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LIVE from Exit/In in Nashville!

Fans shared about Chris Brown

You are the most talented all rounder I've ever known, keep it real and always stay grounded. Much love and admiration for you x

Miriam Oliver

also shared about Chris Brown

Thats amazing!! your songs are catchy so worth putting them on replay everyday...thank you for your dedication to us !! You make us proud enjoy😎

Karlita Perez

also shared about Chris Brown

I'm listening to Heart break on a full moon 😍 your music helps me get through a lot of situacions.... love your music it's the best ever 😎

Fans shared about Keith Urban

Marilyn Gillard

21 minutes ago

Keith you are a sweetheart am dying to hear you down here in Melbourne. Australia. We miss out in so.much of you here the constant tours etc we don't get enough of you. I have been following your career since you were 8 yrs old ( I am 72 & would love you one day) xxxxx

Jacqueline Kempson

also shared about Keith Urban

Keith you are sooo amazing love you love your favourite song is Blue aint your colour but love Female too.....I am in Queensland Australia so will be watching it from here 😊 thanks so much for live streaming this so we all get to see you.... this is why you're number 1!! ❤

Linda Lentine

also shared about Keith Urban

❤️ Keith... such an amazing talent you are. You are the first country singer that I have ever liked so immensely. I’m a Motown kind of girl, and you have so captured the heart of all your fans world wide, including me! I see you will be in the Michigan market in the near future, and this will be my first ever “County” concert!!! Thank you for always sharing with us on Facebook. ❤️👍

Fans shared about Jason Aldean

Mikaela Kozak

11 minutes ago

Why does everyone think screaming babies are hilarious? Your kid needs you. He's not here for your amusement. I never let mine scream for the hell of it.

Mikaela Kozak

also shared about Jason Aldean

Go to them immediately and take care of them, and they don't scream bloody murder. They'll learn, you will be there. No tantrums, no fuss.

Mikaela Kozak

also shared about Jason Aldean

I just did. Read. Retain. Learn. Be a parent. Stop posting 9,000 pictures of your screaming kid on Instagram because you think it's "cute." I feel bad for your neglected kid.

Hanging with a pal back in 1998.

Fans shared about Zac Brown Band

Dan Delage

14 minutes ago

Wow ... you are bold. I’m curious how you know how much money chris makes or doesn’t make and why does his eating habits concern you. Little Debbie or no little Debbie I know chris to be a very nice guy who doesn’t waste his time talking about other people on social media

Dan Delage

also shared about Zac Brown Band

And you look naked in your profile ! Real classy. Feel free to go on my page and make fun of me .. I love snack cakes and it shows !

Wanda Kay Hollingshead Ratliff

also shared about Zac Brown Band

ZZB ,,, the BEST concert I have went to ,, love your music ! And as for playing with your food when promoting your upcoming tour that’s perfectly fine and it’s job security for me ( the Little Debbie donuts ,, thanks for the advertisement)

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Fans shared about G-Eazy

Mehdi Illala

3 minutes ago

G-Easy was like :

Rari, shopping, let me, cop it
Always, poppin', hella, poppin'
She's a, bopper, homie, hoppin'
Ain't no, stopping, album, dropping
Got the city on fire ...

The video for our new single "Red Cold River" premieres this Friday 1/19...stay tuned... ⏳🤗🎥 🤘 🤘

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Official poster for @dontworrymovie is here. Arrives in theaters May 11. #DWHWGFOF

see u 2morrow on #TheFour 💙💙 8pm ET/PT 💙💙 The Four on FOX

Fans shared about Backstreet Boys

Anyse Gaudet

2 hours ago

Hi guys i wish you all the best OF LUCK!! You look perfect and Sing it Nick Carter!! CAN"T WAit for the 2018 world tour and new cd guys!!

Terri Clatterbuck Southall

also shared about Backstreet Boys

Terri Clatterbuck Southall
Halea Gallegos
Tara Burleson
Ruth Stanley Shaner
2/17 - Can hardly wait!!! By the way, for three of us, it’s our second show in Vegas, and for one of us, it’s her first time to see BSB!!!!

Fans shared about Shemar Moore

Barb Bowns

2 hours ago

And that would be why they're all Mean mugging it. I bet if there was video behind this scene you'd have a whole lot of Grouchy people in this room.

Reporting live from ratataaaa
Check me out on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight 💪 #famous #junglerules

#KISS Sighting: #KISS Kids Artwork at the Berlin East Side Gallery. Thanks Alexandra Blasinsky for sharing with us!


#Ex video tomorrow !!

Back and forth...

Fans shared about Black Eyed Peas

Tuna Karataş

2 hours ago

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Woooooooooow!!!!!! Unbelievable.....AMAZZZZIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!! Major thank you to you all!!!!!

I’m retracing my roots and they led me to the JOSHUA TREE. WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME and no star in the sky is the same. I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND WHAT IM LOOKING FOR but I’ll leave no rock unturned. If it’s warm it’s because I’m burning with DESIRE. but so far the silence is THE SWEETEST THING. i am U2

Fans shared about Willow Smith

Lissette Quinones

2 hours ago

Beautiful. I really need "The 1st" to come out on vinyl to add to my collection. Please💕 I'm sure I'm not the only one interested.

Fans shared about Omarion

Lauren Hall

2 hours ago

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Hall of Horrors #1982 #AK

Final countdown... pre-save M AN IA on Spotify so you can listen to it right when it drops on Friday 👍👍

Fans shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Amanda Gilbert

4 hours ago

To make it fair, they need to have it switch off on which side they end on. The way they were spinning, their bodies both went to the their left. Then when they got off, the person on the left seat fell towards the left making them closer to the middle than when they started and the person on the right farther from the middle from where they started

Marco Garza

also shared about Ellen DeGeneres

Martin M. Yepiz mamon ve esto no los había visto jajajjaja son varios muy chingones... no tardan en sacar la versión mexicana con Laura Bozo jajsja

Ummm @lauraclery is a genius. If you don’t follow her then you prob don’t like laughing/joy

Fans shared about Skillet

Aimee Irvin

2 hours ago

Or maybe a tour w For King and Country after the Winter Jam tour since they literally just posted the exact same thing on their fb page today. lol

Can’t wait to return to Cincinnati this July for the Cincinnati Music Festival! For tickets visit

Stay tuned for my new Single coming Friday, January 19th!!! Hope you’re ready!!! Share. Share. Share!!!!

Fans shared about Bon Jovi

Kathy Bertagnolli

2 hours ago

When We Were Us......sounds like the original no doubt it will be a success......the recent "new" stuff was crap....go back to what works

Fans shared about Kesha

Raphael Mandeli Chini

2 hours ago

AHHHHH Amo como você não só representa , mas também É a prova viva do empoderamento feminino , de uma mulher que tem o mundo em suas mãos , iconeeee ❤❤

UniQue - Mentiste (Official Lyric Video)

Another shot from perhaps the most expensive video ever made. “WAIT” is available now on Spotify for your viewing pleasure. Caution: may lead to euphoric bursts of happiness.
Work smart..not hard...this photo was taken during the rigorous video shoot for our new single “WAIT” which you can now see on Spotify. Check it out. But only if you want your mind BLOWN.

Fans shared about Foster The People

Greyce Oliveira

2 hours ago

When you're out with friends and remember you're getting old for this partying shit and just want to go home and watch Netflix.

Franklin Shelton

also shared about Foster The People

Did you know “Pumped Up Kicks” is still #1 in Johnson City TN?

It really is..I shit you not!

Just ask Matt Bolt

Walk this Way to your new wardrobe for the New Year:

Fans shared about Katherine Heigl

Mary Taylor

5 hours ago

I wish I did. I was 20 when I had my son. He's 23 now. And I wish I could go back cuz time flew and I was to young to relize it 😢

We will not fall because we have each other. We will not fall because we are FAMILY. We will not fall because we have love.
We will not fall because we will rise above... - Brent Smith #WednesdayWisdom

Fans shared about 50 Cent

Odwa Jay

an hour ago

Yep that's what he gets for judging other people's Hustle

Does he give out contracts for Devil?

Hell naw

Odwa Jay

also shared about 50 Cent

He is evil your Ass Niggr 50 is not even on Illuminate shit

The man is Hustling hard for his paper
So you go be a pastor do your Hustle n your own way. Middle finger for you AMEN

Lynlo Rainey

also shared about 50 Cent

I love 50" Just that i hope you don't go overboard with the sales of the movies..
Or' the Sales will not be good as expected. Just sayin" real talk,
50 you know how it is well as anyone, $h*t U've been there Window Shopping😍😘👄

Fans shared about Lindsey Stirling

Aaron Kimball

5 hours ago

There's a dozen Shakespeare quotes that sound all poetic that a person could use at times like this, but the simplest, purest truth is, he was and still is a wonderfully special guy. That we feel sorrow at him not being around is the greatest testament to his legacy in our hearts.

Good things happen when you smile - or when you’re naked... 😳😎😜

Fans shared about Loretta Devine

LadyTee Walker

4 hours ago

Ms Divine I love you. ❤️ I LOVE ALL and EVERYTHING you play in. May GOD continue to BLESS THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with Wealth, Health & Success. MY FAVORITE ACTOR.

Renita Robinson

also shared about Loretta Devine

You look fabulous. .I love love love all your movies. You can't be imitated or duplicated. .my favorite is "This Christmas " I have watched it at least 50 ×s

Marilyn ImaWrknprogress Owens

also shared about Loretta Devine

My favorite favorite actress yes u can give her any part and she would murder it she is the real MVP AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS U

Remy B ain’t havin’ it y’all! #Disneyland

Fans shared about Sam Tsui

Shidi Nakajima

5 hours ago

OMG!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Them all!!!!!!!!!! All these titles sound sooooo awesome!!!!!! But #SecondToMidnight or #AMillionPieces im super excited about - those titles sound just so super cool!!! 😍😍💗💗💗💗💗💗

It got me good. Take yer vitamins. ☹️😴 #bts @flauntmagazine fall 2017 shoot

Fans shared about Justin Timberlake

Allyson Fairchild

2 hours ago

Seriously man someone needs to fix this presale thing. It's REALLY UNFAIR that I bought a $25 membership and was online RIGHT at 10 am and they were COMPLETELY sold out at 10 am because of places like stubhub and such. This is so unfair for the fans that spend extra money to do the presale. I'm really really upset and unhappy.

Sally Kleinbart

also shared about Justin Timberlake

Stand up to Ticketmaster, JT!!! I was on 8 minutes prior to onsale and by the time I could refresh and enter number of desired tickets there were none left, but TONS for resale by scalpers?! Prior to even the onsale?! The system is broken, please find another way!

Ginette Brendel

also shared about Justin Timberlake

Love this but so annoyed with fan club... tried all morning and day to get tickets to your Detroit show.... still no tickets.. even for Tennessee kids members... arggg. So sad, frustrated and angry! Guess I'll have to wait until Netflix....

Fans shared about Adam Sandler

Rob Slinn

5 hours ago

I have a strange feeling these guests won't be a surprise, nor would they be special. Spade, Schneider, James. And everyone else he always "surprisingly" puts in his movies

Chris Weglein

also shared about Adam Sandler

come to a shitbag town like Fayetteville, NC! I saw you guys last summer in Raleigh, but come over to Fayetteville.... Ft. Bragg is right next door- largest army base on the planet!

Michael Belanger

also shared about Adam Sandler

I'd love to see you live so would my mom it's on our bucket list to meet you but seeming you in person would be great thing too.. We're on a fixed income so no way in our world would we be able to be here we can only wish..

Fans shared about Guns N' Roses

Matthew Utley

an hour ago

When are you going to release a new album who gives a rat's ass about concerts and touring we want a new Guns N Roses album

Ligiane Carvalho

also shared about Guns N' Roses

Yes, I love nature! I would like to be in Andes, on Chile. I love that blue ice, and Patagonia. But I confess I'm afraid cold. Here in my country we're used to be on summer. It is very hot here. So, we aren't used to be cold.

Lene Lundstrøm

also shared about Guns N' Roses

Sweet child of mine
Yes it is so nice of you to show the World you like Guns n Roses
Rock this World my sweet guys
Big love from Denmark

Fans shared about Roberto Tapia

Rafael Quintero

4 hours ago

Roberto una pregunta cuanto me cobraría por presentarse a cantar a mi boda ? Es en Los Ángeles cali el 30 de enero de este año ?