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See you down in Tampa on Sunday, Jan. 28 for #NHLAllStar

Fans shared about Pentatonix

Christy Mudaliar

an hour ago

I can't vote because your original album PENTATONIX is NON-Christmas and not listed as an option. I refuse to vote on an incomplete list, out of principle, and to stand up for fair treatment on behalf of the best album ever created 🙎‍♀️🙎‍♂️😐🙍‍♀️🙍‍♂️

Dan Satter

also shared about Pentatonix

Fun fact: each EP (except for the Classics one, of course) starts off the album in which somebody raps.

Vol I: Starships
(Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie)
Vol II: Can’t Hold Us
(Scott and Mitch)
Vol III: Problem (just Mitch)

Christy Mudaliar

also shared about Pentatonix

You are correct, my bad. It is still the best ever created regardless though. With that in mind I'd have to say Volume III has Standing By.

Fans shared about Black Veil Brides

Devan Hariford

an hour ago

Still waiting on Vale, so I can't say for sure. Probably WaD though. There's some good fight songs, and if I'm about to git rekt, In the End would be an amazing song to go out to.

Ricky Rich

also shared about Black Veil Brides

Vale. By all fucking means <3 All i need in the zombie apocalpyse is fam, my 3030 and machete, id rescue tommy chong and all of his earthly possessions, and vale 😂

It’s official! WHOS COMING!!!!!! #campmars2018 🕺🏻🌅🎈🎉🎆

Join Carrie and many others this year at #WEFest! Tickets are on sale now at

Fans shared about Nick Jonas

Lola Pamela Johnson

an hour ago

You're so's friking ridiculous! I need sone more r and b. I also need you and Demi to make an entire album

We had so much fun on our date that I forgot to post the pic of Mands bday dinner last week. So real, so blessed, so grateful. She’s the best half and everybody knows it....

Fans shared about Paramore

Shawn Wiles

an hour ago

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Its Museum District houses the Van Gogh Museum, works by Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, and modern art at the Stedelijk. Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are numerous bike paths.

Fans shared about Victoria Justice

Bill Haddad

an hour ago

Absolutely phenomenal great voice great actress the true American treasure and the woman that could be the next Batgirl. Victoria Justice is one of a kind and needs the chance to play the iconic character Batgirl

Crash My Playa people, see y’all tomorrow.

JUST ANNOUNCED!We’ll be returning to Mexico and performing at the Roxy Festival in Guadalajara on April 21!For more info on tickets and lineup to… see you soon!

Tomorrow @petewentz is taking over @Beats1Official + playing a few songs from M A N I A 🔮 listen at 11PM LA / 2AM NYC / 7AM LDN on @AppleMusic:

“Look at the sky, it’s the color of LOVE”
Your essence and lyrics have changed my life.
Forever SADE!
Happy Birthday to my icon!

Fans shared about T.I.

Camiki Coleman-Morrow

an hour ago

I could talk about a thousand things wrong with the school system there because it was where I once resided. It's been 3 years since I left, but change is necessary in order to progress with education in ATL.

Pete's taking over Beats 1 tomorrow + playing a few songs from M AN IA 🔮 listen at 11PM LA / 2AM NYC / 7AM LDN on Apple Music:

Fans shared about T.I.

JJ Gramp

an hour ago

He’s been on America’s got talent and has been interviewed since this video has been made. You should sign him Bro! Bring old school back. #goodoldays

Anderson M Cherry

also shared about T.I.

This man can really really sing! Well I have this to say. Simon Cowell made a mistake when they didn't pick Jennifer Hudson. But guess what they made a big mistake with this man here voice. This man can really really sing he has a great voice and I hope someone find him quick!

Michael Patman

also shared about T.I.

he was on one of those tonight shows and I think America's Got Talent but you should definitely sign him he's a diamond in the rough

Fans shared about Tyrese Gibson

Jessica Choate

an hour ago

Yes ma'am. Last winter I pulled muscles around my heart valve took awhile to be able to get myself back to putting extra weight on the muscle. Hope your doing well lady. :)

Nizet Seb Lyna Mia

also shared about Tyrese Gibson

Saut tyrese ! Je suis un fan des fast . Dit moi je voudrai me payer une Dodge challenger srt8 de 2015 avec 30000€ t aurais pas une affaire à le proposer ( c est un vrai rêve pour moi ) Merci pour l investissement personnel de ta pars 👍😁

Fans shared about Lana Del Rey

Erin Ferguson

an hour ago

Man I saw her at the Ryman in Nashville a few years ago and it we were right up front and it was nowhere near sold out. So proud of her!

Jenn Bernier

also shared about Lana Del Rey

Thank you for an amazing show last night Lana!! 💖 Especially thank you for performing Change & singing Happy Birthday! 🤩 (it’s my birthday today). So happy I got to see you!!! ☺️☺️☺️

Fatima Almusawi

also shared about Lana Del Rey

Saja Almusawi Zainab Almusawi 1. See the top comments. 2. If I wasn’t on the 4th floor right now you’d hear me screaming

This awesome mural was snapped in Venice, CA on Beethoven St.! Looks like Jim is jumping to "Break On Through (To The Other Side)". Who's going to head over there and take a selfie? - Team The Doors #JimMorrison #TheDoors #BandFromVenice #BreakOnThrough #BreakOnThroughToTheOtherSide #Mural #Art #Public #PublicArt #Venice #CA #BeethovenStreet
Let that special someone know how you REALLY feel! This “Hello, I Love You” tee is available EXCLUSIVELY in the official store for the next 72 hours. Once they're gone, they're gone for good! Click the bio link to order yours now. #TheDoors #BandFromVenice #JimRayRobbyJohn #HelloILoveYou #Exclusive #GetItNow #GetIt #Tee #LimitedEdition #Grey #Gray #Red #Special #SpecialSomeone

on Z leetle drums

Fans shared about KISS

Geoff Chadsey

2 hours ago

I’m currently looking at this post and I’m wearing an Iron Maiden shirt. As Gene would say, you can like steak and cheesecake...

Fans shared about Janis Joplin

Vincenzo Grammatico

2 hours ago

So Beautiful This Photo Janis that the Pretty Year And Amazing only Rock'n' Roll --- Peace & Love the Queen the Best for the Voice ----🤐🤘💔 very Pretty Look--xx

Fans shared about Papa Roach

Jake Wright

2 hours ago

Matt King sad we missin this but happy we got to see them and that others are being given the chance too. Next time we here for sure though.

Cookin with my Triple 6 Mafia @djpaulkom last night 🔥🔥🔥#DRUMSDRUMSDRUMS Album comin soon 🔉🔉

Gate Keepers...

❗️<🖤> ❗️ @fuckupayus

There are two sides to every story ; ) 😇😈 @martin_depict 📸

I wanna give a special shoutout to my big brother and my best friend @diddy for believing in my vision and being an agent of change!!! This is the greatest award anyone could give in my honor !!!! Thank you to my @ciroc team for matching the donation and allowing our hard work to pay off in the right way!!! Every time you’ve supported French Vanilla you supported a great cause. I’m honored to say the hospital is fully funded now !! This is the proudest accomplishment of my life thus far 🙏 @theweeknd @mama_hope every woman and child deserves healthcare and we’re just getting started! ❤️❤️❤️

A message from James. Watch our new video on Spotify

Fans shared about Bruno Mars

Justin Amrhein

an hour ago

This song was so much better and already a hit without adding her. Can't wait for this flavor of the moment to go away.

Robert Wytchur

also shared about Bruno Mars

You hang out with trash, you become trash. I used to enjoy your music but if you are going to use trash language then you just lost a huge group of fans.

Kimberly Neville

also shared about Bruno Mars

But you have real talent Bruno, and Cardi B is fluff, BS and how many poles she can work. You will have alot more top 10s ... So don't worry about it :D

New Music! #TellSomebody 🗣️

Apple Music:

We're excited to share Zac & Sir Rosevelt's new song "It Goes On" featured in our friend Chris Hemsworth's powerful film 12 Strong.

Download & stream Zac Brown & Sir Rosevelt -"It Goes On" at

Watch the official lyric video at

#12StrongMovie – in theaters January 19.

Fans shared about Jason Aldean

Emily Wood

2 hours ago

1. Learn proper english & grammar. 2. Who is forcing you to listen to them? Im sure there are stations near you that play older country. 3. If you are not a Jason Aldean fan why are you on his page? Lol.

Jason Anthony Rivas

also shared about Jason Aldean

This is pathetic get this stuff off country radio. None of y'all deserve anything there's artist's that more true to country and wright there own songs that are true. Unlike Sam hunt body like a backroad. At least remove y'all's names from country and put it in pop where y'all belong, just maybe y'all will have more people respect y'all's music.

Amber Garcia

also shared about Jason Aldean

The bitter hate on this thread is ridiculous from some of you. Don't like the music, cool don't listen to it. Fyi music wasn't made to fit in a box. Artists were crossing over long before these modern musicians.

Thanks for posting @iwillharness let’s go! #dreamactnow

Step 1: Grab a mic.
Step 2: Move those hips.

Fans shared about Kenny Rogers

Liza Mackie

4 hours ago

Depression comes to me, I don't need to look for it,I'm quite happy doing without it, thank you Kenny, Blessing is when I'm enjoying my day or night and peacefully playing and listening and singing along with your songs

The Daily Truth

also shared about Kenny Rogers

Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. You're not alone, we may be miles away but we're all going through the same things. Please keep holding on.

Fans shared about Plies

Eyvonne Sonshyne Ellen

4 hours ago

Don't let Plies lie to you fellas....9 times outta 10 when you take a female out to eat she ain't come out to give you no 😽 bread or not!

Neisha Neisha Neisha

also shared about Plies

I been with my nigga so long I don’t even talk to his ass while I’m eating. I came to get my grub on 🤟🏼

Krystle Avant

also shared about Plies

damn didn't know it's a waiting time to eat bread 🤣 shit if I'm hungry of course Imma attack them delicious garlic biscuits! 🤣🤣

Fans shared about Regulo Caro

Komandante Phinix Antrax

4 hours ago

Ay le mando un saludito mi regulo caro ....
El chino de sacramento ca
Echele ganas ya hacia falta las guitarras echar cervezita y un saludo pal compa tuky y miguelon se aguite compa saludos aki andamos echele guitarrazo


‪Yep, we covered #PinkFloyd & had a blast recording it & can’t wait to play it live! It will be on our new album #DEFY which comes out this Friday!‬


Fans shared about RZA

Dan Lewin

3 hours ago

Its unbelievably selfish of anyone left behind to have 'needed' someone who found life too painful. Let them end it guilt free if that is their wish

Deminus Martín Campos

also shared about RZA

No, absolutely no, and please, do not say this to a depressed person EVER. Life changes in a matter of seconds...NEVER END YOUR OWN LIFE.

Justin Dallion

also shared about RZA

Pathetic attempts at self righteousness to alleviate yourself from guilt over not truly helping someone who wants to kill themselves by spouting inane cliches only makes it worse. Its so impersonal, it really just feels like you want to avoid the individual problem.

Happy to one of the birthday one of the best guitarist of all time, James Young !

Say Happy Birthday below
Everybody wish a happy birthday to our guitar guru Mr. James Young today!

Oh my gorgeous first-borns. My darling twins. My full on tween-twins at that. Only 31 days left of being 10. 😱❤️👭 #gracieandbella

Fans shared about Fall Out Boy

Pirita Huuskonen

2 hours ago

I hope you're right 😀 even when it's on Spotify I will refuse to listen to it because I want to hear it from my CD haha.

Cadie Harris

also shared about Fall Out Boy

Karen Kelley Harris
You can bet I’m going to be exhausted Friday morning from staying up Friday night while waiting for the album to drop. Also heads up, if they announce a summer tour this’ll be me until I build back up the money lost from getting a new phone....

Pirita Huuskonen

also shared about Fall Out Boy

I'm scared I won't receive the CD on time even tho I pre-ordered it. This has happened to me before with pre-orders. It's so annoying to get the stuff 2 weeks later because for some reason the mail made a mistake....

Fans shared about Demi Lovato

KevinMichael Muzic

2 hours ago

Not every day's gonna be perfect but if you think about everything you have in your life that is good It Let you know that you are blessed Remember God shines on you for reason.

William C Kralemanniv

also shared about Demi Lovato

I love your Philosophical thinking,It's so Positive.I love you Demetria Lavoto Better known as Demi Lavoto.Cum and pick me up baby in Shreveport Louisianna.I will and do love you forever Sweet Baby girl girl of Mine.

John Harold Puello Polo

also shared about Demi Lovato

Que bueno mana :) pero mas te vale q cantes solo las canciones de TMYLM en tu tour y no salgas con mamadas de Heart Attack y GYHAB

Talking #BEPStreetLivin and Masters Of The Sun live on TRL today at 4PM EST. Don't miss it.

Thank you so much Toronto! Detroit see you tomorrow. Can’t wait🎆

Fans shared about Katy Perry

Kristen M. Csaki

an hour ago

The irony that these 'Cat' products are tested on animals is so strong. Love you Katy but maybe you picked the wrong brand to launch this line with.

The face you make when you realize you’re living your best life

Fans shared about Jimmy Fallon

Erin Sutton

4 hours ago

It's almost like you can look stuff up on the internet at literally any time of the day, instead of waiting until past bedtime to watch something... 🤔

My kids love Jimmy's Classroom Instruments. Who says that's just for grown ups? Who doesn't enjoy watching Ed Sheeran play a banana maraca, or James Hetfield wailing on a plastic clarinet? That's fun for everyone. 😁

Erin Barsanti Rauh

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

Not to mention a lot of people record and watch it during the day so the kids could watch any time. Not your business anyway.

Kathy Nies-Lohmann

also shared about Jimmy Fallon

I'm sorry. This show comes on very late at night. Kids shouldn't be watching it. They should be in bed. It's a show for grown ups.

Fans shared about Charlie Wilson

Bridgett Bitting Pitts

4 hours ago

My hat goes off to you. Homeless is a real big issue that is looked upon with no empathy. Thank you for caring and doing something about it.

Charity Walker

also shared about Charlie Wilson


Regina S. Latney

also shared about Charlie Wilson

CharlieWilson, you truly deserve this award!!! You mean more to your fans than you will EVER know!!! Not only is your music great & heart-touching, but your testimony is EXTREMELY motivational!!! Thank you for being YOU!!!❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️