!!! Have a Rocking birthday!!! Xoxo

Mbaye Thiaw

an hour ago

just got one the other day. I blocked it.

Sarah G. Watkins

an hour ago

Anybody who wants to think they can be Joan is sadly mistaken. Joan is a woman with a tremendous talent that can not be duplicated. She is strong and inspiring beyond what anyone can imagine. And her beauty is stunning like no other. And inside this amazing package is a BEAUTIFUL heart and soul.
People who make fake accounts might be able to post a picture of Joan and pretend to be her, but all they can do is wish they were, meanwhile all they are is a lying, deceitful, betraying person who needs to become their own person. Instead of stealing someone's identity and disappointing the people who LOVE JOAN JETT. And want to share how much they love her and her music.
All you fakers get lost! Joan Jett and The Blackhearts are the real deal, everyone in the Blackheart Records family is loved. They worked hard and earned their name. HAVE RESPECT!

Rohit Butale

an hour ago

Trying to post a pic and it won't let me

The event of the season is finally upon us. Get your wedding looks ready & your revenge plots sorted. It all goes down tonight. #Dynasty. All new. 8 PM. The CW. 🥂

Dianne Ruiz

6 hours ago

Amor linida maravilhosa gatinha sexy pefeta amei

Gustavo Lainez

6 hours ago

No no te cases con el negro te va a traicionar dijo mi la abuelita racista consternada

Mat Ecstatic

6 hours ago

I love it her dress, and i belive that you are beutiful more than the dress!!!!

"Remember the Time" was certified gold on March 16, 1992. What memory do you most associate with this song?

Stacy Hosea

4 hours ago

Every film clip he did was so extraordinary, but I always enjoy watching the behind the scenes, and this one was particularly funny with Eddie being his usual comical self! And it was always a joy to see Michael laugh, he had the most wonderfully cute laugh!!

Mizuki Ashiya

4 hours ago

I'm not old enough, but there is a dance crew called quest crew. And when they toured with LMFAO, they did a small segment*** 😂 to this song. That's when I really began to appreciate it, lol. The video with the segment in it is called "quest: the shop" or something like that.

Kiana Pickett

4 hours ago

My terrible two year work as a junior auditor in KPMG. Michael helped me got through with his music. Used to listen to his music when I overworked. Worked wonders when you’ve already worked 12 hours a day but still have stuff to do and u don’t want to consume another cup of coffee.

Barry Mcglynn

2 hours ago

She is adorable very cute little Ross

Kennedy Pamela

9 hours ago

Wonderful God that worthy of all attentions

Hollie Meentzen

9 hours ago

ah rick me and you go way back, i dont know if i like hustlen more or picture by kid rock and chery crowe ,but, youll lit up my world like the fourth of july

Montreal circa 1997! #TBT

Filip Lipowski

20 hours ago

This picture makes me feel really old when I realise I was only 11, just a couple of months away from being 12!

CH Basharat Waliyat

a day ago

Montreal can't wait to see you again.

Jason Fryar

a day ago

And this year, Montreal came ro you!

Karolina Rutkowska

2 hours ago

Just rub it in why don't ya 😂 j/k.. sorta.. maybe. Cool pic tho! Very relaxing.
I wish I was there. It's raining right now out here in L.A.. EnJoi!

Durojaiye Zainab

2 hours ago

Whatchu know about Island life Chris Pratt? Would you appreciate a tour of Whidbey Island from myself for a day. I could take you to the farm and 'The Rock' and show you the hidden things of Whidbey. Maybe in return you show me around your island. We'll compare Island life and see. Sound like a deal, sir?

Zuladiary Sanabria Comas

2 hours ago

Beautiful Island Life and I can't wait to watch you on Avengers Infinity War & Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Catch yours truly at the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest this summer in Pendleton, Oregon. Tickets on sale Friday, March 23rd at 10am PST! #PartyinPendleton

Johann López

4 hours ago

My two favorites

Fran King-Howard

4 hours ago

Norma Pitbull is coming back to Oregon! Hahaha time to reunite 😂😂😂

Cesar Emilio D. Leon

5 hours ago

Where is this at?

One of Whitney’s all-time personal favorites, the single “Greatest Love of All,” was released on March 18, 1986! The song was recorded for her debut album, 'Whitney Houston,' which came out in February 1985 on Arista Records. It became a major hit, topping the charts in the U.S., Canada and Australia and reaching the Top 20 in most countries. It remains her third biggest U.S. hit after “I Will Always Love You” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).” All three songs re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart after her passing. The video for the song was filmed at the famed Apollo Theater in New York.

Halle Johnson

3 hours ago

Of course Whitney's recording beautiful, but she has two live performances of this song at the Navel Base in Norfolk and in Japan that so incredible and my favorite

Edna Aristide

3 hours ago

Whitney Houston- Greatest Love of Alll.

Prabinn TimiLsina

6 hours ago

Ohh my favorite song ever!!!!

#GodHearsUs #WeAreFamily #ThursdayNightPrayerChain
Tulsa OK....we’re getting ready backstage! Security Guard Melinda is taking good care of us BOK Center
See you onstage soon...
Let’s gooooooo!

José José

a day ago

Amazing concert!! Loved every minute from beginning to end!!

Rey Hinnenkamp

a day ago

It was an excellent show, my friend & I had a great time!!

Rey Hinnenkamp

a day ago

We were there and it was great! Loved it all. To God be the glory! #wearefamily

Este 23 de marzo a las 10:00P.M. no se pierdan la transmisión de nuestro concierto #SalónLágrimasyDeseo desde el Auditorio Nacional a través de la señal de Canal 22 México, mi gente!

Jesse Andan

4 hours ago

Karen ya que no fuimos a verla 😢😢

Sheena Gibson

4 hours ago

No te lo pierdas... a ver si salimos!!!! ❤️ Gabriel Saldaña ❤️

Jim Aikman

4 hours ago

Elisa Gallardo Mira, van a pasar el concierto al que fuiste.

Stone Temple Pilots new album is available now!

Chaise McCurdy

4 hours ago

THANKS BOYS!!! NEW SONGS. so so badass. The whole lp is really really good. Art of Letting Go somehow sounds even better on the cd. "thought she'd be mine (by morning)" that is insanely good too. WOW. FINEST HOUR. kick ass song. never Enough. yup. All superb songwriting. SO overwhelmingly happy with this record.

Janet Salas

4 hours ago

The moment of truth. Can this legendary 90s alt-rock band continue on without Scott Weiland? The answer, is surprisingly yes, and that coming from a long time fan since the begining. Many musicians in the past have experienced the lost of a front man and took the risk of either alienating their fanbase or creating an influx of new ones. Examples such as AC/DC, Van Halen, Alice in Chains, Journey, INXS, and even Sublime.

I think the perfect comparison with the new STP, is AC/DC’s introduction to Brian Johnson when Back in Black was unleashed. A voice that captured the spirit of the Bon Scott but brought something fresh. That’s the impression I get with Jeff Gutt. Hes not trying to be Scott Weiland, but he conveys the swagger and gruff that he represented. The new album somehow manages to recapture the sound of their 90s catalog. A pastiche stemming from Core to No4. Almost like its a celebration of their early success while understanding their roots. Scott Weiland will forever be the voice of Stone Temple Pilots, nobody can replace him, and its great to know that the band and Jeff Gutt acknowledge that. Theyre continuing their love of performing and recording, and the passion definitely showcases that.

Lori Stovall

4 hours ago

Killer tunes but it sounds like complete crap. Another great album ruined by loudness war mastering bullshit. Sending my copy back as defective, as well as any other album I buy from here on out that has shit for mastering. Bands just don't give a fuck what happens to their hard work after they finish recording. Just pass it off to whomever & let them throw a bucket of shit over it before release. Here's just the 1st track. Music fans need to start demanding better for their $$$, and bands need to start caring about how their music is mastered.

#TBT grandioso encuentro con mi amigo y extraordinaria influencia @willsmith
#TBT Great encounter with my friend and amazing influencer #WillSmith

Charlie Waffles

6 hours ago

Que lindo y emocionante encuentro mi Rey, que tengas un lindo día. Disfrútalo.

Tor Erik Ernstsen

18 hours ago

Cada,uno en su categoria,Marc still the best,the man,the,bomb!!💯percent,

Adrian Duda

18 hours ago

Si que bien camiceta Ali jaja el ser mi fans ooo que bien lo Felicito

#TBT 1995 Mallrats Kneel before Zod!

Jodecy Guerra

4 hours ago

Why this never got an Academy nomination, I'll never figure out......

Ασπασία Λάμπουρα

4 hours ago

Was an epic moment in my life when I realized the drag lady in Pricilla Queen of the desert was General Zod 🙂

Craig Persico

4 hours ago

Nooch! Just a few weeks back I fuond Jay and silent Bob #1 and clerks#1 comics!

It’s not #StPatricksDay until you’ve had a pint of Guinness.Celebrating on the road this year.#GuinnessPartner

Cemal Sormaz

2 hours ago

Ahhhhhh, two of my favorite things.

Mpilikisha Brenda

2 hours ago

Brad, give mr. Urban some guitar lessons. I know you can

Xhulio Suci

2 hours ago

My family and I will be celebrating with you tomorrow at the Houston rodeo!! Even though I fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle two days ago, I WILL hobble my happy ass to see you! Lol! Cheers! 🍻

Who’s got one of these?
US Tour T-shirt, 2005. #tbt

Roseanne Young

a day ago

Gotta love the fact that I was still in high school then and didn't start going to concerts yet. Now I'm older, and I live in Seattle. So I could have easily went to that show, or the Portland one. Audioslave was one of two bands I wanted to see but felt it'd probably never happen. Now that's more true than ever :-(

Robyn Banks

a day ago

Omg! I need one I saw them I 2005! If anyone wants to see please post.

Angel Zoreque

a day ago

I don't have one of those but I did see them in 2005 in Columbus, Ohio along with Seether and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Get it here:

Eric Fletcher Perry

10 hours ago

Jason, I remember when you first started your journey..I knew you were great and was gonna be even better, I shared and shared you and your music, and you took off like the fastest jet as I knew you would. Again, another great song, you just keep them coming and I'm not surprised. <3

Eric Fletcher Perry

10 hours ago

Can't wait til this album comes out! Love!

Austin Hummel

15 hours ago

Can't wait for new CD is this how the rest is. Love it!!!

Tomorrow night... ✨✨

One in a Milian ⛰

Ajit Magar

5 hours ago

Oah man I had a dream in a desert like that and I was flying like a bird and Aliyah was on the ground of a cracked floor desert in a white almost see through giant shall type thing it was crazy ...I see u looking as beautiful as ever though

Catalina Rodríguez

5 hours ago

Awesome view beautiful Good morning Christina

Sharon Atkinson

5 hours ago

Hi Honey. Always looking lovely. Always admiring nature is pretty good. Best for you whiles exploring the world.


Bárbara de Moura

7 hours ago

Britney you are so beautiful!!! But you are putting too much black makeup. Fix your makeup and you will look even prettier <3

Joy Cigliutti

12 hours ago

Looking very nice and beautiful i wish i was with you there , i love dancing and i would dance for hours at time specially in my home (weekendtime!!)

Hannah Lay

12 hours ago

Hey BJS thats a perfect wedding dress. Had a dream of you winning Oscar at Crossroads 2. Smitten, Brian PS Happy Belated Birthday 😍

‪Hey BFamily! This week, I react to the Haschak Sisters new #COLORS music video + BIG NEWS! Check it out!‬

Mar Delaporte

14 hours ago

Matt react to Kpop Blackpink As If Its Your Last MV and BTS DNA MV

Teresa Snavely

14 hours ago

I love you mattyb

Leonie Kampmann

a day ago

Love you matty b, im prom brazil ❤❤ you is my life , forever ❤❤❤❤

Get prepped for St. Patrick's Day with Spotify's "This Is Flogging Molly" playlist here:

Kenny Sharpless Sr.

4 hours ago

Charlie Ledbetter, I'm starting to see a resemblance here ;)

Najaam Lee

4 hours ago

That's a professional looking drummer you have there.

ILce Courson

4 hours ago

Dieter Schuermans voor morgen! Haal jij Guinness in huis? 🤩

Support the victims and families of Stoneman Douglas High School by bidding on an auction to meet Eddie Vedder at Pearl Jam's Wrigley Field show in August. The auction ends March 25th. More details here:

Toshihiro Mito

a day ago

This is totally screwed up, so we can show our support if we were rich? Money shows support? This is so far from cool I can't even see you anymore. Guess the fans are just dollar $ign$ eh? Dude who are you? Not the same person you claim

Kathy Davis

a day ago

Amazing!!! Thank you so much for doing this Eddie Vedder. This means so much as a fan and as an alumni of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. ❤️🙌🏼❤️

McDevitt K Dania

a day ago

Ha! I don’t even know what i would say to Eddie if I actually ever met him..Probably something ridiculously stupid..😜 plus we are seeing him both nights at Fenway.. Wrigley is a little to far away..😉

Next three shows! Seattle tomorrow night! Vancouver Saturday night, and Portland, OR, Sunday night!! Get your tix peeps!

Maria Hernandez

15 hours ago

come to Kelowna :(

Samir Sfaksi

15 hours ago

I want to see you personally but I am in Philippines! 😥😓

Muhammad Shariff

15 hours ago

That would have been awesome lol.

Silver lining of having a boo boo on my knee is getting to spend more time in the studio making new music for all my ANIMALS stay tuned!! 💖💜🎶🎶💜💖

We apologize these were never released as official merch 😂 #TBT

Caroline Granström

5 hours ago

Wir hier in Deutschland bekommen von NKOTB nix mit. Keine Konzerte in Deutschland und nichts in Zeitungen. Zufällig hab ich mitbekommen das es ein neues Album gibt. Wir hängen hier echt hinterher. :'(

Yolanda Martín Rodríguez

a day ago

Great look boys, is Donnie asleep or just staring into space it’s hard to tell and Jordan didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you pull faces that the wind will change and you stay like that

Sifs Shumba

a day ago

Love Jordan in this picture..Wondering if this before or after the Christmas album photo shoot? Donnie said after photo shoot, that he never smiled again.Atleast we don't have to wonder if they drew on Jordan's eye brow.

On sale now.

24 June 2018
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK
With Black Moth Super Rainbow

Cheryl King

2 hours ago

Surely this must be done. Would be the ultimate goal in life. I’ll bring a shot of absinthe and we can cry together. I think my life would be complete if went to this. Would be absolutely mega and probably the best thing done in life x Tom Preston 15 years later.

Groot Keyser CZ

2 hours ago

Logged in at 11.57 and at exactly 12:00 got over 2000 people ahead of me. When it was my turn, I added tickets but I wasn't able to process the payment (not my fault of course). Result: empty basket and concert sold out. Then on secondary ticket's websites the same tickets on re-sale for multiple times the original price. This cancer must end. On Royal Albert Hall website it says: no more than 4 tickets for booker. I would even say no more 4 tickets for IP.

Bra Shariff

2 hours ago

Got in the queue at about 12.10 after initially trying at 12 sold out before I got close. Hundreds of tickets were already on viagogo before the show had sold at over three times the cost. Missed out on Meltdown and this show. Touts ruined it again.

#TBT Last Sunday at the #iHeartAwards ✌️#GoodManSeason

Night 1 at House of Blues - Boston, MA - March 15 2018
Saturday night fight’s sold out, but come see the public weigh in on the scales and fighter stare downs on Friday!!

1:30 doors at House of Blues Boston
2pm on the scales

The bar will be open !!!

And don't forget to check out our 4 fight pay-per-view and acoustic set from Dropkicks Saturday 10pm-1am

Buy online at, FITE.TV, or on the FITE app or contact your local cable and Dish network provider !!!!
*available on Super Channel in Canada

Rjay EL Fe

2 hours ago

Awesome show last night! Woke up with raffle tix in my wallet. Anyone know what the winning ticket was? I could use a trip to Ireland 🇮🇪

Jake Padmore

2 hours ago

What time did DKM start at last night??
They play long ??

Peter Wentworth

2 hours ago

Had the pleasure of seeing DKM in Boston, St. Patrick's 2017. Loved it tremendously! Too bad I couldn't make it to Boston for this year.

Everybody Hates Me • Tomorrow

Connie Bally

4 hours ago

My closest friend once said to me that he sees God as a writer. He knows how our story starts and how it ends, yet he continues to write it.

Mariah Miranda

4 hours ago

Wow thank you, need that now!! I am hurting!!!

Weston D Pennock

4 hours ago

Hebrews 12:2- Looking to Jesus, "the author and finisher of our faith."

Let Christ through the Holy Spirit write your story.

what gave jahan a boner?? 🍆🌽🌶🌭

Miguel Moura

a day ago


Pedro Henrique

a day ago


Fernando Silva

a day ago

Walison vamos andar assim